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Amanda Hopkins

The nurse Kristen was very rude! My loved one was waiting a long time to use the rest room she said she needed to wait because she just sat down! So with a what we thought was a broken ankle she got up. Nice

Rich Ellington

Excellent care by some great doctors here at this hospital

Monica MacGeen

Im having an allergic reaction and called the ER to ask if they were income based because I'm broke. First, the operator hung up on me after I asked if they provided charity care or income based. I called again and they wouldn't answer. I called a third time and I asked again. She just gave a long sigh like she did not want to answer me. I got pissed, cursed her out and hung up. People like that shouldn't have their jobs.

Randal Hall

Experience with Heart office in Lebanon......I am not one to complain on anyone, because I know everyone has a bed day but I had to bring my mother in law in to see Dr. Woods for shortness of breath, & a few other symptoms, When we walked in the young ladies up front that checks patients in were very unprofessional;.I was standing waiting to be checked in while they were discussing what was and was not their job. I asked where do I sign in, one of them looked at, told me to take a seat and they would call me up when they were ready for me. (mind you there were only 2 other patients sitting in the waiting room already checked in) finally after about 10 minutes of hearing them talk about what was and wasn't their job, how Dr. Woods scares them and about their drinking experiences, they called me up to the desk pretty much shoved a notebook at me told me to check the information on it to make sure there were no changes. (while now talking about their children) I do what is supposed to be done I take it back to the young lady again she says have a seat the nurse will get you in a few minutes. (never once making eye contact) A blonde nurse comes to get us, the whole way down the hall she acted like we were a nuisance dragging her feet, acting like it was all she could do to get down the hall. She weighed my mother in law, put her in a room, ask a few questions, took her blood pressure, done an EKG, said Dr. Woods will be in here in a few minutes and walked out. After she walked out I heard her say i can't believe they worked Mrs. ____ (my mother in laws name) in today, she's just short of breath "maybe if she"d lose some weight, she wouldn't be short of breath). I could not believe what I heard!! She had no right talking about someone needing to lose weight, then I heard someone else laugh and say true. They should have given her to Dr. Oliver. My mother in law asked me not to say anything to Dr. Woods when he came in, (I'm sure she had been embarrassed enough. by this point I was dreading seeing what Dr. Woods was like after the ladies up front and the nurse, but he came in and I have to admit my mother in law and I both were very pleased with him. He seemed concerned and set up some test for her. On our way out we had to stop to check out and I think the young lady that checked us out was very pleasant and helpful. She was the only nice pleasant person in that office. In the car on the way home my mother in law said she really liked Dr. Woods but she never wanted to go back in that office again because of the way the nurse acted and what she said. I personally I work in the medical field and have never experienced a more unprofessional office in the 20+ years I have worked nor in an office I have been in as a patient. I completely agree with the other review if you can make it past the front office employees and the nurses, Dr. Woods is great. Needless to say we will not be going back to that office again and I will let our experience there be know because the way the girls in the front acted and then the way the nurse acted and what she said is very unacceptable. I truly hate this because I feel Dr. Woods would have helped my mother in law, but I guess its on to Vanderbilt Heart for us.

Heather Williams

Awesome Hospital with excellent physicians and staff..very professional and clean can't say enough good things about Dr Allen Anderson and his staff at Tennessee Orthopedic Associates

Mickey Ozment

Extremely rude check in lady at front desk. Total lack of compassion for patients waiting to see Doctors.

LeRoy Stricklin

Excellent care from nurses in same day surgery. Very caring and extremely knowledgeable. Special people there for sure.

Susan West

The staff in the ER were professional and solid. My hospital of choice for any future events in life. No one ever wants to be there but when it happens this is the place to come. Very compassionate and caring bunch. Thank you for being the best.

Asia H.

I called Saint Thomas West Hospital on 11/11/16 around 1:40pm and spoke with Erica M. in Release of Information. She sounded irritated and mumbled her way through the whole conversation. At the end of the call, I was in the middle of telling "Erica" to have a nice day and she hung up right in my face! Bad attitude! Terrible customer service!

Bridget Casey

Edit: After receiving a call from someone in the complaints department, I was offered 20% off my bill for their negligence. This wasn't an ideal solution, but I definitely appreciated the gesture. I'm changing my review from 1 star to 3 stars. I went to St Thomas West for a pulmonary functions test, as referred by my PCP, and was surprise-billed for $1,136. As a single, recent college grad in an entry level job, this bill was devastating to receive. I have called STW customer service, price quote line, patient advocacy, my insurance, and my PCP dozens of times at this point and I'm convinced they overcharged me for this routine test. I would encourage everyone to look at HealthCare Blue Book for a frame of reference for tests and diagnostics. Mine was supposed to be $62 on average. I'm unable to figure out why I was charge 18x more than the average price, *with* commercial health insurance. My own doctor was baffled as to why my bill was so high. I also never saw the results of my test. Sadly, I think this also shows an issue with the health care laws in this state as a whole. More transparency and laws against surprise billing should be implemented asap.

Hamp Howell

I find it hard to be so dependent on the portal, which can be great & empowering when all the parts work. None of the the backup systems seemed to be working for me today and I was locked out when I needed my health info fast, and my calls seemed to go into thin air. I did leave messages but it was as an act of faith. Janet from Dr Houston's office stepped in to help after a call from Penny, and I was able to get a better handle on my info.

Tennille T

Couldn’t ask for better people. I️ feel like they are friends instead of my doctors/staff. Been going to the Oncology department since I️ was 18. 15 years now. I️ absolutely feel like God placed these people and this facility into my life.

Sheila Corcoran-wilson

"Admitting Experience" Erica was rude, unwelcoming and unfriendly. No greeting, acted like we were stupid for being early. Hid behind 2 computer screens. Mechanical and robotic. Very tight area desk covered with personal stuff. So far so bad!!

