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Veronica Washiu

I am never sick and I only take a multi-vitamin. A few weeks ago I went in with chest pain for the first time in my life. They took forever to do anything. They ran a stress test after giving me a nitro patch. After 26 hours in the E.R. and seeing 1 nurse 1 time a doctor came in and told me I wasn't bleeding from any orifices and they didn't have room for me so they sent me home. I just recently got a bill from them stating I spent 6 days there when I was only there for 26 hours and they only told me "We will investigate this".... They have a bad reputation in our local area because their new nurses only start out at $18.18 / hour and they spend most of their money on corporate bonuses and building projects. They can't keep experienced nurses because they haven't given any raises in over 3 years. They are now making newly hired nurses sign a contract that they will at least work 2 years before quitting. If you are such a terrible place to work that you make new employees sign a contract that they'll stay at least 2 years or be fined $1,500 than you definitely have a problem.

FoxRun Resort

I live in Sevierville, TN. and was visiting my Mom in Kingsport to help her with some yard work she needed done. Fell in her yard and broke my right hip. Dr. Miller did the surgery and I am great now, however, they had to wait an entire 24 hours to get my sugar down to do the surgery. A nurse named Adis took care of me that night, kept me free from pain and kept my mind at ease at the same time. He was my Angel sent from my Father, I am convinced. Please, God, bless him richly. Mrs. Jenny Forgey.

April Montes

I never, go to the ER unless I absolutely feel like I need to see a doctor and urgent care is closed. The night in question, I called ask-a-nurse to get an opinion on if I should wait and see my doctor or if my condition needed to be seen to immediately, the nurse told me I should absolutely be seen and so my husband and I went. We checked in at 10:30pm and at 1:45am I still had not been seen by a doctor. I did however endure sitting in the waiting area miserable and listen to others, who where supposed to be in pain or so sick they had to come to the ER, laugh and carry on like a bunch of cackling chickens. Meanwhile, the people who, like me, needed to be seen had to wait and only feel more miserable as the time passed; sitting in hard chairs or highly uncomfortable wheel chairs. I even watched as one lady was taken back twice only to be brought back to the waiting area in tears, because they kept passing her room on and she genuinely felt like poo. I understand that others have more extensive issues and need to be seen first but the people that come in needing care after hours as need care too. Holstein Valley is a great hospital but trying to be seen by a doctor there is like getting into an exclusive club, you got to know the right people I guess. Update: I had cancer and was bleeding from that, I have went through surgery, chemotherapy, and radiation treatments and as far as they can tell I'm decease free now; hopefully it stays that way! Ironically I had surgery and radiation treatments at Holston Valley and the medical team that took care of me during my stay are awesome, however it was me going to Indian Path ER and the doctor's there that caught it.

Destiny Howell

Beware of the 6th floor staff!! Recently my Grandmother spent 1 week in the SICU/ICU before being transferred to a "regular room" on the 6th floor. While the SICU nurses were amazing, attentive, genuinely caring, helpful & FAST, 99% of the 6th floor nurses have been the exact opposite. .ignoring my Grandma's pages, making her wait way past the correct time for her medication, even leaving her to sit in a pee soaked bed & gown literally all day after she had repeatedly asked for help & was ignored. I finally had to go raise a little hell at the nurses desk to get them to change her bed. VERY disappointed as usually HVMC is a much different & positive experience.

Jeff Thornburg

5 Hours in the waiting room after x-ray and blood work waiting for the results doctor will not give her the results of the test without being in a bed no beds available in the ER. Pathetic. Making a 87 year old woman sit in a wheelchair for 5 hours. We left with no results.

Jesus Z

My wife was treated badly ,They discriminated on us cause we were from Puerto Rico waited forever lost her files I called to check her they couldn't find her when I get there I could see what she was talking about the discriminating part they were rude I asked to see her they said no one is allowed to go back there ok fine I follow rules my wife crying upset in pain and heart broken the room right across with an American couple and her husband was with her cameras don't lie i said to myself I thought no one can go back there?she ask to someone a guy that sit in front dest came to talk to my wife it's true no one can't be back here he said ,She told him why are there two sets of feet in the curtain across me and before them there was another American couple there why they only stopped my husband he turned white as a ghost couldn't say nothing reported it to the charge nurse someone was to call the next day it's been a week it really breaks my heart to still see so much hate They thought It will all go away ,God made us equal to Love one an another Color blind .. My wife was born here in the U.S her father mastor sargent in Us Army and our Son is in the is in the US Marines ..May God bless you all.. Stop the hate ..

Andrew Conkin

Mark Harris

Worse ER dept I've ever seen. Security staff is rude as well as medical staff.

Jodi R

I honestly wouldn’t even give this hospital a one star. I don’t understand my father was there for triple bypass surgery and they were so wonderful with him, however my mother was being “treated” for burns all up her body I have never been so frustrated and stressed out by trying to get my mother the care she deserves. I should not have to ask 4+ times if her wrappings will get changed and when they had been on over 24 hours, I shouldn’t have to hound the rude nurse staff on when she will receive medicine for pain. I’ve literally had to do everything there is absolutely no information it’s like your put in a room and forgotten. Heaven forbid you approach their desk because they will just ignore the fact that your standing right in front of them. The care is absolutely inexcusable. There seems to be an extreme lack of care, or concern for their patients. It’s honestly no wonder this hospital has such low ratings, I wouldn’t want another family member to walk threw those doors because you will not get the care and respect you need.

Kwan Tipton

My sister has been at Wellmont Holston Valley recovering from a serious Vascular surgery, the Doctors and ICU nurses have been very kind and attentive to my sisters needs and providing excellent care for her. Thank you Rachel, Tina, Patrina, Traci, Jessica, Ashley this means so much to our family.

Otis Hawks

If I could give negative stars I would the experience I had September 30th 2016 at the ER was the worst most upsetting degrading experience I have ever had the doctor was arrogant judgemental and just plain rude I left feeling worse than I did when I went in its sad that medical care has come to what I went through I hope this was an isolated incident if not then we are screwed

Marion myers

A year or two ago I had a much higher opinion of the ER here. However, this week that opinion dropped to zero. (They get 1 star because I wasn't suee you could give zero.) The staff has become less caring about the patients. They are more like government workers doing a job and not really concerned about the client. This week a family member, 86 years old, went in with extreme pain. They did a CT and diagnosed enteritis, and sent him home with pain meds and zofran for nausea. His pain kept coming back, so we took him to Mountain Home VA ER. they gave a good pain med that stopped the pain, something HVMC would not do. They also did a quick Xray which did not match the HVMC CT. They diagnosed a blockage in the intestines and proceeded to treat for that, which of course HVMC did NOT DO!!!!!! It is a sad commentary on HVMC if the VA does more than you do, with their track record. It trult looks like HVMC did not care about tewating him. HOW SAD!!!!!

Jacob Babb

I had broke 3 ribs my lung collapsed and my liver had a laceration on it and a pregnant woman was working and said she couldn't help me up I was in so much pain and could barley breathe for myself they will kill you if you get hurt any worse then that very bad customer service

Johnny Gulley

Kymya Smith

I don't normally do this however with the service I just had from the Operator I can not help myself. Via the billing department it says you are open M-F 8am to 8pm I had an insurance issue where my bill was not paid I was CALLING TO PAY IT. Instead of providing customer service from the OPERATOR I was dismissed and transferred to an automated line. I don't have the time to chase you people down to give you my money and as disrespectful as your Operator is I am quite sure this won't be your last complaint. Good thing I like your doctors cause I'm not impressed with the others you put on your frontline. But you can ask you OPERATOR TO PAY YOU THE $6k you wanted from me I'm done CHASING WELLMONT!!!!!!!!

