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Annmarie Shannon

So bad on so many levels! From the time you check in until they kick you to the curb (even with great insurance). No pediatric floor, won't admit children you will have to pay (co-pay) for an ambulance into Nashville. One time they forgot to put up the rail on my mother in law's gurney and she fell and go hurt badly (had the nerve to bill her insurance for all the additional testing).

Pamela Myers-Langley

St Thomas Rutherford has saved my ex-husband's life three times in the last three years. The first time he was told in October of 2015 he had pneumonia by a doctor at a walk-in. I took him to St Thomas three days later and he was having congestive heart failure with a cardiac aneurysm. In 2016 they saved him from a torn aorta and another cardiac aneurysm. In December 2017 they saved him when he blood clots in his lungs. We will never go anywhere else. We are more than grateful to the ER associates, doctors and nurses, the hospitals, and to the gracious donors that cover his bill because he is disabled with no insurance. He would not be alive without St Thomas. If I could give them 100,000 stars I would. Thank you for all you have done for him.

Bryan Kell

From yesterday afternoon starting at 1:15 pm: Have been waiting in the ER for over 4 1/2 hours waiting to get a scan for my wife watching people continue to go back who got here WELL after us. Not fun at all when she is in pain. Update...after being in the room for an hour (after over 4 1/2 hours in the ER waiting area) we are finally getting an IV started so we can get a scan. Another update...5 hours and 55 minutes after coming here she has finally been taken down for a scan. Last update...we finally left at 9pm and then had to go get prescriptions filled (another hour) and got home at 11pm.

Cindy Holdaway Rabenstein

This is a wonderful hospital all of the staff goes above and beyond for the people they are caring for

Daniel Bostaph

Inept nursing care, incompetent techs that disconnected my antibiotic drip, then couldn't figure out what to do. Filthy room. I checked myself out & went home, with oral antibiotics. At least I got my medication that way. The only person who showed genuine interest was the Night Nurse. Afterwards, the billing department BEGAN by threatening me! No notice, no written bill, just collection threats. I HAVE insurance. I OFFERED to pay that day!

Ivy Weis

My husband went to the Emergency Room at St. Thomas Rutherford this Spring. We have been there before and just had to pay our Co-pay since the hospital is in our network. Well, apparently, the physicians bill out separately now and the physician was not in our network so after paying a $100 copay they sent us a bill for $650. Be careful of this process, check the doctor if you have time or go somewhere else. We’ve tried to inquire and get put on hold or sent in circles. Bait and switch.

Alanna Morton

I went to labor and delivery on the 12th because my water broke at 2 Am, we got there about 9 AM and they induced labor around 10 AM The nurses were absolutely great but one REALLY stood out. Her name was Ashley I’m 99% sure. I do remember her saying she has a son because she put my hair up in a bun ( she did a great job on that too btw) but She was the absolute best. Y’all definitely don’t want to lose her ever, and in my opinion she deserves some recognition, a raise, something. She was there for me more than I’d expect anyone to be. She made me try different positions and moved me when I started to give up on myself. If it wasn’t for her I would’ve had to have a c-section ( which there’s nothing wrong with but we didn’t want that and were honestly scared about it) I honestly hope she sees this because I never got the chance to tell her thank you for her hard work and dedication. She’s so appreciated by my family and I and we’ll never forget her. The delivery side was better than the labor side though.. and not just because the delivery side had Ashley.

Teresa Palermo

This is the third time our daughter has needed to use the ER facilities she is there tonight still sitting in the lobby two hours later waiting to see a doctor. As a critical care nurse for 30 years and having worked in the ER I see now why their ratings are so low! They are very slow and meet no standards of excellence what so ever. I will be calling and reporting their poor quality of timely urgent emergent care.

B.K. Walker

Took my father in the ED (86-years old)-had been in pain for days-couldn't move his neck, crying, etc. (he's not a crier or complainers). GREAT reception and TRIAGE experience, they gave him an extra blanket, and sent us to the waiting area (arrived about 8 a.m.)...went down hill from there. The nurse was completely over-run with patients, I could hear her pleading for assistance, we were left (as I am assuming all patients had been) for over an hour at a time without a medical person checking on him (wow, someone can die), doped him up with pain meds, took some X-Rays, and sent him home without ever asking him what his pain level was. His B.P. was 168/78 (his generally runs low). That night he became confused, running a fever, still in severe pain...went back to the ER, but by ambulance this time and was admitted. I was very pleased with the doctor that attended my dad in the ED on the second day... This hospital is over-whelmed with patients (coming in the front door and the back door (Ambo). Without their first line time of Patient Care Techs (note the Patient Care in the title), patients simply AREN'T adequately cared for with Nurses pulling double-duty and Docs trying to pick up the slack...hire some blessed Techs for pete-sake before someone dies from lack of attention. This reminded me of the 70 & 80's when patients were lined up against the wall on gurneys for hours before seen to...generally elderly patients form Nursing homes. I have long supported and raved about the work Saint Thomas does and absolutely hate to give such a poor review. It is well past time for a total review of operations in the ED, as well as on the wings. When I came the next morning after dad had been admitted, the Charge Nurse had no idea what had taken place with my dad the previous day-had he slept alright, etc. Not only does this hospital lack the proper staffing--apparently it lacks the proper training in what should take place during shift change...REVIEW YOUR PATIENTS...oh, and the boards that have "What's Your Pain Level," well, they are there for a reason... All around, just plain disappointed...

Sam Mayfield

Scariest experience we have ever had. Our twenty year old son had a stroke last week and was transferred to St. Thomas, which we were initially happy about. They ran all of their tests and could not tell us why the stroke happened. Ok, we understood that we might never know what caused the stroke, fair enough. Our son was there for 2 days and then he was discharged. They told our son that he had no restrictions and could start back to work ASAP. They also put no restrictions on him driving. On his first day driving to work he had a seizure and was rushed back to Maury Regional Hospital. He was discharged yesterday and is restricted from driving for 6 months, plus they set up all of his appts for his physical therapy and other specialists he has to see. St. Thomas did not care enough to do any of this for our son and he ended up in a SCARY situation because of it. He barely got his truck to the side of the road and was able to call 911. Barely. This could have been so much worse and we are so thankful he is ok now. Maybe St. Thomas should review patient care with their Doctors for future patients.

Krissy Bentley

My grandmother was admitted for flu and pneumonia just a couple of days after burying the love of her life and husband for 63 years. Her visit has been marked with poor care and communication but what happened today is beyond HORRIBLE. MY 83 year old grieving, sick and exhausted grandmother was told that she has cancer ALONE. My mother has been present daily during the hospitalization and all of the family members numbers were on her chart. This physician simply DID NOT CARE. She walked in dropped a bomb on a wounded woman and walked out. I am a RN and have worked for this facility and I am ASHAMED. This is wrong on so many levels and could have been handled so differently. PLEASE TAKE YOUR LOVED ONES ELSEWHERE!!!!!

johnny Chapman

My mom was at this hospital and since her family couldn't stay with her and when they did come see her the nurses didn't clean her as she needed to be cleaned everyday, me and my brother went to see and check on her and it took the nurses 30 minutes to come in her room and clean her up, she was laying in her own poop and pee after surgery.

Tom Burks

Hospital pre admission is 4 star thanks to Tracy, Gay, Clay, Jenny, and Amy. *******However "no star" ER has no concept of health care and customer care based on my visit this a.m. Was in my room with disabled call light after first request went unanswered. If you are old they will put you near the exit and never respond. Left after waiting over 2 hours upon return from scan.

Bob Weaver

My daughter suffered a concussion in January 2018. We waited in the emergency room for 4 1/2 hours to spend 5 minutes with an ER doctor who gave us questionable advice. To make it worse, the hospital is in the United Healthcare network, but they are using ER doctors who are not in the network. Insurance paid nothing. Our cost for just the ER doctor is $501. We had no choice of ER doctors. When you have an emergency, you really do not think to ask an ER doctor at an in network hospital " Are you in the United Healthcare network?". I recommend that you go on down I-24 to Smyrna to a much better hospital and ER.

Melissa Howard

This hospital is understaffed and never has beds available. People are waiting in ER for days and in hallways. My niece is at ER currently and is on a clear diet they failed to bring her food at Lunch and Dinner along with zero water. She asked the nurse twice and still no water. This hospital is important to the community but this has been going on for years. They need leadership to get this place together. Very disappointing for sure. The parking is terrible and needs to be addressed. My niece was at the hospital last week only to be sent home and the condition worsened and she is back again with no resolution.

