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REVIEWS OF Blount Memorial Hospital IN Tennessee

Evelyn Miller

Will not go there 3 strikes they r out

Sherri Townsend

They ate doing a great job taking care of momma

Emily Qualkenbush

Clean and polite

Stephanie Jimerson

Don't get into an accident with any of their vehicles because they won't make sure you are ok, and they won't apologize! The registration in the vehicle was from 2009 and insurance info expired in 2014. I called the man's supervisor that was driving and left her a message and she didn't call me back instead she called the man driving and when he hung up he told me his supervisor said it was ok if I made a police report, like I asked permission. Then they sent someone from security over and the security guard did not even speak to me ask if I was ok, what happened or nothing. If their hospital is anything like the way I was treated in an accident that was their employees fault, I want no part of it, because they have no manners!!! From Nathan's supervisor to the security guard. I'm not sure even what part of the place he was from, but it all left a bad impression on me, I will never go there nor recommend them because they don't know how to treat people they wrong in the community.

Patricia Lecher

Poor job done. Doctors and nurses spent more time trying to dishcharge my dad out instead of caring for the patient himself. Saying he was fine when his tests showed that he wasn’t.

Deborah Cable

I usually don't go to BM, because I would always have a bad experience, but last evening I went to BM, I had a good experience this time. I was in the emergency room when I was sick. The staff treated me very well, and this time I didn't spend 8 or 9 hours in the emergency room. Thank you Blount Memorial.

Savana Dorsey

Catherine Stepp

Honestly if I could give this 0 stars I would. I waited 2 hours in a room before my registration nurse came in. Finally when the first nurse came in she took my vitals and told me I shouldn’t have came there in the first place for an infection, then the second nurse came in and told me that I might have to stay over night and so she would have to put an ivy in my arm, which she tried multiple times to give me medicine that another doctor had already given me after me repeatedly telling her I’d already had them, she then rolled her eyes and shoved an ivy into my arm causing my arm to gush blood and go numb for 2 more hours. This is the worst hospital I’ve ever been to and I will never return

Storm Embersong

I have several health conditions and am barely able to walk for the past four days I had been having stomach issues, diarrhea and nausea with dizziness. I passed out in the bathroom and fell. I ended up having to go the ER that night (begged to go to UT where my doctors actually are) . THe nurses were okay and the Radiology techs were amazing however that is where it ends. "Everything showed up clear but since you've recently been on pain medication its just withdrawals" Basically accused me of being a pain addict and sending me home. This isn't the first time I've been dismissed by this hospital and then had to go to another hospital and ended up spending a month or so there because of something Blount "dismissed". Don't go there. Period. They will OVERLOOK something.


Grandmother fell and had a head injury they came straight out to the car, took her in and got her tests done fast. Great staff!

Donna Anderson

Lorraine Zappi

What a wonderful hospital and beautiful staff! My husband was in a motorcycle accident and was admitted for 2 days. They just couldn't do enough for both of us. The nurses all hugged us when we left.

miranda mccroskey

Listen....they r sum good things and there r sum bad things but if u really r that upset over hospital and service from the doctors...then u should have stopped at McDonalds on the way to the hospital. #logic

Anonymous Nutjob

My mother had a heart attack and died there while in there care, and they wouldn't tell us why, and they were more worried about saving themselves from a lawsuit than anything else. They said it could have been her blood sugar, which was bull, they were supposed to be monitoring her blood sugar. Fort Sanders always did. She hated being there because she felt ignored. I wouldn't trust this hospital with my life, or anyone else's ever again.

Dale Hutchinson

I am working with a patient that was taken to BMH-ER against her will and held in a psych eval status with out every being seen by a Psychiatrist or Psychologist. She is struggling greatly with PTSD due to the traumatic and inhumane way that she was treated with indignity and hostile indifference by the ER medical Staff [ Dr. Bruce D. Cambell, Kelly L. Gregory RN and Jason R Begue were the primary ER docs] These ER Staff members ordered her to be locked into the room with out access to a bathroom, a regular bed [just a thin cot tossed on nasty floor' no buzzer to get attention when need, physical abuse by RN Kelly L. Gregory, no access to cell phone or personal property. All of her human rights, guaranteed by the Geneva convention were violated. I highly recommend that this facility be avoided unless your patient or loved one needs only minimal care. Do not seek any treatment at BMH_ER if you have any other alternative.

Gretchen Watters

Fantastic nursing staff....attentive and caring. For an older hospital it was very clean. Food was ok for hospital food. Love the drive down 321 to Maryville , not much traffic like going to wards Knoxville.

Angie Patterson

I am so ticked off with the way you guys treated my sister. By refusing her medicine. I promise you if she ends up dying . You will have a law suit. As of right now thanks to you guys. My sister has no memory. You discriminated her all because she had no insurance. I will not recommend anyone to visit this hospital. I hope and pray that someone else steps in a stop this discrimination.

Katelyn Devine

I had a good nurse the day I was delivering my daughter, but other then that I would not recommend going to this hosiptal they told me my insurance had covered my surgery and my delivery but their still billing and harassing me numerous people had tried to warn me before I wished I would've listened. I know alot of ppl where the same thing had happened. I definitely will not be returning.

