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Racheal Smith

Was here on 1/15/2017 at 9:26 PM finally after three hours in severe pain and vomiting I was takin into a room they use for suicidal people the so called doctor came in with his shirt half undone very rude with very rude nurses laughing at me then goes take a Tylenol and go home. Needless to say I have contacted the hospital board and there will be consciences.And at another hospital I found out my ovary was twisted so thanks for almost killing me...

Elizabeth Wilson

Literally have been here 4 hours wasn’t even 10 people in the lobby .. 7 months pregnant with a swollen sprained ankle! Gave me nothing, no doctors note except me to go to work the next day when I barely can walk! Doctor in and out in 1 minute! So rude! If you want decent care go elsewhere

Lena Carmelo

Abe Walker

The staff took excellent care of my family member the nurses are angels!

Angelana Parks

Every time I go I usually have problems when it comes to getting my blood drawn. A few days ago I had to go again and the woman drawing it wouldn’t listen to me when I told her I was a hard stick and was acting very rude to me. She wouldn’t talk to me while she was in there and ignored my warnings. Because of this I had to be poked several times and was left with a giant bruise with white spots with red in the middle where you can still tell where she poked days later.


Have to like the fact that during check in you see a lobby full of people, and be told it will be a short wait.. After an hour sitting; asked how long the wait will be to see a doctor.. Was told three hours. People before us said they been waiting four hours... This is unacceptable.. It's call an Emergency Room, learn to manage your patients... Define what's and emergency and what isn't... Mine was not a full out emergency but come on now.. Three hours wait? Had to leave and drive to Jefferson City to seek help.. Go figure the 10 minute drive saved us 2+ hours of waiting...

Debbie Clifton

Jeffrey Einkorn

My dad passed away here in 2016 while in the critical care unit, after being admitted for chest pains 2 days earlier, the doctor took him off all of his 16 prescription medications for things such as diabetes and blood thinners for his heart stents, and more. Then never came back to check on him the rest of the time he was there. They made him go cold turkey for more then 2 days, with a heart rate of over 130-160/minute for the last 8+ hours. He finally wanted to sit up because he was starting to hurt and cramp laying down for so long. I requested the nurses help because of all the wires. She sat on her butt at the nurses station talking to co-workers until finally I went ahead and helped him sit all the way up. She then came in literally yelling at him, causing him to have a stress induced heart attack. She was not at all remorseful or sincere when she came out to inform me that he had passed away. He was only 65. Somehow they have the power to delete negative comments about once a year. So please remember to come back periodicity to rate them. And I suggest copying your comment to a text message or something, to easily repost it after they delete it.

Emily Lamb

Logan Haber

I wouldn't take my dog here..

Barbara Hassell

One week ago today I took my brother to the E.R. with pain in his right side.He has no insurance but was seen by the doctor after a short wait,the doctor had blood work and x-rays done in no time and didnt like what she saw so did a cat scan she came back and delivered the most devastating news ever with tears in her eyes and compassion in her heart!keep in mind my brother has no insurance...the nurse was just as amazing as the doctor.she admitted my brother on a weekend so he would get the help we needed with everything and he did get help!My brother was diagnosed with metastatic cancer in both lungs,kidneys,liver,adrenal gland,lymph nodes...and by the next day we also found out it was in his brain.The doctors and nurses treated my brother like a king!Everyone was there went above and beyond and I thank God for all of them!I can not give enough praise to the amazing care givers!Thank you all for being there and for your compassion and caring hearts!

Shana Ratliff

The ER staff that work in evenings are rude , lazy , untrained , and are very hateful to people that come in there for help.

Mike Kelly

Worst care we have ever received in an emergency room.

Justin Sherfey

From the time I walked in the ER, every single person from the receptionist to the physician showed me complete respect and courtesy. This type of professionalism and kindness is rare, indeed. If you're not sure which hospital to go to like I was, then here is your answer.

Angela Seals


Worst Doctors

Cristi Winstead

David Alexander

My first experience with this hospital- Brought my very sick daughter into the ER on a Friday afternoon. There was one other person in the waiting room. We took her to the ER at the suggestion of her pediatrician. It took us 45 minutes to get into triage and an one hour to see a very unimpressive doctor. If your having a heart attack, you will probably die in the waiting room.

