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I had a thyroidectomy at Methodist Medical Center a few days ago. I just felt impelled to write a review because they were so wonderful. From beginning to end, every single person I dealt with was well above your average medical personnel employee. I only wish I could recall all of their names! If I could, I would absolutely list them all and tell how each one interacted with me and how each person helped me in one way or another. The lady who walked me and another patient from registration to the waiting room was friendly and fast. The nurse who initially checked me in, took all my information and helped me get changed into my gown was awesome! She is retiring soon and I just know she is going to be missed there because she was on top of her game! She was 65 years old but didn't act a day over 25! Then, even the girl who came to get me and wheel me in my bed back to the pre surgery nurses(that's what I call them:)was so sweet and she seemed happy to do her job. She took me to a room where a different nurse began my IV and gave me some relaxing medication. I have tried my best to remember that nurses name but I can't. She was so wonderful! She had me laughing so hard! She told me she was "Just wanting to help me relax." and she did! I didn't have a care in the world after hearing all her funny stories! I think she said she's also retiring soon as well! I hope the hospital can find two equally fantastic nurses to replace the two who are leaving! The anesthesiologists who helped me were the kindest I've ever met. The first one who spoke with me even had kind eyes and she was not at all arrogant like I have had anesthesiologists be in the past toward me at other hospitals for other procedures! It was a breath of fresh air. The anesthesiologist had a very calm demeanor too and that was reassuring. After my surgery, my nurses were Sondra and Melissa and I could cry when I think of how good they both were to me. Sondra had a tough job with me that first night because I was in so much pain after my surgery. She did every single little thing for me and I never had to wait more than a second on her for anything. She took EXCELLENT care of me during my restless night there. My pain wasn't as controlled as I would've liked but it was due to my own choice and certainly not because of the hospital staff or doctor. As a matter of fact, this hospital was big on managing pain. They did everything possible to make me comfortable. They want you to be as pain free as possible. I have been to other hospitals where it didn't seem that pain management was a big concern at all but it was a top priority at Methodist! Sondra was very concerned about making me comfortable. She was just a really sweet person and I ran her ragged that night. Melissa was my nurse for the latter part of my stay and my pain was better by then. She had a great personality and she was super helpful! She had the same surgery herself years prior so she was able to give me some tips. She and Sondra were both my favorite care nurses ever! They deserve an award! They both seemed to be genuine too. I've never in my life had such amazing nurses before! Each nurse I dealt with from the time I entered the building, to the time I left, was just as good as the one before her. That says a lot! My doctor is the reason I was at this hospital in the first place though. I actually live closer to other hospitals but I wanted him to do my surgery. Dr Bunge is the best! He's my ENT and he is the epitome of what a good doctor should be. Excellent bedside manner, he listens, he explains things and he never acts too rushed to talk to you. He also did a great job on my thyroid surgery! I trusted him completely. He is very skilled at what he does and of course that means everything! I'm very pleased with how my surgery went and thrilled about the care I received while there. If I ever need anything else done then I would strongly consider finding a good doctor who would be at Methodist just because the quality of care is top notch there!

Designation Dwelling

The worst hospital I have EVER been to as well as anyone in my family. Poorly ran, rude nurses, unskilled doctors. The whole nine yards. If you’re getting billed $100-10000 for a visit go to UT or Children’s. It’s worth the drive

Jewelia Reyes

I was in and out of the ER very quickly and Jamie one of the Rns there was the sweetest nurse I have ever met. All the staff was amazing!

Jane Doe

Doctor was trying to hurry up in get me out without actually being concerned want me coming back...

Teresa Spenlau

Marisol Hernandez

My 14yr old woke with chest pain, I brought him to the hospital..approx 2:30.Came in and waited till my son was fully registered, then they told me to wait at the lobby..(note we’re the only one in the lobby) a lady with scrubs comes to the lobby with baby steps asking for son’s name and bday. I freakn snap..Saying are you freakn kidding me my son is having chest pains. Can you please hurry up and get me the Dr. for crying sake..Never have I ever experienced the lack of work, the laziness, and above all the lack of caring..

Misty Lindsey

Ocean Currents

Poor staff, wait times are atrocious. Better off going to park west or children's in Knox.

spencer niehaus

My grandma was discharged today from outpatient. She needs home healthcare. She is having issues. Service is just aids there. They dont care at all about their patients. Awful hospital period.

James Allen

The doctors, nurses and staff are very nice and caring.

Carmel Day

Everyone was wonderful.

nikki jeffery

ER Dr. Ranson, very rude doctor. Does not care about his patients. My heart dr. told me to go to ER as i may be possibly having a mini stroke and my heart was out of rythem. I had double vision with my right eye, my face was numb on one side, and other medical problems. Apparently your not supposed to go to the ER if your having a stroke or possible heart attack! He told me I should have waited a little longer before I came in. That I should have a more neurological problem. I guess I should have made sure I was having a full blown stroke nd then went to hospital. He also said my heart doctor should not have sent me to hospital, but that my NEUROLOGIST should have. So I guess next time i get sick, I won't go to emergency room. I will stay home and hope I will be okay.

