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REVIEWS OF East Tennessee Children's Hospital IN Tennessee

Dianna McCarter

They get kids!


They are literally the slowest hospital I have ever seen. Everytime I take my child here, they do not take us back for hours. I have dealt with this hospital far too long and I do not appreciate the wait time and how unfriendly the doctors are. My Wife went up to the front desk and told them that they need to see our daughter quickly. They called the security on her because she was worrying about our daughter who is over there throwing up and having sharp pains in her side. I absolutely "love" the service we recently received.

Terry Garrett

Wait 4 hours just to see a nurse/Doctor is beyond ridiculous... We're talking small children here, not grown adults that can tell you what's wrong, how much pain they are in or how sick they feel... Exactly how close to death does a child need to be to get to see someone in a reasonable amount of time... Never, under any circumstances should any child wait 4 hours to see a medical professional... Get your act together ETCH your patient's should get the fastest and best care available period and 4 hours doesn't come close to being slow much less fast...

Ashley Metrakos

This is my favorite hospital. I grew up seeing many doctors here and now I take my son when he needs to be seen. Just like any ER, it can be slow, but the nurses are very friendly and helpful!

Brewer's Entertainment Services

Great staff, nurses and doctors.. Very caring and extremely fast. Granddaughter had tonsils out. It took less then 5 hours and we where heading back home.

lacey rayfield

Every thing was all fine and dandy till it was time to discharge.. . Been waiting in this room for ever. I went out and reminded my nurse that we are still here and was shewed back to my room so she could finish our discharge papers... AND she was rude about it. that was 45 mins ago. I really hate that this is the only place i can take my daughter when her Dr isn't available to see her.

Aiden Parker

The best place ever

Joshua Rinne

This review is directed towards the GI department (Dr. Ammar). Back towards the beginning of the year, our son (still 3 years old at the time) was having blood (very, very little) in his stool. After visiting our pediatrician, they set us up to go to Children's for a consultation with a specialists (Dr. Ammar). After a rather lengthy wait in the patient room (not the waiting room), Dr. Ammar entered, asked a few questions and then quickly jumped to the suggestion that our son probably had polyps. What was intended to be a consultation, turned into my son having multiple vials of blood taken for testing. At no point, was a time frame mentioned on when we should expect to hear back on the results. After 3 days, I called Dr. Ammar's office and requested to know when we could expect results. I was informed that the results would be discussed during my sons follow up visit (just over 3 weeks away). Told the nurse that was unacceptable seeing as we were scared into the possibility that not only our son could have polyps, but that they could potentially be cancerous. Before I was able to get them to share the results with me, I was told they don't give results over the phone. Another ridiculous "policy" seeing as it's important results regarding OUR son. Test results - benign 3 weeks went by (to which our son had NO MORE stools with blood present) and during the follow up, Dr Ammar mentions the next "best" thing to do to make sure there aren't polyps was to do a colonoscopy. Still a little shocked that this "could" be happening to our little guy, we agree to set up a date for the procedure. As we're still in the patient room processing what could be going on with our son, Dr. Ammar peeked his head in the room and quickly adds that an endoscopy is also highly recommended to make sure everything is clear. We agree (again, still trying to process everything) and leave the hospital knowing in one week, our son would be having two evasive procedures done to his tiny body. Over the next couple days, we learned more and more just how awful of a day our son was going to have the day prior to the procedures. Our son (3 years old and around 30lbs) was going to have to not only take two different medicines to help clear out his digestive system, but would also have to take 17 doses of a laxative. 17!!!!? Now we started getting more than a little scared because not only is general anesthesia potentially harmful for toddlers (very few cases of death), but odds of his body doing well without any food in his system at all was very unlikely given his age and size. We also came across a multitude of medical journals and case studies that indicated that a colonoscopy at his age would actually increase his chances of developing polyps (the very thing he wanted to look for). On top of that, we found out that in cases where toddlers were found to have polyps, 90+% of them were taken care of by the toddlers own body. That's right, polyps more than likely tend to auto amputate due to the amazing way toddlers bodies handle foreign objects during developmental growth. All this info, coupled with the greater fact that blood had not been present for almost a full month, gave us a great settling peace with cancelling our sons next appointment. DOUBLE CHECK YOUR DOCTOR'S SUGGESTED COURSE OF ACTION HERE. Dr. Ammar did not share ANY of info I mentioned with us at all. Instead, he went right to the option that would line his pocket book. We will NEVER take our kids here again and will go to Nashville solely based on the facts I've shared.

