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I've lived in three different states been to a hospital in each and this is by FAR the worst experience. I had my 4th child there, you can't eat during labor but then you cant even after birth if its not between 8-5p. You would think they would have PB&J or something available. My whole birth was a disaters. The bed was sooo uncomfortable. I wanted to leave the same night but I had to wait . I brought my aunt to the ER. I couldn't find a wheelchair to bring her in. The front desk literally told me to look around. DISGUSTING. my 4 yo son had a SEIZURE. one, there was no parking near the ER. (despite the acre wide empty parking for Physicians). I found parking somewhere else and went to the nearest door. There wasn't one staff member in site. I FOUND a phone behind the desk and dialed 0. The lady tells me I have to go outside and walk around the building. DISGUSTING. I get to the ER and its 2hr wait to just see triage. I asked the lady if it's even worth me staying because at this point it happened so long ago he was back to normal. She says "yeaa when they do a ekg it can only show something IF he has a seizure during the test. but I think you should stay" -___- So i stayed....another hour. The nurse comes and doesnt even walk us to the room. she points down the hall and tell us where to go. They dont let you eat so at this point my son (4) is hungry and i just walk out (after staying in the room for another 45 mins with no contact with a doctor). Even when we walked out nobody acknowledged us. This hospital is terribly ran. Idk who is in charge but how many bad reviews do you need to actually do something. START WITH PROPER TRAINING or JOHNSON CITY MEDICAL NEEDS TO BE SHUT TF DOWN.

Glen Shipp

U get better... Your in good hands!!!!


Kathy Jones

This hospital saved my husband's life after a severe heart attack. ER, ICU and other staff...I cannot thank you enough!

Amanda Fuller

Wonderful place.

BryceWayne Enterprises

I am so incredibly upset, frustrated, and livid about dealing with the people at Johnson City Medical Center. A month-and-a-half ago, my wife was having abdominal cramps and bleeding more than just menstrual, and it had been causing her severe pain or two or three days when we decided to go to the ER at Johnson City Medical Center. When we checked in, the receptionist was very confusing and unclear about who we should talk to and when we would get seen. As there were only four or five people in the lobby, and we had an 11 month old who did not want to sit still, we hoped that it might be a speedy process... Not at all. We also noticed that the way the chairs were laid out, and with a stand-alone sign, they had 'quarantined' a waiting section in the middle of the rest of the room for only patients with 'influenza-like' symptoms.. About half an hour after checking in at the desk, the triage nurse calls my wife back to the initial triage room, and I took our little boy and joined her. At first we didn't know who to talk to, as there were five or six 'nurses' scrambling around in the room. There were old Band-Aids on the floor and two or three bugs that my little boy was trying to get at. It felt uncomfortable and unsanitary, at best. The nurses had a failure to communicate, and one asked the other "should we do an IV port?" One of them responded " I don't know, just stick her with it." To top off that carelessness, while my wife was sitting and explaining to one of the nurses what was going on, and giving her personal information like her social security number and insurance number, there was a male nurse standing directly behind the one she was talking to, scrolling and texting on his phone the entire time! What the hell? This was is not only unprofessional, but a violation of HIPAA rights. When we asked about the aforementioned section of the waiting room designated for influenza patients, as our little boy wanted to walk around and we didn't want him all over anyone, the nurses didn't know what we were talking about. One of them responded "what sign?" And " well everyone is going to have flu like symptoms..." As she rolled her eyes and shrugged off our question. They stuck the IV port in my wife's left arm, and sent us out into the waiting room without letting us know if we'd be seen in a timely fashion, or when to expect anyone to come talk to us, or anything. About an hour and a half goes by, my wife says that she is feeling nauseous and that her arm where the IV Port is, is uncomfortable and hurting her. Neither of us understood why they stuck her with an IV port. She was not complaining of dehydration, or vomiting or any condition that may require fluids... So there was really absolutely, no necessity for it. Also, of all of the hospitals that we have been to in Portland Oregon, in Amarillo Texas, in Salt Lake City Utah, and Asheville North Carolina and even in Erwin, Tennessee we have never seen anyone stuck with an IV port for absolutely no reason and there were 4 or 5 people with that in that waiting room .. On top of that, she could not functionally use her left arm to feed or care for our little boy due to the pain coming from the IV port that was just haphazardly stuck in her arm. A bit later, we heard some women talking across the waiting room, about being there for more than 3 hours and "feeling like they were going to throw up and just wanted to be seen.." After being there for 2 and 1/2 hours, almost three, my wife goes to the reception desk and ask her if they could give her an ETA on being seen, and they told her "she would just have to wait like everyone else.." She also asked about the IV port and told him how it was causing pain and their response was " I don't know why they do that, I guess it's precautionary." What a bunch of awful, rude, careless, imbecilic, people.. - - I HAVE MORE TO SAY ABOUT THE UNPROFESSIONAL AND UNGODLY ACTIONS OF THIS PLACE, PLEASE BE INFORMED AND READ ON IN MY NEXT REVIEW.- -

Sarsh Bittner


Don't let Dr Joseph Lee near you! He left me a mess after two surgeries, both going terribly wrong. He's a disgrace to his profession. My body and life are in ruins due to his "care". The hospital staff is thoughtless and careless. After 3 months in this hospital and a complete breakdown of my physical, emotional and spiritual well-being, I asked to speak to someone because I just wanted to die. The nurse told me I would have to wait until Monday. I guess mental health care takes the weekends off. Poor excuse for a hospital and it's staff. RUN FOR YOUR LIFE!

David Hofer

My mother was brought here from assisted living for chest pain, since she got here I have been witness to the worst hospital care I have ever seen. I have heard nothing but excuses for very sub par care, we have been here 36 hours and my 84 year old mother was not even offered food we have had to ask for a tray for her every meal. There is absolutely no communication between the staff and patients or family as to diagnosis, and a seriously evident lack of care expressed by the staff. I do not in any way recommend this facility and will not ever use it again. I think their 2 star Google rating is probably more than deserved.

