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REVIEWS OF Parkridge Medical Center IN Tennessee

willliam landrum

I was there to have my knee scoped to repair a meniscus tear. I arrived at 6am for pre Op testing, in prep by 8 am and in surgery by 9 am. The hospital is a very busy one but to my surprise every single member of the staff that I had contact with was very enjoyable and professional. Every nerse greeted me with a smile and a full name. The anesthesiologist was very relaxed and uplifting and the surgical team was the freindyest I have ever met. It is by far the most enjoyable experience I have ever had in a hospital environment. I wish I could go back and thank every individual personally. Not many people know the horrors these people have to deal with on a daily basis and to be able to bounce back and keep a professional attitude is very astonishing. Always be kind to your caretakers no matter how mad you are. And thank them regularly. You have no idea how much it means to them.

Doug Stockton

Spinal fusion on Friday....out Monday....could not have been better taken care of. Hospital and Dr. (Richard Pearce) exceeded every expectation! THANK YOU!!

Jack Deaton

I had outpatient surgery done this past week at Parkridge Medical Center and without a doubt it was the smoothest transitions I have ever had with a medical center. From the call at home before my procedure with their nurse going over what to expect along with a list of medications and which ones I should take before my appointment time. Once I entered the hospital each and every station from check in to check out and going home was great. The nurses along with the staff and technicians were great. Made for a quick and smooth time in the hospital. I would recommend Parkridge Medical Center to anyone who is in need of such a facility. Thanks Jack W Deaton

Janet Combes

Excellent nurses and techs. Only problem they didn’t apply compression hose on leg before leaving causing quite a few issues

Gary Shields

Very professional with personal attention at all levels.

susan stewart

I want to thank the nurses on the 2 floor and the Sicu Nurses for taking care of my sister Sandy Cole Thank you for all you have done

Angel Phillips

If I have to be in the hospital I'm glad it's this one. Nurses Emily and Christina on the fourth floor are just as sweet as can be, but the whole staff was awesome. I came in for some severe pain and ended up having to get my gullbladder removed. I noticed each day someone came over the speakers to pray, which made me feel so much more at ease. I didn't once feel judged, patronized, or belittled the way a lot of doctors and hospital staff make me feel. They listened to my concerns and questions, they answered everything in ways I could understand it.

Zachery Brom

They made me feel welcomed and cared for every step of the way. Before and after my surgery I was treated with respect and love from every person.

Eddie Reeves

Everything went great !!

Marie Murphy

Very displeased and would not recommend. I had an MRI done back in March and went in uninsured. I was quoted a price and was told if I paid right then they would take another 20% off the quoted price. I paid in full and even asked how that price was so inexpensive. I was told they give the price they would bill insurance, which was around $1100 and give an 80% discount which brought the price down to around $220. If I paid then it would only be around $180 so I paid in full. A few weeks later I got a bill for just over $450. I was told they "gave me the wrong price." I'm not sure how that is my issue or my fault, but I think it's corrupt to try and charge a patient for something they were told was paid in full. It went into dispute. A month later with the next statement I called and was told it was still in dispute. That was in May. I NEVER heard a single word about that bill again and never thought twice about it until a COLLECTIONS agency called me yesterday morning. Needless to say I am NOT happy. You always hear horror stories about billing and how hospitals like to screw you, but I never thought it would happen to me. Trying to speak to someone at the hospital is like trying to bathe a cat - it's not happening. They don't care. They're only interested in screwing over someone because their employee in the billing department did something wrong. Maybe you should bill her error back to her. I bet if they did they would never have an error from her again. I shouldn't be punished because someone didn't do their job correctly. I paid in full what I was told. I would never go to Park Ridge for anything again.

Trey Sullivan

A+ no probems

Toddie Liles Clark

My husband was the patient, and he and I were both very impressed with everything about the hospital. The nurses and aides were very thoughtful and considerate. The rooms were clean and well maintained. Doug Albritton was an exceptional nurse and helped us very much. THANK YOU!

Becky Capehart

These people here are awesome. Their friendly .....just really nice people....this is my new hospital for now on

Eldon Cooper

Very unorganized, unprofessional, and chaotic emergency room. Came in with suspicion of heart attack: no nitroglycerin, no heart monitoring for 3 hours. Being admitted for further testing, been waiting for a room for 4 hours. The place has gone down hill badly.

Marcus Moore

Off shift nursing staff will not respond to call's. Discussed problem with first shift nursing supervisor and was sympathetic but the problem has continued the past two days. If you have to utilize hospital do not stay alone have an advocate present to help.

David Zopf

I came in with a dislocated elbow and was in a tremendous amount of pain. They took me right in and was able to get me pain meds and x-rays as quickly as possible as well as reset my arm. All the nurses and doctors that I came into contact with were very nice and professional. My buddies who came to pick me up even commented on how nice everyone was to them.

Patti Fraley

My mother was moved to Parkridge Medical on May 13th to the orthopedic ward on the 5th floor for rehab from a hip surgery and I would like everyone who visits this site looking for an excellent hospital that will care for their loved one that this is best facility for them to be. From the first day until the last EVERYONE we have come in contact with have been nothing but helpful, compassionate and very informative and readily answered every question or concerns we have had. This hospital should be proud of their staff and understand how much it means to the patient and their families to be treated with the respect that we were shown. Thanks to everyone there are too many to name but you know who you are!!

Jennifer Cayabyab

I recently spent several long days at the hospital while a family member was a patient in ICU. All staff (direct caregivers, senior staff, random passer-by employees, etc.) were helpful, accommodating, and compassionate to my family member who was the patient and extended family who spent much time at the facility. I have not been on the receiving end of healthcare often, but I can truly say this experience exemplified great healthcare!


Rude receptionist when asking for information.