Larhonda Springer

debbie lancette

Your caring and professional staff saved my son's life ; with alot of help from God of course. Thanks for all of the dedication & hard work.

Danielle Hatcher

Ron Eichenberger

Xmf Bayjames

The hospital itself is a great place. The ER is another story. It is a great place to go die. Cut your pinky?? Fine place. They do not take you in order of the seriousness of your problem, triage, but maybe I'm a little biased or selfish while watching my wife suffer here in the waiting room. St. Thomas West.

Angela Ferguson

I highly discourage anyone from using ANY St. Thomas facility. The level of care and respect I received as a paying customer to these facilities has been the most devastating experience. The lack of respect was something I've never experienced before. Centennial or any Tri-Star facility will take care of you and your loved ones in a way each one of us deserve.

Jeannine Wells

Been bringing my mother here every six months for years to have an arteriorgram with decent care. The last time, my mother was the doctor's first case. We were there by 5:00 a.m. She has only one working kidney, so they have to be careful with hydration and the meds they use. When the dr gets there, they had given her the wrong medication, so they had to start her on something else while the dr worked on his 22nd case 1st. When the dr got ready for my mother again, the nurses forgot to start her meds, so we wait again. We were suppose to be his 1st case and ended up being his last after lunch. Afterward that type of procedure you are suppose to lay still for 4 hours to make sure the artery he used doesn't bleed out. The nurses were in such a hurry to leave that we weren't there an hour after the procedure and they never even offered her something to drink or eat. By this time it was close to 5 that evening and the nurse beat us out the door. She waved at us while I was trying to get my mother in the car.

H. G.H.

We went there for an emergency, a few tests for an hour or so and that was it, and then we got a bill from a collection agency, not them of $2000. Really!


Saved my life. Will be eternally grateful. Great, caring staff. Still recovering, but I wouldn't be where I am if it weren't for St. Thomas West, and of course my family.

Melissa Abbott

Just wanted to give a shout out to all of the staff in the ICU for room 218. Thank you all very much for going above and beyond taking care of my mother n law and us during her stay there. Melissa Abbott

A S ZDolly Harris

Brad The Volfan


Shirley Hollis

Amarii TaShae' Cole

Deborah Rich

My husband has been in the hospital three times since October. Open heart surgery and lung cancer surgery were for two of the times. The staff and physicians go over and above to make your stay comfortable. God bless each and everyone of them. Plus, the gift shop and Sherry in the cafeteria are wonderful, also.

Cindy Poole

Michel Hanna

Brittany Clark

Gosh, it surprises me to see such negative reviews. I have just moved to Nashville and was looking for a healthcare facility to begin using. A few weeks ago, I scheduled an appointment with a doctor at Saint Thomas Midtown and was pleased with how friendly and helpful the receptionist was. I haven't been to that appointment yet, but received my first taste of Saint Thomas this week. I had to visit the ER and the staff was absolutely wonderful. The receptionist was calm, yet compassionate. The triage nurse, room nurses, and Dr. Poque were all also very kind and efficient. When I called today to give my correct insurance information, the customer service representative was extremely helpful and friendly. I shared with my family and friends how much I was impressed with Saint Thomas and each that had ever had an experience echoed my sentiments. Perhaps the reviews here should be taken with a grain of salt. Rarely do people feel the need to review if they've had a good experience. It is usually only when there is a bad experience.

Clayton Yee

the ER Dr n staff were highly professional...

Brayden Bennett

Not only did I sit in a room for five hours crying in pain after being admitted, the nurse Melody was the absolute rudest PERSON I have ever met. I am contacting the news channels bc my husband had to clean the bathroom bc their was pee and decides alll over the toilet I had to SHARE, and beg for them to release me so I could go to a nearby hospital who has the specialist I needed to see. Even though I was supposed to be seen by a specialist and my hospitalist said they don’t work on weekends...I suggest if you want to lay in pain and cry go here, if not, go to Vandy, talk about a world of difference!

Tomalyn Disalvo

St.thomas was a caring hospita when ihad surgery dr.corn also was great

Garland Barnes

Laura Woodruff

As a visitor, my husband & I were impressed with the hospital. The medical staff, starting with the Doctors and nurses were very attentive to the patient we were seeing. We traveled several miles to get to the hospital. I HAVE NEVER seen a more caring medical team. Our thanks go out to them.

Hazel Washenfelder

I've had diabetes since age 4 and been in and out of medical facilities all my life, and this entire hospital, by FAR, is the worst medical experience of my life. Literally every interaction here was negative and the best word I could use to describe the staff is INCOMPETENT. It took me two hours in a small room before the doctor would see me. The staff reassured me that he does this with all his patients, so don't take it personally. There weren't any phlebotomists on staff who could draw my blood, and asked that I drive back to this lab later to try again, insisting I don't go to a lab closer to my home (which is is 35 minutes away without traffic). No one seemed to be on the same page, I got rude remarks from the staff, making me feel dumb for not knowing how to navigate this maze of a complex (there are like three different parking ramps) and the nursing staff acted like I should be grateful that I even got in to see this doctor, and that the doctor would give me more attention once I was an established patient. If Tennessee didn't require referrals to see an endocrinologist, I could pick a doctor that I liked, but now I just have to roll the dice and wait to see who I get next, and the staff here takes advantage of this. They know that I either have to put up with this bull, or wait to get quality medical attention.


