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REVIEWS OF Franklin Woods Community Hospital IN Tennessee

Vista Clark

Definitely my choice of hospitals when I need ER care or hospital stays.

Natalie Mullins

Worst hospital ever. Doctors do not check on patients. 36 hours after surgery still no doctor. I would not recommend this hospital to anyone. PATHETIC EXCUSE FOR A HOSPITAL!!!!!!

Vanity Hines

Cindy Teague

Both my daughter and daughter in law we're at Franklin Woods this month to give birth to my grandsons. The nurses we encountered were great! I especially want to give a BIG shout out to nurse Camille, she was just awesome. Thank you all for taking care of my girls & their babies!!

sara bowman

So I had an appointment Friday the 5th for a MRI that my dr ordered. So I went and did everything they asked of me. I was in my gown getting into the MRI machine and they tell me they will not scan me because I have 2 dermals in my cheeck and a hoop on the inside of my ear to prevent migraine headaches. I just had a MRI 2 years ago here and no problems. I feel I was discriminated against because of my piercings and tattoos. The woman that checked me in told the tech that she could tell by looking at me that there was nothing wrong with me. She later found out I have had 3 major neck surgeries which is why I need the MRI. I also have a lot of other problems health wise. This is the first time I have been treated this way here but I will not go back and I will never recommend this hospital to anyone.

Sarai Bowman

The staff is HORRIBLE.


This is the best hospital I’ve ever been to, all the nurses are extremely nice and make you feel so comfortable when going to have surgery, my anesthesiologist Shelly was wonderful, if I could rate her a 100 I would! Thank you all for a wonderful experience!!

Austin Henry

Sanitary facilities, professional staff, great hospital for any general needs. However, the overnight urgent care leaves much to be desired. Checked in around 2am with severe abdominal pain/pressure. After saying repeatedly I was not experiencing nausea, they gave me an IV and the first thing through it was for nausea...Despite being the only urgent care patient in the building, we'd go 20-30 minutes without any news or updates on what they were doing. Took blood, urine, and CT scan. Discharged around 4:30am with no relief and a prescription for..more nausea meds...completely pointless waste of time.

Adam P.

walk in paralyzed with severe hip and spinal inflammation just to be released 3 hours later still in pain with hardly any diagnostic work done. Just shot me up with Toradol which didn't relieve my pain and released me. I told them I had been taking pecocet for the unrelenting pain. They even urine tested me and was able to tell I was speaking the truth. So they write scripts for 10 lidoderm patches which are weak and flexeril. Wow! I just spent this money for no diagnostics and medications weaker than I have. The place was empty today which is Friday and now I understand why. They have no problem letting sit with excruciating pain and then sending you out with meds so weak that they should be over the counter. if your not shot, having a heart attack or just came from a car accident then DO NOT go! They will not help you! They will not diagnose. if you can walk and talk you will be released.

Anthony Coletti

Thomas Langford

We are currently here waiting for delivery to be induced.. the attending physician has not been in to see us at all.. and we have here for over 5 hours. We came here based on a recommendation from a friend , I am glad the hospital was good when they came here a few years ago, however it is NOT a good hospital now.. this hospital is in desperate need of a few changes.. TERRIBLE!

Monica Barrett

Larry Hayes

I have had to go to Franklin Woods twice in a year and they are incredibly wonderful there, the staff and nurses treat you wonderful and the rooms are private and clean and nice.

Brenda Denney

Waiting to pick up patient after was called to pick up and told patient was ready to pick up. Went to front desk in main entrance and lady behind desk was ignoring me. Asked if patient was ready and she started when he is ready they will bring him out. She couldn't be bothered to pick the phone up and tell the nurses that we were waiting. Waste of time and very unprofessional

Khloe H


Don't bother coming here if you need an emergency room. Five+ hours before anyone will even tell you what they THINK is wrong and send you home feeling just as wretched as when you came in, with no promise of feeling better. Radiology staff was friendly and wonderful, but the nurses were unattentive, rude, and talking amongst themselves when we were asking for help. Their aim is not to cure, they just want a paycheck they probably don't deserve.

