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Lora Hall

I visited the ER for a broken ankle. It took FOREVER. We were there from 2 AM to 7:30 AM to just get an X-ray and a splint. However, the nurses I had were very nice.

Thomas Cross

Simply the worst hospital ever!!!!!

Bryson House

Do not come here at all they do not do there jobs or anything

Richelle Keilholz

I had foot/ankle reconstruction, best experience ever! Absolutely wonderful and caring staff that provides support to each patient. Dr. James Yu was my surgeon and he worked miracles on my foot! Love Baptist Hospital!

Asia H.

I spoke with Heidi B. in medical records on 10/05/16 around 9:20am. She refused to help me, so I asked to be transferred to billing. After going on about how billing wouldn't help me either, I told her I still wanted to be transferred to billing. She came off as very irritated, but she said okay and transferred me. However, she did not transfer me to billing. There was a continuous automated message talking about winning a cruise. Now, if Heidi hadn't came across as rude, then I would've assumed it was an honest mistake, but this is passive aggressive behavior. Unacceptable.

Dominique Williams

I just had my baby 1/19/19 and all my nurses were great! From check in to triage, delivery to recovery. This is my second time having a baby here and they always took good care of me and my boys. I like thank nurses, doctors, and pediatrician for their care and compassion!!! ♥️

William Larson

Was in and out, which is the most I can ask for. It's a hospital, not a 5 star resort.

albert haziri

i went to the clinic for an ultrasound i had called and asked if they do ultrasounds there and they told me yes, so i made an appoinment. when i went there they said that they recommend a different place for ultrasound and they don't do them there. had to get up at 6:30 am so i can go to the clinic and they just waisted my time.

Jacqueline Barkley

The care I received there was also outstanding but 22 miles from where I live. I switched to Stone Crest because it is only 2 miles from my home. I am glad I did.

Chad Knapp

If the need arises this is a wonderful hospital. My better half was transferred from another facility due to her stroke. The staff at this hospital were not only compassionate but listened and were all attentive to anything she needed and quick to respond no matter the time or other goings on. I would like to say Thanks to you all and Merry Christmas to everyone we came in contact with during her stay.

Khay Williams

Literally saved my life. Identified problem and assisted with my finding a follow-up doctor. Exceptional staff on all levels. Thanks!

Amy Shonting

Just had anterior hip replacement. I am being very well taken care of. I wouldn't hesitate to come here again if needed. They are extremely prudent with infection control.

toni corbin

the er is awesome....4th floor surgical nurses are the best in middle Tennessee......4th floor tech Mike the best my son has ever had.....worse micu EVER....WORSE DRS IN STATE!except dr.john.... Not to be trusted,lie,manipulate,bully,no communication...........ICU nurses Uggh-no compassion! But if you stand up for patient rights,some are on your side,like Vance......but hospitalist dr.carmitty(sp?)is a liar and bully......reporting him to the state and joint commission.Trying to get son transferred!

Matt Ervin

Our experience while in the hospital was great. Their billing practices are absolutely terrible. Shortly before my daughter turned 2 years old we got our FIRST bill for services. We agreed to a payment plan with them. They sent us 6 invoices, then stopped sending them. We didn't send payment because we didn't get invoices. 3 months later we got a letter from a collections agency. We called to discuss this and the very very rude person told us it wasn't their responsibility to send us invoices for payment. We asked that they look at our entire account history with them which consists of 2 years of early payments. She said "I don't care, you're in collection now, so you have to deal with them" and hung up. I don't know why the medical profession is exempt from good business practices but they are. I will never do business with this group again if at all possible.

Tabitha Lowery

I went for blood work and had to wait four hours for them to find my paper work. They was hateful and it was the worst experience I have had from a hospital .

Gayle Cherry

St Thomas is and has always been good to us!

c reed

Last year my husband had emergency surgery at St. Thomas Midtown. Dr. Rubright and his team provided exceptional care during pre op and post op. He had to stay over for a few days after and his nurses, staff etc. was top notch. You can tell when a hospital is managed right because the employees seem very happy and content. I went today for a small procedure in Intervention Diagnostics. I was greeted with a beautiful, caring staff which makes these things so much easier on the patient. Dr. Harb and his team are wonderful people. The registration lady was nice and helpful as well. This makes twice we have been to this hospital and have been pleasantly surprised by the staff and physicians. Oh and the cafe's has delicious food.

chico necessary

Great Hospital Some of the Nurses Are Outstanding. But if you are in Pain your in for alot of Suffering. A Few of the Nurses are Rude and can read the Doctors mind. You ask for something and the Nurse will say he wont do that or this. Overall good Hospital. Just dont go there in Pain........They have an excuse for everything not to make your pain go away or Bearable.....Trust me im still in Pain.......

Allen Jackson

I love it

Jeff Kennedy

I was in for back L 5 surgery and upon checking out left my apple iPad and now nobody knows or cares about helping me find it. I called after checkout and lady said would put my name on it and put in drawer and now nobody knows anything about it. I can’t believe Someone would steal my property at st Thomas I called security and they were no help as no one cares so I cannot recommend a hospital that steals your personal property very unhappy and would never go back

Kathi Mcleod

My Mother was admitted to Saint Thomas Hospital for AFib last week. From the emergency room staff, to the Coronary ICU staff, to the fifth floor nurses, technicians, PT staff, housekeeping, and food staff to the doctors - I can't say enough good about them ALL! They were so very kind to an 83 year old lady who had always been in good health. They were very kind and patient with her, and great about explaining everything in 'layman's terms'. We were always treated with kindness, compassion, and respect. BRAVO Saint Thomas on a great job! God Bless all of you for the great work you do.

Caroline Browder-Black

I delivered my last baby here. It was truly an amazing experience. The baby gets to stay in the room with you as long as the are healthy. I love this as my previous two had to go back and forth fir vitals, etc.. the staff was wonderful and very helpful

Keisha Marshall

Poor customer service from Midtown cafeteria, I receive my treatments at this location and a needed a snack to coat my stomach from getting sick, They had one job to do and that was to bring up fruits. I've waited 2 hours and 47 minutes. By they time they bring it it will be no longer needed. Horrible visit ever!!

Pro Painting

My wife was 39 weeks 6 days pregnant and was admitted in labor and delivery. thanks to Nurse DANI B and Nurse Allison for caring , kindness, very polite, and they really went above and beyond for my wife and i.....these nurses are awesome! Thank you so much! My wife delivery was successful. We are very pleased and happy with the amount of gratitude, professional, supportive, and kindness. These nurses made us feel very comfortable and showed us they not only have a job to do but they really cares!!! Thanks again

Jay Rogers

Awesome hospital! The pre-registration is great and timely, the doctors are nice, the billing afterwards goes well, and the oral surgery I had was great! I highly recommend this facility. 5 stars

Luis Sura

They have a terrible service Call the nurses 4 neve show up when to the fromt desk aske for pain medication they didn't car about what I was asking

Christin O'brien

As a former employee I have to be transparent, I am beyond disgusted & traumatized with my L&D stay; 7.5-7.12. My c-section took over 2 hours, with complications; that's were it all took a turn. I felt like I was dying on the table & prayed the entire time out loud. My bp & labs got unstable & no one was able to determine why. I had to lean on the staff which seemed inconvenienced 95% of the time when I did. Out of all the care takers that I had throughout my stay 2 were absolutely amazing; Emily & Amanda. Jennifer H. ("Charge Nurse" on days) made my last moments at the facility traumatic even more so. I do not take well to those that lie & do not have my best interests at heart. As a mother suffering from ppd & now trauma at the fault of the hospital, there was in no way understanding or sympathy when I just wanted answers to my concerns. The highest clinical management personnel needs to do some serious shadowing/training because what I went is unacceptable. The personnel during my stay really messed me up mentally. This could have been avoided. Some people just don't belong in a hospital environment. Trying to bond with my little girl has been difficult because of the traumatic stay. Think twice before going here.

Zack Shaikh

I'm amazed. My wife had our baby here 3 weeks ago. She was being induced. The nurses we had were exceptional. They carefully and thoroughly explained everything they were doing to my wife. They made sure she was as comfortable as she could be. We got up to post-pardum and the nurses there were fantastic as well. We were all looked after and the nurses always took their time giving care, all with a smile. Everything all around about this hospital was perfect for my first baby to be introduced to the world.

Roger Khan

Four deliveries at Saint Thomas Midtown Hospital (previously known as Baptist Hospital) for us since 2011 and we live 45 minutes away with other hospitals 15 minutes or less away from our home. All our deliveries were by Cesarean section...yes 4 C sections! That’s how much we value and appreciate the level of medical care given here. This hospital has more deliveries than any other hospital in the greater Nashville area. Your doctor is a personal choice but after delivery the care by the nurses are more important. And the nurses at Saint Thomas are AWESOME! Very easily accessible and if you’re coming because it has to do with the delivery of a baby then the recommended parking garage by the Hospital is the Mid-State Garage. If you’re coming up Church Street, make a right on 20th Ave North then an immediate left into the parking garage entry. Make another immediate left like if you’re making a U turn, up a little incline, then a right. You’ll see a little security booth to your left with a STOP sign. Make a right just after the booth into the garage (see photos and video). It’s best to park on the 3rd floor as that’s the main entrance. When you enter the main doors on the 3rd floor the reception area will be ahead of you. Labor and delivery to your right and the family waiting room and everything else to your left. Take the B elevator to the 7th floor as that’s the main Nursery and recovery rooms for moms. Just push the button and let them know the family name and room number. Elevator M from the garage will only take you to the 5th floor and then you’ll have to jump on the B elevator to the 7th floor. I hope this was helpful! Congratulations and all the best. I hope the photos and videos are helpful and liked. Thanks.