In 2013, I went to St Thomas Hospital West every week for 12 weeks, driving from Huntsville, Alabama. I stayed overnight in the hospital's onsite hotel, which was convenient. I'd had Hep C for over 20 years and in 2011, I failed a treatment program that was extremely grueling due to weekly interferon shots and daily pills of boceprevir and ribavirin, a total of 9 pills a day. (My previous treatment was with Dr Bacon in St Louis, who is also an exceptional doctor.) The side effects were much worse than the disease itself and I was happy and relieved when, after 3 months, 12 shots, 810 pills and many tears, my doctor said lab tests showed I was no longer responding and ordered me to stop the meds, immediately. It took me over a year to recover from that treatment. However, I still had Hep C and had now lost any hope for a cure. After searching, in early 2013 I was lucky to enroll in a Phase III trial with Dr Pruitt, a gastroenterologist whose office is at St Thomas West. It was a positive experience! Under his guidance, I took one pill a day for 12 weeks. I literally had zero side effects! By the end of the 2nd week (i.e., 14 pills), my viral count was zero and it has been zero ever since! Each week the trial nurse would give me a blood test, check my blood pressure and weight and make sure everything was running smoothly in general. I was completely cured and it cost me absolutely nothing. Now that the FDA has released the trial drug (Harvoni), I've read the pills cost $1100/each! Taking one pill a day for 12 weeks would've cost $92,400, which I didn't have to pay. This was important because my insurance company might have balked about paying again since they'd just paid $84,000 2 years earlier for the other Hep-C treatment. They most likely did not want to pay twice, but I knew I really needed to be treated again. Because I got into a trial at St Thomas Hospital, I didn't have to negotiate with Blue Cross to pay for the new treatment. I felt truly blessed. I'm grateful to Dr Pruitt and St Thomas Hospital for giving me my life back. My energy returned and I feel healthy again. Dr Pruitt is a great doctor & St Thomas is a wonderful hospital. I owe them a lot. Thank you.

M. Jones

My mom was treated at St. Thomas West Emergency Room on March 5, 2016 quickly and professionally by medical staff at the hospital. However, her experience with the BILLING department has been horrendous and merits the one star review in and of itself. She received statements both from Medicare and Blue Cross by March 30 stating that they had paid St. Thomas for the care she received. Strangely, for a year she continued to get "not a bill, do not pay” statements from St. Thomas showing a balance owed. After repeatedly contacting Saint Thomas, my mom called Blue Cross twice and was allowed to *listen in to the conversations that the agent had with the billing rep at St. Thomas* each time resulting in the St. Thomas representative agreeing on an amount owed. But the non-bills still came. Because my mom had been advised to wait for an actual bill, she waited. Finally after calling the hospital several more times, she physically went back to the hospital to sit with a billing department representative to resolve the issue. She explained once again what was happening and took all the prior paper work. She received an actual bill in early 2017 and immediately paid what she owed. St Thomas CASHED THE CHECK on April 10. We thought the issue was resolved until 6 months later, when in September 2017 she received YET ANOTHER bill for the portion that Blue Cross paid 18 months ago.Today (October 24, 2017) she was notified that she had been TURNED OVER TO A COLLECTION AGENCY. She has been more than accommodating as St. Thomas attempts to figure out their own finances, taking more time to work through this than the limits of most people's patience would allow. So if you go to St. Thomas West, please be prepared for great medical care AND to have an 18 month saga with their billing staff and possibly have a ding on your credit to boot.

Dillon Ocana

The ER is full of caring and sweet individuals. Unfortunately the ER was understaffed so the wait was long but once care began, we were in and out in no time. Great Christian hospital. If you don't have a level one trauma that requires you to visit Vanderbilt, then St. Thomas is clearly the best choice! Be well.


Before my mother's quintuple bypass and heart valve replacement, she was in ICU. Great nursing staff there. Polite and respectful. After the surgery in the CICU. Total opposite, nursing staff. Rude and disrespectful. Nurse Becca was my mother's nurse and by far the rudest and disrespectful.

Wes Lackey

Janet Ross

Thanks for being so good with pacemakers. There is quite a lot of pain, but blood pressure and pulse are much better. God is the greatest healer.

Michael Mitchell

Julie Hemmings

My doctor's office said they didn't receive two calls I left this morning. I was saying I was in pain. I showed up to the office with a massive cyst on ear and dr. Said couldn't see me. I should have known when my first apt I had with him he ran 3 HOURS late. They also have had big problems with check in taking 40 minutes and their payment software not working on a different occasion. Also a test they ordered they didn't call me to tell me when it was scheduled so I found out only by chance when I called to see if the order was received. I would have missed the appointment if I hadn't checked on it and now they can't find the report! Just terrible!

Brian Hinger

Easy access. Not as crowded as other hospitals. The care at TOA on the tenth floor was top notch.

Alyse Freeman

Having to go to the ER is never fun, but this was the absolute worst experience I have ever had with any hospital or doctor ever. I was having some severe pelvic pain and spotting but couldn't get a timely appointment with any of my regular doctors so I resorted to the ER. There was no wait at all, and the techs and nurses I interacted with in the beginning were very sweet, but everything was horrible from that point forward. The doctor ordered a CT scan, which would have been appropriate except when I read the report, it was obvious that they only looked at my upper abdominal organs even though my symptoms were clearly pelvic/reproductive. He also insisted on taking blood and urine samples to rule out a UTI or STDs even though I had told them that I had already been tested for all of those things at a walk-in clinic just a week prior. Blood/urine tests did show that my potassium levels were a teeny tiny bit low so he ordered a potassium drip for my IV, which was an unnecessary waste of time and money, and it burned like hell. He then proceeded to kick my husband out of the room so he could give me the most painful pelvic exam of my entire life on top of an UPSIDE DOWN BEDPAN WRAPPED IN A SHEET. With out even warning me, he jammed two fingers covered in cold lubricant inside me and started violently poking around, completely ignoring the fact that he was obviously hurting me. It actually felt so violent and traumatic that even the nurse seemed horrified and apologetic. When all of those tests failed to indicate anything unusual, he tried to tell me that mid-cycle bleeding is perfectly normal and basically wrote me off as a drug seeker, or like I was just being weak and dramatic. Well, in the 15 years I have been having a period, mid-cycle bleeding has never once happened to me and I wouldn't have come in to the ER if I didn't think that something was seriously wrong. He showed absolutely zero concern or compassion. When I told him that my family doctor back home had suggested that chronic pelvic pain can sometimes be caused by problems with your psoas muscle and asked if that might be contributing to my pain, he proceeded to try and tell me that the psoas muscle is in your inner thigh! (It most definitely isn't-scary to think that a doctor doesn't even know basic anatomy). I was finally able to get in to see my gynecologists a few days later and, sure enough, a pelvic ultrasound revealed that I had a ruptured ovarian cyst. If the Dr. at St. Thomas West had taken me seriously or listened to me at all, he might have caught it and saved me several days of excruciating pain. I am still waiting to see what kind of horrendous bill they are going to send for this ridiculous, traumatic waste of time. I would rather die than ever go back to the ER at St. Thomas West.