Holly Lefevers

I have had two surgeries on my left foot at HVMC in the past 6 months. The first surgery went great, and I was treated very well by all persons involved in the case. The second surgery was slightly different. I was called the night before by a very rude person in the billing department to say my surgery hadn't been pre-authorized by my insurance company yet, and that I would have to sign a financial waiver the next morning before the surgery in case the insurance refused to pay. I agreed to this. The next morning I arrived 30 minutes prior to the time the woman told me to arrive, and checked in upstairs in Same-Day Surgery. My chart was flagged with a huge orange sticker saying I needed to sign a financial waiver before the procedure, so the lady checking me in asked if I had signed it. I told her I was there to sign the waiver. She said I would have to go all the way back downstairs (on my injured foot) to sign it. I was livid! Could they not come up to me? Could they not send the form up to where the patient is told to check in? I was never told to stop by admitting before going upstairs until the SDS lady told me I would have to go back down there to sign it. I feel this could have been handled a better way! They did offer to get me a wheelchair, but I feared I would have been late to check in for the surgery had I waited on it. Otherwise, my nurses and PCPs were all wonderful; I had a great experience as far as healthcare goes. This billing issue, however, should have been handled differently (and could have been through various methods, such as telling me on the phone the night before where I needed to go to sign the form, or having the form on my chart to sign upstairs). This is all that prevents me from giving a 5-star rating.


My father who is going through chemo had to wait 6.5 hours to be seen in ER. Pitiful!


My three-month-old had to have an ultrasound here, and I was pleasantly surprised that their reputation does not necessarily ring true. The staff were skilled and kind, with plenty of respect for the both of us. They were very gentle and informing, which I appreciated. The only reason I had to say four stars instead of five was the lack of information given regarding the appointment itself. I scheduled this visit over the phone, and was told only that it would be at Holston Valley and to arrive twenty minutes early. Unfortunately, I arrived twenty minutes early to the main hospital, which was apparently the wrong place to be. I had to rush to a completely separate building, making me almost late. The services are wonderful and the professionalism is great, but the communication with scheduling should really be better. If there will be separate buildings involved, please be specific over the phone!

Kimberly Flickinger

Truly disgusted. I went into Holston Valley Medical Centers emergency services with pains in my abdomen. After waiting more then 45 mins to be seen, No one had ever come in to examine me. I got up and left and was treated at the local Urgent Care. The hospital still decided to bill me for services that had never happened. $ 1216.00 is truly a lot for services that never took place.

Scott Ramsey

I spent the day with my dad who was being treated by the ER team at Holston Valley Medical Center for a serious health issue. I’ve never reviewed a hospital before and not sure that google is the best platform but wanted to find a way to recognize the great ER staff and could not find a method for feedback on the hospital website. Every person I’ve encountered here has been wonderful. From the lady at the front desk to the doctor on staff, all of the members of the ER team have been as good as I’ve ever experienced. I’d like to especially recognize Terence; the nurse assigned to my dad. He was flawless in every way you can measure performance. I can only begin to understand the level of commitment required to maintain such a quality, patient-focused culture in this type of environment. We are grateful.

Cassie Mosley

My friend almost died and had been running a very high temp and had went into shock. The first shift nurses were wonderful (2am to 6:30 am) but as soon as morning shift got here it's like pulling teeth to get anything done.

Linda Hill

If you dont have to go to Holston Valley Hospital I'd definitely not ever recommend you going there !!!!!! My father started at Indian path then because he is in congestive heart failure they sent him over to holston Valley and that was at 3am Indian path called HV and was informed that they have a bed waiting on him well here it is 10:25am and still waiting for bed in the ER

Tammy Melzac

I am still sitting here in HVCH's lovely ER. Been here going on 6 (Yes, SIX hrs!) in an ER waiting room that is nearly empty. At this point, there is no excuse or apology that I care to hear.

Tarah Holm

Fast track care is just worried about getting you out before midnight so they don't have to move you to acute care. Terrible service from this particular wing of ER. They definitely do not care about their patients.

Duke Carico

Amy Hicks

WOW this place is huge. Every office of every kind can be found at Holston Valley Hospital. It's very hard for parking want to get inside the lengthiness it takes you to find where you need to go I felt very inconvenienced. Inside the covered parking lot is very dark my visit there was throughout the day lighting was poor. I saw no form of security to watch over individuals. The elevators were cleaned the stairwells were clean the restroom that I visited was clean. A maintenance attendant was readily available to assist me in directions and so nice to even escort throughout the way I was very pleased with that. Overall, how much can one say about a hospital , I do have great respect for any of the volunteers the train Staffing doctors surgeons all the assistance it takes to make a hospital run I admire them for their extremely dedicated job God bless them all.

Daniel Winiger

Top for cardiac care

Lawrence Luber

Home after one day surgery. Entire hospital staff friendly and informative. This being my first ever hospital surgery I do not deny I was quite nervous but all of staff was supportive. Would definitely recommend holston valley hospital.

Judy Perkins

Miranda Baker

The Dr.s at HVH are great. They saved my husband from being paralyzed or worse. I highly recommend HVH- Wilcox Hall. Great hospital!!

Joe Arnold

samuel whaley

The bare minimum "care" i barley recived today does not deserve one star! I went to Holston Valley ER for abdominal pain and passing blood and blood clots in my stool. When i checked in the waiting room was packed. After a two hour wait they finally took me back. To my surprise it wasn't even a room! It was a section called "quick check". The nurse attempted to put in an IV only to pull it half way out move it around.. Pull it out again until she could hit a vein. I sat there for some time with the IV leaking blood and fluid all down my arm. When the nurse finally came back in i pointed out that it had been leaking. She didn't offer me a towel just put more tape over it!!! Talk about lazy and unsanitary!!! They ran blood also did a stool sample. Then did a ct- scan. They didn't offer me a gown. Never told me to remove any metal i may have had on me... Took me straight down told me to pull my pants down and performed the scan right then!!! I thought it was mandatory to remove all metal before doing so? Then sent back to the room to wait over an hour and a half to be told they couldn't see anything on the scan blood and stool came back fine. But the paper work of the findings say different!! Total waste of time. I'm very disgusted with this "hospital" and the "staff" that was "working" tonight. Never will i ever go back. I HIGHLY RECOMMEND GOING TO A DIFFERENT HOSPITAL!! Ballad Health step up or step out!

Diane Owens

I have an elderly father who was admitted had surgery and then placed in ICU very ill man where he received excellent care from all staff member. He then was moved to sixth floor, were the excellent care ended. Our goal was to move him to rehab,to get better Holston Valley just wanted to get rid of a very ill patient. When he was moved to the rehab facility they did not expect my dad to be in the condition he is in nor did Holston Valley inform them of all my dad has and is going through. BAD PATIENT CARE very upset daughter

The Great Escape

Very friendly staff. Would recommend holston valley as your primary hospital.

