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REVIEWS OF Bristol Regional Medical Center IN Tennessee

Racheal Smith

Was transferred to this hospital from Rogersville.Will never go here again doctor Mann 4th floor East had the bedside manner of a piss ant.Was sent home still with chest pain and high heart rate and d-dimer they stick me with so many needles I look like a druggie.Your own decisions to make to go here but for me never again

Adam Frelick

Jennifer McCroskey

I have had great experiences at this hospital with their excellent staff of caring people.

Penny Ahlberg

This place is a Joke!

amber nicollee

I sat there for two hours and nobody came too ask me anything , I was never seen at all , the excuse was oh its just wanna those nights . I didn't know I was going too a bar or a restaurant .

L Odum

The er is horrible, 3 trips there with an infected gallbladder,suffered for days because of them, after being admitted everyone was great. Well 6 months after this review,my mom went there with a hurt foot, they sent her home saying it was sprained,3 days later she went to her dr and he said they didnt even xray the spot where she said it hurt and she had a stress fracture. The boot they put on her was thrown in the trash and the dr gave her the right kind. So once again they got paid for not doing their job.

Adrian Rodriguez

Otis Hawks

This review is for the hospital, 4 West to be exact. Everyone from my doctor, Dr. Destfano(I hope I spelled the name correctly), to my nurses, techs, housekeeping, and just so many more there is no way I can name them all here did a GREAT JOB taking care of me and healing me THANK YOU THANK YOU THANK YOU ❤️. Now the ER is a different story for a different review.


28 day hospital stay NPO went in weighing 160 pounds came out weighing nutrition for the first 2 weeks till the nutritionist randomly dropped by and freaked out about how bad i looked...they screwed up on my surgery and my bowel fell apart I woke up after the 2nd surgery with a Colostomy bag...I think they were gonna let me die....

american advertising federation2

I recently visited the ER at BRMC on July 12 with severe abdomen pain. I did not have to wait long before being taken back to a room in the ER but waited for results of blood work before I was given anything for my pain. I know I was being screened for drugs before doing so but I have never been on drugs in my life!! I know with the crisis in our area of abuse, that must be checked out first. I was finally given something for my pain after approximately an hour and half. A CT scan was completed and the nurse asked me to give them a urine specimen. The ER seemed to be fairly slow that night. The doctor came in the room to discuss what the scan showed and told me to follow up with my family doctor. He gave me something for my stomach but did not prescribe anything for pain later. Upon leaving I noticed the specimen was still setting on the counter in the room where I had left it. The pain meds wore off after I got home and I was back in the same shape again. I called my family doctor that morning as soon as they opened and was told to go to the ER. Very frustrated at this point. The following night I was headed back to the ER with unbearable pain again but was just too sick to go. I suffered through the weekend and went to see my family doctor on Monday. The first thing he did was to take a urine specimen which showed I had a UTI. If only they had checked the one in the ER, maybe I could have started treatment that weekend that would have spared me alot of pain. Healthcare in our region has suffered with this merger. I see disgruntled employees with non caring attitudes and the level of care has bottomed out over the past 2 years. Please, please look at this issue and see if something can be done to correct this. Customer care before all of this was so much better and patients still deserve more than they get now!!!!

Tonyell Eleara Somerville

The best E.R. service I have EVER experienced. This Doctor and his staff during the late night into the Early morning went about and beyond to take a stainless steel ring off of my finger. They were professional.. caring.. humorous and wonderful. I have never experienced a hospital staff that treated me so well in my life!!!


Unless you are dieing. probably best to go somewhere else. worst er in the area.

Susan Kegley

Robert Schenker

It's Good To Its Employees. For The Most Part as Long As They Do What There, There to Do...

Bridget Kestner Link

Jacob Childress

Amy Lawson

My daughter in law had a baby on 4/23/2019 and they never encouraged to take a shower or tell her what she needed to do she had to wait until she got home to take a shower. And when she left to go home she had to walk out and not be wheeled out in a wheelchair. Uggh

Adam Hayes

they about killed my wife. Three years ago .

Seth Edwards

Great Hospital. Way better than Jonston Memorial in Abingdon

George Lowry

My wife was in a automobile accident and was hospitalized on 11/12/2018. She was placed on the 4th floor in room 4046 and the nurses at 4 East took care of her. We were treated so well by all staff members of the Bristol Regional Center. I wanted to have 3 nurses be recognized for taking outstanding care of my wife. Nurse Vickie; Rhonda; and Jennifer; They were all so caring at a time when we really needed people to care. Nurses have a very difficult job and we really appreciate all that they did for my Wife while she was hospitalized. We couldn’t have treated any better and we know we were in good hands during her stay.

Forrest Koder

It's just going to get worse folks as the merger has left very little if any competition. Ballad has seen to it to remove any competition by shutting down other clinics by telling doctors if they want privileges at a Ballad facility, then get out of the clinics. Case in point, The Renaissance Surgery Center is now closed. I was a patient at BRMC for 9 days and will never allow myself to be an inpatient there again.