Stephen Johnson

Medical staff was good. House keeping however was horrible. The first room I was in had a 4ft by 3 foot section on the ceiling where dust was hanging about inch down it must have been from the AC unit that was blowing there. It was very apparent that it hadn’t been cleaned in weeks. They moved me from another room since I was not able to breathe due to being allergic to dust. I was in my second room for about an hour and went to use the bathroom. I pulled the sanitary band from the toilet and notice the the seat and toilet was covered in dry urine. The nurse came in and looked at the toilet and called house keeping. 30 minutes later the nurse came back into the room and ask if housekeeping had been in. When I told her no she put on gloves and cleaned it for me. No one ever showed up that night but the next morning a lady from house keeping came in pulled the trash out of my garbage can and left. I requested to see a supervisor and a lady came to my room and I explained the things that happened the night before then I ask what was required from house keeping in the morning. She said they were to clean the bathroom, wipe down all surfaces with disinfectant, mop the floor and take out the trash. When I informed her that the only thing that was completed this morning was taking out the trash. She informed me that they had problems with the person before and she would look into it. At no time did she offer to send someone back to clean my room properly. Apparently they don’t do room spot checks either for the look of the ceiling in from 219. I just makes me wonder if the room was even cleaned before my stay. I wasn’t there for anything contagious but the person prior to me could have been. In my personal opinion the hospital should have extremely high standards for a cleanliness and sanitary conditions.If you have a choice of which hospital do yourself a favor and choose someone else besides Park Ridge in downtown Chattanooga.

Kerri Shropshire

Wonderful staff very friendly and informative. As for the wait that comes with health care .

Linci Johnson

Lazy nurses. Pay little attention to patience. Give wrong diagnoses! Facility not clean at all. I recommend Parkridge East! They need to clear facility out of all old workers an restaff

Wee Carlisle

This is the worst hospital in the inner city of Chattanooga, TN the staff is very unprofessional and mean, and the rooms are unkempt and nasty. They will let your loved ones suffer before actually doing their job as a hospital please don't go here

Dana Harding

Had never been to Parkridge before. My stay was across 4 days. The hospital was clean and inviting. The staff was warm, friendly, and very professional. Would recommend. A+


This hospital has rude nurses, that seen uncaring. I had a family member here. Who I feel they put in a bad way. She had five doctors, that didn't confide in each other. That resulting in her having 5 different types of pain medicine. That caused her to be incoherent. It took my sister and I to figure out what was causing this. When we requested the medication stopped. The nurses went behind our backs and sneaked her the medication. I do not recommend this hospital!!!!

sultan alkhateeb

Very good services 10 from 10 clean hospital, emergency front desk are very helpful, nice people

James Duvall

Nice hospital clean with courteous staff. Pretty organized place considering how busy they usually are.

Frank Christian

Had a great experience at this hospital. Had to have a MRI done.The young lady Lauren Turner was great and understood when i told i was claustrophobic .from a bad experience at another MRI years ago.and had never gotten over it.she went above and beyond her call and duty.thanks again Lauren.

Starla Walden

I came to park ridge a few weeks ago, I was very sick unfortunately they were very busy and I waited in the lobby for hours b4 i finally had to go home and just lay down . I NEVER seen a Dr, .. I simply signed in At the front desk and was told to wait in the lobby. I still received an almost $200 dollar bill! I'm not paying 200$ to sit in a waiting room and never see a Dr or anything! And I'm still sick!

Dometria Boozer

When I came into the E R the guy at the front desk wasn't nice at all. Very rude. Ask why I was being seen and then cut me off after only getting out one symptom. An older lady told me to come behind the desk to be seen. She was really sweet and acted concerned. My nurse Nicole is not too warming or friendly either. She told me I would have to give urine again cause they needed a full cup. I should've been told that by the other person that took the urine sample. On top of that she never got a cup for me to do another sample and said nothing else about it. I tried telling her something and she cut me off and went outside of the room. When she came back she asked me the same questions she had already asked twice before leaving out. I am still in here now and will continue to update. If I wasn't hurting so bad I would be gone and this is the only hospital I use. The staff tonight well front deskx and nurse have me very upset right now. I was told to put my clothes back on after horrible painful pap and when i got dressed I was told to undress to have a c.t scan done. By this time I'm boiling because I have the whole experience nagging at me and I'm ready to blow. I will not be back ever again. Oh and let me not forget the room wasn't clean either. I use to go to memorial but started loving parkridge due to faster service. Just came here and spent a night in the hospital a few months back and didn't have this problem. I hate to feel uncomfortable so to make sure this never happens again I will go elsewhere.

Ray Harrington

Great medical help

Janice Smith

Very nice staff including receptionist, timely appointment, pleasant visit.

Tiffany Grayson

Parkridge compared to erlanger is hands down better for adults. I get the attention I need to get better and the drs are great.

Steve Branam

Wife's IV pump continually malfunctioned and beeped. Nurses had difficulty stopping but was never replaced. Response time for patient call button was lengthy. Day of discharge was eternal. Over 5 hour wait, very little communication from nursing staff as to the delay. After 3 hours nurse finally stated that they were waiting on a call from Wife's doctor. He was in surgery and had not called back. Extremely frustrating with lack of communication. Guess we will just have to walk out.

R Dunlap

Five Stars for the Parkridge Medical Center personnel and the treatments they provide. My experience with a heart-related condition and the Parkridge Medical Center's medical treatments received from Dr. Joseph W. Sledge (attending MD), Shawn (attending CAT Lab Tech), and Brenda, Judy and Regina of the Nursing staff were clearly above and beyond the call of duty. Their professional knowledge and professional actions prominently exceeded what was expected. Without a doubt and without thinking twice, not only would I highly recommend Northridge Medical Center and their staff, I would choose their medical services first and foremost.

Joseph Formisano

I really enjoyed the27 hour stay at Parkridge hospital. Too bad that I had to leave. The room had a nice pop effect to it, relaxing and updated everything. The operating room staff were the best ever, even under sedation pre surgery I was alert to judge from my last 3 operations at different area hospitals. The nursing care post o.o and in the room well they were all on point to the minute every 4 hrs. for meds and especially pain medication. The food was good also fresh vibrant plates. Too bad insurance had kicked me out so early. Anyone needing joints replacement I had Dr. Jason Rogers from "Center for Sports medicine and Orthopedic Surgery. They are on the same street right next to Parkridge. Again a great hospital.

Jamie Bradley

The care ,was great I'm a dialysis patient and sometimes the fluid ,and toxins from foods and drinks can't be pulled from regular treatments so I was admitted to the hospital where I was treated with the best of care



Chris Higg

Came Over After An 8 hour wait at Erlanger, Got me right in and Diagnosed Me Within Minutes! The Nurses And Staff Were Very Friendly Highly Recommend!

David Stuart

After completing a pre-registration by phone, I thought that once I arrived at 6a.m. all I'd need do is hand over my I'd and insurance card. Oh no!!! I still had to fill out, initial, and sign forms. Why weren't these offered to me to fill out at home and bring them with me? Sure would have been nice and would speed up the process.