Chad Gregg

Good hospital from what I have seen. Took good care of me during my surgery a decade ago and seem to be taking care of my mom today during her surgery.

victor jones

Terrible service!!! They don’t care about their patients! They didn’t even bothered to see what was wrong with my mother when she’s really sick. I wouldn’t recommend this hospital unless the staff was different and actually cared about their patients. What a damn joke!!!

valerie flora

My daughter was taken to the ER (if you can call it that ) from her work at 2:30 in the afternoon with all the signs of a stroke right down to the drooping left side of her face. Dr. Pie the ER Dr. tried to send her home saying she had a migraine . We knew she was not having a migraine so we refused to take her home and wanted somebody to do something to help her at 8:00 pm Dr. El Abbasi came into the room and took one look and said you have had a stroke why am I just now hearing about this when the time for TPA has passed .( We didn't know anything about the shot no one told we because they said she was not having a stroke.) I am going to get an MRI stat and admit you. Well at midnight she still was in the ER no MRI and had not been admitted when we demanded that somebody get the MRI done and give us some answers NP Travis Chapman stuck his head around the curtain in a huff and said they said you wanted some answers what do you want to know I ask him about the MRI he shrugged his shoulders and said what difference would it make anyway . Then a nurse came in and I asked her about it and she said ( didn't catch her name ) well I can tell you right now they won't do one tonite when I ask about what Dr. El Abbasi had said she said she didn't know who he was never heard of him. After a round or two they did call Dr. Metzger who told them to do it and do it now they had the nerve to ask him if he was going to come in that time of nite and read it which he did. My daughter spent nine days in the ICU a month in rehab and can't use her left hand now . When I got her records from the ER visit Dr. El Abbasi had also changed his story about the event he said he agreed with NP Travis Chapman that she was having a migraine. ( covering each other I guess ) when I complained the stroke coordinator contacted me to ask me what had happened I told her the whole story and she assured me that all of us would get together to find out what happened well that never happened instead I got a letter stating that they had looked into the matter and it was done. So I can only hope that one day all involved ( ER Dr. Pie, NP Travis Chapman, and Dr. El Abbasi ) will have someone they love receive the same treatment my 38 yr. old daughter received from them. ( you know what they say about Karma.)

Brad Hartman

On June 23rd I had a major heart attack and was admitted into the critical care unit of the hospital. From doctors to nurses to every staff member on that floor, I was treated with respect, kindness and genuine concern. In fact, they were so good to me that I actually hated to be discharged. Thank you all in critical care for the best care in the business.

susan bright

We have been sitting here for 3 hours now..waiting for a room to be clean.We have been sitting in the waiting room with a woman that is having kidney failure..ahes been here for over 4 hours..waiting to be called back! This is awful! I think its rediculous! Something has to be done about we wait times here!

Debra Short

I have a friend that was seen in may of 2015 for severe abdominal pain. After waiting to be taken down for a MRI the nurse doing the MRI argued with my friend pretty much telling her that she was a lier over a procedure she had just had done minutes before, her bedside manner was horrible. After having xrays done and an MRI she was told that nothing was wrong other than her being impacted however her blood pressure was 189/161 she could have had a stroke heart attack or anything she was sent home with no blood pressure medication, she was told she was impacted to her chest and they never offered to give her an enama or try to figure out why she was so impacted, I was with her tried to get the Dr to come see that her blood pressure was through the roof they acted like the machine was wrong and it didn't matter. They sent her home with a week or lasics for fluid 12 pain pills and an antibiotic. What hospital let's a patient walk out of the hospital number one with a blood pressure as high as hers was and with her being as impacted as she was which is dangerous by itself. I'm truly amazed at the bedside manner that she was given and the discussing way this facility took care of my friend. From now on we will be visiting another hospital when we are in need of emergency services. I feel like she was treated like a common drug addict because she came in with pain, not only that but she had no insurance so instead of being worried about her life and wellbeing they wanted to push her out fast because of her inability to pay for services. This hospital should be truly ashamed at the way they treat her patients.

Megan Perkins

The staff at this hospital are amazing. My husband had to have emergency surgery and the staff were so kind and answered every question I had. This happened two days before Thanksgiving. So, I had been spending my days at the hospital with my husband. Thanksgiving day, we go to spend the day with him, and I bring the kids to the cafeteria for lunch. The cafeteria staff had prepared Thanksgiving dinner for all visitors and staff for free. This absolutely made my day. So, to all the staff at this hospital, thank you from the bottom of my heart. You have no idea what it meant to us.

Trish Bowler

Went to emergency room last night with vision problems and weird feeling left side of my head my blood pressure was high all they did was wrote me a prescription for antibiotics that cost 34.99 for 6 pills I cannot that I have two small children. They acted like they could careless very poor treatment they said it was a sinus infection will not be going back. All they care about is money not people. Poor excuse for a hospital.

Benjamin Fawcett

This is the worst hospital in this region. The staff is horrible and no one cares. A horrible way to run a hospital


Went through my most painful and scary events in my life last week. My arm had a gash 8 inches long and to the bone in a couple places. They cleaned it out and packed it without anything for pain. I was screaming in agony and trying to come off the bed. Woman looks at me at says "pain won't kill you". Bedside manner was so rude and dispassionate it made me sick! In surgery for 4 hours getting sewn up. Got to my room and then had to get my own call light, phone and move the bedside toilet out of the bathroom. I can't straighten my arm a week later. Nasty drainage and still numb to the touch and still excruciating pain that I'd rather be in labor again. I've even got huge blisters. They don't care! Pain control is no longer their goal even though it's posted in every room you walk in! Went back for a recheck 2 days after the surgery. The surgery intern tells me my bloodwork looked great with no signs of infection. Roughly 15 minutes after the surgery intern walks out, in walks a woman to draw labs. I explain to her that according to the surgery intern, my labs look great. She just turns around and walks out. Too many politicians telling them what they can and can't do and too many are allowing it. Called to reschedule my follow up. Told them all the problems. They can see me next week. Yeah sure, let's wait! I was released but when I made a complaint they said I left AMA! Why did I get a script for antibiotics and care instructions? I had just come back from surgery. I was told there was no reason to stay. I was told I was signing my release papers. So therefore if I signed anything other than what me and 7 witnesses were told I was signing it's on the Wilcox Hall death team staff! They don't care about the patients! It's all about the money! I want our community hospital back! Unfortunately, it's long gone! Greed cost us a hospital built by the community for the community!

Eliot Easterbrook

I was admitted thru the ER and spent 4 days in the hospital late April 2019. Wonderful staff - from doctors, nurses all the way to the cleaning people. Even the food was pretty decent - and I've unfortunately had to sample food at many different hospitals in my time.

Donna Clark

It seems like every time I have visited this place, the staff and Doctors have really good to me. Highly recommend..

Jennifer Burkhart

Leta Deyerle

Staffing for the Hip Replacement Ward at this hospital is completely inadequate to meet patient needs. Last night - a Friday night- staffing decreased even more and a Nurse admitted staffing was less on weekends. There is one PCT to cover 14 patients who have all had recent replacement surgeries and many are elderly. If I were not able to be here with my 92 year-old mother, she would have stayed wet with urine and in pain. At present, she has been sitting on a bedpan for 51minutes and asked for something to relieve severe muscle spasms on her surgical side. The last incident of this spasm, the attentive, weekday, on-call nurse contacted the surgical team and got medication to relieve pain. It has now been 51 minutes and no response from the nurse regarding the spasms. She is helping another patient, but she cannot spread herself around an excessive number of surgical patients for 12 hours and meet their needs.

