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faded shadows

I was here for a Black Widow bite , and even though the pain was excruciating.I was very comfortable, everyone on staff that i met was great, and even got a shirt.

Beth Cleek

I love erlanger, I did have a sister die here from brain anyerisum but they did all they could for her, also list a grandbaby here they did all they could for him as well he was born 1lb 7oz his mom had preclamsia an went into labor way early, also not there fault. I have delivered 4 babies here including a set of twins my dr Stacy Boyd was awesome a few of yhe nurses not so plesant but you will get that at all hospital's not all people's hearts and souls are were their jobs is.also just had a grandbaby born here few weeks ago they were good to both my daughter and grandbaby. If im in life/death situation i would defiantly want to be sent here

Ryan Holdridge

Came to Chattanooga on vacation and due to my significant other not feeling well we made a trip to the emergency room. We have been here for 5 hours waiting thus far - for blood work results (we have not even been seen by a doctor). The owner telling you to contact the patient ambassadors is a joke as I tried calling and all I got was an answering machine the times that I called - shouldn't they have customer service people on staff 24/7? Update: Finally saw the Dr back in the waiting room again, have been here for 8 hours.

Stephens Burns

They have nurses that don't care n doctors as well , waited over 13 hours to get room n put on a list for a surgery.

Diane Price

Time to vent about Erlanger Hospital in Chattanooga. Nurses and staff In this hospital are the absolute worst. After 45 minutes and two calls for a pain med that was already 4 hours overdue, Sonny's night nurse finally brought one in. I asked him why it took so damn long to get his pill and was told he only just leaned of the request. Seriously????? Where the hell was he located all this time (3:15 a.m)????? So while I’m waiting, I googled reviews for this hospital and found that most others receive the same horrible service from the nurses and staff here. No wonder nurses in general get such bad reputations.

Tammy Renee

Best stroke team in the United States When I was there in 2015 for a light stroke Good job guys


I give one star for this place and that is for the doctors and team that met my husband as he was coming out of the ambulance with a stroke. After the initial treatment he was closed off by a curtain and forgotten about. 40+ something hours and we are still here waiting in ER for a room. This is a sorry place to come for treatment. They did not reassess my husband , a stroke patient, after being there 24 hours. It is excruciating hearing the same people yell and beg for help for hours on end as a nurse walks by ignoring the patient. If the things my husband experienced as a stoke victim were reported to the Joint Commission this hospital would be closed. Absolutely pathetic.

Jessica Hancock

We stayed at this hospital for a total of 18 nights. We were in the Neuro ICU on the 4th floor, the 9th while we waited for heart surgery, the CVICU on the 4th floor, and cardiac step down on the 4th floor and had an excellent experience all around. The nurses were knowledgeable and nice. We will definitely being using this hospital in the future even though it's an hour drive!

Rebecca Dawkins

I'll start by saying most of the nurses were wonderful. The doctors seemed unprofessional and uncaring to me during my 5 day stay, which should have been 4 at the most, but I had to stay an extra day because the doctors literally forgot to order tests for me. The whole stay was pretty unpleasant from start to finish, but the worst part has been the billing department that I've had to deal with for over a year since then. They will send your account to collections with no warning despite the fact that you've made payments on your bill every month, and when you call to find out why, the girls that answer the phone are, for the most part, incredibly rude and unprofessional.

Kris Heaton

Worst ER I’ve ever seen. The triage system lacks logic and acute symptoms don’t matter to this staff. My daughter arrived at 11 am with symptoms of appendicitis. when she first walked in she was greeted with, “do you need a doctor?” Which was followed up with, you should go to children’s hospital, it may be faster. They didn’t greet her with a hello or anything remotely sounding like they cared. She stayed in the then relatively empty lobby, so they put an IV in her and took a blood test in the lobby. She started vomiting, so they gave her phergan that knocked her out. I arrived 3 hours later to find her still waiting in the lobby, having vomited four times. I was told she had not been seen because she did not give a urine sample. She told me she was not directed to give a urine sample. When I asked for a cup for her to pee in, I was told she had to get it herself (IV and all), and they threatened to kick me out when I told them their service was unacceptable. Once she was given the cup, she wasn’t even told where the restroom was. Another hour, another round of vomiting, and she was finally taken directly from the lobby for a CT scan. This ER is a lawsuit waiting to happen (if it hasn’t already been sued). I would recommend avoiding this ER at all costs.

Gloria Jeffries

Amazing place

ted ted

Why do your janitors think someone watching a loved one stuck in a hospital needs to hear derogatory comments about their body on top of having to come to the hospital every day? What makes them think I want to be here in the first place? They need to keep their mouths shut. No reason to harass patients & their families about how their body looks. That's almost doctor's job but never a janitor's job. March 1, 2018 around 10pm whoever that group of janitors was hanging out by the 2nd floor garage entrance needs to at least wait until someone's out of earshot before making comments about someone's body in a hospital. I already don't want to have to be here everyday to watch my loved one slowly die but this was like spitting in my face for NO REASON! Young guy who obviously doesn't NEED that position.

Eron Epstein

My mom waited for 48 hours in the ER with a dead body outside laid out on a hospital bed 5 feet away from her. Erlanger sucks

Jane Watson

The woman who ran the front desk around 80 pm was very rude. I walked up said I was having chest pain. She yelled at me to sit down. I told her I had two previous heart attacks. She said and?? Sit down! The doctors and nurses in back were nice and took care of me. But lady at the front desk could have killed soneome

hilary bear

My dad is in sternbergh neuro icu for a stroke. He has been fortunate to have a lot of wonderful doctors and nurses(abby and jensen specifically), however, the night nurses are awful (cassie and kirby to be specific). They are not open at all to criticism and are quick to assert their authority over your loved ones when criticized in the slightest or asked to do small things like taking a temperature or giving a bath. They did not want to bathe my dad because it would be a lot of "work" even though he had not been bathed in 3 days and after being confronted about this they decided it was too much to have 2 family members stay with him even though for the past 4 days it has not been an issue. The night nurses spend an unacceptable amount of time on personal conversations, even stepping out in the middle of something to talk to friends. They informed me that they are only obligated to check on critical patients every 2 hours which is ubsurd when there are at most 2 patients per nurse. I am very displeased with the night staff and can only surmise that their lack of care or ambition is the reason they are on that shift. Bottom line, patients should take precedence over your personal conversations and retaliation is unwarranted when someone is asking for the help of a paid employee in the service industry. Remember why you are there or don't bother showing up.

Katrina Baker

I had a terrible experience I simply wanted to speak with the NP and requested to do so via a male nurse working that day, my Lord it was as I had taken his wisdom teeth out. Nasty attitude#walkedoffasIwastalkingtohim. I politely left the building

Jesus My Savior

I see now why people in Chattanooga would rather go to Memorial or Parkridge. Absolutely the worst experience, even worse than the last time we came through the ER. Been here 4 hours now and the lack of personal attention and compassion is appalling. Treated like livestock just churning through a processing plant. Needed a wheelchair for my wife to go to the bathroom and I get pointed outside to the door entry area where a security guard is seen sitting in one. I had to ask the guard to get up so I could get the chair and No one actually even offered to help. This place stinks with respect to compassion and attention to patients

Phillip Stone

Chik fila and Subway open till 1am,the mall area is as clean as any 5 star Hotel. parking only cost me a 1.00 and if in the Emergency Room you can have your ticket Validated. O.T. and Nurses stayed on their feet Non Stop,but answered anytime my Mom rang.

Wendi Crew

I was admitted through the ER at Erlanger East on Wednesday with a terrible headache and a numb and swollen left side of my face. It took until Friday to get my MRI because of a medical device implanted in my spine. After finally getting the MRI the nurse on staff on the Friday day shift gave me a dose of phenergen and a migraine medication which she advised would make me drowsy around 3:15 p.m. She then checked my blood pressure twice which was 192/89 then 30 minutes later it was 189/89. She insisted it must be wrong but I advised that my chest felt like something crushing it and I didn't feel well. She checked it manually and told me that it was normal but did not share the numbers. By 4:15 she sent in a nurses aid to remove my IV and told me I was going home. I never got to discuss my MRI with a doctor and I also did not receive a prescription or any follow up recommendations on my release notes. When I asked if they were going to write me a prescription for my migraine which has now been going on a full week, the nurse to me I could take Aleve or Advil. I told her that surprised me because I have kidney damage that prevents me from taking Ibuprofen and I am allergic to Aleve. She then told me that I could go now and since I drove myself to the ER, I could drive myself home. Before going home I went to Wal-Mart to check my blood pressure with their machine and my blood pressure was 191/90. I am very upset that I was released without even speaking to a doctor about the test I had been waiting as an inpatient for 2 days to have as well as releasing me with blood pressure that high and telling me to drive myself home after giving me drugs that made me drowsy. The release paperwork didn't even resemble what the doctors and I had discussed the last 3 days.