Shaun Hall

Always awesomest

charlene manning

Such a caring staff!

April Kitts

Love this Hospital.. This is the only hospital i will brimg my kids to now on no were esle...

suzanne Talley

Many patient safety precautions in place, friendly nurses, excellent doctors use this hospital. Andbudually things are done in a timely manner

Deana Whitmore

Team work there awesome the staff and the doctors they take care of you and make sure everything is good and take care for you and your kids and very friendly and supportive more then most hospital I have ever been too they are the best

Taylor Walker

Arrived for prep, xrays, and surgery. My godson was well taken care of here. The staff at Children's Hospital was extremely friendly while we waited for everything to be done.


The staff of the hospital is very serious, very caring for my daughter, my daughter, she is very small, they are very careful! Their hard work has made my daughter recover faster! Thank you very much!

Jeffrey Einkorn

Great doctors.... some of the nurses on the other hand could be replaced with ones that actually enjoy helping and being around kids.

Brittany Barnard

We took our baby to be seen. She’s not even 2 months old yet. We were waiting in a triage room when I noticed a BED BUG. Yes, a bed bug. I waited for 2.5 hours to be seen and couldn’t even get seen because we left due to seeing bed bugs. I will NOT be back! We should be able to bring our sick babies to the hospital to be seen and actually have a CLEAN visit. I am so upset with my experience here.

Koda Lynch

It took 4 hours for them to come in for only 20 mins. Staff was lolly gagging and was very disrespectful and rude. I give the whole emergency staff working SundayAugust 5 2017. 12:00 to 4:00 a horrible review. They should be fired. such a shame. My kid had croup. And needed a stairoid and they took they're sweet time.

Jo High

3:07 and been waiting in emergency waiting room for over 3 hours with a medically fragile infant. Treated like a herd of cattle and this hospital is the filthiest hospital I have ever been in.

Mariah Hodsden

The nurses and staff on the floor where my son stayer were so sweet and knowledgable. So happy to have a place that i can trust to take care of my baby.

Weeping Willow

We had to wait 45 minutes before they triaged our baby. Had to insist they take her temperature and when the RN did she told us it was 98 (twice) I told her to take it again rectally because she was burning up and it was 103.8 (pathetic). Our baby ended up contracting croup on top of the viral infection we went there for. Our other daughter contracted a stomach virus from there. Pretty sad we end up leaving with more ailments then we arrived with. I will say once we got back to ER the nurses and doctors were nice and accommodating. We left 9 hours later with no resolution on our babies condition and her still having a high fever. One of the worst experiences we ever had at a children's hospital.

Ted Booth

Great staff who love my babies. My daughter has type 1 diabetes and they take great care of her.

tonya penland

I love this place ! It's the only place I take my kids!

Autumn Putnam

Dr. Michael W. Riker, whom attended to my son in the emergency room was outstanding. He was attentive, personable, and thorough. He communicated in a manner that was clear to understand and made us feel confident that our son was receiving the best care possible. During our discharge process, we told him we had no further questions and thanked him. We later thought of another question we had for him and the nurse called him back in. His demeanor never changed negatively, he was still very tentative, kind, and thorough with us. He is a great example of what all doctor’s presence should represent. The nurses were also great! Especially the woman whom drew his blood from the lab. She was fast and I believed she made the process as least painful as possible. She also offered to bring my son a popsicle after, which instantly distracted him from the pain of the needle. Thank you East Tennessee Children's Hospital. ~ From a first time mother and father, whom were terrified before rushing our 15 month old son in for his first emergency room visit at 1am!

S Meacom

This visit was 5.5 hours long for a wound. My daughter got cut on a chair that broke and were there for four hours without seeing a dr. I brought her in with a proper bandage. They removed it and put something on that wouldn't even stay. The place is dirty so it kept getting dirt in it. The nurse wasn't concerned about bandaging it up dirty. She said they don't eve have antiseptic/peroxide or anything in triage. They should be prepared and stocked with better stuff when the wait is so long. The PA who stitched her was excellent. Also very thankful for child life for bringing toys and distractions. Overall not a fan of etch mainly bc of the long wait.