Big O

I arrived at this hospital with my Girlfriend at 7:10 p.m. ( 10-07-20016 ) and sat patiently in the waiting room for 3 hours and my girlfriend Sonia Hensley was never seen ! We left very frustrated at 10:15. p.m. ! There were approximately 36 people in the waiting room when we arrived. 2/3 ( 66% ) of the people were family or friends who were accompanying their sick family and friends. So, in actualality, only about 12 people were patients waiting to be seen. This is unacceptable by any standards and most intelligent individuals would surely agree ! At least 4 of the 12 waiting to be seen walked out before we did ! I will never come back to this hospital for an emergency visit !

Adam Arrington

Worst hospital in the region.

Savanna Nelson

This hospital is a joke. My uncle waited for 8 hours in the emergency room to be seen. When he finally was seen they put him in an ER room. He's been in that room for two days without a shower or a bathroom with a door. He's only seen a doctor once and they refused to give him an IV or fluids until the doctor sees him again. After he'd been in there a whole day they let him eat. We brought him a burger and the lady at the front desk acted like we carried a pistol in. I called and asked today if they have finally got him in a room in ICU and the lady said she had no information on the patient. The women working the desks are very rude. This hospital needs to worry about saving lives not how much their paycheck is.

XxMoon childxX

I went here after getting robbed by 3 grown men with my noise pooring blood and broken noise and concussion and bruses all over me and all they did waa say sit down. I had to wait for 6 hours till i got a room letalone a doctor. This place only think about themself. The ylly need to stop talking about what that want for lunch and help all these people including me

Bridgit Mashburn

I as told that my insurance wasn't covered but since I was in the emergency room my plan would cover it until my release. I was transferred to JCMC (which I will have to pay for ambulance services). I just got a bill from holston valley for $5000.00. So even if your arm is falling off don't go there even though they are a part of Ballad they don't take the same insurances and they will tell you anything to get the high and mighty green. Now I must pay the additional due to inaccurate information. I wish I could give them no stars.

Toni France

jfrostmovement jfrostmovement

My wife had our son there and it wasn't a great experience. The nurses had to deliver him as the doctor wasn't available. Then they only have two rooms that accommodate husbands to spend the night. We had to argue to get one and they do not feed husbands. This is our 4th child we are from another state and have had no issues with any of these in the past. Take a tour before giving birth here to see if it will be a good fit for you and your family.

Kay Mullins

I was not there but my uncle was taken to this hospital and he was treated with great care I would recommend this hospital

Becky Rayfield


Brandy Wortham

This hospital is a living nightmare. My mom had an in hospital cardiac arrest and passed away due to not being hooked to monitors when the nurse left to get a bed pan and when she came back my mom collapsed. Every second counts when you code! I have been there with stomach issues and since my blood work came back okay they refused to help me. Ex: liver fine, cbc decent so no infection . They finally decided on a stomach xray after I begged and they tell me I have a blockage and give me scripts for that. Which helped a lot temporarily but I've since had other stomach issues and the doc thinks I have both UC, possibly stones and ulcers. They obviously assumed I just wanted pain meds which I refuse to take but just wanted this gone. I wanted a CT. The nurses are extremely inexperienced also. Indian Path is a better hospital although they both are not great. Johnson City Medical and Franklin Woods has been a God send before I moved to Kingsport. THEY found and performed my torsion surgery and appendectomy. My hubby had warned me about Holston Valley when his uncle passed away when they missed a punctured lung when he fell they released him with bruised ribs. This was many years back. How they handled my Mom's care was horrible. She was only 53 when she had her in hospital cardiac arrest and treatment was delayed due to them leaving her unhooked to monitors when she came by an ambulance complaining of chest pain and shortness of breath. She had just got back to the room when she coded. They told me the nurse went to get a bed pan and she colapsed. The look was blank when asked why she wasn't hooked up to check her oxygen and bp. They felt it not necessary. Her blood pressure was high but they didn't assume she had a heart attack or anything serious. She came by ambulance because she couldn't walk without nearly passing out. She was weak. It takes a LOT for my mom to go to the hospital and as a matter of fact she had never been by ambulance before ever. How long was my mom left in that room without treatment when the nurse went to get a bed pan? They state not long. But it took them 20 minutes to get her back. Well were they supplying her with oxygen or getting her body temp down during that time? The chance of surviving an in hospital SCA is much greater in hospital then out of hospital and the chance is much greater with someone my Mom's age then an elderly person. This was the most loving and kind woman who was robbed from us due to what I strongly feel was negligence. I just want my Mom back. I'm so hurt and angry and will never get over this loss. I pray that no one else goes through anything like this with this hospital. I have had them also hurt me twice during two procedures. Spinal tap and another procedure. The DR hit a nerve. I've had two very good experiences... Not all of the doctors are crappy. Some (most) just seem lazy but others truly care. They prefer to spend there time on other people they feel more valuable or serious to help (I assume) they are rushed and in that case need more doctor's. When you are scared and in pain you want and pray to be treated with respect and believed and cured. You are afraid to be sent home. You don't want any meds. You want cured.. You hope they find something to operate because that way you know the pain will be gone and no more worrying. When you are 32 years old with a host of health issues they don't take you serious. They act like your possibly a hypochondriac. Note: I had not been to the hospital in 2-3 years and then was in the hospital like every other month praying for answers because it took too long to get into a specialist. The only med they ever gave that helped me was Sulcrufare which helped. Leaving me to believe I do have ulcers because the meds has helped so much and no more nausea. I still have sharp pains under my ribs and so I believe it to be UC or stones. Both genetic. My nausea has gotten a lot better and burning in my stomach. I still have throat irritation and a very sharp intermediate pain under both my left and right ribs. It comes and goes .


This is the worst hospital in the Tri-cities! I've been brought here via ambulance b4 and rolled straight in to the waiting room. This time IveI been in the waiting room for an HR, then xrayed, then pushed out in the waiting room for an additional 3 hrs. I asked the nurse at the desk what is going on, and she said "I'm waiting on your discharge papers." I've not even seen a doctor. That's a business, NOT A HOSPITAL!

Angelia Ratliff

My nephew was taken to HVMC ER with 2 broken arms late on Easter Sunday. It was horrible and scary and the procedure to set his arms took a terrifying turn when his heart wanted to stop beating. But, the professionals at HVMC did their jobs and sent home a beaming, broken-winged little boy. Going to the ER is awful no matter where you's crowded, the employees are too busy to hold your hand, your sick and miserable. However, the entire time we were there I never saw a single doctor or nurse sit down or lean against a wall or goof off. They moved constantly and got their jobs done. In case no one has said it today, thanks for taking care of us...thanks for taking care of ALL of us.

Charlene Matney

I was a patient there from 6/8-6/13. Everyone that i had came in contact with , nurses , doctors, student doctors,etc was wonderful. Everyone was willing to do whatever they could to make you feel comfortable under the circumstance. I just want to say THANK YOU for the wonderful care. Keep up the great work.