D'Nita Nelson-Ortiz

Took my son in two weeks ago, wasn't able to go back with him, ended up in the back anyways the nurse was a witch, very rude and tried to belittle my son. I got her right together though. Called a week later to have x-rays sent to ortho and they had no idea of where they were. Took them a couple of days to find them. I was baffled, how do you loose someones x-rays? Really they should of been with his chart. Needless to say that nurse really needs to improve their interaction with the patients. First time I have ever had such crappy service from them.

David garland

So caring ,and fast .The drs and nurses treated me as if I was a family member, just excellent.

Carl Nelson


Diana Peardon

My mother had colon surgery she had to be there at 630 her surgery was scheduled for 8am. It was after 9am before they got started. Which was ok I understand there are things you have to do to get ready. The waiting room staff were great keep us updated. After 4 hours the doctor came out and talked with us. She was admitted to the 4 floor I knew she would sleep the rest of the night but I ask if someone needed to stay. The nurse said with her on all the meds it might be a good idea to. I had work the night before and was up all day but I stayed. Saw the nurse twice that night I don't remember seeing the tech at all. I didn't leave until after 1pm the next day. On Thursday morning I get there by 5am because I didn't want to miss the doctor. She had iv fluids going so when it would beep I would call the station they turned off the call light three times so I opened her door and thought they would here it beeping and fix it. Oh no they walked by the door and looked in three or four times before they came in. Not one time did they come in and ask or help my mom with a bath. her bed was charged the first night because she had blood everywhere. When I was not there she would have to ask three or four times to go to the bathroom and the tech would get smart with her and say why can't you get up by yourself. Im a nursing Assistant and we do not talk to our patients that way. The only time I ever saw the tech was when they came in to get her blood pressure and blood sugar. They nurse came in to give her meds is the only time I saw them. My mom want say anything because she don't want anyone to get into trouble or have them mad at her but what about the patients that don't have anyone to take up for them. I was told by other people I talked with that all the floors are the same. This Hospital is all about money and not patients care if so that is alful. We had some good people the wound care nurse was great she showed us how to take care of my mom bag. The housekeeper on days was great she got things that my mom needed. She had a couple of nurses at we're great. Mom said she thought the nurse manager came around and ask how everything is and mom told her. She told my mom well it hard to get good help. We choose this Hospital because my heart doctors are here. The care is not like it use to be and I guess from now on if she has to be admitted someone will have to stay with her. This is how I saw it when I was with my mom but I know that will not be how it will be said from the staff. But I do wish each and everyone a very blessed Christmas and a happy new year. May the new year will bring a change for the better.

Hoyt Grimes

Not impressed with this hospital. Nurses do the best they can but their is not enough Techs to help the patients on the floors. Elderly people wait for ever on someone to come when they need to use the bathroom. I am standing here now watching our Tech BS at the nurses desk when my mother called for her 30+ minutes ago. LAZY BUNCH

Marty D

I was well taken care of

Sondra Travis

So to begin with my stepfather was admitted to this hospital... he was complaining to staff and nurse his bed was hurting his back, no one bothered checking...second of all he was put in a full size bed with a LG bariatric mattress that resulted in him almost falling in floor..Then needless to say I took his mattress and had the manager come in there and look, he was laying on metal bars, the air balloons had not been inflated on half the bed and she just smiled and said sorry like it was no big deal...Then when he called they first turn light off, then I hit it again I had manager to witness 45 minutes before light was answered.. Only thing I can say positive was wound care was good.. Cleaning was awful, poop remained on toilet, dust all in the floor.. They seriously need new management...

William Mcwhorter

Nurse stuck needle in me without a glove on properly. Post op 1 person helping 4 patients. When she walked up to 3 ppl to ask for help...they all ran off. Waited 3 hours for medicine after spinal fusion. Did not see nurse after shift change for 2 1/2 hours. Repeatly told staff that medicine was not helping and was ignored.

Ericka Craft

I have been here several times and each time has been a great experience. The doctors and nurses are wonderful. They are caring, compassionate, empathetic, understanding and professional. Not only the doctors and nurses, but all the workers are very kind and courteous. I will always go to this hospital and I will tell everyone if they want quality care, they better go to Parkridge on McCallie!!!

Renee Vicars

They saved my life after my appendix ruptured and had been for 10 days. I went to another hospital first and they sent me home to say it was a stomach bug. Like I said they saved my life and treated me so good took very good care of me.

Southern Snags

Terrible customer service very rude to questions I had to ask about a medical condition acted like they didn’t want to talk to me overall terrible experience

David Brown

I had a Colonoscopy and Endoscopy scheduled at Parkridge on Thursday Sept 9 th at 7 am. My Gastroenterologist Office Told me to be at Parkridge at 7 am and I was contacted twice by Parkridge for Pre Registration and 24 hrs prior and also was told to arrive by 7 am by them. Well my wife and I arrived at 6:02 am to do the Registration piece. We were taken back at 8 am and they didnt wheel me in for my procedure until 10:05 am. The procedures takes approx 45 minutes. I was later informed that The Administration office messed up my appt time . I was told 7 am and it was actually 9 am ? I didnt leave the Hospital until 11:37 am. Ridiculous. But I must say that the Nurses and Staff were very Professional and Sympathetic and tried to make me as comfortable as possible. The Staff was amazing!!!


Great experience with primary care from Jessica and Brittany Bossert, PA, at this location. The receptionist was also incredibly kind and helpful. The whole team seems to care about patient care. They are easy to open up to and are seem to care. Will be returning.

Al Scruggs

Just had to spend a few days at Parkridge Medical Center in Chatt. The nurses and the doctors and the staff in general were great. I felt like they really cared about caring for me. Only complaint, and it is minor, the housekeeping needs to be improved.

Karen Harden

Back surgery. Two surgeries in one week. Lots of pain. Most nurses were helpful. Some were great. Doctors were great. Food was tasteless. Could have been pain meds. You have to ask for everything. If you want clean sheets you have to ask. Not good experience.

Valerie Anderson

The entire staff was wonderful I was there for 3 days after having 2 major seizures back to back. I was treated with care and compassion that so many hospitals have forgotten about.park ridge is my choice of hospitals by far

Peter Ceren

Had a heart operation here in 2016, my only surgery and the best possible experience. Nurses and doctors were friendly and very professional, anesthesiologist did a perfect job and everything went smoothly staying at the hospital afterwards

Rachel Landrum Crumble

I was in and out within 3 hours, which is good. I was taken right back as I was in much pain. I still have a one inch bruise from over a week ago when the nurse gave me an IV. After the nurse practitioner told me I would be released and told me tests found nothing, she did not read over my discharge instructions with me. An hour later no one checked on me or even came by until I flagged down a nurse to ask about leaving and she found my discharge papers in a tray. I was then discharged. I didn't see that the instructions said not to eat when I left, so I ate. I appreciate the quick initial attention.

sharon carter

Everyone I encountered was very professional and super nice!!

