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REVIEWS OF Starr Regional Medical Center - Athens IN Tennessee

Becky Howard

Very very rude so called nurses!! This place is a JOKE! What happened to the good ole days where nurses really had compassion on someone??!! The ER nurses need investigated!

larkin creek

this place needs improvement but not the worst place i have been to needs to focus again on being a level 3 trauma center for the area and make inprovements the er

Rachel Gaston

I Went twice. Two days back to back in February in relapse. I have PPMS. I had recently moved back to the area so a neurologist wasn't available to me yet, in the area. So the ER was my only option to get the steroids I needed to put me on the track to recovery. The first day the dr called my neurologist at the time who was 4 hours away and gave me a 5ml steroid shot and sent me on my way. The second day nothing was done. I was sent home to rest. No mri, blood test, or anything that would have been a sure sign I was in relapse was done. I phoned my ex husband who came and took me to Skyline in Nashville who immediately admitted me. I was there for two weeks. They gave me an mri and i had 7 lesions on my brain. I was then sent to physical rehab where i spent a month. If i had kept going to starr my condition would have worsened. It concerns me that nothing was done. The doctor seemed uneducated to all illnesses. I told her exactly what i needed which was mri and 1000 milligrams of steroids for 5 days. Listening to patients can sometimes help you better help them. I was distraught because i knew i was in relapse and couldn't get help.

Kylie Gentry

I recently delivered at Starr, and it was an all around great experience. We were at the hospital for four days and each shift of the labor and delivery nurses was extremely attentive, caring, and willing to help in any way possible. The food was wonderful and every interaction with the dietary and housekeeping staff was pleasant. Our experience well exceeded our expectations!

Carol Kilgore

The slowest hospital I have ever been to in my life if I could give it zero stars I would

Isaac Fugate

I would give 0 stars but not an option I went there over extreme dental pain I told them I'd been taking asprin to help it for the past month but the pain had gotten too severe so they give me some stuff for pain I leave to Google it and it's asprin they made me sit there in pain over an hour waiting for a doctor and then the lady giving me my discharge papers quickly handed them to me and ran off with an attitude

Dawn Winkler

They almost killed my sister. she had a heart attack while in the ER and the doctor was sitting back behind the desk with his feet up on it telling me she was doing fine. If it wasn't for their star nurse Toni my sister would have died there that day. She wasn't even my sisters nurse she went above and beyond her duties. She is the only one in that hospital that knows their job. she is a true angel and Toni will forever be in my prayers as for the rest of the hospital not real impressed.

Joseph Cox

Never called a hospital and no one answered the phone ????

Jackson Gregory

My son who is just over a year old sits in your hospital right now. He has not had a drink or food for quite some time. Your nurses haven't checked on him in over 12 hours. We need to transfer him. They have done nothing. Nothing but hold us here and not run any test to see what it is.

Barb Heller

When you call Starr Regional Medical center they give me a run round and other wise Starr Regional Medical center in Athens tn is the best hospital to stay at and the emergency room there a great help to me and that's the hospital I'll will always go to they treat people with respect and i wanted to let the staff and the doctors and nurses know thank you all for taking good care of my dad Roger meinheit ☺☺☺

Linda DaSilva

Everyone was so helpful and so caring , understanding and nice. I can't say enough good about everyone I came in contact with. I Thank you all so very much. My hero's today. Merry Christmas, and Happy New Year! May Jesus lay His hand on each one of you. Linda DaSilva Also I called before I came, and your registration clerk, was so wonderful, and just as Wonderful when I got to the ER, really relieved my fears and stresses. I didn't catch her name, but Wonderful. Really everyone was.