Sherry Johnson

UPDATE: I have called to file a complaint 6 times today.. I keep getting routed to a voicemail. Obviously the persons who run this place don't care about keeping their promise to provide excellent care. What has happened to this place? I was here a couple of years ago and they were amazing. Urgent care sent us here 4 hours ago because they believe my daughter has appendicitis. Shes crying and in pain, and we're still in the freaking waiting room! Which is NASTY by the way. There are bloody bandages on the chairs, and trash everywhere. The bathroom has no tissue except what is torn up on the floor, and is disgustingly filthy. I took pictures, and will definitely file a complaint. UPDATE - We ended up staying another hour and then when her symptoms worsened and they still refused to take her back, I took her to Niswonger in JC. I have never in my life encountered such rude and uncaring people in the healthcare field. I will NEVER return to this facility.

Kenneth Herron

I sincerely believe that some of the powers that be have forgotten the history of Holston Valley Medical Center's origin. It began in part, from what I've read, by many community and private donations, some very sizeable. It's name back then was Holston Valley COMMUNITY Hospital. I have had, and still have, so many problems and issues about Holston Valley Medical Center that it would literally take several pages to enumerate and describe. Without going into detail, it is my opinion that the floors are way understaffed and overworked. I am trained and qualified, so I frequently did things for my Dad when he was hospitalized because it took too long for someone to answer a call for help plus, I really felt sorry for the staff. But it is not the family's place to take care of the patient. E.R. : I think one E.R. doctor is either incompetent, apathetic, or is burned out with medicine. Shortly before my Dad passed away from colon cancer, Dad's home health nurse advised us to take him to the E.R. This one particular "doctor" seemed more preoccupied with Dad's AGE, not palliative care. Dad SHOULD HAVE BEEN ADMITTED. Also, I believe that it takes too long for the patient to be seen and either treated or discharged. Giving only one of a plethora of examples, Dad was once seen in the E.R. for hyperglycemia. I had given him insulin at home, but couldn't get his glucose below 500. I called his PCP, who advised me to take him to the E.R. Dad's initial glucose was then 480. The doctor (one of the better ones) ordered labs, CXR, and IV insulin. The whole process should have taken less than two hours, but Dad was not discharge for five hours. His insulin was not given until one hour before he was discharged, a wait of approximately FOUR HOURS, if memory serves me correctly and if their clock was accurate. Billing:. Needs a LOT of improvement, or perhaps some firing of personnel. We haven't received monthly statements if we owe anything, especially if a charge is still out for insurance review. And, they have no hesitation in turning over an account to MCOT, apparently their collection agency of choice, without prior notification to the patient. Case Managers: In two situations involving my Dad, one case manager forced my Dad's premature discharge (hospitalized twice in one month for pneumonia, never improved until we took him to Indian Path E.R., where he was admitted, a specialist cultured his source of bacterial pneumonia, and ordered appropriate antibiotics). Situation 2: Dad had cancer and on one of several occasions, he had to be treated for fluid retention and smothering. On one occasion, shortly before Dad passed away, the case manager for the HVMC emergency room came into Dad's room, right after the alleged doctor "examined" him. She immediately started a barrage and tirade of verbal abuse against me. She accused us of giving Dad table salt (not true) and that was the reason why we had to keep bringing him in for fluid retention (it was the cancer, not table salt). She then accused me of not giving Dad his antibiotic (not true) and that was why his pneumonia was not getting better (also not true). Perhaps if this moron had considered asking the doctors to culture the cause of Dad's pneumonia, as Indian Path Hospital did successfully, the case manager wouldn't have jumped to erroneous conclusions. If it had been within my power, I would have fired the alleged "doctor" and the case manager on the spot!! I could go on and on, but by now, one gets the picture. I have around five years experience in E.R. care (2 hospitals), around eight years EMS experience where I was Training Officer, I'm a former EMT and a former EMT instructor, I graduated from a major college, where I was pre-med. I'm not a doctor, but I know enough about medicine. All the aforementioned is my opinion, which I believe to be true, accurate, and honest to the best of my ability and memory. Also, I have a substantial number of witnesses, including medically trained people, as witnesses to corroborate the aforementioned.

robert farley


Vickie Farmer

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My daughter waited over two hours to be seen, her ankle was broken. She at least should have been given something for her excruciating pain. If she had been seen earlier her foot might not have been so swollen that we had to delay surgery. I think their ER is awful. We go anywhere else.

theresa Durham

Took my grandchild in and had to wait3 hour in the waiting room while they came and got her for labs, xrays, and vitals. This I thought is a violation of patient rights. They said they were trying something new. Finally got back and waited another hour before the doctor came. They then moved us to another waiting room for discharge. They then took us in the hallway to tell us what we needed to do for her condition where anyone passing by could overhear. This I feel is very unprofessional. I believe they are not concern for the welfare of their patients but of getting the money. I would have given a 0 star if I could have

Benjamin Baker

I submitted our experience to the Ballad Health website, but it appears they are not interested in making things right, so I'll leave this for others to consider: My wife delivered our second baby at Holston Valley back in February. If we had not had such a good experience at a different hospital with our first child, we may not have known the difference, but we were very disappointed with the care she received during our stay. First, we were concerned that there was not a higher level of security on the birthing floor. Our previous experience required all guests to be approved by us, signed in, and then were buzzed into the secure birthing ward. At Holston Valley, anyone can come off the elevator and wander around the halls, just outside our room. I would expect a higher level of security in a medical facility where newborns are kept. Second, the care my wife and I received while we stayed at Holston Valley was very disappointing. After she gave birth, we were moved to another room down the hall. We had to ask twice for a bedside table so she could eat her lunch. The sink in the bathroom would not drain and we were told multiple times that maintenance was notified of the problem. We had to ask for blankets (there wasn't even one on her hospital bed). The quality of the facilities was less than desirable when welcoming a new baby into the world. Lastly, the nurse all but accused my wife of being on drugs, despite her OB requiring random drug screenings at each of her appointments. This was very offensive for a family that has never done illegal drugs, nor takes any prescription medications. To make her feel like she did something to her baby is, in my opinion, unacceptable without knowing all the facts. We were told the morning after he was born that we would be discharged that day. Then, after she thought he was going through "withdrawal," the nurse had to consult with the doctor, then the doctor said he would probably let us go home but he would check back later. It was not until 7pm that we were finally release to go home. For a family with a 3 year old and a newborn that lives in Morristown, discharging her that late in the day is inconsiderate, to say the least. We were very dissatisfied with the level of care and quality of the facility at Holston Valley, and will not be returning to this hospital for any future care. I hope that our feedback will help you improve your care given to other patients.

Tanya Barrow

Excellent care given to me here when I had heart issues. Knowledgeable and compassionate doctors and staff. I highly recommend this cardiac care center

Austin Akens

In the 21 years of my life I've never been to an ER. March 21st, I had a massive car accident involving a rollover. Although, overall I was fine, my family still wanted me to get checked out to be on the safe side. Walked into the ER and waited 2 hours. When I finally went in, they had a RN basically take my shirt off and tell me I looked alright. I easily made that assumption prior before my visit, but hearing it from a professional only cost me $1k in visit expenses. And that's post insurance prices too. I work 7am-7pm 12hr shifts 6 days a week. But their billing center is only open Mon-Fri 8am-4pm. So basically at this point it's pay all up front or suffer from a collection agency. The other reviews aren't joking. You'll walk in here and get charged just for breathing their air.

kristie bowman

Rude nurses and briana that got insurance info was hateful n obnoxious with questioning n getting info.. U feel like sometimes they don't really care whats going on

David Hess

Poor treatment of patients, poor quality of care. Total lack of respect and complete disregard for patients safety. I was misdiagnosed 4 times on 4 visits by this ER, with a scratched cornea. My eye kept getting worse so I went to Indian Path and a doctor there properly diagnosed me with a serious eye condition.