Grym Reiper

After reading these horrifying reviews and speaking with someone in their records dept (Completely useless btw) and seeing Erlangers canned response of "contact our Patient Ambassadors" I and my complicated cardiac history would most likely be better served at another facility. The idea that "contact our Patient Ambassadors" is a proper response to some of these reviews is a sad statement in it's self. Lets be honest here: Why would someone contact the people who get a paycheck from this hospital and think they would get better treatment? And IF you are in the hospital and complain, Expect that to show up on your record there and you will be treated accordingly. And not nicely either. I don't expect any response from these people and sadly that seems par for the Erlanger course. But if they have issue with this review, They can contact my "Review Ambassadors" for a speedy.......

micah colley

I took off work at lunch to take my wife to the ER because she was hurting with stomach pain and dehydrated. We arrived at 2 P.M. and I am writing this as I sit in the lobby at 10:30 P.M. and the only thing they have done is take blood from her. I asked how much longer and all I got is they don't know . I can't think of any excuse that would be ok to making someone wait that long with no real treatment done.

Angelica Nunley

Absolute worst hospital I've ever been to in my life I would not bring my worst enemy to this hospital.I had went 48 hours without food nurse unhooked my IV 4 hours before discharge after having surgery the previous morning so was refused pain medication until time of discharge. Had 2 good nurses that were awesome and great doctor but the rest of staff were horrible and should have their license taken.

wanda davis

They have a string group playing. It is so lovely! Very soothing.

Timothy Morgan

My wife went to the er at Erlanger the dr one dr got on her for not coming sooner dr Walker and said she was going to lose her toe the other dr Jesse dotty said it was an fungus they'll take better care of my dog at the vet

Darnell McGavock Sr.

Decent real care. I have never had issues, but some doctors prefer Memorial/CHI for some procedures.

Kiara Hughes

I wouldn’t go back to the E 3rd street Erlanger even if I was dying. Horrible horrible horrible service. Two of the staff members were horrible. One kept from making eye contact with me as if she didn’t want to help me and another had a smart mouth and bad attitude. There were no beds available so the wait was ridiculous. I will never go back. Who takes there time with seeing what’s wrong with pregnant people? Thankfully everything was okay with me and my unborn child.

Jimmy Lofurno

Great medical care!

Allayah Gartland

Worst hospital, care, drs, and all staff from nurses to cafeteria workers were horrible! Mean, hateful and they could care less about the patients and visitors. Worst 6 weeks of my life! I would never send anyone there for even a cold. The e.r. is even worse! All around bad bad bad. I'll never go back there again!

Tanis Lee

If this is a "teaching hospital" God help our future. The Dietitian in charge needs to be fired, to food itself will kill you, they apparently don't know how diabetics are supposed to eat. Charged almost $700 for a cardiologist to pop in once and review/discharge my husband and have another tell us flat to our faces, if we pursue natural alternatives such as diet and alternatives to his prescribed medication we were wasting his time. I wish to GOD we had never set foot in the place. I've lived all over the country and worked in hospitals, Never have a seen such a place. Staff tries, Nurses were great, but It will have to be an absolute LAST resort to consider Erlanger for any type of care.

Dennis Weber

We had to sit in the ER waiting room for 4 hours and when we kept asking what was going on they put us in a consultation room and said the Dr will be with us in a minute. Well almost an hour and a half and we are srill waiting. This is the worst hospital we have ever been in.

Donna Swanson

I had surgery Thursday and was my first surgery I every had and I was scared and my Dr and the staff made it easy they was all very nice and took really good care of me

Zayn Bunch

Took my friend here. They spelled his name wrong, put the wrong middle name, put the wrong address, and misclassified his insurance, despite us telling them what kind of insurance it was. We haven't received a bill yet but we are already expecting the worst because of this. He waited 21 hours in the ER to get a room and there was a five hour span in which no one even came to check on him despite him asking for help. Overall, we were there two days for a one hour procedure and he has had issues at every follow-up through Erlanger Health saying they may or may not take his insurance. I wouldn't recommend this hospital to my worst enemy.

Leslie Smith

Our son was in the NICU there. We drove 2 hours each day to sit with him from approximately 8a.m. until midnight every day for over a month. I'm giving the hospital staff and especially the NICU a 5 star review because they gave our son the best care possible but I DON'T AGREE WITH HAVING TO PAY TO PARK. That's insane.. It's not like you're going to an amusement park..

Doris Stockman

My husband's brother who is mentally and physically impaired was admitted and no one informed us that we would need a security code to get any info on his situation. So next day when we were 30 miles away and at work, they said they could not give info unless we came in to the hospital. We had asked the ER/admitting doctor how we would get updates and he took my Name and phone number, but the nurse couldn't find any evidence of it the next day. So frustrating!!! Other than that the care seemed adequate. The wait time in the ER was long but not compared to another hospital in Chattanooga.

Melanie Robinson

My Dad is 80 years old and has Parkinson’s. His PCP sends him to the ER far too often, a tactic to avoid liability on his part, I do believe. Last Thursday, April 18, 2019, my Dad waited all day into the night, to have the exact same tests run at Erlanger Main as he had had the previous week at Erlanger East. The male Dr. working at Erlanger Main was extremely rude to my Dad, asking why he was there, saying that his Dr. doesn’t make the call to admit him- he does, etc. My Dad has to take his meds regularly to avoid major issues like dyskinesia/speech/movement difficulties, etc He was NOT allowed to take his own meds and was never given a drop of water or anything else to drink from 9AM-on. (he got home at 11PM...) They made him wait 6 more hours to take his next dose of medication, which by that point he couldn’t walk, talk, had extreme dry mouth. He urinated multiple times on himself while in the waiting area because he couldn’t walk and nobody asked him if they could help him or anything. Chattanooga has such limited knowledge on Parkinson’s Disease and needs to get better educated on this disease!! My Dad is a Marine and a Vietnam Veteran and I think he deserves better than the way this incompetent hospital system treated him! Think twice before going to this hospital!

Jane Cunningham

Modern facility , excellent hospital in the area

Kim Brown

Great doctors, very sweet knowledgeable nurses, the valet parking was wonderful and very helpful with my daughters wheelchair. Overall a great experience.

Barbara Nash

I’ve been hospitalized twice at the hospital. I received the best care I could ever want. The doctors, nurses, techs, everyone provided the experience. Excellent hospital!

Kim Horton

If I could give it a zero I would. I came to the ER per my PCP instructions with appendicitis. I have waiter over 4 hrs at this point and all they will say is we are covered up. I should have been told that when I arrived and sent to another hospital. This is not caring about people’s needs, it is passing the buck when you are not capable of handling an influx of people. Waiting on a CT scan that they say could take up to 5 hrs.


Went to pick a patient, hospital had us running around trying to find where THEY had told us to be to pick up patient! We were at the place they told us. But then kept sending us other places. The patient said nurses were horrible. No one told him same thing, all contridicted each other , even the drs. So he was forced to become a irrartated customer. And speak his mind. By that time it's not time to be nice anymore. Just save your own life an get you out of there. Have heard others say bad stuff. Now we have been invaded by erlanger two hours away from Chattanooga, they have taken over our hospital. . And now you have to argue with the small hospital to send yourself to the hospital of your choice.. most want to go to Asheville. .