Rontavia Ballet

I wish i can give y'all no starts the whole crew act like they're having a bad day and dont wanna be bothered

robert hicks

UPDATE: I am changing to 3 stars. Simply put I've still been here SEVERAL times. As a matter of a fact I just left AMA. NOT because of a doctor but because of ONE nurse that was just so rude and treated me like a child. I would go into detail but after I speak to the hospital administrator Monday I may change back to 5 stars or may have to drop even further. Stay tuned: TO BE CONTINUED!!! I see all the negative reviews and it breaks my heart that so many have had such a poor experience there. I know when you or a loved one is sick the most important thing on your mind is getting better. Therefore when reviewing any hospital its difficult because your still sick when you leave in a lot of cases so you feel adequate care was not given. I have been in the ER of this hospital on several occasions, had 4 surgeries there and been admitted more times then I can count as I have cancer. I have to say there are times I have been there and feel like its a disasters place to go. Other times I've felt this has been the best place in the world. As I reflect back on the visits though, even the ones at the time seemed horrible, I realize that I am dealing with human beings and they are doing the best they can. We do not know who is in the next room that these nurses and doctors are dealing with. We do not know if they lost a patient that day (I imagine losing someone plays on your heart pretty strong) So I have to give them all 5 stars. The effort may not seem what you want at that time but they are giving you all they have to give. Believe me I've lived in Las Vegas, Colorado and Ohio and been in MANY hospitals and this one is DEFINITELY one of the hardest worked I have seen. I for one am thankful for them and all they do.

bob honda

I took my children to the ER at this hospital (big mistake !!!!!!!!) We waited 3 hours before they were even seen in the back. The older heavyset man at the front window spent most of his time surfing the web and not doing his job. He was also very disrespectful to my wife . He pointed out to her he worked there and Vandy so , I guess he is wasting both hospitals money by taking up space. Once we got to the back the doctors seemed to have no idea what was going on with my children and wanted to run unneeded test. I at that point said we would just wait and see our normal doctor the next day, and come to find out they had a viral infection that causes very high fever, stomach pains etc, Just a word to the wise be aware of this hospital . The doctors seemed very uneducated in the field of any type of medicine.

John Stuart

Fabulously responsive. 1 minute wait. 5 minutes for Dr. Visit. Treated, xray, scan, all in 1 hour. I would still be waiting at Harton.

Martin Mccollum

Wife had water break at 31 weeks. The labor and delivery staff were so great as my wife stayed and was in bed rest there for over 3 weeks. Brook, Liz, Jamie, and Becca were excellent in taking care of all her needs. The nicu was also excellent with caring nurses who took the time to explain everything. Cindy, Ashlee, and Jocelyn all did a fantastic job in the nicu. We could not have asked for our twins to be born in a better hospital.

Chris Mcgreevy

Staff clean up

Penny Spence

I went to the er when I was sick with gallbladder and everyone at this hospital was extremely nice. I wanted to take my nighttime er crew upstairs. Everyone upstairs was nice too. Nick, Johnny and Nurse Eva (I think) were amazing in the er. Great experience.

Joseph Johnson

This place is insane. Came here with my wife on 11/25. When she checked in a man named Russell checked her in. She went to hand him her insurance card and he snapped "that's not my job,they do that in the back". He then put her band on and said "have a seat". When we were taken back 35 minutes later they took us into a room. A woman name Melissa came in and asked my wife her pain level and walked out. Another nurse named Jen came in and was actually the nicest one asking where the pain was cause the previous nurse didn't even ask. She said that they would get us to xray. Then Melissa came back YAY and asked if my wife has ever had loratabs, and then said well this is orko. Never explained the drug itselfs. She gave my wife a cup of water that had white stuff floating in it. Luckily my wife had a bottle of water. The nurse stood there watching my wife take this pill like she was a convict. Then walked out. Melissa returned a third time, awesome, and told all of us to come with her to the xray place "Cause we wouldn't be coming back". Oh, how right she was. The took us yet to another waiting room for the xray tech. Which is where we are now. When Melissa returned, great, she let the door hit my wife aa she was going back into the er.This place is a joke. Wish we could pay them for the care and service and not by the machines they use or the medicine that they give. The director of this er program needs to highly evaluate his or her hospital staff. They are rude, disrespectful and care nothing for their patients. We will never be back. Try to keep giving this place a chance but they fail even worse ever time. The er should be about helping the patient and showing you care even if you dont. Almost wish tv doctors and nurses were the real deal in every day ers and hospitals. We can't be that lucky. Do not go here even if you are dying. Good luck.d

anonymous anon

Rude, slow and unprofessional. Don’t waste your time here . Waited over 4 hours for emergency visit. You could tell the doctors were ready to go home and don’t care about you.

Steve E

Had a Pacemaker put in by Dr. Robertson at St. Thomas Heart. I also had a hip replacement done by Dr. Jordan both were an excellent procedure and I was treated very well. I would not go anywhere else. Way to go St. Thomas Rutherford...

Jake Holliday

Since I see nothing but bad reviews figured I would post my good review lol..was in a car accident and went to the ER to be checked out last night...I was there from 5:00pm to 11:30pm...yes it was a long wait but for one im alive and two the nurses and my doctor were freaking amazing..I completely understand that they get busy and run out of rooms and that EVERYONE on here wants to blame the nuses and doctors like it's their fault..just wanted to simply say that my nurse and doctor were above amazing and made sure I was comfortable and had anything that I needed to make my time easy all at the same time they had a million other ppl they were trying to do the keep up the good work!!

Alexis R

One of the worst hospitals in the mid Tn area. On several occasions I’ve tried giving them a chance. 1st I had a friend who yes, is obese, but was having severe pains and complications in her abdominal area...after waiting hours in the waiting they took her back only to tell her it was nothing and take sum pain meds...this girl still in SO much pain, went to a hospital in Nashville where they found a 20 POUND cyst inside of her...yes they miss that? 2nd. I had a very serious personal feminine issue that needed to be looked into because the pain was proceeding to bother me, ok after waiting 4 hours and catching an attitude from the front desk....the Dr.(male) seemed as if he was scared to look down there and say the 2 inch rip in my va jay-jay was already there


Waited 3+ hours in the emergency room to even see the doctor, and as we were waiting, people would ask simple questions, and the staff would formulate the rudest response possible. They were very unprofessional.

Katie Peek

I have had a great experience at St. Thomas Rutherford every time I've been in, once when I had my daughter then lately as a patient myself. The ER got me right back. The care, nurses and techs were wonderful. They explained everything where I could understand. My only complaint was not personally seeing a specialist one full day when I was there, but he was in touch with my hospitalist.

Erika Lynn

I delivered my baby here, this was the worst hopsital delivery stay I've had and I have 3 babies. I wasnt told there was gonna be a doctor in training that would deliver my baby with actual Dr next to her and I was never asked about my birth plan not once. I pushed my baby out in 3 pushes they immediately cut her cord I wanted delayed clamping I never had a chance to mention it when I did see my dr. They kept taking my baby away to stay in the nursery. I have never had my baby taken out of eye sight in other hospitals, they were supportive of me asking to keep baby bedside the whole entire time this hopsital says its policy and they always kept her longer than they said! I was STARVING after delivery didnt eat till dinner they do not offer a snack bar for families like other hospitals do. If you wanna eat its only during meal times, other wise there is a vending machine with unhealthy snacks. I slept a total of 6 hours during the whole stay because person after person after person continously kept coming in my room over and over! Ive had the occasional every few hours pop in at other hospitals, but it angered me how much they kept bothering me I was EXHAUSTED having labored days before coming on they didnt take me when I had come in having contractions every 15 min or so I WAS SENT HOME because " 4cm wasnt progressed enough and my labor wasnt progressing fast enough" guess I was an inconvenience so they had me come in a monday to get pitocin started so I suffered ALL weekend until they would help me vs my other hospital which helped me knowing I was stalled in labor and pain and needed help. If I had tp choose again I would of went to my old hospital far away just so I could deliver there. The nurses were nice and helpful in there thats the one star.

beverly beattie

I have been in this hosp. several times for heart and vascular surgery and it was wonderful!! I have dr Mioton who is thee best for heart and dr chatman vascular and the nurses are great!! my husband was there for stint and he was treated great. SOooo I recommend ST Thomas!!!

Charlene Cook

I can't say enough good things about the level of care that I received when I developed an orthopedic emergency. The staff took my complaint and history seriously and responded with the latest technology to diagnose and treat me correctly. The treating physician called me within a couple of hours with test results. The hospital staff called the following day as an additional follow-up. I would highly recommend this facility to anyone in the area in need of emergency care.

Christine Moody

Horrible experience in their emergency room! They called every patient into the back that went through the triage after my husband had been to triage-he was in a wheelchair because he was about to pass out-guess he wasn’t considered an emergency when the people being called to the back could walk & looked perfectly healthy! We left after everybody was called to the back but him. The triage nurses were extremely rude also. Issue NOT resolved was just thanked for the feedback! Nothing is going to be done!

Chuck Sartin

They took wonderful care of my late mom during her last 10 days of life and they could not have been more understanding of my feelings upon her passing....I'll always remember.