Max Caldera

Worst people ever and worst care ever. Never go there. They want tell u anything about ur loved one when u r caring for there animals and trying to keep there bills paid while they are sick. People care nothing for patients or family. A load of selfish people who only care for there selves.

Terry Ward

My experience shows a group of very caring and capable workers. Everyone from janitorial to nurses and doctors all in between. Was it perfect with absolutely no faults, no, it name on place that is.

Caroline and Mike Blackburn

Kenny Dotson

I must say they have saved my life so many times. a hour and half away. This is were I always get sent to over my heart. They have been very good to me and all there are very knowledgeable on many things they are best known for the heart part. I would travel anywhere to get to them......

Moriah Choulagh

We moved here from Florida and the staff for labor and delivery were amazing! It is my first pregnancy and they are very supportive and great at explaining and answering questions. I recommend anyone to deliver here!

Sarah Edwards

Bathrooms are filthy in the ER. If you came in fine, you'll leave with some type of infection, more than likely. Tried to post pictures of dried blood running down bottom side of the toilet bowl and on the seat, also, there is what looks like fecal matter dried up on the edge of the toilet seat. All this on one toilet. Disgusting! This is a hospital for crying out loud!

Yazz Thomas

When to jcmc due to a dog attack. Waited a HR just for them to X-ray my arm and wrap it in gauze. I had to drive to Franklin Woods just to get the proper care and treatment that I needed. Smh you guys need to reevaluate your emergency room staff. Those nurses are rude and lazy. Oh and I have excellent insurance so y'all were paid for nothing which I will be disputing.

Patricia Lecusay

A "Dr." callously told my sister to put an inflatable mattress in a Uhaul to get herself home after she broke her leg in two places. She was allowed 2 days of hospital stay and no pain relief before kicking her out (with good insurance). I sincerely pray that God in His infinite mercy allow the type of judgment that would inspire this "physician" to no longer inflict the indifference and suffering he prescribed to her (and no doubt others). Thank you sincerely to the EMT, PT and OT staff for their exquisite kindness and care. So if you should find yourself being "cared" for by this unfortunate spirit, I suggest you wear a garlic necklace and carry some Holy Water in a spray bottle to keep the Snake away.

Casey Coher

Prices for food and drink is ridiculous!!

Amy Campbell

All was great!

Cody Reed

My husband is no where near out of here after 23 hrs in the er waiting for a bed with standard labs and CT scan being the only thing done in that time. He was NPO fluids and food for over 16 hours waiting on an mri for pancreas issues before they finally decided it would be much longer before they'd be able to do the MRI so they let him eat. It's now been almost 11 hours since then. We had to ask a nurse to find someone else to see us because she was being completely rude and harping and harping and harping about him being a smoker to the point she had the doctor order him a spirometer ( because he might get pneumonia or blood clots, drs orders

Christie Cassell

Very bad customer service. Got to the emergency room I'm 4-5 weeks pregnant and they took forever to see me. I was bleeding and in severe pain I had to walk out of that place. Worse hospital I've ever visited. They give me no medical attention

peepee suck III

Judith Bays

This hospital deserves some cutting edge equipment . They have such old diagnostic machines and so few patients have to wait. Our bed was broken , the blood pressure machine was glitching and the screen was taped on with medical tape. Tennessee is number 32 in pay for medical professionals. I hope this hospital didn’t spend money to buy out Competition and now they are unable to provide our community and their employees with equipment they need

Danielle Blumberg

Holly Guinn

My father has been admitted in JCMC many times over the last few years - none of them a good experience but unfortunately necessary. This review outlines his recent seven day stay in January 2019. The list of downright disturbing conditions and observations of the medical facility is as follows: Mysterious fluid on his mattress under the sheets. Extreme cleanliness concerns in the room. Housekeeping left spilled coke on the floor for 2 days. IV not recapped leaking an entire bag of fluid in the bed overnight. Prepping for a no food or drink plan for surgery even though the surgery had been cancelled and orders never updated. Heart and chest monitors left unhooked in the middle of the night. Shower stall so disgusting there was an unknown brown film on the shower floor. Rusted stains from shower chairs that appear to have never been cleaned and definitely not sanitized. Plastered flooring over the original shower stall flooring with gaps clearly making room for staph and other serious bacterial infections and disease - causing clear concern the condition is actually causing patient illness. Shower drains so horrific it looks like a nightmare hotel. No bath offered to patient for four straight days. Kept on an observation floor for four days due to overflowing patient beds. Outdated rooms and utilities. Urinal jug wasn't emptied for over 24 hours and filled to the brim. Breakfast never brought one morning, and honestly much more. When approached, the nursing staff agreed the problems have been reported to leadership numerous times by both patients and staff alike regarding the condition of patient bathrooms with no attention to hundreds of complaints and internal investigations. These conditions absolutely do not belong in a medical facility and is a disgrace to our community. The extremely low standard of care that is offered at the Johnson City Medical Center is an terribly poor representation of healthcare in our area. I wouldn't in my wildest dreams be okay with being checked into JCMC should I become ill and will do everything in my power to avoid myself or my family members ever being treated in this facility again. Photos attached.

joseph molamphy

Cleanliness is in need of work along with there bedside manner but they offer a great trama sector that even the veterans hospital right next door does not

Carl Little


They seem to care more than Franklin woods.

Guy Sluss

Hope you got all day to stay. Sitting in room waiting for them to do my surgery.scheduled for 9:30a it's 12:34 pm now. Have not heard from staff or anyone for an hour. Have not had anything to eat for 18 hrs. This place has went to hell since mountain states took here with my wife she is the one having surgery or I would get out of here and find a real hospital.

Jeannette Stephens

Kristin Greason

I had got in to a agrument with one of the nurses the other night I feel like such a fool because I am still in alot of pain I will be back there. Not sure what her name is and I do apologize.

Jon Puertas

Rose Moser

Senior Whoopy IRL

This place needs and update!

Jay Koonce

Donna Cuñningham

Went there for back surgery....had a student nurse to tell me that I didnt need my heart regulator medication...and that my blood pressure was just fine... I had to get my surgeon to get my meds for me...even he was livid. Great good...had problems when mother in law was in there. You have to constantly watch what they were doing. I will say the food was good...and that was contracted in.

