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Kelsey Handley

Brittany Alana

My first time here was amazing. (2012) I had a baby girl via C-section. She got to "Room In" with me, the nurses were sweet, I was up & walking 6 hours after surgery, the food was good. The whole experience was just wonderful! ...My second experience, however, was very different! I had my son (2014), and he had to stay in the NICU. My nurses were still sweet, food was still good, was trying to walk soon after again. The part that upset me was the NICU. They are neglectful, lazy, and rude! None of the things you should be in a place like that! They wont let parents touch their babies if the baby is asleep. Not even to change their diaper! My son had such horrible rash, he was bleeding! All because they're too lazy to risk waking a baby up before feeding. God forbid you might have to do something besides sit on your ass! When I asked for diaper rash cream & showed them his rash, nothing was done about it. No cream, no nothing! So I finally refused to leave my son's side, and yelled at the first nurse who told me I couldn't change him. Got my own diaper rash cream to use on him. While I was in there, in pain from not resting properly.. I noticed even when the babies DO WAKE UP, little tiny premature babies will lay there crying for at least a good 10 minutes if not a little longer, before someone would finally get up and tend to them! I felt so bad I was eager to jump up the whole time to take care of them myself. It was bullshit! Point it, this is ONLY a good hospital if your child doesnt wind up in the NICU! The NICU is horrible! Also, before he was born I was asked if I wanted him circumcised, to be put in the computer. I told the nurse NO. I'll be damned if I wasn't asked at least another 7 or 8 times by different people after he was born. What part of NO dont you people understand?! Why put it in the computer, if nobody looks at it?! He was born the way he was meant to be, and healthy. No medical need to cut off part of his genitals. Yet all of you, for no reason other than greedy, think it's ok to keep asking. Real eager to make money at my child's expense, is what it sadly boils down to! Disgusting!

Kal Mine

We had a choice to choose between Methodist and Baptist with our insurance for my wife's second delivery in May 2018. As the cost is same, Rooms being bigger compared to Methodist, 5 minute drive to home with out doing any further research we have chosen Baptist. But it has proven and costed us a lot in the form of hospitality. Like earlier reviews once you are taken to recovery room after delivery the actual story begins. Nurses are nice but they are heavily short staffed . When we request for a nurse it takes 1 Hr for some one to stop by. Once they come they spend enough time and are sweet but 1 hr + delay for attending after calling them multiple times is beyond imagination. When inquired we were told each nurse has to take care of 8 patients (4 mothers + 4 new born's) in combination with administrative work due to which they are not able to attend patients in time. Same with food - My wife hadn't taken any thing for 7 hrs other than water due to delivery so when requested to get some food, I was told she is line and will get it when she gets it. This totally made me lose my patience and started raising my voice. Than some one immediately came and told that my wife is already prioritized as she just came from delivery and will have get her food in 5 minutes which she did. Unable to bare anymore we left the hospital in 12 Hrs after delivery as we felt we can do much better at home than hospital. So, we stayed for only 30 hrs in total including delivery at Hospital to run away from this unimaginable experience. On the other hand all my friends [Same insurance + plan + same kind of delivery] who had delivery at Methodist during same time had very pleasant experience. They were taken care in timely fashion and felt like they didn't' want to leave the Hospital and stayed for 2+ days. Although rooms were bit small care was beyond exceptional in Methodist we heard. They were also given very nice instructions and items needed to take care after going home, While we were given instructions but nothing else. So bottom line - Never Baptist for delivery go to Methodist instead if you have a choice.

Jarius A.

Stephanie Pleasants

I delivered my daughter here in 2010. I had an all around satisfactory experience. My daughter was in the NICU for a week as well. All of the nurses in the NICU were beyond wonderful and I'm extremely grateful for them.