Kim Hassell

Dr. Reiter is hands down the worst doctor I have ever seen. I am a smoker and I am uninsured. I have been sick with bronchitis for a month now. My primary care dr has tried everything to get me well. I had X-rays of my sinuses done last week that showed abnormalities and my pcp wanted me to get a CT of that area. I have been very short of breath and dizzy all weekend. I have also had a massive headache. I went to the ER today and he gave me a breathing treatment (I am already taking them every 4-6 hours at home) and a chest X-ray. The X-ray was clear so he sent me home. He blamed everything on my smoking(which is horrible and I know it) and didn’t even look at my sinuses. His whole demeanor towards me changed when I told him I smoked. I left the ER in tears today. I still have a massive headache, no voice, shortness of breath, and dizziness. I will be paying a bill for being made to feel less than. Look at your cameras and you will see me leaving your hospital sobbing. I have seen some amazing care at this hospital, but my last few experiences there have been horrific. You are truly treated differently if you are uninsured and by this doctor if you smoke. Not everyone has the ability to quit smoking. No one ever asks why you smoke. Had he asked, I could have told him that as a human trafficking survivor, smoking is better than the alternatives. Thank you for reading my review. I sincerely hope that someone who can enact change sees this and takes the necessary steps to ensure no one EVER walks out of your hospital feeling less than.

abel jimenez

Rudest people here ,they always claim they so busy and full and they only let you sit in a room after a long wait running the bull and after they cant find what's going on they try to wash their hands and discharge you and send you home instead referring you to another hospital who (can ) I'm asking to everyone who is thinking to bring your loved ones not to because they don not care at all "

Shelby Corley

I gave birth Nov 20187 and had a wonderful experience. It was my first pregnancy and not ideal (induced, c-section) but I couldn't have asked for a better nursing staff: Tammy, Annalisa, Kara, Geneva, Erin + the nursery team, and Sarah (an absolute GEM!). Everyone was so caring and kind. As someone who feared and did not want a hospital birth, I would recommend St. Thomas Rutherford in a heartbeat. <3

Breann Pritchett

I've been waiting for 5 hours. My primary care physician sent me over because she's afraid I have appendicitis and need an appendectomy. About 10 people who arrived after me have gone back into rooms (some have already been discharged). When I asked, the lady at reception told me those people were higher priority than me. Apparently a UTI and a sprained ankle are considered higher priority than appendicitis here. Don't come here if you expect to be seen quickly, efficiently, or are in pain.


I recently gave birth to my daughter at the Murfreesboro hospital. Everything about my stay after birth was wonderful. I gave birth Thursday and left Saturday morning. I wish I could have stayed even longer because it was just so enjoyable. From the nursing staff to the cleaning lady's, there was just nothing missing. Nurse Sarah specifically was so helpful but also had such great bedside manner. There was a very nice short haired lady who came in to clean multiple times. One time she came to clean when I had many visitors including about 4 todlers. They made a mess and she just acted like we gave her something to do. She thanked us. She was so sweet every time she came in. Someone would bring meals to me that were actually really good! They would ask what I wanted for each next meal. When my new born would cry at night the nursery would take her for a few hours to let me sleep. If I could have stayed in the hospital with her for a month I would. Being in the hospital with her was maybe my favorite time. I loved every part of being in this hospital. If I have another child I will go back to this hospital again ♡

Verna Garcia

Bareatic group meetings Amanda M is Great

TNman TNman

Brought a friend here to the ER. Staff was not helpful at all and was very rude staff.

Patti Mann

I came to the ER at this hospital on August 2015 with a bite on my hand from a stray cat I was trying to trap and rescue. My hand was punctured and bleeding, and I had another bleeding bite on my inner wrist. Neither the doc nor the nurses examined the wound, touched or cleaned it. The doc came in the room, looked at me for a moment from several feet away, walked out and ordered rabies and antibiotic shots. I got 4 or 5 shots, and after sitting in the ER for maybe 1-1/2 to 2 hours, left to go home and clean up my own bloody wounded hand. I went back to the hospital 3 more times to get supplemental rabies shots - each shot took less than a minute to administer. Not long after that, I received a $17,000 ER bill. For below-minimal ER care and 7 or 8 shots. Yeah, I know right? Luckily my insurance paid most of it, but I still have to pay almost $3000 out of pocket, which has now been referred to a Collection Agency because I can't get the hospital to work with me. Unbelievable, shoddy, greedy - they don't take care of you, and they charge insane sums of money for sub-par or non-existent care. At least on that day they did.

Katelyn Glaze

The absolute WORST hospital I have ever dealt with. First of all didn’t help my father get a wheel chair when released!!! Second of all didn’t take the rail down on the bed. The absolute worst hospital if it wasn’t the hospital in my town I would definitely take my business else where. This isn’t my first HORRIBLE experience with them. WORST staff ever! If you have ten “workers” just standing around not doing anything when my father needed assistance then you need to look into new staffing!!! This is the most unprofessional hospital. And then make a comment about how my mother can’t take the railing down. Uhhhhh that’s your job not my mothers! Yeah those are the comments we so want to hear from people who are supposed to be helping us as nurses. Again like I said worst staff ever.

Lisa M

Very hard working, professional staff. Very clean and nice hospital. My first impressions are positive and I'm very glad St. Thomas serves my community. They did an outstanding job caring for my family member and I appreciate everyone involved in her care. Thank you all!

Kristin Griffin

I have been here all week with my daughter who just gave birth to her child. This is the WORST PLACE EVER...i don't even know where to start. The Dr that was supposed to deliver her child let a young Dr. Coffman or Hoffman who was assisting deliver who tore her umbilical chord...1st of all. Her baby is perfect by the way. She is bleeding with pain though and informs the doctor and all the nurses. They give motrin and Norco ,which she never heard of,While she's breast feeding, The lactation nurse and everyone is helping with that. Baby is is doing well . Mom's bleeding and the pain is not as bad today, but still bad. So On the final day to leave, They discharge the mother ,but let her stay in a room. The hospital keeps the baby as a patient and opens a DCS case up for drugs in the baby's system caused from breastfeeding. That I remind you..the hospital prescribed and gave to the mother called Norco and now are monitoring baby for withdrawal symptoms. The baby has had No withdrawal symptoms. Thank goodness the mother also was bottle feeding. So the mother is crying her eyes out. No thanks to this very unprofessional, uneducated hospital! Even after all this, my daughter woke up in a puddle of blood and NO ONE will give clean sheets, shampoo, conditioner, soap, take room garbage out or anything..something THEY CAUSE. ..the blood had even went into the mattress and they think everything is ok..Well I have called customer care, the check out desk..all answering machine..No one will return my this is my experience with this hospital . Sure this is not over. My grandbaby is in there getting several blood drawals from their care less ness..I want every one to know this! Take into consideration which hospital you go to for your care!

Hollie Barrett

Had my wife come in with abdominal pain in a ambulance just for them to Roll her in the emergency room waiting Area, what a hospital Will not be back will go to Vanderbilt been here since 930pm and it's 1040pm finnaly in room and it's 1130 pm

Nanabagasaurus Roberson

Terrible ER! Pitiful staff both ER and hospital. Total lack of communication between doctors and staff.

A Google User

dont even deserve a star they killed my father was sent from sparta to st thomas in rutherford they let him get backed up then kicked him out and not even 6 hours at home he passed away dec 20 2017

Zara Haltom

Anytime we have been to their ER, all we have experienced is the very best care. Loving, caring people who are amazing! I love that a prayer is done in the morning and again at night. I love the way no one is afraid to mention God. Never once have I felt like my well being wasn't important. In fact, quite the opposite. I love this hospital and the ones who are providing the service.

Stacee Smith

In a room in the ER with my fiance for the night and have nowhere to sleep and no cot, not even offered because they dont have them according to the nurse,not sure my nurse even knows what it is since she brought me a pillow and blanket, after demanding a urine sample but cant tell us why its needed after 12 hrs of tests and no word on his conditon not a good feeling Ive never been one to walk out of a hospital but Im ready to go NOW!!!! Who wants to leave their loved one alone in a hospital knowing their heart is having to be monitored and who wants to be alone in a hospital, come on Murfreesboro get it together.

Kathleen McCain

I received professional, caring, knowledgeable treatment at the ER tonight from everyone that treated me. Was not near my home and was a bit concerned going as I knew nothing about it. I was not only fearful also depressed and anxious. They were understanding and compassionate. The Dr. eased my anxiety by explaining how my condition tends to cause emotional issues, I wasn’t just, as I put it, losing It! It was busy and wait was average. The Dr. took his time with me and, WOW, listened to me and didn’t make me feel rushed, stupid or like a drug seeker! He explained his findings clearly and took time to answer all my questions. I left there feeling better than when I arrived with an encouraged belief that Doctors are caring people too! Wish it wasn’t 80 miles away, it would definitely be my go to Hospital! Thank You!

April Heinke

Came in on a holiday weekend with a cut finger. Staff was friendly and caring. We were in and out in under an hour. Very impressed! Truly the best ER experience ever.