Matt k

Michael Regan

Rainbow Cupcake Vampires

Labor and Delivery at this hospital is a damn joke! I can not believe how holston valley's labor and delivery done me I'm still in pain when i went in last night I was not checked to see if i was dilated or effaced more... I was in tears I was in so much pain and still am in a heck amount of pain to the point I was doubled over and still am and within not even five minutes they said we're discharging you I was highly upset and told them not one person came in to check my cervix for any change from since I went to the doctor. Needless to say now my body is running numb with adrenaline because I'm in so much pain. I've talked to one of my cousins whom has had babies and even my transportation driver they said the pain in in from my lower back and creeping around to the front to my stomach was the start of back labor... I was even contracting on the monitor!!! Even one of the nurses admitted that I was contracting when i asked her what the mountain looking peeks were she said that that's what contractions look like I mean seriously how stupid.

Amy Tolley

Ashley Castle

I had my baby here and they were all great. I would certainly reccomend this hospital and its wonderful staff. Thanks all at welmont Holston valley hospital!!

Jess Renee

I delivered my daughter there in 2017 and it was an awful experience! A nurse who goes by the name "Liv" acted like she was a doctor. She insisted that I was dilated to 10cm and FORCED me to start pushing, while she physically repositioned my daughter! For 45 minutes she had me believing that my doctor was on her way and that I needed to push until the doctor arrived. Fast forward to my doctor arriving, she re-checks me and I'm only dilated to a 7. I had been tortured for 45 minutes with pushing because the ignorant nurse was telling me "if you do not push your baby is going to die, and it will be your fault!". When my daughter was finally born she was purple and had the cord wrapped around her neck, which was not the case when I had my ultrasound just hours before the delivery. The nurse who physically tried to turn my already "head down" baby ended up wrapping the cord around her neck. Not to mention that she also had me pushing when I physically should not have been. I wasn't going to post anything but I recently watched a family member be treated the same way by this nurse. The patient was trying to breastfeed her baby, after her nurse had just "checked her stomach for clots" when here comes Nurse Liv and she tells the patient "I am rechecking for clots because she didn't know what she was doing, referring to the other nurse!" Mind you the woman is breastfeeding, but that doesn't stop the ignorant Liv! Instead so forces the patient to be laid flat on her back to be rechecked while telling her she needs to hold the baby at a better angle to latch!! For the love of Christ can you please get rid of this nurse!! She is ignorant, rude, and thinks she is a Doctor!

Frankie Shafer

This place is a joke. Waited in lobby waiting room for almost 4 hours with someone with chest pains!!!!

leonard watts

Best hospital I have ever been to, and I have been in a few different hospitals.. Tim Baker was so nice, caring and helpful to my mother while she was here I really hope that Tim gets a reward for being so sensitive and caring

Jennifer Coffelt

My husben whent to the er and he has szers. They say he had his meds and he dint have his meds and i told them give. His meds

Penny Stallard

They're super slow sat for 5 ours In the emergency room waiting on strep screens but they're too busy standing around talking and it was just a headache watching them walk in every room but ours I'll go to Indian path next time it's way better and they don't make you wait hours on simple stuff

Ronnie Kier

I've had several surgeries over the years , I've been in hospitals with family members and loved ones many times for various reasons . December 12th 2017 I had 3ea cardiovascular stents installed in my heart at Holston Vally Medical Center ( HVMC ) 2nd floor Cardio Dept. Myself , my wife and a close friend of ours was there from 6:30 am until about 6 pm ...about 12 hrs . I hope many people read my review , because this is very important to both myself and my family . My Dr. was Dr.Thomas Helton . Dr. Helton is fantastic to say the least ! Dr. Helton's knowledge of his field of practice , professionalism and uncanning way to explain the procedure required in details that you and your family understands and his ability to make you feel comfortable during a scary situation for you and your family is second to none imo . In short Dr. Thomas Helton is absolutely fantastic !! Dr. Helton is very concerned that you are confident and at ease with the procedure , very approachable and a genuinely caring individual ...I just can't say enough GOOD things about Dr. Helton !! My nurse was RN Lindsey Stafford . Lindsey was an absolute pleasure to have as our nurse , I say our nurse because we all enjoyed having Lindsey there . I've had exceptional nurses in the past and I've seen my loved ones during their hospital stay have exceptional nurses , but Lindsey in our opinion was Not an exceptional nurse at all .Lindsey was much more than just an exceptional nuse , she was over the top exceptional !!! Or what ever is above exceptional LOL ! Hard for me to put into words. RN Lindsey Stafford made our 12 hour hospital stay seem much shorter with her professionalism as a Registered Nurse coupled with an amazing personality and acute sense of awareness of everyone's needs around her . In my opinion if you or a loved one is in need of any kind of a cardio procedure what you can to ensure to have your procedure performed at Holston Vally Medical Center in Kingsport , Tn. Furthermore do yourelf another favor and if possible request the ( better than exceptional) services of both Dr. Thomas Helton and RN Lindsey Stafford . Thank you for reading our review . Ronnie.

Alison Rhea

Jerad Van Dyke

Michael Johnagin

Most incompetence I've ever seen in a hospital... Wasn't informed anything about tests or labs and was sent home with 1 script of baby aspirin but they had called in 3 different medications including a strong antibiotic and when I called back to ask why they didn't know why but gave thier "best guess" as to why it was perscribed to me which was ridiculous... I wouldn't send a dog I hated there for anything much less a human being... Also when a stroke patient comes in with a bp of 190/109 then 154/122 and all they ever do for them is give a baby aspirin and nothing else something is very wrong with the hospital... I'm very disgusted with the "care" provided ....

Tammy Allison

My husband was in a motorcycle accident was transferred here for trauma care. When we first arrived the staff and doctors were wonderful caring for his medical needs. We were then brought to the minor trauma unit in which they reviewed all the test and X-ray and put a cast on his arm. 6.5 hours later we are still in the same room waiting on someone to either release us or put him in the hospital. When asked for help getting him moved up in his bed since nobody had been in to check on him he had slid down in the bed with his legs dangling off the bed right below his knees was told someone would help as soon as a patient was taken to ICU. Still no assistance. When asked if we were leaving or staying one nurse said they were waiting on a bed another said no he’s being released. All they seem to be concerned with is their hours they are working, when they can sleep, their new insurance and vacation days. Now everyone that I was told would come and help us just left for the end of their shift. Total disappointment and extreme lack of medical care.

Steve Hall

Sonya Ellison

Cassi Jupin- Walton

Terrible, terrible service.

Angela Barrett

Audra Poole

Absolutely terrible sitting in the parking lot getting ready to leave with a numb face tingling arm and numb calf and all the lady could say was oh well we don't have room.


William Mosby

Took my mother in law for pre-surgery testing. 2 1/2 hours is rediculous. The first time she went through this was an hour at most. But the staff after 3pm is horrible. Needs major improvement.

Sandra Williams

Don't go to Holston Valley Er tonite been waiting since 4pm in waiting room, its now 7:54pm

Britney Miles

We waited for almost 3 hours to be seen to be put on a bed in a hallway. I will not be going back from that point on. The only reason I even gave it one star is becsuse I had to.