Isha A

My daughter, age 9, had a bone fracture late on a Friday, so we went in for care. She was seen promptly and everyone (except the one initial receiving nurse at the front waiting room) was courteous, helpful, friendly and good with children! In addition, I appreciate their straight-forward billing dept and clearly written statement detailing the procedures if we needed to make payments, apply for financial assistance or pay in full.

Carrie Webb

Horrible wait times. There was one dr working the er. When I expressed concern over waiting I was told here was only one dr working and hopefully there would be another one soon. And then you feel like you don't get good focused care bc they are in a hurry to see veryone. You can't be objective and problem solve like that. Hire some more staff children's!

Brian Miller

My son is currently in the new NICU in the Scripps Networks Tower. All staff are super friendly and go above and beyond to make sure you and your child are well taken care of. The new NICU is super nice. The private rooms are a big plus for me, considering I live about two hours away. There's a couch in each room that folds down into a bed, which allows us to stay in the room with the baby.

Mary Frances Pflueger

My Daughter was born prematurely and spent some time in the nicu. We liked the new rooms. I had an emergency c section and had to drive an hour to see my Daughter each day so I wish their room was a little more comfortable so we could have stayed overnight. Another experience with this hospital was the surgery wing of the hospital for my eldest daughter who is 4. We went to check in at 5:30am. She had gone 36 hours on clear liquids only leading up to this surgery so she really just wanted to get back to get everything done so she could eat. We were told she would be taken back within 30-45 minutes of check in and in the OR within 2 hours of check in. I completely understand schedules get messed up from the unexpected or a surgery taking longer. However, my Daughter was the second in line to see the surgeon that day. We didn't get taken back to pre-op until 7:45am and then she didn't get taken back to OR until nearly 9:30am. Meanwhile, people who came in after our arrival were taken back ahead of us. It just seemed so disorganized. Since I am a nursing mom I asked three different people if there is a nursing station.. I received answers like "you can use the bathroom in pre-op" which didn't have a plug for my pump. I was told by another nurse "We don't have any nursing areas. Even staff has a problem with pumping." Finally after 7 hours of not pumping I was offered to close the curtain in my Daughters pre-op room and put a sign up to let staff know I was pumping. FINALLY! Yet... a male staff member walked in while I was pumping which was embarrassing for me and frustrating. I would have thought for a hospital to be dedicated towards children they would be pro-breastfeeding and establish a private and cleanly area for nursing and pumping moms. It baffles me that there isn't a proper nursing area.

Matt Gann

Dear ETCH, A MESSAGE TO Operating Room MANAGEMENT: You have created an absolutely appalling HOSTILE work environment. Not only have you created this environment, you continue to harbor it. The bullying that goes on between senior employees and new employees is absolutely terrible. What's more? Those that will stand up against it are not taken seriously and then reprimanded. You need to deal with this. The anxiety you create follows your employees home. This affects every aspect of our lives. We are calling on Human Resources to launch a full scale investigation. How many amazing employees are you going to have to lose before you WAKE UP? We are now speaking up. Your nurse managers may be extremely good nurses, but when you promote them, they become terrible managers. Not everyone is capable of managing affectively. Do a better job training your nurses. Remove your current OR nurse management and find efficient managers. We will not go away and we will not back down! The Joint Commission and OSHA both have specific policies that state bullying amongst staff hinders patient safety. DEAL WITH THIS. Sincerely,

Daniel H. Taylor, Jr.

Came to see Annabelle Martin

Melissa Madden

Friendliest place ever!

Emily Anderson

The doctors and staff are amazing here. They really do care about each individual child here.

W. Mills

Great hospital, love the staff

Leona Long

I was very disappointed in our quality of care. My son was sent from his pediatricians office thinking he may have meningitis because he presented with all the symptoms. They insisted on doing a strep tests first even though his throat was not sore, or red. No coughing, runny nose or anything that our doctor said would have indicated that he needed a strep test. They were so rude. The doctor said “how old are you? We don’t cry for strep tests”. They jabbed him so hard that his throat was bleeding and now still on day 3 of discharge he can barely swallow anything. My older son was with me and said” good grief, is it necessary to treat him like that?” Of course the strep was negative too. When you have a sick child you Expect professionalism and compassion. He also had a spinal tap while we were there. About 7 hours later we left with a guessed diagnosis because his tests all came back clear.