Jeff Bodden

I Brought my better half to the emergency room with a razor slice on her thumb. There was virtually zero wait time before she was escorted to a exam room. After a brief, few minute wait, a nurse came in and took her vitals (at this time her BP was 184/106) and took some notes. Immediately after that a "intake" person asked some more questions. Then after about a 10 minute wait, the PA enters to exam the wound. She advised no stitches were needed and she would simply "glue" the wound shut. At this point we are actually rather impressed with everything, especially how quickly she was attended to. I then walked out to my vehicle and returned about 6 minutes later...This is where everything comes unglued! When I returned, I noticed my better half was no longer in her exam room. I asked a passing employee and I was soon escorted back to the "Lab", where a drug test was required due to this being a "Workman's Comp" issue. After the test, she advised she had already given her discharge papers and the employee that completed the drug test cut off her hospital wrist band and wished us a "Merry Christmas". I then asked my better half if she got her wound "glued". She stated no, they assumed she didn't need it, hence the discharge papers. On our way out, I asked the one of the Triage intake team members if it was "normal" to release a patient with a BP of 184/106. He stated no and that they are required to take a final set of vitals before any patient is discharged. A few minutes later, he escorts us back to another room, with no explanation. After about a 10 minute wait, another team member comes over to re-check her vitals (BP now down to 159/95). I inquire if there is a "Supervisor" that I may speak with. Then, about 10 minutes later, the original PA showed up, apologized for the "mix-up" and commenced to "glueing" her would shut, starting with cleaning the surrounding area of her thumb with alcohol, "accidentally" getting some of the alcohol into the open slice on her thumb. Accident? You tell me? At this point in time my BP is most likely higher than my better half's and I now "demand" I speak with a supervisor and the longer my wait, the higher my BP is getting since now my better half is in tears due to the pain. A few minutes later, an "orderly" escorts my down to "the family room" where he stated the "Charge Nurse" would meet me. When she eventually arrived, my first question was if anybody was doing anything for her pain. She stated "Yes" and when I inquired as to what had been prescribed, she had no clue. Turns out she was given a Tramadol. Due to many of the previous "horror stories" I've heard in the past regarding Blount Memorial, I "cringed" at the thought of taking her there, but it was the closest ER. Next time, I'll take the extra 10 minute drive and go anywhere other than Blount Memorial.

Mike Hunt

Not my favorite hospital! I would rather be taken the much longer trip to UT!

Pamela Covert

Was the worst experience I have ever had. My 89 year old mother trying to find out why it was taking so long on my handicap brother and was a nurse that was very rude to her. Made a complaint to head nurse in ER then got some answers. Should never have to complain to someone to get answers. I was there for hours. Had my 90 year old dad in waiting room and my 89 year old mother in back with my brother that has a mind of a six year old. This service is uncalled for.

Wanda Baird

my hushand was there Thursday night with stomach pain they was nice at first then they was bad took to long for iv fluilds and pain medicine worst ever the nurse was awful I heard bad things about this hospital I guess it was true when was sending him home I ask them to get him something to drink cause he has diabetes and his sugar drop wait one hour nothing yet then went a got my self then the nurse said he could not have it if she got off your lazy butt and got I would not have to her name was Danielle and the other nurse was lori do not go to this hosptial

Sam Davis

Wish I could give a zero. Worst medical experience I have ever had in my life. Thankfully I left or I would not be alive today. Never again if you have no choice make sure a family member is with you at all times.


Deserves better reviews. Saved my life.

Jessica Stone

Kayla Cook

I took my 4 month old to Blount because I woke up and she could not catch her breath. When we got there, they were saying it was whopping cough without doing a single test. Then the nurse practitioner came in and STILL did not do any tests. They sent us home and said to use suction. She NEEDED a breathing treatment. They were literally no help whatsoever. I went to my pediatrician when we got home and she had double ear infections and RSV. She had RSV when we came to Blount and my poor baby suffered for almost a week because they were not thorough in any way.

Jill Hoschette

Rarely do I write bad interviews, but will take the time to do this one. I hope we never have to go to this hospital again. My research will begin to see where we will need to go. My husband was brought by ambulance to Blount County Memorial and brought to the emergency room with stomach problems. He is extremely healthy, no medication and was in a lot of pain that night the ER. The nurse was okay and the doctor was very flippant. They kinda acted like he was being a baby. I had my kids there and needed to bring them home and they ensured me that he would be discharged in a couple hours. So I laid down with my phone and I never received a call, so I assumed he was put in a room. I called at 6:50 the next morning and found out he went to ICU! I never even got a phone call. I guess they found out that he wasn't faking. Then the ICU department was not friendly at all and defensive on any questions we asked. The communication was terrible (No communication). Anything I did find out I had to ask. I would strongly suggest that anybody go anywhere else. We also brought my daughter they're 15 months ago and neither my husband or I cared for the way they were. Now the second time proves our feelings were correct.

Kelly Stone

Seen in the ER last night and the entire staff was incredibly kind and helpful.

natalie gartman

Darlene Frogner

First i called the so called care line. Basically i was told. Thats my problem. Weds. I went to the ER. I came in with possible broken ribs. Well thankfully they were not. I was in so much pain. I was told to take over the counter pain relief. HUH?????? I usely handle pain pretty well. Not this time. I was treated like some drug addict. I am 60!! Not some 20 or 30 year old partying. Or drug addict. Not aski g for something to fir somethi g to put a ephant diwn. Just to take the edge off. Shameful being treated this way.

Mary S

I had a robotic assisted hysterectomy and recovery was in the mother and baby wing, it was a great experience. Surgery was on time, well executed, I was treated with respect and compassion. The nurses went above and beyond to care for me during my two day stay. The facility was clean, comfortable, I would recommend it. The food service was the only area lacking, as it was often late and the order was wrong or incomplete several times. This was a small part of my overall experience and the nurses more than made up for it, so no stars lost. I would have another procedure at Blount memorial without hesitation.