Brittan Randolph

Horrible the charge nurse Sharon called me a drug addict and told me I was lying about my symptoms the level of disrespect was so bad I just left I didn't care, and my rn John had an attitude I'm from the West coast the would never talk to a patient like that.not to m and tiny she told me high blood sugar doesn't cause difficulty swalloing so she has to call b.s on that one

Robin Lynn

My mom was in the hospital for 3 days and not one nurse examined her. No need for a stethescope! They came and gave meds and that was it. They should be ashamed to call themselves nurses.

Brett Hale

The medical staff during my 5-day admission for major back surgery where some of the best I have had in my entire life. I wish I could remember their names, however I do remember a nurse named Ryan. He was GREAT and made my stay much more enjoyable considering I was in for my 4th major back surgery. Thanks for the GREAT staff.

Marsha Hendrix

I have been hospitalized many times over the years for various surgeries. I had never been to let alone hospitalized at Park Ridge. My stay was great as far as hospitals go. You do have to be checked on often but let's get real, after a surgery you dont sleep well anyway. Home or otherwise. The staff was amazing. Kept me up to date on everything they done. Always made sure I was comfortable. Highly recommend.

John Nagem

Saved my life. They tested till they found the real problems. God bless them. And my wife.

Shelley Petty

I would not recommend this hospital at all. My dad was in sicu from cardiac arrest. Of course he had a heart monitor, since moved to another room, no heart monitor. Over a week later the only smart nurse there caught it. The staff on floor 3 Are very incompetent they have no bedside manners. They won't respond when needing them. They don't even have the medication for their patients. Spoke with director as well as case managers with no improvement. All we here is sorry. What if it were there loved ones. My family and I have been doing the nurses jobs. My dad has been there over 2 weeks, they don't change his linens, bathe him, try to turn him or try to sit him up. They are just letting him to lay there and die, well were not, that exactly why he is being transferred, as well as other patients. NO RECOMMENDING THIS DEATH FACILITY.

Tony Brown

This hospital will park a big bill on u to pay!! Know I see why they call this place park ridge!!

Chad Davis

I had a cardiac procedure performed and must say I was very impressed. The staff and nurses were awesome. I will not be hesitant to go back.


I would NOT ever recommend this hospital unless you enjoy being treated very poorly... Everything was fine in the E.R. but the tables turned once I was admitted and put into my room... It takes about an hour to get any help after hitting the call nurse button ( lucky I was only in extreme pain not actually dying) ontop of the few VERY rude nurses that made my stay HELL!! I cannot believe they can treat people that way and get away with only a slap on the wrist.... The worst is when the nurse yells at you because their iv pump keeps going off and she kept having to come fix it or id walk down the halls searching till someone would help ( you try suffering from migraines and listen loud beebing nose right by your head). I also have to mention the same nurse refused to get a supervisor for me and refused me my meds.... I did eventually talk to a nurse supervisor who said they would take care of it ( only thing they did was talk to her and tell her to not enter my room and she needs to be more compassionate to people) WOW I bet that really straightened her up(sarcasm)....I will never return to this location again as I like to be treated like a human and not like a peice of garbage they are just trying to get rid of!!

Krista Green

Had outpatient procedures done today. Everyone treated me nicely, since I walked in the door: Registration clerks, pre-op / surgical / post-op nurses, Anesthesiologists, and my doctor. They were also prompt, thorough, compassionate, and kept me informed through each step. If I need anything done in the future, they will be my new hospital of choice! So glad they're in-network with my insurance, too!

Sheila Stephenson

Everyone was very professional. I was treated with respect and consideration. I would have liked more information ahead of time regarding length of stay, but problem!

Charles. Prather

This i a very good hospital everyone i delt with was very professional and caring they made my surgery as easy as possible

Trinidy Chapphell

Location is private and nestled away from the busy streets and interstate. Easy to navigate the facility .Attentive and informative Staff. Clean , quiet and relaxed enviornment.

Adrinanne Hicks

Worst experience I have ever had with a hospital. I have been to the hospital for years and before this stay always had a great caring staff. This hospital has went down hill in less than a year. There is no communication between anyone, they can’t even get food ordered correctly and there favorite answers were no one told me you asked after you push the call button or I don’t know. I don’t recommend any of my friends coming here until this hospital learns how to communicate and treat their patients.

Stephanie Hirst

Early Tuesday morning, I went to Parkridge West with severe pain in my lower left back. A CT scan with contrast showed blockage in the left kidney. I was sent by ambulance to Parkridge main (Parkridge Medical Center on McCallie). I have no issues with my treatment at Parkridge West, the ambulance, or the initial checking in. I was sent right to a room. And that was a pleasant change from what happened to my daughter earlier this year at Erlanger and what I went through at Erlanger in 2015. So, everything started out well. My first nurse at Parkridge main was great. I do believe she accidentally messed up my IV, though. The 2 following nurses were horrible. They did not listen to me when I said my IV was messed up. They did not listen to me when I said I was still in pain. I was only checked on right after shift change and then once about 6 or 7 hours later. This was true for each nurse shift. I had to call to get pain meds, and it took 2 hours twice to get them to come give me my pain meds. I'm pretty tolerant to pain, but I'd never been in so much pain in my life. I had a kidney stone stuck in my left kidney. The ureter from my left kidney is too small, and the stone was lodged in there, which caused blockage and a lot of pain. The nursing staff was not the least bit sympathetic. I did have a good experience with a charge nurse and another nurse who helped her with a new IV. My first IV came out and had to be replaced. Once I had a new IV, the pain meds worked better, and it was acknowledged by those nurses and at least one tech that the reason my pain meds were not working initially was because my first IV wasn't right. I had told my nurses that, and they didn't believe me. So, I ended up being in severe pain for hours upon hours, almost a whole day, because my nurses over 2 shifts would not believe me. The surgical staff was great. Before and after, the nurses and doctor that took care of me were amazing. The anesthesiologist was amazing. Everyone down there was sympathetic, helpful, informative, and checked on me and made sure I was fine and not in pain and knew what was going on. I just wish the 3rd floor staff was the same way. They were the total opposite. It was a miserable experience. Upon discharge, the nurse told me the dr was giving me a prescription for lortab (only 5, and I had just had surgery) when I had told them that any form of hydrocodone did not work on me, made me throw up, and made me itch. The nurse said the dr was on lunch. We were in a hurry to leave, so we could pick up my nephew from school. So, I said we needed to go and asked what to do about getting different medication that worked for me. I was told to call my PCP. I did that, and my PCP would not prescribe anything else. So, from Friday to at least this coming Tuesday when my PCP can see, I do not have pain meds that work for me. That nurse mentioned twice that since I was willing to take a non-narcotic (I wasn't just willing, I was asking for a non-narcotic because it worked better for me) then maybe my PCP wouldn't think I was a drug seeker. So, I went in with a stone lodge in the tube leaving my kidney and was treated like a drug seeker because I wanted something for pain. I wasn't trying to get high. I was trying to not be in agony. The nurse knew we were in a hurry, though we were trying to be as understanding and patient as possible because we know a lot was going on and nurses have a lot of stress and a lot of things to balance. She said she was going to get me a wheelchair. I'm not sure why she didn't bring on with her either time she came to my room about being discharged. I followed my mother-in-law out as she was going to get the car to pull up to get me. I was thinking I'd run into the nurse with the wheelchair and save everyone some time, get in the wheelchair, and then leave. The nurse was at the nurse's station with a ton of other nurses and the dr that was supposed to be on lunch (that was the reason she wasn't able to change my prescription), and no one was looking for a wheelchair. They were all just standing around.