Genise Miller

So I am currently a patient here today as I write this review...I have a experienced the most horrible stay I've ever had at a hospital.. From the time I got here, I was experiencing contractions at the window and one of the staff members behind the glass apparently thought it was funny I felt very disrespected, apparently she was not in a professional setting. First bad sign... Now my delivery staff was amazing everyone downstairs was absolutely nothing less of amazing... I was frequently checked upon and made to feel like a priority.. My stay since I was moved upstairs has been freaking horrible! The staff up here is very inattentive... I have not had one good nurse since I have been in this room, maybe except for a nurse named Chasity and my night nurse named Kristy, whom was very sweet and reliable. She was the first nurse to make me feel like I was a wanted patient.....I also have been waiting all day for my sons medical care which my have to be scheduled for a lated day because Im by far ready to leave this hell hole! My trash has yet to be removed, my floors have not been swept, there was no soap in the bathroom. For this hospital to be held at such high standards and expectations the service here is by far the most HORRIBLE I have ever had at a hospital... and I will for nothing else in my life come back to this hospital! I do not recommend this hospital for mothers to be... If you can, GO SOMEWHERE ELSE! I PREFER METHODIST SOUTH FOR ALL LABOR AND DELIVERY NEEDS THEY ARE GREAT OVER THERE AND YOU WILL BE SURE TO GO HOME SATISFIED.



Elijah Hines

It's lovely and nice.

Jerry Johnson

Sandy Gibson

My wife sat in labor in the lobby for over an hour. I truly get that they did not have a room available but someone could have at least checked on her, instead the staff ignored her. The treatment was cruel and humiliating. The staff exemplified a poor representation of this fine hospital. I've heard great things about other sites and departments that carry the baptist name. I carried my wife to a nearby hospital where my child was born.

Basic ministry Ehoward

I don't know if they are sure about what they are doing. I think most of the problem is better attitudes from thier International Doctors. Totally stupid!!

Heather German

I recently had my daughter at Baptist. Emergency situation and my little girl has spent the past 7 weeks in their NICU. I A couldn't be more pleased with everyone in this hospital. Even almost two months after I was discharged my nurses recognize me and ask about my baby. And the nicu nurses & doctors... Amazing! They all are so good to my daughter and even call with daily updates and some nurses even text me pictures of my little one when I'm unable to be up there (which is a huge relief for new mommy here). They are always so good to answer my questions to the best of their ability and even are helpful with my emotional breakdowns which happens with your baby girl in nicu. Amazing hospital!!!

Blizak OnGo

I would have loved to give this place 0 stars because customer service says a lot even if it's a phone call or in person. I called to ask one question & this unconcerned rude, non caring for human life b****, yea I said; told me that office hours are closed & have a good day. I will never go here. I would not trust this place when there's people like that working for them. Please do yourself a favor & stay far from this Hell Hole. THIS PLACE DOES NOT CARE ABOUT YOU & THAT'S A FACT!!!

Jonathan Rodriguez

As a father i feel very happy with everyone in this hospital , great doctors and nurses that attented my wife as she was giving birth too our little baby melodie. As im sitting here right now in the room i can say is very unique and they care a lot of every patient such a blessing. I recommend this hospital too anyone. God bless you

BJ Bobo

Wonderful place to have a baby!

Liberian Gal

The women on the second floor admissions window were completely rude and unprofessional.

Beauty with Lu

Linsey Tharpe

The NICU nurses were rude. We kept hearing different things about our child every day. One nurse would say one thing and another would say something different. They treated us as if we were stupid and didn't know how to take care of our own baby.

Ken Buchanan

My grand daughter, Penelope, was born here on 070517. Great delivery, recovery & room. The entire staff was very nice & understanding in every way. I could really pick up on how everyone really CARED. It would be so nice if all hospitals were this way. If I was a woman, I wouldn't go anywhere else. Thank you Baptist Memorial Hospital for Women & staff.

turtle boy 14

RGodinez de Orozco

Crim de la Crim

Allison was an awesome nurse...very caring and sweet!