James l

how would it strike you to find loved one who had a major stroke laying in piss and told they didnt ask to go to bathroom when they prove to you your loved one can not reach or know what button to push for help. 3 times in 3 days we walked in to find this and no one had any other answers except a lie proven over and over again, then when you complain they sit and openly talk about you at nurses station on 7 west floor. We sent our loved one here from our home town told they were better for strokes but i think a low rent defunked nursing home would be better

Jesse Brown

I have been a patron of various Erlanger departments for most of my life. It is now come to my attention that the majority of these visits have ended poorly in one way or another. Between visits with GI doctors and two trips to the emergency room, my debilitating gallstones went undiagnosed for almost two years before I had to go to middle Tennessee to receive proper treatment. Anecdotal I know, but I believe there is better hospitals within a few miles of downtown. Despite the perceived ineptitude of some staff, my family continued to use Erlanger as our primary hospital. After my spouses latest visit, we will never darken the door of this poorly run, mess of a hospital. Bills are constantly incorrectly coded for items that coincidentally end up costing the patient more money. Mistakes happen, but the fun starts when you get to talk to the foul manners, insulting people working in their Billing department. People who somehow answer the phone ready to jump down the throat of anyone audacious enough to question their billing practices. Do yourself and your family a favor and go down the street to Parkridge. Thanks for the free parking, Erlanger. Oh wait........

Savannah Edwards

My boyfriend is a known hemophilia around the hospital, so there's been multiple times we've been hospitalized for months at a time, but the staff is always very encouraging and makes the stay very enjoyable. At this point, we look forward to a stay at the hospital as long as my boyfriend is still healthy and not seriously injured.


Dr. Tye Young is by far the best adult doctor I have ever been to. He genuinely cares and wants to know what's going on. He wants to treat the problem and not just the symptoms. If he doesn't know what's wrong he won't jsend you out the door with a prescription. He really will do his job as a doctor. He also listens to your concerns and takes as much time as you need to talk with him.


Nothing about this place is decent ...well, except for a few of the nurses. My mother has been here for almost a week now and the nurses are more than dumb. Some don't even know how to work the beds. My mom keeps pushing the button multiple times and no one will come help her. SHE CANT WALK. Good god. She's helpless. I'd feel better if we were at any other hospital. Please get smarter, better help guys.

Jennifer Cooke

HORRIBLE hospital! You and your children are nothing but a chart number to them. And their My Chart payment system is even worse! No point in even trying to pay them! They make it 100000% difficult!

Jerri Wade

My Dad is in Erlanger on 3rd street. Transported by ambulance on Saturday night August 26th. He is still in the ER tonight which is August 28th with the promise of a room. I don't appreciate the sorry service he's getting. The breakfast was so sorry and cold. I ended up going out to get him something decent to eat. He had to just about beg for a wheel chair so he could go to the bathroom. He's an amputee. I'm angry because these sorry people would not appreciate it if it were their parent. With the treatment he's receiving thus far I would recommend them for my dogs. The CEO needs to understand this is our love one and not some wild animal.

Barbara Knaus

They saved my husbands life. Dr. Wiisanen, and his dedicated cardiology team, went beyond what anyone would have been expected, and we will be, forever grateful, to all of them. Thank you so much!

Nathan Bowman

Take their sweet time.

Sheryl Hyatt

This is a great hospital and a great staff! The ladies in the MRI unit are very friendly. Thank you Erlanger!

Amanda P

Totally unethical and unprofessional emergency room experience. I had natural gas poisoning and simply needed oxygen. The doctor took so long to see me that my friend had to call her friend who is a nurse to figure out how to administer the oxygen herself because I kept fading in and out. When the doctor finally arrived, he didn't seem concerned with the problem and instead offered me an anti-anxiety med (which I refused because was totally inappropriate and unnecessary), commented on my weight being low (it was within a normal range), and made inappropriate comments regarding religion. I refused all other tests because the remedy was so straightforward, and thank goodness because I got an $814 bill after the doctor and nurses did NOTHING. I would have been better off going to the drugstore to get a tank of oxygen on my own if I was able. The hospital also didn't return my ID when I checked out, so I almost missed my flight the next day because I had to go back and get it.

Kaitlyn Pragnell

I dont even give erlanger even one star! During my pregnancy they didnt care to help me when i was starting to go into labour all they kept doing was sending me home.once my son was born at 35 weeks they said he was healthy witch was a lie cause they ended up never telling me he had jaundce untill it was to late and his levels were over 21 so he had to stay in the hospital for two days to fix it and he was only 5 days old.then while he was staying there they couldnt get him a room so we had to stay in treage.they kept drawing blood from his foot and legs and arms with brute pressure and it was causing him so much pain and they kept blowing vains.we didnt want him to have an IV because of the pain he already went through but we did and that was a nightmare because they ended up giving him the WRONG FLUIDS AND FAR TO MUCH witch messed up his sugar and electrolites and other things and yet all they could say was sorry. If there was another hospital in chattanooga that delivered babies i would of rather went there.yall have done me and my son such a diservice and i will never be happy with yall again! My son has to have his extra fingers removed from yall next month and if anything goes wrong i WILL sue you can bet on that!

Annetta Bradley

My friends and I we're recently taking to be treated at for a car accident that we we're in, and i.must say this was one of the worst hospital vists we have ever encountered. Very rude staff, no one wanted to "listen to understand" what we've actually needed and with us being from out of state we didn't know any other nearby emergency rooms. However there was a guy named Cody, who last name I did not get but I will always remember him and thank him for being patient with my friends & I on helping us find a hotel room that night. *thanks Cody with thr green scrubs

emily tucker

The hospital lacks communication... most the nursing staff is great but I found few on nights that could careless... when it came time to do my induction ... it didn’t happen as scheduled I believed it was because I have been admitted to the hospital for a month already so no doctor or nursing staff came to tell me why my scheduled time was being pushed back ... the nurse in high risk assigned to my room didn’t check on me .I had to literally stop her in the hallway then call the nurses station for Tylenol In order to even see my nurse .... The doctors in ob are friendly but they don’t tend to really listen to your concerns.. test results never get read to you .. .. I truly wished my stay was better...

Autumn Chase

This place is one of the slowest hospitals we have ever been to , they have some of the most rudest nurses and Dr. It's unreal . The er part doesn't have rooms they sit you out in the bhallway where everyone can know your business and information.. they wait to long untill the problem turns into something they cant handle

William Sloan

Got a new hip 9 hours ago and in my room now so far so good . Dr Freeman and every nurse I've encountered are the best I've ever seen . I have have to get my other one done in 6 weeks and I'll definitely be coming here . I'm from dalton ha and have a lot of friends I'm spreading the word of you need medical attention GO TO ERLANGER !!!!!!!!

Iris Kilgore

My 75 year old mother was admitted by er. She slept on a gurney in the hall without being checked on by anyone on the night shift. It has been over six and a half hours.

Angel Chancey

Everytime we came to visit our grandmother..She was soiled and no one had checked on her. She said she had to yell because the nurse put her call button behind her in a basket... And sure enough it was there!!!! They were highly under staffed and the ones not running around like crazy were sitting on there bottoms and rude! Then when we complained they discharged her without any instructions or medication information. Would not send my worse enemy to this hospital!

Shane Hamilton

Southeast Tennessee is fortunate to have Erlanger Health System. You've been a blessing to my family.

S Beasley

A family member was transported here by ambulance from our local hospital following a car accident. She was in the Emergency Room for several hours and received wonderful care before being sent home. The staff was thorough, professional, and caring. We also had the option of having her taken to Vanderbilt in Nashville instead of Erlanger but we have zero regrets in choosing Erlanger. It was as good an experience as could be had in such a stressful situation.

Alyssa Whu

On 2/9/2018, I had the absolute worst experience of my life. Had I known, I would have traveled any distance to go to another hospital but I am from out of state. I was having severe abdominal cramping and nausea. I arrived at 330 and did not receive any blood work until 630. At 9 o clock I had still not been alerted of my results. It took an additional hour of my boyfriend going up to the front desk, about every 15 minutes, before a doctor saw me to tell me my results. Seeing that I was in excruciating pain , the Dr prescribed pain and nausea medication. I was informed to go wait out again in the waiting room and a nurse would bring them to me. ( Yes, after all this time I was in the waiting room still) Again, after 40 minutes, no nurse came. So again my boyfriend had to go up to the desk and ask. After about 7 hours, I finally received any sort of medication while I continued to wait for a CT scan. This was an unreasonable amount of time. We were finally discharged at about 1230am. While this will hopefully only be a once in a lifetime experience for me. I am disturbed, saddened, outraged that such poor level of care exists in this country. Personal information should not be discussed with patients in the waiting room because there is no space. Individuals should not be there since 12 and still there when I left 1230am. There shouldn't be 1 doctor attending to the front end of the room. There should not be security guards manning the desk since they can't help with health concerns. Their should not be security guards taking photos of overweight hospital patients for whatever perverse reason. There needs to be a change because that was not an acceptable experience.