Brian & Heather Williams

registration lady shawn was a capital B! I will never return to Parkridge due to her and have rescheduled my surgery for another hospital because of her! Never AGAIN!

lee rimasfski

felt rough for weeks and went to er to get some bloodwork to see if i had something going on and had a scheduled biopsy two days away.the attending felt as though i was wasting his time and that er is for emergency only and i should have went to pop(they were closed already) reluctantly he took a basic bloodwork and said i was fine and i went home. biopsy went well but ran high fever next night and went to memorial er and found that i have had an existing bladder infection for a while and now its in my bloodstream ended up with a 6 day admission

Matrice Surles

Went to the E.R. tonight, was in and out in 20 minutes, the 2nd shift staff was wonderful and professional,thanks guys for taking care of me.

Mark Miller

STAY AWAY FROM THE ER!!!!! This hospital takes care of only one thing- your wallet. We were on vacation in Chattanooga and needed to go to the ER. My daughter had mono the year before and wasn't feeling well. So we called our insurance company to make sure that we went to a place that was in network. We paid $120 copay to begin with. Then we were hit with 2 additional bills. One for $436.25 that was for the ER and one for Dr. Ronald Tompkins for $553! The doctor spent a total of 10 minutes with my daughter and told her that she probably had a cold. I don't mind the diagnosis but I was and am outraged by the charges. 10 minutes = $1000. Parkridge and Doctor Ronald Tompkins represent everything that is wrong with healthcare in America. Avoid this place like the plague...even if you have the plague!

Bobbie Walden

I had major complications and Parkridge Medical Center was great. The nursing staff was wonderful and the doctors were great. It's my hospital of choice. Cost is not even a factor when your life is on the line. I have been to all the other hospital in the area at one time or the other and had surgery, this was the best of them all.

Amanda Stepp

I had a small 30 minute surgery on my back and was suppose to leave 2 hours after surgery instead I stayed 12 days, the first room I was in, the nurses was very rude, and took forever to get anyone in my room when I called, or asked or anything, but you can see everyone outside at the desk talking and cutting up, not pleasant at all! But when I moved, to Physical Therapy side everyone there was AMAZING!!!!! The doctor was great!! Nurses was amazing! Physical therapist’s was so sweet loving, kind, I felt wanted and cared about!

aleik hamilton

Wonderful people helping to make an uncomfortable procedure very bearable

Waymon Collins

T treated me with so much disrepect all they want to no is do you abuse drugs then they will send 3 doctor at different time to trip you up on your story about how did it happen are how long ago wasit hurting are what time did it happen they ask that over and over I don,t have no lies to tell them but one day there going to upset someone and there going to tell them I don,t no what it is about that hospital but it not what it use to be I will never go back to this hospital again I,m human just like they are some of the nurses are good but when you sat in that room in back of admission some nurses make fun of patients and you can here them talk about them to I don,t care for people if you make fun of me I had better not no it I have got a lawyer for me

lakeisha terry

Everyone was very nice

David Tittle

ER wait time was fast and the nurses were great. The NP (Fotiadis) was ignorant, was literally quoting what I found on the web before going and, tried to walk away multiple times when I still had questions. No help whatsoever.

kathy broussard

The staff was very efficient and friendly, and all efforts made to keep me comfortable made my outpatient surgery a positive experience! Quality medical care gets a thumbs up

Karen Dalton

From the Pre-registration phone call to the wheel chair transport to the car to go home I was overwhelmed with the Quality of Care as well as the passion of the staff. I was treated with warmth, concern and respect. In the OR the Drs., Nurses made my procedure a pleasant experience. The anesthetist handled me gently from Twighlight til Dawn. I have had MANY surgical experiences and this one at Parkridge was by far the very best for care, compassion, quality and it was absolutely PAINLESS. Parkridge has the magic formula for recruiting and training the best Medical Professionals in order to provide fabulous care. Thank you for being there for me. I know where I will go in the future. Highly recommended by me!!!

Cassie Higdon

I had surgery on my wrist in December of 2017. I was unaware that it had not been paid in full until today (January 4, 2019), when I got a call from a collection agency regarding my bill. So Parkridge waited MORE THAN A YEAR to collect a payment of which I was unaware and immediately turned it over to a collection agent. Horrible customer service.

Steve Huskey

I prefer Parkridge over the other Hospitals in the area. There emergency room gets you in there quickly. And the doctors and nurses are just as good as any other HUGE Hospital in Chattanooga. Plus they have an occupational clinic that can take care of most work related accidents and they get you in there QUICK !!!...I have been stitched up there more than once !