Les F

Excellence in healthcare and professionalism I'm management. Each time I've been there,ive felt like they had treated me well and with utmost care.

Brian Deel

The nurses are top notch, the ER physician is pretty good too. Unfortunately, the staff at the front desk is rude and the girl on the phone needs to check the attitude at the door. I called to ask if the prescription for $600 cough syrup and the $350 inhaler could be changed to something more manageable. I was greeted with the offer for another visit which I declined. I explained I have no insurance and couldn't afford those prices, so I was told they were all expensive. I asked how expensive like $200 vs $600 and she retorted, "You can afford $200 but not $600?". I suggest another location. Do not support rude, disrespectful, and unworthy facilities. They don't need help, you do.


Sorry excuse for a hospital!

Lyndsey Potter

Both of my children were delivered at Franklin Woods & I had wonderful experiences with both. The staff was extremely helpful & friendly plus the hospital itself is so nice. I definitely recommend this facility!

Bruce Crumley

I came in a second time and ended up having "discitis" after a plethora of tests and had the ER doctor make side comments about my teeth and my prior use of drugs. I've since been admitted and have waited hours on even getting someone to prep me for a shower, or refuse or not give me pain medication which is weak already so I can rest As this condition is very, very painful. My dad has woke up many night to me screaming and crying in pain. The night shift seems okay, however I suffer almost to tears during the day while I can hear nurses and people outside laughing and conversing but in no hurry to bring anything to me. For the bill I know I'm going to get, I shouldn't have to suffer one second. I will not come here again after discharge. This is the worst experience and rudest staff I've dealt with.

Michael Tolley

Very clean. But by the immediate staff (not the doctor he was nice) we were made to feel like they really wanted us out of their hair. I didn't see either one of the two who checked us in crack a smile. If they had,i feel it'd have been forced and unbelievable based on how they treated us. Hope everyone has a great day. Be safe.

Dawn Carter

I went to the ER a little over a week ago with severe abdominal pain. The entire ER staff was quick and efficient. I ended up having to have my appendix removed that evening. I could not have asked for better care.


Was a decent experience in the er the first tree times this last time though they looked at me as if I was stupid, and lying about my symptoms. We’re rude, acted like they didn’t care. Stuck me with a needle for no reason as I was in and out of the hospital in 10 mins. Was a really pointless experience and no help. Went to Johnson city med center right after and received prompt care and wasn’t treated like I was a liar. Lucky the nurse didn’t get cursed out when she told me they can’t keep seeing me.

Jeffrey Banks

I'm a veteran and receive most of my care through the local VA hospital. However, if a requested procedure (such as a CT scan) cannot be completed within 30 days of request, I can ask for quicker care through the Veterans' Choice program. Through this program, local care providers can be reimbursed via the Tri-West Healthcare Alliance for providing the requested care. I had an APPOINTMENT at 1545 today for a CT scan at Franklin Woods Hospital. I even called ahead to confirm the appointment. When I showed up, they refused to check me in because they couldn't find credentials in their systems for the individual VA care provider who processed the request. Couldn't they have worked this out before the appointment was made? It's all about computer systems, authorizations, and billing. Basically, they refused to provide service to a 30-year military veteran because they can't get their act together!!! Who cares about a medical issue......?????? It's all about PROFIT.

Stacey Guck

I would probably be dead without these people. I was sent by an urgent care center to here, they immediately took me back and did test, within 45 minutes the doctor told me they needed to keep me. I spent 2 days in the hospital before they found out I had cdiff, they took care of me and made sure I had everything. Flash forward 3 weeks later, I thought I had cdiff again so I went in and they kept me again, this time for over a week. They made sure I was taken care of and the doctor even bought me cookies.

Andrew Stover

Jerry Deyton

Jennifer Walker

The wait time is horrible, 3+hours to even be seen by a Dr. Or anyone...not recommended!