Brittany Thompson

Some of these previous reviews sound like they're actually about the regular Baptist Hospital's emergency room... Baptist Memorial for Women is a separate & completely different part of the hospital. It's dominantly for labor & delivery. You go in if you're pregnant, in labor, scheduled for a cesarean section, have a baby in the NICU, and both mother & baby stay here after delivery for a small period of time. This hospital isn't part of the rest of the Baptist hospital. It serves women's health! Anyway, now that I've got that off my chest. lol! I absolutely love this place! A previous hospital that I had my first baby in, caused both my son & I to almost die! I am not even joking or exaggerating! We both came close to death the night my son was born, and it was the hospital's fault. I can't list their name for legal reasons, but they messed up both during my prenatal care & my c-section. So when I became pregnant a couple years later with my daughter, I wanted some place different. I chose a doctor who ended up being affiliated with Baptist Women's... It was like night & day! It all went perfect! My prenatal care by my doctor was great, and when it came time to go the hospital for my c-section, it still went great! The nurses were nice. My surgery went smoothly. My daughter was born totally healthy & spent no time in the NICU. As a matter of fact, she got to "Room In" with me. They helped me breastfeed her. The food wasn't horrible! Just everything was wonderful! Im pregnant with my 3rd baby now. Expecting another boy. I made sure I went to the same doctor so that I can go to the same hospital! I trust the Baptist Women's Hospital completely. Wish I could give it more than 5 stars!

kaila johnson

My daughter was born 3/13/18 and my experience as a first time mother definitely surprised me and not in a positive way. I have given this hospital two stars and the only reason I have chosen to do that is because my night nurse the night of 3/12/18 was AMMAZZINGGG!! She definitely was helpful and calming! I had such a negative experience and as someone that doesn't visit the hospital often, I was very shocked. First, I labored in the waiting room for 4hours before I was even seen. It was extremely uncomfortable to be contracting & 5cm dilated for four hours amongst children and visitors. My doctor told me to wait as long as I could to get to the hospital and I followed instructions and feel like I suffered for it. My day nurse came in, introduced herself and checked my dilation progression and reported, with absolute certainty, that I had regressed from 7cm ( which my night nurse had assured me before leaving) to "3cm or 4cm" sending me into a state of defeat and stress only for my doctor to arrive mins later and confirm that I was indeed 7cm dilated& I could begin pushing soon. The lead shift nurse told my doctor that assisting pushing and delivery was below her pay grade and that no other nurses were available to assist me in starting to push. At this point my contractions had grown extremely painful and I was so surprised at her reasoning for not assisting. What was even more crazy and unprofessional than that was that she came back into my room a while later after my doctor had left making comments that she had observed what was going on in other rooms on the floor and due to her not wanting to be bothered with other patients, she would assist in my delivery. WAY TO BE PROFESSIONAL!! - The floor was under-staffed and I asked me to stop pushing FOR AN HOUR to wait on an available nurse ONLY AFTER they had ALREADY led me to begin pushing& my daughter's head was already crowning. - A pregnant nurse downplayed my pain, concern and experience during my hour wait in the middle of pushing with the statement "this must be your first child, you can wait." - I wonder if she "waited" with her child crowning for another available nurse to deliver? -Lastly, the staff's response to the support of my child's father included statements like "they are proud of him" & questions like: "now will he be helping you at home?" I thought to myself "HE DOESN'T GET A PRIZE FOR SHOWING UP!!!!!!!!! THIS IS HIS CHILD! To be honest, I felt that the questioning and comments were very stereotypical. In conclusion, THROW THE ENTIRE EXPERIENCE AWAY!!!!!!!!!!!!! Me and my child are healthy so I feel as though I cannot complain but LORD when I tell you I attribute that ALL to my praying mother & absolutely attribute nothing to the "intentional" care at Woman's Baptist.