Misty Hall

If I could give a 0 I would. I was at the Labor and Delivery last night because I have a severe UTI. She was going to give me IV antibiotics BUT was gonna give me an antibiotic that was on my allergies list thank God i stopped her from it. Didn't help me at all with my pain and SHE FORGOT TO CALL IN MY ANTIBIOTIC!!!! This is the worst emergency room for pregnant women that I have ever seen or been too. Not to mention you have to sit in the waiting room for 3 hours while they lie and say that they are full and busy when they are really just sitting at there desk on the computer and laughing and talking with other doctors and nurses or on the phone with there friends or family.

Junior Villegas

The nurses was rude and the place was a mess

Pamela Cooper

This is the worst hospital I have ever been to. The E.R let my dad bleed so long he lost 4 loters of bood and shipped him off to a different unit to let them deal with the problem resulting in a blood transfusion. My dad cannot move and yet they are not turning him. He has not eaten breakfast or lunch and when the nurse was informed she did not do anything. The sheets are soiled and have been for over 5 hours but they will not change them or even bring them for me to change. They have not offered a washcloth to wash his face off even. The night shift last night on the third floor were amazing in contrast but everyone else we have delt with is terrible. The doctor did not even inform us of what was going on until today (we have been here three days) we sat in the emergency room OVER 24 hours before getting a room. Upon contacting the complaint department nothing has been done. DO NOT GO HERE!!!!

Courtney Wilson

Wait time ridiculous!! Had to call admin just to actually have an MRI done on my husband. He couldn’t walk and has a back injury told us there wasn’t nothing they could do. ER staff and Dr’s are so rude and don’t smile. Very unfriendly. Broke confidentiality .

Jade Guffey

Erlanger has literally been the best to my boyfriend these past few days. They basically saved his life! FAAAARRR BETTER THAN WINCHESTER HOSPITAL.

Amy Bailey

Erlanger deserves negative 10 stars, but one is the lowest, so we'll go with that. The (majority of) staff is rude, abrasive, and is either incompetent or careless. My experience at this hospital was truly horrific and I will never go here for treatment for any reason, nor would I ever subject another human being to their inhumane practices.

Samantha Carson

I am very disappointed with this hospital. My uncle was brought in at 9 in the morning and still at 5 the next morning still doesn’t have a room. He was given medicine to help pull fluid off and didn’t give him a gown or anything which caused him to pee on himself because he couldn’t get his clothes off in time. Then trying to get him something to change into had to sit in his pee clothes waiting for an hour for a gown. Not to mention that the staff was rude when you ask for help. Now onto the other things that was going on while we were there... there was a man that had broke his back crying for help and they put him in a wheelchair. He had to go to the bathroom and was screaming for help and no one came. I only have seen 4 people at a time working a full ER. Not sure where or if there is anyone else. Not to mention that it was dirty. Not only was the area we were at had hair and dirt in the floor but the bathrooms weren’t clean and they smelled awful. I am not sure who I have to complain to but my complaints will not stop here. I do not know if the rest of the hospital is this bad but definitely the emergency room part is pitiful.

Kaitlyn Hill

Wait time was ridiculous! We were there to see about a ruptured appendix, and they acted as though it was no importance. Would definitely recommend CHI Memorial, only 8 minutes difference in distance and they do a much better job

Jake Whitaker

I'd say 85% of the nurses are fantastic! We were there in the labor and delivery floor for 3 days and we got to see a bunch of different nurses and most were top tier and loved what they did but there were quite a few who would forget about you the second they walked out of the room. Mary K and Whitney were hands down the best of the nurses for a delivery. After the delivery things get rough though. We were put into a super tiny room that you had to turn sideways to walk through and the walls are so thin you can hear the rooms next to you talking easily. And someone (doctors, nurses, cleaning staff, hospitality) is going to walk in every 30 min atleast even with a do not disturb sign in. And after delivery most of the nurses act like the next nurse will take care of your requests so they wont do much for pain or needs unless you ask multiple times. Overall though Id say our experience was ok I just wish they would organize things a little better.

Kelly Mahan

I chose Academic Internal Medicine at Erlanger for my primary care needs, and liked them so much, I stayed to visit with a specialist as well. Everyone from the office staff, to the nurses, to my NP and specialist have been wonderful! Since they started using ZocDoc, I've booked two appointments online, and it's been great. I definitely appreciate the text message reminders and ability to update my appointment times online. Super handy!

Nathan Dodd

They have taken good care of me for 20 yrs

Barbara Tipsword

The Erlanger Emergency Room entered my life when I walked thru the doors yesterday morning !! (My daughter took me & was my advocate !!) The care was very thorough, tests & scans to determine what my problem was. 6 hrs of IV meds by caring nurses. The Dr. was comforting & confident and all had their smiles on ! The care is whats important, and nothing was spared to help me with my problem. I thank each of you again !!!

Clint Slaven

First off I have been going to this hospital for 48 years, I was born here. I have been admitted several times, most recently June of 2017, I was admitted twice for peritonitis when it was actually it was my gallbladder. By the time I was operated on it had turned gangrenous and I nearly died during surgery, an estimated 45 minute surgery turned into a 4.5 hour ordeal with me waking up in the ICU. This was not an isolated incident after being "treated" for a third degree burn on my foot I was rushed to Vanderbilt by ambulance where I was told that I had a 50% chance of losing my foot. The Dr.'s told me that although Erlanger had treated me for a week they had done everything wrong. At Erlanger the number ses are stretched too thin and the regular staff seem not to understand that they are in a service industry. If my insurance would cover another hospital I would never go back. Although I have encountered some excellent Doctors the bulk of the staff are unacceptable. Really out of touch with their patients.

Martela White

Nursing staff is superb. Gastro surgeons are superb. That said Discharge process is unpardonably slow, been waiting for 7 hours now. And cardiology, for the most part, doesn't listen to a thing you tell them. Several tried to give husband with history of near deadly bleeding ulcers blood thinners, while another just doubled a prescription for heart meds they don't even know for sure he needs that caused him to have severe chills and never before experienced episodes of sleep apnea just last night. Doubled after failing to acknowledge expressed concerns. Dr. said he just needs go adjust to it. Can someone please explain how you adjust to your heart rate dropping to 60 beats per minute, intense chills and periods of stopped breathing while sleeping? And doubling amount should improve that? Um no.

yolonda gregory

this is also a slw slow pace hospita thay dont careabout you

Brian & Heather Williams

My mom has been in MICU here since November 26th and is still here at this present time. She is slowing improving with baby steps day by day from pneumonia that actually caused her heart to stop. We are very thankful for the nurses and doctors that have worked very hard to keep our mother here on earth with us. It has been an extremely sad roller coaster but have started to see a major difference. We are hoping our mother will be home by Christmas if she is able. Thanks Erlanger for all the hard work. I have also had 4 out of my 5 children here and have had great experiences!

Jay Wise

The staff here do not communicate to each other or to the patients. They will send as many doctors as possible into your room, so you get a bill from every last one of them, yet NONE of them tell you anything or even discuss any of the test that they want to do. This was the worst experience my wife and I have ever had at any hospital before and I highly recommend ANYPLACE else.

Joe Bray

The ER at Erlanger is a pretty good "weekend getaway" for adventurous types. You show up and basically get to lay down in a bed the whole time. People will roll you around and cater to just about your every need. Except for that food request at 4am. Is it reallllly necessary to go into surgery on an empty stomach? Seems like that whole no-eating-before-swimming myth. Anyways. Would've really loved a breakfast burrito. Special shout-out to Abdul, who "gave it to me straight" and proceeded to reset my arm with a firm (yet gentle) touch. I think I saw that guy on-and-off for like 18 hours straight. #kudos I also appreciate that he let me borrow and peruse the Annals of Internal Medicine, Vol. 166. Of particular interest was the "Association Between a Virtual Glucose Management Service and Glycemic Control in Hospitalized Adult Patients: An Observational Study", which I found both informative and thought-provoking at 3am. (Pro Tip: do not go to the ER with an almost dead cell phone battery. You will have A LOT of free time. I cannot stress this enough.) Unfortunately, 4.5/5 stars as I was unable to find/utilize the facility pool. However, this may have had more to do with the broken arm and corresponding heavy medication than a lack of clear signage. Would go again.