Herb Toombs

Larry Napier

It could be better if the nursing staff were not non-responsive after I ask for medicine!

Tonya Shahsavari

My husband had a quadruple bypass by Dr Babu and his team. The experience has been wonderful. We were all nervous, but knew he was in capable hands. Everyone here at St Thomas, from the man who was shining the floors to the physicians, make you smile.

Jason Childs

Michael Mercer

I may have been overly harsh with the billing department in the previous review. My bill looks like it has finally be resolved. I am very happy to have my gallbladder out.

Saurin Patel

karess angeles

even your receptionist has no manners! who the hell shouts at patients whose calling for information? you better get a new personnel who has a pleasing personality

Tim Dye

My father had lumbar spine compression fractures and then put in some bone glue (kyphoplasty ), and gave him immediate relief. Many thanks to all the doctors, nurses, techs, and food service workers for the great care they gave my 96 yr.old father.

Jim Hicks

The Best. All my Doc's are there including the team that got me through 6 bypasses. The Best

Faith613 Knight

Leaving with half my body numb, and can't even drink without it pouring down me, it's a 2 hour drive home, I pray I live long enough to make it back to my kids. :(. I didn't even get discharge papers, one second I'm admitted 2 minutes later was told to take baby aspirin and go home. Prayers y'all

Christopher Bateman

It is truly unfortunate that it is human nature to be negative about positive people and not write Positive Comments about positive people And I believe that for every negative comment There are hundreds of people with positive comments that Go Unmentioned. I have Nothing but wonderful things to say about doctor Mitchell schwaber and I am a registered nurse. He has been my minear MD For several years. He is so busy because he is so great explanation mark

Jessica Rayburn

Sanjay Sikh

Find somewhere that actually cares about people, St Thomas doesn't.

Stephen Perry

What an amazing staff and facility. Everyone was so helpful and caring. They gave my 83-year-old mother top-notch care, and have saved her life. I can't thank them all enough. It took numerous doctors, nurses, and orderlies to provide the level of care they did. I applaud the hospital itself for being so well-staffed. Even over the weekend, there was no shortage of caregivers ever. My mother was so sick. It seemed like when they fixed one thing another would crop up, and they'd have to deal with that. She had contracted a urinary tract infection that spread through her whole body. Her kidneys and digestive system began to shut down. Her heart went into atrial fibrillation. And she was so mentally changed by the sepsis, she could not be left alone. She hallucinated, and couldn't sleep without torment. She had so many health crises going on all at once that we thought we might lose her. (In fact, we all but expected to.) My family all took shifts watching her 24/7. We don't live in Nashville, but thankfully they have the Inn at the hospital, and we were able to stay right there and trade shifts of watching her and sleeping when we could. The hospital staff persevered, and finally began to overcome the series of issues my mother needed to recover from. They gave her the best care possible, and treated her with dignity and respect (even affection, it seemed). After what seems like weeks, my mother is recovering. She was finally made well enough to go to a physical rehab facility, where she is regaining her strength, independence, and mental faculties. We went from preparing for her death to preparing for the rest of her life. And we have the staff at St Thomas West to thank for that.

Amy Anderson

Erika Marsh

Great staff, great attitudes. They made me feel comfortable and they actually listened. I got the right treatment And had no problems was here for a couple hours but it was worth it. Thanks guys!

Carrie B

I had surgery here Friday the 20th, my surgery was very long and complicated. I felt comfortable and welcome from the start of my surgery in holding where every single person made sure they explained everything and that I understood everything.These same nurses and drs stayed with me throughout the surgery and even into recovery. After surgery I ended up in the ICU where I spent the weekend, the staff in the unit where amazing very encouraging, positive and understanding. I have had multiple drs come and check in on me and have been able to be very verbal and involved in my care. I am now on the Ortho floor and my amazing care continued with me to this floor. There are still great people left in this world that love what they do caring for others. The great care I have and am getting I will be back to my normal in no time...

Melinda puckett

Rogelio Herrera

John Henson

Simply put, they saved my life. I had a heart attack and spent 22 days unconscious in the hospital. I am alive today because of their care and the good Lord's blessing.