Mika Harris

My mom had a nuclear thyroid scan. my dad called and called and could not get them to send the results to her dr in Nashville. I ended up going to the hospital to have them fax the test, even gave him the fax number! Still didn’t do it immediately!

jorge Romero

This is bad, people in here think they’re doing you a huge favor just to talk to you, very rude and ironic staff. I don’t want to think about my surgery on this place. It’s sad to see how they contaminate people in needs. Front desk the worst thing ever.

Derek Coningham

Been sitting in waiting room for over 2 hours at this point , brought my daighter here und er direction of her pcp , with him telling her she may have appendicitis , staff is very rude and uncooperative ,we are about ro leave and go to stonecrest , people do not get the attention they need and deserve in here due to either understaffed , or not enough rooms for the patient .very bad experience at this point

Tim Goff

CUSTOMERS OF THIS HOSPITAL BEWARE. You are a customer here not a patient. My wife went into this hospital on 5-14-19. I was billed $1164.00 on 7-14-18. This bill had a UNINSURED DISCOUNT of $1912.20. I realized on the bill this was not filed on our insurance. I had my wife take the bill and have them file it thinking this was the right thing to do. On 8-9-18 I was sent a new bill that had been filed with my insurance for $3134.75. Thats right i am paying 3 times that of an uninsured person. My insurance policy has a high deductible like many of you so this is all out of pocket expense for me. My suggestion to you.. ALWAYS CLAIM UNINSURED UNTIL YOU GET YOUR BILL. If your bill is low like my original bill pay that one. I will be posting the photos of the bill on my facebook page shortly. By the way they charged my insurance company well me really $1973.65 for a Emergency Room. FUNNY BECAUSE MY WIFE WAS TREATED IN A HALLWAY. Enjoy the read and get educated on your insurance before you end up paying 3X for the same service. Unfortunately for me I had to learn the hard way. DONT DO WHAT I DID!! Its a shame I cant post this with "0" stars or I would have.

Kiara Hoover

By far the worst hospital around I have came to this er 3 TIMES and the last yr and every time they DID NOTHING TO HELP ME from me Crohn's disease to my pain being over 10 this hospital is sad you have to be dying to get seen I dont know why they open what so it can be a hospital in murfreesboro hell I'll rather take that drive because here they dont get TWO F'S

Mariana Ramos

This is the worst hospital that came and they did not help me at all and I lost 5 hours here and the doctor told me that he could not do anything for me.

Gilly Kidd

This hospital is awful. I had third degree chemical burns that if those chemicals had a certain chemical, they would need to put me on an IV. They were trying to give me the IV before finding out anything. It turns out I didn't need it anyways. They also knew my injury was related to workers comp. They still bill me knowing they have the information from the insurance company that is paying for everything. This hospital only wants your money. They are rude and awful.

marlayna durant

I had an appointment for an MRI at 1:00. I get there at 12:30 to fill out paperwork, but as I check in I am told that my appointment is really at 1:30. It’s is currently 2:13 and I still haven’t been seen yet. It is completely hypocritical to bamboozle someone into coming 30 minutes earlier than the actual appointment if you’re not even going to be on time. Now I’m missing additional appointments I had scheduled for today. Very unhappy.

Elizabeth Torres

Never spent so long in emergency i thought it was called emergency for a reason but here we are in the lobby 3 hours later


I love th nurses and Dr. Tate...Dr. Oz completely messed me up and had me gain 50 lbs in fluids because he knows all. He's too conceited for his own good to listen to needs of anyone. I normally only go to Vanderbilt and for good reason, I only had a fever and he wanted to keep me for three weeks. No sir checked myself out after five days.

Keeshia Barker

Had a lot of great staff care for me in the maternity ward while displaced by Hurricane Irma. They saw me several times for monitoring as I was past due and were always respectful of my wishes. My care during and post delivery were excellent and I'm very glad I chose this location.

danielle martinez

I spent several hours with the emergency room staff I went there to get help. They gave me a shot that was extremely painful but did nothing else. I would have given them no stars if that was an option. I was told they would give me medication and a doctors note. I just spent over 300.00 for help and they did nothing. This was my second and last time I will go here. Even if there are serious consequences I will not return. Very dissatisfied.

renee anderson

Here with a friend who had surgery scheduled at 12:30 pm. It is now 10:30 pm and we are still in the waiting room. We’ve been told for the past 4 hours that they are cleaning the room. Very poor management to be waiting like this for a planned situation. Been very hard on her 70+ year old husband who has been in this waiting room for 12 hours.

Michael D

Nurses were great. Almost 5 hr wait in waiting room at er.

Theresa Williams

I was sent to the Emergency room for an antibiotic through IV. After waiting for 4hrs I finally saw a dr. 1st dr showed no concern and wanted to send me home 2nd dr showed a little more interest but no would not give me the IV antibiotic. She drew on my chest marking the infected area, ( like it would be the if I came back) and gave me a written RX for a second antibiotic. If nothing was wrong WHY give me the second RX???? I can't get it filled my drugstore is closed at this time. They also told me to come back if it didn't get better.......what....that's why I was there to begin with. TERRIBLE!! and costly

Brian Sarti

My wife just had her kidney removed and the service and care was really good. The lunch during weekdays is great the weekend leaves a lot to be desired.

Brenda Barker

We just spent 7plus hours in the ER. The temperature in the waiting room is insanely cold , half of the people waiting were covered in blankets to keep warm during they’re extremely long wait many commented on waiting six or more hours. You’d be better off driving on in to Nashville unless your bleeding profusely.

James Padgett

I took my mother to this hospital big mistake and I done it twice. She has pneumonia in both lungs chest pain and heart rate 130+. They put her in a room I think everything is going to be ok. Again wrong they release her two days later. When I show up to get her I see she is in no shape able to leave, but we do. Thank God I stayed with her that next morning she told me she could not breat her chest was hurting bad. She blacks out I called 911. They take her to the local hospital then send her back to this place. Upon being put in a room we find a bed bug in the sink so we bring it to the nurses attention and asked for a different room. They are treating my mother like we have them.. They put towels at the bottom of the door make use take showers where told we can not bring anything in. Made us feel like trash. The Heart doctor told us she will be here for a while. They finally give us another room with the same bed from the other room. My mother can not have her door shut it scares her but they shut the door her heart rate is everywhere and they still shut her door and put towels at the bottom mom is crying freaking out as we left to sanitize our things from being in the hospital. And now the nurses just told us she is being discharged today. The doctor said a week at least. And its been one and a half days mom still can't breath heart rate still not under control chest still hurts stomach still hurts. They are treating us like we are contaminated and going to let my mother die by sending her home. That's fine I will have this in the news if nothing is done about this. What a joke. And I am the one that told her it is a great hospital. So much heart ache and drama just trying to get help and they have bed bugs, rude so rude of a nurse staff more so at night.

william fields

Thank you to the kind and caring staff of STRH. Our family were mostly born at the hospital and a few of us work(ed) there over the years. There is a special place in our hearts for the caring nurses and staff of the ICU. Especially Diana. Her care of patient and family are a true gift. Thank you for being there for us. Sincerely, The Family of Charles Oxsher

P Man

Great entrees like this keep the

Wendy Bankston

I just want to take the time and give a big ole shout out to saint thomas ER !! Because WENDY BANKSTON 52 FACE PLANTED INTO CONCRETE somehow managed to add to THE OPIOID EPIDEMIC I'll be sure to start yoga classes to help my pain and my decision to eat concrete well I'll apologize to AMERICA for this selfish act .... I'm so sorry for causing so much grief to all the addicts out there please forgive me Suck on these saint thomas

Glenn Thomas

Why would you every have surgery here!!! We scheduled surgery two weeks out. Then after surgery we can't get a room. Waiting for hours for a room. NEVER PLAN SURGERY HERE. Karen Springer and Gordon Ferguson are the CEO and President of St. Thomas Rutherford and need to understand there are other hospitals that care about patients and have the space to perform surgery and recovery at the same location.

Dennis Dailey

Labor and delivery has been absolutely incredible for our family during this visit. All the staff have been excellent and really care to make sure everything has been handled. Will definitely recommend them to any families looking for a birth hospital!

Pat Winton

I give Saint Thomas Rutherford Hospital five stars because they've Rock they go way and Beyond the Call of Duty health patient you never hear one complain you're always smiling they're always there when you need them you never have to wait for anything I give this hospital and all five stars I've been coming to this place for years and have not one had a complaint anyone ever needs best help and Care possible come Saint Thomas Rutherford Hospital

Tony Eiermann

I have been to many ER's in my life and I have to say that the staff at this hospital was fantastic. They were all very caring, listened to the issues, were quick to move forward with treatment, and also joked around with my son who was the patient. I will say we had to wait a bit before we were seen but that is pretty typical of any ER. Once we got to the back it was not long before my son was being treated. I highly recommend this hospital.