Oliver Margetin

I have a broken back and they treated me like a common criminal. BS Tehy suck, I will never go there ever again!

Adam Gann

The parking lots are ridiculous it would take that much money to restripe the parking lots especially at east tn medical building

Rylye Harding

May 15th 2013 my father was almost killed by this Hospital from a massive heart attack this Hospital let him go 15 1/2 hours having Chest Pains if you have any heart problems go to Fort Sanders in Knoxville to Dr Todd don't go to this Hospital cause they will try to kill you before saving you I like Jefferson Memorial Hospital better than this Hospital

David Hislop

$3000 in charges to look at a 1.5 year old with flu symptoms. Sent us home saying it was RSV. Business office gave me a 10 percent discount for paying in full,but it goes to show how broken our medical system is. Hospitals are empowered to gut you for all they can get. Do not go to this hospital if you can help it. They will kill you with charges.

Vivian Shaw

My mother was recently a patient at your hospital and I think that your establishment droped the ball.she was there only two days before you overdosed her, she then was flooded with fluids and gave her double pneumonia, she was 88 years old and weighed 89 pounds when you put her on food and water restrictions for two weeks while waiting on a test that you never did do ,when she got too weak to go to the restroom you would let her lay in a wet bed with wet clothes with a raw behind . after all this you decided it was a good idea to put her on palative care and sent her home .within 12 hours my mother passed away I understand she was 88years old with Heath issues, but this kind of service is totally unacceptable

Kenna Nicole

This place needs to be exposed. Especially their department heads and supervisors.

Sara G

Amber Elliott

Yesterday I had to go to the emergency department. I'm high risk pregnancy and there are so many upsetting things I could complain about. Instead I'm going to start going to another county to be seen if I have an emergency.

Timothy Turner


Dawn Ellison

Adam Monks

Arrived at 3am and didn't get into a room to 5am. Didn't see a doctor until almost 7 am where they ordered a chest x ray. Expected wait time on results is 90 more min.Then doc hands out treatment options and we wait for that. It will probably be about 10am or later before we get any relief for my child.So my wife, my sick 1 yr old and I just sit in a room with blood still on equipment, all sorts of used items all around room like prep swabs used IV needles laying about filth everywhere. Had there be anywhere else other than a different er we would have walked out hours ago. Do not come here and expect anything. Make sure it is a last resort!!!!!

Aaron Killian

Elaine Bloodgood

Jennifer Klingel

Very nice people!

Jan Simmons

Although the ER doctor was very nice, the diagnosis was WRONG. My husband had a bike crash on Cades Cove. Went to ER and was told nothing was broken (based on a reading from the xrays) When we got home from vacation and he developed a blood clot he went back to the ER where we live... Upon CT Scans he shows 2 broken vertebra and a broken rib and a blood clot in the leg! YIKES

tereasa stewart

4 hours from home, broken leg, very helpful & pleasant staff, would recommend

Maria Bernal

By far the worst hospital ever! Don't ever go here. Just go to UT Hospital they will take better care of you!!

Lee S

Completely insesnsative, moved to Tennessee and was told to avoid Blount Memorial! Should have listened. Some folks were wonderful but overall feeling is get em in, ship em out, they don't care what you say or feel just ship em out so they can bill you.

Jesyca Snoderly

Most of the nurses once you hit the floors are good, the ER is a joke, the nurses are rude, and the doctors are green. They misdiagnosed my mother in law with gas pain, and she had to go to another hospital for care of heart infection! My husband had a severe temporal abscess and they thought he wanted pain medications - so sent him home. That same day he went to UTMC and had to have emergency surgery and 3 surgeries after that in one week, he could have died! I wouldn't recommend

Anna Cummings

I have always had good experiences with Blount Memorial until last night. Made a trip to the ER and waited patiently for 45 minutes to be triaged. People coming in after me were being seen and I continued to sit waiting my turn and wondering if maybe I had been forgotten. David went to the window asking if I had been forgotten. He was assured they hadn't forgotten me as they called yet another person back who had arrived long after we had. At this point we asked if I was going to be taken care of and the nurse said since we had only been there 5 minutes I really shouldn't complain. Adios Blount Memorial hello Parkwest. Within 5 minutes of checking in at Parkwest I was in a room and being treated. Kidney stones are a pain and sometimes they can be dangerous if they are in the wrong place. Thank you Parkwest and shame on you Blount Memorial for your less than professional treatment.

jenna khashijan

The men and women who work at this facility are amazing....

Samantha Monteiro


Taken to their ER after a safety check. After waiting in a locked room alone for hours, I was reviewed by a therapist (young lady in her early 20s) and given the option of "volunteering" to go to their psych ward or being committed to a mental health facility. After being lead to believe I would be evaluated and released the same day, I was kept for three nights and not allowed to leave. The nurses were nice, but the counelors were condescending and at times rude. They reminded me of those clueless substitute teachers in school who just played videos for the class. I didn't feel as though they cared about me. And after hearing of similar experiences from other patients, it's obvious they do not. I will never go back, nor will I ever recommend this hospital.

John Tamez

Awful service in the ER. Long wait times, dirty rooms, and poor customer service.