My mom is on life support and the staff here has done everything to make my mom comfortable in her last few days. This is the best hospital in Nashville and I would not suggest any other Hospital besides Meharry. Meharry often gets a bad rap because it's a public Hospital but it is a great place also. Thanks and much appreciation to all the staff who has taken such great care and concern for my mom

Carlin Johnson

I have been going to Saint Thomas West (formally Saint Thomas) since 2007. This place has the best Urologist for my disease. I have a rare kidney disease in which requires surgeries. Sometimes often sometimes not. Dr. Benjamin Dehner is amazing and has actually rushed me on the schedule when I was in severe pain. I have been to Saint Thomas West for all 23 of my surgeries. I have been in the ER as well. I have had only 2 rude nurses in my entire 9 years of going there. My first in 2007 that was caring for me post op (I have never seen her again after I reported her on the survey). The other in 2012 when a nurse in the ER thought she knew my disease better than me and that if I wouldn't eat dairy I wouldn't have stones anymore. I am a cystinuric. Calcium doesn't cause my stones cystine does. The nurse also questioned how I knew my physician because she noticed I lived 2 hours away. She also wouldn't go and get my physician when I told her he had told me to come there immediately. I was actually in acute renal failure but rude nurse didn't care. I ended up having to call my doctor's nurse on my cell phone and she paged him immediately. He was in my room in less than 30 seconds after that rude nurse walked out. She never came back either. I give this place 5 stars because of the doctors they have and they have some of the BEST male nurses. I have never had a bad male nurse out of all 4 I have had. I do not know about the heart place or anywhere else. Just urology. Also, the best ER visit I ever had there was with DR. Carpenter. He was amazing at helping me get pain relief and options of what I wanted to do. He was not rude at all whatsoever. This was almost 4 years ago so I don't know if he is still there but he was wonderful as were the nurses that day. I have only had 2 bad nurses out of probably over 50 I have ever seen. For the most part, their nurses, doctors, and staff are very professional and do a wonderful job. Even the lead registrar, Mr. Crawley in admissions. Thanks for providing such excellent service over the years.

Hey Diana

I went to St. Thomas ER after falling and hearing a loud pop in my ankle. I was in extreme pain and could not walk. After trying to be a contortionist for the x-ray tech and extreme pain, that by the time Dr. Motyka arrived in the room my foot had gone numb and swelled to twice the size. I was not impress with Dr. Motyka's bedside manner. I felt she did not listen to me, nor did she take the time to exam my ankle. All she did was asked me to move my big toe, which I couldn't, and asked if I put weight on it, which I hadn't. According the a nurse the x-rays showed that my ankle wasn't broken and she didn't want to use a boot but a ACE wrap & Gel brace. The nurse looked at my ankle and couldn't believe that Dr. Motyka didn't order a boot and said the wrap/brace are worthless. The nurse didn't wrap even my ankle, only the gel brace, and I was sent home. I am sure my ER visit was not top priority but it would have been nice to have been treated with some consideration since I felt my injury serious enough for a visit. After a month of sitting with my leg propped up, foot & ankle swollen & bruised, not even being able to leave the house to follow up with my doctor, nor being able to use the crutches-because the jostling hurt so much,I had to use an office chair as a wheel chair. Luckily I was able to work from home. I don't know if I will ever recommend Dr. Motyka or St. Thomas ER.

Lisa Jackson

Great drs, clean place, very friendly

Tove Gunnarson

Briona Bell

Hannah Taylor

Rude nurses, rude doctor.

Maria Cruz

(Translated by Google) Is exactly (Original) Es exactamente

Mark Goldfarb


kelley bland

A close family member had brain surgery at this hospital. The surgeons, doctors, nurses, physical therapists, and speech pathologists were all fantastic. Everyone was caring, friendly, helpful, and informative at all times.The only semi-rude person we encountered was at the admitting/ check in area at the very beginning of the stay, but we only had to deal with her for a few minutes, luckily. Highly recommended!

ramona denney

It was OK.The only problem I had was finding where I was suppose to go when I was inside the place. I was scared to go and get any thing to eat. Didn't know if I could find my way back to where I was suppose to be at.

Barb Schroeder

Knocking stars off because their billing is b.s. Don't pay a bill you get from this hospital until you double check with your insurance. They will bill you before counting all insurance payments and discounts and make you think they are going to send the bill to collections if you don't pay it in full in two seconds. They should wait until insurance clears before billing patients and freaking people out. Pretty good experiences personally with doctors, nurses, etc., but their billing department doesn't know what they're doing. I don't need cancer and this b.s. too. **Update: After checking with insurance and gathering documents and expecting a hassle, based on some past experiences dealing with health care billing departments, I called St Thomas. Turns out I have indeed paid my bill in full and don’t owe the crazy amount indicated on the new bill. Apparently it was generated before insurance made adjustments. I’m still annoyed that they put me through all this stress to start with, but the woman in customer service was super sweet and assured me that everything is paid on the account. So, edited review and added back a star.

Megan Sebers

Big shout out to Dr. Standard. My mother had to get a ACDF done and he was great. She stayed in the hospital for 2 days and everyone that we met were very friendly. The hospital is also very clean, and beautiful.

Thomas Gammons

Jarrett Simonds

Brandon In Memphis

Seemingly nice people, long wait and high$$ bill, sent to harassing bill collection company. Know what you're getting into...


Turn off the 90000 TV's in the pre-op waiting room. Or turn them's not like people are stressed out in playing the news at full volume should really calm them.