Josh Bradley

Waited 8 hours for my dad to get a room after an ER visit. Chairs in the lobby and in the room are pathetic. Terribly uncomfortable and do not accommodate voluptuous people. Had to steal a doctor's stool just to have a place to sit. Outside of the main entrance and het front of the building, the rest of the hospital seems very dated and very run down. Flat screen TVs in the rooms have limited channels... All with static and poor picture quality. WiFi access is spotty and sometimes takes several minutes to connect. Staff seems well trained and knowledgeable. Better care than other hospitals in the area, despite having older outdated equipment to work with. The hospital bed appears to be from the 1990's. IV trees are well worn, crusty, and some are even rusted.

Fran Boyette

As far as emergency services go, go somewhere else. Very poor service, long waiting time (more than 3 hours),lack of communication are just few of the problems we encountered. Apparently, short on staff and beds.

Tracy Martin

Wonderful staff members. Very kind & compassionate.

Gail Petersen

Don't deserve ANY stars. They LET my son die.

carla bowers

Staff was nice .Was here 2 hr could have took 1 I spent more time listening to them make the work shift sheet and a nurse couldn’t get his pass word to work. Omg

The G

My mom was dying of cancer and she and I made many trips to the ER. Sometimes we would even be admitted. One of our visits, she was left in the waiting room, sick and anemic from chemo, with all the other patients suffering from the flu and everything else. One time she was left waiting for over an hour, sprawled out on the couch in the little room where the vending machines are, pitiful sick from chemo and blood loss. I finally had to say something and they finally got her a room. We had many different nurses. One was very rude and drew my mother’s blood so roughly that we complained. Ok... little things, but here is the big thing: the last time my mother was admitted, the chemo floor was closed so she was put on the pulmonary floor about 2 am. I gave the STUDENT nurse, who was not being supervised, all my mother’s medications, dosages, dates and times to be given, the last administration and...the student nurse never put them into the computer properly so my mother went almost four days with no pain meds—her morphine. By day four my mom became very alert and highly agitated, kicking her legs, and moaning,. The nurses could not figure out what was going on. It took me one second to realize she was “dope sick”—detoxing—morphine withdrawls. I alerted the staff and one of the residents from the Regional Cancer Center who was on my mom’s medical team came in when I wasn’t there and overdosed her on morphine! He failed to understand that she was going through withdrawls and that the staff had given her no pain medication for almost four days. The staff on the 4 or 5 floor, I can’t remember, said she was in no pain. And, that she never asked for pain medications. I said of course not! She has been given her morphine regularly by me for a long time and she doesn’t ask because she doesn’t have too, nor does she know what’s going on AND she’s hopped on morphine so she has it in her system for a tincture of time. I alerted the supervisor, the patient advocate, and I wrote all this down in the survey we got by mail. The hospital admitted their mistake, but that was where it ended. My mom ended up with 48 hours on direct nursing surpervison after this because they overdosed her on morphine. Plus, the hospital is dirty. Staff do not wash hands, instead opting for hand sanitizer which is not hygienic at all, and medical staff do not switch out gloves properly. Just a sub standard experience in totality, and they nearly killed my mom with poor training and supervision of the student nurse, poor training and supervision of the resident from ETSU (terrible medical school by the way), and poor communication. I cannot imagine with the merger and subsequent monopoly of hospital healthcare in our area that things are going to get any better.

Stephen White

Three experiences not a 1 good, I think they push for cesarean sections to make more money, that's how it felt when my child was born. Had a very poor experience ask for a very mild sedative from when they suggested it they gave her a major one and then when she was sedated she was willing to agree to whatever they wanted to do.

David Odom

Wait times are terrible they need more Doctor's on duty nurses do what they can.. my 78yr. Old Dad has been in ER for 9 yes 9 hours and counting o hate this place...

Tina Stelley


Groovy Man Sam

Had to wait in the emergency room for 3 hours after having a seizure.

Cassie Tolley

Piss poor ER staff

Sue Mahon

Hands down one of the best hospitals that I’ve stayed in. The dr’s, nurses, techs, and staff were so nice and very accommodating. If given the choice I would definitely choose them again. Also would highly recommend them to anyone!

Darlene Cunningham

Glove in floor over four hours. Canceled mom’s lunch about 9am because she was being released & now it’s 12:55 & she’s hungry. Asked for a lunch some time ago after flagging someone down & still no food for a heart patient.

Jack Pingo

Beware of Dr. Joseph Lee, Dr. Dima Youseff and any of their colleagues. These "doctors" are only interested in money. Can't even be called care, because they don't. These people were so unconcerned with my health they waited 3 years to order a cat scan of my abdomen, by then I was filled with so many tumors they had to remove my pancreas spleen gall bladder 25% of my stomach and intestines. My life is in ruins because of their "care". Run for your life. I mean it!

stephen miller

I recently had major surgery at UT because the surgery required a specialist. I was having major complications after so i went to the med center ER they did absolutely nothing for me. They refused to call an speak to my urologist and i was misdiagnosed an given the wrong medication so they tell me they will do no more an for me to drive 2 hours away in excruciating pain to be seen at the UT medical center. AVOID THIS PLACE AT ALL COST

Theresa Lasiter

My husband was in ICU for 12 days. I could not ask for better nurses,doctors or therapist.They made sure he was taken care of and they made sure I was kept informed of all developments.***** we are 3 days later on 2500 ward and this place sucks, no one informs you of anything, ring for bedpan and 10 minutes later still waiting...husband is in worst shape then when he came into the hospital...if i could give no stars I would.

james wilson


Teresa Jeffries

This is a great mist unfriendly hospital I have ever been in. The surgical staff is so rude and makes rude comments when you ask questions. Please do not ever send a loved one to this hospital. I am a nurse and I have never been in such a rude hospital not to mention it is dirty. Very disappointed


Brandy Gosline

Always the nicest staff


The ER staff at Johnson City Medical Center was wonderful to my Dad on, Tuesday night - Wednesday morning, January 30-31, 2018 I appreciate their quick work getting help for him. So very kind and professional.

