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(Pretty long but worth the read) I understand a city hospital is busy and wait times will be long, but I was brought in on an ambulance with severe chest pains and an abnormal EKG (taken on the ambulance). A doctor(?) came into my room to do an additional ekg for some reason, and never once introduced himself or asked my name or showed any kind of hospitality. He then lifted up my shirt without warning me, exposing my bra and breasts to the entire room (I’m a 19 yr old female, the curtains weren’t even closed) and begun to stick the ekg stickers in various places. A kind nurse quickly closed the curtains but I placed my shirt down when the doctor turned away to get more stickers (I’m not sure what they’re called) anyways, as I was incredibly uncomfortable. The doctor came back over and pulled my shirt back up, and I told him that the Paramedic was able to do the ekg in the ambulance without lifting my shirt and if they needed to lift my shirt, I would like to request a female doctor. He told me very bluntly that “I’m your only option, take it or get out”. I couldn’t believe what I was hearing and since I was in so much pain, and worried about my heart, I allowed him to place the stickers on my chest, but I did not allow him to lift my shirt. He seemed very annoyed at this, and I might have been able to understand his point of view if he had been kind or at least introduced himself, but I was in a room with a strange man who exposed my body without my warning. I later tried to file a complaint at the front desk upon my discharge, but was met with an equal level of unprofessional customer service as before. I just wanted the whole experience to be over, and so I just left.

Angela Moore

They have a excellent nursing staff and was really understanding.

mike richerds

I was with my daughter to get a injury looked at and had the unfortunate chance of meeting a worker named shayla. She was rude and unprofessional. she completely ignored me when i spoke with her with questions i had. but had no problem speaking when a African american male walked up and spoke with her. i hope this is not how this facility operates. go else ware whenever possible.

jerry j

Do not ever have a child here!!! My wife has been waiting over 8 hours to see her baby, they will not let her see him! They are also not treating her pain from her c-section!!!

alexis mcneil

Baptist has officially went down hill the staff is just rude and careless. You'll be better off treating yourself at home.

drew cox

Everyone that works the 2nd floor is amazing. Nurse Amy has been the best and everyone has been tremendous in getting my dad better and keeping him comfortable!

Paris Johnson

Once I was admitted to 4west I was treated well. Just need to educate male intake nurse in ER with all tatoos about Povine Insulin (Humalog) pig insulin! Also, teach a few how to give insulin prior to eating and which one's it applies to. Pen needles have two caps folks!

Vibes Bonner

As a RECENT EVS worker at baptist East in Memphis Tn. I can’t do anything but agree with all the negative comments. I hate that it has to be this way but the nurses or doctors as well as the PCA’S does not care about the patients or the EVS workers!!!. Numerous of times I’ve noticed and heard nurses say how a patient are getting on their nerves.. or how when a patient is calling for help needs attention or was almost like it’s the patient became invisible once they actually got in a room.!! All I ever seen the nurses and PCA’S do was honestly sit on their butts while the patients was buzzing them, the call button would actually be going off for a good 30 minutes the entire time I would be on the floor. And it took someone a good 30-45 minutes to come to see what they wanted.. I agree with you all 100% need more professional workers at baptist from nurses and some of the doctors to the PCS’S and EVS team..

Darla Ivester

Everyone has went over and above the call of duty to help us!!! Great experience!!!

B Johnson


Joe Lawson

Baptist East is a fine hospital and is very "user friendly." Cafeteria is excellent, staff is friendly and very professional.

Kimmi M

My father went in Sept is now Sept new linen ( told no fitted sheets brought to wing) His gown too large (told no gowns) no soap (I went to gift shop to purchase $2.99 travel size dove) No one emptied trash or mopped today. Same empty bottles and chip sacks that were in vending area on Sunday, still there. The nurse and nurse assistant were attentive but it there were quite a few side conversations with employees complaining that the patient should not hear.

Tawanna Howard

Rude and ghetto and very unprofessional. Unorganized to the max.

melinda Anderson Chapman

The quality care and people do care and take good care of you. Long wait but amazing drs and nurses

Adrian Hunt

Nice hospital. I went to the emergency room and expected to be there for hours. I was in and out and feeling a lot better.


Father-in-law admitted on 10-21-17 for complications related to advanced lung cancer. He was on floor 5 South and the level of service and care during the day was very good but the night shift nurses and attendants was far below any acceptable standard. Very rude and uncaring employees. When we attempted to discuss the issue with the nursing supervisor she blamed us for creating the problem when all we were trying to do was make my father-in-law comfortable in his final days of life. The attitude of the nurses is obviously an extension of the substandard supervision. You could get better care from a veterinarian than at this so called "care" facility.

Kiesha Adams

Please please please please please do something about the attitudes of some of your nurses on staff no one should be treated unkindly in a medical facility. my mother is almost 70 years old, she is an elder and it is extremely sad for anyone to disrespect her let alone the people who are giving her medical care. My heart is broken over how she/we were treated at Baptist Memorial in Memphis TN.

Jane Collins

I am a sickle cell patient and I go to Baptist E.R. for crisis I can not treat at home. They come in a timely manner give me my medication and treat me with dignity. Although sometimes they discharge me when I really need to be admitted. That kind of irritates me because my labs come back good doesn't mean I am out the woods the pain I experience be real.I am new to the Memphis area and I understand different hospitals have protocol but with SCD the protocol can just save a patient from going home in pain my former hospital require that after the third dose of medication admission is the process to go but other than that they have excellent service.

Chris Nunya

Please do something about the staff! They are the most unprofessional people I have ever dealt with. I will not go into details because I will be filing my compliant with the corporate office which I doubt will do any good since I still see I'm not the only one who has a problem with this hospital and it's staff. Unacceptable.