Olivia Gross

Sara Wood

After being in the ICU since Wednesday with my mom we had very exceptional nurses, but Kayla was above and beyond awesome, she was very upbeat and positive in a department that is full of doom and gloom and I appreciate her taking the time to talk with us and taking such good care of my mom. Thank you!!!

Sharlene Maxfield

Mari Soran


Sarah Ferguson

Best hospital and nurses. Had my fourth child here, and could honestly say The nurses couldn’t have been better, They were the best! Clean hospital and felt very comfortable during my stay

Freddie Taylor

Concerned Citizen

They have a nice facility but a facility is only as good as the people working in it. Been to the emergency room twice. First time they misdiagnosed my daughter which could have resulted in a very serious situation. The second time they had a "I don't care attitude." It's amazing. Don't feel comfortable with their treatment. I've seen more people on their phones then tending to patients. It's a shame because like I said the facility itself is nice. To be fair this crappy experience I've had twice has only been with The ER. I've had X-rays done along with a few other things in other parts of the hospital that were a pleasant experience. the 2 ER Dr's that I saw this time were great. They were kind and explained what they wanted to do. Admitted to the hospital...the one good throng I can say is the nurses were very nice and mostly attentive. Had a procedure to break up kidney stones. The NP for the urologist was very nice and did explain things before the surgery and you could tell he was concerned and caring. Had the procedure and never saw the dr for a follow up in my room. Don't know exactly what she did or how things turned out. Had another hospital dr come in and read the chart but that's it. The theme at this hospital is lousy follow up and one hand doesn't know what the other is doing. Another visit to the ER. Understaffed and terrible care. They boast about being top 100 hospitals but that must not include their ER. Good luck trying to find a nurse. Also nice to hear employees talking to one another complaining about where hey work.

Loretta Ratliff

Not geriatric friendly. We consistently have to drive around trying to find a handicapped parking spot. Then, we were scheduled with ultrasound ok n the second floor. No one bothered telling us that the sign in is no longer located on 2nd floor. So we went to the 2nd floor then back to the first floor to sign in. Then we went back to the 2nd floor and were unsure where we were supposed to go and how we were supposed to let them know we were present. I went for my 83 year old father to the drs office to ask (also on 2nd floor). They didn't know and called and waited on hold and after about 5 minutes, let us know we were just to sit and wait. After about 40 minutes, we finally got in for our ultrasound. The wait in the drs office is about the same. The facility has went down hill in service since it became a Ballad Health facility-and no, I have/had no connections with them prior to them taking over Bristol Regional.

Kate O

Took my husband to ER for chest pain. Took 45 minutes for EKG to be done & only after he asked about it. Then 45 minutes for nurse to get history, then finally got into an exam room & saw MD after 3 hours 15 minutes!! FOR CHEST PAIN!!!!!

Katy Joyce

I am deaf, when i am in serious pain by when i woke up then couldn't walk well and my hands frozen up hard to writing or signing. They treat me like awful i was begging for pillow and warm blanket. They igorned me and took my bloodwork supposed find arthritis and they did bring up said nothing showing. Things not made sense why am i in alot of pain and doc forces nurse talked to me and dicharge me as awful way. I thought they friendly and always must made sure i took care of. Doc never came in and talked anything cause i am deaf? Uhu they are awful!! Their last word was said " follow up with ur doctor." I thpught E.R. only a way made quickly but nope they lazy.

joe moore

delany huggard

Lone Wolf981

Tommy Hopkins

The worst hospital stay ever!!!!! Staff very impersonal. When I asked for a snack in the evening they acted like it was gonna break the bank if they brought me anything at all. My wife who had stay with me while I was hospitalized never even had a pillow to sleep with. I asked several times a day for a pillow so my wife who had broke both of her hips and a herniated disc in her neck could sleep somewhat comfortably. When I was discharged she had never recieved a pillow. Not only that my wife starved the whole time I was there because I could not get a case manager to come see me about her recieving a guest tray during my stay. I just shared my meals with her. We were still hungry but this was better than her not having any food at all . I wouldnt send my dying dog to this very unfriendly cold natured place. It's a horrible place to be especially when your sick. Also I have read a ton of bad reviews on this horrible place. Why isn't someone trying to fix this

Adam Stepp

This is the slowest emerengency room I've ever attended, in my entire life. Not to mention the rude staff, (Dr Smith, and along with Pam the RN) When proper needs, need to be made in order to ensure you injury is getting properly treated, to only find out the whole floor is on lunch break! Give me a break, and learn to take care of your patients. I mean that is your job, isnt it?! It's sad and patethic. I will never attend this medical center . You couldn't pay me enough in cash to go thought this prolonged process, which never should have happend to begin with! Includuing that the emergency room is completely empty. Looks like they need more hard working dedicated employees to work here, so maybe they can get this palce working in an originized matter, that would keep the customers comming; but with there past repretation, i dont see why anyone, and there mama would want to spend money to a facility that would care less about you, or you situation. Its truly pathetic! &iwould highly recommend going to a more helpful and caring enviroment, that would be more than happy to help you, or any issues you are having at that time. God bless you all, and I hope you find a hospital that would treat you with respect, rather than getting ignored, and most of all, disrespected! Hope you dont have to go through the horrid experience i just went though! Happy searching y'all!