Amanda osteen

Went to the emergency room tonight Trent was my doctor he had constant sniffles.. Prior to coming into the hospital I took 4 pregnancy test all positive. Also felt like I had a uti and he wanted to do a pelvic exam (why I have no clue) but he said I didn't have a uti but I feel like I do..! Well he took a pregnancy test and said his test was 97% accurate but said I was not pregnant).. yet home pregnancy tests are 99% accurate. And when I got home I took a clear blue pregnancy test and guess what it says PREGNANT. I will have to find another doctor to be able to find out if I have a bladder or uti. The nurses I seen walk past my room was rolling their eyes and snobby like. I think I won't return to this place... Plus the wait was horrible why haven't they fixed this since that last few years I mean look at the reviews from 2 years ago yet still haven't approved wait time? Good luck to who ever goes

Shane Clowers

Can't believe I wasted my time. I was having issues breathing and decided the head to the er. I have asthma and have had it for my entire life. I was treated like I didn't know what breathing issues were and was then left in a room for ovr an hour. I've never been some where were I was treated like being sick was a problem. Let alone an er. I'll never return to this er

Joseph McCoy

Describe our experience? HORRIBLE! Twice, by two different men taking blood samples, they rammed the needles in so far that my wife suffered severe pain and leakage inside her elbow. One of the men, from the lab, told her that they had to do it once every four hours for 24 hours and that she should accept that because they believe she had a heart attack. This was prior to any doctor speaking to us and is not his place to say such things. We insisted someone else draw her blood. The lady who came in next was perfect. The stick just seemed to glide in and, other than the initial prick, there was no pain at all. Then, throughout the 3+ day stay there, when asking for something, it usually meant a 30-60 minute wait. If they were simply too busy, it is probably because the hospital is understaffed. We will say that the RNs assigned to her were mostly cheerful and helpful. My wife was told that the staff chaplain was going to come for a visit. She never saw him. They have one doctor, a Michael D Murphy, who visits patients with no local provider. He visited us and we were asked for, at least, the third or fourth time, if she had any allergies to medications. She has several and it seems that the hospital doesn't handle information in a very timely and accurate way. My wife's healthcare provider is in Dayton, TN. There is a doctor with the same last name in Chattanooga, TN. We told the hospital, more than once, that it was the doctor in Dayton and not Chattanooga. Her discharge papers had the doctor from Chattanooga listed. So much for listening skills! Also, on the prescription sheets given to us that Dr. Murphy prescribed, was a phone number with a 603 area code. That is the number of a radiologist with the same name in NEW HAMPSHIRE! She was discharged yesterday and had severe stomach pains last night after taking an antibiotic, the information for which states clearly if there is stomach pain, to immediately notify your doctor. Try calling a radiologist in NH at 11pm! How in the world can this total lack of accurate information concerning their own doctors go unnoticed? This morning, when my wife called and asked to talk to 'the' Dr. Murphy, some woman on the other phone said that she should contact her own provider as Dr. Murphy would not talk to her. She had already called her doctor and was told that they won't change another doctor's prescription and to call him. Funny, the prescription sheets say, at the top, "If you have any questions, please feel free to contact your Pharmacist at (phone number) or MURPHY, MICHAEL D. at (603) ***-***. Is it hospital policy to deny that call to the prescribing doctor that is clearly offered on their official papers? This is a very poorly run hospital. The management must not be concerned with anything but profits. We will drive either to Chattanooga or Knoxville if we need a hospital, from now on. Athens Regional is just another backwater, hick town example of a wannabe hospital. Another example was the bathroom. It was dirty all along the baseboards and my wife had to kill a cockroach in there one night. Oh, yes, the food. Nasty, nasty stuff. Several times, I went out for something because my wife just couldn't stomach the crap. I have eaten C-rations straight from the cans while in Viet Nam and this was on par with that stuff. No choices, take it or leave it. We should have just refused it and saved some money. No telling what they will be billing us for that slop.

bree Cullen

Staff was professional. The food is an embarrassment. Can't believe Pepsi was served with dinner. Please revise your nutrition plan. I'm available for suggestions.