Went for pain in lower back and cramping first I want to complain on Paul Boyce who drew my blood after I told him where to draw my blood best BC I get blood work regular for thyroid he proceeded to still stick me in forearm and wiggle a needle around that hurt like hell and then said I guess you are right and draw blood from the normal vein (where my arm folds at elbow at ) I did see him place place gloves on but not wash hands I wasnt glued to his every move at first then he opened the iv tubing and sample packages on the counter in the room next to the sink not sure if that's normal I'm used to seeing professionals push everything in on a cart and proceed w blood draw idk but I do know its over 12 hours later and my arm is horribly bruised from the spot of my him not being able to draw blood and hurts something awful this visit began @3:21 am I'm writing this 9:16pm same night I go for transvaginal ultrasound on kidneys and bladder get undressed deal w the extra cramping from the transvaginal probe all up in me moving around but I understand its necessary and the tech was awesome and sweet however after her taking idk how many pics and having me get dressed and ready to go back to er area she comes back and states the radiologist wants more images and we have to do it all over again ughhhhhhh the pain but not her fault so then she comes back and states he agreed with her after the fact the first images were good enough SMh..... anyways back to the er room it is now about 5am big sign on wall lab work takes 1-2 hours so @ 530 I confirm w attending nurse my lab work is back and we are waiting on Dr evaluation but they are in the middle of shift change as well.. OK shift nurse comes in and states "I'm going to be back to take you to your room upstairs shortly" I'm like wth then Paul was like no not her she confused you with another patient they leave I lay for another 2 hours with a Iv needle in my arm for no reason nothing be injected or no blood being drawn again and a blood pressure cuff wrapped around my arm for no reason it was read at 530 and left on 730 Dr I never seen before (BC shift change) comes in says follow up with your regular Dr in one day they seen a few specks of blood in urine could be infection but not enough for him to worry about blood work normal .....wait another 30mins for nurse to bring paper work ...billing dept comes in I'm laying flat I don't have access to lift my bed and they hand me a clip board stating initial here here here sign here here here (really)...while I have needle in one arm and wires and cuff on the other (for the hell of it I guess) so let nurse know paper was missing stated she would be right back w it another 30mins and she comes in says sorry I left it on counter I thought they gave it to you unhooks me and just let's the cuff hit the floor and lay there I guess for the next patient smh oh if u look in the corners and around in the room u will see mold in corners and rusting equipment in certain areas as well noticed this during my long wait I'm exiting and have to stop by billing discharge they say I'm free to go but the young lady w braces who gave me the papers to sign while lying in my room stops by the lady checking me out and says did u see my notes on that account look at them In my head I'm like Hello how damn rude is that then the lady states again shaking her head I'm sorry mammals you are free to go like I said like the young girl w braces wrote something unprofessional or not important and was just being rude like I thought ...bottom line I will not return to this er for anything if I have say so .

Natalie Gammill

I had such an amazing experience delivering my baby girl here and all of the nurses are so sweet!

SkinnyMinny Ent

Just rude. Literally like everybody

J&A Jenkins

Have had multiple horrible experiences here including an ER visit with my 30 day old little girl as well as a recent visit for nothing to the L&D floor when my pregnant wife was experiencing some extreme lower back pain. This is her 4th pregnancy so it's not like she doesn't know whats normal at this point and I specifically asked the nurse to check out for anything affecting the kidneys or gallbladder.... ALL THEY DID WAS A URINE TEST AND DISCHARGED US! RN Jennifer Proctor said there was nothing else they could do, we just have to live with it or schedule physical therapy. Gallbladder problem are common in pregnant women especially after their second kid, especially in the third trimester. You do not have to go to medical school to know this! I'm now going to receive a massive bill for a urine test??!!!! This kind of care doesn't make any sense. Of you will not LISTEN to your patients how can you help anyone. You guys do not always know best! And your condescending attitude does you no favors. Be wary of the service here and if you get Jennifer Proctor as your nurse.... Request someone smarter

Cherish Andrews

Cindy Micci

David Ware

Jessica Hunter

Absolute worst experience I have ever had in a hospital. I was there for three days for a hysterectomy. The nurse sent in a 90 year old volunteer to help me to the restroom. When I asked her about it she told me I should smoke a cigarette because I was irratable and the old lady likes to help. Another nurse put an ice back on my abdomen and did not return to remove it. I woke up soaked, the bed was soaked, and the plastic covering my incision was full of water. When I called for a nurse the told me she was on break and handed my 15 year old daughter a nightgown. (Did I mention I still had a catheter and was unable to get out of bed on my own). Finally when she returned she seriously laughed in my face. Some of the day nurses were decent but my evening nurses were terrible. I never recieved pain medication on time and was rarely checked on. However my Doctor along with the team performing my procedure were wonderful and did an amazing job!

Desiree Meeks

Staff was exceptionally helpful and VERY FRIENDLY...

Shanita Windham

It was terrible.. They didn't follow my care plan and put my life at risk.. They was only worried about getting me out !!

T Hoeflich

My family and I were very pleased with the entire staff and facility! I delivered my second child in December, right before the holidays and could not have had a better experience!