Dougly Peach

1 star is more than I'm willing to give, but alas. My grandmother showed signs of a stroke, and it was brought to the attention of every nurse and doctor that I spoke to, yet they diagnosed it as a UTI. She was disoriented, her right arm was completely useless, she was literally out of her mind. I'm sure she did have a UTI, but given the circumstances, why would they not check for a stroke? I brought her home after she stayed there for around 4 days (during her stay they almost gave her twice as much medication as instructed on TWO OCCASIONS). She comes home and is gradually recovering, the right arm is still completely inoperable, and 4 days later my grandmother has a severe stroke and I have her flown to UT. She'd been having TIAs(smaller strokes before a bad one) and these fools, with ALL of these signs, fail to recognize this. A majority of people there were friendly to me, most of the nurses seemed to have good intentions, but a good attitude and kindness does not make up for the mistakes that were made here. My grandma is still suffering and this could have been prevented if someone competent evaluated her.

Rylye Harding

All the Nurses and doctors are very friendly my best friend Victoria works there she is a huge blessing God bless you all

Ash Ash

Not too bad of a place until you get the bill and need to set up payments. Biggest joke ever. $2000 and wants $200 a month or all up front. 30 days or goes to collection. I get it went there yeah but Jesus offering $20 a month some months I can pay more but no that isn't good enough. The rudeness of trying to set up the payments are oh my God. How can another person talk to another like that. Uh

Amanda Smith

This is the worst hospital ever!!!! Nurses lie and the doctors. I had to go back to work and my husband was due to be discharged next day. So I asked is he going to be thrown out or kept in room until I can get him. I was reassured that they would not throw him out. So I took his clothes home to wash and get him clean clothes. And then I get a text from him saying they are throwing him out in a paper gown. This is ridiculous!!

Rick Gambogi

Great place to have a baby that's for sure. Staff was amazing.

Rachel Brewer

Lisa Franklin called me today in reference to a friend who is mentally ill and visited your hospital last night early /morning. She was released at 4:00am and was never offered a ride until 8am when they could use her insurance. It was 11 degrees outside. Nevertheless she walked home where she also passed out while walking. This is absurd. When I spoke with Lisa Franklin I got lots of excuses but never an apology or admission. I would never recommend this hospital if you have EMS to take you in because you will get stuck for 4 hrs in the lobby or walk. Oh and she walked with a diagnosis of upper respiratory infection. I'm sure that walk will help her to get better soon.

Susan Shortt

As a lifelong resident of Hamblen County with a concern for the people here who seek medical services locally, i wanted to share my recent experiences at MHHS. Yesterday, my father was scheduled for an MRI. We arrived at the 5:45 pm appointment time. The receptionist in the waiting area was friendly but mostly distracted by a male coworker who sat on her desk/ counter and discussed their common interests and plans for the evening. At 6:00 dad and I were moved into a “staff only” area and asked to wait there because the receptionist was clocking out and closing her area. Forty-five minutes later an employee in scrubs (Zana or Zayda??), came for dad and took him for the MRI. At about 8:00 she walked by me, stopped and stared. I inquired if my dad’s scan was finally finished and she said his MRI had been completed much earlier. I asked her where he was and she had no idea where he was even though she was the person who took him and left me there in a closed off area to wait. I immediately started to search the hospital. Dad has recently had confusion and memory loss. I finally located my dad in the parking lot. He was quite confused and worried because he could not find me. She (Zana or Zayda) was very incompetent, unprofessional, and unconcerned. This should not be common practice in any healthcare facility but I have found such idiotic ways to be the norm at MHHS. A recent 9 hour visit in the ER with dad proved many employees there to be every bit as inept. We were in the ER as a recommendation of the staff in the senior behavioral unit but nothing went as they had said it would and nothing was accomplished in 9 hours other than getting dad’s high blood pressure lowered. We finally gave up and walked out after repeatedly asking for updates as to what was going on and what could be done to help dad’s confusion and memory loss. I speculate in that administrators hear all this and turn a deaf ear but MHHS is a pathetic excuse for a healthcare facility. It is a circus with many Bozos who have no idea what professionalism and healthcare competence looks like. My family nor I will never again make the regrettable mistake of seeking help at MHHS. I am very sympathetic for people in Hamblen county and especially those in surrounding counties who have no decent alternatives for hospital care close to home.

Courtney Croley

I was recently at the hospital for an outpatient procedure at the HLV center. All the staff I encountered were excellent. They went above and beyond to make sure I felt comfortable and well taken care of.

Trevor Schaal

ER nurse was really rough inserting IV. I almost passed out, told her it hurt to remove it and she refused. Everyone else was nice and professional, but if you get nurse Ratchet look out!