Donna Begley

This is a very bad place to be called a hospital. I would not even take my dog there .An DR Reed is nothing but a smart ass an he does not care about his patients. He will send you home even if you have heart failure . So if you are getting put in have them transfer you some where else. They will also send you home hurting in your chest an if you are out of breath . An if you need to see a heart dr they want let you. I wish that some way this would be shut down

Bradley Funk

April Crook

M. M. Of Oak Ridge is not a good hospital at all.. Took my partner there back in Aug. twice in 5 days, both times sent her home.. She ended up at UT a few days later, she almost died... She had infection in her blood stream.. She ended up UT and another a nursing home / rehabilitation center for receive antibiotics, 6wks treatment all together.. Had M. M. Of Oak Ridge had not turned her away the first time it may not had gotten so bad but they did and as far I know they have turned people away in many cases where the person is on their last hours of life.... This place should be shut down! It does no one any good to have this place close to where they live because the place and the people working there can't or won't do anything to help a person when they need them the most..... I give this place a big fat 0, Zero as far as a hospital goes.... Fail....

bree Cullen

Leigh Anne Riley

I struggled giving this place even one star !! The ER staff will kill you , don't go there !!

Jordan Critic

My grandfather was in the final stages of his life and the majority of the staff forgot that this is not a normal day for my family. As someone in healthcare, I can empathize; this is their job and they likely see death and grieving families everyday, but I would never have minimized such a delicate event the way many of the staff did. That said, we ended up having 2 nurses that were angels. They treated my no longer cognizant grandfather like he could hear them, they explained why they thought certain things would make him more comfortable, and one of them sat with my grandma after her husband of 65 years passed. My family is fortunate to have had nurses like this at the end. I think some of the folks can benefit from sensitivity training. The positive thing that came from this: my team was immediately trained afterwards.

Michael Duncan

Hours to respond to nurse calls, 3 days without prescribed meds, even though we completed the entire list of meds to the staff upon request, inconsistent diagnoise from various staff doctors, no towels or cloths in patient bathroom, cafeteria only open for short time around lunch and dinner, not open at all on weekends.

john doe

We had our baby at Methodist medical center back in January and experienced the top care from Dr brown, Dr metcalf, nurse Debbie, nurse Renata and the rest of the wonderful labor and delivery staff. They took such meticulous care, helped our family and supplied us well with everything we needed in a timely manner. They taught us a lot and were patient with us. Couldn’t have been happier and we plan on coming back next year for number 2 if possible. I highly reccomend and was very impressed. Top notch service and hope to see y’all again sometime! Our baby is growing well and we have fond memories....

Ashley Burt

Terrible hospital. If my leg falls off in their parking lot, i will go to the next closest hospital.

Dawn Huotari

If I could figure out how to give them less than a star (or none) I would. My daughter went to the ER (for the second time in a few days) because her pain was worse and wasn't going away (and this is what they tell you to do when they discharge someone. "Come back if you are not getting better or pain is worse". They don't mean it.). The doctor didn't even examine her, told her to "deal with it" and sent her home. We took her to Tennova that night where they promptly admitted her. 3 days later, she had to have surgery. I tried to contact the ER director for many days and weeks after this to complain about the doctors hateful and dismissive treatment and have not ever received a follow up call. I won't ever go back.

Eric Stone

One star on the checking out. Tried to charge us $300 when our insurance is $50 for ER. Tried to tell us it was not meeting deductible except we do have one. KNOW YOUR INDURANCE PLAN BEFORE GOING.

Sierra Johnson

Jaclyn Mountain

I had a c section in February here and had an absolutely wonderful birthing experience. From start to finish they made me feel at ease. They let me know what was going on every step of the way. All the nurses were absolutely heaven sent , I really wish I could remember all the names. Dr. Smith with anesthesia did a fabulous job with my epidural. Dr. Sances did a wonderful job with the c section. Dr. Brown took great care of my newborn baby boy. I received EXCELLENT care during my stay at the family birthing unit and I will definitely recommend it to anyone that is about to have a baby.

Tammie Daniels

Don't deserve 1 star! Sat for over 3 hours in the ER with my 74 year old mother who is suffering with stage 4 liver cancer. She was in so much pain she couldn't even sit up straight, yet the nurse who checked her vitals said she wasn't a priority and would have to wait behind people who came in way after she did and had no visible injuries and were feeling well enough to sit and talk and laugh with others...after asking twice and calling it to their attention we had been waiting over 3 1/2 hours finally gave up and took her to another ER where she was seen immediately. Clearly these people need to train their staff to what should be first priority. Horrible place!!