Kayla Mccracken

Horrible I wouldn't go there again for anything

Bianey Morales

(Translated by Google) Good hospital (Original) Buen hospital

Katie Greer

Worst. Hospital. Ever. Just had a baby LAST NIGHT and they already discharged me with nothing to help with the pain than the surgeon had the nerve to come and tell me the staff was talking in the lobby about how they dont think i want my child. Now shes sick in jcmc and I can barely walk to go see her because they discharged me not even 24 hours after giving birth with nothing to help. Hell i only seen the actual "doctor" twice the entire time I was in labor. Wont be going back. Not a good experience. Should of went to jcmc to begin with.

Chrissy Devoti

Went in with shortness of breath, headache and some chest pain. Nursing staff was great but the doctor I saw was not so great. Only saw him twice while I was there. He was a very arrogant and uncaring person. He treated me like I was either faking or like someone trying to get pain meds. I still feel just as crappy as I did when I got there. Not much chest pain but still having really bad headache.

Senior Whoopy IRL

I've almost lived here from time to time, it's such a nice place to stay! Even if you have to stay for 7 days! If you do have to go to Hospital, this is the place to go! It is so great to live in this area because of places like this. Free Wifi, Snack + cold/hot Drink machines, rooms with hot showers, sleeping room for guests, ect! This place has it all! Be extra nice to everyone who works here, and the guests!

Patty Miller

I was very sick! Ended up in ICU for 18 days. The nurses, assistant nurses,food server,housekeeping, doctors..everyone was GREAT! They truly saved my life!

Jess L

delivered my first child here and had a great experience. staff was very sweet and caring. the dr was also great. for a first time mom, this left a great impression for me for the hospital and will be using this place for my second L&D. wonderful hospital

Seth Bryant

Marc Roberts

I lost my precious Michael, Sunday 31st July 2016. The level of professionalism, care, trust and support they showed was second to none. I want to especially thank the ICU staff. I forget names but Kris and Kelly really stood out. All the ladies were on point and didn't hesitate to stop and show compassion. I know it's a job, but they took it further than that. The little guy that brought Michael his meals, thank you too. There were many others involved, thank you as well. Oh! And one other thing. There is a little box that illuminates veins for putting in IV'S. You NEED to order some of those. Thank you so so much again. Marc


Absolutely love this hospital. I have went to ER night and day shift and there care was literally 30mins plus I received 2 shots. They are adamant about helping you and getting the proper care you need to get well. I've not went back to JCMC since going to this place. Excellent staff, friendly, and professional. Thanks to the staff at Franklin Woods Hospital!! Sad to hear other patients had bad experiences. I have scoliosis in my spine which I constantly pinch a nerve which bothers my sciatic nerve. I was given a shot of toradol which worked wonders and so did ibuprofen. I will say a stronger pain could be needed because I've went through insane unhealthy amounts of ibuprofen. But great care still.

Brando vic

Barry Brecheisen

My daughter and my wife have both been admitted to this hospital within the last year. They both received exceptional care. We were treated politely and professionally. The facility is extremely modern and beautiful. Barry Brecheisen

Stephanie Hopson

No waiting HOURS to get in ER like in Greeneville.

A Mont

Their waiting periods are not as long as JCMC!

Rebecca Mitchell

The building is new, the patient room was spacious with a big picture window but the facility seems to be seriously understaffed. It would be several hours or even the next day before nurses/staff would attend to problems.They were pleasant and kind when they would finally show up. I stayed a week and the doctors never could agree as to what the cause of my fever and weakness was so they pumped me full of antibiotics and discharged me. My wife had to find a wheel chair, help me into the chair and wheeled me outside leaving me at the curb while she went to get the car. Nobody was around to help. I was very weak and unsteady and was relieved to make it safely into the car without falling. Is a SELF-SERVICE DISCHARGE the new standard of care for hospitals these days?