Athena Adkisson

My mother-in-law has been to this ER twice recently, and we were very happy with the entire staff. Even though most of their rooms were full and they were clearly busy, they were very patient and friendly with our many questions and concerns. Their genuine kindness really made the whole experience much less stressful than we would have expected at an ER!


When it comes to forgetting meds and leaving patients worse off then when they came in, Morristown Hamblen is second to none! My grandma went in for gallbladder surgery, was discharged the next day, then 2 re-admits in less than a month and she’s gone....Thank you Morristown Hamblen. Thank you for putting one of the people I loved most through hell. I will never forget your facility.

Andy Ausband

Mommy 6021

Crystal Thieneman

Reverend Smith

UPDATE: When I checked in I gave them my address as I should. After 2 months and a hospital visit of 4 days of excruciating pain, I made the decision to move in with family so they could help me with my daughter. I informed the hospital the day after I left, of the change of address and a month later, I was contacted by collection agency! Turns out that the people living at my old address sent the bill back to hamblen as return to sender and immediately it was turned over to collections! They sent it to the wrong address! Now my credit is lowered and they will not reverse it citing "policy". I pay my bills thank you. You failed, again to do your job. I did my part and informed you of my address all you had to do is enter it in the account. Seriously, you had ONE job.... I am extremely dissapointed. I was accused of using drugs and treated as a drug addict. I was not treated for the reason I came in. I was bullied by the staff. I was treated as if I was scum and I assure you I will NEVER go here again. I am an evangelical pastor and to be treated rudely because a nurse hates Christianity was unacceptable. My religion is my business (and no I didn't bring it up until the drug test) and never have I been talked to like she did me. I came in for extreme pain in my side and I was not even treated for that. They ran test after test because I had staph and because of my blood pressure even though I did not want to. They ignored my side and would not even address it. The nurse said I was a drug addict and told me I failed my drug test. I will NEVER trust a urine test again. I run a drug and alcohol treatment program at my church andvto be told I was using drugs was ridiculous. When the doctor came into my room shaking mad because I argued with the nurse over my drug test was unprofessional! I asked to test my blood if they wanted to accuse me and they refused. Instead the doctor flew out of my room saying he won't help me if I said one more word. I am disgusted with the experience. (Except the ER doctor who was a blessing) I left the hospital with my side still causing great pain because they thought I wanted drugs! I was fortunate to locate a doctor (good Shepard clinic in sevierville) who, in only 2 visits, found the problem.(holes in my stomach bleeding and leaking acid inside me) but this hospital couldn't find that in a week?! Then I get sent a bill I can't afford for treatment I didn't want. I am having to pay these people to be rude to me?! If you took your car to a mechanic and asked him to look at the breaks and instead he puts a new motor in, while your brakes are still out, would you pay him? these people left me in excruciating pain for 3 months all because of the judgment they placed on me by my appearance. Shame on you. You people have gotten out of hand. Your job is to treat me for why I came in. If I say I am not on drugs then you treat me as if my problems are not drug related! You DO NOT say "yes you are and that is why your here"!

Gary Lawson

Old hospital and in good shape

Tim Payne

Brought mother to ER by ambulance. Got mom in room they hooked up blood pressure cuff and pulse oz and left room. 30 minutes later they came in to have her sign paperwork. Then nobody/ for another hour even after asking several people to help her because she was in so much pain. Dad finally went out himself and had to pretty much demand a doctor come see her. She said she was a busy but it was quiet in the halls. Very frustrating since I worked here for 4 yrs. and thought they were better than that.

Bobbie Murphy

Christopher Jefferson

Daniel Keller

Good care

Mary Katherine Knight

Great place Great ppl

Rosa Brooks

today i brought mu granddoughterto hospital an.they treated her with respect

Kelli Rosenbalm

Crossroad Demun

You fail pregnant women!!! How hard is it to get a ob on call. Hope you get closed down

Amanda Mccollough

Faster than most emergency rooms need alot more education on migraines, otherwise, good people do work here.

Tina Ayers

Candra Trent

Karen Hatcher

The ER is a joke....if it's urgent don't go to this place. Rude nurses and drs...

Daniel Still

Slow time been here since 11am still here and it's 4 slow staff incompetent staff. if you were in need of medical assistance go to UT hospital you'll probably be in worse condition before this hospital will even see you

Brenda Howell

Horrible. My daughter three months pregnant blacks out in Kohls bumps her head was taken their by ambulance. They stuck her in the hall because of overflow. And that was it for three hours! They did not hook her to baby monitor pretty much ignored her. Did not offer anything to eat or drink. The staff was rude and horrible. I will never take anyone their again. And I will be making phone calls today to administers.This was uncalled for. If you cant do your job let someone else do it!