Brenda Giles

March 9th will mark the third year of my Mother's passing. I would not recommend MMC to anyone other than the leader of ISIS. My Mother was at MMC for 13 days. I am still haunted by the Sunday when I entered the room to find her crippled and immobile arm, since birth, laying at her side. I immediately summoned her nurse & CNA in order to find out why this had taken place since they had known her arm would not bend. No one seemed to know or want to admit they were aware of anything. I requested to see her MMC doctor and the nursing supervisor. It was only much later when I became quite vocal in the hallway that anyone came. Lip service is the norm when dealing with an obvious error by hospital personnel. No one apologized since that would have meant some degree of responsibility. The following days prior to my Mother's passing were heartbreaking. She was so protective of her arm. The alarming part is that force would have to been used to straighten her arm. I had to intervene on several occasions when lab techs came to draw blood, that the arm did not move. Those treating her were aware as well. Three years later and I am still sickened by the fact that MMC staff hurt my Mother. After her passing, I requested a face to face meeting with her MMC doctor and nursing director. I was advised that no recording devices were allowed, but MMC personnel did take notes. Again, I heard lip service. Sorry for your loss blah, blah, blah. My Mother's MMC doctor showed me a xray on his phone, supposedly from my Mother's old records, showing her arm fully extended. Still to this day, I am beyond disbelief, that a physician would stoop to this level. More so too, he presented himself as a man of faith to my family during the time he was treating my Mother. Then, the MMC doctor stated that the nursing home where she had lived for the last 3 years had corroborated that her arm was indeed mobile. Another outright fabrication. Needless, to say nothing was resolved during the meeting. I am leaving the readers of this review with one final paraphased statement made by the MMC doctor, "get over it and move on". I left the meeting in tears. No one, other than close family members, know what the past 3 years have been like for me. My only hope is that my story helps keep someone else's loved one out of danger. I have omitted the names of the MMC personnel involved. They know who they.

kayla jones

worst hospital in the tennessee. The nurses are completely awful! Very rude and i promise i will not be back!!

Abby Altuzar

The worst most horrible Hospital i have EVER been to my husband split his head and he was in alot of pain and they didn't even care they made us wait so long he had blood running down his forhead all the front desk people would say was he's fine he has to wait we asked them if they were going to gibe him something for the pain and they did not care the are horrible will never be coming dto this hospital again

Andrew Star

juli sharp

I was super impressed by the care that I received at Methodist. Tiffany in step down was so kind and patient. Dr. Long is an awesome surgeon!

Jamie Rhea

I just had surgery on my foot. My doctor used MMC as the surgery facility. I see alot of negative reviews but I have to say the care I recieved was good. From the nurses who prepped me for surgery to the anesthesiologists and even the aftercare. The staff at MMC called me today at home to check on me. So my experience was a very good one.

Jay Kirby

My fiance went there with the problem of not having periods for 3 plus months, food cravings, appetite change, wait gain, headaches, morning sickness, hot flashes and 3 positive pregnancy test as well as the fact you can feel her stomach and it feels...well pregnant...however she also has 3 negative tests that occured later One of them being a blood test. The dr. Said she will not count it as a pregnancy and despite our concerns of everything else she will not schedule her a dr. Appt. Any time soon. She has pcos and my friends mother was pregnant and yet it did not show up on ANY test given to her by the doctors until they did an ultra sound it apparently is called a cryptic pregnancy. Which it turns out multiple women have encountered this. When we check in to the hospital she tells this story and is quickly brought back to be seen. Where she then tells a nurse or a rn of sorts. The story all over again. Nobody else will help her and if she is pregnant that means her body is not producing any hormones which concerns me more about the baby. Dr. Obrien (which is what the guy up front said the dr. Name was that "talked" to us.) Was the WORST dr. I have ever met in my life. He would not listen without interrupting with the "im a doctor so i know everything without listening to you" attitude. Was EXTREMELY insensitive too mine and my fiancee situation. I understand that her condition whatever it may be was not "an acute medical emergency" and to leave it at that would have been irritating but fine. But he refused to see her, try to figure out what was wrong or give us any medical advice. I tried to inform him on my thoughts of a cryptic pregnancy (after he came in the room a second time as he deemed necessary apparently, after being blunt rude and incredibly insensitive the first time) i was not able to finish explaining my thoughts on it for i was interrupted with him saying its "not a real pregnancy" and "your not pregnant if you have a negative test. Thats how it is" yet hundreds of women around the world have experienced different. I dont know what kind of medical training he has but no matter what the papers say that was the worst experience I've ever been through. Hopefully we will find somewhere with experienced informed doctors and they will be able to check her out and find out what is going on. And if we are pregnant ill be sure to hand deliver the ultrasound of my unreal baby to mr. Obrien

adam scruggs

Fred Stephens

Methodist Medical Center service and integrity is in decline and I suspect Covenant Health system appears to be part of the problem. Complicated but the added bureaucracy probably is part of the problem. My biggest problems have been with the "system" not the primary doctors. BIlling has been my biggest headache. Three times I have been had to fight over my billing. Incorrect coding by the anesthesiologist group took me 18 months to get a final correction. Or least I hope it is the last. To keep it short, calls are not returned, a collection group made derogatory comments over the phone, the providers and Covenant Health health refused to get involved stating, I paraphrase, "we have contracted these services out and we have no responsibility". I had to threaten legal action. The anesthesiologist group took 10 months to correct their error. Eight months after the anesthesiologist group corrected the coding and BCBS quickly paid and a very constricted "apology" was sent to me - I got notice from LifeLock that a credit black mark was sent to the three major credit agencies saying "move to collection unpaid debts" was sent out. This took a while also to fix. No apology. It took a while again to get a correction. I looked in my records and I had a similar experience in the 1990s. Now I am in conflict over yet another billing error with the sleep center that I fortunately - after noticing sloppy staff processes - chose not to use after my initial interview. Enough said, this is a bureaucracy designed to make money, avoid responsibility and hide from their mistakes. Beware!