Shaun McMillan

This hospital saved my life. I was overdosed and put into a coma at Takoma hospital in Greeneville, TN and transported to BRMC where they brought me back. The staff is friendly, the doctor was very attentive, the room was nice and clean with a pretty comfortable bed and the food was actually tasty.

Steph Sexton

Worst health providers I have ever even imagined. They violated my HIPPA rights and confidentiality, one of the officers was practically shouting outside my room to everyone "did you know so and so's sister (he knew my brother, another officer, from the Bristol police dept) is on meth amphetamine!?" because I am prescribed ADHD medication... I was kept up all night crying due to the medical staff gossiping about me outside of my room. Very disturbing that a hospital is allowed to do this by whatever supervision they might have.

Boost Bunny

This hospital is human toilet paper. 4 hr waits for kids that are hurt. It's a pill palace for junkies. A full blown joke. Needs two lines. One for people with zero insurnace and a habit and one for real injuries for people that have insurnace.

Megan Smith

Was in here for labor and delivery, first nurse I dealt with was amazing up until the delivery of my child, then night shift nurse came on duty and she has no clue wth she's doing! she kept waking our baby up saying she needs to feed like every hour! I've had 3 kids (counting this one) and from my experience the baby will wake up when she's hungry, you don't wake a sleeping baby, I could understand if hours had passed and she wasn't waking to feed, but that wasn't the case! So glad I only dealt with her the one night!! Terrible hospital pediatrician on call too, they said my daughter was tongue tied, so they took her to clip it, was only gone 5 minutes with her, came right back and she was still sleeping and didn't seem like she'd just had a precedure done on her tongue, now a week later we took her to our family pediatrician and they said she's still tongue tied and it's not been clipped before, so they lied about doing it! My doctor didn't reexamine me before I left nor did anyone else, and I had stitches put in! Terrible terrible staff!! I'll never go here again, I'll drive further away if need be!!

Charlie Hatfield

Jessica Pierce

I received wonderful care while staying here when I had my daughter in September! Thank you for all the hard work you do!

John Carter Moon

We were very impressed and had such a great experience in Labor and Delivery. This was our first child, and Bristol Regional's team took excellent care of us start to finish. Katie was one of our nurses and she was extremely friendly, kind and helpful. Paige was as well. We were also very grateful for Robin who educated us beforehand with her childbirth class. Thank you so much to the Bristol team for all your efforts!

Brandon Sneed

Adam BUDz Clark

Way faster then JCMC but a little less caring as well. But all together it was a nice and friendly environment.

Steve Joiner

The staff really cared about my father-in-law and the entire family. They kept us up to date during the entire procedure. This will be my choice should I ever require hospitalization.

Rebecca Pardue

Beth Farmer

We received the absolute best care at BRMC. The nurses were excellent. My husband had a heart attack in 7-2013 and open heart surgery 9-2013. Both visits the hospital and its staff were excellent. If any of my family need medical care BRMC will be our first choice.

Sean Rose

The level of caring from the nurses and doctors is absolutely outstanding no matter your circumstances these people care.

Ambe H


I was born here

Katie Snow

Lee Wickings

This is the worst hospital I have ever been to. My daughter is pregnant and was having an allergic reaction and they thought they would leave her in the waiting room for 3 hours. They had people come in after her for a cold and they went back before she did. That is stupid and I do not recommend going to this hospital for anything. This hospital is also noted for telling girls that are pregnant that the have a UTI and that they should be taking meds and they prescribe them to the girls. I have a daughter in law and a daughter that are pregnant and that is what they told both of them and when they went to their doctor it was not the case and the doctor said that this hospital has a bad habit of telling everyone that they have a UTI.... smh Don't go to this hospital because they have no clue what they are doing.

The G

Had an MRI there. Was never told what the cash price would be. They put it through my insurance. Afterwards I discovered the cash price was HALF of what the hospital and my insurance provider contracted with each other to pay. Talk about manipulation of pricing! I alerted the hospital that I would pay the cash price but I got no resolve. I made a formal complaint with my insurance, the state and the hospital. Cash price: $1300. My price with insurance due to their contract and my deductible: $2500. I’m being charged double for the “luxury” of having insurance. Again, I offered to come right up there and give the hospital the $1300 cash price immediately and they refused. Side note: And, on top of everything else my doctor ordered the wrong MRI. I alerted the doctor and the hospital to that as well and got nowhere.