Chelsea Smiley

Always a great experience every time we come! We have been to other pediatric hospitals in surrounding area and it was not the same ! The nurses go above and beyond to help you during your stay


Everyone was very helpful & friendly to my girls

Kristin Anders

Best emergency care I've ever gotten for my child. Answered to every concern I had and went well out of their way to make us feel helped, educated, and at home. Didn't have to wait to long for treatment.

Ryan Crawford

They are very attentive to their mission of helping Children and their families under any situation. We are lucky to have such a fantastic facility to serve all of East Tennessee

Alia Shahid

I don’t know if anybody else has ever experienced this here and I do not remember the doctor’s name or whether he still works there, but 6 years ago I got my tonsils out (I was 10 at the time) and I left the day of to go back home. Well it turns out Tonsil surgery isn’t easy as they make it seem. I was having really bad fevers and couldn’t eat or drink anything, because it felt like a knife was going through my throat. Anyways, I got really feverish and dehydrated so I had to go back to the ER the following day for an IV. Not a big deal, right? Wrong. When the doctor came into assess me, he started yelling at me and asking me “ how could I do this to my mother?” “I need to grow up” and “ I should have just drunk water and been good”. I could not say anything except listen to him yell at me because the surgeon who took out my tonsils messed up my vocal cords ( another funny story ) *cough *cough Dr. Ray (Ent) . I started to cry and he left the room. I demanded an apology or another doctor because his job was to help me physically not torment me emotionally. He was way out of line and looked nuts (probably because it was the night shift) . He said he would not apologize for what he did because “ he is a doctor and I am a child” although he would not say that to my face, he got one of the nurses to say it. I do not believe in that bull, because my father was also a doctor and just like everybody else he was human, whether he put on scrubs everyday or not . Doctors are so cocky now adays. And I do not believe in this social hierarchy where one human being cannot make a mistake because of there title and that they cannot humble themselves to apologize.

nyla Johnson

The staff are very loving and caring and I have had so many wonderful experiences here.

Lori Swank

Every one is really helpful & nice!

Talisa Morgan

My son spent over 3 months here when he was born. The staff was wonderful and you can tell they truly love the kids

Niki Lane

They took their time to make sure everything is cover!

Gina Rashid

Great hospital just for kids.

Erika Bartelmann

My son broke a bone near his elbow while we were vacation and we are originally from Alabama so our experience here was incredible. We waited less than 5 minutes, we had a X-ray in less than 10 mins and got our results within 30 mins tops. We were out of there not even two hours later. We just had a wonderful experience with the ER and Dr. Ryker is extremely personable and has a wonderful bedside manner. The nurses were also great and so was the x-ray tech, I can not say enough wonderful things about this hospital.

Google User

My daughter went to the CF Clinic here and I have to say it was the best experience we ever had at a hospital. The nurses, doctors, and rest of staff were so nice and informative. They genuinely care about people and were so good with my two year old.

Alisa Reece

During my surgery I had some amazing nurses and I had a very well experienced time there. I love this hospital and will continue to go here.

lavina Gann

This place is so amazing!! Their staff is truly up to satisfaction. They are very polite,nice,sincer especially with your children. Would recommend this place a million times over.

jack mcmahan

Nice staff and great with kids

Jessica Ball

Our daughter was in the NICU on Christmas and for a week after. I was stuck at another hospital 50 or so miles away. Dad came down with her and was a mess. The nurses here explained everything that was going on to him, made our baby a hair bow and put it on her head. She wasn’t allowed to have clothes because her Umbilical Artary Catheder. They are very informative and you can call at anytime and speak with your babies nurse. Connie, Irene, and several other were absolutely amazing! I had to have a C-Section due to her weighing 11lbs 11oz. The nurses found a chair for me and gave to dad so when I was released I’d have a comfortable chair to sit in. They gave her a stocking and helped him adjust to the situation. They also gave us information on the Ronald McDonald house, which was a blessing! These people are life savers! Everyone here is awesome. We are so grateful for everyone. <3

Dionne Fields

I have been taking my son, to East Tennessee Children’s Hospital every since he was just two weeks old. Now my son is 11 years old, and very active in middle school. For over 11 years, East Tennessee Children’s Hospital has been taking excellent care of my child at every emergency room visit. The entire staff at Children’s Hospital has always gone beyond quality care of service for my child. East Tennessee Children’s Hospital has been transform into a kid’s care medical fun center with beautiful vibrant and colorful décor. All the Doctors and Nurse at East Tennessee Children’s Hospital are the very best children’s physicians in the world. Thanks East Tennessee Children’s Hospital, for providing my child with excellent quality of service!