Pam Culver

Jack Renfroe

Registration vs. Nurse spat caused my bleeding child a delay into triage. ..After my daughter fell splitting her head open, we arrived at the ER (thankful to see that NO ONE ELSE WAS IN THE WAITING ROOM)..We ran to registration where the woman behind the desk attempted to buzz triage. -no answer. ...As my daughter was literally dripping all over the floor and her face is now COMPLETELY covered with blood. I asked what she was doing. (At this point, -after one attempt-she was back to typing on her computer) The woman didn't even look up. She said that there was nothing that she could do until Triage got back to her. ....WHAT?!....I waited. and then after 2 minutes, which seemed like forever, (but now my daughter was rolling her eyes in the back of her head) I said that we could call 911 to be taken elsewhere if we could not be seen. At this point, a man in scrubs came from behind a locked door, looked at us, and kept walking. I stood up and screamed I NEED HELP. A woman in a suit came from behind another desk and saw us and spoke to a nurse from behind a closed door. A nurse slowly walked up to us and began to say snarky comments to registration about how she wouldn' t come out until it was entered into the computer....I understand protocol, but this was ridiculous. Yes, it was a laceration and not a gunshot wound. BUT IT WOULDN'T HAVE MATTERED. The nurse at registration didn't even bother to ask!! She saw my 7 year old, crying, covered in blood, and didn't..even...look...up...Response time, Care, Non-existent. My daughter had a laceration on her head requiring 9 stitches. We saw her primary care immediately afterwards, they were appalled that there were no attempts or discussion about head damage, scans or concussions. It was scary that there was such apathy.

Robert Nolan

Every one was excellent!! My dad got excellent care!

Jane Ellen

Of course, an entire hospital's worth cannot be judge on the basis of a few people, be they good experiences or bad. As to the hospital's healing abilities, I can't say. I can say the volunteers are wonderful. My issue is with communication and phone skills. I've been hung up upon twice. I have tried to get not care to the patient but some sort of regular interaction between nursing staff and loved ones and that is where the break down begins. I understand what terminal means. I understand and do not expect a reversal or insta-cure. But I do expect a certain level of humanity regarding information to the family as they gather around a deathbed. I understand there may be no new information regarding the patient, but why not check in on the family. Tell them what their loved one is experiencing. Reassure them. Help them through this. Based upon the lack of communication in this area I can say that where "customer service" is concerned, they are in need of a staff-wide refresher. So, as you can see, this is not a slam on the abilities of the facility, more on the lack of interaction I witnessed and experienced. And, again, a handful of people does not make or break a reputation. But it certainly can damage it. I hope I am never in a situation that would lead me to any level of care with this hospital.

Sandra Reynolds

Don't go to this ER unless you have no other choice! I will never come here again!

Jeff wollenslegel

If i could give negative stars i would. First of all my first child was delivered at MMC and it was a nightmare. My wife had a C section and the delivery doctor closed the jagged openeing that wasnt even close to straight with glue and sent us home. 2 days later it split wide open and gushed blood while she was on bed rest!! They treat everyone like they are all drug addicts!! Today my mother, who was under direct orders from her doctor, was sent home with a blood pressure of 168 over 119. They told her to return if it went up 1 point! Fyi I am suing these incompetent a**clowns. You have a better chance getting treatment at a vet then at MMC!!

Dean VandenBurg

I thank the gods I have not had to go to this hospital, but unfortunately my grandmother was admitted a couple days ago. As soon as I found I tried calling my mother who was with her. There is no cell service in the hospital so I had to resort to calling the hospital directly and trying to get transferred to the rood they were in to find out what happened. Idk who trains the receptionists, but the woman I had to talk to was the most unhelpful tart I've had to deal with at any hospital every (and I'm in the ER multiple times a year for various things). About the only thing the woman would do was confirm my grandmother was there. I told her the situation (I live in Wisconsin, it's not like I can just take a quick ride over) and asked if I could be transfered to a phone my mother could access. I was told they have no phones in the er. It took way too much back and forth trying to get this woman to even answer if there was a damn courtesy phone that my mother could be brought to. FInally she just transfers me to the ER nurses station where I got some actual answers and was able to leave a message for my mother (doctor was in room at time). I certainly hope the actual standards of care are better than the people running the phones there.

Billy Bob

The way I was treated and respected was unbelievable. I have never dealt with so many kind, caring people in my life. Everyone was incredible. I actually hated to leave. Everyone was attentive and came by to ask if I needed anything, if it was clean enough for my expectations, level of pain, etc. I am so proud this is the hospital of my home town and proud of how well this hospital is being ran. If you are the manager please know you're hospital is being ran just as you would want it, like a finely tuned machine.

Samantha J.

Edgar Alejo

Just a horrible place to get help..

Easy Rider

Cathe Adams

Very clean, very comfortable. Nurses and Doctors awesome. Fast service. Explains everything. Went somewhere else for 2nd opinion. Sat in ER for 4 hours and left. Went back to Methodist. Will only go here from now on.


Dr's are excellent. They saved my life. Cleanliness of rooms were fair. CNAs were so sweet. LPN's really helped me.