Juan and Nina

Melissa Cook

The Best Hospital to have a baby at...all the nurses great

William Hubbard

Just arrived so far pretty terrile dirty room feels like a jail cell

Ŵagner Wërneck

They always took good care of my wife. Thank you!


I had a long stay at this hospital for preterm labor. My stay wasn't completely bad, but it wasn't all good either. All of the labor and delivery nurses I had were totally awesome. No complaints there! Once I got moved to antepartum, I hated it. They didn't want to give me pain meds when I asked for them. And it wasn't like I was bothering them every hour on the hour. I would only ask if I really needed it. They were supposed to maintain my IV access in the case I went into early labor again. It took hours before my IV was started again. And one of the nurses told me it takes a while to restart an IV after one has been taken out which is a complete lie. Now they did not know I am a nurse who has worked in a Baptist facility before. I was really contemplating on filing a complaint with Joint Commission. And it wasn't just the nurses, but some of the residents too. I would complain of period like cramps and increased discharge, but nobody took it serious. Even I know thats a sign of preterm labor. But the next day I had a sweet nurse. She was the only nurse I enjoyed having on the antepatum unit. The night nurses took hours before even laying eyes on me. I know they have other patients, but its really nothing to pop your head in to introduce yourself and say you'll be back and what you'll do when you come back. That's what I was trained to do at the Baptist I worked at and it really does make a difference. I was glad when I was moved back to labor and delivery. I was too high risk to be over there with those people who really didn't care. In L&D I didn't have to wait hours for anything I needed and I had one nurse in particular who constantly checked on me and my twins. And I actually ended up going into labor on her watch. But she watched me and my twins so closely that I didnt have to call her. She was really on her P's and Q's. After I got moved to the 3rd floor, I called out to have my underpad changed because I'd been wearing it for far too long. No one came in to change it. My mom had to end up changing it. And I was told I couldn't be taken to see my babies in the NICU that evening. Wait, what?Then as soon as my cousin went out there to tell them I wanted to see my twins in the NICU because the doctor called me and I just broke down crying and she let them know I was a nurse, they ran in everytime I called. I shouldn't have to be a nurse for anybody to answer the call light. I can imagine what it's like for people who aren't in the healthcare field, laying on bloody pads all day and being told they can't take you around the corner to see your children, when in fact they can. I've had a few bad encounters with the NICU, but mostly good. There were some nurses who tells me I cant touch my twins until certain times, but a majority will let me lay hands on them. I've never heard of me not being able to touch my kids when I want to like this is prison. But I've had a few extremely nice nurses who will let me touch them, change their diapers and they just make me feel welcome! It's hard enough having to go home everyday without my kids, the least they could is let me touch them even if for a little while. Hopefully my twins' stay will get better since they will be there for a while. But I still always have Joint Commission in my back pocket if I need to contact them.

mohita goyal

Tony Ng

Cammy Higdon

I really like this place they r good

laura gonzalez

Emily Holmes

Fabiana Ramsour

I just delivered my baby girl on 10/25/16. I had an excellent experience, specially my delivery nurse "Sandra". Highly recommend her. She is the best!. Very caring staff. The only bad thing was a nurse that I asked for a pain killer since I couldn't have my epidural yet and she gave me something very strong that druged me! Excellent place to deliver!

Laura Hill

I dont ever want a pregnant female in my family to experience poor care...sarcasm....among other things at this place. It could be prejudices.... Oh well..nobidy cares..I give it to God..and we call it Baptist....

martha swanson

This was the sorriest hospital i have ever had the ill gotten mis priveledge to encounter. 3 mo ago i had an abdominoplasy. My doctor was excellent but had never been affiliated with bwh. i was his 1st surgery there. The staff was as rude to him as they were to me. would not follow his instructions, basically did as they pleased. Cocky, know it all, and impertinant! i was there 3 days, only because my surgeon insisted. they were trying to send me home the next day and i didn't get in a room from surgery until 10:00 at night. when i was put in a room the bed did not work, so they changed me to another room,that bed did not work so they put me in another bed. mind you this was right after major surgery! When i did get settled in they took off my binder that was not supposed to come off at all. had to use the bathroom often, they were pretty good about getting someone to help me go but not careful of if i was going to fall, also i couldn't turn or lift my legs they would not help.there was only 1 person helpful, a young pt. care assistant, when she was on duty, she was prompt to assist, however she explained that she would get in trouble if she did much. now i understand you have to do for yourself but get real people!!!!!!!!! anyway this was the worst experiece i have ever had in a hospital and i have been inpatient in 5 in my 59 years. Martha Swanson