Rachael Eakins

Love it

John Smith II

Elizabeth Goddard


nadya lisovaya

Ashton Wood

The 3 times I've been here it's been hands down, worst experience of my life. ER nurses are terrible. Would not go back if I was on fire.

cody Archer

Abusive nurses alot of malpractice

Brian Jordan

Mixed emotions on this place. ER is horrible: slow, rude, doctors have no beside manner. But I've been admitted quite a few times as I am a brittle diabetic and once you get in a room the doctors and nursing staff have been wonderful for the most part

Eric Blackburn

They are very good and quality is top of the line.

Over It

Rude ass charge nurses. No care just there for money.


Carolyn Martin

Sarah Everett

Do not go to this ER. I just left there. The doctor was neglectful and the nurse mocked my pain levels. I don't have insurance so I'll be paying hundreds of dollars to get treated badly. Thank you Blount memorial

fortnite gaming

My wife went to ER last night. She had a heart attack. She is a cancer patient. Not with blount. I talked with her today and someone there, either with ER or her nurse today, went through her purse and took all of here medicine out of her purse. I am furious with that place. Does anyone know what I can do about it? My name is DJ.

Dale Hercules

Clean and if you need a break from doing All your chores ,I am born and raised in Massachusetts do I will get to see the leaves all change I love Tn

Tina Holdway

I had my thyroid taken out on Monday Sept. 23 and had to say overnight, the staff was amazing. Each and everyone of them, they were friendly, helpful, professional , and respectful. I had a great experience I was very worried and scared but they all made me feel very comfortable. Thank You Tina

joseph wescom

Sitting here waiting for a doctor or patient advocate for hours. Nurses have been good but no one has been able to contact the doctor (who is in the hospital somewhere) for more than 5 hours. So we have tried to call patient advocate office/find there office but no one in the whole hospital knows where this office is or even can tell me a location. Went to guest services where it should be and they said they can not get ahold of the lady either that is working today. This is unacceptable and should be addressed to the medical board. I would recommend not to come to Blount memorial hospital.

David moneypenny

The nurses if that's what you call them are very rude and the wait time takes so long to see anyone it's just ridiculous and this is are healthcare today.

Karen Galloway

I, tom Galloway, was treated by Dr Blodgett for a bad ankle. my previous doctor in Florida said there no help for arthritis condition. Dr Blodgett explained my options and the lasting effects. I decided to have the minor surgery to remove the bone spur between joints rather than an ankle rebuilt. Dr Blodgett made 2 very small incisions for my surgery; I experienced very little pain post-surgery. And I'm very happy to say that I had amazing improvement in my joint & pain levels within 2 weeks! I hope and expect to get back to walking 2+ miles a day in the near future. As an extra plus, there was very little waiting to see Dr Blodgett on all my office visits. I would recommend him highly!!

Shtd Doedoe

Took my son after speaking with his DR. After waiting in the lobby for 45 mins we were then led to the hallway where the exam rooms are located. They placed us in chairs outside of room 23 and we had the privilege of waiting almost a hour. Then they proceeded to exam him in the HALLWAY! Took him in a exam room for a shot but told him not to sit on the bed. They just released a patient from there and hadn't cleaned it yet. So back to the hallway we go. That is where they put bandages on his legs while people our up and down the HALLWAY!! This was are first visit and it will be the last!! When you are new to the area you take a chance and hope it goes well. Unfortunately that's not how it went this time. I do want to say the 2 gentlemen at registration were WONDERFUL!!!

Husam Dabbagh

Very good place and friendly staff. Brother went in to ER and it was fast time.


I had to bring my mother here numerous times-She was 87 years old. Each ER visit she was seen promptly and the staff were very caring. The doctors were also very thorough and spent time speaking with us. She also was admitted here several times and each time the nurses were exceptional, and the doctors very thorough. Dr, Shattuck called me and gave me info on two occasions and accurately diagnosed her condition. I go to this hospital for my care because I trust this hospital and believe they are advancing their care each and every day to compete well with other hospital systems in this area. I appreciate that this hospital is close enough from where I live in Sevierville, especially for emergency care. Keep up the great work and I hope you expand and grow.

Jackson Robertson

Emergency staff nurses are very rude and will allow you to remain in pain

Elizabeth Johnson

My nurses and staff have gone above and beyond anything I could imagine. Things were explained to me clearly and consistently. They were extremely busy but I always felt like I was treated as an individual person and not a case. The bedside manner was both professional and personal. It felt more like I was a guest at a hotel vs a nameless, faceless, number. I have truly never had such a wonderful experience in a hospital, even when I had my son. Special Thanks to Kim, Mika, Kayla, and Sherry in the maternity ward. I wasn’t there for anything maternity but it was the only room available. They made me feel at home and I will drive past any hospital to get the care I received at Bount Memorial.

Tj Dunham

Mr Nask

Harassed by security for no reason. Accused of violating HIPAA law. I'm not even a health care professional. Security over stepping their bounds and apparently ignorant of the law.

Robert Moore

The billing with this hospital and other entities associated with the hospital are horrible. Just pathetic and very difficult to deal with.

Tyler Fugate

bill bivens

My wife has been treated here many times from our children being born here and because of health problems and this is a wonderful hospital from the doctors, nurses to the cleaning lady. FIVE STARS from us. Thanks, Blount Memorial Hospital! Keep it up!!!!!!!!1

Chelsey Silcox

- If i could give this place a -0 i would most definitely do but unfortunately it makes me give them a

Rita Menshausen

Clean, caring & quality care

Dustie Teaster

Worst hospital I have ever been too. Need a new one close with better doctors smh.

julie parris

If you need to have a mammogram, I highly recommend BMH. From check in to the time I left everything was perfect. Thank you Bridgett for being so nice.