Laura Thielke

Went to the ER on Saturday morning @ 6am due to a sharp pain on my left side. The pain was to wear I was hollering , I sighed in & no one ever acknowledge me or looked at my name on the sign in sheet. My husband had to go ask for help due to I was on the verge of passing out.I was throwing up with a fever of 102. I was finally taken to the side to get my information. I was then taken back ,the staff was rude & did not even care I was in so much pain. It felt like my intestines had erupted. Finally got blood drawn, they left blood samples on the table never took them. Then I was taken to a scan, I was diagnosed with a Kidney stone 3mm. They gave me no antibiotics just said the stone would pass in 2 to 3 days. Got home within a few hours I got worse with continuous vomiting & high fever. I knew somthing wasnt right. So my husband took me to Parkridge East Hospital, they drew blood ,urine ,hooked me to a IV I was dehydrated badly. They said my stone had passed that I had a kidney infection so they gave me antibiotics. Went home again & I got even worse, by the next morning Parkridge called me & told me I need to get back to the hospital that my blood work came back septic. The infection had done went to my bloodstream. I was admitted on Monday, with lots of medicine to try & fight my infection. On Wednesday 4 day's later "remember I went to THIS HOSPITAL ERLANGER ON SATURDAY MORNING AT 6AM" they told me they just got my bloodwork bck and I need to come back 4 day's later. If I would have waited & just sat at home I would be DEAD right now. There is NO reason at all why it took so long to get my bloodwork back. I am getting a lawyer for my suffering & my life that I could have lost due to this hospital staff not doing there job in a timely matter. I cant thank GOD himself & Parkridge East for doing thier job and catching my blood infection in time. My children still have thier mother & are not burying me. Like I stated earlier a lawyer will be in contact, because I will not pay the bill I recieved today. The bill came in the mail quicker than my lab results. Everyone's life is important & Earlanger should take these things more seriously. You can not replace a life!!!! Also told them I DO NOT TAKE PAIN MEDICATION DUE TO IM ALLERGIC & THEY TRIED TO GIVE ME OXYCODONE. I simply told the nurse no & was released. I was not there for pain meds & my time with Parkridge I was never given pain meds. I have all my paperwork & proof on all of these statements. My phone call was recorded from the lady who called me who was rude when I told her I was admitted in a hospital already. She stated "you bet "hope you get the treatment you need. Like I said if I would have waited my kidney stone out I would not he here today with my family.

Onyx Rissen

Dropped by the ER because q-tip cotton was lodged into my ear and unreachable. One nurse took care of me; she used some sort of instrument to pluck the cotton out. Was in and out of the hospital in less than 15 minutes. We were served a $700 bill months later with no previous warning. I'd rather go deaf from a q-tip than step foot in the ER again.

Invader Kim45997

They treated me like a drug addict and I came in for asthma related bronchitis! All the nurses talked about me like a dog where I could hear them and even called the receptionist to tell her about me. she made a comment to my face. I believe that is illegal. I could easily afford a lawyer!

Big Moose

Do they have private rooms?

M. Denise Johnson

Took forever but the staff was decent

Joe Schaeffer

I picked the worst time to have an accident with my table saw. Friday afternoon. Went to the local hosp ER who transferred me to the L1 trauma center at Erlanger Baroness. Arrived at 9:45ish. Saw the ER doc and the hand specialist. Then the Friday night fun started. Car wrecks, strokes, bar fights, etc. After things calmed down, they got me cleaned and stitched up so I could see a local surgeon on Monday. The quality of care I received was outstanding. A big THANK YOU to all the professionals at Erlanger.

Citlalli Nayeli Orozco-McGinnis

Dr. Tamarrah C. Davis (Children's Hospital) she is the best!! All nurses were very nice and very proffesional.

Alex Volz

If you like suffering from emergency medical needs while sitting in a bus station full of trash, then this is the place for you! If you like talking to a doctor and receiving a proper diagnoses and treatment for your emergency medical needs, then for the love of God, go anywhere else.

Sheree Plemoms

From the time I walked in until I left, I observed upper hospital management picking up empty cans left in ER waiting room, The sign in desk morning shift could use a little more training, but the Dr's were as they have always been top notch. If they wanted a second or third opinion they are not so arrogant as to ask. They had my best interest at heart. To me, the best hospital in Chattanooga, keep up the excellent work Erlanger


They have nurses and techs that treat people with compassion and respect. Made another visit the following week and had a nurse tell me if I didn't like my job maybe I should find another one. She has no idea what the lady I care for and I have gone through. Yes, I was extremely stressed that day. Was back to work for the 3rd day after having strep throat. I thought her comment was rude and thoughtless. Don't judge someone unless you know the whole story!

Annette Koger

That is the worst hospital, they let my son get dismissed without cleaning his face of dry blood after he broke his nose. They didn't care that he had dry blood and dirt all over his face. Will never go there again.

Gary Peltier

Shame on Erlanger for requiring patients receiving medical care to have to pay a parking fee in order to park their car during office visits. This is unacceptable. This new policy needs to be changed. UPDATE- It took several attempts to contact the "Patient Ambassadors" and a formal complaint has now been filed. During my various phone conversations about this issue, I was told that doctors and certain other "high ranking" hospital employees park free in the garage, but most patients are no longer able to have their parking ticket validated. Seems a bit lopsided to me. The use of parking tickets for the garage seems a logical way, in my opinion, to make sure that the garage is only used by those having legitimate business at the hospital. To no longer offer ticket validation for patients seeking medical care is an inexcusable way to "nickel & dime" people- especially when it appears that those responsible for this decision have made sure that they are exempted.

Laurel J

I chose to deliver my baby at the Erlanger Main downtown location. I had a wonderful experience and the best nurses in both L&D and the Mother/Baby unit! I would highly recommend it to anyone. It was just as good an option in my opinion as Erlanger East campus. Plus you have everything there in case something goes wrong. I had the best nurse who was very experienced, attentive, and accommodating to me. Also their OB ED is a nice observation unit to be able to check into if you are not sure you are in active labor or not. The Nurse Practitioner that saw me there was also very experienced and knowledgable.

T'Aun Greynolds

This is the absolute worst hospital I have ever been to. The entire staff needs to be replaced. Every person we have encountered lacks all compassion! We had to literally stand OVER 12 hours watching my 25yr old sister in law in a comatose state. The RN was so rude and inconsiderate. I stood in the halls and watched 6 call lights go off for well over an hour. I wouldn't send my worst enemy to this place. The state needs to be notified of the negligence they don't even deserve that one star it's horrible

Brittany York

Come in at 5 am on a scheduled surgery of 6 hrs n it was 9pm before I got a room. And had a bone graph n femur fixed and the pain control has been awful. As far as my nurses n tech's n surgeons great ppl wonderful attitude and always helping with a smile. U wld think with me not even being able to lift my leg from the pain they would have done a morphine pump that would have been much more of pain control. Instead I suffer in tears 90%of the time I'm here

Amy Bradley

For such a big city, the process was fast. I did get a Dr. with suckY bedside manners. Had no interest in the hex of the problem that I was there for. I was in the cattle room thought , ya know, get em in and get em out.I call it the "cattle room" or the germ filled lair! Where they throw all of the sick but not sick enough for a nice room TennCare patients.Overall, I did receive the basic e.r. Exam for my symptoms so that's why I gave 4 stars.

Andy Baker

Over our many times dealing with this Hospital we have never had a bad experience. Always smiling and helpful employees. The nurses treat you polite, and the Dr's are honest and treat you like a human being. We drive by 2 hospitals to go here if that doesn't say it all. Also they have an Awesome Children's Hospital as well. My child always is greeted warmly.

Monica Byas

My husband was admitted for 6 days and had a wonderful staff of doctors, nurses, and techs. They treated him very well and never missed a beat when he needed them. Thank you for taking excellent care of him!!

Gail Carrington

I was able to only come in the very late evening and leave in the early hours to visit and had no bad experience at all to put the check in after 9 on the first floor was a little long and kind of ridiculous but you know they're just doing their job they can't help you know everybody's input would make the system better so I had a great experience there

Ellen Monds

So far, hospitality sucks. We came up from Florida. Evacuated from Irma. My mom suffered a stroke. I was told I could stay with her in ICU. I have not been offered a blanket, pillow or different chair. Far cry from hospitals in Jacksonville, Fla. Compassion not shown here.

Sonja Witt

Excellent service my husband was a patient there for 2 weeks. They kept us informed with every procedure they performed, nurses and doctors very nice.