Jonathan Crisp

Friendly nurses and doctors! You don't have to wait long

Jerry Shackelford

On May 24, 2015 my grandson got a splinter in his foot. We could see it but could not get it out. Finally my daughter decided since he was in such pain to take him to the ER at Starr Regional Medical Center. They got back about 2:00 am after seeing a Dr. Steven Ratcliff who said there was nothing in his foot but gave her a prescription for an antibiotic and sent them home. One week later it was still painful and his Dad was cleaning the area with peroxide and he got a pair of tweezers and pulled out a splinter that measured 1 1/4 inches long. The next night doing the same thing he pulled out another splinter that measured 1 inch long. Now I find it incredible that a so called Doctor could have missed both of those pieces if he had done anything at all as far as examining his foot. I hope someone who is in charge of overseeing the doctors in the ER will read this and do something about it. I will not expect anything to be done but I just want everyone to know that if you need emergency care DO NOT GO TO STARR REGIONAL MEDICAL CENTER EMERGENCY ROOM!!!! There is no telling how much the visit will cost my daughter but it was not worth a penny.

Rachel Delridge

Halie Wattenbarger

My mom is currently here and I am the only family member here. I'm being treated like an invalid because I am only 17 years old; however my mother has a condition in which she passes out often and can't speak. I tried to inform the nurses what is going on and they placed me in the lobby and would not allow me to come back. When I finally got back no one would tell me anything and ignored what I had to say. They won't let me tell them the medication she needs to be rescued in these situations. This is over the top of all the bad situations we have had here. The only reason we continue to come back is because it's the closest hospital to us and we live in the middle of no where. Suck a bad experience. If you can avoid coming to this hospital do so at all costs.

Tasha Lowe

My 2.5 year old needed her NG feeding tube replaced. We were taken care of as quickly as possible. Sam, Miranda, and the other two who took care of us truly did their best and was very patient and caring.

Stephen Brown

Terrible experience. I am convinced that not even one doctor works here. Because I have been here 3 times, and was never seen by an actual doctor. Yet they were quick to bill me $1800 per visit. And to top it off, they mis-diagnosed my condition 2 times. In both instances, the "care providers" had completely different opinions about what the problem was. Yet both of them were wrong. I. Will. Die. At. Home. Before I step foot back in this cesspool.

Tracie Davis-Shaw

Horrible labor and delivery department! They would not except our birthing plan would come get the baby and keep him in the nursery while he was sleeping even when they were asked many times to bring him back to the room after they tested/accessed him. Had issues with birth certificate info being done incorrectly. The ob was mean, condescending and rude. He actually complained because we had several visitors! Informed us that we needed to put a stop to the visitors! Mind you this was immediate family! The waiting area is small. The hospital overall needs updating. There was no photographer or lactation consultant even though the website says they have them on staff. There were a few nice nurses but it takes more than nice to be an effective caretaker.

Janie Coleman

This hospital is nasty, the help is under staffed, and every dr that came in, gave us different information about my sister.

Josiah Townsend


Katie Grace Whitlock

Earlier, my husband was transported there, by ambulance, for severe abdominal cramps. The EMT's left him in the lobby and he was informed he would be seen shortly. After 45 minutes, he was finally told he had to register. Upon another 45 minutes of waiting, while still seriously in pain, the less than pleasant receptionist informed him no one knew when exactly he would be seen. Our last 2 visits here have been a joke. Needless to say, we won't be back.

Becky_Lee Kirkpatrick

Michael Rose

Paid and settled a bill in full and they got another attorney sellins the same amount. This place is crooked!

jimmy hullender

I went to the ER 4x in one week and all I got was we are releasing you. Big story but my lawyer is aware so I can't go into detail Yet but I will

Anderea Long

Registration clerks and cashier are very rude and do not greet patients courteously.

Michael Davis

Leeanna Trippett

Had to tell THEM my son had pneumonia. They said no. I said yes it's 1 am and need medication. They said it's a cold. I said do an X-ray. X-ray came back. Pneumonia. 0 star service with attitudes all around.

Sarah Davis

Poor service, I waited over a hr while other doctors just set and talked on their cell phones, my hand is cut wide open and bleeding bad and I'm still sitting here I will never come back here,once finally in a room the lady who did my stitches was great just poor er time I guess

Rebecca Webb

Worst people in the world work at this place. Very rude and act like they are offended if you ask a question to make sure you understand... Both Etowah and Athens are the same. Seeing the place has sold out twice in my lifetime I look forward to them closing the place down and or getting all new staff soon

Storm Slusher

My wife was checked in here around twelve and was put into a room to wait for a doctor. It's been two hours and the just now got someone in there to see her. I will never come here again.