Jeremy M Hartman

My child was having an allergic reaction. Waited for 2 hours and never saw a nurse or doctor. Thank goodness we had our own benadryl handy. The swelling and symptoms finally went away from the benadryl we gave him before being seen. Worst ER ever. No urgency what so ever. No one knew anything about anything. If you had a question, they direct you to ask someone else who also doesn't know. Finally left unseen and untreated because I felt I was more capable of handling the allergic reaction than the hospital. Worst part for me is I am from out of town. So I'm in a strange place, having a semi panic moment with my child who is having this allergic reaction. And no one even checked on the child to see if there was any immediate threat. Even if someone would have acknowledged the child, it could have made the situation easier. But instead as symptoms slowly subsided after the benadryl. I just left. This place is a JOKE. The hospital staff said there was one doctor there who was working as fast as they could. I do understand busy and order of patients are seen according to severity. Statistically 40% of children who experience an allergic reaction to a food need a treatment such as ephedrine (epipen). And it needs to be administered quickly to begin the process of reducing swelling and to prevent anaphylaxis. This place sucks. Save you own life, go somewhere else.

Amy Bauer

We didn't have to wait long in the er surprisingly. They thought my dad was having a heart attack. We have been traveling from Pennsylvania to Nashville and had to take an emergency stop for him in our RV. They were very kind to us even though we had to park in their physicians spots. They are keeping him overnight to monitor him. They put us in a spot so we could plug in. It was an excellent experience.

Baylee Jarrell

The nurses were not very personalable at all. They were very rude. The maintenance man was nicer than the first two nurses we experienced. Very disappointed with this hospital.

Renea Kesterson

Jessie Gause

If i could give zero stars I most certainly would have hospital staff allowed my lethargic 6 month old who was throwing up violently and repeatedly to sit in the emergency room for hours without so much as looking at her luckily it was only a bad batch of formula that she worked out herself pregnant woman and babies always take priority outside of life threatening injuries to have a child who cannot remain conscious for more than 2 minutes sitting in the e.r. for hours is completely unacceptable

Sondra Garey

My husband had an out patient procedure today and he had a episode with his heart. Excellent care with Rapid Response, nurses and doctors. Very friendly and nice!

mary rojas

Mr. AverySIZEMORe Ogle

A very good hospital that cares about you and what is going on with you.

Heather Mendez

Mary White

I am so tired of waisting my time o go up there because my lymph nodes are swollen and I am dizzy and in pain well no meds were given to me for nausea or pain I was offered Tylenol before I left I have that at home if it was working I would not have went up there I fell outside walking to my car from being dizzy thank God for this nicean for walkinge to my car still in pain and I have two blown out vains in both arms can't lifty left arm at all this morning something needs to be done about the treatment up there when you go up there because you are sick bit no help at all

jjmmMelissa Seagle

Well my stay was pleasant. The nice lady that came to clean my room she would always have a smile on her face she made my room clean and it smelled so very good. She would make me feel like home I know people don’t tell the cleaners enough. But I want to give a BIG THANKS again. Also the food it was Devine and the people there was wonderful also to all my nurses they was all sweethearts. I loved them all. I had no problems at all not even in the emergency room area they were such sweethearts there also. This is such a wonderful hospital I would definitely come back if I need to. Thank you Morristown hamblen for a wonderful stay

Amy Herndon

Jennifer Vargas

horrible. nurse Cindy on the ccu floor was horrible and didn’t know how to deal w a mental patient. none of the nurses really did. super ignorant and rude

James C Burton II

My wife was in a car accident and the receptionist want let me see my wife

Steve Stiles

Lucy Matthews

I visited a family friend in the hospital and I was scared for his saftey. The floor (3 south) staff was so rude and the nurses Mackenzie and Emilee were incompetent. They were talking rudely about others floors and EMS personnel in the nurses station where anyone could hear. It is said that people still act like they are in high school. Emilee was saying things that made no sense like we were not permitted to bring things from home or outside drinks, even thou he was on a regular diet. I have worked in a hospital for multiple years, in a clinical setting. Mackenzie was not clean in any of her port sites with medication. Neither washed in or out of the room. I know at my hospital “Scrub the hub” is a big thing, apparently not here. We will not come back to this facility.