Brandie Galloway

Today my mother had knee replacement... Something that probably happens many times a day everyday at Saint Thomas Rutherford County. But today I realized even though it may happen everyday... there is a doctor there that doesn't treat the patients like everyday. He treats them like individuals and people that have families that are worried about them and people that have concerns about their life and well-being... Dr. Matthew Barrett performed my mother's surgery today. There was never a minute that we were not informed on what was going on and how she was doing. And that information was given directly to us from Dr. Barrett. Not only did he show his care and concern personally to us and to her but as she arrived in her room a single rose came into the room with a get-well note signed by Dr. Barrett. We found out he does this for all his patients. Now it may be a small gesture on his part but it is a huge gesture in the eyes of the patient and their families. Dr. Barrett thank you so much for bringing the human touch back into Healthcare we appreciate you so much. Love the Galloway family


I went to this ER, yesterday, 11.11.18. My ER waiting room wait was around 10 mins, went to Triage and straight to a room and was very pleased with the compassion, genuine concern and impeccable bedside manner of the entire staff that treated me. Even though my condition was unknown, my worry was put to rest when they ruled out what I feared. Thank you to you all, I appreciate the care given.

faisal hamidi

the rudest people from doctor to nurses. do not take your loved ones here.

Sky Sanchez

Durning my time there everyone I encountered was extremely nice and caring. I'm not from this state but I was treated like family.

Debbie Hickerson

Took my daughter to the ER at 11:45 am after two hour wait still not taken back to a room. A very unpleasant staff overall with the receptionist actually rolling her eyes when my daughter checked in with copious discharge from her prosthetic eye. When my daughter asked how much longer it would be, another young woman yelled, “We are busy treating CPR patients. So sorry.” Incredibly unprofessional and rude. No one on staff looked happy to be working there. We went to Stonecrest and were immediately taken to a room. Finally, an ER that understands patient care.

Jennifer Carmley

We have been here since 330 and just got called back at 800. And now we are in the hallway. This so much against the hip laws. And we can do anything about it.

TK Weiss

You people must be crazy! I had Dr Samolensky. He was amazing and caring and quickly figured out my issue that the morons at Stone crest couldn't! Thanks for saving me! What a great doctor! The nurses were nice and caring! I hated being out in the hallway! The leadership there needs to fix that problem!

beautyswithinu 88

I just left from the hospital after being there for four hours because my nose have a burning sensation therefore making it hard for me to inhale and for my itchy leaking ears tonight was horrible after waiting that long I finally got called back and the nurse tell me there's no rooms and never had I ever had to be in the hallway of the hospital and as I looked around the staff was joking with each other talking about last night and not helping people at all they we're slow and rude then I was only prescribed longuezes and cough drops for my brochitus is what this random guy who wasn't even dressed accordingly as a doctor would be dress and I feel as though every time I come to this hospital it's a horrible experience for me and they look at every one like they're drug addicts I don't do drugs at all I don't Even smoke cigarettes or drink I was very disappointed and displeased one of the worst hospitals I EVER BEEN TO! I WOULD NOT RECOMEND ANYONE HERE! And what they prescribed me is over the counter medicines after all that waiting

Nick Powers

Would give a 0 if I could this place is horrible rude staff been waiting an hour they take people back to to a room who were here after me this place is horrible the staff are horrible you could have something serious wrong and they still make you wait

Sean Williams

I had to be transported by ambulance due to extreme pain from a pinched nerve that had left me unable to sit up or walk. When you are transported by ambulance you must be admitted to the Emergency Room. I was hoping that they could lower my pain so that I could get an MRI there or at the other end of the hospital at Tennessee Orthopedic Alliance(they are connected to the same building) A young female doctor(probably 25 to 30 years old) came into my room and began to tell me and my wife that she was an Emergency Room Doctor and that I was taking up a bed the could be used by someone that needed treatment. I was shocked by her dimeanor. She was so callous and unsympathetic. She told me that I was just down in my back and did not qualify for treatment. I requested to see another doctor and finally received shots of morphine and dilaudid I was put in a wheel chair ( while still in aganizing pain) and discharged as soon as posible Approximately 30 minutes later I had an emergency MRI at TOA and they found that I had a ruptured disk in my back and a piece of bone that's had broken off was pinching my nerve. I still cannot believe the way I was treated I would not recommend taking any family, friends or loved ones to this emergency room unless it is your last option. PS I AM VERY FORTUNATE TO HAVE GOOD HEALTH INSURANCE SO THAT SHOULD NATTRESS HAVE PLAYED ANY ROLE IN MY TREATMENT OR LACK THEREOF OF.


Slow....Extremely slow....You'd think it's because they're caring for their patients,I beg to differ...When first got their a nurse took blood,45mins later in the back...Three hours pass and a nurse literally comes into the room (no joke) and asks did they really draw blood??...Can't find it...sad sad sad

Shannon Webb

Very caring ER staff. I felt well taken care of from RT, nurses, doctor, and registration/billing on 8/16/17. They did the best with what they had available.

Megan Pickett

Was told by my OB to go to the ER about issues I was having since the doctors office was closing for the day. I get to the ER they tell me I have to go up to labor and delivery. I am in full panic and they tell me I have to walk up there by myself. Once checked in one of the nurses told me that I should not have went to that hospital I should have drove another 20 minuets to get to my hospital in Smyrna where my doctor is at. It felt like they didn’t want me at the hospital I also didn’t fully get answers to the problem I was having. Ended up going two days later to the hospital in Smyrna because my issue got worse and they were very kind and gave me answers as to why I was having the issues I was with my pregnancy.

Tommy Davis

Hands down the worst experience I have ever had at an ER.. Arrived at 3:15 and waited till about 4:00 which was ok I think. I hit the call light around 7:00 never saw a nurse for over 1.5hours. This is unacceptable and ridiculous. So this hospital doesn't have a gi dr on call. So they tell me I have to ride in an ambulance to st. Thomas downtown..... I told them my wife can drive me there. So it's after 9 and still haven't seen a dr. Since 630.... you know they are gonna bill me for the hours spent. This is the worst 5000.00 ever spent.

Hannah Melton

This is for everyone that works in the labor and delivery department - everyone I have came in contact with from lactation nurses to my postpartum nurses, house-keeping, the nutritionists and everyone and anyone in between that I have spoken to since I walked into the doors at Saint Thomas has been beyond kind, beyond helpful and kept very good care of me, my fiancé and our son. I couldn’t be more content or happy with how we were treated here. From the operating room (C-SECTION) to our discharge day I have not had a single complication or issue. When I was in pain they listened, and before they left the room no matter who it was they always asked me if I needed anything/told me to have a great rest of the day/evening. Great staff! I feel like they genuinely care.

Brandon Palfrey

All they do is stand and talk. When it's your turn to go see the doctor they just Stand there and talk to each other. This place sucks extremely bad!!

Tyler Wells

Great staff and great people! Love the people here and most truly do care. Like any place there are bad eggs, but those get weeded in time so good ones can come on. The ED gets treated harshly mostly because a lot of people try and use it as a Primary Care office and that's not it's intent or purpose. Granted not 100% of experiences can be fantastic, but most of mine with this hospital have been, and the staff really has cared about the patients!

lottie stewart

Dr. Boles is the best and the nurses are the best they work hard to see about you st. Thomas Rutherford I recommend so loving and caring god bless sincerely Lottie Stewart thank you

Misty Albert

I’ve worked in hospitals for many years, and admittedly had very low expectations when bringing my husband in to your ER. He had been N/V/D all day and extremely low bp due to severe hydration. While we did have to wait a while to be triaged, afterwards we were immediately brought to a room and within minutes seen by a physician (not a mid-level!). This doctor was thorough, fully assessed my husband, and didn’t order any necessary tests; i.e. he actually practiced medicine instead of relying on radiology. Meds and fluids were administered promptly, registration was easy, and within 2.5 hours we were out of there, scripts in hand and my husband feeling 75% better!

Angela Todd

Seen very quickly but medical staff was very laid back and in no hurry to help me. I took a tumble down the steps. I was very sore and could barely walk. This was 5 days ago, getting worse & now my foot & ankle looks like a balloon. I will need to be seen again but I will not go here.

Cindy S

We went to visit a family member and the hospital is very nice, but we used the public bathrooms by elevators. The women's bathroom had paper on floor and sink had lots of hair in it. My husband used the mens bathroom and he said it looked like had not been cleaned in a few days as the toilet had urine all over it. Hope that this gets resolved.

Heather Koch

Our experience began in the Emergency Department. Even though the ER was at capacity with every bed filled and were dealing with several critical patients, every staff member that we encountered were professional, had smiles on their faces, introduced themselves and provided excellent care. Ì am a retired ER nurse and know what level of care and professionalism should be provided. The ER is top notch and when someone asks me what hospital I recommend, I tell them to go to St.Thomas Rutherford. We have also received excellent care if one of our family members have been a hospital admission. An excellent hospital for the citizens of Rutherford County.

miki brooks

I came in with the flu and what I thought to be strep as well. They got me back there within 10 minutes and was working on me. The whole staff was so nice. I really appreciate all that this staff did for me.