Went in after Injury due to domestic dispute, front of desk told me the police would be called and that never happened. After discharge it was too late to go to police station that night so now I cannot press charges due to "waiting too long". I had to wait hours for an x-Ray because front of desk person also put down that I was pregnant.

Khaos Kitten

Bridgette Rendell

They took amazing care of me. I came into the emergency room for bad side pain. They quickly got me back and saw the doctor within 30 min of walking in the door. They checked on me about every 15 min to make sure my pain was managed while they ran all tests needed. I ended up needing emergency surgery every staff member I spoke to was kind and took the time to make sure I understood everything that was happening. It made a very scary day for me much less stressful. I will never go to another hospital if I can help it!

Debbie Crowley

I have had several experiences there with different family members. My daughter was in there many times while being treated for her cancer. She passed away in September but I have NEVER experienced at any other hospital the compassion that this group of nurses showed. They were wonderful, and she could not have been in better hands. Thank you all.

Chad Nicely

I’ve been with my wife to deliver three babies at Methodist Methodist Medical Center and we have both always been treated respectfully with kindness and compassion. The facility is clean. The parking is covered and free with direct entry to the hospital. Cafeteria food is slightly above average with many options from the guest tray menu. Recommended Improvement: Add a publicly visible ER wait time similar to Tennova. ER times are known to be slow here and after seeing low wait times online at Tennova I’ve skipped MMC altogether.


Beats Roane Medical Center by leaps and bounds

Erik Andelman

I went into ER one night - was attended to promptly and by skilled staff and physician. Very satisfied.

Lillian Howard

This is a complaint that I hope will get some changes in the ER department. I fell on October 6, 2018. When I arrived to the ER, an X-Ray was taken and I was told that I had a fractured fibula. I have never had a fracture, so of course I assumed ER personnel knew what to do! Okay, they put a temporary plaster and ace bandages from my foot to my Knee. On October 10, 2018, the bandages were coming loose. I went back to the ER to get it wrapped again. ER person wanted to know who wrapped it the first time. I said, "Ya'll did!" She said they had wrapped it wrong. So.... it was wrapped again! I still hadn't seen a doctor! On Oct 13, 2018, it was loose again, but this time I wasn't going back to the ER, so I went to the VA in Knoxville, off Ray Mears Blvd. I saw a nurse, and she wrapped it for me, and I showed her where the plaster cast was boring a hole in my leg on the left, outer side, at the top of my lower leg, by my knee. We contacted medical records at Methodist Medical, because they hadn't sent my records from October 6, 2018. Within 5 minutes, my records were sent. Look at the time from October the 6, 2018, and no cast yet. Thank you for reading this. Hope it helps for the next person, to not trust personnel unless doctor sees what is going on.

sue Gross

My daughter was referred to the Methodist ER in Oak Ridge on the evening of March 16, by an Urgent Care Doctor due to severe abdominal pain and fever. After telling her they had 5 beds open she sat there in vomiting in pain for almost 2 hrs, until she asked her husband to take her home. I worked as a volunteer for months and I was furious they did nothing to help her. She came back to the ER the next morning where she was immediately admitted to the hospital for three days due to diverticulitis. There was no need for her to suffer for over 48 hrs because they "didn't have a bed" after telling her they had 5 open when she came in. Once in the hospital she received excellent care. Sue Gross

Nikki L

Horrible doctors. Very uncaring and bad bed side manners

Pam Miller

They have treated my Father Ralph Miller several times. I think they are wonderful. He was in CCU a few weeks ago and they got him better. He was sent to a Nursing home and had to return in a ambulance and they are taking great care of him.He is in ICU those nurses are all God sent. I give the Hospital and their great doctor's and nurses of saving my Fathers life. Well Jesus is in control of that but he used a wonderful team to work together in helping him They said they would do all they can for him and they are. I call everyday and talk to his nurse's and they are just all God sent The doctor's call with update I'm on crutches from foot surgery. My sister and niece visit him. They have treated us so good. I will never forget the loving care they have shown my Father. They are the Best. God puts people where they need to be and I feel the Lord has Blessed us with all the doctor's and nurses there. I really appreciate the work they did Thursday evening when he got there. They had to give him 12 units of blood and so many units of plasma. I think that is how much. We were afraid he would not live until morning. The hard work and loving care they gave him and the healing touch of Jesus Christ he is off of life support. He still has a long way to go but he is a fighter. I love you all.

Joe Farruggia

What's the deal with the cooked chicken in the photo?

Cynthia Hamer

Very nice staff and understood my needs

Akinva Raseri

Absurdly long wait times, there is no way in hell this hospital is properly managed, if you can help it, don't come here, we've waited 7+ hours for a 45 minute operation

Wanda Baird

Worst place ever do not ever go there treat you like prison dr brimmer he is awful go somewhere else instead here if you want to go somewhere go to Parkwest hospital staff is very rude at oakridge hospital


Michael Yaros

My father had a serious AAA surgically treated. Through the series of pre op , procedure, and post op visits we have found the staff and volunteers to be very caring, very concerned, and extremely knowledgeable. It is somewhat difficult to find ones way around this facility. However, the staff is always ready to assist.