Jamie Duncan

The treatment I received at this hospital was unacceptable. I would never suggest anyone go to this hospital to receive care. The people who were attending to me treated me like a pin cushion. I was stabbed with several needles which caused me to bleed and scream in severe pain. They tried to keep me there against my will. I trusted them and they completely violated me. I would never want someone to be treated this way at a hospital.

Jay Jacobs

The absolute worst hospital that I have ever set foot in! After having major back surgery the nurses would not give me my pain medicine in a timely manner. In order to keep the pain at a manageable level the nurses are suppose to give you your pain medication every 4 hours, but when I asked for it, they would not show up with the medicine for another 2 hours. I was never able to to keep my pain at a manageable level because the nurses decided to just take their time giving it to me and by the time they finally did I was in so much pain that the medication had little effect. I was forced to stay in the hospital for 2 nights rather than having out patient surgery as planned because the nurses took their sweet time giving me my pain medicine. When they were suppose to give me a dose of medication at 10:00am, they would not actually give me the medication until 12:00pm or 1:00pm. This delay caused my blood pressure to rise and my pain became more severe and it was extremely hard to manage it. I will never have surgery at this place ever again!!

Timira Malone

I delivered here on the 7th but got there on the 3rd, I stayed for almost 2 weeks & it was one of the best experiences I've ever had. They have the sweetest nurses ever. They have doctors and pediatricians come follow up with you almost everyday. They make sure you know EVERYTHING you need to know before you leave. And make sure you're comfortable at all times with really good food as well, if i ever choose to deliver again it would definitely be at Baptist East Memorial!

Debrisha White

Terrible customer service EXTREMELY discriminatory would give -2 stars if possible

Erica T

So rude!!! The receptionist was very rude and asked me questions and would interrupt me while I was talking. Then the 2 nurses who took my blood pressure and asked more questions were worse. The girl who took my blood pressure took it on my elbow and they kept giving looks at each other while I was explaining the reason I was there. The AAron the guy who did my blood work was the worst. He would not talk to me or my mama. We were even giving him compliments about the good job he was doing and would not say anything. Only thing he did say is when he was done(which how was I supposed to know) he said go sit back out there were done and they will come get you. We decided to leave because that did not make me want to stay and wait any longer when the service was only getting worse!!!

joe Alexander

One of the worst hospitals in Memphis. They have the most ghetto, unprofesssional, workers I have ever seen! I spent a few days in there and the workers did not want to change my bed linen that had blood stains. They say they are changed every 3 days! The room are very bad smelling and I would not suggest going here if avoidable!

Amanda Magdalena

HIPAA Violations, Post-op Infection, and Forgotten Stitches, oh my! I am reviewing an experience I witnessed that occurred about a month ago when my partner went in for a thyroidectomy. We got there the required 3 hours early, and things were going slowly but fine. I went with her to prep, and while the intern was trying (took three times) to put my partner's IV in, the anesthesiologist began machine gun questioning her. She was visibly struggling trying to coherently answer his questions while in pain from the IV attempts. She did well, and the surgery went better than expected. We got to the room and the first nurse was excellent - efficient and kind. Sadly, my partner was unable to sleep because of some new bed technology that moves the patient every 60 seconds or so to prevent bed sores. I'm, sorry, she was in there less than 24 hours and was able to get up and move around (no chance for bed sores) and the movement from the bed kept her awake - I think sleep would have been the best thing for her and they couldn't turn it off. I slept on the couch (I'm a light sleeper) and the noise of the bed moving even kept me up. It's hard to understand how they couldn't turn it off. You can decline medications all you want, but you are forced to be moved all over by a bed? The second nurse didn't come in regularly (every 4 hours) to give pain meds. My partner just woke up for the pain and had to call and ask for them (minor complaint). We finally were ready to be discharged and the last nurse handed us the discharge papers...with another patient's name, address, and other personal information on it by accident... We told her, she looked horrified, but the correct name was on the next paper and we left to fill her prescription. We picked it up and when we got home Walgreen's called horrified they'd given her the wrong medication because it was the other woman's name (that was on the discharge papers) on her prescription... #shakeshead My partner had mentioned her mouth was rather scratched up but didn't make a big deal of it because in a past surgery the doctor had clipped her tongue with the intubation tube and she couldn't feel the tip of it for 3 weeks. I digress, about a week and a half later her scratches hurt so bad that her teeth hurt. She went to the dentist where she discovered they had actually scratched all the skin off a part in the inside of her mouth that was down to the bone and was the size of a quarter. The dentist was furious and said he wished the anesthesiologist had to deal with it. It had become infected and she had to go on antibiotics and have repeated visits to the dentist and oral surgeon and hasn't been able to eat solid food for over a week at this point. The dentist said it would heal but might take several months. Finally, yes, this seems rather a comedy of errors....her incision began to get irritated so she went to the surgeon's office. The nurse looked stunned because the stitches, which should have been taken out a few days after her surgery, were still there (3+ weeks later), so they were removed. This has been a month of inconvenience, pain, and missed work. While many of those we dealt with were very kind and doing their best, it just seems to me like these problems were all very avoidable. My partner should not have been given another woman's personal information, there shouldn't have been a chance that she would receive someone else's medication, her mouth should have been checked for intubation scratching (we spoke to another anesthesiologist who says these things can happen unless you take precaution and put padding), her stitches should have been promptly taken out - she should not still be in pain, drinking her meals. While I am glad that the main surgery went well, it's been a longer road than necessary to recovery.