Daniel Price

Nice place

james wilson

great place , my kids care and recovery went well even grand daughter was born there , Doctors listen and know what they are doing great service

Patrick Cronin

Several amazing ones. I had very difficult and painful surgery two weeks ago and everything about what happened at Franklin Woods from the Surgeon Ariel Spencer through the anesthesiologists to the nurses and everyone else I had a world class experience and I have had hospital stays at Cedar Sinai in Los Angeles and UCLA and Jefferson Medical in Philadelphia and I would rank this experience as first rate. Patient care is number one at Franklin and unless you need to go to Sloan or MD Anderson Franklin Woods is the place to be. Last week my son broke his collar bone and the same great service for him in the emergency room at Franklin and that was his second experience there and both great. 5 stars all the way


All I can say is...WOW! Spent 5 hours there with my daughter to tell me nothing. Was informed she had to be transferred to Niswonger. Once at Niswonger, in and out in 1.5! If they didn't have a clue about pediatrics, they should have sent us over right away and not have wasted all that time. True dissapointment, lesson learned!

Elizabeth F. Slagle

Quick to get in but no help for abdominal pain, ibs, vomiting, pain so bad it radiated to my back (been experiencing for 5 days). Laid there with an IV. Had a CT. They did nothing sent me home with low potassium, HBP, dehydration, and razor pain in abdominal. Sent me home the way I came in!

Kelly Schue

Went to the hospital with my adult son who has passed out and vomited. Waited in the waiting room for around a hour before getting a room. The nurse was very nice. The Er doctor was awful, he was not checked on, never offered a drink or blanket or a Tylenol. I would never go here again. If I could give negative stars I would

Amber Morton

Voilates OSHA by leaving bloody used needles and equipment right beside your bed, I went for bad allergic reaction never had an IV until now, I fainted, blood dropped, moniter went off due to vitals (which made me freak out) I yelled help and rang the bell 4 times no one came until an hour later! They also put medicine in my IV so fast it felt like it was going to blow my vein.. I asked nurse to slow down a few times which didn’t happen, then she continued to mock me. Someone with some competent leading abilities buy this place out, so this stuff doesn’t continue!

Nancy Keener

The nurse's were great, the rooms are very clean. I really enjoyed the nurses, we Talked & laughed. I fell backwards out on the drive way. Franklin Woods is whole lot better then, JCMC

Shantaye Thomas

Sometimes they r awesome and other times not so much

Doug Hornsby

Best hospital i've every been in.

Carol Straitz

Great service nice er

Jessica Lane

I love this hospital. They are good nurses and doctors. An they actually listen to what you have to say to try to figure out what is going on.

D. F.

Doctor was a weirdo who made inappropriate comments and as others have said, the rooms were unsanitary

Kyle Meister

They got my address wrong and here I am a year and half later with a collections company knocking on my door for an ER visit I already paid nearly $650 for. I corrected my address with staff on several occasions. Apparently, doctors bill separately and they don't tell you that up front.

Sally Shelton

Horrible hospital! The physicians have no compassion for the patients. No one keeps you informed of what is going on. The nursing staff is understaffed. The nurse to patient ratio is to high. They do not have enough time to spend with each patient to get them what they need. The physician do not listen to the patient as to what problems they are having and how to address them. This was my first visit to this hospital and I was applaud on how the physicians are allowed to treat the staff and patient. Dr. Dennis Starr is the worst physician in my opinion. For the hospital to allow a physician to like him to work there makes you wonder if the hospital leaders are like him. I will definitely avoid going to this hospital if I can.

Jake Smith

Took my husband to the ER a week ago. Everyone we dealt with were great. Doctor was super outgoing, came to see my husband immediately and introduced himself even to our children. All test were prompt and the diagnosis was spot on.