Steve Bickham

I had a stent put in at St Thomas heart West and it was one of the best experiences I've ever had at a hospital. Today ( over a year later) I tried to call and got the triage nurse her name was Heather. I asked her to speak with the nurse of the cardiologist Dr Pearce who assisted in my stent which was implemented by doctor Scoville who is a masterful and premier dedicated surgeon. The woman who answered the phone (Heather I believe) interrogated me like a criminal because I had moved my check ups to Lebanon with cardiologist Doctor Woods simply because it was closer to home. She was very rude and nasty and I lost it and I basically said, what is your problem. Mind you...this is absolutely the first time with all my visits and all my interaction with this Hospital that I have received or given anything less than total courtesy. Then I called back and she hung up on me twice more. I tried to call again and she blocked my calls. Brilinta the medication of which I have been taking twice a day for a year is commonly taken for a year after a stent from my understanding and then in most cases stopped because it is a blood thinner and reduces the possibility of a blockage in the stent. When I talked (following my surgery) to dr. Pierce he gave me the impression that he possibly wanted me to stay on Brilinta after a year, I didn't know whether I was supposed to go back on two Brilinta a day or down to one a day or take it out of the picture. But with my interaction and confidence with dr. Pierce on my initial follow-up from the stent surgery I felt the doctor Pierce was the best one to ask and get his opinion on that simple question at the very least before making any drastic changes. This triage nurse absolutely refused to let me explain what my intentions were and insisted that I go to doctor Woods because he is now my cardio doctor. In other words she decided to remove any assistance to me from Doctor Pierce to take me off of communication with my primary cardiologist (Dr Pierce). I intend to copy this message in this review and keep it for my records for my family should anything occur due to this debacle. Things like this could cost people their lives, just one nasty rotten triage nurse with a angry Power Trip up on the wrong side of the bed one day. She kept hanging up and then blocked my calls. I assure you she was the one that initially got nasty and offensive and would not give me a chance to explain myself or speak with dr. Pierce's nurse. I never once asked to speak with the doctor himself, I didn't want to put him through that trouble as I know he's busy. I do believe the triage nurse name is Heather and that's what she said and then hung up on me twice and blocked me and I will remember that for a long time. She refuse to hear me out and refused to let me talk to Dr Pierce's nurse so she could simply ask the Brilinta question when he had a moment? HORRIBLE! This kind of stuff is why hospitals get sued!

Kristy Hackworth

Roro Saif

Ivy Gail

Awsome place with awesome staff!

April Story

Ppl here was really nice n awesome they played wit my grandbaby while I was getting a catscan the nurses n the Dr couldnt ask for better ppl ty really

Carole Garland

Catherine Davis

I have had 6 Surgeries at ST Thomas West hospital. I have spent up to 20 days at a time on the critical care surgical floor. I have always received the most excellent care in this hospital. Have I ever dealt with a rude staff member? Once or twice but out of the hundred staff I have had the pleasure of dealing with one or two rude experiences are perfectly acceptable. I am going to have to have another surgery soon and yes I will be going back to ST Thomas West hospital to have it done. St Thomas has the best Surgeons and the best Nurses. Dr. Clinton Marlar, Dr. Wolfe, Dr. Robert Garza, Dr. Edward Glenn are the absolute best in their field of specialty. St. Thomas West also have the most amazing Nurses on their staff. And they have an excellent emergency room with Terrific Doctors and Nurses

Lydia Garner

Troy Cooper

jonathan purkey

TOA was reason for visit and I was thoroughly impressed!

Marty Martz

The Doctors at St. Thomas have literally saved my life on several occasions.....Plus through the surgeries I've had their, they have given me a quality of life that I thought was gone forever. Thank you St. Thomas, Doctors, Nurses, and the entire staff, you are absolutely the best!!! I just read some reviews below mine. They must be talking about another Hospital. I have been treated at St. Thomas West for the last 15 years, with insurance and without. There couldn't be more helpful and compassionate staff anywhere!! Don't get me started!!!!

Buddy Blackmon

In my humble opinion, this is the best hospital in the Nashville area. And on my last go around before shoulder replacement surgery I had a grand tour of several hospitals. Ascension healthcare Is doing a great job!

Norma Hayes

Was great


Service super slow i never want to come here . today don't have enough dr. And nurses my dad stay wet all day no body care I call for a nursed not show up!!!! What do you think!!!! It's good or bad

Mike Malone

I was in the cardiac unit last week and i want to thank everyone for saving my life i was in rm 462 the doctors and nurses knew how to treat me .special thanks to dr meadors you are great. If i could give a million stars i would so to everyone at st thomas hospital god bless you all

Ernest Wilson

Man, have I been here many times through the years. I think if you were to do polls, you would probably find that most people around here would recommend st. Thomas Hospital over all the others in the state, hands down. St Thomas is one of the most caring and people oriented hospitals around! If I had my choice of hospitals, this Would be the one. Now I've had friends and family stay in this Hospital and I was once there for a couple of days myself. I've heard a couple of people complain but, you'd have to know the person that told their complaint and take it with a grain of salt.(literally) Mind you, most of this is based on word-of-mouth. Over the years I have also done work, (and I mean a lot of work) that was contracted through St. Thomas by my employer, and word of mouth speaks volumes, and I mean word-of-mouth from patients and families that you meet, that's on top of my own friends and family. You couldn't ask better from the staff at St Thomas Hospital at least not from what I've seen. For me Saint Thomas gets five well-deserved Stars!

Linda Hillis

Hadjer Ouladdaoud

andrew thompson

We have been there before and had good care. But this time when I called to get some information after we had left there. I ended up talking to a very rude person named Wendy who was no help at all this was at the ER

Tim Doster

Marla Terry

I had aortic valve replacement, my experience was excellent. I even got to come home 3 days sooner than expectedly. Great staff.

Stanley Mccree

They saved my life!

Kyle Johnson

The staff are very well trained and knowledgeable.

eric yantz

This is the dirtiest and most disorganized hospital I've ever dealt with. My father has been there twice for heart issues and the stress from that place is probably worse than the issues he went in to have fixed. We will not return, if he needs heart work again we will demand it be done at St. Thomas Rutherford, or we will find another Doctor.

thick noy

David King

(Over $1500 for an ordinary in-network visit, which is $1000 over the average. No one on staff knows the fees, lack of transparency for a hospital with an ethical image. Billing department is a series of closed doors) St. Thomas's marketing image is a certain brand of vague spirituality. Their multi-million dollar "nothing shall be impossible" campaign is view able everywhere in Nashville. They appeal to transcendental values...courage, compassion, faith, etc.