Jennifer Chagoya

My Stay Was Great Enjoyed The Wonderful Nurse Care also I Had a Great C.N.A. Anna Who was loving Caring and Most of All Compassionate towards. Thank you JCMC, Jennifer Chagoya

Chelsey McClaugherty

Great Staff, treated my fiancee like family. I will write a more detailed review later when I have time.

Kyndra Gunter

This place is was so much better before ballad health took mom had a major surgery and been here since thrusday..they take over a hour to give her pain meds on several times..on thrusday night she cried for 3 hours trying to get pain meds and ice water called me crying asking me to.come up here..her eye got scratched she begged for eye drops..Brad is a awful nurse and needs to be trained in compassion...if I was on my death bed I wouldn't want him around..dirty linens left in room I get off work come up here she has blood soaked blanket on her they couldn't even give her a clean blanket..the trash from the nurses left in the room..I mean after a major surgery you shouldn't have to track your nurse down for over a hour to get pain meds and change the dressing that is bleeding out..don't get me wrong some of these nurses are amazing and care about people but most don't..#unhappy #disgruntleddaughter

Ira Oaks Jr

Good awlful nuerosurgions in the brain and spine center


Hospitalized for 1 week, two separate times. The nurses and staff were really great... everyone from the cleaning staff, to the people who bring your food. Shockingly, the food was really good. Can't say the same about the doctors.

Sara Beth Sherrill

Sean Dennis

Frances Rose

My sister is in critical care Johnson city hospital has put her out and sent her to a nursing home where they wouldn't even keep her .she was took back to Johnson city er.nthen did readmitted her only for them to try and discharge her again today. I need explanation from someone. I feel she is in danger by not being taken care of .tell me I think I need to contact a lawyer

Junior Seale

They saved my dads life. He was in Holston Valley and about died!! They wouldn’t do surgery but they did find a doc that would...If not for JCMC I wouldn’t have my dad today!!!

robert webb

We visited walk in clinic. It was easy to find, easy to access, and the friendly staff provided us efficient medical care. It sure beats waiting for an appointment at regular doctor's office!

Tonya Johnson

Sent my 8 month pregnant friend home crying in pain. Told her to take a tylenol. She went back the next day begging for help, yet again, and was basically ignored and sent home. She, and her baby, passed away that evening. Stay away from this hospital.


I'm completely pissed at my experience. My fiance is pregnant with twins and we came in here because she was concerned about some pre labor symptoms. It took no time to get wheeled over to a room. That is where a star came from. The guy was nice who pushed her over to the pregnancy ward. Hooray! Other than that. They had us in a room. Asked her to undress, did not supply a robe or garmet. Had her unhook herself each time she had to use the restroom. Nothing was given to her. (Ex.No IV for Hydration or something to help) We had a single swab done. We were told if the swab comes back positive the results will be inconclusive if negative we'd get more information. She also peed in a cup for a sample. Just in case she checked the cervix to make complete sure everything is ok. She was dialated a bit near the front. We waited and waited, four hours later. I mean 4 whole hours. I went out to find our nurse and even said to the people at the desk hey she is uncomfortable. Still no one came at all. Then we hit the 4 hour mark at this point. Finally someone came in. The individual wasn't even our original nurse. (Shift change I guess) She just did another cervix check and said well you are dilated in the front and not the back. (Ok, good) Also you are extremely dehydrated. (Gotcha, so that causes contractions? Ok, good to know) But could it have hurt to maybe have hydrated her in the beginning of that was a possibility? Or maybe not left a possibly dehydrated pregnant women to sit for 4 hours just to be told that. Like come on. No sincerity, no emotion, no care. Now we are sent home with a huge waste of our time. We could have just googled that and had her drink more water and called it a day, but because we are concerned parent we care to make sure. No concern was used and no care was used. I am completely angry at the lack of humanity shown here.

Debbie Bradley

My brother was brought in by EMS on 9-7-18 to the ER at JCMC for chest pain. After being in a room for about an hour, we were told he was going to be put in the hall because they needed the room. He is blind and has had heart issues for 20 years. As we sat in the hall for quite a while, some ER staff walked by and said hes not even hooked up to any monitors and hooked him up. I have no idea who this was, but, she was the only person to even acknowledge he was laying in the hall. As two rooms across from us were opened and cleaned, I asked if he could be placed in on of those. I was told "we have other patients coming in". Of course I asked if he gets a discount for laying in the hall 4 hours or so. After the doctor came and talked to us about admitting him overnight, my brother asked for a urinal. I heard the doctor tell someone behind me at the nurses station. Of course no one came to help him. 20 minutes or so later I had to ask again. An RN finally came, wheeled him to the de-contamination room to use the bathroom. When she brought him back she did hook him back up to the machine. After I complained about his treatment, someone, I dont know who got him admitted quickly to the heart observation room. How sad that anyone has to be treated this way at an Emergency Room. Shame on JCMC. It's so bad there I wouldn't take my dog there for treatment.

Christi Gannon

Right now i have absolutely not a thing good to say about our emergency room experience. My mother, who has copd and is almost 80 years old, was left to sit in the “waiting” room for almost 5 hours struggling to breathe. We brought her oxygen, which ran out after this long of wait and made a bad situation worse. The “front” area staff could not have been less interested in getting help or any more rude than they were. Folks if it takes 3 hours to just get you registered and another 2 to get to see a doctor there is an EPIC problem. Ballad health you need to review your emergency situation because our family felt this was an emergency situation and that was far far from the treatment we received.

Gary Hensley

Had my son in children s emergency room. Had a nurse named Kaci she went above and is a great example of a human being. Your lucky to have her.

Marcus Erdman

Dr Joseph Lee is quite possibly the worst surgeon in America. He destroyed my uncle's life with a series of failed healthcare attempts and a couple of disastrous surgeries. My uncle lost everything and lives a life of constant pain and suffering. Dr Lee's only good quality is the ability to find a community that won't question his numerous surgical mistakes.

Sally Shelton

ER is the worst i have ever been too! Dr. Doyle refuses to listen to why you are there and makes you sit on a portable toilet for 12 1/2 hours!!! I will never go back!