Steven Allmon

Helpful, caring people. I must disclose that I work for Starr, but having worked at other hospitals, I am impressed with the care delivered.

Helen Morrow

Jeana Scott

Very slow at getting seen..been here since 11pm ..still here and not seen a doctor yet....and about 5 people setting at the nurse station chilling and talking.

Wendy Lewis

Thank you all for taking such good care of my mom. She had the best nurses and a wonderful dr. Thanks so much!!! the davis family.

Kyla Johnson

Not saying they are racist but the doctor acted as if i was a bother and I only saw her once to be honest and I can say some of the staff are really cool but I don't know what was going on with her yesterday but it made me feel uncomfortable & I asked for resources and all she could say was the health department in your county well duh I'm not from here so i would have loved if she gave me a name or something

Phillip Talmadge

L Hixson

If you want to die go here! In the ER I have gone with serious heart issues and they treated me awful.They say they have a trauma unit yes but the do not know what they are doing. I had a Male nurse who was very tall and large in stature. He was not compassionate at all. This hospital almost killed me. I demanded to be transferred to another hospital is the only reason I survived. Outpatient surgery is fine but don't go to the ER if you want to live. Im serious!

Carlos Alston

I've been here for over two hours, and I still haven't been seen. I've seen over 10 othet groups after I show up, come in, and be right out...treated and all. This has yo be the worse hospital visit I've ever experienced.

Pamela Lilly

Let me just say.. Here u will be treated as bothing but a number. A pay check. This guy has a major complaint coming. I go in with a severe reaction swollen eyes. Swollen nose, throat and tongue. Sounds lije im in great shape huh? This man didnt so much as listen to my lungs, heart or even my symptoms. He honestly acted like i was nothing to be concerned about and just an easy pay check in his pocket. Well Mr. Know nothing at all.. Let me let u in on something.. U sir need more training or a new job.. What if it were your family member. Maybe i should listen to your heart n make sure its there. I was in real danger. Not just $$$ in your pocket. And as a matter of fact.. Thats malpractice.. Good thing im bot out for your so easy made cash. But let me tell u that its far from over. U r too busy to even look in my mouth or get a nurse to do labs? Too much to ask that u work for your pay? Ppl. I had to go hours later to another hospital. Starr regional in etowah.. Ppl. Plz go to Etowah. They treat u like a person bot a number or dollar sign. I am happy to say i am doing great now. No thanks to this athens place. Or its staff. I really think its a shame he cost this place money because i or none of my family will ever use this place for care again. From now on its Etowah only.. I almost just took more benedryl n fell asleep. Then what? He would be responsible.. Thats what. I plan to do all i can to pay Etowah any price they want. Because they did multiple test and did it all with care and concern and compassion.. Etowah Rocks... Mr. W... I hope u have a 2nd job n atleast 1 skill. Because i will not stand for this. Now or ever. Mark my words. U need to learn how to care. And not how to add up the money i am not paying u.. U wrote a shot n script... Basically a pencil pusher.. Pushed my wrong buttons when u put my health n safety at risk.. I am a very nice person. But i cant be to ppl who could care less about my safety. I came to u for help and u failed me n let me down.. So.. I am done with it. U will never see me or my family again. Nor collect a dime. U will be hearing from me and your boss. Be prepared.. I have proof u did nothing at all. U were smart enough to put it all on paper. Have a blessed day sir. And as far as the 1 star.. Thats for the nurse and ladies. Cause u get none. Ppl. Go to Etowah in an emergency situation.. Plz.. Cause This guy isnt up to caring. Plz. Wosh i xould add a pic. But i cant. So i will just deal my way. Thanks..

Tiesha Bradley

Melissa Riden

I have always said I wouldn't go to Athens hospital, but last week we had to rush my 92 yr old granny to the hospital she was unresponsive. Athens was closest they were wonderful from the moment we arrived. She was admitted and put on B wing every nurse she had on every shift treated her and each family member that was there with great care. We thank each one of you for the care she received.