Kristin Lemarr

Bri Dean

We the people of Morristown are screwed since Lakeway closed! You walk in, in extreme pain to the point of tears and only to be set in the waiting area forever when people who are strung out get put ahead. This place is a joke go elsewhere.

Chris Withem

Billy Huff

stacy norton

penny wieber

Judy Martin

James Robinson

I was a place of their life week and I have this the the South mistreated me the nurses was very rude when that year is it my food up I said of at our efforts and away else the the food is a dried out Google setting warmers so long Nurses did want to it was rude professional Who after the way I will threes take myself out and game home I will never use this hospital again and I hope other people that seizes CZS does the same because they don't deserve decent people living

Suzanne Mickey

Elaine Rose

Leigh Sempkowski

Sonya Johnson

The staff are amazing given the difficult situations they deal with daily!

My Playlisted

I've been coming here for along time, I've had some good experience and some very badly but today everything was good, I like the Dr and the nurse that my husband had she was amazing, Great personality, Very sweet and nice, She was just wonderful, The hospital needs more people like her. She wasn't rude or hateful, She was just great all the way around! Thank you Amber Stubble for taking such good care of my husband I greatly appreciate it!

Darrell Hicks

They said was sending me to Parkwest because they had no beds there....EMS was the one who told me that I might have to have surgery is the reason they were sending me

Mike Rajacic

WORST Place ever. Front desk nice but nurses rud Had chest pain did not even check my breathing that is the first thing they do at all the other host. I had a scan and he said it is inflammed and hard spots however he does know why it is so hard. I sat for 5 hours with just an HIV to be giving medicine that actually made my UTI worse after the first dose starting burning. I looked up and the medicine causes uti IF i Said my doctor said nothing is working for my UTIs no anti. to check my gallbladder why give medicine that gives a UTI . Doctors are no help and not knowledge they literally made my problem worse. Never go here.

Beth Powers

Morristown Hamblen Healthcare continues to provide excellent care for all patients and exceed expectations.

Nova Bowers

Urnotmadad C:

Allen Correll

The nurses are very rude and would rather lie than to tell the truth from watching them work for 3 days they have no protocol or don't abide by it if they do. that can cause plenty of deaths that it should not worse hospital ever IT'S A GOOD PLACE TO PUT A FURNAL HOME!!! If I could give no stars that's what they would get

ashlee gray

Very loving workers I had my son there and they are amazing I felt like I known them felt very comfortable around them

MAGA ordealwithchaos

They need to clean this place!!! My daughter went in for surgery! Got fifth disease from this discusting place! I should sue for causing my daughter harm after surgery! This place should be ashamed! You will be hearing from my lawyer!

Adrianna Thomson

Shaggy from Scooby Doo

Prepare to wait 2 hours even if there's only 1 or 2 people ahead of you. Be prepared to wait another 2 hours to see the doctor after being taken back. Then prepare to wait another 2 hours after being seen. If you have an emergency, don't come here. Slowest place I've ever seen. Edit: I went to get checked out because I've had a fever of over 100 for 4 days now. They did 3 seperate tests which racked up the bill just to tell me to take Tylenol. Meanwhile all over the internet it says a visit to the ER is necessary with my symptoms. Thanks for the help.. not.

Philip Lovelace

your e.r nurses could be more helpful and nice plus no one to help unload my daughter on a wheel chair when she could not stand up pitiful

Rockey Culley

Rachel Morris

Brian Kephart

I understand this is the only hospital in Hamblen County but that's no excuse for the rude behavior by staff. I wouldn't bring my dog here! You people work in a "profession" that requires you to deal with the public. IF YOU DONT LIKE YOUR JOB QUITE AND IF YOUR DOING IT FOR THE MONEY YOUR JUST PLAIN STUPID!

Tammy Barnard

The worst ER in East Tennessee. The dr was a quack and used vulgar language and didn't even treat my husband for what he went in for. Half the nurses were hateful , mean and was in no hurry to do anything. money hungry hospital they don't want to help you get better they just want your money.

Mary rowbotham Rowtham

They are pretty good

Raeleen Whitaker

Waiting a a patient to get discharged for 2 hours! Worse hospital I have ever seen!

Jeffery Plummer

Came in early Saturday morning (5:30) with kidney stone attack. They did cat scan, seen stones (9mm stone causing blockage) admitted me and got me into surgery next morning. I want to thank Nurse Atlanta on 3rd floor and her assistant for all their hard work.

ashley turner

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