Rachel Thompson

Long waits, friendly staff.

Adam Hey

Shittiest hopstial I have ever been to! You could see the staph growing in the rooms! The etsu students or graduates EVEN the charge nurse looked at my family like a deer in headlights when dad was having a heart attack right in front of them. They were trying to turn him away ! Do not put any trust in this Healthcare facility. Useless money spent on this and it keeps getting bigger. I think all nurses should get paid on how people rate them for care. That way they will try a little harder to save dad's life when he is having a heart attack. I think that's worth the $20 a hr. Diagnostics fee.

Marilyn Goode

I cant put a dang negative number!! This hospital is horrible. The only department that was nice was the icu. They actually cared for their paitents. The heart center/stroke center neglects their patients.

Travis Russell

Was suppose to have an MRI on my 12month old, got a call the day before they where moving MRI up, when we got there admitting said we were scheduled for an EEG not mri and couldn’t lift a finger to call or see why she had the wrong thing down. Lazy staff with a bad attitude.

Blondewolf C

This is for the ER. I am actually here now. I had a call ahead from nurses at a dialysis center. They told me they were expecting me. So I have been here for over 3 hours IN THE WAITING AREA. I have been checked in and they took blood and I even have an IV Port, but I've not been put in a room or anything. I am not the only one, there are at least 3 people with IV ports, one person that's puked her guts up and other random people. When I got here the waiting room was empty. A few people have gone back,u but it's been avery few. This is UNACCEPTABLE!

Steven S

In July 2019, I sought emergency medical care at Johnson City Medical Center's emergency room for a Hypertensive Crisis. I had a blood pressure over 200/100 PLUS accompanied with a severe headace and blurry vision. Upon my arrival the ER waiting room was full of people. At check in, I was asked about my insurance. I informed them I had no insurance and I was unemployed at the time. What seemed to be forever, I was taken to triage where my vitals were taken, a EKG was run, after I reported some chest pain, and a unsuccessful attempt for blood work was made. I was then sent back to the ER waiting room. My mother and I waited for 4 and a half hours in the waiting room for me to be treated for a medical emergency and I never saw or talked to a doctor. After it became obvious to us that they were not going to see me in the ER,I left the hospital while still suffering with the Hypertensive crisis. The next month, I suprised to receive a bill for over $ 900 dollars and even after telling a hospital representative of these circumstances, I was told that my bill would turned over to collections. I'm currently hunting for an attorney to explore the possibility of filing a lawsuit for the delay of treatment of a medical emergency. I also plan on filing a complaint using the Emergency Medical and Treatment Labor Act. I WOULD NOT recommend this hospital to anyone. And unless I'm transported unconscious, I will not go to another Ballad Health care hospital.

Josh Edens

Lisa Bowling

Anna Ingle

Amber Taylor

My grandmother has literally gotten the worst care ever. Even after telling them repeatedly that something was wrong it took days for them to realize she had sepsis. Now I'm almost sure she has had a silent stroke and yet her doctor left the county for vacation and no one wants to order a ct scan. This hospital has been the worst experience of my life and I will NEVER deal with them again.

Stanley Bare

William Mcamis

My last stay was worst experience. Will never go back.

Jeffrey Stewart

Surgery team was very good treated ilyus well but on discharge day my lungs were bleeding as they suctioned me asked for x-ray even nurse wanted one but doctor came in said nursing home had a doctor and the blood was nothing to worry about and if it got worse they could send me back what a joke. Air conditioning units not working for seven days I was here last day they put a fan in room. Not very happy.

Holley Stone

I've had terrible experiences at this hospital, even before my latest stay. It is not in my nature to single people out, so I will not do so. A few nurses genuinely care and do their best. The communication and attention to patients from doctors to nurses to patients needs improvement.

Chelil Fay

Absolutely sickened with this place. They ripped my grandmother's whole IV out of her arm and left her covered in her own poop knowingly. They left her in that room after they ripped her IV out while she was bleeding all over herself and she ended up having to get a blood transfusion because no one came back to help her until she repeatedly pushed the nurses button and it took forever for anyone to come. This is the worst hospital with the least caring nurses I have ever witnessed in my life.

Danielle Bunton

If I could give this hospital 0 Stars, I absolutely would. DO NOT let anyone with ETSU physicians touch you. They do not communicate with each other, and they have absolutely no idea what they're doing. As a patient, you have a right to "fire" your doctor and have someone from a new medical group work on you. Take my advice, if you see "ETSU Physicians" written on your hospital board as your group, speak up, act fast, and get someone new. If you don't, you'll run the risk of being in the hospital a lot longer than you should be.

Ronald Mangum

Been at this place since 11:33 they have checked on me not one time I had to ask to get a wheel chair and then the nurses didn’t even know where they were not a dr not a dang thing has seen me if this is what the healthcare is like in northeast Tennessee take your family to Asheville at least they might survive there

Ryan Thomas

Vicki Jennings

My husband has been in and out since April 2017. The dietary department is a joke. The workers threatened him, refused to bring him food for 2 days and I wasn't able to be there and he told me this and the nursing staff and we even went to HR and nothing was ever done. One worker told him not to make them mad because they handle his food. The doctors are uncaring, and came into his room with him vomiting blood and said they don't know what is wrong and walked out and discharged him. He has had several episodes of catching mrsa from the nurses not taking precautions. A few nurses have been really great but most are mean, and refuse to give medications the doctor ordered, a few have tried to say what they think is the problem. I challenged a nurse who refused to even call the doctor when I knew something was wrong. She refused and in front of the doctor when he asked about the vomiting I told him I told her to call him and she refused. She got angry and we told her to get out of his room. She is no longer allowed to step foot in his room. I was a nurse for 20 years, no one deserves the kind of treatment I have seen this hospital staff gives. One doctor puts in an order and another doctor will cancel it. I URGE OTHERS TO CHECK YOUR MEDICAL FILES FROM ANY HOSPITAL NURSING AND STAFF PHYSICIANS WILL FALSIFY RECORDS TO PROTECT THEMSELVES.