Stephanie Blair

Emergency room has come a long way. If you don't appreciate Blount Memorial try having to go to one of the hospitals near Sweetwater and see if you don't change your mind about the services and team at Blount. Outstanding child birthing center as well.

James Knight

Been living in Maryville 10+ years, and let me tell you. I have literally never been to Blount Memorial, or been with someone who went there, and NOT had something go wrong. Seriously, not once. And I've been there by myself/with people 15+ times, I think. Every time something goes wrong. Whether it's in the form of clerical errors (misspelling their patient's names, scheduling surgery for a day the surgeon isn't working there), scatterbrained staff (leaving patients for obscene amounts of time), or even mistakes in procedures/diagnoses, something ALWAYS goes wrong. It's just a question of how bad the mistake will be. I will say that they've never let anyone I know actually straight-up die. But, I have heard horror stories. After being admitted there a handful of times and seeing friends/family there, the way they're treated, and the aftereffects? I wouldn't recommend anyone ever go here. The staff can be nice, especially some of the nurses, which are good people. But overall, it's a very unprofessional environment with an infamous local reputation. If there's any redeeming quality to the hospital, it may be their cancer ward. I heard it's actually pretty okay. But, I've never known anyone who went there, so I can't vouch for or against it. Note, if you're ever in an emergency situation where you are literally dying or something serious, obviously go to the hospital here. They are (usually) better than nothing, and if someone's dying, they do have the facilities to save lives or treat emergencies. They're just kinda bad at it, more often than is acceptable. TL;DR: In an emergency situation where you have no other options, of course, go here instead of something crazy like self-treatment. BUT, if you are not in an emergency, I'd strongly, strooongly advise going elsewhere if you can. The UT Medical Centre is close, and it's a heck of a lot more likely to properly help you.

Neal Johns

ronngren brantner

Do not ever go there. I'm very sad to know that my home town hospital failed to treat me with care and concern in a timely manner. I lost a part of myself I can never replace and some of my dignity, due to their negligence. I loath this place.

Robert McNeil

The doctors here have taken great care of my mom. She continues to talk about how nice all the doctors and staff were. They got her in quick, and explained things in a way that she understood. Her doctor is at ETMG, which is a part of Blount and they have been great as well.

Jeff Jones

Very poorly run hospital, if you have another option take it. I would never take a loved one to this hospital.

James Hardwick

Hi my nanna yo used to work at oak ridge hospital

Denyse Walters

Since we moved here, we’ve been warned to never use Blount Memorial. The horror stories abound. We had little choice but to use them when my son was sick on Christmas Eve and Children’s Hospital had a six hour wait time. The staff was attentive and kind, and they kept him in a secluded wing to prevent him being exposed to the flu/RSV that was hitting hard at the time. I’m incredibly grateful to the staff from that night! My review is aimed at the experiences I’ve had with their billing team since then. Whenever I call to pay the monthly bill, they never can find my son’s bill. They’re super rude, incompetent, and leave you sitting on hold for quite a long time. Twice I’ve waited on hold for 20 minutes only to be hung up on. I called back the first time and they rudely informed me that they would never leave someone on hold that long. I doubt anyone in that department knows what they’re doing.

Laura Jones

The best ever!!!! Great food healthy and tasty. Kim in ICU treated me lovingly and respectively. Good as a vacation clean facility. Friendly nurses and staff. Almost hated leaving. Also in ICU. Trea and Stephanie we're good to me please let others know about. Their excellencr

Doug Sutherland

Locked in a room for 3+ days, treated like a dog, I am in constant seizures for all that time, and the doctors and nurses mocked my neurological condition, did not look at the records or my history, assumed I was "crazy" and tried to send me to a mental hospital (which failed of course). I complained to the patient advocate and hospital admins after I was released from confinement, all they did was send me a letter "were sorry and hope you choose blount memorial again". I subsequently got disability/medicaid due to my neurological problem and I told them I did, then months later here comes the collection department trying to get me to PAY for this shoddy treatment, and OH shoot. As it turns out they only had a few months to re-file the bills under the medicaid and they missed the window. They tried to blame me, like you didn't tell us, but yes I did. I still expect any day they will try to sue me to get that money

Steve marshall

Picking up after the staff, bathroom not clean, alarm going off and no one comes. After asking three hours for ice still none. Poor poor attitude. Use to be a good hospital don't know what happened.

natalie rose

if i could give zero stars i would, my father died here due to sepsis in his big toe. he was 54, there was a recent article that came out through knox news sentinel about the high rates of infection at this hospital. my father had all the symptoms for this condition, but they WENT AROUND EVERY SINGLE ONE! they tested on him for 4-5 days before they realized what it was. my father layed on his death bed for the next two weeks due to their poor performances and care for their patients. they should’ve know what he had the minute he walked into that ER. he had a fever, open wound, delusional, rash, cold chills, shortness of breath, and some skin discoloration. not to mention he also had type 2 diabetes, but was in good health, they should’ve seen the nasty infection on his toe when they first examined him. this all could’ve been prevented. absolutely ridiculous.

lissa goodman

Ssme experience

nathan vieira

Dont bother coming here unless your dyeing They too my wife to court for a bill ....ever think there's a reason we haven't paid it ? Um ya we dont have the money guys are ripping people off and its bs ...makes me want to die then go to a hospital

Sandra Jaqua

My husband died of a heart attack at home, in my arms on Friday Jan. 6, 2011, about 2:35 pm. He was transported to Blount Memorial and declared dead. That was around 3:30 pm.I made a point of donating every organ I could to help other folk. The next morning at 9 am, I received a call wanting to know why I hadn't had his body picked up by a funeral home yet! The person was quite insistent I do so IMMEDIATELY! Good heavens, I was (and still am) in shock, but the hospital employee didn't care a whit, I had to do it NOW! On a Saturday morning before any funeral service was even open.