Mary Armes

Sitting here with mary in her room, asking everyone please send up a prayer for her, test they ran was not good. Cancer is in several areas of her frail body please remember her in your thoughts and prayers. God bless

Shirlene Farmer Green

I recieved excellent care here. Everyone I came into contact with were so nice and caring. I feel I was very well taken care of. They were cheeful, smiling, and made me feel so at home under the circumstances. They've almost always treated me this way. :)

Ronnie Byrd

I always get treated well. Thank You to all the Staff!

David Wonders

If everyone treated everyone like the lady in the hospital MRI department she was great had a great personally and help me to stay still and that's hard for me but, oh course I forgot her name but, she was really good!!!

Ciera Brown

This is a terrible place to have a baby. My son was born here and when I went in they didn't believe I was in labor so they didn't do anything to help me and then 30 minutes later I was pushing. While I was pushing they were asking me the general patient questions which I had already answered at my predelivery appointment. I was in terrible pain while they were asking me these questions because they didn't do anything to help me with pain during my whole labor. Then I had to have an episiotemy and they left a sponge in me and didn't realize until 5 weeks later. This really slowed the healing process for me and made me a lot sicker.

Jessa Sampson

The staff was very understanding, very helpful, and they offered a very detailed update for a family member who was in the ICU. They even went as far as giving us a hospitality home for our stay since we were from out of town while my family member was in the ICU. It was very clean, organized, comfortable, and they even stocked the kitchen with food that was complimentary. The home had WiFi just like the hospital, and the signal was very strong, it also came with cable, a bathroom with toilet paper, and they were very accommodating to our needs as well as taking care of their patients. They are kind-hearted people❤️

Dorothy Cate

We received excellent care & help from everyone we met. The staff were polite, nice & efficient. The facilities well stocked & clean. The medical team is top-notch. The free coffee is always appreciated. Well, done! Would recommend to family/friends. And thank you!

Philip Roberts

They did fix me. The folks there didn't seem sure of what they were doing

Vanessa Banks

I sat in this er for 5 hour and was only triodged was NEVER seen. I do not recommend going to this hospital. Something is extremely wrong with me and they don't care how bad anyone is hurt they don't care about any of the patients walking in there. 5 hours later I walked out. I'd rather die than to ever walk back in this hospital

Virginia Holler

I was in this hospital for 4 weeks. I spent time in critical care, and then on the 3rd and 4th floors. Everyone who worked there was extremely kind, friendly, and knowledgable. The rooms were very clean and I was always kept clean and comfortable. My husband visited me every day and was welcomed by the staff.

Desaray Adkins

This place is a JOKE to employees.

Victoria L Phillips

Amy O O

I've always had caring and knowledgeable doctors here. Sometimes a wait in the ER but that's to be expected. I've been going here for years and been hospitalized several times. Had several Drs. Never a bad experience through several surgeries, my daughters having babies, and the rest of my family. We always chose Methodist.

Redfox Brushhound

Excellent nurses, caring doctors! Everyone I've come into contact there has been good to me and my family. It's not much to look at because it's an old hospital, but the care is wonderful!


Very snotty. My doctor treats me like an annoyance. The staffs not any better.

Erin West

The worse hospital. The charge nurse David and night shift nurses on 3 west Lisa and krista refuse to do thier jobs . They refuse to give my mom her meds and wrote that she refused she can’t refuse if they haven’t been in her room all evening and called security when she went and asked for help it don’t deserve any stars but it won’t let me post without one

Heather Hartman

DON'T go here for a rabies vaccine! MMC makes a grab for the insurance money by seeing you in the ER, giving you the first shot of four, then sends you on your way with a Rx. The three shots that remain in the series cost $400 each, and some insurance won't cover them. If you go to Parkwest Medical Center (in the same system, mind you), you are covered from start to finish, and they bill your insurance for the whole thing. NOTE: You can only be covered start to finish at Parkwest if you go there FIRST; you can't see them only for the follow-up shots. (See, they can't bill the insurance as much after the first visit). Parkwest literally refused to give him the shots without billing 3X the cost directly to us. (Yes, they told us that.) It's absurd! It's a shame this has been such a bad experience because they did a great job stitching up my arm after my bike wreck.

Fae Lynne

I've been a regular patient here for three and a half years. I spend 90% of my time here. I have to say, the nursing staff is WONDERFUL. I've only had issues with 2 nurses out of the thirty or forty I've had dealings with. ER takes a long time sometimes, yes. It's usually not a problem with nurses or staff, but with the doctors. The only reason I rate it at 4 stars instead of 5 is because of the doctors. Out of the ten or fifteen I've seen, only four are any good. Most of the doctors do things like changing meds without discussing it with the patient, not communicating what they're doing or why they're doing it, not answering questions or not offering to look up answers to things they don't know, or just plain brushing off my questions and concerns like they don't matter. Luckily, most of the nursing staff WILL answer my questions or help me find answers. It's not a BAD hospital, just don't expect much communication from most of the doctors.