P John

No pillow, no water, no food, no friendly people. Nurses avoid you like the plague. If I could sue for negligence, I would in a second. My visit was the worst experience in my life. Never if you have a choice go to this hospital. If you miss the exit for Chattanooga, consider yourself lucky

Kevin Strickland

Love this hospital

Westley Ramsey

So my mother is having emergency surgery. It is now 6:30 am and we arrived yesterday at 3:30 pm. That's 15 hours that we have sat in waiting rooms. Most of the family had now been up for 24 hours or longer and for some stupid reason the staff comes around and wakes us up saying that we are not allowed to sleep in the waiting rooms. They also tell us we can't eat in there as well however they provide all you can drink coffee! This is stupid! I'm exhausted and need sleep!! My throat is getting sore because I'm so exhausted! If you are trying to create more patients it's gonna work! Provide us with an area to nap then!

Tracy Shenkin

I am currently in this hospital. Since my arrival, I waited 2 hours to be acknowledged. The nurses rarely come around and check on me. When I call for a nurse it takes up to almost 2 hours for them to see what I need. I am stunned by the filth in the room etc. I can honestly say I am concerned about my well being. What if something happens that is detrimental to my well being and the response I get is... I'll let the nurse know.

Courtney Feike

If it were possible to give 0 stars I would. Waited in the ER lobby for 1.5 hours with a decreased respiratory rate and difficulty breathing due to an allergic reaction. I had to self administer epinephrine while waiting and finally decided to leave and seek medical care elsewhere. They charged me $108.00 6 months later (via a collection agency after never sending me a bill.) When I called the hospital about this issue the woman in compliance informed me the hospital never issued any charges and that it must have been from the physician group. When I called the hospital billing department, however, they acknowledged the bill and stated that it was for triage charges, which included getting my blood pressure and respiratory rate checked at the registration desk. Upper management refused to remove the bill despite being informed of the circumstances. The Emergency Severity Index is a scale used to triage patients on a 1-5 scale with level 1 indicating the greatest urgency. Levels 1 and 2 both indicate rapid evaluation and treatment are needed. Level 2 includes respiratory impairments, which was the case during my visit. I was not seen in the appropriate amount of time given my condition and left for the purpose of seeking proper medical care. This is a violation of the Emergency Medical Treatment and Labor Act. Furthermore, it is the worst customer service I have ever received and as a medical professional, I am appalled.

Melissa Gholston

My father in law spent 9 days here....charts were never updated to reflect procedures, never knew what doctor or how many he would see in a day, and didn't listen to anything anyone said!

Sarutobi 240dl

I worked at this hospital and was a patient. Will not disclose my position but terrible staff. All the nurses are whiney and complain about the most miniscule things. The security can't keep it employees to save its life. Leadership is incompetent. The hospital it smells terrible, cigarette buds everywhere when signs clearly say no smoking from patrons and employees. Homeless are all over the area hiding. Would not recommend going here. All around terrible.

Chelcie Holcomb

Unless your looking for your drug fix! Do not go to this hospital. The staff is fairly friendly but you will only get treatment if you pass out in the floor, come in by ambulance or by waiting 8-24 hrs. This is not my first bad experience with this hospital but I've finally had enough and I believe the Chattanooga area needs and deserves better.

Dina Hanson

Horrible experience for the second time! I was brought in by ambulance last Tuesday around 1PM. My blood sugar was over 500 and I'd been vomiting since monday morning so I was so severely dehydrated they all had trouble putting in an iv and drawing blood. My husband insists I smelled like I was spilling ketones as well. When I got there I was also having trouble breathing. After about an hour and a shot of anti nausea medication a Dr came in and said I wasn't in DKA but having a panic attack and they gave me something to calm me down and I fell asleep. Another dr came in about an hour later, I was still vomiting but not as much as when I got there since I had the iv. He said I wasn't in DKA and that I could go home because my sugar was now only 300, but I still couldn't hold food down. I didn't refuse because I was still all dopey from whatever they gave me. I should add that my blood pressure was 196/91 when they released me and my baseline is 106/68. I continued to vomit and did not eat until Friday. I am still dizzy and weak and it's now Sunday. I know that my endocrinologist is at Erlanger but the next time I get sick I'm going to Parkridge East, even though it's farther. This is the second time that the doctors at this er minimized my diabetes. I've been a diabetic for over 35 years. I am new to the area and am very uneasy about this hospital and the care received here. They didn't even contact my endocrinologist and she's in the building. Edit: received a letter from patients t relations telling me that they are doing or have done a peer review but that I cannot know the outcome of the review. I hope next time I get rushed to the ER in DKA, and there most assuredly will be a next time, I have a better experience.

Green Brian

Went with my mom and staff was nice and concerned with my Mom's Heath

Jason Crusing

Brought my girlfriend into the errand with chest pains and shortness of breath, came in at around 7pm, it is now 1am. Still haven't seen a doctor. And when we did get a room we found used urinals on the floor.

Shelby Colvin

I recently had my second child at Erlanger and had a wonderful experience. I didn't want to have to use Erlanger at first because of the busy location in downtown, but because of extenuating circumstances, I had to. I am very glad I did. The entire staff-nurses, on-staff doctors, pediatricians, lactation consultants- were all amazing. I felt cared for during my delivery and relaxed because of the competent staff. When I had to return to the hospital after an infection set in once I was home, the staff was genuine in their care and support. I couldn't have asked for a better birth experience.

tabitha wattson

My husband had surgery on Oct 16, 2018 an everyone was so nice in surgical associates but when he got admitted on the Orthopedic Floor which is floor 6, was a horrible experience we had a few very slim few good nurses, but will never use Erlanger again for nothing, next time it will be Memorial Hospital.

Lisa Gootee

The staff were all knowledgeable and encouraging. We had a lot of people coming in our room to see how the level of care was. My husband and I had a wonderful experience there if it weren't for my birthing situation. They treated us very consciously, they took note of things I wanted and didn't want and they tried to support my choices each time. The doctors even tried hard to remember my son's name. I loved the nurses especially. They were very encouraging and thoughtful even with their load of work. The one thing I think about in a negative was the way my husband wasn't really acknowledged. Staff would come in and talk with me but not really give him much of a look. He felt on the outside, many times.

Deidra McCary

The staff here is very knowledgeable and compassionate. They got me in and out as fast as they could. This is a Level 1 trauma center so in some cases you may have to wait a little longer since Erlanger has most GSWs and car accidents and other major emergencies to come straight to them because the other hospitals do not provide the services they do. So if you are having to wait a little longer than you would like someone who is worse than you is priority. I would not go anywhere else to take care of me nd my family! The doctors here are amazing and provide extraordinary healthcare!

Erica Dodd

Wish I could give zero. Awful business awful people not a shred of mercy or understanding or empathy or willingness to compromise. Avoid them at all costs.

Michael Alder

I rating one star because it doesn't go any lower, my wife has been laying in er room for 4hrs now in pain, we haven't seen Dr but once nurse not much more. She has been back from ct scan an hour now and they haven't even been back in here to hook her iv fluid back up yet. This has been the worst visit to an er ever.

Sarah Brandt

I had the opportunity to wait in the Er for over 9 hours without seeing a doctor. I am still waiting for care in the waiting room. The person at the front desk has called me the wrong name and told me I was going to be admitted. After giving out this private information I advised them i wasn’t that patient. I would advise you to go any where else.

Paul Glover

Excellent surgeons and staff. It's a level 5 trauma hospital so usually a wait. Helicopters coming in all the time, ambulance after ambulance. However, if your sick, injured, or need a procedure then you want to be here. They have a children's hospital also.

Darlene Coleman

Brother sent from Warren County Hospital after being struck by a car while riding a bicycle. Arrived with paperwork stating what the ER in Wc had found and that they were not prepared to meet the care required to repair his wounds. Watched from the window as they unloaded him and took him into the Hospital and waited 2 hrs and had to finally approach staff for any information as to what was being done. Told he was to be released to go home.I Proceeded to question staff and 45 min later was taken back to see for myself what had been done. To my amazement they had only stitched up his injuries to his mouth and nothing was being done further. I noted at that time his Blood Pressure was 184/108. He was still wearing the temporary stabilizer on his BROKEN wrist from the previous hospital.Staff in the ER had no idea that it had not been addressed.Even tried to say they did it. I have Pictures that prove otherwise. I have never seen a hospital so disorganized and chaotic and irresponsible as what I witnessed at this Triage center last night. Finally was assured he would be kept and taken to a bed. On arrival the next morning he was still lying in the ER. I was told a bed had JUST become available and he was going to a room. This is not a third world hospital. In honesty his care would have been better in a warzone.