Danielle Smith

The worst experience I've ever had. Went in with a real medical issue, and was completely dismissed.I work in medical field. I had swollen glands in my neck, with a bad head ache, really high fever. Dr did head ct which was clear, and discharge me, no blood work, no iv, ect. Dr admitted I probably had an infection but go to my PC tommow. No antibiotic s eighter. So I just wasted my hard earned money for nothing to receive a bill for nothing . I'm not done with this complain eighter. Now I never go to an er . 2 yrs ago I went here for an injury and they were wonderful. This place has gone down hill. I'm filling a formal complaint also, no one should be treated this way

Miss Feisty

They gave me medication that I'm allergic to after going to the ER. Even though they have my medication allergies listed. They also have been found to have bed bugs on a gurney while waiting for test results in the triage area on another ER visit on 10/31/18. DON'T GO TO THIS HOSPITAL!!!!!

Jerrica Beach

Since Friday I’ve been in and out of the hospital for abdominal pain. When I say pain I mean pure agony. Cannot sit still, screaming, rolling around on the floor bawling my eyes out. All tests came back normal and I have an appointment with a GI tomorrow but the pain has sent me in desperation to seek relief. I’ve been at Blount twice. Once they treated me with kindness, helping me with everything they could throw at me. One nurse rubbing my back and tearing up seeing me in so much pain. I ended up at Tennova as well, they too felt bad for me, sent me home with pain meds that barely put a dent in my pain. Went to Blount last night after being woken up with the pain again, and again out of pure despair, I went to the ER. Bawling my eyes out, shaking. And was treated horribly. I never asked for pain meds, not once since all of this began. They treated me like I was faking it, and the nurse actually commented that they can’t treat something that’s not there. I am in agony once again, throwing up and so much pain I can’t see straight but scared to seek help again. I’m terrified of the pain and scared for my health. I can’t believe the treatment I received last night and I was shamed for having IV marks up and down my arm from catheter placement and replacements. I was left in a room to cry, only the registration nurse was kind to me, getting me a blanket and pillow and showed compassion. I’m beyond disappointed in Blount. I birthed my son here, and have always gone here for my needs and care. Now I’m afraid of ever seeking medical help from here again. I hope the doctor and nurse that treated me so badly reevaluate their profession. I understand there are “drug seekers”. I understand the reality of the world. But I was and am truly in pain and truly in need of help. They failed me.

Cody Hicks

Chuck Finley

Came in for a appendectomy and was treated extremely well. The staff was attentive and friendly.

Jessie Dunn

Awesome team....

Marla Miller

Gary Burns

My father was recently and unexpectedly admitted to the hospital. Overall, the quality of care met the need. However, I would like to specifically point out the care provided by Jordan, one of his nurses, David List - a physical therapist, and Dr. Mark Green, hospitalist. These three men set the standard for all BMH employees. Compassion, care, kindness, understanding, time and consideration of patient and family were exhibited throughout his stay. I was especially impressed with the time Dr. Green spent listening to our family questions and concerns. It made a most difficult situation much easier.

Lynn Lawson

I took my brother in law in on Wednesday late night at eleven forty five and they took him right in and checked his vitals and admitted him he has too stay a few days to see how he feels.

Jennifer Potts

This place is the most horrable place it really deserves less that one star I've never been treated so poorly in my life. Don't Carrie the right meds . that you need I had to bring them from home because was not supply to me the first night . have asked for pain meds or something to help me sleep was not given them or my stool softener . I will never cone here again and if anyone says to me this is the hospital they are telling me to go to for treatment I'll hope there's another option. These people had me so upset the day of surgery with the lack of care I had to go into another surgery because I got a hemotoman. This place sucks ads

HowToCrypto Crypto

Horrible!! I come in for a blood test to find out if my girlfriend is pregnant and they tell me it's to expensive and don't give me any answers but oh she has a slight UTI which we already knew that, that's not what we came in the ER for, and when we left we still had no answers and they didn't address the issue at hand!! They had horrible Attitudes the entire time we were in there and treated us with complete disrespect!! We will not be back there!!

Belle Leslie

Matt Ward

The business department is the hardest I have ever had to try to pay a bill. I hate calling if we use a Dr. in the network of BMH because it takes 10+ minutes to get anyone on the phone. The actual people you talk with are good but the phone situation is way below par and needs to be improved.

Julie Raulston

Excellent care provided to me by the ER staff and radiology department. I would feel more than comfortable going back.

Jim Motter

My wife was admitted after a trip to the ER. She had a viral bronchitis that triggered a very severe asthma attack. Her stay was 5 days and I have to say the attention from the doctors all the way to the lady that cleaned her room was triple AA++. Everyone asked her if there was anything they could do for her. There are always rumors and horror stories about every hospital but all were unfounded in our experience. The hospital was full and people were waiting on rooms to open up. All of the staff was overloaded and yet they still were GREAT !!

