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REVIEWS OF Alvin C. York, VA Medical Center IN Tennessee

Frank Evans

James Keller

Super service transferring from another VA facility.

Robert Green

The quality of care you receive from the VA depends on the staff members you encounter. Most of the medical staff are concerned about your medical problem; however, the administrative staff sometimes come across as incompetent, unfriendly and rude. It is next to impossible to get rid of a "bad" VA Government employee. Only in a have-to-case will I ever use the VA healthcare system again.

Teresa Tidwell


Sallar Anthony

Terry Deaton

Thank God, for this facility. They, basically, have saved my life...

Cassi Lynn

Randy Word

Great staff and great doctors. Beautiful campus!

Thomas White

Much improved customer service and interactions with staff.

Bill Lynn

Outstanding service.

Marc Moss

Reading a post about a man left lying on the waiting room floor while staff were debating on if they wanted to admit him. Any of the staff...especially doctors that delayed any treatment should be fired. I hope this issue gets to the highest chain of command and appropriate action is taken immediately.

Andy Kincaid

I enjoyed staying at the ol wagon wheel, very nice staff. Night rocked :)

Michael Greer

VA Hospital it's Chloe's are so nice thank you God for something that works

Samuel Edwards

Good luck getting into C&P. Called at 8am and left a message for them to call me. Didn't receive a call from them. I showed up at 12 for some appointments and was told by receptionists that she hadn't even checked the messages yet. Then was told I was going to be able to speak with her without an appointment. Next oping is a full month away. I a veteran isn't having claims issues that effects their health and pay because you will suffer and starve be for any questions or claims get filed or answered. I definitely recommend going eles where. They have a Over weight DAV employee that his whole job is to enter your claims into the computer and he can't do this correctly. If you ask other employees at the va his mistakes are so common that they recommend you going outside the va for help. I set in front of him to file 6 claims and he acted like I was wasting his time. Later found out He only filled 3 of my 6 and told me he didn't want nor need any documentations. Everything he did caused more heart ache and trouble for me. Go else where to file claims or do it yourself online.

Diana Schultz

Evy1 was wonderful. Facility is amazing.

Kenneth Cotter

Always a pleasant experience at this VA hospital!

Steve Jone

They made a veteran sleep on a floor because the doctor didn't think he was sick enough to be admitted. The man couldn't even walk.

Archie Arroyo

Amy Holder

Great facility. Caring staff.

Carol Prestwood

See Facebook post of veteran on floor for 8 hours waiting for treatment That is UNACCEPTABLE! Shame on the doctor and staff.As a retired nurse I am appalled. Hopefully this will be reported so that appropriate action will be taken and hose responsible will suffer consequences.

Edward Wetmiller

I ordered refills of my medications a little early so that I made sure I received them before I left my residence for an extended time period. I finally got ahold of a human to find out that they weren't going to send them out until after the first of the year because I ordered too early. They got snotty when I told them why I ordered early, but they finally said they would send them. We'll see!?

Kelly Stocke

Veteran's care has gone down the TOILET.

Kim Manley

I've never had a problem with my care here. It may sometimes not go as fast as I wish, but the people seem to truly care

Edward Boland

Doctors provide excelllent care! The Volunteers are very courteous and thoughtful.

Jul ofDenial

Rin Smithson

Charlotte Lemay

Christina Lanes

Joseph Blair

Edward Robinson

David Brown

I was addmited to this hospital in febuary i usally have good things to say about this place.not this time there is a horrible man that calls himself dr marlin he needs to retire he is one of the most uncaring doctors ive ever met.the nurses are great dr marlin go before you hurt someone

David Lord

Martie Floyd

very nice people and excellent service .

Jerry Adcock

Change doctors too often.

Scottie MORROW

They take care of Veterans, great care!

Louis Capistrant


Normally I HATE the VA. These people are awesome here. I feel comfortable getting my care here and highly recommend it!

marlon vanscoy2

Jim Scantland

Robert Luscomb

Wish I was on welfare, probably receive better care and would definitely be able to get an appointment faster.