I had surgery and had to spend the night. The ENTIRE process was great...from pre-admissions check in until I was discharged the next day! Dr.James Broome is a great Dr and his sraff.The recovery staff on the 6th floor ARE AWESOME, they were all kind. The people who brought the food to the cleaning the transportation Supervisor transporting me to the car . They were all kind and I really appreciated that! I hope I never see them again in that setting. BUT THE ENTIRE EXPERIENCE WAS WONDERFUL. ST.THOMAS mid-town ROCKS!!!

Nancy Blane

4th floor staff all of them were wonderful.every staff member I came in contact were wonderful. I wish I could name them all my life was saved at this hospital.God bless you.

Tasha Allen

My firstborn son was delivered here. Back When this was Baptist Hospital. Very hospitable, knowledgeable, and helpful staff. I was never alone. I had questions- they were right there to answer them. I haven't run into a hospital quite the same since. The Maternal ward has got to be the best in the country.


So my friend had to go into emergency when her appendix had burst and she needed treatment. She also however had an ear infection that, despite while leaking fluid and complaining about the pain to Dr. Mark (Or mike?) Rosen and his assistants but they had gone through with anesthesia anyways and now she has a strong chance of being permanently deaf in one ear which could even extend to both ears. She has been trying to contact the doctor and the staff repeatedly to try get a response of some kind or even a referral to an HNT doctor (which they had told her she needs to do) but they refuse to give her any courteous response other than "We are sorry we can't help you, this is the procedure you must follow" and Dr. Rosen has not returned any of her calls yet DESPITE the fact she NEEDS a referral due to not being able to afford insurance. Do not expect them to take care of you.

Tester Jester

I just had Robotic surgery there under the care of Dr Burnett. The staff in O.R. And on the 6th floor went out of their way to take care of me. I was scared to death but prayers from my Dr before surgery calmed me down and I knew I was in good hands.

Mary Key

Came in after midnight for my husband who had been in a car accident. The staff was kind, thorough, friendly, and easy to talk to and work with. Thank you so much!

kenisha brown

I can say it's really not a long wait time in the emergency room. I was in the waiting area for 5 minutes maybe. They have this thing where you can sign yourself in online and then when it's time for you to be seen, you come to the E.R. and go to the back for examination for whatever is ailing you. Technology is definitely moving up in the world.

Margaret hurst

After a shoulder reversal surgery, pain level has been 8or higher the entire time I was there. Staff are not even close on the same plan of care, it changes at shift change along with all the rules. Staff is rude, degrading, and not at all helpful on anything. They will tell you what they are going to do, you as a patient have no choice. My pain level has been as high as a 10, only bring it down to a 8, then back to a 10. And when you are at a 10 they argue with you about everything. I was accused of smoking outside, I don't smoke. I have been kept in a lot of pain and basically told they are not going to help me with medications

Lord EchiOsiris

Ok, so about 3 or 4 years ago, my best friend was sent here for gallbladder surgery! For 2 days she was at St Thomas Midtown, after she left the hospital in Waverly. She was not given any food, any water, no IV fluids at all, wasn't even told anything about her surgery, or what would be taking place! On the 2nd day of her stay, she called and told me about it all, so I proceeded there immediately! When i got there, i told the doctor who is no longer presently a Dr there, that i would AMA my friend out, 2 days with no food, water, IV fluids, no knowledge of surgery, and how pathetic it was to treat her this way, and I would also call NC5 and my lawyer! The doctor automatically knew the room number and very angrily stated he would be in the room to speak with me. Frustrated, as I walked to her room, I stated we are AMA out of here again! The doctor and head admin nurse came in within 5 minutes and stated that I must really care for her and they would do her surgery the following day then she could go home to chop wood!

wade avera

This place is a joke. I checked in the ER at 6:30 am. I sat in the ER after getting hooked up to an IV with fluids for two hours without anyone coming back in to check on me. The fluids were empty at this point. I had to call the nurse in myself then she had an attitude when she showed back up. The Dr came and also had an attitude. The doctor then tried to send me home with food stuck in my throat for over 12 hours. I refused. She then said she would call the GI and sent me upstairs to another room. Once I got upstairs the nurses were great, but I kept being told the doctor would be in shortly. I waited until 7:30 pm before I was told the ER Dr never even told the GI I was here to see him. I was told I had to wait until the morning to see the GI after calling the hospital. Once the morning comes around I then am told that the GI has other patients he has to see and it would be after 12 before my EGD procedure is done and would be able to leave until after 5. Complete waste of my time and would have been better off going to another hospital.

Melissa Cothron

I was with a family member who was having outpatient surgery recently. While I was in the Outpatient OR waiting room, two different doctors came in and talked to families in front of everyone and in a loud voice. One person was having a gyn surgery and the doctor discussed a heartbreaking surgery in front of 30 people. One other doctor was discussing a cancer surgery in front of 30 people. The consultation room is just next to the waiting room and should be used. Geez.

RichardKimberly Colley

The buisness office pressured us for money up front. We were their having surgery for my wifes Breast Cancer. They offer 20% off, if you pay in full before the surgery. Of course all the prior testing, biopcies, prescriptions, ect left us alittle strapped at that time. We left the hospital and worked extra jobs, sold possions, and did everything we could do to come up with their money. When I called and asked if they would still give us the discount, they laughed??? It's really hard for me to swallow. I see illegal's, Bum's, and all sorts of people that never pay their bills, and have no intentions of paying them leave the Hospital everyday. It really seems to me that this Hospital cares vary little for their PAYING CANCER PATIENTS!!! All they care about is their money. I guess they can't give us a discount because they know we will pay our bills, and they need my money to pay for all the Bums out there that won't pay theirs. They really make me sick....."The Hospital, and the Bums" kris the buisness Manager, and her Boss Daniel Graves, were useless in helping. Don't even bother asking. Just find a more caring Hospital!!!!!

Ashley Miller

Had a great experience other than when i arrived i was scheduled to be induced and was told to be their at 1am well i arrive little early to fill out paper work and the admission lady in the OB department 3rd level well i filled out paper work and i started having contractions and i told the lady up front i was in pain my contractions were 8-10mins apart her response was well im sorry our rooms are full as of now and so is the ER triage for OB im like wow this is crazy to me because they kept letting people go back that thought they were in labor and i was the lady upfront was very rude not sympathetic that i was pain and then i over heard her talking about me to secruity officer saying things that should not have been said but once i got admitted and in my room the nurses were great careing and making sure i was comfortable. One nurse id love to recongize is Millie on the labor and delivery recovery 7th floor she was fantastic very careing making sure i had everything i needed and she went above and beyond to ensure i was comfortable after my C section.

Jenita Harris

Great place they take wonderful care of my mother! They are a Godsend! Loving compassionate caregivers!

jessica eatherly

My grandpa was in the ICU and passed away there. I can’t say enough about how accommodating and kind the staff was. I’ve never been to St Thomas before and they left a special impression with me.

Harold Reed

April 16 2019 arrived at ER, broken arm. After trying to reset 2 times, the dr said it would need plates and screws! I was also told that there was no one there that could do the surgery till Monday. They gave me script for 12 pain pills and a number to call Monday. Called Number on Monday and it was St Thomas Orthopedic surgery group. First question? Who is your insurance company? Told them I didn’t have one and they begin to explain how much money I would need up front to just make appointment. 7 days past and General hospital agreed to help me if St Thomas would Refer me! St Thomas would not refer me. July 28 2019 still living with a mangled arm, pain and swelling. No Saint in this St Thomas. .

Bradley Barger

Worst Dr I have ever seen bedside manner was terrible

Michael Gray

Awesome staff and was triaged, seen by a doctor and released within about an hour to an hour and a half. Very clean waiting room and considering I came in at about 10:30pm on a Wednesday and there were quite a few people ahead of me, they were very prompt and got me out of there in no time.