Mary Faichney

Definitely do not recommend! On Tuesday my husband started experiencing serious back pain. He was unable to walk or function at all. He went to urgent care which prescribed him the standard muscle relaxers and pain meds. The next day his pain had only intensified so we took him to Parkridge. They did not run a single diagnostic test (thus missing his significantly high white blood cell count) and sent us on our way with more pain meds and muscle relaxers. Naturally this didn’t solve the issue and we ended up at CHI Memorial who took the time to actually diagnose and work up their patient who is now having surgery this afternoon. Parkridge absolutely did not listen to their patient and we’re thankful another hospital actually took the time to see what was wrong rather than just throwing more meds at someone.

Johnny Robinson

Quaker service than you get anywhere else very nice staff

Karen Baldwin

Staff was wonderful. Food has changed since my last surgery in Oct 2018 and was not as good. I did feel like I was being rushed out after spending only one night after total knee replacement surgery. Also different from my total knee replacement in Oct 2018. Regardless I still do feel I’m in a good hospital with wonderful doctors and staff.

DJ Hixson

My daughter had knee replacement there last November,the post surgery recovery unit did not even ask about pain level before sending her to the floor. By the time the nurse that she was assigned to came in to see her she was in very bad pain, rated it as a nine on pain scale of 1 to 10. The nurse told her her pain was not the important thing it was his admitting her to the floor, and her pain would have to wait for more important things. As a retired nurse with 35 yrs in hospitals,pain has become an important assessment and needs to be taken care of before paper work. True the floor nurse should not of had to deal with this, it should have been addressed in the recovery part, and she would have been able to take part in her admission to the floor. But he certainly should not have said he had more important things to do first before her pain.

Joal Henke

I utilized Parkridge for my total knee replacement and the staff, from the front door to the exit were exemplary! I would highly recommend!

Kristie Grizzard

We we're there in the ER 12/31/17 and they were super fast and awesome! Nurse Nancy and Dr. Stout, along with respiratory, were on it!! In and out like I have never seen in a hospital setting. Thank you, Park ridge ER!


I had a very positive experience during my day surgery at Parkridge.

Kathy Larson

Incredibly compassionate & knowledgeable. Thank you so very much for making my baby sister comfortable & less afraid!

allison johnson

I gave 3 stars to the lady in the er bc she was super nice and tried to help me all see could !!!! She said that she was going to send me to the lady I spoke with first asking to be transferred to the er department !!!! Well that was one of the most rude people I have had to deal with in a situation of this nature !!! I told her exactly what the er nurse to me to tell her and she ask for the name and with a very SMART ASS tone in her bc voice she said " we don't have anyone by that name and hung up on me " !!!! I was told to ask if she was at any of the parkridge hospitals bc she can look it up and tell you yes or no !!! Hell I didn't even get the chance to ask or reply and say thanks for your help even tho she really didn't help me at all !!! I think she needs a new profession that doesn't require dealing with the public !!!! She is definitely not worth paying her to be SO VERY RUDE TO FAMILIES THAT HAS LOVED ONES THAT ARE SICK , HAVE SOMETHING WRONG OR THERE TO FIND OUT WHAT IS GOING ON !!!!! SHE DOES NOT DESERVE HE JOB AND THE TITLE SHE WEARS !!!! HER JOB TITLE SOULD BE " NOT A FAN WORKING FOR THE PUBLIC OR THE SICK PEOPLE WHO HAVE CAME TO THE HOSPITAL FOR A GOOD REASON , THAT REQUIRED HELP FROM THE PROFESSIONALS !!! BECAUSE IF YOU ARE LIKE ME TRYING TO FIND OUT SOMETHING AND AT LEAST KNOW THEY ARE OK , YA WANT GET IT FROM THE RECEPTIONIST AT PARKRIDGE HOSPITAL ST THE HOURS BETWEEN 9 AND 930-945 !!!! IF SHE IS AT WORK !!! IF I WAS YOU I WOULD JUST HANG UP THE PHONE IF THEY SEND YOU BACK TO HER !!! SHE IS A FIRST CLASS RUDE INDIVIDUAL !!! I PRAY AND HOPE I NEVER TALK TO HER AGAIN !!!

Gary Davis Sr

Very Timely and Professional

Marilyn Ivester

My mother fell and broke both wrists and her leg. We went to Parkridge to the emergency room and stayed from Sunday night until Thursday. I can honestly say that every employee from the emergency room staff to the nursing staff along with the housekeeping staff was helpful, considerate, professional and did an excellent job. I am very appreciative for the care my mother received from this hospital. I don't have a single complaint. They made a trying event easier to handle. Thank you Parkridge staff

mary Brooklyn Fuller-fearn

My mom admitted to this facility Oct 15,2019, 4th floor the staff has provided excellent service. A special thanks to nurse Doreen

M. Kennedy

They got one star only because you can't go any lower. I had back surgery about a week and a half ago. The hospital is horrible the only good part about being their was 2 of the cna's Thomas and Shade. I had one good nurse her name was Alex. I was left to suffer without any thing for pain. When you needed help it was very hard to get any. I would not recommend this hospital. They treat you like dirt and are short handed. DON'T USE THIS HOSPITAL One of their staff doctors tried to change all my regular meds without knowing anything first. They are rude and very unprofessional. EDIT/ I prefer to leave my review up. There is nothing you are going to do to fix these problems. I discussed the issues with staff before discharge. It would be a waste of my time to call just to have you throw some we are sorry this happened and we will look in to it. Thanks but no thanks my review stays as posted. Have a nice day.


The hospital had a friendly and accommodating staff, which helped our stay easier. I was reluctant to let my husband have his surgery there, because of the reviews I have read. However, our visit was a success! In and out in the same day with no hassle. I would recommend Parkridge for any needs.

Cynthia Hall

Wouldn't let me go bk in er with my husband, we won't be bk here again

Lauren Dunn

Friendly caring staff!!

Keith Leonard


Linda Kirk

Everything was great. Kind and caring staff. The only complaint is I had on my release papers that I received a splint and didn’t get one. I called in about it but got frustrated because they kept me on hold10 minutes. I really don’t want to call my insurance company. I would rather have the splint. If it will be possible, I can pick it up any time. The Dr. was great.

Leslie Blackstock

Great staff and personal care. Sonny Cole, Marcos and Marie simply ROCKED on the 5th floor for Orthopedic and Spine Surgeries. And a special thank you to Dr. Caputo. Everyone was great!!

Lebron Jones

It's a great place to work

Myra Cook

I went to the ER about my throat. It hurt so bad I couldn't swallow. I was seen right away. When the guy came to check my throat, he dropped the thing on the floor and said oops, then preceded to look at my throat and not good, left gave me a prescription for steroids and cough meds in pill form. I told him it hurts to swallow badly he ignored me and left. Didn't take meds, continued with homemade remedies. Wasted $80 ER visited. What was worse when he dropped the thing on the floor and was going to use in my mouth talking about he saw my throat enough.