sharon p

My 83 year old husband was sent to FW by the VA in Dec of 2016 He has been back 10 times during the last 9 months lasting from a short ER visit to 3 weeks in and out of ICU. After the third time that his doctors pulled him back from death I lost count. Everything that could go wrong for his condition , did. I stayed at the hospital most of those nights only going home for bare necessities. The nurses, physical therapists, housekeeping, and dietary staff were wonderful!! The nurses were professional, efficient, and thorough. They answered honestly every question I asked - ever. We had some very serious discussions. They offered help, warm blankets, clean sheets and at times a shoulder to cry on. When my husband was in great pain they were gentle and compassionate. His doctors were extremely knowledgeable and skillful. I wish the hospital doctors took private patients, of whom Dr. Dennis Starr was one, I would go to them in a New York minute, .As for his surgeons - I worked in surgery in 1963, a lot has changed but skill never changes and neither does caring. Dr Robertson is world class. We had even more serious and difficult discussions, he helped me to understand what I was facing with great insight, knowledge, and compassion . The staff who helped me to learn the skills to care for my husband were exceptional. Always, I can rely on their help and/or direction. While no organization or person is perfect , this hospital has achieved highly superior standards in patient care and everyone that I encountered from the receptionists to the security guards is accomplishing that superiority.

Garrison McDavid

My surgeon was a bit of a fraternity boy, spent less than a minute with me, told me that solving chronic headaches after surgery was not his gig and wished me luck paying. Backing up, I drove from the Carnegie Hotel where I was staying due to my assisting with my family's health issues. The night desk receptionist kindly instructed me to stay away from Johnson City Memorial and as I was not a Veteran, could not go to one of the best VAs in the US. Furthermore, as I have a permanent green card from a European country and am only visiting to care from my family in rural Southwestern VA, I knew that I would have trouble paying the bills and putting up with the comments directed toward those of us who do not have insurance through corporate employers nor could get the system to work for what is wrongly called ObamaCare. My emergency appendectomy went well. The hospital is great. I met the five doctors on my team and enjoyed my stay in the unit for recuperation. All of the nurses were fabulous; however, my surgeon could not see me to check to see if I had healed correctly due to snow and schedule changes. Furthermore, his phones were not working and one of his staff is a fundamental Christian and said she would call 911 if I ever darkened the practice's office again. God help us. The hospital, however, to end on a good note is fab.

John Wright

I took my wife to the Franklin Woods ER, who could only walk with assistance because of a brain bleed, and she fell out of the bed and broke her hip. I had a meeting at work so my teenage son came to sit with her in the ER. I was told she would be admitted. While I was gone she fell out of the bed (breaking her hip) and they released her with my son with a catheter (she had never had one before), nothing on but a hospital gown and no pain meds. No one from Franklin Woods would return my calls. I took her to another hospital where they did xrays and found out she had broken her hip. She had hip replacement surgery the next day. Franklin Woods has done nothing except for Lindy White to call and apologize for not having my calls returned.

jonathan anderson

Very Rude

dakota Hamilton

I've been sick for 3 weeks and will not getting better. I had to leave worker early cause I couldn't breathe. I go there cause everyone said it was a good hospital nope!!!!! I was there cause of breathing issues not drug issues. They said they smelled paint thinner in roo so it gave them cause to do a dug screen. I had the wirst stay ever i will not go back tjere again. I still didnt get a readon why in not getting any arm is so swollen where they gave me zofran and I'm allgeric and I told them I was burning

Eric Shingledecker

was sitting in the hospital with a friend, had some serious issues while we were in the room, she calls the nurses twice for help and no one ever came in to help, had to go and seek a nurse.

Jamie B

This place is nothing short of a dog pound. At least the labor/delivery and post partum unit. My niece stayed delivered her baby here. Which included a total of 3 attention on an epidural and 9 attempts on getting a vein for an iv. The staff was NOT helpful teaching a first time mom how to do certain things. They never told her the baby's Weight each time they took him, no consistent nurse (a free for all.), she didn't even know how to nurse and it was 48 hrs before a lactation consultant even came to help her. AFTER she had to ask for help. Absolute nightmare for a first time mom. One of the actual nurses told her she was just in pain during labor that's why her blood pressure was elevated. Unprofessional, not skilled, and sloppy staff. Even the nurse anasthesist missed on the epidural and iv attempts. She was rude and did not consider her a person when attmepting and missing several times. Treating her like she was a game to be conquered. Instead of paging someone else. I truly hope they hire more qualified staff in the future especially when working with first time mothers. Unacceptable.