B Cox

Please take care of my mom. I am out of state and she has been readmitted.

Mary Blaylock

I went to the emergency department on a Sunday evening. I was taken back to triage fairly quick. I had been battling a headache over my right eyelid for days and then on that Sunday, the blood vessels were bursting in my eye and there was a blood ring around my iris. I was taken back for a CT scan and then the PA came in and looked at my eye through a slit lamp. They sent me home even though my blood pressure was elevated and I was running a fever. They said there was nothing wrong but wrote me a prescription of eye drops for an infection. My husband was highly concerned and contacted our eye doctor the next morning. The eye doctor worked me right in and told me that I had Iritis. He used the same type slit lamp and was able to see the inflammation in the iris with no trouble at all. I do not feel I should be billed for the $500 plus dollars that my insurance did not cover. The medication they prescribed was for conjunctivitis or a bacteria in the eye which would not fix the issue I was suffering from. I will never go back to this hospital again and I will make sure to tell everyone I know that if you want proper medical care, not to step foot in their door.

Anna M

You'd be better off going to a witch doctor. Seriously. ER nursing staff is rude and flippant, the doctors are overworked and spend less than a few minutes examining you, and I really honestly think that something critical could be overlooked because of their issues with staff. If you live in Blount county and feel like something may be seriously wrong with you and you can stand it, drive the extra 15 minutes down Alcoa highway and go to UT medical center. The doctors there are much better at listening to their patients. I was diagnosed with achalasia as well as having an impacted food bolus that needed to be removed via endoscope that BM completely missed! It's terrifying to think that if someone has a real emergency they'd be forced to go here. AVOID AVOID AVOID

Charity Hicks

This is the worst hospital ever, my sister was left in the room with her air way closing, lips swelling, pains in stomach and broke out in hives. She already been there 5 different times with them saying it's a allergic reaction but she used her epiepen and it does fix the problem is think some test should be done. So when my sister called and tells me everything is worse and she can't get a nurse to give her something and leaves her unattended with breathtaking problems we have a problem. So I go up there and there's still no one in they're til I say something to the nurse's sitting on their ass doing nothing. So Andrew Male Rn comes in and I tell him what would of happened if she would of stop breathing with no one in here, his reply I guess she would be in trouble. Rude. So I call a supervisor who brings in my RN who sits and two is that can't keep her cause there's nothing in the blood work shows life threatening. Ok you see what you have down not helping but send her home no better which they did. So when she stops breathing again bring her back if we make it. They are uneducated, rude, no caring RNS. Let me say they kept saying that they had to follow protocol before admitting someone and she didn't fit the protocol but would never show me papers on a so called protocol. So if something was missed tonight or something happens to her I'm going to sue the piss out of them and go to the news. To many people have loss there lives here cause of miss test and results.

Tracie Crisp

They have 2 patients in a room of opposite genders my dad being Male other person in the room is female they are doing EKG on her now how uncomfortable they both must feel where is the HIPPA where is the privacy they are asking personal questions there is only a curtain, who does this!!! I am outraged!!! For not only my dad but other patients here!!!

mark hinton

Caylor and Brandy Watson

Went to the E.R a couple of weeks ago.My Blood pressure was extremely high and the charge nurse basicaly stood in the door way and told me that there was notging he could do for me He stated that he wanted to chart my file and bill my Insurance and told me to wait Well I wasnt about to let them bill my Insurance for the short male nurse to tell me one sentence.Sent me home knowing that My blood pressure was high.I do not reccomend anyone going to the Emergency Department unless you dont have a choice.They treated me like a Leopard.I wish I knew the male nurses name he was short and dark skinned and needs a dose of karma which Im sure he will be getting from Life.

Kathy Morgan

Tim Carter

Great place to go to die. This is my local hospital and I will never go back there. From slow service to mistakes in billing, terrible service. Avoid and go to Knoxville.

Lauren Dawson

This review is of the emergency department of Blount Memorial, 3/13/18. From the moment I arrived and continuing through my discharge, I could not be more impressed. The triage nurse took me back immediately to monitor my vitals, (zero wait time in the lobby) and she was so nice to me and even paid me a compliment for my pleasant disposition in spite of kidney stone-related pain. The nurse during my entire visit, John, is one of the finest nurses I’ve had; he reminded me so much of my big brother, who is also a nurse, and I could not have had better care! He explained everything to me regarding what meds I was receiving, what anticipated wait times for tests run I could expect, and he checked on me frequently as I waited for those results. I also felt like he genuinely cared for me as a patient, and anyone who has the opportunity to be in his care is really in for a quality experience. The next impressive aspect of the visit was the care I was given by the attending physician, Dr. Hunter. He sat down on the stool beside my hospital bed and spoke with me eye to eye as opposed to towering over me and speaking to me downwardly. This made a huge difference on the feel of the visit, as sometimes doctors can be intimidating. He was thorough in his care strategy, and I left feeling that all my concerns were well addressed, and I felt comfortable with the plan of action upon discharge. I really cannot say enough about this team. Finally, I was quite taken with the ultrasound technician and her bedside manner. She explained all the imaging throughout the procedure, and she took me back to my room herself instead of passing me off to another caregiver (really wished I could remember her name). She was so kind and kept asking if I needed anything; having her on my care team was such a pleasure. As an aside, the cleaning service came to check the trash can in my room...I’ve never had this service in any ER visit. I’m so very pleased with this hospital, the ER, and all my caregivers on my 3/13 visit!