Lisa Center

If I could rate it a ZERO....or negative number I would! I was only seen by a nurse...who w/out any exam of ANY kind diagnosed me w/something he "said" he had for 30 years. He managed to get some unseen doctor to sign off on steroid/pain meds and I was sent on my way. I'm still unable to walk, move and am in excruciating pain. Will be watching my EOB and contacting medicare since they ran me in/out in 20 min or less w/out any real care! This was by far the worst experience I've had with any doctor or hospital. They asked no medical questions (such as what medications I was taking) and only they took blood pressure and temperature. I'm absolutely appalled at the lack of care provided. The nurse did assure me...I would be feeling better by that night. I'm in worse shape than I was when I went there...and am trying to make it till Monday to contact my regular doctor. Better care is given to my cat at his vet...than they provide at Erlanger

Adam Golden T

I just don't understand the training for these sub par security guards. The way they talk to customers is very rude. I get it this place is busy, but Walden Security Guards need training. If you would like, I could conduct it. Just crazy. And they weren't even talking to me just an older lady. Very very rude.

ashley and James Wilkins

Hands down the best hospital. It might not have the best hospitality, but they will sure save your life. A hospital shouldn’t be about fluffy pillows or good food, it’s about the knowledge and level of care they can provide to get a pt better and back home with there families. Thanks Erlanger for always saving lives.

Marian Joyner

Children's hospital was awesome! Our experience was different. We were from another state due to breavement. Granddaughter playing outside fell 5ft. Through a hole on tree house. Head injury. Arrived they immediately took her back access the injury and Dr.Tamara Davis took care of her. The staff in emergency was quick and made Natalie feel at ease through the entire procedure. Dr.Davis explained to Nat what she would feel and was only the cold water to clean off her booboo and the clicking from stapler. She was calm which made Nat calm. Within a very short time Nat was stapled up. Dr.Davis made sure they brought Nat another t-shirt to put on due to water. Thanks again for making an unpleasant situation for a 7 year old be pleasant.

Herb Pruitt

We took our son to PM pediatrics for a nurse who told us our sons breathing levels were low to go to Erlanger downtown to receive care. So we did just that cause we were new parents, fearing the worse of course. When we get there there wasnt really a wait at all so we got to see the dr right away. Dr was real nice and the nurses were nice and of course now I know why. The dr told us our baby had no issues whatsoever and was healthy and told us signs to serious breathing issues etc. So he used the bubble syringe to clean out his nose and gave my son a baby bendyrl to clear up the swollen nastrals. I go to leave and sign papers and the lady tells me I didn't owe anything and so we leave. Well 6 months later I get dinged on my credit and to come find out Erlanger had sold my bill to a collector at Wakefield associates. And to come find out my bill was 1367 for a bubble syringe and a bendyrll they had used. Wonder why healthcare has become a joke? Because places like erlanger who make it unaffordable

debra howard

I'll be admitted no where else no will I ever have surgery anywhere else in this area, including Nashville or Atlanta. I've instructed my family if I'm unable to speak for myself and you can't get me to Erlanger, let me go. Pass the other facilities by. The surgeons are top notch. The care is compassionate. No place is perfect but for me, the only drawback has been administration. Chattanooga is lucky. It operates in the red because it's a county facility and we have some morons for officials here who think public services operate on thin air and good wishes.

Marie Sizemore

I was in Erlanger hospital for 3 weeks and one day after my 5 bypass surgery and 2 arm surgery's and they was all great to me and I appreciate every one of them my heart doctor and Dr Doty and I love each and everyone of them

Jennifer Baker

If I could give this place negative stars I would. Sat in the ER for over 2hrs and still haven't been seen.

Robert Owens

Absolute worst ER experience ever. Was brought by ambulance where they called asking for a room over the radio. Of corse they said they had one and lied. I sat strapped to a stretcher for over two hours and all they gave me was a Lortab. Haha they wouldn't even do an X-ray or an MRI after basically begging. Wasted thousands for terrible care. Avoid at all costs.

Lori Reeves

Arrived at 3am Saturday morning with chest pain, extremely hard time breathing, although they took me back right away and did ekg, put me on oxygen, from that point on everything slowed down immediately, all but a couple of attendants acted as if I was an annoying presence. Did eventually get x-ray, Iv, blood work most of that started about 7am when fresh crew came in, and weren't in any better moods excepting a couple again. Went for Ct scan and was placed in hallway along with many others due to traumas, which I do understand by the way. Stayed there till around 2pm, then was moved to step down rooms in er where I still am at 9pm Sunday, and am told will most likely will remain until I am discharged most likely some time tomorrow, still being treated like an irritant by most staff who don't want to answer any questions, don't like to here nurses call button, and seem to have little to no compassion to help with pain control or anything else. Laying here now in tears mostly, Iv's not hooked up now for at least 3 hours from restroom visit earlier, but I'll be damned if I call for anything.

Lacynda Novinski

If I could give 0 stars; I would. I got here at 11 this morning. It is now 7:50 pm. I have not been seen my an actual doctor. I have not been admitted into a room. Nothing. But they drew my blood in the lobby and took me for an ultrasound, then brought me back to the lobby. I have sat and listened to many people’s consults with their doctors because they aren’t in a room.(which violates HIPPA) When I walked into the restroom during the 4 hour wait between my lab work and my ultrasound, there was a toilet full of feces. No toilet paper. And cockroaches crawling up the walls. When the doors open from the waiting room, I could see half naked people in their beds down the walls of the hallway. People that were elderly and probably couldn’t speak up for themselves. They admitted my orders to the wrong area of the hospital causing me to wait another 3 hours to get my results from my ultrasound.. and I still have not gotten them. But they are quick to bill my insurance. Or to slap a bill on my credit report. Worst. Hospital. Ever.

Robert Wood

When you go in through th ER for help they just put you in a room and forget about you. I felt when I went there today I was treated like an animal. I got up and walked out. And they can bill me all they want but they will be thrown in file 13.

Jessica Hurst-Leggett

I was very impressed with the care I recently received from Erlanger. I had a surgery that required an overnight stay. My pre-op nurse Kim was amazing, Very kind, and did her best to keep us informed and up to date on the process. The OR nurses were amazing calling my husband every 30 minutes during the surgery to keep him updated on my progress. The floor nurses and techs were very responsive and kind making sure my pain was controlled and I had everything I needed. I was even impressed with the food service, and like the restaurant style ordering of the meals. I would definitely choose Erlanger again for medical care. The only thing I could complain about was the lack of pillows and blankets for myself and my husband, otherwise, it was a positive experience.

John Vallow

Well first off my wife was not given the opportunity to relieve herself for 12 hours.From 6:00 am to 6:00 PM. She had a shoulder replacement. After her surgery, I requested help and was told it was not protacal. That the rehab. person had to be the one. She finally wet herself. Shameful.

Brandy Madaris

All the staff was excellent & very informative! I was very pleased with the care of all my techs & nurses. Thank you for the outstanding care!

Sandy Wrape

I recently wrecked my dad's truck. I had fell asleep about a mile from home ,ran off the shoulder in front of the civic center in rock spring GA. Luckily I came out with only a broken femur and crushed ankle. Which my o so loyal pit bull female, Scarface was with me as she survived our wreck. She looked for her mom. (Me) As she crossed 27 hi way going home. She was struck by another vehicle and lost her life. I'm so sad I lost my baby girl. I'm happy I'm alive. Scarface could've really saved my life. Idk exactly. The walker county animal shelter took her and kept her until I was able to pick up her remains. A week after the crash. Erlanger was awesome as far as treatment. Courtesy on the other hand. Some staff members were not very compassionate with my pain levels. Not bringing pain meds in ad o was in pain. Needing to potty..... ???? Two hours later after I peed on a towel BC I couldn't hold it anymore. Wasn't very nice nurses.

Angela Ball

85 yr old mother in hallway bed from morning till 5 pm.

Christy Rucker

-5 stars 6/21/2016 from 8pm until 9:20 pm what kind of hospital treats people like this one did tonight. I have been calling since 8 pm trying to get the emergency treatment. I am in severe pain and they cannot answer one stupid simple question. I will be contacting the state about this matter.