Marlene Crabill

Cheryl Mer

In two years I have yet to see a doctor. It's always a nurse. My last visit ended when the nurse seeing me left to "check on something" and went to lunch instead, sending back an aide to tell me my appointment was completed. Have been sitting on hold for almost an hour in an attempt to make an appointment THREE MONTHS from now. And this is after being told this is one of the "good" VA facilities.

Constance Mathews

Big Avery ingram

Cat B

Getting better. Still needs to focus on efficiency. Majority of the people that work there do the best they can and care. Keep up the improvement...

sonia cruz

Awesome place

Amy Clark

Helpful staff if they don't lie to you... Not a very honest place

Marilyn Mehne

Friendly staff. They show respect for our vets.

Kimothy Chatman

Ron Berg

My replacement hearing aids came in the mail the day we left home in Wisconsin. They needed to be programmed so I went to the open audiology hours and in an hour my hearing aids were programmed and I walked out of a strange VA facility feeling grateful to be a Vet. Way to go! you are amazing.

Stephanie Uselton

Staff is friendly

Melissa Kiger

Gerald Bailey

The Real Fnaf Furry

Tommy Thompson

The staff was professional, kind and very helpful. However there is trouble parking problem, there is not enough parking. There is plenty of space for more parking. One gets the impression that the trees and grass are important than the people. The staff and patients are spending too much time and effort trying to find a place to park.

James Edwards

Fast courteous service.

Robert J Mullenix

Nice place

Omar Fonseca

I have always as a Veteran, been treated with honor and respect!

Donna Campbell

neo dragon

William M. Abrams

joseph goldsby

Toby Wilson

Meagan Dom Dera

They left a man lying on the floor for 8 went viral. Seeing that absolutely broke my heart

Rivell Chatman

Appt. was fast. The staff was friendly.

Triple J VidStop

I've heard the horror stories in the past about the VA hospitals, but I have had nothing but good experiences here. Staff is always helpful and have always had an answer to all my questions. Nice campus and easily located parking lots.

Jennifer (Dallas) Dandron

n00bStar Gaming

Shannon Coley

Willie Cotton

Just Excellent. Staff is professional and careing.

Bryon Wallace

Tim Andrews

They care for my health

Peter Recktenwald

My first time here and they were very good getting me in and the doctor was very through! Then I went to see if I could get a cpap mask and I didn’t have an appointment but they got me right in and got me a mask that would work until my new one came in. Great service in my book!

Linda Hewitt

Ever since they started remodeling, the Doctors and nurses had went down hill. Maybe they're inhaling to much dust and paint, who knows what's going on, but they don't care about our Veterans.

Wade Cochran

A very big campus. A group of great people here.

mathew parker

Vivian Kimball

The VA Hospital takes excellent care of my husband. The staff in Columbia along with the Nashville group saved my husbands life. We have always received courteous and professional care. I can not save enough good things about them. They are overworked and under staffed. Keep up the good work guys!

Marcia Baker

Robert Saldana

Wendy ONeal

Very rude to the patients.

Eddie Maddle

People are nice and helpful

Anthony Bunce

Craig Burgin

Most people here are courteous and kind and the care I have received is excellent

Anne Johns

Staff members are always courteous and efficient. They make my Dad feel he is cared for at the highest level!!

Dragon Prinz

This Alvin C. York (Murfreesboro VA) are curtious and polite. I came in as a walk in today and was expecting to be here for hours. They saw me immediately and started helping just as quickly.

Charles Huff

They give me the care I need.

Marcus Place

Anthony G.

Me B

Martin Elrod

They Really care about our Veterans!!

Tony Henderson

Bryan Crowder

I got a full body overhaul. Mental and physical. I been on a cane for 8 years and they found a way to help with my pain..