Ronnie Hall

Jennifer Gunnels Weddington

Kim Beck

This place doesn't even deserve a one star, especially the labor and delivery. I have a doctor in Knoxville that I see for my pregnancy and only had to come here in an emergency situation last week. Needless to say, I'm glad I choose to travel to Knoxville for care. I had the unfortunate experience of having Carla in labor and delivery "care" for me. She was the rudest and most inconsiderate nurse I've ever had to take care of me. She talked to me like I was dog, answered my questions in a condescending tone as if she were talking to a child and basically made me feel horrible for daring to come to their hospital without my records. I thought I was in labor and she made it seem as though I was wasting her time by being there. At one point, during contractions, she flies into the room and not politely says to me "you need to quit thrashing around in that bed and be still because I'm trying to monitor the baby and you are making it difficult." Who tells a pregnant woman with contractions that? She must have thought I was doing it to piss her off. Needless to say, I wouldn't come back here if I was having my baby in the car and this was the closest place. I would deliver myself. I wouldn't let them deliver a litter of puppies. Shame on nurses that treat patients like this. I am a nurse myself and it embarrasses me that I'm in the same field with people like this


Takes about an hour and a half to two and a half hours for a doctor and the doctors are terrible.

eric gross

My child has pneumonia, im in a filthy room, no air, no pillow, sounds broken on the television and bugs in the shower room along with the ceiling in the bathroom falling in and covered in what seems to be black mold. This hospital has decreased a lot in recent years...This is c wing! Labor & delivery for crying out loud!!

Tom Norfleet every way... did not put a patient that had sepsis on oxygen, no heart monitor...was there for 4 hours prior to being transferred to Parkwest in Knoxville. Even the ambulance EMT was dismayed by lack of any medical help given. 02 was 86...when put into ambulance...pure negligence..and it is my full intent to have the state investigate and get this hospital either up to par or closed down. Horrible, just horrible...husband has been in CCU at parkwest for 11 days, still in 19 days....I would hope that this hospital would do the basic life saving techniques especially in the emergency room...nope...did not happen. Thank God for other hospitals in the area.

Lee Sergent

The er staff is not caring at all. They do not take the time to figure out what is wrong. They gave my 5 year old daughter the wrong medicine for scarlet fever. They judge you. The worst hospital ever they are very disrespectful. We will be going somewhere else from now on!!

Donna Howard

My first time at this hospital, great nurses, great Dr. We had a great experience!

Heather Dillard

L&D nurses were all great! Only complaint is the rooms are on the small side but are ok as long as you space out visitors.

Jordon Dockery

Excellent staff in the labor and delivery. Definitely very knowledgeable, very informative and definitely seem to care about the patients.

Wanda Boss

My daughter had an MRI done. She always fall asleep in there MRI. Because it looks like a coffin. They thought she was on drugs.Which she plain told them she was not. That they wanted her to call her mom and get a ride she told them her mom was sick. But they still wanted her to call her mom.

Laura Armstrong

This review is actually for Starr Regional OutPatient Rehab Etowah. I had a total hip replacement on July 8. The out patient physical therapy I received from the Etowah Staff was amazing. Their skill and compassionate care rehabbed me to normal walking without assistance within 6 visits which normally requires 5 weeks or longer. Huge thanks to Floyd, Whitney, Shelby, and Anna! I wouldn’t go anywhere else!

E Lingerfelt

Many people I know have been killed at this hospital. Please, for the sake of yourself or your family member, make the drive to Cleveland or Lenoir City to go to the hospital. Not sure why the staff at this hospital is so incompetent!

Kayla Kilts

Was told that all we would owe after our emergency room visit was just under $200. We didn't have it at the time but told we would be billed for that amount. A month later, we've gotten a bill for $953.87. I've tried calling several times to figure out why there's drastic difference but keep getting sent to a voicemail box or an automated system. The whole situation is just completely frustrating and upsetting.


Have been to the ER twice within a month over abdominal issues. Both times, was triaged and put in a room very quickly. The nurses and doctors were excellent (night shift). Much faster than any other ER I’ve been to. The only issue was that the waiting room was dirty both times I was there.


Our daughter was just born there great staff treated us all very well went out of their way to make sure we were informed an comfortable

Brandon Paille

Awful service. I wouldn't trust these people with my dog.