Daniel Dorn

**Updated at the end as of 3/2/2018** My wife gave birth to our first born over six months ago. The whole process while we were at the hospital was great. The staff was friendly, knowledgeable, and extremely helpful with getting us prepared to take our little one home. We took the opportunity to save 10% on our bill by paying before we left. I would not recommend doing that if you have insurance. That payment we made should have gone towards all accounts, i.e. my wife's account and our child's, but that did not happen. We received several calls from the hospital stating we still owed them money. Turns out, we owed about $400 towards our child's account, but overpaid by $700 towards my wife's account (which the remaining should have gone towards our child's) and the hospital finally realized we overpaid and that they owed us money. Turns out it takes 12 weeks to review somebody's account, just to determine if a refund should be granted! They finally granted a refund, but then mailed it to the wrong address! (despite the fact that we received other correspondence from them at our correct address just fine) Every time we call for a status on our refund, somebody says they will make a note on our account. We've told them several times to either take the $400 out of the $700 refund, or that they would receive a payment of $400 as soon as we receive our refund for overpayment. (This was supposedly noted on our account a few times) My daughter turns 7 months old in a couple weeks and we still have yet to get our refund!! On top of that, we received a notice in the mail today that our daughters account has been turned over to collections!!! Again, the staff at the hospital was really great, which is the reason for the three stars, but they really need to get their billing department in order. The way it's conducted now just isn't good business in my opinion. *Updated as of 1/25* I have adjusted this review to 1 star now. We just followed up with the hospital and they stated they denied our request to cancel the claim with collections. Spoke with a manager and they said no notes were put on our account asking to link my wife's account to link our daughters, and that we should call back in March to see if the refund has gone through. *Update as of 1/26* They have now also denied our request to cancel the claim with collections stating we "had ample time to pay". Hello!?... you've had ample time (7 months) to refund the $700 that we overpaid. This is borderline Criminal now, and needs to be rectified NOW! *Update as of 1/27* We emailed our info to the email address the hospital provided below on 1/25 but have not received a response yet. Due to the hospital denying our request to link my wife and daughters account and proceeding with filing with collections, we have been forced to pay even more money, despite the hospital owing us a refund already. We have no choice in this matter, without our credit being damaged. We have decided to contact a lawyer this week to see what options we have. ** Update as of 3/1/2018** The community manager who responded to this review stated they would have the check sent out to us by Feb 20th. We called on Feb 20th and they hadnt cut the check yet and that it would take a couple more weeks to receive it, but that they raised the issue up to their manager. It's been another 9 days now and we have yet to receive our refund in the mail. I see there have been several more people lately with this same issue lately. *Update as of 3/2/2018* Just spoke to the manager again this morning. She said they didn't cut the refund check on Feb 21st like they were supposed to so we would receive it by today. Instead, they didnt cut the check until today so it would now be another 4 business days until we receive it.

Heather Wilkerson

Unless you are seriously dying.... Go somewhere else! ER staff stinks, totally not compassionate, in their eyes everyone is "pill seeking" or "junkies". Was given 4mg of Morphine for pancreatitis and was told some baloney story about there being a Dilaudid shortage. Even after being admitted into a tiny room the size of a closet, things just went to hell from there. The only reason why I came here is because this is the hospital my gastrointestinal doctor has privileges. I will absolutely NEVER come back here. I will stick with Vanderbilt or TriStar Summit. I got better treatment from Tennova, which is the joke hospital around this area. Funny, there was no Dilaudid shortage at Tennova and I was just admitted there for a week.

Jonas Alford

Have called four times to pay a bill to them that they have since placed into collections still have not taken the money from my account. How bad is it that you can not even get them to take the money that you owe them. Was in here a total of three days and couldn't get a nurse to assist me out of bed to use the restroom but they showed up to scream at me when i and my wife got me to the rest room and I quote the nurse in saying I should have just messsd the bed. I'm 33 years old I grew out of that a long time ago. A different nurse pulled my drain tube from my back having realized that it had become clogged bandaged it up and I went home having to return the next day in severe pain from fluid buildup on my spine. I'm getting ready to drive to Nashville 40 miles to hand deliver payment and hopefully this will be the last time I have to step foot in this joke of a hospital.

Lil Yacht

The front desk person spelled my address in a ridiculous way so I couldn't receive the proper documents in the mail. I called the help center and told them to fix my address and resend the documents but about two weeks later, I find out that the address is still wrong and my papers aren't in the mail. If you can't do something as simple as fixing an address or even asking how to Spell an address, then I'm afraid for your hospital.

Miss Riddle

Went in with Angioedema, had two epi pen shots at the clinic that shipped me to this horrible place. I always thought saint Thomas was a good hospital especially west. Saint thomas Mid town treated me like an inconvenience. As soon as EMS rolled me in, one nurse rolled her eyes. When I got in the room they made me undress I front of a male nurse, and kept opening the door and leaving it open when I undressed, you should be ashamed saint Thomas mid Town!!

Diana Urueta

Best maternal infant Services! I had the most beautiful experience with my son, from the birth and breastfeeding classes to the delivery day. The moment I checked in I felt like the entire hospital was making sure I have the best experience. I have heard bad comments about ER and other services. However I can assure maternal and infant services are the best. Also, breastfeeding outreach clinic saved my life!

Ron B

Their providers breached the standard of care resulting in the death of my sister. Their clinicians are lazy, incompetent, and ineffective. Review all records you have for yourself or a loved one and hold them accountable for their actions!

Pam Holbert

Staff awful doctors great the staff sucks a nurse yesterday was rude and hateful and mean this women took my iv out and blood was all over my arm sheets gown and she didnt care she didnt have customer service skills why would you hire people at a hospital that is rude and hateful to people cause that was uncalled for she didnt want to actully deal with me i dont know if it was because im black or what but she wasnt kind to be a nurse will never go back they need to know they staff they talk about people and more not good place to go

CeeBallin -

My mother could hardly breath in the emergency room with stomach pain and she had stick with the pain for 2+ hours, I do not recommend this hospital emergency they take FOREVER TO GET YOUR HURTING PATIENT IN A ROOM , Go somewhere else !!!!!!!!! If I could give no stars I would, at this second My mom is going through the worst pain and I all I can do is watch and wait.

David Norden

Dr Burns in the ER, most incompetent individual I have ever dealt with. Enter a patients room with chart in hand, not even looked at and says a medicine on the allergic list will be given in case of an allergic reaction. Very incompetent.

Becky Robnet

Waited 3 hours in er only to be treated in the hallway. Doctors were watching hockey game & nurses were singing to rock/roll music. Most unprofessional behavior I have ever seen in a hospital emergency room.

Christine Gallegos

I am giving Saint Thomas Midtown Hospital a 5-star rating. I've never been in the hospital except to have babies. This time I was rushed here in an ambulance. We are from out of town and were only planning to spend one night in Nashville. The condition I was in was very serious and the ER figured out pretty quickly what was going on. Every employee and staff member I came in contact with was exceptionally caring, professional, and well trained. I was treated with great care and recovered well. All the staff coordinated to help me make my plane and return to my hometown after spending 5 days in the hospital. Everyone listened to my concerns and worries.

Michael Noe

Fantastic birthing unit and excellent staff.

Gloria Martin

Day 2dinner ... Plastic in the whipped potatoes, Day 3 lunch... hambuger came with cheese and tomato sliced looked hideous, double fries were cold after waiting an hour on the remake the hamburger was correct but they changed my double fries to a single order of fries.. I couldn't eat them because they were cold too!!!

Christina Conley

This hospital is as corrupted as it gets. Again Catholics being abusive with there authority. They denied me medical attention while on vacation. Turned there diagnosis into something that wasn't even accurate. I had to about trip and come home early because I need medical attention and antibiotics and could not get them. 1309.00 co pay later from there malpractice and wrongful diagnosis by the time I got home I had blood in my urine and a bad infection. Suing this hospital

Roseanna J

During our stay we dealt with plenty of disorganization, carelessness, and lack of empathy. The majority of staff involved during our stay made us ask for everything that would have been helpful. We didn't feel confident they had our best interests at heart and that they used my pregnancy as an opportunity to test out procedures and have newbies involved. I had to have an epidural twice plus a spinal tap. I woke up during the cesarean because the meds didn't last long enough for them to complete the procedure. They finally had to put me to sleep briefly but I still woke up before it was finished. If you are scheduled to be induced here make sure to request professionals for any anesthesia or surgical procedures.

Terrance E

ER experience was awesome. Used the inquicker system to check in before coming, and that made my check in easier.

Northwoods Outdoors

Amazing ER staff. Folks were friendly and caring, wait times were very low including when I needed a CT scan. Dr Robinson and the entire nursing staff were awesome and got me fixed up and feeling better

Tony Brown

I get baptist at church!! Baptist Hospital got a bunch of goofy jerks who work there!! Nurse and Doctor could not catch a catfish in a coffee cup!! They so dum they be lifting dum bells at krogers for free lol!!

Patrick Stewart

My wife was scheduled for her second C-Section to deliver our second son. The staff was so amazing with our 1st child 2 years ago, it was a given that we would be back. It started off with check-in. The staff there were just as excited as we were. Pre-op had us with Nurse Vicki who was just as sweet and accommodating as she could be. She made us feel at ease and prepared for what lay ahead. The C-Section went smoothly. Tony, the anesthesiologist was monitoring my wife’s vitals, enduro there comfort from beginning to end. Doctor Kyzer, my wife’s doctor did an amazing job just as she did with the first. It was great to see Dr Lonnie again. His humor and talent are always welcome companions. We had a healthy 9 lb 14 oz baby and Nurse Amanda jumped right in, getting me involved from the get go, allowing me to help settle in our newborn. Pediatricians Dr Collier and Dr Woodward took special care of our newborn son and went the extra mile to explain everything going on with him and answer all questions. The quality of care and attention to detail, not to mention ensuring my wife’s and son’s comfort, never faltered from beginning to end. Special thanks to Nurses Lindsey, Ashlee and Amanda for treating us like family and loving our beautiful son as if he were their own. Their quality of care and enthusiasm made us feel as if we were the only family there, although we know they had their hands more than full with plenty of new moms and infants. They were patiently there to allay all our newborn new parent fears. Last, but not least, thanks to Yara, Faye, Jessica, Aubrey and Alex. Every member off the staff from beginning to end represented an amazing team of talented and caring individuals who are at the top of their game and deliver the best quality of care in the medical field I have ever encountered. WE LOVE YOU ALL! Thank you St Thomas Midtown!