Abigail Rocel

They would not let us see our grand mother one of the nurses jerked and trip over her iv that is just messed up I hate that hospital and she is not coming to see you again

Laura B

My daughter had surgery June 2019. We received welcoming, comforting, pristine care. All the nurses were helpful and understanding. We had an amazing experience in pre-op with the anesthesiologist. He was very educating, since we had no experience with a nerve block before. I appreciate all the workers who keep Holston Valley running.

Adam Bartley

Honestly, it sucked. Last time I was there I was with a friend who was in the ER, and it was like they didnt clean the room. There was a bloody bandage on the floor, and a bunch of little trash on the floor as well. The staff was nice for the most part it was just the filthy room that ruined the entire hospital for me. However the hospitals main entrance interior is amazing and looks great, if you're looking for a plus from my experience.

Theresa Stogner

Yesterday was not my first visit here .out side of having a wonderful Surgon yesterday with a wonderful beside manner Holston Valley Hospital Nurses most of the nurses are very slack on floor. .wait time going through ER as walk in after Dr called ahead .in March was sent with kidney stones Sever 4 hours in waiting never even got called back to triage so much pain started throwing up Nurses just set there talking laughing .I left .who ever runs this place needs to come out of the office your hissing in and do your job Because you got lot Lazy nurses that showed they don't care for the patients who come there for help.your ER turn around time is way to long .and I know things happen but I have also worked ER and floors .You have to work as a team .for good turn around time Nurses tech's need to be careing most of your are not . Beautiful Hospital as you walk in .but beware.

Dragon Beast

Dyanne Henry

Jay R

Very nice staff. Nurses were very caring. The lobby was full causing a really long wait. But overall pleased with the service.

Christina Meissner

My Dr sent me to er because of issue got here at 3pm and five hrs later still waiting thank God it not life or death

Robyn S

I came in Sunday about 230pm. Barely had any kind of wait. Tremendous abdominal pain. Was given pain meds n thoroughly examined. Everyone there were so nice n sincerely concerned. Admitted n as of Wed still here. I have an sever case of Diverticulitis. My doctor is doing all to get me healed totally. Is not willing to release me until she is satisfied with my results. The staff that has been attending to me day n night, just can't say enough good about everyone. Being from out of state, my husband and I have been overwhelmed with folks inside and outside of the hospital smiling attitudes. Highly recommend Holston Valley Medical Hospital.

Roger Yankee


Michelle Johnson

karen yates

Great medical staff. Nurses are amazing! 5th floor ICU Social Worker comes across as an arrogant, rude, insensitive, unfeeling person; who acts as though she is better than the patients, (and families)-that are being treated at Holston Valley. It seems she hates her job, (and maybe people). Her treatment of families is unacceptable! We called the Director of Social Work to report her, we left a message; we did not receive a call back. Wonder if we are the only family who has had issues?

Michelle Trahan

I have now had two family members stay in the ICU unit at Holston Valley in Kingsport. Both times I watched them being cared for by doctors, and nursing staff that not only were highly qualified, but genuinely cared about the well being of my daughter who had underwent brain aneurysm surgery, and my mother who is at the moment critically sick. I couldnt ask to be in a better place or be getting better care for my family any where else but here. Dr. Gofflin, Vanessa, Matt the bug killer, Christie, and Crystal (RN CM), WMA, pulmonary, GI, nephro doctors, and Ken Smith (brilliant neurosurgeon). thank you from the bottom of my heart for the loving care that my mother is receiving at this moment. Much love and blessings to all of the wonderful staff that this hospital employs.

Gary J

Worst customer service I've ever experienced. Let alone worst patient care I've ever experienced. Left that hospital went to another I was admitted almost immediately and was in surgery a day and half later. HolstiH valley hospital isn't even a place I would go to die. Nursing staff, I could mention by name but won't, are the worst I've ever had to deal with. The Doctor that handled my care should stick to what his last name implies, cooking breakfast. PLEASE if you care about your family member being treated properly and with respect avoid Holston Valley Hospital. I could go on and on about the lack of care given to me, but choose not to dwell in the past. What all are hot Everybody has a bad day but I can't help but Wonder if this was a bad day for them or this is actually a level of treatment they routinely dish out.


Kim Jordan

Do not take your loved ones here. Not only did they not take care for my daddy when they called to see about sending him back there to try and fix what they screwed up they wouldn't take him. But of course if I knew then what I know now they would have never been called. He is laying on his death bed at Wake Forest Baptist in Winston Salem. Told us everything went great and everything was fine when they sent him home. Well they lied. As far as I'm concerned not a doctor or nurse could care less rather patients are taken care of, just there to draw a paycheck. Update my daddy died on November 1st. I just don't understand why they would send him home when he was so sick. Please do not use this hospital.

Tammy Rabb

I had a loved one taken by ambulance to the emergency department. We drove from NC to go check on her. When we got there there, only one person at the front desk/check-in that was multi-tasking the best she could in the emergency department. This being our first visit, I was very disappointed. It took forever to get someone to help us. I wanted to speak to the doctor, he never came by. She didn't want us to leave, but we were told we had to leave because her vitals changed after we got there. Sleeping, resting and then waking and moving, of course vitals will change. PLUS, what she was admitted for, will also cause the vitals to change if not properly medicated. She begged for something because she was hurting so bad. No one seemed to care in the emergency department. She went into seizures after we left because she wasn't properly treated or medicated. The only good thing that came out of this was she was transferred to a place that I would highly recommend. EXCEPT for one nurse in Fast Track, I think it was called. And, she was a CNA. She was very respectful and caring. The other staff members were rude and didn't seem to care. Even she said that she wasn't treated well. We saw her vitals get dangerously high and nothing was done. When the alarm went off, no one came to turn it off or even check on her. Every time she or I would ask for help, no one helped or seemed to care.

Sarah Arnold

HORRIBLE place to work!!! At least in the food dept. I am 9 months pregnant, my due date is in 3 weeks. When the pain was getting unbearable, I went to talk to the main boss Lee, I asked if I could switch to part time work or at least cut my hours back a little. I was in tears from my back pain which I mentioned it feeling like it was going to break. Without an ounce of sympathy, he said I NEED those 40 hours! Didn't even bother to ask how I was feeling or holding up. I was in obvious severe pain. The supervisor Sonya looks miserable and annoyed all the time, which doesn't make it easy to ask for breaks. And the administrator Cheryl looks like she hates her life and is rude and has a major attitude problem. When I went to orientation, all she kept doing was rolling her eyes at the speakers talking, which I found not very professional. And in the orientation I was in obvious pain, and not once did she bother to ask if I was okay. I have NEVER in my life seen such inconsiderate management in all my life!!! I was told that I didn't qualify for the pregnant accommodation leave, which I can understand, BUT I was I never asked if I wanted to come back to work after the baby! The supervisor also lied and told one of the servers that she didn't tell me to put plates in a specific place when she did!! It is safe to say that they lost a dang good worker because of the lack of caring!! The kitchen is nothing but DRAMA, stay away!!! If you are looking for a place with strong communication skills and a caring team, this is FAR from it!!!