BiggDaddy Brian

Was here 7 hrs in ER I told the nurse I had to pee and she asked if I could walk I said no I asked why and she said my normal size wheelchair wouldn't go through the door on the rest room. How does a hospital get approved when the doors are so narrow that a wc can't go through the door. 2 hrs later I fainted and then they decided to look at me admitted me in the ICU for the next 7 days. IDK how they are open

Rachel Newsom

I just left from surgery and I was so impressed by the kindness and intelligence of everyone that worked with me. Super clean and beautiful hospital. I would highly recommend this hospital for routine surgical procedures or child birth.

Woodyjean Walters

This hospital is supposed to be "patient centered treatment". Well, someone needs to provide the ER staff with the definition. FW used to be a great hospital until Ballad took over. Now 4+ hours wait time, rude uncaring staff, and the patient is the last thought on anyone's mind.

Cynthia Coletti

This is definitely our favorite local hospital for ER treatment, admission and x-rays. For a pediatric emergency I'd prefer Niswonger. We've never had an unpleasant experience here. It has been our preferred hospital for admission until severity of illness forced us back to the medical center

Steve Hall

Very good people nice bedside manners I enjoyed it very nice thank you

Susan Evans

My sister took my 92-year-old mother to the ER around 7:30 one evening. My mother has congestive heart failure and was acting loopy. The ER doctor wasn't in any hurry or concerned that my mom's blood pressure was around 220. In fact, the doctor was cold and curt. Kept my sister waiting 5 hours before hospital decided to keep Mom. A few days later, Mom was doing some better, sitting up in bed, alert, talking normally, aware of her surroundings, and eating. I spent the night with her on the 3rd night. Mom was given a handful of pills around 11:00. An hour or so later, she threw up, probably because she didn't eat any dinner. A young nurse gave her a pill for nausea. A little while later, Mom threw up a little more. The nurse flew into high gear, called Moma's doctor, and was ready to give her anti-nausea medicine through Mom's arm. I asked the nurse not to since Moma had only throw up a little and Mom has collasping veins. I wanted the nurse to wait and see if Mom would throw up again since she might have gotten rid of the medicine that had caused her nausea to begin with. The nurse ignored and had another nurse come and stab Moma on first one bruised arm and then another. The medicine that was injected in my mother caused her to start hallucinating, yelling, fidgeting, and trying to eat the leads that weree monitoring her heart and her blanket. This went on for several hours. It was so awful and I am still so upset that this young nurse didn't have the training or sense to avoid an unnecessary intervention when it was not indicated at that time and over my objection. Worse, it put my mother through a stressful, horrible night for nothing and set her progress back significantly. This nurse just told me, "I did the best I could," as if that remark could make up for a night from hell for my mother. I don't think the nurse understood why I was so upset and angry, but maybe when her mother gets elderly and fragile and some young nurse shows up with an arsenal of over-the-top drugs, she just might.

C. Ingram

Franklin Woods took incredibly good care of my mother when she went there for 4 days last month. The nurses on the third floor were super confident, kind, and knowledgeable. We couldn't have asked for more compassionate care. The doctor that was supposed to be taking care of her visited less than desired, but she is recovering well.

Bekah Roberts

My grandmother went to the emergency room after getting her spine broken due to osteo perosis. They just sent her home with pain medicine without a brace after plainly saying she would need one, and they didn't even bother to give her a temporary one. She's currently in a lot of pain and unable to have a brace, and her doctor says she's only going to get worse if she doesn't at least have a temporary brace.

Shar Saidla

Dr. Clay W. Runnels saw us. Excellent care, kind and professional service.

Dakota-Luke Buck

My grandmother is currently in care, when she's needed assistance its taken forever for anyone to respond. Sitting in her room the "staff assist" call which repeats its self about every 2 seconds was repeated 74 times before anyone even called the room to see that they are okay, during about the tenth time I had four nurces standing outside her room, laughing and joking amongst themselves. The group of staff was not 5 feet from the nurses station from which the "staff assist" call was repeated the 74 times. A lot can happen in approximately 3 minutes.