Bill Worrell

I was a bit nervous to come to this hospital because it is in the heart of the city and I tend to have a stereotype that these types of hospitals are too busy to care, or they're dirty, or too hard to get into. But surprisingly, it was easy to park, the facilities were very clean, the staff was friendly, and I felt my treatments were very professional. The most recent visit was to see a pulmonologist to check if I have asthma as an adult. I was in and out very quickly and I had a very enjoyable experience.

holly hughes

This is for the ER went in With bad back pain fever diarrhea, and abdominal pain. Was sent home with the wrong antibiotic to treat diverticulitis because they assumed kidney infection due to back pain and fever. Finally was properly diagnosed by my primary care who reexamined the abdominal ct that was done then was put on proper meds.

Susanna Scott

I’ve never had a negative experience at St. Thomas Midtown. I have a 13 year history with the hospital. I gave birth here, said goodbye to my sister here, had my appendix out and too many ER visits with elderly parents. I trust the St. Thomas (Baptist) team without hesitation.

Joanelle Bracey

I visited the ER on 6/28/18. I was having an extremely painful flare from the autoimmune disorder Psoriatic Arthritis. I had red, stiff joints in my feet, knees, t-spine, c-spine, elbows and fingers. Inflammation and pain had triggered my CRPS, which has flared so badly that I have an implanted Medtronic spinal cord stimulator. My right arm was hot, red and painful. I was literally in so much pain that I couldn't walk. I had seen my GP and was awaiting a referral to a new Rheumatologist. "Dr" David Wilcocks, the ER "doctor" strode into the room and glared at me the way you might glare at a smelly Hefty bag of garbage. His indiference to my condition was made pointedly clear. At one point I stood up in my underwear to display my 5'10" 110 lb frame. I look like a skeleton with skin covering it. I asked him if I appeared sick to him. He extremely reluctantly said yes. HE NEVER ONCE LOOKED AT OR TOUCHED ME ONCE. He didn't know my chief complaint. He showed nothing but snide contempt for me. I said, and I'm sincere, that I would never present myself to another "Dr" again to be treated like a bother by a callous, mean, hostile subhuman individual who has no business in the profession. The worst "doctor" in the worst ER ever. DON'T SUBJECT YOURSELF OR ANY LOVED ONES TO DR. DAVID WILCOCKS OR ST THOMAS MIDTOWN HOSPITAL! As i was being wheeled out of the building I looked at my discharge papers and they had the wrong presenting patient complaint. Sad. Negligent. Hostile. "First do no harm..." At a hospital named for a Saint.

Erika Marsh

I couldn’t have gone to a better place to have my baby I felt safe and well taken care of. Every single nurse i had from the time I arrived till I was discharged were so awesome and sweet and caring. They genuinely care about you and your baby. My baby had to be in Nicu for a couple days and I trusted the nurses taking care of her. They answered every question I had and were very patient. Hands down best place to have a baby.


My guy,Johnny Cash died here.

Malachi Sallee

Came in for some really bad migraines (had no idea what was going on, so I was freaked out a little), and the doctor and nurses were really kind. I wasn’t out as quickly as I would have liked, but they made sure I was 100% ok before letting me leave. Super nice, super personable people. Just wish I was a able to be a little more talkative in the moment, but I wasn’t feeling well at the time

Elizabeth Kerkhoff-Maxwell

I delivered my first baby at St. Thomas Midtown a few weeks ago. Our experience was exceptional! All of the nurses and doctors were wonderful. They took great care of us!

Jennifer Isom

Let be begin with this.... I thought the world of this hospital until today.... almost 2 years after I gave birth there is receive a collection letter for $7k that I never once got a bill for. So after spending the day on the phone with the insurance company I had at the time tn cover kids. They tell me it was out of network. So what is the point of pressure registering 3 months in advance. To make sure everything is all in the clear before it's time to give birth to my first child. And then to be told 2 years later I was out of coverage. Yet my Dr and his services were 100% covered. And he gave me the list of his 3 hospitals. So without hesitation I choose this hospital bc it was where I was born 27 years ago! The hospital billing will not help me bc it has been turned over.... and I've always paid my medical bills no matter the amount but bc of this and how the manner everything was done. You will not receive a penny from me!

Thomas Curtsinger

Listen to this: I was in Nashville for a Formal with my fraternity. In the mix of it all I slipped on the strip downtown and had to go to the hospital to get staples in my head. While I was unconscious (I wasn't for very long, and the injury was not serious) my $85 shirt was cut straight down the back for no reason, and it wasn't from my fall because my jacket was unharmed. They could've asked me to take it off. Then, in the time period I underwent not one, but two CT Scans! The bill was over $7,500 before their discount for uninsured patients, which reduced it to $2,500 before they finally got my insurance information correct after 3 calls. Do NOT go them if you can help it. Overpriced procedures and inconsiderate staff.

Renata F.Barros

I want to thank Dr David and his staff to have been so professional and kind yesterday at the ER with my daughter. The hospital, the nurse, the room, everything was perfect. Thank you so munch again.

Tom Fuqua

My day at Baptist overall was a nightmare. My doctor was great and the heart procedure went well, but after that Baptist became a nightmare. I was not allowed to eat the day of the procedure and now it was time for dinner and I was starved. I ordered dinner and was told it would take 45 minutes. An hour and a half later I called back and they said: "it was on the way." Fifteen minutes after that I called and they said they were sorry but that they were shorthanded. Two hours and fifteen minutes after I ordered the food, it finally arrived cold, bland, tasteless. I was promised I could go home at 9 p.m. and that a nurse would assist me at 8 p.m. to start walking around and getting ready to go. No one showed up so I called the nurses station and they said they were short handed but would get to me soon. No one ever did. About this time, I noticed that my clothes were not in my room and, again when I called the nurses station, they said they were short handed but would get to it when they could. Long story short, I insisted that I was going home at 9 p.m. whether they found my clothes or not and everyone was aghast that I would leave their hospital in one of their skimpy little nightgowns but I insisted. At approximately 10:30 p.m. and as I was being rolled to the front door in my nightgown, the head nurse came running with my clothes and I thanked her profusely and went on my way. I will never go back to Baptist Hospital in Nashville. Maybe what happened to me was just bad luck, but what was really disappointing is how 95% of the staff reacted to their own mistakes and how under staffed they were is so many areas. Mediocrity reigns at Baptist in Nashville and it is not a place to take a serious health issue.

Allison Kennedy

Compassionate, excellent care and top rated stroke care in the state.

Jaime Raul

My son was born here, I have a wonderful memory of this place. I had the chance to be the first to see him (before Mom did). Most of the staff were kind and professional. They have baby first pictures as an external service. I kept those pictures in my heart's safe. One day I will bring that little guy and show this place.

Raquel Russell

I was rushed there yesterday from the game by ambulance for heat exhaustion and low BP. As soon as we arrive there they had a room ready for me and two nurses on deck to check and do an EKG. As soon as the EKG was done the on call docter came in immediately to speak with me and my husband. They got my fluids started and even put on the game so that we could watch the rest of it while we waited. Everyone that we interacted with was sweet, kind ,knowledgable and quick. Thank you St Thomas Mid town hospital for making us feel comfortable being in an out of town hoapital. You get 5 stars all day from the Russell family in Knoxville TN

Steve Sadler

Had a great experience. Facility appeared very clean. Staff were attentive and friendly. David C. RN in the Recovery Room was very attentive. Highly recommend for ambulatory surgery. I mean, if you gotta do surgery, this seems to be a great place to do it.

illmatic6891 6891

This place is crazy every nurse is just here for the money. This nurse in training wrapped my foot up so quick so she could hurry up and get out of my room she didn't even do a complete job so my foot started bleeding again just crazy I guess she is scared of black guys or something /: and they kept messing with my bed they don't care about you bein comfortable or not very rude people one nurse spilled water on me got it in my bed and on my phone and didn't even say she was sorry or anything she just left the room. It's like they just do whatever they want if you call and ask for your meds it will take them like a hour to give it to you. Told everybody in my family if you ever have to go to the hospital. Never go to saint thomas it's crazy I should have went to Vanderbilt everyday I keep wishing that and kicking myself for it. Because everyday it's a issue. I asked how can I file a complaint they ignore you or they get quit and just leave like what kind of service is that. And whatever you do stay away from nurse maranda

Rebecca Goddard

Delivered a baby last month here, and had an incredible experience! Induction and labor lasting for 24 hours sounds like a nightmare, but the L&D nurses and my doctor made it so much easier (and as comfortable as possible). I felt very well-attended to! I couldn't give enough praise about those nurses. Shout out to Emily! <3 The ONLY reason I'm not giving 5 stars is because the recovery floor nurses were way understaffed. It took days before I could see a lactation consultant, and 2/3 of them were very unhelpful... which seriously set us up for failure as a first-timer. Beyond that, I'd definitely recommend this hospital for deliveries. Also, note to the hospital quality assurance team, it's not a good idea to conduct surveys via phone. Someone like me with a newborn doesn't have time to sit there and answer "never, sometimes, usually, or always" to a ton of questions—I can barely answer the phone when it rings. Give the option for internet surveys so we can do it on our own time!


i give this hospital 4 and a half stars (nobody is perfect). Staff was excellent from the folks that cleaned the room to the doctors that came in. After going to the emergency room with my wife we were in a room within about 3 hours. The nurses were compassionate and tried to do their best to make my wife comfortable. This is our first experience with this hospital and if the need arises we will be back.

lottie stewart

My time at this hospital was nice and doctor Jacobs the best and the nurses seen after me no complaints nice caring people thanks all of you from lottie Stewart god bless you all from the bottom of my heart

Makayla Bailey

MS. TEE that took my blood was amazing, it was my first time giving blood & she was so patient & caring.