Enedelia Hernandez

I would give them 6 stars if possible but I can only do 5. They were quick to admit me and I was treated with respect, the staff was very nice and caring.

E. Jones

Ronny Clark

Rhonda Glass

Ronald Mcclure

Best care for veterans in Tennessee!!

Regina Starks-Brown

A little hard to park but always great medical care

amy holder

They have treated my veteran on numerous occasions. They have always done a great job. My only suggestion to you would to stay proactive in your medical treatment.

michael bodell


Every visit I've had there has been great...everyone is professional, helpful and courteous. Appointment times are real time, no extended waiting, unless the doctor is running behind with seeing patients

joe hale

Was treated very good. PEOPLE took time to explain everything .

Kathy Conner

Because the staff is great and they treat our veterans with the utmost respect

Allen Atcheson

It was a totla mightmaire it was my falt but does not change the fact that it was hell on earth. It ia a very nice facility and the staff was great. Yes, my review and my rating are confissinbg but that is the way it was.

5150 Van Halen

Run Around 24/7 I applied over 30 days ago for medical benefits. Still no word . Calling Rutherford County location now, still no answer no benefits Don't you just love how We Veterans are treated.... Die for your country and this is how they Honor our Vets... Time for Trump to drain the swap here too! .

Thomasd Enoch

Great staff

Terry Harris

Awful awful experience. I absolutely hate this place. Urgent Care that is!!!!!!! Got here @4 never got triaged asked what the problem was the guy never checked me in like he said I did when I got here! The triage guy says oh well you could have already been done. I would rather die then come here!!!! I hate this place. If I could afford insurance I would buy it and go elsewhere before coming here. I don’t think veterans or anyone deserves this kind of disgraceful treatment!

Jeff Eldridge

Huey Miller

I have always been well taken care of.

Phil Phil

Timely & professional services

Geri Alexander

This VA Hospital is exceptional! They take very good care of my Dad, and the staff is very patient and attentive. Thank you!

Dennis Simpson

Jason Back

Long drive from Chattanooga just to be referred further away to Nashville.

Leona Bowen

Not my favorite spot but hubby has to come here and if early enough I can get a handicap parking spot.

Douglas Schrum

The quality of care you receive through the VA system has got to be about the worst you can receive, unless I absolutely have to use them I will not set foot on their property. If you must get your health care through them because of lack of insurance or what ever reason I feel very sorry for you.


I am very impressed with the organization of this place. Also, everyone there is very kind & helpful.

Frannie Newsom

Not a very good experience. Probably the most useless and non caring. Some of the people who work there are okay but my dad got stuck with a doctor who is only in the clinic two days a week and doesn't care to do her job. Dad was diagnosed with a bacteria resistant to cipro. Tricare won't pay for the 7 days of shots. The VA won't help because he was not diagnosed there.

G. Lamar Wilkie

A lot of veterans complain about the care and conditions at their VA hospitals - but we have had very few issues with either at VA Murfreesboro. The problems we HAVE had were corrected quickly, and we are always treated with concern and respect. I highly recommend this facility to anyone who is eligible to receive care from the VA!

Marlon Vanscoy

Thomasine Pursley

J M Butler

The hospice staff are wonderful. I cannot say enough about how much they made our time easier. We so appreciate your help and support.

EODCraft Staff

It's a government run hospital.

Martin Hall

Great service to us veterans

Rusty West

Very friendly staff, but sometimes the wait for appointment is long.

Jenna Crouse

My grandpa goes here. His back has been broken for awhile and yall couldn't evend figure that out. Thank God he had a new doctor who knew what he was doing and could figure it out. Whoever helped him previously should be fired and go back to college. Disgusted

Donald W. O'Connor

For over 12 years now I have been served by the Murfreesboro/Nashville campuses of the VA. I could not be more satisfied with the service, facilities and over-all professionalism of the Tennessee Valley Healthcare System. My experience has been excellent to outstanding! Thank you people, one and all...

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