YaMichael Judah

Total waste of time the nurses and Paul Stout in the Er was lazy and rude I had a x ray done he never showed me the X ray or told me what was going on with my knee I told him I needed him to fill out something for my job about my knee he said it wasn't necessary and gave me a useless stiff brace for my leg that doesn't fit I wouldn't recommend anybody to go here I will never come to this Er again

David Robinson SR

Easy to get to,want 20% money up front that u half to pay&the will give u 20% discount on what u pay after INSURANCE. But was t tell 20% of how u owe

Larry Goodman

Just got back from a hip replacement at Parkridge. I can't say enough good about it. My surgeon was very good and wanted all my questions answered. The nurses and all the staff were very attentive and proactive. The facility itself is very clean and quite modern on the inside. It's a small hospital so the only downside is a lack of a lot of facilities for visitors. The cafe is only open for a couple of hours breakfast and lunch, but there is e Subway that is open till 9pm.

Vanessa P

HORRIBLE HOSPITAL. I had my daughter there in 2015 and they messed up all of our paperwork we signed. I had to get her last name on her SS fixed, last name on her birth certificate fixed and it caused me to get audited this year, for claiming my daughter on our taxes in 2015 and 2016 because the hospital had her last name messed up. Will never go here again.

Maryjo Baughman

Caring & timely

Carol Scott

Everyone was nice, caring and professional. I will definitely use Parkridge Hosp again.

Jane Lewis

We have NEVER had a bad experience at Parkridge..the staff is always kind, thorough, knowledgeable and caring...

Michelle Suit

I and my family have been very disappointed in this hospital. 3rd shift was sitting at the desk in front of computers looking at cell phones which is a serious HIPAA violation!! 1st night after surgery and they let the pain meds run out in the epidural. Already had an issue with medicine not being given on time a few days before. Not a happy wife.

Pamela Killen

The staff at Parkridge is awesome! Top notch nursing staff that take time to be attentive and caring. No one wants to be sick enough to have to be a hospital patient.. but if you are sick this is the hospital you want to be a patient at.

Barbara Brinkley

Everyone was very caring, kind and well informed.

Redina Clay

The Dr. Was very patient with talking to me.AND he answered all my questions and gave me good instruction i still have bad headache but overall it was good thanks Parkridge for helping

Dan Phillips`

They took care of me very well, as they always have.

Vicki Walker

I will not go back to parkridge. I sat in triage for 4 hours . They did give me a shot of morphine for the pain. I had been throwing up for 3 days severe pain in my left side and chest . After 4 hours the nurse came in triage told me nothing was wrong with me gave me 2 prescriptions for what I dont know because nothing is wrong with me. I never seen a doctor and was sent home...... WHAT HAS HAPPENED TO PARKRIDGE???

Jimmy Adams

Took my wife there last night in so much pain I had to take her in with a wheelchair. A terrible nurse with bright red lipstick was rude hateful and a liar. She told a nurse practitioner my wife had been there 4 weeks in a row Which was a lie according to their records that was a lie never been there before. The same nurse was heard saying she had not had a break and anyone that didnt want to wait could just leave. Some of her comments and actions are actionable and could get the hospital sued. We will never go back and will be discussing our experience with other professionals. My wife left the hospital in pain just like she arrived in pain. If enough people will refuse to be treated that way and file lawsuits those nurses like her will be fired or trained.

Kie Harriman

The Rn's at this hospital were the kindest I have ever met. They took care of my father while he was being treated. Within 30 minutes we had a RN administer his IV and other medical equipment. The Doctors can be a bit arrogant, however, they do their job well. Earlanger is almost always packed, however, for a 3 night stay with treatment and constant monitoring(which is very appreciated) the bill was very modest for what we received. Thank you Park Ridge!

Mary bricker-jenkins

The too few disability parking spaces are taken by employees. That should not be allowed. Right now I sm watching an elderly, disabled woman struggling to get from the parking lot to the entrance. She is obviously in pain. Her attendant connot help with that. This is not the gifirst ti I have complained about the parking situation. I have confirmed that the spaces are used by staff, who should have their own disability spaces.

Nate _

I was late, they worked me in anyway and did it without giving me grief. I expected to have to reschedule.


Here for surgery on Wife at 0630am, it is now 0209pm and still not in surgery! We are the customer! Our time is just as valuable as any doctor! No update, and waiting room staff doesn't have a clue.

Scott Hudgins

real good place very trustworthy

Sergio Marrero

Terrible experience. I went in telling the staff that I had contracted Salmonella from my employment and just about everyone brushed aside my claim of salmonella, stating that it was the flu. I had no flu like symptoms, but regardless, they did many tests just to gouge money out of me. They performed an artery stick for O2 levels (No breathing issues), chest X-Ray (No pulmonary issues) and a CT scan with Contrast for my abdominal area even though I had no serious issues there (It was cramping due to the salmonella. I stated my concerns to a nurse but she brushed it aside. 3 Hours in, and they come back to tell me that it's not the flu. I asked what if it could be salmonella but they said that they needed more tests. Nurses were slow to respond to my calls to unhook my IV so that I could use the restroom. I had to wait anywhere from 5 to 15 minutes for one to show up. 2 hours later and they come back saying that I am getting discharged. I asked if my claim was correct but the doctor refused to acknowledge it, claiming that it was (nothing major). That's all fine and dandy, but I still wanted to know what I had. I'm sure they didn't want to confirm my suspicions to avoid liability. Overall, I felt used. Many unjustified tests were performed on me for the sake of raking in more money and in the end, I had no answers. I was just another number. I would not recommend this hospital to anyone. In fact, I recommend anyone and everyone to use another hospital that will actually treat you well and to avoid my situation. Thank you for reading, - Sergio Marrero

Norman Kincannon

Couldn't be treated any better thanks

Donna Ferguson

Very efficient! The staff were genuinely kind!

Dottie McFadden

From arrival to departure I spent 3 hours at ParkRidge hospital because of the extremely interminable wait in registration. Once that ordeal was over I waited about 5 minutes in the procedure waiting area and the actual procedure took less than 5 minutes. Park Ridge hospital needs to rethink their extreme registration process.