Christin Moore

As a former employee I have to be transparent, I am beyond disgusted & traumatized with my L&D stay; 7.5-7.12. My c-section took over 2 hours, with complications; that's were it all took a turn. I felt like I was dying on the table & prayed the entire time out loud. My bp & labs got unstable & no one was able to determine why. I had to lean on the staff which seemed inconvenienced 95% of the time when I did. Out of all the care takers that I had throughout my stay 2 were absolutely amazing; Emily & Amanda. Jennifer H. ("Charge Nurse" on days) made my last moments at the facility traumatic even more so. I do not take well to those that lie & do not have my best interests at heart. As a mother suffering from ppd & now trauma at the fault of the hospital, there was in no way understanding or sympathy when I just wanted answers to my concerns. The highest clinical management personnel needs to do some serious shadowing/training because what I went is unacceptable. The personnel during my stay really messed me up mentally. This could have been avoided. Some people just don't belong in a hospital environment. Trying to bond with my little girl has been difficult because of the traumatic stay. Think twice before going here.

Kayla Delaney

WORST Hospital ever.. I’m six months pregnant and I came in with serve pain; I’ve been in the waiting room for exactly FIVE hours and have yet to be called back. I’ve seen people come in after me & leave before I’ve even been seen.

Christopher Sharpe

My wife and I took childbirth classes at Baptist Hospital on 10/22/11. At these childbirth classes we were informed of payment options available for labor and delivery. One of these payment options was to pay the estimated remainder in full in advance of delivery. Doing so would grant a 20% discount according to a pre-patient specialist whose name I have chosen not to mention. Therefore, on 11/14/11 my wife paid the estimated remaining amount of $770.10. Any additional costs i.e. C-section or other complications would be added to the bill and we would owe those charges but still be eligible for the 20% discount. This amount and 20% discount were to be applied to the birth of our daughter. On 2/2/12 we received a bill for labor and delivery costs from 12/6/11. No 20% discount was applied, and the $770.10 we paid in advance was nowhere to be found. My wife called Baptist hospital. She was told the 20% and the $770.10 was applied to an overnight stay on 11/22/11. Now, this bill, according to the gentleman on the phone, was $466.07. Where is this bill? This bill has yet to be sent. There is no proof of this bill or receipt of this payment. My wife asked why the 20% and the $770.10 were applied to this bill and not to our labor and delivery. The gentleman stated that “they assumed that you were going to give birth that day.” So our advance payment was applied to an incorrect hospital stay based on the assumption of the billing department? When my wife requested that the issue be corrected, she was told that it was too late because the payment had already been applied. Again, no receipt or bill to prove this. Also not on the bill from 12/6/11 is the remainder of the $770.10 of $397.24. If my wife had not called to question the bill, where would that money have gone? To Baptist’s pocket? Now we are being told that the bill for labor and delivery on 12/6/11 is not eligible for the 20% discount unless the bill is paid in full. We are very thankful for the care of the nurses and doctors of Baptist Hospital. We are very blessed to have a healthy baby. My issue is with the mixup of the billing department and their refusal to correct their mistakes.

Don Powers

My experiences with St. Thomas Midtown ER and hospital were the worst I have ever dealt with in many years all starting on May 29th, 2019 and going thru June 1st, 2019. I had to make two trips to the ER within a 24 hour period for severe abdominal and back pain on my left side before I was admitted to the hospital for MRI and ultrasound tests which showed I passed a kidney stone, had an upper colon infection and diverticulitis. My assigned physician, Amara Samathee, never listened to any input I had to say about my pain or how my body felt while I was in the hospital. Ms. Samathee stated that a gastroenterologist would be consulted about my condition but as soon as the hospital found out I was on approved financial aid from St. Thomas on May 31st, I was immediately discharged on June 1st, 2019. No gastroenterologist, no staying another day even though I was still in pain and no listening to any input I had to give about my condition. Basically the doctor and case worker, according to Dr. Samathee, decided I just needed antibiotics and get discharged by the attending nurse ASAP. The nurses were the only bright spot in my encounter with this medical facility. If your on financial aid, you better be prepared to be rushed out of the hospital whether you're healthy or ill. Apparently, money speaks louder than healthcare at St. Thomas Midtown. Also your admitting staff at ER needs to at least act like the care about patients even if we are an inconvenience to them. I was treated as an inconvenience because of no medical insurance. You probably won't react to this review swiftly because I didn't give you a 4 to 5 star rating. Also, I don't believe speaking with a patient service representative will solve the issues at this location. Treating everyone with dignity would be a great start.

Joe Brown

Staff not very friendly. Sitting in waiting room and admission staff will not change trash tv(dr phil). Staff refuses to change channel.

Tracy Renolds

This place should be closed water fountain been down a month dirty water the girl in the hope department top ain't good and is burned out

Patrice Smith

The Drs are excellent and very professional and after years of mis diagnosis and the dr listening to me he discovered the real source of my problems. So the Drs are 5 stars unfortunately I cant give the hospital 5 stars over all. Most of my nurses were excellent and provided excellent care but there were a few with attitude. The cleanest of the hospital has much to be desired and all employees retrained and held accountable. The food is horrible cold half cooked and in healthy they give you what they want. My plate came uncovered numerous times. I had chicken served to me 8 times the 7 times and it was horrible so alot of time I has raw spinach and fruit. I was tempted to call health department because of the many hands handling the food once it hit the floor nurses picking through it sucking there fingers. Upon discharge I had a nurse try to attack me her husband was taking me down for my release she put on a big display of boldness pushing my wheel chair when actually my foot got caught iin the door at First I took it was a mistake until he had to physically grab her and she kept swinging and hit my neck. I reported it to the manager haven't got no word back getting ready to get and attorney for this issue. The hospital does have great doctors and some great nurses and cnas it's a few who make this hospital look bad acting a damn fool.

Rob Vantz

Went in for pains in my stomach. Had a CT scan done and blood work and was prepared for surgery before getting to see the doctor. Finally got the doctor and all he told me was he didn't see anything on the scan and to see my family doctor. Then about a month later got three bills from them totaling more than $1900.00 with no explanation of the charges (even after calling them to find out)and months later still have no idea what I am being coded for. Save your $2000.00 and see a real doctor.


Staff at the main hospital are unprofessional and rude. Been waiting for preadmission appt for 2 hours now and everyone else that came after us has already been seen. Literally the worst customer service ever.

Kathryn Huddleston

Kathryn Huddleston Your review will be posted publicly on the web. Learn more I am so very grateful for the wonderful care that Robert Bratcher, Jr. received from the doctors, nurses, and techs while he was at St. Thomas West. So often, when patients are elderly and have several conditions, they receive "band aids" and are sent home by some hospitals. This is certainly not the case with St. Thomas. The surgeons, cardiologists, and hospital doctors gave so much attention to "Mr. Bob's" case even though he is elderly and has various conditions, including serious heart problems. Gratefully, Kathryn Huddleston, PhD, published author in quality genre and leadership, volunteer helper for the elderly

nikkie rivera

Got sent by my doctor and an urgent care for feeling Ill..and numbness n worsen issues w a possible foriegn object .its been two months its hurtimg just to walk on it ..oh but it looks good from the outside minus bruising n swelling . I get told well why would you come to an er..n we can't do the surgery here .. forget the fact you're in pain .. N a foriegn object from dirt possible creek rocks wouldn't cause you to feel bad.. really . .ummmmmm..... wow .. never ever coming here again .

Tiffany McKnight

I brought my child to the emergency room and i was told children will no longer be welcome to this hospital. It just seem very rude, what if it was the closet place to get to . at this point they put a bad taste in myself and my daughter. I was also told the only time children can come if they're being delivered like are you serious the nerve on how they treat people Vanderbilt is better than this i assure on that.

Chelsea Hobbs

Worst ER experience ever. Will never be back!