Brittany Stevens

Worst hospital on multiple levels. My experience: c-section April 2017. Without consent, they tried to allow a student to administer the spinal. When I realized what was going on I said no, I want the certified anesthesiologists to administer that. Even still, they couldn't administer correctly and wiggled the needle around trying to make the other side of my body numb but just kept injecting into the right side. (On my paperwork, this was never mentioned. False documentation). Baby finally delivered and was whisked away to the nursery bc of low blood sugar. He was given formula even though I wanted to breastfeed. He was cleaned without permission and kept away from me for 5 hours without justification. They wouldn't allow me to see or nurse my baby to regulate his blood sugar. They just kept giving formula. They were constantly pricking his heel for blood and continuously did it insufficiently so pricked again and again back to back. There was no lactation consultant around. The doc didn't follow up with me for ober 24hrs (and it was someone else, not even my doc). Food was awful. I will NOT be going back! Makes me sick to my stomach and emotional to even think about. I feel like I failed my baby. Sister's experience: extraction of kidney stone. Epic fail! Night nurses are GOD awful. No exaggeration. She is currently breastfeeding and no one will tell her if the meds they are administering are safe for baby. Their response is always, idk. Doc didn't relay to her the outcome of her failed surgery. She had a fever throughout the night and nurses never came back to check until right before shift change. They didn't change out her urin bag so her Cath was leaking and they just laughed about it. Next morning, doc still hasnt reported what went wrong in the OR. Worst patient care ever! Thank god insurance is switching to payout based on patient outcomes, because this type of healthcare is completely unacceptable. You all should lose your license and ability to work with patients.

Ron Pickard

My mother has been admitted on several occasions. She has always received very good care. The staff is caring and professional. The complaint is the cannot sit on it..impossible. I would like to have the idiot you purchased these sit on one every day for a week...will need a spine specialist....Will bring a folding lawn chair next time..

Brandy Huff

Everyone inside was great however when they were releasing my husband from er they the nurse told me to go ahead and pull car around. The security guard comes out immediately waving his hand at yelling you cant park here.I told him go get my husband's nurse she told me to come here.He was oh,so many people aren't picking anyone up and pull up here I just assume.I cant even say how many ways that statement is so wrong.He was the rudest man,why wouldn't you ask before you assume?I dont care how many people pull up for wrong reasons.

Tony Maness

I have to comment about the food service. I get hospital food is bad , but does it have to be this bad? And the weekends, the options are so limited and what they have is so unhealthy. You would expect more from a healthcare facility.


Took forever to be seen, hours of just sitting here in the early hours of the morning and nobody can tell me anything about being seen

chris castle

Horrible nursing staff on the 5th floor. The ER nurses were a lot more professional than these "RN's" on the 5th floor. I do NOT recommend anyone to come to this hospital if u can avoid it go somewhere else quick fast and in a hurry!! Carlene and Katherine up here are sooooo rude and unprofessional we will be reporting both of them.

Darryl Perry

Fiancé came out worse then she went in; The doctor treated her for slurred speech and chest pains. He gave her steroids and sent me home. The doctor said there was nothing he could find wrong with her. Needless to say she is laying beside me crying harder than she was before we went to the hospital.

Neda Elassouli

Worst hospital i ever visited,worst ER at all,including every thing, i wish i can guve ZERO STAR, what ever you you need NEVER GO...NEVER GO...SAVE YOUR SELF AND MONEY.

C Maxwell

I had a love one that was on the 4th floor. He was a fall risk! . He push the Nurse button. No one ever answered or showed up! Now what if he had fallen! What if something was seriously wrong! I wonder how many people have died at this hospital due to neglect! ALSO, I ask the nurse to come check on my husband temp! Because, he had been running a fever! It took nurse Allie well over an hour and two attempts to get her to come and check on him! Baptist if you care or have any type of compassion for patients! Then something needs to be done! Definitely wouldn't be my hospital of choice anymore! Read the Reviews everyone can't be lying about the bad service that they are receiving!!

Lisa Gulledge

This is the worst Hospital I ever been in. My husband was here for surgery the staff was slow and Ghetto. The nurses showed no concern. The people that bing your food was very nice. Those black nurses are sorry as hell. We was discharged and it took us 4 extra hours to get discharged. He was just sitting in the room waiting when there was people in the ER. NEEDED BEDS. I was so disappointed. I don’t want to ever get sick and have to the Baptist East. What is the problem.

Mary B. Lewis

Baptist does have a slow emergency room. But so do other hospitals here. Still baptist is a great hospital. They took good care of me plus they took the time to find out what was making me sick when St Francis n Methodist would only give me pain medication n medication for my atomic n then send me home. So to me baptist is a great hospital the doctors n nurses plus all other staff is great.

janice stewart

Parking attendants more friendly than hospital staff

Tiffany Pounders

This is the slowest hospital I’ve ever been to I Was Here For 3 hours & didn’t get seen.

Sherri Jonas



I went to have radiation that morning. And then they had an event for women with cancer and survivors called blossom within

Susi Brown

My dad went into Baptist East for a heart balloon to help open up his heart valve. He did so well he was sent to stepdown with the intent of going home the next dad. My sister and I get a call. They are putting him on a respirator because he was barely breathing. I learned through the nurses report while he was being admitted to CV icu that he aspirated on his breakfast. He went back to cath lab because his heart doctor feared he had a mild heart attack from aspirating. Plus he had pneumonia from the aspiration. So while in icu he was set up in a chair to keep with the pneumonia Dad stayed in CV icu from Thursday night til Wednesday night. He was taken off vent. Had been sitting in chair but needed restraints because he kept pulling at tubes. He had no gag reflex which means his airway was not protected. Wednesday night he was sent back to step down where his restraints were replaced. When my sister called to see if they were getting him up she was told they would not get him up without a family member there. So he laid in bed strangling on his spot restrained. No he is back in icu on the vent again. MrI showed multiple spots on his brain caused by lack of oxygen to the brain. I have asked everyone what happened to my dad with no help. BAPTIST EAST HOSPITAL IS THE WORSE CARE I HAVE EVER SEEN ON STEP DOWN. THEY HAVE ABOUT KILLED MY DAD!! I will say the CV ICU nurses are wonderful caring and attentive. Thank you Matt, Chris, Joni,Michael, Jessica,Tido, Emily. Yall have been wonderful! We appreciate yall so much!!