Haylee Bauder

The rudest people must have been working tonight. My husband was treated absolutely terrible when he got discharged. Due to being in there for a bad horse back riding accident and thinking he broke his hip, he was asked to leave immediately after he was discharged. They needed the room for someone else. We were waiting to get him some pants, a shirt, and shoes, but they brought a pair of scrubs and said "here you can put these on and have them forever" THEN EXPECTED HIM TO WALK OUT OF THERE WITH NO SHIRT, NO SHOES, AND WITHOUT ANY HELP AND DID NOT EVEN HAVE THE COMMON COURTESY TO ASK HIM IF HE NEEDED ANY HELP OR A WHEELCHAIR! Let alone, the second nurse who came in was horridly rude and only came in the room maybe two or three times during the whole crappy experience. They pretty much ordered him out right away. Let it be known, he was brought there in an AMBULANCE due to not being able to walk and screaming in agonizing pain. This experience was absolutely terrible and I am so disappointed with the horrible care my husband got tonight. This place needs NICE and CARING people only, not just people who show up for their paycheck and that's it. I have had good experiences with this hospital, but this one was not one of them. They need to get their priorities straight and care for their patients like they should.

Shawn Musser

Excellent Surgeons here. Very big parking lot so many places to park and they got employees on golf carts in case you have to park little ways away from entrance. 5*

Laura Blake

Went to a separate business inside BRMC a few months back, stopped by the ladies on my way. This is what I saw... a toilet on a kickstand! Lol

Savanna Nelson

Staff was very nice and helpful. Although my stubborn relative acted like this place was terrible it really wasn't. The doctor bluntly told her what she needed to hear, which was great. We only had problems out of one nurse who wanted to give her a tylenol pill when she strictly couldn't have anything by mouth cause she was unable to swallow. The cafeteria food was delicious. Wish I could've tried a coffee from the cafe. It seemed to stay busy. The gift shop looked like it had alot of cool stuff from the outside. When they switched my relative to a rehab place they wouldn't let her bring her flowers because they were live flowers, don't know why. So I'm going to go back and see if we can find them.

Sandra Robbins

Jon Jones

I had a total hip replacement done here. I received excellent care.

Summer J

Vicki Link

Devyn Berry

Scott Johnson

One nurse; out of the whole staff was good the rest; disobeyed the consent order on my wife they never told me they took her off her meds she almost died Indian Path brought her back from the grave...

Tony Staton

Sadie Lockhart

Dana collier

My son is a over the road trucker and he got sick and was admitted to bristol regional med center, i had to call and keep checking on him as we are from Philadelphia Pennsylvania, the staff was really really nice and treated him really well, and also was very nice to me over the phone, he was unable to leave after he got discharged and they gave him a hospitality room until he was able to drive, the security staff was very courteous and went to check on him whenever i called , I would like to just say thankyou so much!! Doug and scott.from security, and whoever else went to check him for me. I've never been to Tennessee but if i do get there and happen to get sick , Take me to Bristol Regional!!

Jeff Skovran

I left this hospital laughing tonight! My daughter has anaphylaxis allergies and was swelling up everywhere. They took her right back and then began to do an IV on her and sprayed her blood everywhere and left it there and never put in an IV. Then she felt like her throat was swelling but they made her swallow pills and she nearly choked. After about a half an hour the doctor looks at my daughters back and says that she is fine now and that she may go home but to keep her epipen with her. Now it’s 2:45 AM and no pharmacy is open this late to get an epipen but ok. Then for the final check from the doctor that we requested before we took her home he asked her to open her mouth so he could see her throat but was standing down by her feet, so either he has eyes like Superman or he just totally disregarded my daughters severe allergy attack. That is why we left laughing... The kicker to this story is that I brought her here a week prior for a bad UTI and she was peeing blood and they gave her an antibiotic that may have caused this reaction. Not to mention they took 8 vials of blood from her and left them sitting on the counter and were never tested. They disregarded her condition by telling us that she needed a urologist and that they had people who were dying in the hospital. They made us feel both times that we were overreacting and shouldn’t have went there. I honestly have never seen such a joke of a place and these people are supposed to care for human beings? These doctors are complete jokes and nurses are just as bad. How about making your patients feel welcome and maybe offer a blanket and a pillow while they are waiting to be seen. I am horrified of anyone in my family ever getting sick and having to go to this hospital. I think they got their degrees online because I could do a better job than they do. Avoid this hospital at all costs!

Laura Fugate

Worst hospital ever!! If you are sick might as well drive to a different facility and if you have a heart problem just go ahead and call the morgue. They will check you in and leave you there and NOT check back in. My mother was there for 6 hrs and they didn't offer anything to drink or food until she just left on her own. I called to see what was taking so long and they said they couldn't hurry the doctor and don't even try talking to the charge nurse they will leave you on hold. Holston Valley or Indian path is the way to go for any help now those are in and out ER and actually care about the patients that come in.

wMichael Slagle

laura C

Once again a horrible experience cardiac surgery is a big deal and these ppl act like they have no experience nurses on third floor are scary and have no understanding of how to take care of cardiac patients ....given wrong medication....medical records incorrect patient advocacy ...everything you ask for is a problem and no suggestion to walk or use spirometer after a complicated heart surgery nurses have no answers ...was told heartbeat was irregular after telemetry was called from bedside and they said no it was fine scared us to death ....left with fluid on lungs called within 24 hrs to ask if trouble breathing was of concern and they said no within 48 hrs in ambulance with respiratory failure and more damage was done to the heart ....doc said oh I was afraid of that

Debborae Mayne

I want to say how great the ER doctors and staff were in helping my husband. The doctor was amazing . The staff on the 3rd floor was great . Rebecca, Kim, Robbie , Bri, the sleep study guys , the meal workers housekeeping everybody was great . I know I cant remember everybody's name and I'm so sorry . Thanks for all you did.