Michael Rodgers

Very nice

Dewayne Smith

Pathetic! Spent almost a week in this hospital with my girlfriend. She came into the er with stroke like symptoms. Was caused by a severe migraine. Dr. Cox literally asked us what we wanted him to do about it. Absolutely worthless. Please go to memorial hospital. Not this dump. She is severely allergic to oranges. Guess what was on her breakfast plate almost every morning. Oranges. After a week they decide they can't help her manage her pain or get rid of the migraine. So they discharged her in no better shape than when we got there. I eouldnt take a dog to this place. I have seen veterinarians who are a lot better than the Drs here. I'm a veteran and I would go to the va for an emergency before I would go to Erlanger. Nothing but a bunch of people who have a big ego because they work in a teaching hospital.

Elya Kurktchi

4hrs wait time for a 20min checkup is quite ridiculous.

Angela Reck

Worst hospital my granddaughter was in. The hi risk unit she was in was the worst. The nurses wouldn't change her IV's one was leaking and the other one had blood going up the line. When she ask to see her doctor. The nurses wouldn't go get the doctor. They wouldn't give her anything for pain. She is 9 months pregnant. We came to see her and my son. We got thrown out of the hospital. By the cops. Because we were mistaken for her real mom and dad. We are her grandparents. They put our granddaughter and my son in a cab and sent them to Albany Georgia to a hospital there. Because the hospital said they exceeded their limit. We are glad she didn't have her baby granddaughter and son were in a car accident.

Jason Back

I was just refused any treatment whatsoever in their emergency room, strictly on the basis of being a disabled us army veteran wounded in Korea. Unbelievable!

Daphne Day

Its 12:43am and we've been waiting since 8:30pm to be seen. Its not even that packed. Come on people, Get your selves together!

Eric Woods

Chase Phillips

Very stupid that you have to pay for parking, and you can't get a validated ticket for a post-op check up. I know it's only $1.00, but I think that it's asinine considering they just got thousands of dollars out of the insurance company. Erlanger can take that dollar and shove it up their a$$. Memorial hospital is a MUCH better option.

Jeremy Mccary

I know everyone has different experiences here, but you will never find a hospital that puts their patients first more than Erlanger. I work here. When my day starts here the first thing I ask myself is how can i help the very next person i meet. I know there is bad apples everywhere, but there is a lot of people here like me dedicated to the patient and their families. As long as God blesses me with the ability to work here I will come in everyday doing as much as i can to make everyone that works here, and everyone that visits us to have a great day! My name is Jeremy Mccary. Find me in the halls on 2 if you need help. Have a blessed day!

Mandy Pirok

Wow I will never use this emergency room!! Sitting here with my mother there drawing people's blood sitting in the waiting room. I watched a guy come in with a huge gash in his head only to be sat in the waiting room still sitting here 30 minutes later and no one has checked on him...lady across from us having chest pains and still hasn't been seen...the worst thing there aren't even that many people here and the 6 people behind the desk are busy laughing and carrying on.oh and I'm pretty sure it's a violation of some sort to do a blood draw in the middle of a bust waiting room!!!!!

Teresa Collins

My husband had a hemorrhagic stroke and had to be taken there. From ER he went to Neuro ICU. The 2nd day he was there, they were going over his medical history and said he had hep C which he didn't. The doctor said it was a mix up in ER. No one ever told me how bad the stroke was. The neurologist just kept saying it was a deep brain bleed and really acted like it was nothing. He declined each day, but they said he was stable enough to go to a floor where there was no communication and little compassion. I called the Patient Ambassador number and left a message about the nightmares that had happened since he arrived. The next day, 5 people came to ask me about everything, but the only thing done was a doctor change. My husband ended up back in ICU after 4 days on a floor and stayed in ICU for another 2 weeks. This hospital needs more communication between staff and family as well as with the staff. No one knew all of anything there which is sad. I got a lot of thoughts, but no true answers. There's less compassion at Erlanger than any other hospital I have ever been to. They have a long way to go to become the hospital you hear about on tv.

Kimberly Smrcka

My mom had emergency surgery with the obgyn oncology specialists. She was treated with such respect and the staff was genuine and kind. The nursing staff were some of the nicest I have ever encountered. I am so grateful.

Wanda McLarty

I only see 5 stars to rate with here but there should be a minus star to select. I regret that we were sent to this hospital. It would take too long to give specifics but my husband was transported by ambulance to Erlanger from Georgia hospital. The specialist that was to see him and do surgery never showed up at hospital. We stayed several hours before he was checked and the procedure they were going to do never happened. I'll save the on call doctor comments for the attorneys. So disappointed in this hospital and will not go back if ever given a choice.

Tiffany Miller

Worse ER care ever, no beside manner they told me my dad wasnt an emergency well hes unconscious so yes he is and was brought here by an ambulance and after 24hrs in the ER, we find out hes gotta have emergency brain surgery, once out on the floor they don't give you the care you need, the nurses only came in twice, this place has really gone to Hell... if it wasn't for an emergency I would have gotten a transfer to somewhere else!!! The best care we got was in the Unit...

Barbara Ware

Excellent compassionate staff at my last visit.

Steve Hubble

I’ve been a patient and caregiver for my spouse, Erlanger people from the top to the bottom do their very best to patients. They treat humans with dignity, being a 2 time ALL and AML stem cell survivor. I will continue to promote them, ALL YOU HAVE TO DO IS ASK.

shelly pasley

The BEST Hospital! I went to the ER on Sunday with my Gallbladder Attack. I was treated wonderfully by the Staff, Nurses, & Doctors & all aspects of the Hospital. I was giving something for Pain then I received a Ultra Sound & it showed that my Gallbladder was bad & needed to be took out.. At that time I was admitted to the Hospital & took right to surgery. I stayed over night & went home late Monday. I would RATE this Wonderful Hospital with a 100%. I highly recommend this Hospital. I will be using Erlanger for all of my Medical Needs!

Dennis Bell

Was sent to Erlanger Hospital from Starr Regional in Athens when they could not find what was causing my internal bleeding. I was placed in the trauma unit for three days. The nursing staff was very good. I have no complaints about them whatsoever. They were very kind and did their best to help with my few requests. Now.... When they requested something to drink or eat from the in-hospital food supplier, Sodexo, they NEVER came through. TERRIBLE SERVICE!!! They make a big deal out of "room service" with their menu and such, but it is the WORST EVER!! Ok, that's just a small part of the problems. The rest begin after you get home and start getting the bills. I've had bills coming from doctors I don't even remember meeting. If they pop in and say "Hi", you can expect a bill later for maybe $500 or more. Three months later and I'm still getting bogus bills. We've gotten a couple of bills that showed "delinquent" when they were in error. I recommend challenging EVERY BILL YOU RECEIVE FROM THEM as you could be getting bogus bills that were in error. The ONE doctor that actually performed procedures on me was Dr. Swaby. She did a good job and found out what the problem was with me. I just wish that the accountants she works with would get the billing right and bill the insurance first. One Dr. Smith was, as I understand, only the surgeon that was around at the time just in case any surgery had to be done (didn't need any). Didn't get much out of him except a nice big bill. We were also told we needed to have a follow-up appointment with him. When we went, he told us we should actually have the follow-up with Dr. Swaby. Another nice bill for nothing there. It's too bad that you can get the shaft when you are at a time of need and unable to really fend for yourself. I'm sure they aren't the only ones as this seems to be endemic with today's health care system. All I can say is, ask a LOT of questions if you or a loved one has to go to the hospital and beware of the multitude of doctors that want the chance to charge you for greeting you.

Joseph Trentham

Went down in a lot of pain and after a hour and a half I got up and left never seen a dr they put me in a little room and never came back to check on me and my wife asked 6 different people and no one ever came in so I left went to park ridge and found out in 30 minutes I had a herniated disk in my back and that's a hospital....I would hate to know I went to erlanger for gun shoot or any bad thing was wrong.... what a joke

Craig Salvador

Update: Previously 1 star - I received the incredibly great care on the 6th floor ortho unit. It surpassed my visit to Vanderbilt. Emergency Room Is A Horror: Not impressed with the facility or level of care. Leaving a tourniquet on a sedated patient and laughing at the patient are not indicators of a hospital I will visit in the future. Please note the lack of proactive action on the side Erlanger. Apply direct pressure and go elsewhere for treatment.


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