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REVIEWS OF Planned Parenthood - Nashville Health Center IN Tennessee

Margret Parker

My experience here is always pleasant. The staff is always so nice & accommodating. I really feel like the women & men who work here are really here for me. I never have a bad experience. :-)

Courtney Lucas

It was honestly one of the best experiences I’ve ever had. These women made me feel strong, safe, and were so empowering. I felt so at home here, and this was honestly the first time I’ve been taken seriously. I will come back here in the future for healthcare, no doubt about it. I loved this place, and everyone in it. They took such great care of me, and made me feel comfortable. I trust them 100% with all of my future healthcare. All the women here supported me and my decision, and treated me like a real woman. I’m forever thankful for the services I was provided, and the sweet women that work here. ❤️

Jessica Yohn

Tiffany Elder

I needed to get the strings checked on my IUD and I needed to get my annual exam. I moved here somewhat recently and don't have a GP. My friends here all complain often about how hard it is to get appointments for female wellness in this city. I made my appointment online, I never had to talk to anyone on the phone. I was able to make an appointment for just a week out. They sent me several email reminders so I wouldn't forget and I was able to print out my forms and fill them out at home ahead of time so I didn't have to spend time filling them out there. I arrived really early and was worried that I would end up having to wait forever. To my surprise, I was called back early and everything was honestly super expedient. I don't like going to the doctor and Dr. Erin was super nice and made me feel very at ease. She talked me through everything and was super friendly. It honestly was about as comfortable as I could feel with someone feeling around in my girly parts. Because of my family medical history I was referred to a specialist in case I wanted to talk to someone about screening for conditions that run in my family. Everything was super quick and informative, while still taking time to make me feel comfortable. I would go back for sure.

Caleb Banks

Ash Reed

Amazing staff, really great with pronouns too

Chelsea McCloud

All of my experiences with PP in Nashville are all amazing. The doctors, nurses, and staff are all very kind and thoughtful. This place saved my life. They offer many services and are very accommodating.

Alexandria Coleman

The employees here are very friendly and professional. It truely feels like a safe space. This facility offers a wide range of services, such as birth control, general health care, HIV services, exams, cancer screenings, Testing, etc.

Sagitario Cordoba

David Batts

Tatiana Todd

Brent Clinkenbeard

Cassandra Roberts

Autumn Vanak


Kindest group of employees of any medical facility I've ever been to.

Micky S

Erica Roy

Great place for women's health. I Have been here a handful of times over the last few years. They are always kind, caring and considerate. They would NEVER make someone abort if the person didn't want too. The below comment regarding them urging her to abort her "clump of cells" is probably from a small minded religious psycho. They love to leave comments on these public forums to further their own religious agenda. I trust Planned Parenthood 100%. They care about the patient and work hard to accomadate ones needs.


I feel like after your 1st visit they should offer some kind of discount . My second visit was more than the 1st visit . I feel like I didn't Receive as much care as before.The nurses are friendly.,but the receptionist can use a little attitude adjustments and The clinic could Work on their wait time .

Nativee Queen

Very patient n respectful

Harley Erwin

I called just to get info on what I needed to bring IF I was able to get an appointment regarding HRT and they made it very easy to make an appointment right away. It sounded too good to be true. I was blown away by how friendly and helpful the entire staff was at my first appointment. The doctors and nurses were personable, friendly and very accomodating. I felt very comfortable there. They called me back a few minutes after my appointment time. The cost was more than they told me over the phone. But not by much. I dont have insurance and it was still reasonable. It still seems too good to be true. Thank you so much for treating everyone with courtesy, respect and professionalism. I wish ANY other hospital, clinic, doctors office was half this good. Thank you, again. ❤

Xanthe Braxton

Riley Stevenson

Cassie Plemons

Jazmine Graves

Jazmin Wright

Christina Bolton

Candie Felton

I am very upset about the wait I made my appointment over a month ago and was 15 minutes early and the doctor was late. The office staff has been very rude and I've asked to reschedule 3 times because I have a busy life and I don't have time to sell with people that can't get me in at 9:30 It's been an hour don't waste your time coming here. If this wasn't necessary I wouldn't still be here.

Brandon Dykes

Danielle Mullen

Jacob Weiss

Lmao they yeet Ed the fetus way to fast bro I wanted to take pictures

Sarah Harris

Hope Siler

I had the speediest, kindest care I have ever received here. It was so easy and they cover so many different types of insurance! Everyone I interacted with was super nice and direct with me. They answered all of my questions. I went to get an IUD, and it was super quick and easy. I felt safe and cared for in a place of no judgment. I would recommend this facility to anyone seeking affordable health care and excellent service.

Kaitlyn Fairchild

I just went in today to get tested and was really impressed with the whole facility. It was clean and everyone was polite and made great efforts to ensure confidentiality even in the check in process. There was someone at the door to greet people and to keep patients from being intimidated by the protesters outside. The nurse who drew my blood (in one try, which is AMAZING for my veins) was so sweet, funny and friendly. The doctor explained the benefits of the different tests and made sure I was getting all the tests necessary for my circumstances. It's a wonderful organization and fantastic facility.

Nikki Vestal

Kathy Reconco

Keirra Ęwa

One of the lady operators was very rude, before I even scheduled an appointment. She acted as if she didn’t want to be there, so I didn’t even feel comfortable scheduling my appointment at this location, so I ended the call.

Gina M.