James Abston

Worse hospital ever. I would bring my worse enemy here!!!!!


Family was in CVICU. The waiting room was clean, shower and bathroom in there were clean and the nurses were great. Follow up appointments were setup with doctors and everything got stabilized for now.

Teresa Capps

Best staff ever. From the nurse that admitted me to all the nurses, doctors, and staff in surgery and on the 4th floor. They really care about your comfort. Very thankful and could not have asked for a better stay. Thank you for caring about your pts.

Hope Torkell

After reading more reviews before I left one myself I am deeply heart broken that my mom even went there in the first place. She checked in Sunday night with chest pains, went I went to see her Monday she was unresponsive and the nurses didn’t even know, I found her. It is called the EMERGENCY room for a REASON. My mom should have been treated like an EMERGENCY. She was having chest pains. They said when I got there she was already gone. How long had she been lying there dead when I got there???? Why did I find her and not a nurse as soon as her monitor went quiet???? Why was her monitor not on loud? This hospital should be shut down. My mom deserves way better than that. For the staff to not care. She could’ve had a chance but thanks to this hospital I will never see her again.

Brenda Cortner

Staff is extremely nice..

Sara Brooks

Baptist is a very good hospital and my aunt was admitted there about two months ago, while there I met a nurse by the name of Teresa Robinson Boyd, from ms. And upon review of a popular social media site, ran across a recording of the nurse in question saying she has herpes 1 & 2,,,,,,,,needs to be checked out

Yoyo L

They have a few horrible and lazy staff. Ask the nurse did my sister have a stroke, she showed all the signs, the lady catches a little attitude and says oh no I know that's not what it is plus someone, who I can't recall, would've told me that... sent her home, that next morning she goes to the hospital cause nothing changed, in Germantown and guess what they say my sister had a stroke we have to fly her to the hospital downtown! Mmm. Unprofessional and so unhelpful. Thank goodness she is okay we have a long way to go but thank to the staff downtown she is improving each and everyday.

Kathie Craven

4th floor west neuro....STAY AWAY FROM HERE...problems as soon as we got into the room simple thing like hand sanitizer pump that didn't work so not 1 nurse or Dr that entered or exit the room sanitized their hands. TOOK 3 HOURS TO GET PAIN PUMP REFILLED ...patient just suffering in pain waiting for pain med 3 far the filthiest place. nutrition room never cleaned been here 5 days refrigerator filthy coffee machine leaked all over 4 days ago still not cleaned up. Not 1 thing in the nutrition room for a patient u can't get a JELLO a cracker a juice absolutely nothing. Public restroom in hall filthy all the time no toilet paper hair and trash all over floor and sink . Addressed these issues with floor supervisor hours ago she acted as though I was bothering her and didn't seem concerned even a little. SUPRISE HOURS LATER NOTHING HAS CHANGED ...DO NOT COME HERE

Mark Everingham

Very poor infection control. Dirty linen in the room my wife was admitted to on the day of surgery. No paper towels and after 3 days of requests for paper towels, the dispenser was repaired as we were discharged. Personal items stolen from the room with no help or concern from security. A sad experience for a 29 year employee of the Baptist system. Finishing on a positive, the nursing staff was wonderful.


They are the worst ER in Memphis.

irene metcalf

incompetent staff covers mistakes damages patient recovery .incorrect diagnosis all but killed pt. a competent md. said this hospital is a lawsuit waiting to happen pt, was permantely disabled by this pt. only continues to worsen needs more and more help

Bennie Clayborne

I don't really know where to start. I worked with people with Developmental Mental Disabilities that has been hospitalized there for over a month. This is after being hospitalized two week prior, and was taken even taken off all heart meds that this person had been on for over 10 years with no explanation. Doctor's wanted to give up on them. 5th floor has the worst nurses in the entire hospital. They have the worst attitudes and refuse to attend to patients needs. I pray that someone from Baptist sees this and actually addresses this. Horrible Customer Service with the exception of the ICU. The staff in that department are very caring, compassionate, and professional. Baptist Hospital use to be the best in Memphis, but no more. Please know that all people matter and should have the same rights to good quality of care. If you can not do this, I personally ask the staff of Baptist Hospital to seek another profession.

Delores Marshall

Overall care is poor. Nurses do not know how to prioritize. My sister was admitted with complications of cervical cancer nausea with vomiting, and dehydration. Nurse Bailey obviously ignored the message and continued to give meds from room to room in numerical order. My sister continuously vomited for an hour. When she finally got to the room she asked if she wanted IV Zofran or Phenergan p.o. Then she told us that she would have wait until the medicine came from the pharmacy. There were so

Yessi Corona

All I can say is that I love baptist memorial!! I gave birth to my first child in 2014 and I always re live that beautiful experience in my head because it truly was the best experience ever! From the very beginning to the very end, everything was perfect! I have absolutely nothing bad to say about this hospital. All the nurses were so nice, very attentive, and very caring!!! I came in the hospital with a birth plan and they definetly respected everything I had written in my birth plan. I got to move around, walk and pretty much do what I wanted to prepare for labor. (Most hospitals don't let you get up from ur bed at all not even to pee) there was especially one nurse whom I actually felt sincere love for her she helped me so much throughout labor she even cried with me!!! Now that I am pregnant with my second baby I am so so sad that I won't be able to give birth at baptist since I recently moved to California. Sometimes I wish and think of going to Memphis just to give birth out there lol also their new pediatric hospital is amazing took my son a couple of times and it was the same excellent service!!! I definetly recommend this hospital to anyone living in Memphis!!!