Andre Vasser

Very kind staff. Helpful and quick service.

Heather Vandergriff

They're so good to my kids

Rachel C

They took great care of my son during his kidney stone issues.

Candace Hurst

the NICU is amazing. rate it 5 stars for sure. they took care of my little one perfectly. the emergency room on the other hand needs some improvement. we have been 3 times within the last year and the last 2 times were not good. the nurses seem to care but also don't seem to help. if they are busy I feel like they want to get you in and out as quick as they can. my first visit (the only good one) was the only visit we saw an actual doctor instead of just nurses. the doctor seemed to be the only one to really check everything out. both times we saw just nurses they diagnosed my son with a virus (which you can't do anything about) and sent us on our way. he deserved better care, especially the last visit.

Mary Cooper

They keep letting people ahead of us and have been waiting over 2 hours and the front desk just gives you lip service so she can keep chatting with her friend. Very frustrating when I have an infant at home waiting for me and a child with broken arm waiting with me but I guess hospitals are just about the money now a days with all they bills they want to send you! I can’t wait till we start having more health hubs and clinics and make hospitals ER a thing of the past.

Jason Rush

This is the only hospital I ever take my kids to. They are absolutely awesome.

Kristin Nichole

They used to be great but now, if you have a sick child and have to make payments on 'multiple accounts' (they make an account for each visit), they wont let you. My daughter is 7 and I've made payments on her accounts for 7 years. Suddenly they are changing things. Not allowing accounts over 4 years old (even if making payments) and sending parents to collections over it (without notice)! Such a disgrace. We wont step foot inside childrens hospital again. Just awful.

Abby Terrazzino

My daughter was transferred here from leconte medical center about 4 hours ago. The last time that I spoke to a nurse was also 4 hours ago. I was told my daughter is going to be check by a doctor as soon as possible. It’s been 4 long hours and no one has even checked on us. I’m literally staring at 8 nurses sitting outside of our room just chatting next to a sign that says “quite zone only”. My daughter is running a 102.9 fever with bilateral pneumonia and stomach flu and these nurses with no respect or compassion didn’t even check on us or inform us what’s going on. We went out to ask them what’s going on and where’s the doctor and they said they will let the doctor know. Really?! We’re sitting here for 4 hours. My family are sitting here for hours and no update. Is there anyone out there that have a heart and compassion that can help us? I’m amazed and appalled. Children’s Hospital and they have 1 doctor on staff. Why were we sent here?!

Alysha Peacock

Not only did they save my daughter's life but they took exceptional care of her. The entire staff go above and beyond their job requirements. There is no way I would take my children to any other hospital.

Andrea Jimenez

The staff were great BUT (and this is a huge BUT), my family and I were treated very unfairly by the NICU care social workers. Our daughter was there for about a week and we weren't introduced to these people at all until they walked in on our daughters discharge day with Department of children services. One of the women introduced the two from DCS and said that because the NICU wasnt able to confirm that I had a prescription for a certain medication that I was taking, that warranted a call to DCS. (Nevermind that it was all over my records from fortsanders and my obgyn that I had been on the med for 16 years. Nevermind that nobody in the NICU even asked me about it or gave me a chance to provide proof, which, I could have easily and quickly have done right then and there.) Eventhough our DCS case was not founded and dismissed right when it began and we were cleared to take our daughter home that day, it still made me feel like a piece of trash and we know have it on record that DCS was called on us. Make sure you always take your med list and wave it in their face until they see it so you wont have a knock at your baby's room!

Debby Campbell

They are greatest

Breanne Vlahakis

ER has terrible wait times for someone with real issues. A broken arm is worth an emergency visit. We didn’t even get triaged in the first hour.

josh connor

Best place in the state for children to receive care. Saying this as a parent who’s children received care here and as a former employee.

Blake Henry

Compassionate staff, thorough care yet at times be prepared to stand your ground if your beliefs are strong against anything

Jamie Covington

I brought my daughter to the ER recently with respiratory difficulties. We were seen quickly and treated respectfully. The staff is incredible. My 4 year old asked to see her xrays and the doctor brought her to the computer and explained what she was looking at. She hugged the doctor on the way out (less than 2 hours later) and thanked her. AMAZING experience!