Donnie Young

I wish that I could give this hospital a 0 because it won't allow that I have to give it a 1 star ..don't go there if your or for any reason you will wait in the er for hours and when they to get you back in room you will be there for hours and hours and if you try to leave for bad service they threaten to call the police and have you arrested for leaving the very terrible hospital...really I would take my dog there

Odoh Ejike

Tonya Owens-McDaniel

Travis Crowley


Rebecca Roberts

Mom was there w/copd lung disease. They never cleaned her room. They sent her home way too early. Food was terrible. Sent her home w/blisters on her lips and in her nose w/out any meds. And no inhaler for a woman who can not breath. I will not take my mother there ever again.

Kim McKinney

There was not day of my mothers 4 day admission following shoulder surgery. I can say anything good about a single day we were there, I feel like if me or my sisters had left my Mom at anytime there would have been very sad consequences. We were discharged on Friday when we begged that she was not ready to go home. She could not move with O2. She did not come into the hospital with 02. We took her home and was admitted to our local hospital with double pneumonia and was in that hospital for 4 days. She had physical therapy, Resp. therapy and cardiology consult. We are now waiting on results from her cardiologist now to see if she received and cardiac damage from her treatment at Methodist Medical Center. My Mom still requires 02 everyday.

Andrew Whalen

The service in the ER was great, but the billing was weird. I got a bill for a visit I had 2 whole years ago.

Linda M

Was given an appointment for a 6pm CT scan. Thrilled that I could go after work. Apparently that appointment means nothing. I'm sitting here in line with the ER patients, given the excuse that "they're running behind". Had I known this I would have made other arrangements. Drove from Roane county for this. Extremely unsatisfied. Been here an hour so far.

Troy Martin

Absolutely horrible Hospital. My girlfriend was having chest pains and went to the ER and they turned her away.

Adam Champion

Will not listen to the patients. And most of them are rude as hell.

David Robie

Our experience with the fourth flour nursing staff taking care of my terminally ill father could not have been any better. They were so kind and considerate to my father and all the family. They went overboard to help and answer questions. We could not ask for anything more. The grey headed Respiratory Therapy guy, however, was a little rude and didn't seem to like his job, but the nursing staff and others we dealt with far exceeded our expectations.

Tamera Sexton

My husband was taken there after a car accident and after i got there from work he was already ready they were very rude and profiled him by his looks. Did xrays but could tell him anything but thst he needed to follow up with an orthepedic surgeon as soon as swelling goes down. No one would help him to set up and his rib was cracked. When i called to ask about him and to let him know i had left work and was on my way there they wouldnt let me talk to him and didnt tell him i even called and was on my way. He was waiting in a wheelchair at the er waiting room when i got there. They just shoved him out the door.

Alanson Clark

I developed dysphagia (a swelling of the throat) due to severe coughing with Bronchitis in Dec. I also was on several anticholinergic drugs for weeks and they had a BAD effect on my nervous system. Due to this and not eating for nearly 3 weeks, I was totally dehydrated AND I became addicted to Dr. prescribed Xanax in about 8 weeks. I had a TOTAL meltdown at 11:00 at night last Wed. No amount of Xanax helped. My dear husband has a very bad heart and was scared to death for me. I went to Methodist Emergency Room (I've never been to an emergency room) but I thought they would recognize my mental duress and give me SOMETHING to calm me and some nutrition and re-hydrate me intravenously. My blood pressure was 140/83 when it's normally a low 90/60. I sat in a hallway for 2 hours. I sat in a room till 3:30AM with NO help except my dear, stressed out husband. I kept being told by the DOCTOR that a "panic attack is not emergency room" worthy. ALSO... the Doctor just about laughed at us when we mentioned the anticholinergic drugs I'd been on. Two of them I just got off of 2 days before. He said, "You spend too much time Googling medical issues online." SURE I've looked into why I'm having a nervous breakdown! And medical research has a LOT to say about the OTC drugs I had been on. They had another woman there that night that they finally had to lock up, call the police...and she SCREAMED the whole time. I couldn't handle it.... in my condition..and the DOCTOR kept repeating..."Well, there's nothing we can do about it." Basically, just pooh-poohing my breakdown. It was his ATTITUDE that blew me away while I sat their crying. By 5AM, after suffering all night long, all they had done for me was given me two sleeping pills and one bag of saline. They ran blood work which they said was "normal" (never told me what they ran) so they couldn't keep me. WHY COULDN'T THEY HAVE SENT ME TO A PSYCHIATRIC HOSPITAL IF THEY DIDN'T HAVE THE COMPASSION OR THE KNOWLEDGE TO DEAL WITH WHAT I WAS GOING THROUGH?? We have good that wasn't the issue. I think the Doctors there are so used too seeing bullet wounds or bleeding heads, that they don't have the training to deal with a problem like mine. We got home at 6AM. This is Monday..this all happened last Wed. We have still not recovered from being up all night and I'm worried the stress will literally kill my husband. We got into a new Dr. last Friday and I am being sent (probably) this week to some sort of facility to help me get off this terrible Xanax. We are in our 60's and dehydration, malnutrition, stress and Xanax are life-threatening conditions when all combined. Had I KNOWN how bad Methodist Emergency Room is.... and was told by many friends later about it.... we would have driven all the way to Parkwest where they at least recognize a mental disorder when they see it!!