Robert O'Reagan

In need of EMERGENCY CARE - Staff very courteous & polite- Doctors & Nurses provided excelent professional quaity care while being courteous, informative about care & time care would take keeping family members updated FREQUENTLY! Cafeteria & housekeeping staff were just as friendly, courteous & polite. Having worked in hospitals across USA i have never met with PERFECT DEPARTMENTS in any HOSPITAL. Thank you everyone, Mrs. R. E. O'Reagan

Lizza Love

Helpful staff, clean facility.

Food Ninja

The doctors took good care of me and i was seen fairly quicky the only bad thing i have to say is i told the doctors and nurses i was homless and not from tennesee and they prescribed me $300 worth of medicines if i was homeless do you think i could afford $300 worth of medicine ?

Eric Newman

Great hospital and much cleaner than UT.. easy parking and everyone was very friendly and detailed

stacy lee

Worst ER around. If you are in need of real medical help please stay away from this ER!

Cliff Seeber

Kyle Carver

Crystal Postellé

I started having abnormal vaginal bleeding and dizziness around 11:00 a.m. on 07/20/16. I'm a medical assistant so I wasn't too concerned because women usually experience it at some point. I'm new to the area and called a few OB/GYNs to see if I could get an appointment and got one in late August. I was having quite a bit of dull and aching pain but I wasn't too worried. I finished working the rest of the day and went straight home. The pain slacked off for the most part and I went to sleep. Fast-forward to 1:30 a.m. on 07/21/16. I woke up with extreme sharp pain mostly in my left lower abdomen. The pain was so intense that I started getting nauseated and vomited. My boyfriend said I was shaking from pain. He got me up and took me to BMH because it's a short 5 minute drive from our house. I was triaged quickly. Blood pressure was extremely high and abnormal, 190/100. They had a critical case they were working on so I waited for about 30 minutes which isn't bad. My nurse, Matt, was wonderful. He started an IV line and drew some blood, pushed some Zofran, and had me do a urinalysis. They were at full capacity so I waited in the hall for about 10 minutes until a room opened up. Matt got me a warm blanket and I waited. Dr. Drumhiller came in. He did an exam and asked some questions and ordered an abdominal and transvaginal ultrasound to rule out ovarian torsion. The radiography tech was very nice and professional. Shortly after the test Dr. Drumhiller returned and told me that my abdomen had quite a bit of blood in it. It looks as if I had a large hemorrhagic cyst that had burst. He took me out of work two days and had them request a sooner appointment with the gyn as I may need further care. Final set of vitals were done to assure my BP had stabilized, 123/66. He sent me home with PRN flexeril and Phenergan. I was very happy with the service

Patrick Wells

This is a horrible hospital! My wife is so I'll she can't even walk and they have her sitting in a chair in the hallway for hours. Very poor priority assessment. I will drive further next time. We will never be back to this hospital.

Andre Bishop

Went in for high blood pressure. They prepped and did things not needed just in case. That just in case was all a ridiculous bill and I was in there for an hour. Then they said they would give me a discount that got applied and I paid the bill. They then sent the balance and threatened collections. They are scammers and liars. All I have received there is a bill. I will go to UT or Tennova from now on.

Hollie Householder

I visited the Blount Memorial hospital ER when I was 7 weeks pregnant and after EIGHT HOURS I was told I was in the middle of having a miscarriage. They sent me home and told me to “rest” and “wait it out.” The doctor who told me this seemed unreliable and it felt odd that they did testing on me and didn’t tell me the results, so I went to Fort Sanders immediately after. The doctors there spent ONE HOUR to tell me I was not having a miscarriage, and that everything was normal. They even showed me my baby’s heartbeat, whereas Blount Memorial told me they couldn’t find a heartbeat at all. This was easily one of the worst experiences I have ever had in my life, along with one of the worst days of my life, due to the doctor and emergency room staff at Blount Memorial Hospital.

Bobbieann Kearney

I had surgery in the outpatient building. Things went smoothly and all the nurses were so so kind to me.

Ernest Trahan

Bree Vino

I cant Express how proud of that hospital I am. The staff there took excellent care of me.

Tress Bundy

Every time I've been there everyone has been great to me and my family. From my youngest broken leg. To my heart attack and all other stuff. They have been great place to go.

Joyce Lyttle

I took an elderly patient (84 year old) to the doctor on Thursday, Jan 3, 2019. The doctor referred us to the ER a cardio nurse went with us and informed the ER staff that she needed to be checked immediately that she was in afib .They told us to sit in the lobby and they would get to her. After 3 hours the patient had not been seen, the patient was so upset that she choose to leave. The staff was rude and uncaring. Thank you Blount Memorial.

Ryan Holloway

Trudy Hammer

Very clean. Helpful volunteers. Humble doctors.

Holly Downing

It's a joke! My sister just had surgery she can not move to she has to pee to bed then lay in it intill they feel like changing it. Her nurse told her that it was a small surgery and did not require a cath

Gregg Slagle

I'd rather bleed out than ever set foot in here again.

chris denny

Most the staff are nice just have you in hallway for hrs. misdiagnose. & Blond security guard is very rude !

Carl Ford, Jr.

Had a worker comp injury (broken bone). Hospital sent me the bill. Everybody knows an individual has a snowball's chance of collecting from workers comp insurance. Treatment was pathetic and way overcharged. I refuse to go there now. I'd rather die on the way to UT than be taken to blount memorial for anything.




my mom could have died all because of bmh

Conizene Pappalardo

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