Tammy Roads

I was afraid of being in this hospital because of stories I'd heard,but I was treated with the best care possible during my stay.

orin buchanan

Terrible the staff is rude and has lack of knowledge. Sending in a med student to talk with me with out a doc present. Its like your your wating thete time if you don't like your job get another and if treating people that way makes you feel good then by all means be that you wont see me again your a bandaid station not a hospital

Brittany Frye

Had go to ER for my son's broken arm the staff was excellent but the fact we were there for 6 hrs was ridiculous. I understand and respect fact of other patients but at most 2 hrs really should've been the most. Next day surgeon sends us to outpatient, excellent staff, we were in c- wing for prep and observation and the nurses and doctors were amazing wit my 7yr old. Great place, bad er timing

Joyce Obeys

I will share the whole story to warn others later when we get time but it's a long story and has to do with a very rude doctor named Brian London. It was awful!

Tom Moran

To start off, don't even offer to recommend sending something to you at "star cares." Read the reviews. I had a heart attack only a few weeks earlier, which they knew. I began having attack symptoms so bad I could barely talk when I paged the nursing station, nobody came. As they progressively got worse, I called again begging them to send someone. Nobody ever came. No one. Unable to even walk, in a dark room alone, 2500 miles from home terrified I was going to die alone. I finally was able to text my wife who came immediately. After my wife got there, still no one came in to talk to us for hours until a respiratory theripist came in to give me breathing meds. After he left, still no one came in until the next morning. God is my witness. I have never posted a review, but no one should ever again, experience such unprofessional treatment. And I, for one, will do everything I possibly can to assure your loved one doesn't experience the same level of incompetency.

Judith Whiddon

This is what hospitals should aspire to be. This place was put here by the higher powers. I think that just about sums it up. Thank you Star

Mark Dimon

It was the most unprofessional hospital ive ever experienced.I had a motorcycle wreak and had to wait for several minutes b4 I was seen. I was told I had a broken collar bone and waz sent home. I knew I was hurt worse.I went to erlanger and was treated instantly and was told I had broken ribs as well..I would not even give 1 star.

Kitty B

Mandi McDermott


Nurses in emergency are rude and slow.

Jackie Goforth

This is the sorriest "hospital" i have ever been to not only did they not do anything about my problem but they gave me medicine i was allergic to its even in the computer. i seen it on my paperwork and told the nurse that i couldnt take it and she was very rude and act like she knew everything all they did was waste a hour of my time and gave me medicine i cant take worst service ever

Madison Robertson

Their OK but sometimes very rude to patiants like my mom :-)

Brianna Marsingill

What kind of hospital only has one doctor available in the emergency room this is crazy

Randy Nelson

My son recently had a severe headache that was presenting symptoms similar to a stroke. We went to the closest hospital that afternoon which was Starr Regional in Athens. I was very impressed with how quickly he went through triage and into a room. The ER Doctor was phenomenal and examined him within a minute or two of him entering the room. The nurses and staff were professional and deferred some paperwork until we knew he was ok. They took him for a CT Scan very quickly and the Doctor came in with results within 30 minutes. He kept a close check on my son until he was confident it was safe for him to be released after being treated. Thankfully his problem was a first ever migraine. I have a higher level of confidence in our local hospital in a true emergency situation.

Floyd Young

A fairly decent local hospital. Floyd E. Young Athens TN

Christina Jaeger

Tim Hensley

chrissy carroll

Took my 4 year old son to the e.r. due to having a fever of 103 for 2 days. Karen Thompson looked in his ears and down and throat, and just by that, diagnosed him with serous otitis media, pharyngitis-tonsillitis and acute bronchitis and sent us home. No blood sample was taken, nor were any tests run. My son has NONE OF THESE ILLNESSES! COMPLETELY MISDIAGNOSED MY BABY. I specifically asked if it may be the flu and Karen said, and I quote, "oh no, this is definitely not the flu". Took him to his pediatrician today, HE HAS THE FLU. PATHETIC SERVICE. I DONT KNOW HOW THIS SORRY PLACE CALLED A HOSPITAL IS STILL IN BUSINESS. Karen Thompson completely neglected to care for my son. If I could, I would not even give them a one star rating. I'm disgusted.