Nicholas D Alessandro

While I can't speak on the floors that treat illness and injuries. My wife and I are currently having an incredible experience with Baptist East and their staff on the maternity floor. We had a c section yesterday and the nurse staff has been beyond incredible. They went above and beyond to make sure my wife and baby we're comfortable. I would absolutely recommend this hospital for delivering your baby.

Jeslyn Clemons

After reading all the bad reviews I see why people said the things they said. I was sent there for worker comp injury when i walk in it was crazy it was barely any place to seat. And when they check you in they put u on the side of the desk and do your triage and then have u sit back in waiting room it no privacy whatso ever there three ppl or more at the front desk sitting around waiting to call patients back it was horrible i never seen anything like it and I work in the medical feild. I got there around 330 and i only got triage n sent back to sit down and thn there was lady that work there got her blood drawn before me and then called on to back. I didnt say anything but after while i decide to ask when i wad next since i kept seeing people in front of me getting lab done and being sent back out i was told oh u dont have much longer to get to a room. Now remind u it was 7 oclock by then so i left because i refuse to keep sitting there and i would had my 2 yrs old son with me by then he would got restless if i would had kept sitting there i called my employer n they told me where else I could go. Because that was horrible the children hosptial is way faster than this. I had one bad experience with children hosptial but i never dealt with anything like i did today. They need to do something about there ER bcuz that is crazy i mean ppl shouldnt be triage in a waiting room beside the desk in a chair. I felt sorry for some of the other paitent that where there some was far worst than i was i will never go back there again. Something needs to be done because they do not care about patients unless u work there then they get u on in without a problem. If i could give the rating a 0 star i would. Baptist you need to do some changes to how your ER is ran because its going downhill seriously. The children and women hosptial is better than the ER side yal need to do some major changes and training in that department because yal suck big time. I see why the ER has so many negative rating.

Monica Darrichon

All about money!!! Awful experience.

Mia Kurek

Wouldn't even give them one star but I have to so I can review. Worst hospital I've ever been to! Went in because I'm 7 weeks pregnant & had some spotting. After not being able to stick me correctly finally got an iv in my arm. Took fluids. Iv was done for 2 HOURS. Sat with the needle in my arm. Now I'm bruised & my vein looks blown out. They told me I was having a miscarriage & told me to abort my baby! Saw my OB & she said they're smoking something because there's nothing wrong! I had spotting from a uti!

dominic robinson

This place is trash. I got in there at 2pm, didn't leave until 10:45pm. The person that took blood AND the person that put my IV in left me huge bruises in both spots. I called for a cup of water and nobody came. Please go elsewhere.

Lynnie Penn Penn

My dad(Watson Sailors) was on the 5th floor..the isolation area. (Mylo..I think that's what it's called) You couldn't ask for a MORE caring staff of nurses. EVER! They took such good care of daddy & let him have dignity as a man that only lived one MONTH after his diagnoses. They treated me with the utmost compassion when he passed away. I know nurses have to try not to get attached to their patients but you couldn't help falling for my sweet wonderful daddy. Thank you simply isn't enough to say to EACH & EVERY NURSE that took wonderful care of dad. And held me when he passed. They are VERY SPECIAL nurses! Dad has his favorite & that was Wendy. He loved her and I pray daily for each one that deals with such tragedy on a daily basis. Thank you my special angels of the isolation area on the 5th floor. And to the sweet aides also that was so kind and took great care of HIM too. Thank y'all. And the cafeteria was great. They can cook a burger better than ANY restaurant I've EVER ate at! NOT your typical "hospital" food! And the staff was super nice and helpful! I'm proud of this hospital.

carolyn sartain

Went in yesterday for shoulder pain ear pain stuffy nose cough and sour throat. They guessed what I had. No test. No X-ray on the shoulder. Didn't even look at my ear. Won't go back.

Alicia Hernandez

Arrived at 4:30pm, with about 5 people in the waiting room. About 7pm I still had not been seen! Terrible staff


Best cardiac unit around.

Laderika Childs


Jack Bennett

An excellent medical center. First rate in every field of service. Excellent physicians. Nursing staff is excellent. Their care of patients is exceptional. Easily accessible.

Steven Diana

Every time I was there everyone treated me with respect and gave me the best medical care

Aceba L

In 2013-2014 my mom (who was also a nurse at Baptist Memorial hospital) had a heart attack. After the attack, surgery, and shingles, my mom developed a mysterious illness. She was vomiting bile, had severe stomach pain, excessive belching, constipation, and a distended stomach. Mom was in and out of the hospital for a year for testing, electrolyte replacements, and IV fluids. This illness suddenly disappeared in late January of 2014. But the illness cost her her job, car, and our apartment. I dropped out of high school. All of our belongings were stolen. She almost died from starvation. But she somehow got better. In August of 2016, we were just getting our lives back together. But then my mom got in a horrific car accident. She fortunately survived and is making a full recovery. But the mysterious illness came back. A few days ago, my mom went to Dr. Friedman, a GI specialist. They refused to see her and told her to go to the Baptist ER. We did. They took X rays of her abdomen and gave her fluids. They said the X rays were completely normal. Mom went to Methodist North ER yesterday. They did X rays and found that she had an ileus. She most likely had an ileus in 2013 also. My mind was blown when I got the news. We lost everything because of this Baptist Memorial hospital.

Ŵagner Wërneck

They took great care of my friend chalet.

Romney Meek

My grandfather went in for open heart surgery. His surgery went fine, but he got sick a few months later and went back. They sent cultures to be tested and came back positive for something bad. The doctors gave him a strong antibiotic, which shut down his kidneys. Later, his infectious disease doctor told us that they had left the cultures on top of a cabinet and got them contaminated, he didn't need the strong antibiotics they gave him. THEY KILLED MY GRANDFATHER! DON'T GO HERE!