Megan Gardin

Awesome experience, they were so kind and well informed. Before you go there you must know they treat the most life threatening first. They are usually packed and wait times can be long. But if you are having to wait that's a good sign, it's very scary getting to the e.r and having them put you in front of everyone. They seen my daughter and in four hours she was being admitted, they acted very quick and I am forever grateful.

Paul Schmutzler

This place never ceases to impress us. They really are a children's hospital. As in, they truly exist for the children they serve. It's evident in every staff member we have dealt with.

Kailey Macdonald

Loved the way the nurse and doctors treat you..and if your baby gets admitted they take great care you and the baby

General Jose

Everyone was so helpful

Deteachia Wilson

Very poor customer service and nurses, dr etc. I arrived @ 6pm and I’m still waiting in the ER with my daughter at 9pm ! She’s having a hard time swallowing and breathing! I finally got called to a room at 9:48 and the Dr came in at 10:01. Finally a sign of relief I’ve been at work since 7:30am I’m sooo tired

Melissa Stewart

Emily in ER registration was the best person! She was very friendly and made my daughter feel better than anyone. Thank you Emily

Audrey White

We took our son there last night for a deep cut to his finger. He soaked a whole towel with blood and was transferred via ems. We got there at 930 and wasn't in a room until 11. Then they just wrapped with with gauze and bandage. We left at 3:30 am. Extremely slow service.

Deedee Brown

Me and my grandson been here since 11:30am it now 4:30 and I have seen alot of people going ahead of me and some other babies and it been a long time and my child is sick too so I give it a

Vanessa McClain

My husband and I were very pleased with the care our son received while in the hospital. Everyone's understanding of us due to our concern with our son's illness was so helpful. We were shown kindness and a caring attitude from the hospital staff and doctors.

Teresa Elkins

My son had his surgery for his scoliosis here. They are very good at what they do. Very nice nurses one even didn't want to take her lunch break so she could stay and take care of him.

Lauren Morris

My son has been in children's hospital for over a week now and I am so glad this hospital is where I can take my son for his care .

Rachel Peterson

My son fell from the top of a slide while at daycare. He hit is head and broke his arm in two places. He was seen in the ER and admitted to the 4th floor until he could have surgery the following day (On a holiday weekend). The ER staff, 4th floor staff, KOC ortho surgeon and anesthesiologist were all amazing! We are so blessed to have such an amazing hospital in Knoxville!

Jane Williams

Doesn’t matter if they are slow or busy.. you will be in there no less than 3 1/2 hours. I have literally been in a room with my son for 2 hrs, and have still yet to see a nurse or anyone, and the lobby was empty when we got here. Every room we passed was empty. Not sure what they are doing out there, other than looking at a dog behind a counter and chit chatting with each other...... we haven’t seen the staff help anyone, let alone us.

Dick Shanken

My son was transportation to Children's via ambulance with a compound fracture. Upon arriving at the ER the nurses could not locate the attending ER Doctor. Now I was in the ambulance with my son and I saw and heard the EMT report that my son had an obvious compound fracture. You would think the doctor would be waiting for my son, who was is sever pain. After several minutes of waiting I left my son's room and went to the nurses station. I was told "we are trying to find the Doctor ". Ten minutes later while my son was still screaming in pain I went back to the nurses station and asked again. This time I was told we are still looking for the doctor ". I ask how this could happen and several nurses finally started to help my son. At the 33 minute mark the doctor finally came in to help my son and get pain medication on board. I have been a first responder for 20 years and have never seen anything like this happen before. Now its been 23 hours since the accident and he is finally getting ready to go into surgery to get the bones set, which will relieve a great deal of his pain? The surgery should have been done last night. You would think they would have wanted to to relieve his pain faster. I am more than disappointed by the medical care. Dont get me wrong the nurses have been fantastic on the 4th floor. We could not have asked for anything more from them they are more then wonderful.

Amber Raines

My 8 month old daughter was admitted to the 3rd floor and 2 nurses really stuck out. They went above and beyond for us. Ashley and Amanda they were amazing nurese!! Our stay was amazing because of these 2 nurses!

Laura B.