Trevor Marsteller

I’m having a hard time deciding what is worse about this hospital; the horrendous treatment or the billing nightmares that don’t seem to go away. Let’s start with the treatment. I unfortunately threw my back out on my 30th birthday, no alcohol was involved, and I was having the worst time trying to walk due to the pain and swelling. Since I had a flight the next day we decided to visit this hospital to try and get the pain and swelling under control before I had to cram myself onto a plane. What a mistake! After finally getting back to see the doctor, they decided to give me shots for anti-inflammatory and pain. They sat me on the edge of the bed and proceeded to give me a shot in each thigh while sitting upright as I struggle with the excruciating pain in my back. The nurse turns away and I pass out. I fall face forward off the bed and hit my head / face on the corner of the wall and floor. After I wake up, I have four nurses around me. I had cut my eyebrow open, chipped my front tooth and bruised my knee. They put me back on the bed and my heart rate had dropped to 30. Was there concern on the part of the doctors, absolutely not! My wife had to go out and ask the nurses if they could clean up my eye. You’d think that would be standard process but no. Also, since I hit my head you’d think a hospital would check for a concussion surely, right? Nope. Ok but they’d at least clean up the blood from my eyebrow from a sanitary perspective. Again, no. So not only did I have to go home the next day more beat up from the hospital but I had to pay to get a dentist to fix my tooth and now I have a scar on my eyebrow because the doctor didn’t feel it needed stitches. The same doctor we had to ASK to clean it out! I do not know how treatment could get worse. Now to the part that really irritates me…the billing. While being wheeled out of the hospital by the nurse, my wife and I realize that the hospital forgot to collect our insurance at the onset. Again, should be standard practice when you visit medical professionals but apparently not at Saint Thomas. We mention this to the nurse and her response was “if they forgot to ask that is their fault. Go ahead and go home.” So my wife and I leave. I make sure and call the hospital the next week to give them my insurance information but the first bill was already sent out. So I get my first obnoxiously high bill as if I am uninsured. I call the billing office and give them my insurance again just to make sure. A couple weeks later I get a bill that shows my insurance was applied but I still owe a balance, as expected. I call back and make payment. A few weeks after that I get ANOTHER bill that does not have my insurance information but shows the payment I made. I call back and give the billing assistant my information for a third time. Now a couple weeks later which is a full two and a half months after my visit, I get a letter from a medical collector that says I owe the balance. So not only did this hospital violate safety, sanitary and insurance policies but they continue to bill me for something that my insurance should be covering. I left the hospital with more physical ailments then when I entered and now they are potentially harming me financially by having disorder in their billing department. Most people in my situation would have hired legal representation but all I want is for them to stop trying to bill me for something that is covered under my insurance. I would highly discourage anyone from visiting this hospital unless it is your only choice.

Malena Partee

Had surgery at St Thomas Midtown Hospital by Dr Jason Barnett Oncologist Staff was very kind and caring from admission to discharge.Wonderful care here Thank You.Malena Travis

Christine Mejia

Amazing staff and very friendly. Everyone treated me with so much concern and attention.

miss kim

I examined general because of headache, but the staff there tell me here very expensive clinic. Why? Its looklike i don't have money to pay?

Rodney Foust

First Class, excellent communication before surgery excellent treatment surgery day staff was perfect makes surgery day so easy

Àngela Moore

They are wonderful doctor and nurses there, my first time there, was in so much pain the doctor gave me something for the pain and didn't let me go until I feel much better. so everyone make mistake they are human you knw. I will anyone I knw and don't knw Saint Thomas is the best hospital to go they care a lot about you.

Joyce Brooks

Rating for St Thomas Midtown Parking. My daughter and son-in-law started to leave with their new baby and was greeted with a parking ticket. It wasn’t because they parked in the wrong spot, but because their car had been in the same spot for 4 days. Yes they made sure to ask when going back to registration if they had parked in the wrong spot. So now they get to spend an additional 15 mins filling out an appeal form to have the ticket waived. Please do not do this to other new parents. Give your hospital patients a ticket to put in the their car to keep this from happening. My goodness they have already paid you enough money which more than covered a parking spot.

Lynn Decker


remote detonator

Serious lack of accountability. Nothing is their fault. Bills are sent to a completely wrong address - in spite of the fact that they were provided the correct address not only via paperwork which I'd filled out but a copy of my driver license. In the meantime, they're telling me to call the doctors to correct it. I am receiving nastygrams from their 3rd party billers and collection agencies. The doctor who treated me obtained my information from the hospital staff. I didn't give the doctor any information about anything except what I was there for. If they can't get my address right, I can't expect them to get anything else right, either.

Neena Lord

Waiting in admissions for over two hours. That's at least the norm. If you don't have all day, don't plan on coming. Make sure you ask for documentation for your job as to how long you had to be there. It's been over 2 hours so far. Wish there were a minus star. Very unprofessional and uncaring staff in admissions. Good luck if you choose to go here! Update: Finally leaving after 3 hours simply to pre-register for surgery in admissions. Good luck, everyone!

Elyi Ramirez

After having my first born in Florida and having the worst expierence in the world I was so scared about having my second child. But I can’t say anything but amazing things about this hospital. The nurses were amazing, everything was perfect! I can’t thank everyone enough. The staff was eager to educate me on all of the unknowns of raising a baby. I get so prepared when I left the hospital. I am very pleased to say that my baby and I came home happy and healthy, and it was all due the staff at St. Thomas Hospital.

Jackie Brady

I had a total Right knee replacement done at St. Thomas Midtown Joint Replacement on Monday, Feb. 29th, 2016....and my experience was incredible. I moved here to Clarksville, TN 3 1/2 years ago from Upstate New York. I have had MULTIPLE left and right knee surgeries due to sports, riding horses competitively among other various strenuous exercise. All of my previous surgeries where done in NY...I truly thought I would never find a surgeon or hospital like mine at home. Dr. Jason Jones performed my replacement and he was phenomenal, I would recommend him to anyone looking for help with hip or knee issues. The OR nurses and doctors where phenomenal as well, as a retired nurse I know how the "show" should go and I couldn't have asked for a better team for this procedure. The nurses who took care of me after me surgery was completed were unbelievable as well, I felt safe, comfortable and in the hands of medical staff that cared and knew what they were doing. Thank St. Thomas Midtown and The Joint Replacement Institute, you made what could have been a horrible experience very, very tolerable....and a special thank you to Dr. Art, Sydney and especially Dr. made my OR experience virtually stress-free. Bravo to all !!!

Keri Paxton

My surgery and recovery was top notch. Staff were so kind and took the best care of me. I’m giving a one star rating because my surgery was TWO MONTHS AGO, and I paid upfront to save 20% only to have them not send my bill through in time for it to go toward my deductible. The anesthesiologist was first to charge my insurance, so I had to pay them $1700 to meet my deductible. Which means I overpaid the hospital significantly. Here’s where the two months is a problem because they STILL haven’t refunded me my money!! Luckily this money isn’t the difference between me feeding my children or them going hungry because the billing department can’t even tell me when they will give me money back though they can clearly see I’m owed. To add insult to injury, I continue to receive a BILL FROM THEM!! Just go somewhere else unless you want a billing nightmare. This is unfortunate as I believe they really do have great medical staff.

Natalie Martin

The review page will not allow me to give a zero, but I would if I could. On Friday, Feb. 1st, 2019, I went for a CT scan at an imaging center about 3 minutes from St. Thomas Mid-Town. It was discovered that I had several small blood clots in my lower lungs and my doctor instructed me to get to ER ASAP. He instructed me to take my images and paper work to St. Thomas Mid-Town OR Centennial. I chose to go to STMH's ER....WORSE mistake EVER!!! Upon entering I stood at the designated spot because another person was being serviced. When the person walked off I stood waiting to be called forth....I was NOT. I gave the receptionist at the ER in-take a few seconds to finish up what she may have needed to do for the previous patient. She continued to look down and then began carrying on a conversation with a male ambulance medic who walked up to her. They talked and laughed all the while NEVER acknowledging I was standing there. Then another receptionist came to the desk area and sat down. She NEVER looked up to acknowldege me either and actually got in on the conversation with the other two. While they were all talking and laughing another medic came in on the conversation and I still had NOT been acknowledged! Mind you I have direct orders from my doctor to get to ER immediately with my images and paper work to give to the doctor on call. After standing there WAY too long I approached the desk and the receptionisit who was there initially NEVER looked my way as she continued her conversation with the medic. I looked at the one who had just been seated and explained to her the seriousness of my situation and that my doctor had just ordered that I come to ER immediately for blood clots. She flippantly took my papers and CD (with the images), half-heartedly looked through the paper work and said, "OK, someone will be with you in a moment. Have a seat." I was in complete shock and stated to her that it was obvious she did not read my paper word and that I needed to be seen immediately as directed by my doctor for the blood clots. She stated to me that I had to be seated and get paper work completed and that they could NOT just skip over all the other people who were there before me!!! Oh, the story gets worse, but I will end it here by saying that I demanded that my CD and paper work be given back to me and I would be going to Centennial. I was approached by someone named Ashley who was VERY condescending when telling me to calm down. She stated that the doctor was looking through my paper work and CD. Calm down?! Really....I stated to her I just wanted my things so I could get to another ER immediately. I also asked for the names of the two receptionists (I could not quite read their badges). Ashley stated I could not have their names for that was not protocol. She told me that I could have her name and she would take my concerns to the manager...that was their protocol. Upon leaving (with my paper work and CD) I told Ashley I could easily get their names and her not giving them to me was NO problem. I left and went to Centennial's ER where I was seen within 5-10 minutes and received top notch care from the moment I enterd their ER to the time I left 5 days later! I will be taking matters further with this incident. I am beyond disappointed and was very angry with the lack of professionalism, compassion and empathy of these ER employees at STMH.