Tannie Ree Beason

Generally a good place but the provider working tonight AKA Jeff has his head up his butt

James Cate

Wouldn’t take my dying dog here.

Michael Nauman

Sitting in the waiting room for 2.5 hours with my fiance because she has high blood sugar and then we sit in a room for 3 more hours before anyone comes in here. If I'm needing the er I'm going to Erlanger or UT Medical center even though I'm 45 mins away from them before coming here the wait times will literally kill you before seeing anyone. I truly think that this place needs a overhaul on layout and staff it's really bad that the staff just sits on there phones while people are needing help. I bet I could run this place better in my sleep.

Larry Presley

I had a appointment with this place and had to call to change it and both people we the most rude people I have ever talk to and my Dr called them about a different apt change so I just thought I should make sure she got ahold of them and they wouldn't think I was a no show. And again the woman said oh oh well we already figured you wouldn't show so I just hung up. I will never go or call this place for anything! Very rude people to be dealing with the public.

Misty Ferguson

They r very rude

Ariel Hansen

I recently had a cesarean and the staff in labor and delivery were amazing! Also I really like their new menu and way of ordering.

Scott Monday

This is the biggest joke of a Er I've ever seen, you would be better off going to the animal clinic and let them help you... What a joke

Karen Hernandez



Christy Young

Went to their emergency department twice. Both times was diagnosed wrong! Will never go back to the emergency department ever again

Amber Staton

DON'T WASTE YOUR TIME & MONEY GOING TO THIS ER! I did. They did 3 tests, told me what it wasn't, gave me pain meds, & sent me home! THEY DID NOT CARE ENOUGH TO TAKE THE TIME TO FIND OUT WHAT WAS WRONG!!! CHARGED ME A FORTUNE FOR A WASTED VISIT & TREATED ME LIKE I WAS JUST CRAZY!!! Oh yea, the physician assistant didn't seem to care, even laughing when he gave me test results!

David Baker

This is a terrible place to go for help. The evening shift at the ER was unprofessional & their bad judgment caused my family a great deal of unnecessary grief & pain. The details I cannot tell you about at this time under advice of an attorney.

Kimberly Watson

Andy Sue Thompson

I had a recent trip to the ER due to a fall. I found the staff quite professional.

Belinda Howard

Dr. Trent Anthony is a very caring Dr. Any time i have went to the e r in the last 7 months he has taken very good care of me and the nurses were great to. Keep it up dont change please

Taylor Sharbutt

DO NOT GO HERE!!!!!! I went to the ER here for help with a kidney stone. Took 8.5 hours to get a shot of morphine and walked out with bed bugs eating me up. Now the bugs are in my house. Which explains why i saw housekeeping more than my nurse.

Dennis Bell

5 Star Regional Medical Center in Athens is sub standard. Now, both I and my wife have had bad experiences there. Today, I'm upset that my wife, who was scheduled to have a colon scope is just now seeing the doctor, who was supposed to be there over 2 hours ago. My wife has been without real food now for over a day and a half and she just called me to let me know that the doctor just now arrived. She had been waiting at this hospital since 9:30a and it is now 1:45p. Of course, the hospital wanted their payment up front or they would charge several hundred dollars extra. Just further proof that America's healthcare system is in a shambles. No telling how long it will now take before she is through with this slipshod service. Unbelievable!!! A couple of years ago, I was in this same hospital with internal bleeding. They couldn't figure anything out and I was sent to a regular room where I passed out again due to loss of blood. They basically threw up their hands and sent me to Erlanger Hospital in Chattanooga where a simple test showed that the problem was H Pylori causing an ulcer to bleed. Of course this was thousands of dollars later. Guess if you have a minor cut or abrasion, you could go here and maybe get help. Otherwise, try to go somewhere else! BTW, Owner, if you see this, don't bother with your platitudes. You're in it for the money of which you're getting plenty. I pray for the day that sensible people force you to straighten up your act and hold you accountable for your actions.

David Francis

Tonya Witt


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