Joan Rice

Wonderful caring and compassionate nurses and doctors... specifically ICU and those caring For my husband on 7th floor! Thank you

Barry Baxter

I would like to thank the Physicians and Nurses at St. Thomas West Hospital. My surgery went awesome. This place is world class. Special thanks go out to Dorian and Andrea, RNs on the Med/Surg ward. My care was absolutely the best.

Sydnei Gaines

michael j

Great nurses and techs on 5th floor neuro. Frank from illinois treats people like family would, and brings smiles to the floor. Great environment for patients. Hats off Frank!

Frank George

In, or around, mid February 2014, My wife and I visited Dr. Gibson of St. Thomas Heart with the complaint of right chest pain and right arm pain. I have been experiencing this for well over a year. After passing multiple tests, my wife and I consulted with Dr. Gibson and agreed to do an angiogram. After the procedure, the pain in my right chest area was instantly cured. The doctor installed one stint, fixed one artery with a balloon, and then there was one small artery that was too small to get into, and was forming collaterals on its own, so Dr. Gibson made the choice to leave it alone, saying it would be fine. Once I resumed normal lifestyle, I realized that I was still having pain in my right arm any time my heart rate exceed 112 beats/min. I went back to Dr. Gibson and we agreed that since the only time I felt the pain is when my heart rate goes up, we should go back under for the type of angiogram that looks down the arteries of the legs, arms and neck, suspecting peripheral artery disease. On, or around, May 2014, I was in the hospital to have the procedure done. In the pre-staging area with the charge nurse and my wife present, Dr. Gibson dropped in to talk about the procedure. At that moment I directly asked him to confirm that he was going to look down my leg arteries, my arm arteries, and my neck arteries. He responded, "yes", in front of both witnesses. When I woke from the procedure, I asked the technician, who was pulling me back to the gurney, if they found anything in my right arm. He announced to me that they didn't do that kind of procedure,he explained that to do that one, it would be done in another area, and that they performed a normal angiogram on me and did not look for peripheral artery disease. I confronted the doctor in the recovery area and his response was, "Mr. George, I can't go willy nilly looking through all of your veins and arteries." I explained to him that we agreed on the other procedure, since it had only been a few months since he looked at my heart anyway. At this point he shrugged his shoulders and left the area. The charge nurse suggested that I file a complaint with the hospital. I followed the advice of the nurse and filed a complaint with the guest relations coordinator ofwith St. Thomas Hospital, Krista Bierly, R.N. I received a letter back on December 9th, 2014, saying they were going to do a full review. I responded to the letter, that what I wanted from the hospital was a meeting with the coordinator and Dr. Gibson to find a way to insure to never have a lack of communication in the future. I explained to them that in the right circumstances, wrong procedures could be fatal. I also explained to them, that since they did the wrong procedure, I expected my portion of the bill due to be waived and forgiven completely. Additionally, during the procedure, they had punctured my femoral nerve, causing longer term pain. When I called the doctors office, about this pain, they insisted that I go to the emergency room to make sure that i did not have a pseudoaneurysm from the procedure. I also asked that the emergency bill be forgiven, since they missed my artery and punctured the nerve during the original procedure. For an example, as a contractor, If I put a nail in the wall and puncture a water line, I do not charge the customer to repair the water line. I received a letter earlier this year from Krista Bierly, r.n. Saying that Dr. Gibson denies doing the wrong procedure and that the bill will not be adjusted, in any way. I sent a letter back, requesting a meeting so that we can talk to the witnesses to prove my claim. I received no response. I am filing my complaint with all of the correct parties, including the Dept. of Commerce and the Board of Health.

Haziel Lopez

Luke Haruki

Carmela Cruse

I would have to say, don't pay attention to all the negative things people say everyone has their own experiences. They were great with my husband.. No one treated him badly, doctor Thompson was great, couldnt ask for a better doctor or hospital.

Cameron Murphy

I think the staff is amazing. They are compassionate and considerate.

Donna Davis

The Best Experience in every way! I highly recommend this hospital!!!

Melody Hinds

John R. Jage

Two weeks ago carried sick family to STH West. Parked in front garage. Signs on wall says parking for patients, NURSES using them YESTERDAY Back to STH West. parked in back garage. Friend when to see Women Dr.s' Many spaces said reserved for Rehab patients. Janitor staff where parking in marked spaces. They look REHAB !.

Jennifer Dennis

The nurse's and the doctors treated my brother awesome. They explained everything and made sure we understood his diagnosis. They went above and beyond to insure that he was comfortable during his stay. I have never met such compassionate people.

Susan Patterson

Sasha Smith

The only thing i can say about saint Thomas West Er, hospital is on lastnight i was trying to see a doctor because i had a bowel coming out of my vaginal area and this only happen to me one time and when i got there i'm thinking ok they are going to take care of me and take care of my problem that i was having no that wasn't the case the triage nurse that call me back there to get my weight and blood pressure seems nice at first then she was asking me what was wrong why i'm here i tried to tell her and then in between me and her talking and i'm trying to tell her she tell me to just shut up and just wait until i see the doctor and tell that to them and my nurse so i shut up and i waited 4 hours in the er room i was in and then i ask my son can he go and find my nurse for me and tell her to come here please remind you all no one never came in my room at all then my son came back in the er room and told that if i need something i will have to just wait so about 2seconds later my so call nurse came in the room and said it just like this if you need!!!!!! Anything u press the nurse remote you see right here!!!!! and then told me don't!!!!! Be sending your son out here to ask for anybody else and she said i will have to wait in line just like everybody else to see a doctor and it's 10 people ahead of me remind you all i never seen a doctor none time lastnight so i walk out of the hospital me and my oldest son and i hope that i want have to go back to that er hospital ever again my nurse was rude and treated me like a child and i'm a grown women in my 30's and they didn't show me no respect at all that i had the worst visit to the hospital ever and they wasted my time i should've went to tri star hospital if i would've known this was going to happen to me i would've just went to a different hospital i was there a year ago with my older daughter and they treated me with respect then but lastnight they didn't so i just went to a walk in clinic this morning and they took care of everything for me and i call my insurance company and told them do not pay saint Thomas a dime because i was never seen by an er doctor at the emergency room and they told that they will only pay for me walking in seening a triage nurse the the doctor saint Thomas need to get it together and stop been rude to people that really needs medical help from them so i give them a one star.