Jaemy M

Kind and knowledgeable staff. Great woman care for those of us hurt by our state refusal to expand Medicaid and its rejection the Affordable Healthcare Act.

Jenn Smith

Professional, courteous, experts. Helped diagnosis my endometriosis after I have been to so many other doctors with the same complaints.

Kaila R

I visited this location as a walk in. As I was waiting two hours, I checked in to see what my actual wait time was (noticing other walk ins after me were getting service). The nice lady at the front desk checked her system and she said that I was next! I was very excited since I was waiting so long, but unfortunately other walk ins and people were still getting service before me. I checked in with the guy at the front desk and he called the nurses in the back to get a time. On the phone they told him they were seeing the appointments before me and he told me there were 5 people ahead of me. I was shocked because I was just told I was next by the lady at the front 30 MINUTES PRIOR. So I asked him “what is an estimated wait time??” and he said “I don’t know” after overhearing him tell people that came in after me (as a walk in) an hour wait... At this point I was fed up and had been waiting for going on three hours and left. He didn’t show any sadness or apologize for the misinformation. VERY POOR EXPERIENCE ALL I WANTED WAS AN STD SCREENING to stay in the know of my sexual health.


Everyone is really sweet and helpful. The one thing I would say was when I went in for an abortion I had been talking to the doctor and answering questions-clearly I was okay and not drugged up. The doctor then asked for my name, my birthday, and then why I was there. I know why I was there. I was there to get an abortion. It’s already traumatizing. I’m not proud or happy to have done it. I feel like asking that was unnecessary. I was clearly fine.

jesse madsen

Thanks for yet another fabulous abortion! <3 you guys!

Cory Wooten

Selena Hernandez

The doctors and nurses and stuff are so kind

Amber Barnes

Amazing staff!! I have never felt so comfortable talking on the phone to anyone in the medical field before. I was treated wonderfully and somewhat quickly. I was getting the nexplanon implant put in and the whole thing only took maybe 15-20 minutes. They got me into my appointment a little late and the wait time for calls could use a little work, but a little waiting is 200% worth it for the wonderful staff and the affordable care.

Courtney RN

remote detonator

These folks are amazing!!! My daughter is just experiencing all of the "joys" of growing up and it's not so joyful. They treated her like a human being and respected her opinion and had a conversation with her. They didn't talk at her or dumb down the conversation. (My daughter is probably the first 12 year old they've had that knows what her body parts are and what they do and isn't scared or ashamed to talk about it, either.) I love PP and what they do for people. If they weren't here, there are SO many more young ladies that would end up dying from HIV or having unwanted babies or whatever because that's just not something you talk about in polite company. If you don't like Planned Parenthood, make them unnecessary! Educate yourselves and your children. Stop this abstinence only nonsense. There is a girl at my son's high school (a FRESHMAN) with two kids because she had NO idea how things worked or how to prevent it. Until then, I will continue to be grateful to and for them and I will take my daughter there ANY TIME!!!!

britney watson

A bunch of great caring doctor's, nurses, and employees. Very helpful and comforting place.

Bu Blank

theyve been providing birth control to my sister for hormonal issues for years, and they taught at my sexual education class in high school! thanks PP!!

Natalie Young

Darlene Jacobs

Best experience I've had in a clinic. thank you Planned Parenthood - Nashville for your dedication to your patients.

Alexandria Hartman

Drove there to get my Paraguard IUD placed. My friends went with me as one was getting the Skyla too. EVERYONE was nice and caring. Friendly faces outside of the door to walk you to the facility because of the ridiculous protestors. The nurse was really nice, but the doctor was amazing! She was hilarious and completely honest and real about all of the available options. She spent hours counseling me and my friend over EVERYTHING (coming in and out of the room) and gave us info on her own personal experiences. She was super professional when we were big babies for the insertion. This is the first OBGYN that I feel like has listened to me and cared about my experience this much. We drove 3 hours on a Saturday and it was worth every minute of the drive.

kat Daddy

JaCinda W

Katherine Woulfe

Gina cooper

Wen Ken

If you need immediate help, don't call here. First off, I have called 4 times so far and have never spent less than 15 minutes on hold. Second, I had blood work done on Friday. They told me to call back Saturday afternoon for the results. No results. They told me to call back on Tuesday because Monday was a holiday. After spending 27 minutes on hold, I was told to call back on Wednesday because they still didn't have my results. By the time I get the results, I will have waited almost 5 days to get them-- IF they have the results on Wednesday. It's not like I didn't pay for these services. If it were free I might be ok but since I paid for a service (and not discounted)-- I expect results! It's not any cheaper than going to a regular doctor-- don't have insurance and since I'm paying out of pocket at Planned Parenthood--a place dedicated to women's health--I assumed it would be cheaper than the regular doctor. It's not cheaper and it takes 3 times as long to get results--not even including how long it takes to get someone on the phone! When you actually make it into the clinic, you will stand at the window for several minutes before one of them will tear their eyes away from the computer and acknowledge you. I personally went during a time when there was absolutely NO ONE in the waiting room so it's not like they were busy. I will never return.


The staff was wonderful I felt comfortable with them and they help me with everything. They were able to see me in a weekend, I would definitely recommend them to a friends and family members.

Chelseia Willians

Laura Harper Knight

They've been stellar in supporting all of my needs. As a woman, protecting my health includes pap smears and birth control and other services that I can't afford outside of clinics. They'vekept my medical history and interests in mind. I don't know what I would do without this service.

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