Brian Hess

Glenn Caswell

On August 19th of this year I was admitted to Bristol Regional with a rather serious heart attack. My home is in Crossville, Tn and I was in Bristol to attend the Nascar Race and not familiar with the area, so I was a bit reluctant to say the least. I want to THANK Dr. Foley, Dr.Kennedy and the entire staff for their care and attention while there. My experience with the hospital and staff could not have been better.....they made me feel secure and confident in the care that I was given. They were all attentive to my needs and attitudes were good. Sometimes people don't understand how important they are to someone in my position......even the minor of things can mean alot. I also want to THANK the emergency medical team that worked on me and transported me to the hospital. Without their help, who knows? THANK YOU ALL FOR BEING THERE FOR ME!

Will Outlaw

This place is only 23 years old. It's filthy and in disrepair. Pay those executives a little less Welmont and fix up and clean your hospital.

Troy Anderson

Worst hospital around. This is where they send you to die. They tell you they have a great success rate at rehabilitation to get you to send loved ones, but after the initial 30 days they want you gone. If you cant transfer they start bullying for a Do Not Resuscitate order. Only go here if youre ready to die.

Jillian Leffew

Absolute worst hospital in area. Go anywhere else unless absolutely necessary. Nurses are very rude and condescending. I would not trust any of my family to be in this facility by themselves. So terrible and sad.

marie haynes

I had my daughter at this hospital and they rushed my labor and brought her via c-section at 37 weeks....and the facility's are not clean and they don't take the time to help anyone

Beverly Holbrook

Joe Doherty

Corey Taylor

The terrible service this place has. I wouldn't send my dog to get worked on at this place.

d gore

Nice clean hospital, friendly staff. Technology seems state of the art.

Jonathan Anderson

My sick son was in waiting room at ER for hrs ,he was so tired by 2:30 in morning my husband decided to come home so my son could get some sleep, there was a sick crying baby in waiting room that had been there for hr before my son, it's crazy, If they r that busy they need to expand.They must be making alot of money.We need better options especially when it comes to our kids being sick in middle of night having to sit in chair in crowded waiting area vomiting all over themselves for hrs and still never get to see Dr

Elizabeth Hileman

Burton Rose

Keelee Greenway

Cameron Mullins

I’m from DC first off we have standards of care up there and expectations that are strictly enforce. I’m still in the ER with a injured knee as I write this review. I have to wait 2 hours just to go back to an ER room. During triage the nurse rolls me out of the door reckless and fast with out car and slams my injured leg into the door causing me to scream bloody murder alerting everyone even 35 yards outside the ER doors ppl heard me. Lady didn’t apologize just said oopsies and kept me rolling. I got back to the room and was seen quick but have still after 1.5 hr inside the ER room have not received anything for swelling or pain. This place is a joke of a hospital for the good old boys that only come in for pain management and fake being sick. I wish I was able to walk I would have left ages ago and took my luck with any ANY other hospital. STAY AWAY FROM THIS S#*T HOLE.

Selena Estep

Most of the staff is friendly but, there are some rude nurses that could use a class on how not to be rude.

Elizabeth Thoeni

Stephanie Taylor

Just another bad experience. Do you know they were going to let a nurse do a rape kit on who I was with that had never done one before? We had to wait an hour before the nurse even came in. You'd think that would be time sensitive especially since she hadn't used the bathroom in hours 6 already and told them she had to really go. No counselor came in to speak with her. Just rattled of phone numbers she could call when we left. They really didn't seem concerned about someone's well being who had just been raped. The guy in the waiting room was very nice. That's all I can say good. They need to clean that place better too.

Don and Tammy Hilt

IIam leaving the bad comments I made afterward to explain why I gave them a 4 instead of a 5. They drained the pocket of infection today and put Don on an IV drip. The ER stinks! I used to think it was a great ER, but it has changed since the merger. I brought my husband here yesterday. They were okay. He was worse today. I called and they told me to bring him back for an iv drip. Now, a rude triage nurse acts like we are lying about calling. As a result, we have to sit and wait because she doesn't think he's sick! We will be charged for 2 ER visits if she decides we can see the Dr. Why couldn't she just ask the Dr. or talk to the nurse I talked to? ADDITIONAL: I complained about the rude triage nurse, and we were taken care of. I wish they had just listened to begin with! THE Dr. We finally saw was great!