Danielle Gibson

I have had many dealings with this facility. The ER wait times are usually slow, due to some people using the ER as a walk in clinic... The L&D department is amazing. I have delivered two babies here and would deliver here again if I ever had another child. 9/10 of the staff members ive dealt with have been friendly and shown concern over my situation.

Linda Giltner

My husband and I have had multiple procedures including total knee replacements done at St. Thomas. Each and every time, we were treated professionally and respectfully. Cafeteria staff, housekeepers, tech, PT, aides, nurses, and doctors-everone we encountered were caring and helpful.

Tiffany Rawlin

Not only did we spend almost five hours waiting for someone to stitch up our daughter’s hand on September 29,2018, but now when I call the hospital for an accident form for our insurance, no one knows how to do that or has any idea what that is. We simply need a form from the hospital saying our daughter slit her hand open and she had to get stitches. Instead, every person that has answered the phone has given me a different number to call, and guess what? The person that answers that number tells me to call yet another number. I’ve talked to no less than ten people who have literally all said, “Sorry, you need to call this number.” I ended up getting directed back to the original number I called. I’ve worked in customer service for years and there was a protocol for every person who called in to get them to the right department. This shouldn’t be that hard.

Jerry Cravens

I went to the ER with a partial finger amputation on 7/30/17. The staff was very friendly however we were there over 4hrs. and the only treatment was X-rays, antibiotic shot, a bandage was put on right before we left. We were referred to a Ortho Doctor and sent out. The wound was not cleaned or treated in any manner even after 4 hours of waiting. Nice folks, terrible medical practice.

Em Talmage

Janet Lowe was rude, and very curt. She speaks down to you and was not kind at all

james jay

this hospital told me. they can't do anything. still in pain.

Trish Clark

I was induced via c-section. Everything was great, though I assume that was mainly because I had an amazing doctor. I had a few nurses that even went above and beyond for me. They made sure that my whole family was comfortable during our stay. If I could go back, I would definitely go here again.

Joann Hunter

I recently had to take my mother to the Emergency room. Everyone was professional and kind. My only issue was how long it took her to get an EKG. Her pain was between her shoulders and belly. As a nurse, I was taught you do the EKG first to rule out heart issues. The ER nurse was harried and behind . It took a long time for her to even enter my mom's room. She gave her pain meds and iv antibiotics very fast which was painful. Someone else did the ekg right before mom was admitted. Mom got the care she needed but was treated much better after she was admitted to the hospital .

Kitty Nefarious

The receptionist at the emergency was terrible. Whet in bleeding from cutting my leg and told the lady at the desk that i needing stitches asap and was bleeding out. She tells me to have a seat.. I was sitting for a long time and literally other people waiting in the waiting room had to yell at someone to help me. I had a puddle of blood around my foot. When the nurse came and put me in a wheel chair..there was blood all the way to the room they put me in. This could have been prevented if the lady at the desk cared to do her job. The nurses were very, very nice and the Guy that stitched me up was very sweet. This happened in Nov 2017.

Michael Marrero

and I'm being generous over 3 hour wait nurse tosses blanket on my Wife if you are hurt and need medical attention you may want to take the extr time driving someplace other than St Thomas med center mo professionalism whatsoever

Cynthia Taylor

Very caring staff and doctors once we got back there since we waited for 3 hours. I was given a breathing treatment, chest x-ray and a doctors visit and it cost us thousands of dollars. Hopefully well never have to go there again.

Tiffay Batchelor

If you EVER have an ailment Saint Thomas Rutherford is NOT the emergency room to visit. You may die before they get around to treating you. I sat from 10:47 PM until 1:45 AM with nothing being done. Then when my name was finally called, the nurse did not even greet me in any manner and took off walking so fast I could not find her in the halls and not even one staff member knew who she was or where she had gone. I was sent back out into the waiting room where more staff speculated as to whether or not I was supposed to have gone back to x-ray. I left the ER at 2:10 AM with absolutely no treatment looking back to see only a very confused and inept staff. Choose a different hospital if you want to get some answers or pain relief.

Jamie Ercolano

This place saved my life three times all the nurses and doctors have been awesome and not once was insurance mentioned or did they care they treated my REAL emergencies with the greatest amount of respect to me and my family. How dare anyone complain maybe they need to go to a walk in clinic and save the ER for real issues. I was had the writing ability to go on about ST THOMAS God Bless each and every employee there from doctors to housekeeping.

Highly Favored Studios

This ER is the worst!! They dont care about you & treat you like you were interrupting their gossip time. They leave you unattended for extreme long periods of time. I was putting back on my clothes & about to leave! Oh & when they found out, they sent the billing nurse in asking me to sign papers to consent to them billing my insurance company then left me unattended again for another long period of time. As if they're saying we got our money now so best of luck!

Sherry Buchanan

I really want to rate them a 5 basrd on the incredible nursing staff and food service personnel. But the 2 doctors I saw were pathetic! My stay in the hospital was a full week and I waited 2 days without seeing the doctor that was to transfer on and the neurologist, after 2 days, finally came in my room at midnight. I had test to rule out a stroke but still had horrible trimmers and a headache from hell. Nothing else was done and I was sent home with instructions to follow up with my primary care doctor. They knew that my insurance was just approved the day before I went to the hospital so I didn't have a primary care physician or appointment yet. I was sent home with the same sympoms I went there with. I left scared and feeling very neglected. I was discharged with perscriptions one of which the pharmacy won't fill without pre-approval and he's not even capable of doing that. I've had 3 children, cancer, a stroke, various other reasons to be in a hospital and have never seen such pathetic level of care out of not one doctor but two. If I had a heart attack in their parking lot I would want to be taken somewhere else. I will never go back and will never recommend them.

Angela Akins

Today is October 1st and I am literally sitting here waiting to be seen for a awful toothache. I witnessed a older man fall on the floor goimg inside triage. He said I need a wheelchair and the lady said if I can find one. I love my elderly so much and that hurt my heart so deep for that couple. I feel lile this hospital doesn't have any heart for others. Whatever they are going through on the outside, they should pray about it before they come in to show how much they care for their patients. I pray for them all the time because it's where I'm from and it's so embarrasing to know that their is so many people in this world that don't know how to love. I do still love the hospital but they need to make a change or maybe come together each morning they come in and say a prayer before they get started. Lord help them to remember what's important. The patients

Katherine Cantrell

Long story very short. I was 35 weeks 6 days pregnant. Had a fever, moderate to severe pain for 8 hours. Went in to be checked out. After minimal testing I was told that I was fine and that they couldn’t treat “discomfort”. I tried to explain that I was in a lot of pain and had a fever at home. I was ignored and told to go home. After demanding a doctor visit the next day I was sent back and ended up with a fever of 102.9, a fetal heart rate of 200, maternal heart rate of 120, and constant contractions. Diagnosed with chorioamnionitis and required an emergency c section. We turned out fine, fortunately, but if I had listened to the nurse and just dealt with it for awhile, it’s quite possible (maybe even probable) that at least one of us would have died. Be careful.


Went in on an afternoon to the ED knowing there would be a bit of a wait. Checked in, the nurse was very kind and attentive, and sat in the waiting room for about 20-25 minutes, which wasn't bad seeing how full the waiting room was. Twice while I was waiting, two different staff members assured me that they were getting a room cleaned and that I would be able to be seen shortly. When I did go back to the room, someone was in immediately to take my history and see what was going on. The care was constant, and they let me know what they were waiting on, what kind of labs and imaging they wanted to do, etc. Housekeeping came by twice in the 3 hours I was there to make sure trash didn't need to be emptied and that the room was clean. Everyone was very professional and caring.

JAC NotTheMomma

An Observation. 4+ hours waiting in the ER to get a cranial scan.

Ryder Miller

This is the worst service and hospital I have ever been too!!! My wife had her wisdom teeth pulled on a Friday from her dentist, with them being closed for the weekend she went to the er to make sure everything was healing correctly. The supervisor came into the room and used her phone flashlight to check my wife’s mouth. Wth!!! The dirtiest possession one could have as well as being very unprofessional just out right nasty!! Get your stuff together!!!

Desiree Stem

Y'all people are extra stupid when it comes to getting bills correct. I got sent about 10 different bills from having my baby, went up there (because I have insurance AND secondary to cover it all (that's what I was told) ), the lady said "oh you don't owe anything to us" okay..... Went back home thinking thank God, but then..... Just yesterday I get a collections letter after a bill that I was NEVER received so

Lynn Tobitt

My husband went in this morning for a heart cath. He had had several problems went to the Dr. and after a few test the doctor ordered the heart cath. Thankfully he had one 40% blockage that can be handled with meds. While we were waiting for them to take him back the Hospital Chaplin can in the room and ask the room full of people if he could lead us in prayer for the patients waiting, the families of the patients and the doctors that would be doing what ever procedures. Of course we all said yes and everyone bowed their heads. I am very thankful for what he did for US! But that's not husband said in the O.R. the doctor ask him if he minded if they had a prayer before they started. I truly want to thank each and everyone we came in contact with today. Saint Thomas Heart Rutherford should be the standard for all hospitals. .