Tijn Reichart

On a grape, they did surgery

Jykel Hyde

In and out

pauliene garcia

Audra Poole

While in the hospital I didn't get my regular medicines, I'm diabetic and did not get my insinlin but they made sure they stuck my finger which is "abuse". Do not recommend.

anita taylor

By far one of the worst hospitals I have encountered. My daughter was admitted to the hospital and when I arrived from out of town . Her nurse could not tell us why she was being admitted! I thought he had some kind of mental problems because he just stared and would not answer not one question! My daughter is throwing up blood and again no answer! I went to the so called desk on the floor they had no idea why she was admitted! Are you kidding me really and she said ask your nurse and he was standing there and again he said nothing and stared off in the air ! Dead silence like ok who speaks you or me! I just walked away America’s dollars hard at work! So we called for nausea meds the secretary came in turn the light off and said the nurse will be with you. He never came buzzed again never happened! Then oh my Goodness I hear our nurse Joe speak it’s a miracle! Worst hospital ever

bridgette richardson

Call to speak with the lab because I had a public question, I was transferred to a lady named Chrissy which hung up in my face, very rude, so I called back and asked for a supervisor she transferred me to a voicemail so I will wait and see if someone calls me back. I just had a Public Question that would have took 3 seconds of her time. Sarah the supervisor called me back right away, very impressed I was with the rapid callback, she answered my question and was very Nice...Now if her personality would rub off on Chrissy that would be AWESOME!!! THANKS AGAIN SARAH!!

Nora Starry

The waiting time in this place sucks I'm having major back pain and I've been sitting in the waiting room for almost two hours Franklin woods hospital is better!!

Jessica Price

If you go the emergency room excited to wait 5+ hours. Worst hospital I ever been to

Karen Baker

My dad has been in the hospital for a week now. The communication with the doctors etc. is terrible. This has been one of his worst stays in a hospital so far.

Preston Gajan

Multiple alarms going off in different rooms, staff no where to be seen. No coordination of anything.. for example, 3 people coming in to take vitals 5 minutes apart. Having to buzz staff multiple times for simple things and waiting an hour at least for a response. Even coming from the emergency room the nurse's didn't know half of the things they had done (the nurse didn't even know there was an IV stick in the leg and says *I've never even seen this before* and had to try 5 different times to take it out.)

Lisa Reed

The worst care ever. My mom has been in here for last week and half. Was in stroke unit and they were great. Went for vascular surgery and it went down hill from there. ICU doctor very rude. Staff in ICU very loud at midnight laughing slamming doors etc. She was moved to 5th floor. Awful floor!! Understaffed couldn't half the time find help. Cna throwing her pull ups of frcal matter in trash can and leaving it to stink up room. When ask if it was going to be taken out. Was told I don't do that and housekeeping will take care of it. Had to call myself to have it thrown out. Internal medicine Dr very rude wanting to release her with her BP bottom number in 40s heart rate in 100s. Very disgusted with quality of hospital. Nurses did best they could but seem to be very scared to contact Dr malic

J. Owens

Two visits to the E.R and both times within almost week they had "out of network" doctors attend to us. Insurance did not cover them so we got two bills from a Schumacher Clinical Partners. Calling the J.C. medical Center about this got "we have nothing to do with that" and "sometimes doctors are given the privilege of seeing patients here." So basically even if you are there because your usual doctor thinks you are having a heart attack, (which is why we were there) and when the doctor walks in the room to see you, stop them and ask if your insurance covers them. They know but they are not required to tell you. Sorry but I find this to be a very shady practice.

Dennis Barnett

Day shift nurse Michael who is attending room 2405 is one piece of work! Everyone in my family who has encountered him this week has walked away in disbelief. He represents Ballad Health. Compassion, care, kindness, nor professionalism are his strong suit! It's a reflection of Ballad.

Kathy Martin

Rooms are nasty .i had to change husbands bed .

John Boone

My wife scheduled a MRI with JCMC for my daughter and was asked to pay a 90.00 copay which we did via credit card. When my daughter arrived she was asked to pay a 90.00 copay not realizing we had already paid. So now it seems the money can not be reimbursed and phone numbers given to us to those responsible to reimburse go to voice mail with no resolve. Please be aware of thier business practices and money collection.



Steven Hertz

This place is a fu#*ing shame. My wife was in a car accident with extreme neck spasms and in horrible pain. We have been sitting in the waiting room for 4 hours. Literally, we are still here waiting to be seen. A gentleman just walked past, he waited 5 hours to be seen with chest pain. This is a discrace. Words cannot express how awful this place is. If you can make it to any other hospital, please do. Avoid this place like the plague.

Mara Duncan

I worked in the food service here for a few months. The managers were unprofessional and actually caused me to have a panic attack (The first and only one I've ever had) one night. When they checked up on me 20 minutes later, still having trouble breathing, they looked at me and said "are you having boyfriend problems?" I wish that morrison healthcare (the company over the food service) would go down so that the patients can actually have a good experience with the food. The nurses were always doing their jobs and were so kind to me. I just didn't know how that kind of work environment wasn't in the food service area.

Lexy Barnes

Worst healthcare experience ever! Waited over 3 hours just to only be have my temperature and blood pressure taken then told my issue wasn't that serious. I came to the ER already sick and left in worse condition. Avoid this ER at all cost.

Ahmed Younes

Good hospital

Katrinca Davis

Very friendly staff and Dr's to get you up and on your feet again

Sharon Fuentes

This is my choice of hospitals I don't blame the whole hospital for two bad experiences. First, they stab my arm several times to insert IV then a gal threw a sheet at me ince and told me to lie there. I had surgery on my head and felt like I was falling over Everytime I stood up. Otherwise, number one over others I have been in locally.

James Burleson

Maisyn Wright

Would give zero stars if I could. Injured my knee and went in to the ER at JCMC to have it seen. I was in excruciating pain and couldn’t walk but they just told me it was probably a sprain and sent me home (and wouldn’t give me a copy of the report). Got a second opinion from my regular doctor who ordered an MRI, and it turns out my meniscus is torn, NOT just a sprain. Staff at the JCMC ER are apathetic and sloppy in their work — my doctor told me the x-rays they took at JCMC were so bad that they were practically unreadable. No wonder they didn’t see anything wrong. Definitely won’t be going back if I ever should need a hospital again. I’ll go somewhere else for treatment.