Very Helpful and friendly nurses and staff. Went out of their way to comfort my child. The atmosphere is very Welcoming to children, providing tablets and computers for them to play with. :)

Crystal Anderson

This is a great hospital. Staff is friendly and they are a little over bearing with security, but I like that especially when it comes to kids. My son had teeth cut out and caps placed on, the staff was great about answering questions and great about having extra clothes on hand just in case theres an accident.

Mary Chambers

This place is so good with children

Lilly Robberts

I went here a lot at a young age I had double pneumonia in kindergarten I had to do the resproiator witch shakes your chest I hated it so much but the people talked to me the whole time and I sounded funny witch made me laugh. For the rest of my life I got sick and had to go to the hospital it was not fun at all but a couple years later they had figured out what was wrong I have crone's it is not fun but the doctors helped me get through it. Thank You. I recommend this place.

jessica dunaway

They are good with babies and childten

Samuel Hicks

They saved my life when I had a athsma attack on my trip on November 3

Henry Harrell

We go the children's clinic four times a year with two diabetic kids. We are treated as good as gold every time. Love this place and the staff is always wonderful.

Kristi Durand

I’ll mever bring my son back here ever again or any of my kids they use to be a great hospital now they are getting where they take for hours.. my son laid from 10pm to 430am running temp of 104.4 before they’d give him any Tylenol or I i they didn’t take care of his needs like I thought Children’s Hospital should have I know everybody has a bad experience somewhere but it was atleast 6 other moms in there that was upset in the ER.. so they tested my son he has Pneumonia sent him home on antibiotics 24hrs later he’s still puking so I called bk to see if they call him in zofran for his nausea the nurse that picked up said no we can’t the doctor your son seen isn’t here an the doctors that are here can’t call him in anything you can bring him back to be seen again cause what ur asking for isn’t what he was treated for he was treated for upper respiratory... An that’s not alt all what I took him for I took him cause he was running high temps an throwing up an dehydrated but they decided to diagnose him for something else but treat him for having the flu.. didn’t make sense to me at all.. an why the hell would I bring him back in around 100 sick kids again to catch what they got to get another medicine that I should’ve gotten the first time before we left..never will I take him back

Bean Stalk

I’m 17 years old and had my ankle hardware surgery here this morning. Not only do I have a severe anxiety disorder, but was in a lot of pain because of my broken ankle. They checked us in VERY quickly and I can say that this staff team are some of the sweetest most caring people I’ve had the pleasure of meeting in my life. Not only did they take amazing care of me, but they chatted with me constantly to make me feel calm, and my nurse did an amazing job with my iv to make me feel comfortable. Wilma was so wonderful and made me feel like I was just there to relax. I’m at home now feeling great even after surgery, a great job done by my surgeon! Very grateful for this hospital and the work they do!

Sharon McDaniel

Best place for kids hands down. They really take their time and try to understand the kids point of view and not just be the adult that said so. We love it!!

Nastasia Hillmer

I am giving 5 stars to 4 RN's that are taking care of my little girl at the children's hospital, Donna, Staci, Natasha, and Olivia. These four ladies have made it easier on my mind having my baby there, I do not feel stressed out leaving her if I need to go home to my son for awhile. Another thing I appreciate is the fact that they do not make me feel bad for having my daughter there. they do not look down on me or at least they do not show it if they do. They take good care of her and give her lots of love when I can not be there. I had an issue with a staff member and it was taken care of, that same day I was able to talk to someone about the issue. I am very pleased with the way this hospital has put together this amazing program for all babies.

Nicole W

Our daughter was admitted by her Doctor. They had us checked in, in a room and receiving care all in under 20 minutes! The staff was great. We had a wonderful experience with very caring staff. We have dealt with other hospitals in the past (UT NICU) and would rate Children's well above the rest. Our nurses were Kristen and Casha and they were amazing!! Very sweet and went above and beyond to help us feel comfortable in a difficult situation!! Awesome!

Gregory Stark

Have been taking my son her for that last 3 years for his heart condition. The staff is always polite, with an up lifting environment, even when facing difficulty. I would recommend to anyone with children.

Ralonda Brown

They r the best people to take care of your kids

Donna Smith

The emergency room staff are fabulous and friendly. The security guard / officer is just as fantastic! When we arrived, the wait time was maybe 5-10 minutes. The doctor, nurses, and aides were very caring for my young grandson's first ever visit to a hospital! Thoughtful, creative, caring, and took their time to not scare him and answered our questions. First time back since my grandson's father, my son, was here at age 13. As good now as it was then, if not better!