Imani Taylor

HORRIBLE STAFF, I would rather fix myself up at home ! The wait was 2 hours before a room. The doctors and nurses are lazy. I asked for a lab update n everyone looked like I was speaking a foreign language and the same doctor came in the room an hour after with NO results ! Don’t come , May as well stay home .

fine fine

Beware Of This Money Pit they call a hospital. My daughter popped out her elbow and we took her here.. got the bill a few weeks later and it was $725 just to get checked in and another hundred and seventy-five for them to pop her elbow back in leaving us with a grand total bill of $900 for about five minutes of these people's time. If I had known it was $700 to even walk in their door I would have gone to a different hospital. Hope you enjoy your money in good health you slime balls

Alana Titus

I went in because I was having chest pains so bad I could hardly breath, lay down, stand, or do anything. The doctor and nurses treated me like I was idiot and that I had no clue what I was talking about. They sent me home 2hrs later with antiacid pills, saying it was just heartburn ( I've had heartburn since I was 11. I know what it feels like )and a panic attack. I went home in so much pain, I could hardly sleep or move for a week without excurciating pain. The staff was so demeaning and rude. Treating me like I was just a big waste of their time. I will never go there again. They deserve no ones money for the "help" they give.

breezyy blonde

All the nurses and PA in the ER and on the floor were extremely nice and welcoming .

Ashley Dillard


Conners News & Gossip

My son and I were in an accident yesterday and the staff was amazing! Even though I was in and out, what I got while awake was GREAT service... Thank you so much

H Marshall

Went to the ER on 10/29/2014 after having a seizure. Told them immediately that I was allergic to codeine. They claimed I had a "brain bleed" and they put me in a room on a dilaudid drip and gave me Tylanol with...codeine. Made me feel really sick with blinding headaches. After 3 days I demanded to be released. They gave me pain medication which guessed it...codeine. When i looked up the medication online i realized fully what they had done. I stopped taking the meds and my headaches went away. After my 3 day stay they sent me a $15K bill. They didn't care that they'd been responsible for making me sicker, unnecessarily, by giving me medication they knew i was allergic to. Also they performed duplicate identical tests to help pump up the charges. Before going here for care, make sure you're insured, get your affairs in order and make a will- just in case they kill you.

Dee Graves-Denny

I was there yesterday to visit a loved one and found it to be a very nice place. They were quick to take care of her issue and probably saved her life. Her nurse treated her very well and were respectful to her and the family.

Carrie Minehart

Poor excuse for a hospital!!! Took me off of meds that without them could have ended my life! All because they were all joking around and playing grab ass at the desk!!! Can’t wait to post the video!!

Sarah Vaughn

I know the ER is packed and people don't feel good HOWEVER staff does not have to be rude. I have witnessed the same some be rude to multiple people for no reason. They asked a question. You don't have to answer but if you do you don't have to be rude. Maybe this isn't the right profession for some people who work here

Cherie Wynne

Nurses & doctors were excellent! My mother, who had hip surgery & a broken wrist in a cast, had a nurses aid who left her without a call button and she had to wait in diarrhea for 3 hrs before someone came in to clean her up! Omg!!! I am so disappointed this happened! No apology was offered.

Stephen Chism

My wife was recently seen at the Baptist ER on 2/4/16, by Dr Ravi Madasu and the Main Nurse taking care of her was Donnielle. They were awesome, as was the rest of the staff while she was there. Dr Madasu was very thorough and responsive on treating her. He and Donnielle were very caring and took the time to answer her questions and thoroughly explain the results of her tests, and what he was going to do to treat the problems.


My mother was treated at this hospital and everyone was so nice and attentive. I will recommend this hospital to anyone that is having any problems. She is 88 and need a heart valve replacement and everything went very good and the doctors and nurses were so attentive and caring. Thank everyone there for being so nice to us during our stay.

Erin Caughran

I was seen for abdominal and back pain. After a few hours and some tests, including a scan to see if I had a kidney stone, they told me I was fine and sent me home with some anitibiotics and muscle relaxers. I still felt the same the next day and a few days later I went and requested my medical records, to take to another doctor, and they showed I had a hernia and a small kidney stone! Not to mention the experience with the nurse and doctor was extremely awkward and every time I asked a question I was told the doctor will let me know. The doctor never came back, his assistant is who told me I was fine and released me.

Autum Williams

There was no wait, so that was awesome. But, I waited over 3 hours to get my results from the lab. Not only that, they didn't find anything wrong with. I was a little upset after that visit.


My wife had a head injury with a open wound. I have to keep cleaning the blood that’s running out of her ear. We have been waiting 2 hours and 45 minutes so far. I guess a open, bleeding head wound is not an emergency. Do not go here if you have a emergency. This place is a joke!

Kim Shelby

Went in on 12/19/18 at midnight, they we not busy at all for some reason no one was in waiting area. I went there for a Crohns flare up, I had to insurance changed. Upon entering the ER, I had right severe upper and lower pain, severe throwing up,diarrhea with blood in stool. My husband and I tried to explain to them I have 3 years of history at Methodist Germantown to get my records. I have a GI doc I go to he is wonderful by the way. We told the nurse and docs, my GI did not want anymore CT scans. i have had way over the limit. I spent 80 days in and out of hospital with CT everytime in 2016 ,that does not count the number of ER visit with CT and treated and discharged. 2017 I spent about 25 and 2018 20 days in hospital. Those years do not include ER visits either. The docs or nurses did not want to listen as to what worked. They did it their way I stayed in pain plus 4 days. Nurses rude not in a hurry, do not care that you hurt, even if you buzzed in enough time to get it, they will be late pushing your self back for meds. Just NO CARING for the patients. Needless to say since it was a holiday weekend. I was promised help by these docs at Baptist Hospital since I was discharged on Saturday and my GI doc was closed for the holidays. Sent home with nothing, they lied and did not care since it was not them, or a family members of theirs. I unfortunately had to return on Monday Christmas Eve. Doc rude. Nurse S.A. gave meds and was going to admit again I asked to be sent home. Suffered. Will never go back. Insurance changed thank goodness. I'm back to Methodist Germantown. I had to give one star to post, but I give 5 negative stars. GO SOMEWHERE ELSE.