Tammy Johnson

I wanted to give a zero. But had to rate to leave my review. Lousiest, Laziest, Nursing Staff Ive Ever Dealt With. So Uncaring about patients well being. More fun laughing in halls at night. Keeping patients awake and unable to sleep. . I could write a book on what alls wrong. Prices of food for family having to stay with child is a Shame!!!!! Hospital Staff And Hospital Facility Should be Ashamed!!!!

Alex Harden

Great diagnostics. But I’ve been waiting over an hour to get an IV out, so I can leave.

Jonathan Fauver

Understaffed and tiny. We left due to a 6 hour wait! The ER was full. And they want to monopolize the area while people are in the small waiting area in a death chair!? No I don't want to be to be contacted on a PM " to resolve an issue". Hopefully by us leaving I pray it saves a life and someone else doesn't have to wait/pass in that tiny lobby.

Amy Regan

Sherry Watts

Amber Rice

Jennifer Baysinger

Unexpectedly had to be admitted to the hospital on 6/4/18 - 6/6/18. Was on floor 6200 and had the best RNs and assistance a patient could hope for. Melissa RN, Chris RN, Janet RN, Katie Tawanda, and Ana were genuine, kind, patient, thorough and most of all compassionate! It’s obvious they are good at what they do. I was very scared and it was obvious! They did not make me feel like I was getting on their nerves! They always andwered my questions to the best of their ability and if they did not have the answers they would make sure to get me the answers by contacting the doctor on call.If I needed something they would jump through hoops to make it happen. I literally am just so shocked at how well this wing operates!! Dr. Stan Hodges may ne one of the greatest men I’ve ever met in my life! He made sure to get to the bottom of my issue and he’s even sending out for further tests to make sure that I do not have other things that we spoke of with my previous diagnosis. This man is extremely thorough and knowledgeable and I respect him so much! Could not have had a better experience going through one of the scariest times of my life. For that I would like say Thank you JCMC team 6200 and Dr. Hodges!!!

Jim Oxandale

Clean, wonderful caring staff, great doctors.


Had a lung removed due to cancer and I have never been so neglected and mistreated like that at a med facility. The surgeon nor his P.A. came to check on me till day I was released which was 4th day after surgery because I told my sister to get me out of that place. I was made to get out of my bed at 6 am morning after surgery and sit in a hard chair till night. Nurses were horrible and workers are all kids in training and they do what they want except take care of patients..older nurses were rude and I had to chase and beg for pain meds or any meds at all which I had get sister to come and do cause I was left sitting in a chair. ...the workers stands in hoards and talk and cut up and if you bother one you get attitude so I told them all to get a doctor to my room and release me immediately. I have never seen anything like it. It is not a hospital anymore it's a training school and I am not a guinea pig my surgery was major and serious of which the surgeon completely messed me up, lied to me and left me in terrible shape from surgery. Surgeons P.A. was rudest man I ever met to be in medical fields. It use to be a serious and very good hospital till ballad health took it over. I wouldn't take a wounded animal to that hospital let alone ever go back myself. I'll definitely be going to a different hospital. Also, they left me lying in a pool of blood for over 24 hrs and my sister ran them down and made them change sheets. The surgeon nor any hospital staff there should even be paid by my insurance for neglecting me so badly. To beat it all after surgeon removed my lung I wasn't healing well at all and what do ya know...I have a huge blood clot (P.E.) in area of where lung was removed. They almost let me die and I'll never go there again !!! If you want to live be sure your doctor is a good one that will see to it you are treated properly because it is our rights as patients that PAY to be treated fairly and equal and it's the doctors and staffs duties to see we are treated as such!! Your best bet would be never to go there at all....its your life you could be saving!!! It's horrible that there is not one worker there that I can say treated me decently....not one! My sister is witness to it all! There is a very good hospital in Johnson city called Franklin community hospital ....I very highly suggest it. They are Swift intelligent and CARING!!!! You will be treated as a human if you go there.

Roberta Runion

Today was my first experience with signature healthcare and it wasn't good. I went to see my aunt whom had surgery on her hip five days ago. She hasn't had a bath in 5 days and was not supposed to get up by herself but did because no one ever came to help her to the bathroom. They suck!!!!!!!!!

justin marshall

Staff very friendly and professional

Alexander Scott

Lewis Pingo

Dr. Joseph Lee is a nightmare. A tumor removal turned into two extreme surgeries. Three months in this place and he literally said to me "you have a weird body". What I had was an inept surgeon. I'm in a Florida hospital today for the fourth time since his mess. The damage was insurmountable. A team of real doctors are trying to put me back together. Do not trust this man. As for the hospital staff, thoughtless and uncaring. I was left lying in my own waste often and for extended periods.

Christie F

First, its horrible to even find the main entrance. Its not clearly marked. The ladies at the information desk ignored me until I finally said, excuse me. They were very busy with their puzzle books. Second , they didn't have my doctor's order for the MRI. Even though someone from here called to verify my appointment a few days before. Third, they didn't even have my name correct. I had to struggle to fix that. Fifth, the hospital was filthy. I was afraid to even use the bathroom. I am still sitting here waiting to see if they can even find the orders for my MRI. If I wasn't in so much pain and wanting to find out what is wrong, I wouldn't bother to stay. In fact, my appointment was at 11:30. It's now 11:15. I will be leaving at my appointment time and just find some other place for my MRI.

Justice Whitley

My boyfriend stayed for a week & all the nurses and doctors were polite and kept us updated. Would definitely recommend!!

Raphael G

They serve well but they charges of service are so ridiculous

Betty Ratliff

My grandson left the emergency room after setting there approximately 5 1/2 hours and still had not been seen by a physician He was in extreme pain when I took him in and sat there in a chair for that long. There were not that many people waiting when I took him in

Douglas Godsey

The some of the doctors are very unprofessional when dealing patience an there family's. I had a doctor on the 7th floor get rude an hateful to my wife. Very unprofessional.