Katie Phillips

We absolutely love ETCH! They have been so helpful and supportive since my son's 65 day unexpected NICU stay at birth almost 6 years ago where he was diagnosed with his syndrome. ETCH saved my son in the NICU! He is special needs and his syndrome is very rare and is genetic with no prevention measures. He is very difficult to treat as a patient due to his syndrome. He needs extra care and he gets it at ETCH. We have been in and out of the hospital from surgeries to sickness to Doctor's appointments to sleep studies and therapies. We see over 12 Doctor's in rotation along with 4 therapies weekly. Each time he has been treated we have had nothing but phenomenal care. We have never in 6 years had a bad experience! The staff is always on top of things for us. Thank you so much ETCH!

Penny Zeek

Great place for children. Their very attentive and hello at every turn.

jessica sills

Wonderful hospital for children!

C. Mac.

Not impressed. Waited 7 hour in ER for an out of network nurse practitioner, not even a doctor, to put an eye drop in my son's eye and tell me he has a scratch on his eyelid and needs antibiotic drops. They would not even give him the antibiotic drop at the hospital and sent the prescription to a pharmacy (at 4 o'clock in the morning). The bill: $700 even with one of the best insurances. When you go to an in network hospital, you expect in network doctors. The nurse they sent was out of network and we were not even notified. The bill was unjustifiably large for the care received. Just disappointed with how things were handled.

Jackson Tolman

Great place when your child is sick

Seddik Prof. Seddik

Went to the emergency on Feb. 03rd. They made us wait for 3 hours without seeing a dr. The nurse told us we were next in line after 2 hours. We waited one more hour to no avail. We finally left without seeing a dr. They still fully charged us and our insurance for service not rendered. The bill says Pharmacy $21.52 for 10ml of ibuprofen, Med/Surg supplies $65 not ever used, and emergency room $418.15 wait for nothing!

Nikki Williams

Visited the ER on a Wednesday morning. Our wait time was under 45 minutes. The majority of the staff was super friendly and helpful. Would definitely take my child back if we ever needed them again.

Bluee Eyed Jaamiie

Great doctors and nurses.. not long waiting

Andrea Allen-Dennis

Always ready to help

Jennifer Parten

We drive an hour and a half to see the people at children's. They give the best care and we just love them. My son looks forward to going to their CF clinic too!

Sam Mcilwain

It was the most amazing thing in my life. They were not only there to save the life of my infant daughter many times throught her 1st year of life but the family as well. They have the most amazing doctors and staff I will only take my kids to this hospital.

Allen Correll


Tara Crowe

Bc they are slow and only other peoples children are priority

Jennifer LaCasse

The best doctors

Jenny Kline

Amazing E.R visit tonight! Loved the doctors and nurses!!

Barbara McKinney

See of the doctors and nurse are nice and helpful but just because we aren't rich or have an ass load of money they profile you for it and look at you like you are nothing

Brenda Gilpatrick

We visited today (unfortunately) and most of the staff was very child friendly and explained things quite well and clear. The lady that came in from respiratory to give my daughter a breathing treatment didn't say a word to comfort my daughter (21 months old), she just shoved that mask in her face and held it there. I wish every department that dealt with patience had the same demeanor as the emergency staff.

Kathy Wilson

This place is amazing. They saved my son's life. When we found out what was wrong his Blood Sugar was over 900. The Doctor told him he should have lost his kidneys,went into a coma and that he really should have dued. Type 1 Diabetes doesn't run on either side of our families. They taught us all what we needed to do before he was allowed to leave. We are truly grateful for each one of those who help us. God bless you all.

Dana Starr Fudge

My son as asthma and has been here more than I care to specify. They fast track critical patients when needed.


This hospital is amazing. They treated my 9 year old daughter extremely well. The staff is beyond amazing. After her surgery, they had Murphy in. She loves dogs, and can’t stop talking about him. You guys are amazing and we are so blessed to have a hospital 45 minutes away. This placed is beyond exceptional and we are honored to have such an amazing place during her surgery. Words can’t explain how passionate and caring they have shown.

Shawna McBee

They do really well with the children. Staff are nice.

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