Ocampo Emma

Very nice experience congratulations to all workers

Jennifer Haines

Great care

Jim Brown

The folks in the 8th floor joint replacement unit were awesome.

Sheyda ferdosian

I have to say the labor and delivery is the best! I was so terrified of baby delivery and to give birth. The Nurses and staff truly made it so easy! I never thought it would be so easy for me to give birth to my son. The Nurse that helped me get thorough it was AMAZING!

Jessica Horton

St Thomas Midtown was absolutely amazing. During the hardest time of my life, I was 17 weeks pregnant and just found out we lost the baby. January 3rd I was admitted and induced at St. Thomas. From the check-in, to the nurse who did my initial few hours, the lab, to the nurse who cried with me as we delivered our sweet baby girl. This particular nurse, who I can not remember her name, came back after her shift to cry with me and give me a farewell hug. Every single staff member was so sweet and caring...they truly made the worst situation as bearable as possible. I am currently 14 weeks with, im praying, our rainbow baby....and without a doubt or hesitation, St Thomas Midtown is the hospital I will be using.


As I'm sitting here waiting on my mother to finish her appointment, I witnessed some pretty unprofessional stuff from the staff in the office. This transitioning person came in with their dog. The staff and another patient were all petting and talking about the dog. As soon as the person left, they all began making fun and laughing at this person. They still are at this moment. So sad. I'm about to say something to them, just a heads up.

Denise K

They were horrible. I have been going to this hospital - I was born here myself, when they were Baptist. I went two days ago because of severe pain and I sat in the ER for 3 hours and I still wasn’t helped. I asked twice and the two very childish individuals at the front desk, looked and laughed as I moaned in pain. I was not helped at all and left in the lobby, even after one of the receptionist told me they had beds in the back AND even after individuals came in after me and was seen before me. She even told me that hit was set based on priority and I wasn’t much of one. I had to get picked up by a family member and taken to Vanderbilt. They treated me quickly and found out that I had two fist sized gallstones, one of which, was embedded and causing internal issues. They took me to the back and prepared me for surgery. St. Thomas Midtown left me to die in the lobby and they laughed. I will never step foot in the hospital again, let alone, have my child in there.


RIP Johnny Cash amirite oh and June Carter Cash ;)

Keri Knowles

Bedside manners were atrocious and very inconsiderate. The exam needed was awful. Ended up being treated for something other than what was really happening. The doctor was very judgmental and one of the nurses actually told us that other people were there for more important needs than us! I believe even if they knew what was really happening they still would not have had any compassion. I will NEVER return or take a family member to this hospital if I can avoid it. This is the 2nd time at the emergency room in the last few weeks and both times the staff acted this way!!!! I would give NO stars if possible.

David Ferrell

It's really hard to believe that a place that offers such good medical care could be such horrible business people! Been waiting over two months for a refund! Be extra careful with your money around these people!

James Mcdonald

Nurses are wonderful, very helpful, and knowledgeable; food is about what you would expect from a hospital cafeteria although they do have a cafe on the first floor that serves decent Starbucks so that was a bonus..overall it was a great experience and our bundle of joy is now at home removing any thoughts of sleep that I may have had

Elizabeth Hayes

The ER nurses and staff are not attentive to their patients. Instead of answering call buttons, they were sitting at their desk playing on their phones or had their heads down. Extremely poor patient care.

Charlene Kimmel

This is a complaint about being over charged on outpatient tests. My heart doctor is with St Thomas Health Partners, Dr Mark Zenker. I have about a 10 year history of congestive heart problems, well controlled with drugs and every year I see Dr Zenker and get an ECHO to check my status. We have been on a VERY high deductible heath insurance plan now for several years so we have to pay for all tests, etc, out of pocket. On 7/8/16 I had an ECHO scheduled. 2 days before the test St Thomas billing called me and told me the test would run about $3000. ( by the way, this same test was only $1500 two years prior!) Based on the insurance we had ( BC&BS), $3000 was what it would cost me. But if I agreed to pay $1484 right now with a credit card, that would be the total charges. I thought it was outrageous ( this was just an ECHO- basically like an ultrasound test- takes 20 minutes at the most!) But I decided to go ahead and pay it anyway. Well, today, I got in the mail the credit card bill showing the $1484, AND an "overage" bill from St Thomas, for $92.00 MORE. I called the billing department and got no where with them.( the charge was only an estimate, blah, blah, blah) This is a small amount of money to me, but it is the principle of the thing. This is a Catholic HOSPITAL. The last place I expect to lie to me, a Catholic, is a Catholic hospital! I had a similar experience with them before several years ago, and unfortunately, it looks like their regular practice. I will be looking for another heart doctor ( though I think the world of Dr Zenker) but I cannot stand St Thomas and their billing practices and this is the only hospital he is affiliated with. I am ashamed that a religious institution like this has succumbed to the $ associated with healthcare to the extent they treat people like this.

the family show honesty old show

Poor never Wana go back nothing to support the patients delivering babies poor rooms poor assistance this is recent as 2017 April

Elizabeth Wilson

I have a wonderful experience the nurses was very sweet. And Dr. Christoper Hill was AMAZING!! He checked on me when I first made it on the floor with a smile on his face. It was after 5 pm he checked on me twice before surgery and after. He is a wonderful doctor. I will appreciate the time and respect y’all given me and my family. May God Bless each and every one of you.

John Wyatt

Worst ER in the area.

Rob Thompson

Beware if you go to OB triage at night you will probably not see a doctor only a nurse. Also if you are >20 weeks pregnant and complain of abdominal pain they will send you to OB triage and you will never see an ER doctor. They missed a small bowel issue with my wife because of this. Try the Centennial OB emergency room if you have any pre-delivery concerns, after our first child we will never go back to Midtown.

Stacie Anderson

This particular rating is on 1 of my ICU nurses...Sara on nites. Sara, you are one of the BEST nurses I've ever had. Full of compassion, love of her patients, hands on, on top of everything, sincere, ...I could go on & on... Not many nurses these days rub your back, wipe your tears, help u brush your teeth, etc because you're vomiting & in so much pain. U can tell the difference between a nurse who's there just for the paycheck...& those who are there because they truly love to care for their patients & genuinely love & care. I hated to see your shift end Sara...I truly did. The rest of my care has been just fine...but the care I received from notch! Everything plus more that anyone could ask or expect from their nurse! Keep doing what you're doing Sara!!! Your patients are blessed to have you!

Afrikia Avant

I gave birth at this hospital a week ago. My experience there was beyond 5 stars. The entire staff, doctors, and nurses....especially the nurses, were very professional and friendly. The only person I wasn't too fond of was a young lady that was taking my food order over the phone for breakfast. I didn't get her name but she was very rude and unprofessional. But overall, I enjoyed everything.

Jerry Franklin

Great post!

Bobbie Ventura

Good service. It was my Birthday when I had surgery this time.

Conner Atchison

They took the up most best care of my grandmother when she had her massive heart attack

Deann Clay

3 stays in the past 2 years at St Thomas Midtown and all I can say is this place is above 5 stars! The nursing staff is exceptional. Dr's were amazing each time and really spend time with you, explaining your issues and listening to all your concerns. By far, the best place to be if you're sick or hurt. And the'll never know that you're in a hospital. It's like being at a great restaurant. They really care about what they're preparing and go out of their way to make it a wonderful experience. I will never choose any other hospital for my care. I almost felt like I was on vacation, they took such good care of me.

David Gibson

Friendly staff

Ashley Jackson

I was here for me to have my hysterectomy surgery 4 months ago.

Carole Corley

So we have had multiple (8) Apts in the past month with my mother at St Thomas Midtown in preparation of surgery. We have had mostly a good experience with all staff, doctors and nurses. Everyone is helpful. The ONLY one negative experience was in imaging, the ladies were too busy gossiping about co-workers to notice and hear my mother cry out for help. To end on a good note, day of surgery went well. The OR was great about keeping me updated throughout the process and the sweet lady working desk on 5th floor of family waiting room IS a blessing. She shows such caring and sympathy for families. She made a hard day a little bit easier.

clyde pence

Medical staff office very friendly and helpful. Attitude emulates from the top.

Kelly O'Brien

My darling daughter and her sweet husband are soon to be new parents and had a false alarm! I'm 300 miles away they were VERY scared! They went to St. Thomas by mistake and the staff was SOOO SWEET AND KIND to them! They checked her, calmed them and sent them home relaxed and laughing!!! Thanks so much for everything!!! I'm so happy St. Thomas was THERE for my BABIES!!!

Elizabeth Glynn

Doctor called ahead to admit my mother who was in kidney distress with a recurring issue the hospital was aware of. She had to wait 7 hours for admittance and a bed. Unacceptable when hospital administration knew she was coming in. However, her day nurse has been very attentive to her care.

John Cavin

Great hospital!