Tony Sanders

Rise kathleen Wampler

This hospital is a joke. Sitting in the ER waiting room for over and hour and half with severe chest pains .noone checking on me yea triage in 5 min. Then Wait. Guess I wasn't important enough. Very dissatisfied . Now back in a room for 20 min no nurse checking or Dr in all outside the room. Laughing and joking. . Ironic thing im normally a very good calm person. But I don't like being treated as if im not important because the broken hand man was.

Tony Wright

Family member was there and we get no information not even the patient.

Amelie LaCroix. Widowmaker.

If I could give negative stars, I would ! Most judgemental, snotty group of people ever and not sanitary....brought my daughter a baby bottle and put it on top of the dirty linen hamper. Omg ! Ewe !

Robert Cole

Excellent care from admission to discharge.

Willie Fisher

Had a great experience had to have my gallbladder removed have nothing but praise and thanks to the whole staff. All where nice and dont think you can get better service.


I was admitted to this medical center on Friday June 7th. The experience was not good. 1. After 2 days I asked if I could be given a cloth or bed bath as I hadn’t bathed in several days. I was cleaned once! 2. My room lies in an alcove, out of sight of people in the hall and I was made painfully aware that this is where the nurses would congregate and visit each other because they couldn’t be seen! I asked several times if they could have their get together at the charge desk as they were so loud I could not sleep. It didn’t change anything. 3. My nose had been broken and yet it never got packed. When I asked why I was told by the plastic surgeon to call him after I was discharged. I asked again wouldn’t it make sense to do it now as it was just broken and was told again to call after I was discharged. Why did he bother to come in then, to advertise? 4. My bed was not changed nor my room cleaned while I was there. It felt like I was in a third world country without sanitation! 5. I was given a pain killer, dilota. It was never discussed with me or any options given, just added to my IV. When I said it wasn’t helping with the pain or allowing me to sleep as it just made me dizzy and nauseous I was given an anti nausea drug and told I could have Tylenol instead. Imagine a choice of extremes. I went with the Tylenol and was only given it on request, it was no longer a 4-6 hour pain med! I had a broken nose, fractured eye socket, fractured eye arch, a 10% collapsed left lung (I noticed a breathing apparatus, but no one suggested I use it), whiplash, bruised ribs, a lacerated cerebellum and road rash on my: left knee, left elbow and left shoulder. My nurse deemed Tylenol was the answer! 6. I was not told what was wrong with me, nor what happened, not even the results of X-rays or scans. 7. My bicycle shorts were cut off of my body vs sliding them down over my feet! Why?? 8. The room was very hot and the staff seemed unable to cool it off. 9. No one checked to see if I had eaten, my jaw was very sore and I didn’t eat from my check in on the 7th of June to my check out on June 9th, nor had anyone checked to see if I were thirsty. 10. They placed an iv in each arm in case one failed, can you imagine that? One in each arm and one was a back up. I guess a phlebotomist was uncommon and my nurses incapable. I’m lucky they stopped with my arms! 11. Upon discharge I was told nothing except someone would wheel me downstairs. No one showed up for almost an hour, so a friend wheeled me out! No follow up, no signs of what to watch out for, no tips for healing, nothing just bye! This is 2018 and nothing went right with this visit. It’s pathetic that this type of care is given by any hospital or med center in the United States! I went back about 2-3 weeks later for a copy of my records. It seems the nurse fabricated many items in her notes. 1. I had good bowel movements. Interesting as I hadn’t eaten, hadn’t been to the bathroom, never had a bed pan and dint go in my bed. Was this something she had to write to cover her poor work ethic, because I had no bowel movement! 2. She write she walked me up and down the hall. First I was out of it with a concussion, the dilota, I had no hospital gown and was naked nor did I have any hospital slippers. Was I walked naked up and down the hall unconscious? This is a lie! I was never walked anywhere! 3. She write I was eating without issue. I was eating what? I hadn’t even opened the food that was delivered, not touched a bite of anything. My jaw hurt from the fall and I couldn’t chew. Was she confusing me with someone else? 4. I showered regularly. Sorry, wrong again, between the dilota and the concussion I couldn’t stay awake nor stand very well without hanging onto something. I never saw a shower and have no clue where it might have been nor did I ever see the inside of my bathroom. I’ve gone over the report and it’s full of lies. How can a facility function this way! In my entire life I have never been treated so poorly!

Melissa Leslie

Horrible trauma team their bedside manner is awful I agree with the previous comment they need to be paid based on how they treat people I don't understand what has happened in the medical world people were once treated like actual human beings not less than dirt

Everything JL

My fiance is in that hospital because of a mild heart attack and when I came up there they were like we have no record of him. He has called 6 times from the hospital and he is now in a room and when I called to get connected to his room the person that answered was rude to me said "we have no record of him". I tried to give her the room number and she repeated herself (being very rude) I know when he checked in to the ER he gave his name, phone number, date of birth, and address and did not request to be unknown. So how is he in a hospital room from having a mild heart attack but have no record of him being there??? WORST HOSPITAL EVER!

Barbara T.

If go to the ER u can count on a long wait! Wait to see a nurse, wait again, and go back to a room and wait again ! I mean really? This day and time why don't they just have a section broke down like a clinic with a doctor there to see the ones that aren't seen as fast because the ones worse get seen faster no matter if you've been there waiting n somebody comes in that needs care asap well you've got another longer wait time ! I understand some really need be seen asap so why not have a Section like a walk in 24 hour clinic to cut down wait time and get people through faster? guess they don't want to pay anyone to work there n need save money over their ratings. And they were busy late at night. I got there about 11:30 pm and left about 3 about 3 to 3. 5 hours to be seen.

Travis Hall

Bad ER service. Nurses in the Emergency Room knew us and talked crap about us behind our back when they (thought) we couldn't hear them. Doctor believed we were druggies (which we are not). To top it off, our bill was sent to our parents when we specifically made it clear that we wanted it sent to the address we GAVE THEM! For the record, we are over 18 years old. In short: WORST HOSPITAL EVER!!!!

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