Jimmy Torres

The emergency room staff is by far one of the worst medical centers we have visited. We took our 1 year old daughter due to excessive vomiting and a fever. When we arrived we informed the receptionist that our son has the flu at home and our daughter was in and out of consciousness plus her skin was changing from pale back to normal. After witnessing several patients go back after they arrived after us I proceeded to go to the front desk and informed them in a firm manner that we have been waiting for 1 hour and my daughter threw up in the waiting area. No empathy from the triage staff, the RN in the back justified it by trying to explain their method for their madness. I'm sorry but with the Flu being as deadly as it's been this season explaining methods has no relevance to my daughter possibly having the flu and showing symptoms of it. If your child has or may have the flu take the extra drive to Vanderbilt. This hospital can careless about anyone which is sad due to the high growing population in Murfreesboro. I will be reaching out to report them to the proper health department as this is completely unacceptable. EMERGENCY MEANS EMERGENCY. Patients with high priority obvious medical needs should get high priority. Staff is completely nonempathetic and treat you like a robot. Sad.

Ciara Douglas

Honestly 0 stars. My mother had symptoms of kidney stones. We took her to the emergency room. We got there around 6 pm. They made her wait in there over 3 hours, and then placed her in the hallway laying on one of those hospital beds, claiming that rooms were full. Honestly, it wouldn't be full if y'all actually did your job and not make your patients wait. Moreover, made her wait longer in the hallway to get a CT scan, we wasn't able to leave the hospital until 1:30 in the morning the next day. Some bad customer service. Also, they couldn't help her except prescribe medicines. I wouldn't go there unless you were shot.


I received excellent treatment by all the staff. Would recommend this hospital to family and friends. I would caution people who judge by the negative comments, there's always two sides to a story. People who don't get what they want, or expect instant service when there may be an emergency taking place, are more likely to respond and complain, while satisfied people are less likely to respond. I encountered only caring staff from Doctors to ancillary.

Rivka Brenna

If I could give zero Stars I would. I took my husband here at the suggestion of urgent care, who told us that they would have a neurologist on duty. We went there on Saturday afternoon after he fell twice in 24 hours and was having partial seizures every 20 minutes. After sitting in the waiting room for 4 and 1/2 hours, the ER dr. was very nice and, and told us that there was something neurological going on with my husband but they did not know what. Instead of air-lifting him to Vanderbilt, they admitted him and left him lying in the bed for 4 days while running tests and running up a bill. After the 48 Hours, we finally got to see a young neurologist who had no idea what was going on. After two more days they discharged him while he was still having seizures, running a fever, projectile vomiting, and had a migraine. He did not suffer from migraines or seizures normally. He ended up being airlifted to Vanderbilt anyway, who did save his life. St. Thomas Rutherford is the worst Hospital that I have ever seen in my life. If you value your, or your loved ones lives, you will not go to this Hospital, or their doctors.

Samantha Chrisman

I visited the ER there months ago. I got 3rd degree burns on my foot and was very scared and probably talking fast because of that. I overheard one of the men who was in the ambulance with me MAKING FUN OF ME to a nurse in the hall because I take 15mg adderall daily for ADHD, which I've been doing since I was 16! He was telling her I was talking fast because I'm an adderall junkie, not because my foot was melting. It brought me to tears but I was in too much pain to get up or say anything... After that nightmare I filed for financial aid. Weeks go by so I call and a woman on the phone says they never received it and I must have mailed it wrong, even though Vanderbilt (who I visited the next day) received theirs. Though the woman then says she'll freeze my account which I thought was nice. Then I receive another call asking why I haven't payed and this woman says she doesn't know if my account is frozen or not. Then before I even sent out the next form I filled completely I receive a letter saying they DID receive my financial aid form. So now I've been waiting all day for a call back to ask which is it. Did they get it or not? I wish I could trust the letter but honestly I'm taking everything I'm told with a grain of salt now.

William Horton

Doctors and the nurse staff are here just to paid. They really DON'T care about the patients. Inadequately trained both on the doctors and nurse staff. If I was on the hospital board I would shut this place down. Before that I would fire ALL the staff and make them lose the licenses. "To hold my teacher in this art equal to my own parents; to make him partner in my livelihood; when he is in need of money to share mine with him; to consider his family as my own brothers, and to teach them this art, if they want to learn it, without fee or indenture; to impart precept, oral instruction, and all other instruction to my own sons, the sons of my teacher, and to indentured pupils who have taken the physician’s oath, but to nobody else." -The Hippocratic Oath-; which y'all sworn by this for life. Vanderbilt is WAY better then this s*ithole place of a hospital? "Do No Harm First?" I MFN came to y'all with G*dd*mn problem. I MFN had this for four MFN months and the Night ER doc said it ain't mfn nothing. In fact, if it gets worse, I'M MFN COMING! Just know it! In the words of Nancy Grace, "BANK ON IT, BUDDY!"

M. R.

BEWARE of the emergency room scam! Even though the hospital is in-network with your insurance, they are running 25+ interns in the ER with an MD signing off on their cases in order to bill your insurance $1,000’s of extra dollars because the interns and doctors themselves are out of network! I paid a $250 ER co-pay and they expect me to pay an additional $800 for an intern that mis-diagnosed me! You won’t know this until you start receiving the ridiculous bills!!!

Beckie W

Definitely go somewhere else! They sent a bill to the wrong address and I had no idea that the bill existed until I received a call from a collection agency. I was told by that agency what address was listed and it wasn’t even an address in the same town. I called the billing number of the hospital and the department was in California! I was redirected to six different numbers and no one could help me. I gave up and paid the bill. Now, I’m here again for someone else who is in excruciating pain! Still waiting for pain meds while I get to hear him scream in pain! We called for a nurse and now it’s been 30 minutes since his plea for help. We were told the nurse has several patients and she will get to him when she can. NEVER AGAIN WILL I GO HERE!

Jenna Johnson

The worst hospital in the WORLD, hands down. Some of the staff did some things to me, back in 2015, that seriously give me nightmares. Almost every time I drive past, I get flashbacks & my PTSD creeps back. I will never, ever, ever check myself or a loved one into this hospital. I don't care if it's life and death, I'm driving to Stonecrest in Smyrna! The slightly longer drive is much better than this crooked place. Oh and let me add that I tried to call several times to report what these employees did, but my calls were never returned. Leaving me to believe that it's not just those few employees who are crooked. If you value your life or the life of your loved ones, DO NOT go to this hospital!

Paul Martin

Do not go here if you expect to get any type of good medical care. They rushed me to this hospital because they determined I was having a stroke and they let me sit in a room for 23 hours and all they did was check my blood pressure before they preformed the first test on me. Then they sent me a bill for over $26,000. I did not have insurance. I would never go back. The nurses were very kind towards me but it took me telling the head nurse that I was leaving the hospital after 29 hours of waiting for a doctor to talk to me before I saw the first doctor.

Desirea Robinson

Just relocated to tn and our first visit here. I'm still sitting in the waiting room and it has been 3hrs. This is even after I have told them when I signed in that I haven't felt my baby move. Highly disappointed. This hospital is huge and I understand they get busy but still this is uncalled for.


June 9th my daughter was in someone else's care and broke her leg and was brought to Er here by the other person. My rights as my daughter's primary custodial parent with rights to all medical decisions were not respected upon my arrival, as well as I was denied request for a social worker. She is only two years old with a fracture. The security officer and triage nurse that night were so unprofessional and extremely disrespectful. A call from HR stating they will follow up on this isn't enough to make this and all the trouble it has caused right.

Butch Vaughn

Just had a knee replacement at t. Thomas Rutherford. I wqs treated in a top notch fashion. The nurses were very professional and attended to my every need. I wouldn't go anywhere else. Dr. Barrett did my surgery and he did it to perfection.

Ken Pittman

They can't even treat a flea on a dogs butt

Pam Frederick

Incredibly poor billing department. Had to request itemized statements twice before finally receiving them. Account was to be placed "on hold" while an audit was performed. In the meantime, I receive "collection" notices from a third-party. Donna in Patient Accounts NEVER answers the phone (she apparently only screens her calls) and may or may not call you back. Poor system of collecting payment from patients. May consider going to a Nashville hospital next time health services are needed.

Cynthialynn Jones

I feel my family was treated well

Ian Fitzgerald

This place is a poor excuse for a hospital. Multiple people I know have had someone pass away in their care from something that is typically preventable. My grandmother sat in the waiting area (in the emergency room) for two or three hours after having a stroke. Stroke procedure should never take longer than 30 minutes. If you have an emergency, take the extra fifteen minutes to drive to StoneCrest in Smyrna. You're more likely to leave that hospital.