Ronnie Johnson

James Butler

The doctor seemed like I was taking him away from his golf game and was very unprofessional and I got little in terms of questions or exam. The real shocker was the bill. Got multiple bills from multiple parties, despite being explicitly told that day that the 500 buck check I wrote would be all I would pay after insurance. I ended up paying three times that and the doctor himself sent his bill straight to collections without making any attempt to collect from me.

Tracey Vanderpool

Treated quickly for gastric obstruction

Shannon Richardson

Tara Forbes

I went in for a D&C with Dr Dudley. A 20 minute procedure, as long as everything is good with findings. Registration, pre-op testers and pre-op nurses were beautiful. My issues started with the anesthesia doctors. I did tell Dr. Dudley that I wanted a local anesthesia for this procedure due to side effects of general anesthesia. He recommended I don't, but said I could hash it out with the anesthesia doctors. I don't remember their names, one was Grant (who was a little sneaky in giving me anesthesia telling me it was just oxygen, but still had a great bedside manner), but he's not the one I had issues with it was the other one that I don't remember his name that talked to me about the anesthesia options. I told him from the beginning I wanted local. He explained to me what local was and I said I knew because I do my research and have talked to other facilities about local anesthesia for a D&C. I told him I wanted to be numb in my lower regions and given Diphenhydramine hydrochloride (benedryl) for my sedation, so I would be relaxed, but yet awake. I know my boundaries on pain and I know not all pain would be taken away with this method, but I'm really good with meditation when need be and I was already in that zone and my blood pressure even showed how calm I was. He then went on to tell me that it wasn't common to have a D&C with local anesthesia. I wondered where he got his information from because it's actually VERY common. I am prone to having lung infections and nausea I did not want that to happen with general, so that's why I wanted the local. I didn't see a point in being put in a deep sleep for a 20 minute routine procedure of scraping my uterus. After trying to give me scare tactics of him saying he can give me fentanyl, but I would still need a breathing tube because I would suffocate. I reminded him that's not what I asked for. I asked for Diphenhydramine. He then said that if I did it that way he wasn't needed and that "any nurse can give you that". I was thinking Ok, then I guess you're not needed. As I continued with trying to get him to understand that I absolutely wanted local, he admitted to me that he had only witnessed doing it that way one time. So that's when I understood that he wasn't experienced doing local. Unless he was just saying that and trying to scare me by telling me his experience of it. I feel he should be comfortable doing local and general and he hasn't done maximum studying on his craft. If a patient requests something, then that's how it should be done. If things go differently, then it is their job to step in and handle it at that time. I do appreciate the medical profession, but nobody knows me better than I do. I finally agreed to get the general anesthesia just so he wouldn't freak out doing a local. What I should've done was leave and find a doctor to do local. There are plenty of them in Nashville that would have done this with ease and knowledge. I understand that the hospital gets paid by every single drug administered along with every service and I do believe that this was a way to get that money. My way would've been cheaper and it also would've been better for my recovery time. In the recovery room I woke up. Lungs feeling VERY heavy. I was ushered from one recovery room to another... I was there about an hour. They said my oxygen levels were good, but they never rechecked them before I left. Didn't care my blood pressure was high. They made sure I urinated, then I was free to leave. No instruction about lung and breathing exercises to help keep the mucus out of my lungs. NOTHING. Luckily I already knew because I did my research. So now I sit here with pained lungs, still feeling heavy, but they are getting better since I am doing breathing exercises and my chest feels inflamed along with my throat and jaw. I'm monitoring and do preventative care and hope and pray it doesn't turn into any kind of lung infection. Some of the staff needs to learn there are other options than what they are used to and learn them. I don't even have D&C pain. Local would've been way better.

James Hooks

By far the slowest hospital I have ever been! 3-4 hours before I got seen.

Candy Brooks-Whittingham-Camarena-Dexter

Great hospital love Dr. Constantine best heart Dr. We have ever been to. Nurses have always been awesome also.

deanna wampler

My husband has inoperable, untreatable end stage cancer. We are also on the charity program. We were in room 304. Not only were the entire staff extremely polite, courteous, thorough, knowledgeable, professional, and compassionate, but they also treated us like real people despite the fact that we are broke and uninsured. Thank you. My husband is the light of my life. Thank you for being good to him.

jJohn Fields


Karen Hinkle

Paula Mathis

As a 32 year old with a newly discovered chronic cardiac condition, “scared” doesn’t even begin to describe the feelings I had! When I got admitted, I was assigned to the absolute best cardiologist, Dr. Chomsky. His demeanor and bedside manner helped me feel at ease. The nurses were great. There was a lady in radiology who really kept me calm during a thoracentesis. Everyone I encountered were very nice and polite. Now, 4 years later, I still follow up with Dr. Chomsky, and I feel extremely lucky to call him my doctor! Thanks!

Sandy Durham

ICU staff are the best. We could not ask for better care for my Mom. Thanks so much for everything you are doing for my family.

Maria Rodriguez

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