Marcus Smith

It's a really good Hospital but they have got to do something about their wait times in the Emergency dept! I'm tired of having to wait 4 or 5 hrs for them to put my dislocated shoulder back in. Really bad seizures have caused both of my shoulders to be dislocated so many times now that it's really easy for either side to come out. I think that they could do some stuff to help speed things along for ER patients.

crystal coffey

I honestly thought we would come in and be right out but unfortunately we were not honestly I'm still sitting here with my daughter 4 hours later worried to death not knowing if my daughter is having a miscarriage or not she's hurting horrible bad so I go to ask the nurse and the nurse ignored me the first time well I waited till after she waited on a patient and asked her again her reply was it cld be awhile how is that ok how does that fix anything so now I'm still waiting my daughter is in pain and they literally have called people in that came after us you know I understand waiting I can even be patient but this this is ridiculous

Zac Bruton

Had a serious medical issue, was the only person in the Er, and had to wait over 5 hours to have my blood drawn. Once my blood was drawn, and urine sample taken, I had to redo them after someone lost them. The place is a complete joke. Expect to spend an entire day there, and hope you don’t have a life threatening injury...

Rebekah West

What a disgrace! My friend has two broken legs, a broken collar bone, 4 broke ribs, internal injuries, can't take care of himself, AND is in SEVERE pain...and they discharged him today bc he has no insurance! What is wrong with people?!? Is corporate greed that bad that you will let someone suffer bc they can't afford to pay? Is his life not worth the same as someone who does have insurance?! I think this is so sad. Your hospital should be ashamed.

Jeremy Pickle

The Best Hospital in the region.

Katie Parsons

I am pretty much at this point speechless. I have been sick off and on for three years thinking gallbladder because first attack I had the doctor said he was almost 100 percent sure. I had kept nothing down for days and could not get pain nor nausea under control. Ran tests and just said, sorry, cant find anything. Sent me home with meds, then feb 2015, it was worse, yes i was treated there but again told can not find anything but its your gallbladder. I dont have insurance so i said id think about it. Well, the last 6 months i have been in bad shape, a lot of pain, assended abdomin, gaining weight and im eating nothing. Can not sleep, terrible headaches, and i look 7 months preg. I went this time with a bag from home, i told him i wasnt leaving until something was found or done. Finally after 6 hours, i drank something that lights up organs if in need and it was all in my colon, intestines, etc. My blood pressure was 189/161, and my family kept trying to get them. They never gave me a blood pressure pill, nor do enema to extract whatever is causing blockage. He just said get with a gastro asap. Im sick as Im wring, he wrote no phenergran, and pain meds that have never worked for me, which I explained. So, I would really like to know where to go tonight if it gets worse i cant take it. I felt because it took so long to find problem i was being treated as per say drug seeker, but i could have had a stroke.

Samantha Salisbury

Where I was having a kidney stone they hand me watting form 12 to 6 then soon as I got a room they was like oh you have pass your kidney stone and they have mass up on my I've it like really i dont think they know what third doing

Brittney Waterman

The worst care i have ever seen!!! Did not give meds on time once or answer the call light! I have been in healthcare for 8 years in a nursing home and have never seen such a lack of compassion.

joseph blake

Brought wife to er puking at 12 and its niw 530 and still sitting in the waiting room waiting to be seen....

Danny Byrd

Chris Gilmer

I would like to use a negetive 1 star but that is not an option. I will not go into the details of the illness but my wife took our daughter to the HMG Urgent Care and they were seen very quickly. The doctor, a very respected doctor in this area, came in and after a short examination and questioning said "if she were my granddaughter I would take her to the ER, I will call them and let them know you are coming." So of course my wife took his advice. 3 hours later she is finally in a room, but still no doctor. The bed side manner from the staff was awful and .... I am not going to ramble on just for it to fall on deaf ears. Just look at the reviews and even better read the responses from Holston Valley, what a joke!!! The 2 in the photo were from over a year ago. Crazy, 2017 NOBODY WILL DO THEIR JOB and even better the ones that are supposed to make sure they do theirs, WILL NOT DO THEIR JOB EITHER. So I hope I will get one of those responses with a phone number to call AND I can't wait till they try to bill for this ridiculous trip to the ER!

Vivian Rogers

Directed at the Emergency Department 130%.... Had a visit to the ER yesterday April 24th, 2019. This ED is seriously lacking on the customer service part the the healing process. Starting with the woman who checked us in and was about as compassionate as a crack in the wall. Number one, I know for a fact I have the flu, I was diagnosed the morning of April 23rd. The reason I came the the ED is because my husband found me unresponsive on our bathroom floor. My husband managed to get me in the car and take me to the emergency room. All of that being said I was not asked ONCE nor was anyone else that was there with a fever as high as mine and flu symptoms to wear a mask. After stating I had passed out and had numbness the woman at the front desk (whine you could tell just loved her job) sent us on to wait. When we got sorted there was a little boy about five years of age waiting to be seen with 103 fever! This little boy had been waiting for almost three hours. I want to say to everyone exactly what I told that mama. If you need to take your child to the hospital DO NOT waste your time with Holston Vally, go directly to niswonger in JC where your child will get the care they need!!!!! Next, there was a little old lady that looked to be late 70’s early 80’s who was there for almost an HOUR with breathing trouble before they even got her some oxygen, They finally got her back after two hours. i say all of this to say, before the merge Holston valley ALWAYS had a medic or nurse working the desk checking people in so they could assess the problem. They now have an EXTREMELY RUDE woman who you can tell is no more than your average Joe checking people in. She informed us also that they have a scale of importance that they go off of to see who is seen first. BALLAD LISTEN TO ME REAL CLOSE.... you need a new system. A system that leaves a little old lady with breathing trouble in the waiting room an hour without oxygen and a little boy with 103 fever for three hours out in the lobby is a TERRIBLE system. I know some amazing people that are nurses in the ED at Holston Valley and it is a same that before anyone ever gets to see them they are let down so so so badly.

Cody Caudill

My son was born here in August of 2019 if it was not for the incredible and amazing staff me and my wife may have lost our son due to the fact he was born with a 'True knot' in his ambelical cord. If were not for the amazing nurses that choose to stay after Ballard Health closed the Nic unit he might not have made. The Doctors and Nirses at this facility are amazing and have helped with all our questions and concerns and i would recommend anybody here for that reason but in my opinion a tramua center should have Nic Unit fully staffed at all times. That being said i can only give Ballad health 3 stars but if they had a fully staffed Nic Unit it would be 5 stars all day.

Cameron McGaw

Mary Clark

Had emergency gallbladder surgery Nov 2014 and could not have asked for a better hospital, surgeon, drs and nurses. I had outstanding and caring attendants throughout my whole admission. I can highly recommend this hospital and its staff.

Lindsey Stafford

Michelle Mutton

We have been waiting for over 5 hours, blood has to be drawn again, I love how the billing department can come in seconds but the doctor and nurse's are nowhere to be seen. asked for pain med over 1 hour ago still waiting, condition is getting worse at the one place that is suppose to help. OUR HEALTHCARE SYSTEM IS BROKEN NEEDS TO BE FIXED NO ONE CARES ABOUT THE PATIENT JUST IF THEY CAN PAY THE DAMM BILL I would rather cut my leg off than to come back here......p

Bryan Yates

Crystal Mauk

Short staffed and the housekeeping has gone downhill!!! The elevators are even littered with trash. Has all of the housekeeping staff quit?

Nikki Ricker

Very good hospital


Being disrespectful and two co workers hanging on each other and had two wait 45 mintues to be seen ..... I hate the er .... I will never go back to the er

Peggy McQuay

I do *NOT* recommended this hospital!!

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