K Greer

Worst experience ever! Waited over 8 hours to find out I have kidney stones and be sent home with NO REFERRAL!

valerie poirier

I wasn't there personally...but daughter was last night. She sent photos. The room was dirty and unsanitary. Not good. There was blood all on the remote. And nothing was done. Room should've been checked thoroughly and they should have been moved!

Shellie Rodifer

Had an allergic reaction to something on Friday, July 30th 2016. I felt like my throat was closing up had a headache and upset stomach. I went to Franklin Woods E.R. around 11:00 pm that night. The E.R. was not busy at all. I got in pretty fast. I was seen my a Nurse Practitioner named Nick. He seemed to be in a hurry and acted like I was putting him out by him having to see what was going on with me. I told him my symptoms. I told him I had taken 2 allergy pills before I had left home and I wasn't feeling any better. He said he would give me a steroid, so he gave me a PILL after I was already having a hard time swallowing and he tried to tell me the pill works just as fast as a SHOT. (WRONG) I was there all of 30 minutes with his HORRIBLE personality and not caring about my wellbeing. I left the hospital feeling just as bad as I did when I went. I don't appreciate how I was treated and I feel that if he cannot treat people correctly, then he doesn't need to be in the profession he is in.

Robin Briggs

Exellent staff, clean rooms.

Bekah Hunt

1st experience here was wonderful. I depivered my son via csection here, and they made the experience absolutely wonderful. From the nurses to to the dietary staff to the janitorial staff... EVERYONE was wonderful. so when i got sick a few weeks ago and started passing out over and over again, in the middle of the night, we opted to come back to FW to the emergency dept. I was visibly very sick, vomiting and losing consciousness repeatedly. Chilling so bad I looked like I was convulsing. I didn't have to wait, they took me right back. But rhat was literally the only positive thing about this experience. The nurses treated my husband and i both like we were imposing on them by being there, and I've never seen auch a lack of concern im any medical setting. I used to work for msha, they are supposed tonpromote patient centered care... it certainly didnt happem that night. It was never addressed that I was losing consciousness. When my husband asked for a couple more blankets for me, the nurse literally sighed out loud and then took the better part of an hour to being ONE back. I was given anti nausea meds via IV and they took my blood and urine. We were there for well over 3 hours. I MAYBE saw the nuraes and dr. for 4 minutes COMBINED. the dr. was totally uninterested and didnt listen to a word I the point that my discharge paperwork stated that my chief complaint was PELVIC PAIN...what?!?! I never uttered those words, my pelvis was just fine. I was there all that time to be told that they had no idea what was wrong with me and werent interested in doing any testing to find took them over 3 hours just to tell me that. So, I left mad and prerry scared because I didnt know what was happening. I got a prescription for phenergan which made me sleep it off and the vomiting subsided. But I got a bill in the mail, and my part is almost a thousand dollars...out of my pocket. I WILL be fighting this. It may be a losing battle, but I don't plan to get them one red cent from my pocket at least until that doctor is addressed and let known how scared she let me leave there because of her uncaring, unconcerned, dont want to be here attitude. i will never, ever return here for me or any of my family for any reason to the er. i would gladly go back to their birthing center (the only reason i gave them 2 stars...the b.c. deserves 10 stars!!!) ... but the er is a pathetic excuse for patient centered care.

DGH Sales

Beautiful LEED certified, state of the art facility. Our family experienced a tragedy. This hospital was so professional, caring and supportive. It was the most moving and amazing experience. Words simply cannot explain how thankful we are to the wonderful nurses and staff at Franklin Woods Community Hospital, especially second floor!

rachel newberry

the staff is excruciatingly slow. got here 30 minutes before my allotted time for my appointment and am still waiting an hour later! no one here seems to know what is going on and how long to waiting periods are going to be. and no one here knows how to escort patients to their seats when they are lost or confused!!!!! i am absolutely bewildered as to how this hospital is still even up & functioning