Wesley Sykes

My mom has been here for four hours and potentially has a deadly disease (Steven Johnson Syndrome). She is swelling and her rash is spreading rapidly. I talked to them and was told a nurse would come look but they had a few people in front of her because they had been busy. The nurse hasn't came,and they have been putting people through slowly, they don't appear to busy, and they are showing no concerns. Horrible experience. NOT recommended!

Tonya Widener

Small Steps Therapy** 2cd floor Absolutely love these guys they are wonderful with my daughter and are very non judgemental and understanding group of therapists! Forever grateful for what they have done for my family and i

Dion W

Mixed reviews as with any hospital.

Justinia Altizer

When we came in the er there was 2 people ahead of us. We got in an er room and my husband had BP of 202/98. The nurse came in, took blood and we waited 1 hr for a Dr. Qhen she came in we explained to her our reason for visit. She ordered labs and morphine. 4 and a half hours later, after them telling us what we told them(he has chronic pancreatitis) we asked for a nurse twice to no avail, then the Dr multiple times. To be told that they "could not find her anywhere". At this point his BP was 253/119 and NO ONE WOULD SEE US, AFTER ASKING MULTIPLE TIMES FOR A NURSE OR DR.. his chest felt like it was going to explode and they still "couldnt find her" After leaving AMA we went to Johnston memorial where we were for 15 minutes before they rushed him back bc of his BP, an hour and a half later he was being transported to Holstein Valley for a VERY SERIOUS pancreas condition and an 8×6 cm cyst on the pancreas that was on the verge of rupturing. Kudos to bristol hospital for not caring or even being able to get it together long enough to find the dr. He could have died that night there, and there wasn't a dr to be found ANYWHERE.

Dyan Artrip

My son has been in here several times and the nurses on the 4 th floor are the best.

Chris Lewis

I just discharged today after a 4 day stay on the 3rd floor step down (from ICU) and so wanted to give shout-outs to all the nursing staff, along with the great Respiratory staff.. They were amazing! If it wasn't for caregivers like this hospital has in place I don't know where I'd be.. Total professionals everyone of them! Thank you Teams for being so good to me! Only was able to get one photo of one of my nurses, Thanks Chase!

Kourtney Turley

I have to say I am not impressed at all. The nurses I came into contact with all seemed great! They were nice, kind, and very helpful. The doctor? I have no idea. He never came to see me. I had the nurse come in to ask me what the doctor had said. I told him he hadn't. So he told me what was going on, and discharged me. Later, I had a question so I called the hospital. The lady was VERY rude, and cut me off to direct me to the ER before I ever said I needed the ER. So, great experience... NOT. I may live closer to this hospital, but I think I'll be driving to VA from now on. What a waste of time.

Greg Herrmann

My whole family has been going to this hospital for over 15 years- Very wise, understanding, Professional and knowledgeable staff, nurses and doctors! Thank you so much For everything you have done for us!!

Brenda Musick

This hospital is the worst my son was saw there June 30 2018 and they sent him home with 2 broke ribs and a fractured wrist and after telling him it was just sprained and his ribs were just bruised. What a horrible hospital

Ashleigh Collins

The ER is seriously a joke. Was there with chest pain, shortness of breath, tachycardia, dizziness & had to wait 2 HOURS on a room when there were plenty available as we went back. Then a nurse came 30 minutes later and said she didnt even know we were there. Hate going here, but it was the closest hospital to me. Also sent me home 10 minutes after watching me have a 'seizure-like' episode with NO answers for me.

Alexa Hyden

Liz Council

I would not recommend this hospital to anyone. How such low standards and mistreatment is allowed to continue, I will never understand. I go in having (what I know now, no thanks to BRMC) a very intense panic attack also tremendous lack of sleep and they treat me like a crazy person. I'm not sure who on this earth would be completely calm going through what I was going through. I could hear every word that one nurse was saying about me at the desk across from my room. It was very hurtful and she was wrong. I needed help, not disrespect and humiliation. I'm still traumatized by this experience and will never go back. They also sent my 3 year old home with pneumonia in 2007. Thank God that I knew they were wrong and took him to his M.D. to get proper medications. This place should really require more from their employees and help, not hurt people that are there because they are sick, concerned or afraid. So disappointing and scary.

Tammy Thiel

My dad was in ICU-2 with COPD and heart failure. Randy was very informative and treated my dad with dignity and respect. Also, thank you to Ashley, the respiratory nurse for keeping me so informed.

April mcconnell

Had a wonderful experience here at Bristol regional. I was treated with patient and caring doctors and nurses. Not like what they did to me when I went to Abingdon Johnston memorial hospital, the nurse that cared for me there left a bruise on my arm. BRMC is

Don Parmely

My wife had a severe nose-bleed. They took her right in to a treatment room and worked her until they could solve the problem. Overall a good experience.