Pearl Lo

Went in on a Monday with a lower back issue and the wait was long but it's an ER. My impression of the whole encounter was one of confusion. I walked to X-ray instead of a wheelchair or gurney which seemed to confuse the MRI attendant greatly..Then after receiving my diagnosis, was asked to vacate the room promptly as they were busy and needed rooms! I could barely stand up straight or walk. Was offered no assistance with dressing, leaving, etc. What kind of hospital allows it's staff to "mention" to a patient in a hospital gown to hurry up and leave as they need the room? I understand the time issues but not the lack of care...

Stephanie Hawkins

Great place to have a baby! The labor and delivery floor is fantastic. Everyone I had an encounter with (including the cleaning staff) were extremely nice, polite, and made sure I had anything I needed. Wonderful first hospital experience.

steven collins

If the Republicians would stop voting to not get medcaid funding for FREE from feds which is 500million maybe all our hospitals in this state would improve. they even shot down Haslam which voted for it. Who votes down free money?

Andrew Bigford

I would like to give it less then one star. I still have to file our complaint with them officially. My dad was in the trauma unit vomiting blood. The nurse said if he was going to vomit then press the button and someone would come in. (We were waiting on test results to come back). I press the button and note the time on the wall clock. Then he vomits 80CC's of blood into a bag. I hold him and the bag as no one has showed up yet. Throw the bag away, find a new one in the cabinet, clean his face up, and try to make him comfortable. Then I notice that 5 1/2 minutes have passed. I walk into hallway and alarm is still going off at station. I was shocked to see 4 nurses sitting there. I gave them the benefit of the doubt and listen to their conversation for a minute and they are talking about what they had done that weekend. Not a single thing they were laughing and talking about was work related. I flagged one down and explained that i had been waiting and someone needed to come in and make sure everything was ok for the moment. her response "I'm not assigned to him so I don't know his story"...... My normal nurse was in a room doing something on someone else and I can understand that. But if you are going to sit there and laugh and goof off while people are actively needing your help then you are not caring and a terrible excuse for a human. I will never set foot in your hospital again. Shame on you for such poor care.

Maria Treadway

Sat in waiting room for over 4 hours to be told 2 people were ahead of me and it could be 2-3 more hours. This was on a Thursday morning. Can only imagine how it is when they are busy. Acted as if they didn't care that I thought I had another stroke.

Gary Golden

The staff was very professional in every way, caring, kind. From the of my pre addmission testing, to the surgery and the staff that took care of me, it is refreshing to see a caring group of professionals. Thank you so much for All your caring, not only for me but also my family al

Rodney Simmons

This hospital as well as others, make tens of thousands of dollar adjustments to their bill to satisfy the insurance company. They then send you a bill for a few hundred dollars and they will harass you and threaten to turn you into a collection agency even when you make monthly payments to them. Why don't you leave the people alone that are trying to pay you and spend more time on the people that just throw your bills in the trash when they get them? From the first bill I received I sent a payment and have done so each month since and you have accepted each payment. Then today I get a bill showing the balance, which is now only $63.00, with a message saying FINAL NOTICE you have 30 days to make payment. I've been paying you each month and you know it or we would not show the same balance due. How about you appreciate the fact that I am trying to pay you off and leave me the hell alone with the threats to turn me into a collection agency!

S Putty

This is the absolute worst hospital ever. There are a few decent doctors and nurses but far too few. Father in law arrived at the er at St Thomas Rutherford shortly before 9pm, it is now almost 1am and he is still in the waiting room. He is having chest pains and has a history of heart attacks. But they still have him in the blasted waiting room. And this is not the first occasion I have experienced issues with this hospital. My grandmother worked there when they were MTMC and even going back to when they were Rutherford county Hospital. The way they treat some patients is almost criminal. Unfortunately it is the closest hospital to where I live. I have told my family never to bring me to St Thomas Rutherford, I will go the extra miles into Nashville to go to Vanderbilt.

MaryRae Moore

CAUTION: Listen I travel with my husband for work and I have visited many hospitals around this country and I have to say this was the absolute unprofessional hospital I have ever stayed in. First of all I know far more about the troubles in this hospital than any PATIENT should. From doctors arguing about head honcho in meetings to nurses abusing Techs. Cleaning staff that come in twice and work still has to be redone... to Money issues from better info from the discharge nurse about her daughter than my own case. Next, the head doctor was the worst. She showed no interest in anything at all. And explained nothing. One doctor was helpful. My techs (Mary M. and LaTanya were caring and compationate) were better than my nurses (Robert and Devin were the 2 nurses most professional). But If the majority of what I encountered in this Team of this hospital professionals, they better revisit their mission statement and Quality List because they are FAILING badly.

Kim Williams

On 3-14-2018 my son came to the ER with severe stomach pain. We arrived approximately at 945am. He was triaged and had his blood drawn within 30 minutes. There were only 4 other people in the waiting room. Two hours later after numerous other patients were called back, I ask the receptionist how long it might be and ask her to tell the nurse that he was in alot of pain. After 1 and a half hours, my son ask her how long again because of his increasing pain. She replied that there were several people ahead of us. One hour later, after 4 hours, we were called back and placed on a bed in the hallway. 30 minutes later a doc tried to help my son but got called away to trauma. The fire department started my sons IV, and we never saw a nurse. The doctor comes back after an hour ordered an ultrasound and pain meds. The ultrasound was performed and it was determined that he was suffering a gallbladder attack. We never had any attention at all to my son. The doc was in a hurry and discharged us, 7 hours total stay. My son was discharged and the doc said it wasnt an emergency. My son was still in terrible pain. We are now going to go to another facility for surgery and care. This is the rudest, most short staffed hospital that Ive ever seen. The people of Murfreesboro deserve better!

scott young

My wife delivered a baby here. Every person on The staff was super nice and cool. The hospital is super nice. It seems they go above and beyond expectations for woman delivering. I can't imagine it getting any better.

Taylor Haley

This place is a joke. Sitting in the waiting room for 2 hours. And being told "you're in the top 3" when asking how much longer we would be waiting. I will not be coming back.

Joyce Anderson

Went to Er by ambulance with severe chest and rib pain. Admitted and they did a Cath on my heart and an ultrasound of gallbladder which showed large stones. Said my heart was find and sent me home. Did not contact my primary doctor or check further to see what was causing the pain. One week later I had another spell with dry heaves and same pain, I was with my Sister on I 24 and she called an ambulance as I had passed out. They picked me up on I 24 and took me to Vanderbilt. I had a (hot) gallbladder and infected pancreas. I had gallbladder surgery and meds to clear up the pancreas. An recovering at home. What is wrong with St Thomas that they would send me home without finding they cause ?!!!!! Angry

John Canstel

WORST EXPEREINCE EVER! STAY AWAY. Nurse barges in room while I was quietly resting from the stressful procedure,. No knock on door with lights out in room for comfort. She barges in, hits light switch and then starts talking loudly about what I need to do. Imagine being sound asleep and someone does this to you. ST THOMAS RUTHERFORD ER NURSES SIMPLY DO NOT CARE AND HAVE NO COMPASSION.

Ken Wellborn

I visited the ER with kidney stones. The staff immediately got me in and the care and service was great. The problem with ER's today is the huge number of people using it for standard medical care, which should be a regular doctor visit. It is a shame how so many abuse the system.

Kayla Ferrick

I would give zero stars if I could. They could have killed me! After being triaged, I was telling the nurse my symptoms and she kept saying that I was having a panic attack. I was having severe gall bladder attacks (come to find out from Stonecrest). After 4 hours of waiting, they finally took me back to the ER, it took 2 people to establish an IV, there was a behavioral patient running and screaming in the hallway. The doctor told me that I definitely had gall bladder issues and that I needed to follow up with a GI specialist. They would not do a CT scan... which made no sense. They released me and gave me pain meds. The next day, I went to Stonecrest and they did emergency surgery to take out my gall bladder because it was about to rupture. St Thomas almost killed me... I could have gone septic if I would have listened to them.

Lisa Gipson

Brought my mother here after being mistreated at a local hospital and this place is no better. Not to mention it's my 4th day here and still can't seem to catch the cafeteria open when I if a patient is hungry at night oh well right? Let's not even get started on the techs on night shift..i can not wait to get my mother out of here!

Ana Gutierrez

OMG DR CUNNINGHAM IS THE BEST!! Hes in the emergency department My son had nurses elbow and he popped it right back in place and was so sweet to my son. We will always remember him ❤❤ thank you!

Chantay Coleman

I normally have a good experience there but Monday night was horrible!! It took several hours just for them to check my vitals and then another hour for them to put me in a room. The Nurse that came in checked my vitals was nice but the nurse practitioner was horrible. I never saw a doctor and the practitioner wouldn't come near me. I told him I felt something rip in my foot and he did and x-Ray. Needless to say nothing was broken so he said I sprain my foot. How he got all that with out coming near me or even asking me to remove my sock is amazing. I had to ask for something for pain and he missed diagnosed me. Turns out I tore a muscle in my foot!! That was my worst night ever!!

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