Cheryl A. Bingham

patrick johnson

Went to hospital at 9pm and it took 2.5 hours just for a nurse to draw blood. Then it took another hour for the doc to come in and say they won't give me drugs till they run blood work. Blood sits on counter for another hour then they get them and send me off to x ray and ultra sound which turned up nothing. Still puking I haven't had anything to drink for over 6 hours and they say oh we will get iv start3d. Hour goes by nothing. Finally get iv but they don't put it high enough so blood starts to flow into iv drip. Hour goes by finally get new iv. Still in pain and puking. After several more hours still no pain drugs just nausea drugs. IV goes dry for over 2 hours I page nurse 3x for water and they say no water until blood work comes back. Blood work was over 6 hours old now. So I'm dehydrated dry heaving in pain new shift gets in I get new IV and a cocktail of pain mods and nausea meds I fall asleep for two hours feel like a champ...long story short my 12 hour hospital stay could've been a 2 or 3 hour stay if they had just done their job and given me pain meds. Next time I'll go an extra 10 minutes to another hospital

Latriece Hoskins

Worse hospital ever! Staff behind glass are rude and unprofessional to the women that are hurting and whose pains are less than five minutes apart! They have no rooms available and are under staffed! I would give them no stars if I could!!! Water broke 3 hours ago and Iam yet in the waiting room! Women are yelling in pain! Don't come here to this hospital!!!

Randi Paige

I adored my nurses, but I cannot stand their NICU department (minus the nurses). One doctor told me it was my fault my child was in the NICU because I stressed him out. I felt as a parent, I had no say in my child's health. The doctors within like talking to people as if they're stupid. They also like shooting down breastfeeding, and pushing formula. Being told my milk is not enough for my child is detestable and laughable. I've exclusively breastfed all of my children (full and preterm) with no problems. Being told formula is best is a sad, undermining joke to me.

Austan Rea

My wife went is Pre-term labor with an abrupted placenta and delivered at 30weeks and 6 days. We had a wonderful experience with the nurses on the second floor and the L&D Nurses on the third floor. But my wife and I have had an awful experience with the NICU nurses and the nurses in the step down unit. They are rude and disrespectful. You ask them a question and cut you off and speak to you like you are dumb. We had a night nurse get report from are child’s day shift nurse and then come up to us and say she didn’t even realize our child was her patient. We have gotten our case manger and the house supervisor involved multiple and the care only get better for short periods of time. On top of everything else one nurse says one thing about my child and the next nurse that comes on and says something different. There are to many leaders and not enough followers on there staff. Don’t get me wrong we have had some wonderful nurses but they are few and far between. They are severely under staff with one NICU nurse taking care of up to four baby’s at a time.

Lee Baldwin

WOW WHAT A TERRIBLE TERRIBLE TERRIBLE EXPERIENCE! was passing a kidney stone and was accused of doctor shopping for pain meds! will never go back to this ER. wow!

Conrad De Haces

This place is Realy lazy i went in with my mom and the lady up front forgot to put my mom's paper work so we had to wait 3 hour on tell i got tire and when up there and I told the lady where's my moms paperwork and she's like oh I'm sorry I forgot to put it in what a idiot.. I think poor and is no description for what I had to go through that day

Roslyn Warren

The reason I give them 4 stars is because everyone is very professional and empathetic. Each time I've been to Baptist Memorial Hospital East everyone greeted me with a smile, helpful and made me feel special. I am a patient with many chronic illnesses and feel sick 99% of the time, but they always make it feel better after each visit. They are a blessing!!!

Pedro Esquivel

Tamara Allen

Heaven Meeks

Overly love it.Staff is really nice and accommodating in the time of need.

Zaway layrock

I never been here I visit my friend after she had her son the service was horrible I would have cursed out that staff if it was me they where rude and didn't nobody know anything about breast feeding and putting it off all had attitudes I hate my friend had to go threw that I was just there 2hr n saw all this she said the rest of her stay was no better


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