Jack Flash

my father was employed with Bristol regional, as soon as Ballad health took over and monopolized this hospital, along with all the hospitals in east Tennessee region, they fired half the employees in the department and they fired my father's entire department and offered to rehire them at HALF their salary and at much worse benefits.... Ballad health is a monopoly and a very bad one! screw ballard! broke up my family and forced my parents to relocate out of state. jerks! rethink working for this monopoly corporation

Amy BRobinson

Took my husband for a gall bladder surgery and they were awsome.. im so glad & well blessed that we both had the chance to have the dr that he did. The Dr.was super awesome and such a pleasant very understanding and took his time explaining ever little detail & madw sure you both were on the same level we were blessed he was very professional & family accordingly..thanks to the office a the crew members working in the office with :#Dr :#scarfstein **look up @ ** male Dr... @ Bristol surgery. association... We give him 5

Candace Widner

Gregory Cabaltica

Visits to the Hospital are rarely a good thing, but we have always been dealt with courteous service at both the East & West wings. Parking can get to be a challenge, but if you hawk spots long enough, it will come, besides, there is always Gold Cart attendants that fairy visitors who have to park a ways back to the entrance which can be a huge relief when it is pouring rain & snow. I still don't look forward to going to the Hospital, but Bristol Regional does everything they can to minimize the anxiety typically involved.

Logan Rice

Melissa Thomas

Dog an Cat Hospital! Do Not even go there!

Kaleb Reed

patrick arnold

Awful most of the times I have been.

Laura Miller

Andrea Russell

Kelly Pippin

Cleanliness and compassionate

David Watson

I just visited your facility earlier tonight and the treatment I received was far from right. The last time I checked I thought discrimination was illegal. I came in for an Abscessed tooth and a possible yeast/bacterial infection and all I asked for was antibiotics and anti inflammatories to bring down the swelling so I could eat again. I was treated very nicely at this point. The nurse practitioner offered options for what could be done and was very sympathetic until it came up in my chart that I was on subutex. I did not know there was a law saying you had to tell the doctor you were on it, I had thought it would just been in my file. If I HAD known this I would have told her. Telling someone you are on that kind of drug is not exactly the easiest thing to do, it is embarrassing to admit because 9/10 they will judge you for it. Which is EXACTLY what happened. After seeing this in my file she very loudly (many people outside probably heard that I was on subutex including other patients) stated that is was illegal for me not to tell her I was on it and automatically assumed I was trying to get painkillers. It was so embarrassing, after she left the room I was so upset and embarrassed I burst into tears. For one, I have NEVER been addicted to any kind of painkiller, illegal drug or alcohol. My addiction started with subutex and I have never had any other problem. I have rarely taken painkillers in my life, very few situations besides an ovarian cyst and tendinitis have I ever had to take them and I barley would then. After this loud announcement she did her best to get me out as soon as possible, I was treated differently like I was just some junkie off the street trying to get pills when I mentioned nothing about painkillers at all. All I asked for was the antibiotics and the anti inflammatories.I even made a point to tell her ibuprofen helped my pain. They said the would try to drain the infection from my mouth. That didn't happen. And more importantly I was never tested for a yeast/bacterial infection which should have been done because the doctor could not have known for sure what I had or if it was either of those. This was plain old fashioned discrimination. And it was emotionally distressing for me.I will never return to this facility. The care I received was extremely poor at best. I already have issues with self esteem and self image, this was just damaging to my emotional state. If I was treated badly enough by the staff as to make me cry, there is a problem here.This can not be allowed to happen to others. And I will not allow it. With no thanks, Emily Flanigan

Katie Bell

Every single time myself or a family member has had to be admitted they seem to always be understaffed. I've had family have to wait more than 20 minutes to use the bathroom. Its ridiculous as it gets. The staff genuinely does not care, as their actions show. Come here only if you have a death wish and are to scared to off yourself. I really wish google had a negative star system. I can not say enough negative things about this facility. Please don't waste your time or life here. It is really not worth it. I'm sure there are some people that workhere that care but it's certainly not the nurses or techs.

Kathy Shaffer

Wow, a nurse told me 45 minutes ago that she would get me a cup of water. Glad I wasn't holding my breath. Been here almost 2 hrs.and still nothing for pain. My pain level was and is 8 but who's counting. Not the ER. I'm sure they are going to say we are so busy, well take care of who is there also. I could have gotten better care at home by self. I'm going to say a prayer for them.

William Spiva

Kiara Taylor

If you plan on dying, forget hospice, come here. Think that's the doctor finally calling your name? Tough luck, its God. At least then you'll find sweet relief.

jLee 51

I'm honestly scared to go and I'm subject to experiencing potentially deadly symptoms (seizures , extreme high BP). Due to not taking a prescription drug ive been on for over a decade. Legally prescribed. In fear of being labeled someone seeking narcotics . My ex had clinicals there and she said they all would gossip about such patients and "mark" their files.