Cindy Hughes

Took my husband to er with his throat hurting him and they never checked it until after 8pm we arrived at 11am . They ran all kinds of test and said everything was normal ! But still admitted him . They had no beds available . Nor rooms put us in the unit called CDU . And the nurse Nancy was very rude and wanted to to joke around and make jokes she thought was funny . IM NOT LAUGHING BY THE WAY . STILL CONFUSED ON WHY THEY ADMITTED HIM??? I STOOD IN THE ROOM FOR OVER SERVRAL HOURS AND WAS NEVER OFFERED A CHAIR TO EVEN SIT IN ? WTH?? SO WE ASJED AND ASKED AND ASKED STILL NOTHING SO SHE SAID I COULD JUST GO HOME WTH?? I TOLD HER I WASN'T LEAVING HIM CAUSE THEY SAID SOMETHING ABOUT DOING A STRESS TEST ON HIM IN THE AM . I WASN'T IN A JOKING MOOD . AND THEN WHILE I WAS GONE TO GET OUR PERSONAL THINGS MY HUSBAND ASJED HER SERVRAL MORE TIMES STILL NOTHING . I CAME BACK UPON ARRIVING I STILL HAD NO WHERE TO SIT . MEANWHILE THIS NURSE STILL MAKING JOKES . REPLIED TO ME WELL HELL YOU CAN JUST GO HOME. I WAS BEYOND MAD AT THIS POINT SO I WENT TO THE ER. ROOM AND MADE A COMPLAINT TO ONE OF THIER NURSES . FINALLY AFTER ABOUT 4 HOURS THEY BROUGHT ME A CHAIR . WOW . NOW THE ER DOCTOR HAD SAID ALL HIS TEST RESULTS WAS NORMAL . BUT THEY NEVER CHECK HIS THROAT WHICH WAS WHY WE CAME. So they started all these other test which he didn't need and he has no insurance either . When we leave here we will not ever come back again this is BS ...

Gail Byrd

When I was there3×'s in as little as 3 months, I was treated with great respect and care. I referred everyone i know to go there. The care was excellent.

Chuck Thornton

Truly caring people. Always felt safe while in their care.

Jamie Turner

The staff was amazing and made me feel very comfortable! I thank all of them for taking care of me while I was there.

Heather Welles

My sister is a single parent with no insurance and I went there for an emergency. They had a sheriff serve her papers at work, she agreed to make payments. Apparently they stopped accepting her payments because it wasn't what they were asking for, but it is all she could afford. She even sent a letter with a payment to them they cashed that one and then the next payment they sent back saying they can't accept anymore payments from her, so they served her again today at work. I hope they can sleep good tonight knowing that they put a single mother with 4 kids on the street because of their greed. I will be reporting them to the BBB. I will tell anyone and everyone I know to boycott this hospital.

Glenda Pinckard

It is convenient to several of my doctors.

Tammy Seward

I was brought here for kidney stone surgery. If you dont have insurance you get over look. i didnt get nothing to eat after my surgery. figure they would had me something since I've been here since Thursday morning and my surgery wasnt till 430. my son had to bring me food. waited on breakfast never got it. I had to ask for breakfast when they brought it. it was cold and hard. I always thought parkridge was a better hospital. I had 1 nice nurse. the rest made you feel like you was a nurse had me mix up with a heart patient. she called out a name I had to tell her that she had the wrong patient. she said you did get a heart pacemaker I said no.. my name is Tammy. I was also told that someone would come in and talk to me about insurance I believe they said Carol. well I never got a visit which could had really help me at lease get started somewhere. I am very surprised with this hospital.

Errika Armour

My grandmother 88yrs old saw er doctor for falling several times which was something new I suggest checking her urine he said that would not be necessary and sent her home now she’s at Erlanger wit creatinine level of 2.3 really only if he had checked it like I suggested so now she’s been in erlanger er 24hrs and no beds avail Thanks parkridge doctor

carol Anca

IT WAS TERRIBLE, to say the least!!!!! I pray that no other human being is treated the way that I was treated. While being EXTREMELY sick, I was treated like a criminal!!! This treatment is so much like the other bad reviews I've read about Parkridge!!! I was VERY MUCH TRAUMATIZED during a 2 1/2 day stay at this medical facility!!!! Please do not take anyone there and leave them alone!!!! NO COMPASSION for the sick and I thought the "HIPOCRITICAL OATH" meant something!!

marlon hancock

This was the third time I have had to go to emergency and the first two times were the best I could hope for. When I came in this time the doctor came in as I was being triaged and checked my pulse. I was put in a room, hooked to monitor and ,ekg.I was in outpatient two days earlier.I related that that was not what I was there for.When the doctor came in to see me he was going over my outpatient info that I was already aware of and that it was not the reason for my visit, then he was ready to send me home..I went to my primary doctor the next day with 101.9 temp. He swabbed for flu and strep with neg, results, but prescribed antibiotics and a followup if it doesn;t improve. I don't know if I would ever go back to your E R again

Bill Smyth

No instruction given on breathing device to help remove fluid from lungs after surgery apparently the Chattanooga State text we're too anxious to get out of there. I know replacing nurses with texts of course it cost effective means of saving money for the hospital but often that is to the detriment of the patients. I guess my biggest complaint is that I complained the day I was in the hospital and no one even bothered to get back with me to even acknowledge that I had complained that does not speak well of your checks and balances system to ensure patient quality of care.

Jim & Micki Dion

The ladies in Reception and Outpatient Testing and in the Lab are all very competent, professional and pleasant. I am usually seen fairly quickly considering that I hardly ever have an appointment.

Brenda Hobbs

Such experienced caring professionals. I was so well cared for. I appreciate all who cared for me. Thank you for such continual kindness shown to me throughout my experience at the hospital.

Amanda Anderson

They have been fantastic to my father! Awesome nurses!

Crystal Ladd

Nurses are extremely rude. Sis had surgery today. Nurses rushing her to get up and walk. Like just swing your legs over and get up. They weren't helpful at all. Sis asked repeatedly for family. She had to wait two hours before they came and got us. No excuse for that because she was finished with surgery and awake. No reason make her lay there wanting and needing family and nobody came to get us. Also she had an allergic reaction to something and they made her feel like she was crazy. Kinda need to know if she is allergic to something. Kinda important. Kept rushing her to get dressed and get out..

Linda Goins

I have had the absolute best experience here today. Had a major surgery and have to stay a few days. EVERYONE here has been so nice, the procedures before during and after surgery have been excellent. They have made a very big surgery a kind experience. Highly recommended!!!!!

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