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REVIEWS OF VA Black Hills Health Care System IN South Dakota

Denise Fletchall

Dr Weisensee and her assistant Lanie are the BEST! We always are treated like family and receive great care.

Christina Garretson

The doctor we saw was prompt to see my spouse and was proficient. As a medical professional, I have multiple concerns about hygiene and patient safety. I had one nurse walk out on patient care because I said it was unsanitary to use equipment on a patient they were holding in their mouth. Instead of apologizing , this individual argued it was in a package. Which I then pointed out he would be opening and contaminate the divice inside he intended to use. He then said it was fine . I informed him I was a nurse ..and my husband was sick enough and didn't need to be exposed to anything else ..he replied good for you and walked out on care. The nurse who took over was extremely efficient and caring, however started an IV AND MEDS WITHOUT GLOVES ON. She also opened the end of the extender with her teeth. A caregiver's mouth should never be used in patient care. The staff lack the basics of hygiene and could possibly be causing diseases to spread. This makes me sad to see as a medical professional and the wife of a veteran. They deserve top quality care. They should not need someone at beside to ensure basic hygiene is done while they are I'll.

antonio kelley

I am a Veteran that have to admit that VA Black Hills is truly a great hospital. Outstanding customer service and one of the few hospitals where everyone smiles and greets Veterans with kind words in the hallways.

Carl Fenner

John Brewer

This VA healthcare facility provides excellent healthcare from caring nurses and professional providers.

Alex Godfrey

I always receive excellent care. Everyone is really good at pointing you in the direction that you need to go! Staff is always friendly.

Former Customer

2 July 2017 Dr. Peter Hasby misdiagnosed me with anxiety because he did not recognize symptoms of tularemia and bartonella even though I relayed I had been scratched by a squirrel in my back yard prior to becoming ill. 7 July 2017 Nurse Robert Knight made notes in my medical records stating "seems to flutter her eyes when looking at this nurse". I am still ill with neurological symptoms and this nurse lectured me while checking me in stating there was nothing wrong with me, that this is all anxiety, I am running around all over the place to be seen, and do I have family in the area. I had tularemia and bartonella and did not come to the Fort Meade ER to flutter my eyes at this individual. I came to the ER because I was very ill and in need of diagnosis and treatment. 10 Oct 2017 Nurse Laurie Johnson asks me if I drove myself to the ER then when I answer yes, makes the comment "well that worked just fine didn't it?". If this nurse would have bothered to check the medication I had recently been treated with (gentimicin), she would have realized that the symptoms I was reporting - severe lightheadness and stumbling - were early signs of ototoxicity in which gentimicin treatment damages the vestibular function of the inner ear. The 3 month delay it took for me to be seen by a doctor who recognized my symptoms allowed both the tularemia and bartonella infections to advance to the point where I needed extended treatment with gentimicin. This treatment resulted in my becoming permanently disabled due to vestibular damage from the antibiotic. If I had been referred promptly to an infectious disease doctor, my treatment options would not have been limited to gentimicin. I attempted to address the above issues through the Patient Advocate in May 2018 - with Mr. Parsons who lists "MBA" in his signature block. The Patient Advocate regulation VHA Directive 1003.04 states b. Documentation of Complaint. Initial documentation of a complaint, steps taken to a resolution and final resolution are required to occur as soon as possible, but no later than 7 business days after initial contact. My complaint covered the above areas so I accepted Mr. Parson's statement that I would receive a formal letter with the actions taken within 45 days. At 60 days I followed up and Mr. Parsons replied he would send my email to the front office. After again receiving no reply to the complaint, in November 2018 I filed a Freedom of Information Act request for the record from the Patient Advocate Tracking System and upon receiving that record found Mr. Parsons had closed my complaint in July 2018 using another patients information and resolution. When I emailed Mr. Parsons to request he remove the other patients information from my complaint, he read the email and did not reply.

Joe Jackson

I love the specialty clinic, I went and saw one of the knee doctors and then I followed up with Dr. Shipey in the foot clinic. They treated me great and were professional. I appreciate the doctors using MRI and ultrasound, modern technology, to help find why I hurt. I have been to other clinics outside the VA system and the doctors just wanted to get me in and out as fast as they could. Dr Shipey and the knee doctor took their time and educated me on why I was in pain.

Mitchell Godwin

poor serice waste of time, all they care about is there garunteed paychecks like every other va. 8 years and no answers no treatment. i call for question and they want a apointment but it will be a few months. and if i go its theres nothing wrong or nothing we can do. i started having breathing problems last year, doctor said i was out of shape and its typical and might be asma. i wasnt out of shape and very active, ended up in er 3 times since and last doctor at er found the problem, oxygen below 80 percent. but no one cares and primary care doctor should have veen repremandid at least, if not fired. but there short on doctors and dont have the funds but have plenty of money to hire more lawyers to keep vets from getting care. this is typical of every va not just this one. if you value youre health let alone youre life dont go to the va if you can afford a real doctor that will loose liscense for not doing job instead of being praised and promoted like at the va.

harley rhynes

So, went to ER here this morning and was impressed. My best ER Experience since I was in Utah many years. Fast, efficient and a step above others VA experiences.

mike johnson

i love this hospital. everyone is amazing. i get wound care there on a routine basis and appreciate how honest dr shipee is. he takes his time treating my wound and reads the wound to determine what it needs to heal.

Erik Figuracion

Do everything you can to avoid this place

Edward Postlethwaite

The people in this V A medical Center are the best that I have seen yet. Topnuch Drs and nurses to help get you in good health again,most of the people there understand and are willing to help you in any way they can. That is to be said of all the personal as well as the people who are there to see there Drs. To.

Mel Killian

I have received excellent care at Fort Meade V.A.

karlyle bringsplenty

Christine Sanders

Bobby Collins

Was never able to be seen, due to the staff's incompetence. I asked to be assigned to a primary care provider, was told it takes 7 days. After waiting 7 days, I was told the request was never submitted and I would have to wait another 7 days. Rather than waiting I decided to go somewhere else.

David Thomas

Always taken well care of! I see people complaining I must say be thankful for what you have

Kelsie Morse

Couldn't get them to let my mother in at the emergency room. She's a veteran who was having stroke symptoms and they could care less.

Chris Simon


I'm proud to call this VA Hospital my primary hospital. The staff at all levels and locations has always treated me perfectly. I would give 5 stars if it was not such an old building needing some repairs.

Dan Stults

Compared to many throughout the country, this VA Hospital is very good.


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