Debra Rowe

The nurse practitioner was rude, took several hours to put orders in after admitting my dad. Then the nurse on the floor was rude when asking when nurse practitioner was going to put orders in. It seems Ballard needs to do a training with their staff on bed side manners as no one had it except cleaning ladies, Admit nurse & PCT. Sad when you're sick & in pain to receive this type of treatment from the main staff that care for the patients!! To bad for the merge NOW WE HAVE NO CHOICE BUT TO GO HERE!!!!

Tennessee Fan

I was in the ER for psychiatric issues and have been there a few times. The psych NPs are awesome. I’ve been seen by a few of them and they have all been caring and compassionate. An ER trip can be scary especially for mental illness but Ballad seems to be making big strides in mental health with these ladies making a big difference.


Their cafeteria has the best food

Big Dan

Not bad 2hr total for broken foot


From visitor stand point, nice ICU waiting rooms with comforts available. Friendly church volunteers offer/provide snacks during your wait. Occasional lovely volunteer piano playing. Starbucks, foodcourt and shop with floral arrangements available. This is a non-smoking campus, strictly enforced by security. However, paid staff need to more efficiently communicate and be more cosiderate. Eventhough this is just a job to some, it's a stressful time for patients and families....ICU nurse laughed all night keeping patients awake.

Lewis Pingo

I was brought to the emergency room multiple times after a disastrous surgery. The hospital staff was a nightmare. Nurses were cold and uncaring. Doctors were laughably inconsiderate and lacked basic common knowledge. Security was like frat house high jinks, staring and making rude comments about me just outside my curtains. I was in the emergency room for three days and never brought to a hospital room. The entire staff is disgracefully incompetent. The only thing done with any sense of importance was the collection of my insurance information. PLEASE do yourself a favor and go anywhere else for care.

IceeSkillful FilmsBoii

They told us 2 hours ago they were going to have a room ready for us here it is 1:02 in the morning still nothing they can an hour ago and say they will be here any minute to escort what’s up with this service you need to take more care of your patients

Marlene Pemberton

Took my 91 year old mom to the ER yesterday with severe abdominal and low back pain. The staff was great but she was so uncomfortable. You’d think they would spring for better beds, especially for elderly people. There were NO pillows so we had to stuff sheets under her knees and head and for whatever reason there were no chairs to sit in except for out away from the room. I ended up sitting on her potty chair (with the lid down of course) because my feet and legs hurt so bad. We went early in the morning and the windows that go from the ceiling to the floor are frosted and there’s no curtains or blinds and the morning sun made the room stifling. Whoever thought that idea up wasn’t thinking because those windows made it like a solarium in there. We did ask for pillows and a chair but they seemed quite short handed so I’m sure they either forgot or they just don’t provide these things anymore. Cutting costs, I’m sure but at the expense of the patients. I would’ve given one star if it weren’t for the staff.

Dianna Favreau

Your emergency department is the worst I have seen since the old ages. Rude, indifferent and basically don't show any care towards patient at all, thanks for nothing. I have been going to Bristol all my life but unless you make some changes I'll never be there again. My BP is still 220/122

loryn harrison

Come in due to a migraine on Friday, May 17th. Sat in the waiting room at 5:00AM with nobody out there for over an hour. My boyfriend actually had to call the ER and tell them to come help me. Other then that, that isn’t really my complaint. My complaint is that I was given an IV and was suppose to have 3 medicines pushed through it. Well, my nurse goes to put my medicine in my IV, started pushing the medicine through and little air bubbles were going up my IV with the medicine. I kid you not!!! ALL 3 medicines pushed has MULTIPLE air bubbles going up my arm with it! THAT COULD HAVE KILLED ME. And to beat it all, i even sat there and told her it’s scaring me with all those air bubbles, and not a word was said. She actually ignored me. I’ve tried getting in contact with the head nurse and the only response i got was “we can make her take another training class.” NO THAT IS NOT GOOD ENOUGH, if she’s a damn nurse she should know better. I’ve also tried getting in touch with the OWNERS of the hospital and keep getting tossed around like a sack of potatoes. I want something done!!!

Sherry Bailey

This is the worst hospital I’ve ever been to or had my family at. I took my daughter here with a serious illness and they didn’t know how to treat her and after she was here for three days I had to have her discharged and rushed to UT where she was admitted for a week and they helped her. Then I had an emergency with my mom tonight who has a heart issue and they let her sit out in the waiting room for over an hour with a blood pressure of 192/86. They didn’t even do an EKG when she arrived. I had to call her doctor and he had to come down to the lobby of the ER to see her and evaluate her because the hospital Er staff was doing nothing. I guess when they saw a doctor evaluating her in their lobby they decided to take her back. We are now in a room and she hasn’t been seen yet. I’m scared to death for my mom. They should be in this room running EKGs as I’m writing this. I’m scared to drive her to another hospital further away with her blood pressure this high. I would like them to get her stable first before transporting her. If my mom has a heart attack or a stroke I will sue this hospital senseless. I’ve never written a review in my life but I’m hoping to save someone else’s loved one if they read this. No one should ever come to this hospital.


Horrible. Go anywhere else. Anywhere.

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