Suleima Burbano

Why are there no security stations/ check points for the ICU’s? Literally, anyone can walk in to the emergency main entrance, and just stroll down to the ICU, then just open the doors and you’ll find patient rooms with curtains wide open, charts everywhere, and none of the nurses even bothered to look up from their phones. It was a little concerning is all. This happened on a Saturday night.

Lonnie Seratt

Was at this hospital to have a stent.. I asked for a nicotine patch. (I am a smoker). I was informed by the nurse that the doctor would not prescribe a nicotine patch but would give me Xanax instead... I told them to keep them, but don't say a word about me going out to smoke... Yes smoking is bad, but a doctor that throws addictive pills at patients is far worse than smoking. Also when I was transferred to this hospital they put me in a room after removing the heart monitor, saline drip, blood thinner drip, oxygen and oxygen monitor. (Was transferred to this location due to a blockage.) After three hours of sitting in the room alone they carried me down to put a stent in. During the procedure they did reconnect the monitors. The nurse didn't come into the room until I went out and raised hell about the care provided.

Willie Adams III

Well i went to the er for severe abdominal pain. i was sent home less then 12 hours later and told i needed to schedule an appointment with a specialist because it would not pass on its own and would be life threatening if not treated. The reason i wasn't admitted to the hospital and treated by them, "there is a possibility that your health insurance wouldn't cover the procedure if the hospital does it and then the hospital would be out of that money." not that it is not dangerous or not life threatening, but that insurance may not cover it and that is more important then treating patients. don't go here if you don't have cash up front to pay for treatments, whether you have insurance or not.

Tonya Davis

To make a long story somewhat short. I had surgery at the Baptist outpatient surgery center on Walnut Grove on 4-4-16. I have had several surgeries in my life. This visit was the worst one I have ever had in my life. I was terrified. I almost cancelled my surgery. They couldn't insert my IV. They where unable to use the vein finder machine. They put the IV in my foot while in the operating room. I was rushed from the time I went back for surgery up until they shoved me out the door and into the car to go home. The only person that eased my mind, I have to say was my nurse in the OR. She was very nice and caring. The discharge nurse was rude as ever. I will never ever return to this place or refer anyone else to.

Brent Henderson

Great friendly staff and was cared for very well after surgery. The CNA and nurses I had while there did a great job.

Takarus Fason

Customer service suck and so does the wait time... my fiancé was in obvious pain I asked woman at desk how much longer for a room to become available she nonchalantly gave me an answer and pretty much had a “whatever” attitude. Left baptist and came to saint francis in Bartlett and we only wait 2 minutes and they gave us a room and at least gave concern about her health! We won’t ever go to any baptist again and I definitely wouldn’t recommend anyone to go there if they need to.

Judy Mashburn

Wet Tenn Cancer Center Germantown

Jon Cano

This place doesn’t care about how much time you are here. Don’t be surprised if you are here for 4 hours like we were (left after 10pm). Unfortunately we had our two young children with us because we couldn’t get someone to watch them on short notice. If there is another ER of choice, choose that one. Avoid this one if you can or carve out half a day or night as in our case.

james butler

I had the best of care while I was there. The staff was always at the best. Never a unkind word. I was on a regular diet, even the food was delicious. I couldn't believe it. I just want to say to you all. Dr. Garrett and his team. Thank you all for saving my life.

Apostle Marcellus Richardson

Great hospital. But the emergency room is slow as a snail. Unless you have chess pains they make you wait up to 4 or 5 hrs.

DouglasNPaula Carter

Was admitted with a VIRAL stomach bug and given 2 different very strong IV antibiotics. Antibiotics don't treat viral issues. I asked why I was being given antibiotics for a VIRAL stomach bug and was told it was just a precaution....even though all of my lab results were normal, but...but they felt it necessary to overload me with antibiotics i didnt need?!?! Was seen by the attending GI doctor around 6:30 pm and was told everything looked good and he was going to get my discharge papers ready and I could go home in a few minutes. At 10:45pm (more than 4 hours later!) when I asked how much longer it would be (for the 4th time) I was told by the nurse that the GI doctor had no authority to discharge me and if I left it would be AMA...even though the nurse had already DC'd my IV in preparation for my discharge. I'm just visiting Memphis and unfortunately caught a stomach bug while here...but for those who live here, or visit, i do not recommend this hospital. Ive never seen such unprofessionalism.


Slow Slow SLOW SNAILS. Sickle Cell Patient, came in 23:20 just received fluids at 02:11 dilaudid, doctor came in about 1... no 1 came to see if my pain went down or up in scale, I requested the meds that I know work and was not given anything close. Now it's 03:16am, I'm discharged w/ two additional complications, nausea & itching(in additional to pain and pneumonia). I ask if they normally ask or check back to see how the patient is doing the nurse say yes usually and I told her that I wasn't doing okay she says she will let the Dr know. The doctor returned briefly and as I was typing this report as if he was disturbing me condescendingly, simply saying your labs look okay you're not in sickle cell crisis so you're okay to go home. now, should I be allowed to drive right now under IV pain medicine when I haven't even had an hour to fully get them from my system?! The answer is no in most cases being that many hospitals ask if you drove in and don't allow you to leave for least four hours after receiving pain medicines, unless someone else is your ride however I was not asked. this has been a shameful experience, and I'm writing this report in hopes the next time I'm in Memphis visiting I will think to look here and remember never to come again. Sickle cell patients beware if you did not have a doctor that works with this hospital do not come here because they are not well versed on how it works. It is obvious they think the only way that they can treat us is if we are quote "sickling". And thank God I'm not, but it doesn't take away nor the fluids in my lungs of which if the doctor listen to he would be aware of. Also if he had taken a urine sample he will be aware of the infection in my body(how I know this is of no importance). Also the nurse left my exposed needle from my port out, a vial of medicine, and a vial of blood(purple/pink top, I think) , all out and not disposed of... I took pictures!!.Lastly she did not heparinized my portacath... if it clots, I know who to blame and where to back to file negligence. Plus I also notice nurse, not following the specific guidelines of keeping sanitary while accessing my port...