Hobart Hoskins

Terrible hospital. My father spent the better part of a year in the hospital. His medication was screwed up several times. Once I went to visit him and they had moved him and no one knew where he was. When they finally found him, he had been moved to the icu and they did not notify any family. When I complained to the administration, they couldn't really give any reasons or even assure me that it wouldn't happen again. Another time I went to visit and found my Dad very lethargic. I got the nurse to come in and check his sugar. It was a 13. There were 4 nurses in his room before I could blink. He had dialysis that day and they had not fed him. Not good for a diabetic. There were some really good nurses but they seemed to be just too busy to really be able to give personal care. The icu is about the only place that I can brag on. The staff there was terrific. I would never go to this hospital, even if I had a heart attack in their parking lot.

John Cowen

Best care I ever received. Kudos to the entire staff!

Alex Crutchfield


Wanda Wise

Christie Huston

Worst experience in the baby center ever. The nurse couldnt stick me and when he finally got it blamed my blood flow stopping on me when she clearly had blown my vein in my hand. Than proceeded not to know which vial of blood went with what sticker and just started sticking stickers on them while talking about it with another nurse. Very rude staff of nurses and even registration was very rude to my two toddlers that i had to take with me that day. I am absolutely terrified of how an epidural will go after all the idiocy I have already seen. Edit: Gave birth to a healthy baby girl. however am unable to leave. keep getting the run around while the Dr's and nurses chat it up not doing anything. have already spent two nights here and my anxiety is getting bad, I feel like a prisoner. This hospital is the worst, would not recommend to anyone. I would rather deliver at home in my bathtub than deal with the incompetent staff here.

Jusin Kennedy

This place is a state of the art facility, all the nurses are very sweet. Very professional atmosphere.

Jennifer Harmon

This review is just on the operator that answers the phones. Today at 10 a.m. I called to see how my mother was doing as she is complaining of chest pain and the woman says she's in er. Well is there a way that I can find out more information like what room or what prognosis she has? The lady didn't even say one moment please she just transferred me and I didn't know anything until I heard music because she didn't say anything to me about it. I work in the customer service field and I understand that sometimes you get overwhelmed with calls and people coming up constantly but if you don't like your job QUIT. Someone else would LOVE to have that position and a job probably. Next time use some manners. I am not going to say I hated it b/c I disapprove of using the word "hate". but it was an unpleasant call.

Reese Mcglasson

We have been in the waiting room 2 1/2 hours! They said sorry we are busy but I had no idea. Patient lined the inside hallway. The doctors and nursing staff were very kind and knowledgeable they found the problem and helped me find the right doctor to follow up with.

OLENA Korotych

Horrible organization and policy!!! I was not been able to make an ultrasound appointment on my own having an order from a doctor, because only my doctor or his/her office can do it. It was one of the most ridiculous thing in the whole world. Waste of everybody's time. Instead of really helping people they created the system which does opposite ... pure bureaucracy and nothing else. ):

James Mcnally

Darrell Sexton

The staff was very nice and friendly. Everybody took good care of me.

Amy Gray

I've heard some bad things about this hospital, but I recieved nothing but excellent care from every single person I encountered on the day of my outpatient surgery. From check in until I was wheeled out to my vehicle. Everyone was kind and caring. They get 5 stars in my book!

Lily Cat

marva kalicharan

I had a one day procedure on Monday January 14 , 2019 at the Hospital. I was well taken care of by the entire staff. Thank you so much Debbie , Katherine , Cathy , a lovely young lady who took me from the prep room to the procedure area. Thank you , to the Doctor who took care of me , such excellent bedside manner , and his staff , a wonderful team . This was an overwhelming time for me , but each and everyone made it a great experience. I had to leave a review , for I find them very helpful in making decisions. In the event you need to be a the hospital , you can choose here with confidence.

Victor Wells

Master Joe

Ive been here plenty of times to see this place improve again and again. What brought me to review this place was their cafeteria. The breakfast was to my suprise very good!! And the people were happy and helpful as well.

Amanda Bridges

Admittedly, my husband is a cranky patient. After all, who wants to be in the hospital? However, after several procedures and disappointing experiences, I can't blame him for being cranky. I appreciate and respect healthcare workers, and I know a bit about the administrative ends and outs of healthcare facilities. However, I have never seen a hospital as slow to finalize discharges as Methodist. The first time, I thought "something's come up; no big deal." The second time, I thought "well, they're probably short-staffed today." The third time, "um, no. Are they watching the clock to see if they can charge his insurance for another day?" Once, I swear, they seemed to forget about him in the ER. He suffers from atrial fibrillation, and after becoming stable and being placed in an observation room, we didn't see anyone for HOURS. When I finally flagged a nurse down, she seemed surprised he was there. Then, it still took a few hours for us to leave. We'll won't go back. I'll drive longer and take him to UT, which I already have. Our experiences there have been fantastic. I know nurses there, and while I wouldn't recommend UT's ER (as our area's only Level 1 Trauma Center, if you go to UT's ER and aren't in dire straights, they're not going to be in a hurry to get to you. You may sit in the ER for a long, long time. If it's something non-life threatening, just go to Tennova or Ft. Sanders,) our scheduled appointments at UTMC have been expedient, professional, and so, so different from MMC.

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