Pam Hunnicutt

Check in went smoothly as did procedure.The post care is not so good.I was told no pain meds needed.I found out differently Anytime you are cut on and stitched up you will have pain.Was told stitches would dissolve.After 2,wks still there,itching and very uncomfortable.I called the hospital first wanting to speak with a surgical nurse but was told to call my oncologist.They instructed me to call MD who removed my port They in turn offered no assistance and referred me back to St.Thomas or my oncologist.Needless to say I was upset.I have stitches that are not disolving,and am ready to remove them myself.I called your facility first because I wrongly assumed someone in your day-surgery department could help,however your operator would not even let ne speak to someone I normally overlook problems in this,area having worked in healthcare for many years.This time I am not because post care and problens also should be dealt with.I don't want anything but a few answers.I am very disappointed because since my cancer diagnosis I have chosen St.Thomas.I can't say I will again.

Christopher Haddox

I cam to the ER yesterday as i had been in Canada visiting my daughter's when last thursday i had horrible pain in my left side and groin area as well as peeing blood. Went to the hospital in Canada and turned out i had a 9mm x 8mm kidney stone that was obstructed.They set me up for surgery on Monday of this past week. Well on our way back to Florida the pain was so bad i was throwing up and still peeing blood. We stopped to stay overnight in Nashville. From the time i walked through the doors of Saint Thomas everybody was very nice except the one nurse i had. Do not know her name as she barely spoke to me let along tell me her name. Dr Koons however was awesome,very compassionate,thorough and polite. He spent time talking to me and explaining everything. He could tell the pain was really bad annd once he came to see me after my CT Scan he said he was ordering something for pain and nausea. Nausea med was a pill valled Zofran and pain med was a shot called Dilaudid. Both worked really well. Took the dr awhile to come talk to me but i completely understand as its busy in an ER plus there is patients alot sicker than myself thst need the care more urgently. Thsnk you for everything Saint Thomas and thank you Dr. Koons!!!

Carrie Urquhart

Do not go here for general practitioner care. I waited for over three hours to see the doctor, 3 times in a row. With an appointment. When I complained I got a general message that they take patient care very seriously, to which they did Jack. Not even an apology.

Jennifer Davenport

I was admitted May 2nd and gave birth May 3rd. My nurses were wonderful and I’ll never forget how amazing they were. The nurse I had while getting the epidural was fantastic and so loving when I started to panic because I was stuffed up and couldn’t breathe. It was a wonderful experience and if I have another baby, I will definitely be going back!

Aaron Maccaro

My wife and I had our first baby here on April 3. We had a great experience. Most of the nurses were very attentive and friendly. The lactation nurses were extremely helpful and passionate about their jobs. We would reccomend anyone to deliver here. We received discharge teaching and a bunch of resource info.

Mark Sosebee

After searching for someone to tell me why my hip had a baseball size hole in it with rotten meat falling out of it, I thought I had FINALLY found my place. My biggest problem with the hospital was that I was in the middle of having an MRI done and had a Heart Attack while IN THE MACHINE. I told the guy to "GET ME OUT OF HERE". I was having severe chest pains and all they did was get me a cold towel and tried to calm me down. My records indicated I had a previous Heart Attack but they DID NOTHING to assist with me having a heart attack. I was sent back to my room where I continued to complain of chest pain, I told a family member that I AM HAVING A HEART ATTACK. OVER AND OVER. We rang the buzzer and told them and 15 minutes later after I continued to used my Nitro to keep it at bay a family member had to go to the nurses station to tell them, HE IS HAVING A HEART ATTACK. It was later determined that I did in fact have a heart attack. So why wasnt something done about it. Then you get to why I was there. I had a baseball size hole in my leg. At first it was a spider bite then a bed sore After going back every week for several months and having my hip cut and cleaned they still couldnt tell me what was wrong. An ortho was called in...An Ortho, ye right. They argued in front of me telling me that I was going to have surgery to have an infected hip removed. Problem was, the ortho didnt want to do it, but was afraid to tell me that. Instead they sent me home to die. They said I needed to find another group of doctors that could address the issue. I didnt get it, I wasnt a "bad patient". I never ring the buzzer unless I absolutely need something. I just think the doctor didnt know what he was doing. The interns even came in and told me that I was having surgery the following Monday weather Dr. So&So did it or someone else did it. I guess it was a blessing in disquise for I found Dr. Mark Freeman @ Erlanger Hospital in Chattanooga that knew EXACTLY what the problem was. He explained it to me straight forward, no sugar coating. And I was at the point I didnt need nor want any sugar coating of any type. He operated on me, replaced my bad hip with a new hip and now I am COMPLETELY PAIN FREE in my hip. After 12 years of suffering Dr Freeman @ Erlanger in Chattanoog made it go away. I had my doubts because of having the pain so long, but he did it. Had I followed the plans from the physicians at Baptist rather than seeing Dr Freeman on a certain day, I would have been having pre=testing done to have the whole in my leg just closed back up, infection and all. At first I thought I was really in the right place and even wrote a letter stating that, but as time went by, I realized I was NOT IN THE RIGHT PLACE. Sad thing is Dr Freeman is right her in my town 15 minutes from my house, Baptist is 150 miles away. Why I thought I would get better treatment there, I will never know. But if I have a say so, I will NEVER go back.

Kim B.

Unfortunately we have had 4 admissions recently to St. Thomas Midtown. Each time we start at the admissions office. Not once have we met someone at that desk that was nice, polite or helpful. I greeted them with good morning and in return I get what's your name, sit over there and I'll call you in a minute which always means 45 minute so all of them behind the desk can talk to each other and stay on their phone. They certainly need customer service training. St. Thomas Midtown has a beautiful cafeteria but, it too seems to ran poorly. The hours that they are open are very limited. There should be somewhere for family members and staff to get a cup of coffee and something to eat at all times in a hospital. Everyone can't eat at the same time. At 6:30pm I walked to the cafeteria to find all I could get was premade grab and go food. I understand everything can't be open all day, but something should be. On the salad bar the lettuce is kept on a warm board, it's not kept cold so the lettuce is warm and wilted. It needs some serious over hauling.

Robert O'Brien

This overall has been an awful experience having our first child here. From residents and nurses lying about what their doing to having security called because a nurse doesn't comprehend postpartum depression and has a complete inability to emphasize with a woman who has been in the hospital 7 days after giving birth. Not everyone has the same support system at home and she needs to truly understand this. Please teach you new staff compassion because the charge nurse today truly lacked that. Security was called on a postpartum mother because she cussed in a sentence not degrading the nurse in any way but she said it's a threat so security stands outside the room gloved like they are going to try to take someone down along with about 10 nurses. There is a difference in a threat and cursing in a sentence. I'm ashamed to say my daughter was born here and I would avoid this place if at all possible. There are many other great hospitals that are within a few miles off here. This is not an good representation of what god intended this place to be. please learn not to be reactive to a pregnant woman that is upset that is plain ignorant. We did have a few amazing nurses and I hope that their kind souls can weed out the bad burnt out nurses. I'm so disappointed I'm the experience we had I will NEVER return as a patient and will not associate myself with anything St. Thomas ever. GO SOMEWHERE ELSE IF YOU CAN!!!!

Angela Canterbury

We were from out of town and on of use got hurt by someone hiting her off of on of those spin scooters ..took her to this hospital no IV was placed, no pain meds were given until she was really to be discharged then given oral meds then she threw it all up. x-ray was taken not very good experience.....and for side note all of use that came in with her are nurses ....

Greg Reese

Never been treated so bad at a Hospital. Went to ER and they were the most insensitive bunch. I was in extreme pain and noone seemed to be in any hurry to help me. Worst ER experience in 54 years and I have been to them all. Never again will I step foot in that Hospital. Room was nasty.Vents had caked dust on them and hadn't been cleaned in months that was obvious.

desirae moncada

I had no idea this hospital was so huge... It was my first time being seen here for my prenatal care and i went to the wrong building twice. I don’t know my new OBs name because he was assigned by the VA. I was stress tf out and I kind of wanted to cry lol. The woman (I don’t know her name) at the admissions desk took time out of her busy schedule to call every OBGYN until she found the one I was supposed to be seeing. Upon arrival, I was greeted with smiles. I was still able to be seen although I was 30 minutes late. Nonetheless, I had 3 pages of questions to ask my new OBGYN (1st time momma lol) and he was excited to answer every one without hesitation. I’m extremely happy that I’m getting my prenatal care from St. Thomas MidTown.

Averie M

The nurses were exceptional in the bedside manner and making sure I was comfortable and calm during my stay. They would sincerely chat with me while distributing my medications so I would forget about the pain. They were kind and loving and not one of the doctors, tech staff, PT, or nurses were ever anything outside of extraordinary. And I had a very large team of doctors on my rare case. I had been to two hospitals before midtown who dismissed my symptoms and pain, St. Thomas Midtown did not and went above and beyond to make sure I was treated effectively and quickly, they never skated around corners and looked at every angle that the infection I had could have touched in my body. They literally saved my life because if what I had was not caught, I would not have survived. Thank you St. Thomas Midtown for your love and kindness to a very scared and nervous patient.

Daniel Stewart

Every person that interacted with was so kind and helpful. I was legitimately impressed

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