Christina Smith

My father had 3 stints and a pacemaker installed and went back to the Emergency room with problems of the pacemaker. They then had him against his and my will admitted to the Geriatrics Ward at lakeside hospital. Instead of helping him with his heart problems they are now giving him psych meds. They lied on several things one being that they said no one would be able to take care of him another that his pacemaker was talking to him which is completely ludacris! Not to mention they diagnosed my mother stage 4 Cancer after misdiagnosing her with diabetes. She died 3 years ago. I would not recommend this hospital to anyone unless they enjoy being tortured. Stay AWAY! Homie don't play that! We will sue you until Kingdom comes!

Edvardo Parrish Sr.

Came to Baptist Memorial Hospital at 1:10 pm. It is now 15:55. Have not seen by the Doctor. This don't make no sense at all.

love mystic

My dad is here ......I was so comfortable my family is comfortable..... absolutely the best hospital we have been to compare to was clean .....the people we're friendly even going through rough times everybody felt like family wasn't a merry Christmas but everybody made sure to tell everyone ......the doctors are understanding.... thoughtful......just out right amazing .... nurses too ......the waiting room/sleeping area is comfortable everyone was so nice has a shower....TV's ....reclining seats ....a security that come through one mess with your items everyone is compassionate towards each other just felt like how life is suppose to be ....friendly and everyone sharing a smile with one another even though everyone was in challenging situations I absolutely pray that everyone there get to go home and the food OMG

thomas hopper

Great staff....Donna Black RN is awesome!!! Megan the PT on 3rd floor is awesome. Food is outstanding. So far an overall good experience based on the circumstances....

James Anderson

As far as hospitals go, this one is not bad. I've been to much worse. A lot of the staff are great and really passionate about their patients. However, a couple of the nurses we encountered obviously should not be in the healthcare profession at all and some support staff clearly have had little or no training in how to do their jobs correctly and efficiently. Find a way to weed out the bad apples and this could be a top class facility.

John Gregory

HORRIBLE !! Had to stay after major back surgery. Staff uncaring and incompetent! Night nurse gave wrong medication, used wrong catheter and caused major bleeding. Any time you call a nurse you wait 45 minutes to an hour. They are always about an hour late bringing your meds. Man across the hall was literally screaming "Help me!" down the hall in the middle of the night because nurse would not come when he pushed button, To many issues to mention. NEVER go here! We asked one of our nurses if the had a staffing problem and she just grinned and said they are not allowed to talk about it. WORST hospital ever!!

Marvin Perry

Never seen Drs nurse's and a staff full of people that love what they do the love given and shown is unbelievable they don't how to tell you they care you can look into their eyes and see that they care what come from the heart touches the heart and their action touch mind

Carolyn Tinsley

Served very good meals and we had a couple of good nurses and a couple of great doctors and some doctors that you had to keep on top of to get some things done. We had a great cardiologist he was there at all times of the day and some one from his practice also came in to check on her.

Linda Dawson

These last two weeks have been like living in a nightmare. If it hadn't been for the doctors and staff, it could have been much worse. They have been supportive, optimistic and above all honest.

Roslyn Bacon

My first choice ER--period.

Juanita Hammonds

I worked here 4 two years. Awesome. Place to work I absolutely loved going to work!

Leslie Blair

I love Baptist I've been here off and on with my fiance. He came for a VAD and all the nurses here from ER to CPTU have been amazing and very helpful....

Rita Rogers

From the moment I walked thru the door the staff was amazing. Ms. Jackie kept me laughing Mrs. Joyce, and Tasha they were all on top of their jobs. Tyler is hilarious but stayed on point and knew his stuff. Mrs Bell kept me on track and she had 47 years of knowledge. Thanks to my heart catheterization team you guys made my short stay awesome. Oh I cant leave out Tyler's sidekick Katina.

Karen Carpenter

They did take care of my husband He was air lifted 5th of july. It saved his life


Isn't this the hospital Elvis was taking after his death?

Cristi and Darrell Bolin

Worst hospital ever. Wife had pacemaker surgery and it wasn’t working properly. Waited for 5 days with no appreciable care. Zero to little communication between cardiologist and surgeon on coordination. Hospital staff although nice and attentive. We’re terrified to call on status, especially to surgeon. Take your loved ones somewhere else and away from Baptist East and Stern Cardiology.

Geegee Matthews

Giving thanks to God for blessing these doctors and nurses to care for my dad during Christmas!! At one point they were saying he was very ill and wouldnt make it ....we were devastated.....i think if we had not sent my dad to baptist from Mississippi we would have been heart broken .....i forgot to mention that they gave my mom vouchers for food that last her pretty much the whole time she was there and my sister ....maybe some people have negative experience and others have positive ones's almost 3 months later and my dad is doing much better from being on his death bed to playing with his grandson ......we are thankful for Baptist !

Sherri Bowen-Green

ABSOLUTELY THE WORSE STAFF I HAVE EVER WITNESSED FROM THE OLD RUDE DOCTOR TO TRINITY THE RN. Here on 9/2/19 before midnight. Daughter covered in blood sink in ER room 45 ddnt work. Had to walk back and forth to bathroom. Sad when the nicest person working here is the custodian. Staff needs to take lessons from him.

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