John Begley

I have had a terrible, crushing, and debilitating headache for about two months, so I finally broke down and went to the ER. They sent me a PA who was rude, condescending, and talked over me whenever I was speaking. When I had had enough of this treatment I asked for another provider and asked to see a supervisor. This PA was not aggressively treating this headache, (which isn't normal, especially for me because I don't really get headaches), she wasn't even going to get a CAT Scan of my head to make sure I didn't have a bleed!). After speaking with the charge nurse and supervising MD, who were both very nice and I thought things were going to be ok), the doctor got the CAT Scan done for me. I asked NOT to even LOOK at this PA again, but even in the shape I was in, all three of the staff I had seen came into my room like we were on the Dr. Phil show so we could all air our grievances and be friends again. I WAS IN NO SHAPE TO BE ABLE TO HANDLE THIS SORT OF BS!! I came for help, never asked for any sort of narcotic, opiate, or otherwise. The level of care I received was a complete and utter joke!! This used to be hands down the best facility in the area, but the last couple of times I have had to go there, (and they've been about two years apart), have pretty much been just like this one. I left with the same crushing migraine I went in with and I still have it. Never again Franklin Woods!

Hannah Forrester

Amy Campbell

Most unprofessional staff i ever have seen,very rude ,took 4 hours to be seen...

Angelique Gibson

Several bad experiences here but today was the worst! My husband had a tonsillectomy yesterday. He was in recovery for two hours waiting for a clean room, then someone forgot to put in his discharge order overnight and so we spent the whole day waiting to be discharged! When they finally discharged him, it took the nurse two hours to get to him. They finally came to get him after he threatened to pull out his IV himself.

Brittany Goan

Waiting well over two hours for a scheduled MRI is ridiculous. Especially when I go to ask about why its taking so long and the receptionist never even bothered to let anyone know I was here. Never recommending this place or coming back. It's a disgrace. Edit: finally going to get the MRI 3 hours later. Got here at 630pm and now its 930pm. There has been a HUGE lack of communication between everyone working here.

Morgan Jackson

Christa Knecht

Admin Bountiful Blessings

This hospital is a joke. Not only have they made my elderly grandmother wait days on end for a procedure that they told her would be done that day or the day before etc. someone from their pathetic hospital staff stole quite a bit of money from my grandfather and the wonderful rent a cop they have there told him that there were no cameras on premises to look at to see who may have stole it. STAY AWAY FROM THIS DUMP!

Sabrina Stiltner

They did nothing for me on the 11th but when I had to go back there was a doc there that did a great job


When a medical professional wants to wait to give a diabetic insulin even after being told that they need it now that is a problem! I do not see us coming back here again.

behindmyhazeleyes 93

Staff is crappy

James Ellington

They ruined my life. They kept telling me I was fine and I didn’t owe anything even tho I told them I didn’t have insurance and now I’m ruined. I will not be able to recover financially from this place the system they have set up is terrible.

Hannah Hughes

Had my daughter here. Love the staff. Beautiful and clean hospital

Levi Levin

Great birthing center. Friendly staff!

Barbara T.

I wasn't told I need be there 2 hours before my appt. So I didn't get my CT scan. I waited an hour before I was told I need drink some stuff then wait another hour before the San can be done. My question is why couldn't i I've drank the stuff during my wait time that way it wouldn't have been another hour and I'd been ready for the scan . I didn't plan for this because not one person told me ahead of time this would take that long ! And to go without eating I can't coz I have hyperglycemia. I have two stars coz of wait time I could've been drinking that stuff not hour later!

Frank and Chris Freeman-Cain

Tried to call gift shop to have flowers sent to a room. The lady who answered the phone (Susan) was most unhelpful. We ended up calling a florist.

Rockie Rash

I work there

Pamela Ollis

I have been back 13 times due to cyclic vomiting. They are rude to me each time and keep telling me " it's not an emergency". The female Dr. Reddy is the rudest doctor I have ever met. She makes me feel like I'm trash every time I talk to her. I have even noticed poor treatment from the nurses after they talk to her about my condition. I was admitted two days ago and have since got to go home and the hospital staff in the ICU is wonderful. However the emergency room staff needs to be cleaned out, removed and they need some friendlier people.

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