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3200 Canyon Lake Dr, Rapid City, SD 57702

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REVIEWS OF Sioux San Hospital IN South Dakota

Andy Anderson

I have always gotten fast, friendly and excellent treatment. Medical and dental.

Ebony Badger


Buddha LOC

Couldn't get through to ER I wouldnt want to allow myself to be a guinea pig for the government....I have a bad knee and don't like pills but they told me it was all in my head and tries to give me an antidepressant..This place sucks

Lynz Vaile

This place is a joke I avoid going here at all costs

Brandi RedCloud

Their pediatricians do a great job. Our last visit to Urgent Care wasn't too bad either. We typically try to avoid Sioux San but it's been okay lately.

Colleen BlackWeasel

Appt Staff Needs Training in Patients Come First! I did not want to Hear that you get off at 230pm for the Holiday! That I should call back before that time The Nurse that was to call me back was not even there!


Nothing wrong with the staff or service, IF you can get to it. The appointment process is as follows: You begin calling at 7:30, you and every other Native that needs medical care that day in the Rapid City area will all be calling at the same time. Don't expect your call to be answered, there are only 2 people operating the appointment desk phone lines. So, after about 20 minutes of listening to hold music you'll be transferred back to the switchboard and ask for the appointment desk and start all over again. At some point it's very likely that you'll be disconnected. IF you manage to get an appointment, you then get to try and get the time off work. Same day appointments only, folks, so if you have a job.....The staff knows this is a problem but they take the complaint and send you a form letter and off you go. Now again, there's nothing wrong with the staff or service, just the method they've chosen for us to reach them.

D'aun Lopez

Treatment of my granddaughter’s husband after a severe head injury was inhuman. It shouldn’t matter how much money you have or how old you are. They are Native and were treated so disrespectful. How can this happen and how many more people does this happen to?

Tiara S.

Richard Galligo

I get my medicine here for free.

harriet avis

Always pleasant service and very respectable may it continue!

Chloe Rivers

Nehemiah Baustian

Horrible service waited an hour in the room with no sign of a doctor and no one came to check on me! Worst hospital in SD

Heath Hitzel

Lawrence Elgrin

I had one experience with urgent care. I was having a severe anxiety attack, (feeling like a heart attack and hyperventilating.) I was immediately seen. They gave me a shot of ativan and talked me down. Recently my appointment was moved back a month, but after that hiccup. The psychologist and therapist, have been great in getting me the right meds for my anxiety. I heard the place was bad and have a $100k hospital bill from Regional for avoiding them. I have nothing but good things to say about Sioux San.

Kyla Feickert

good patient care

David One Feather

Ryan Alexander

HORRIBLE! THE STAFF LITERALLY SIT AND CHAT AND DONT DO THERE JOB! My daughter was covered in red spots everywhere and it took them an hour to even call her name and even in the room it was spreading and getting worse and the nurse was trying, when I said screw it and walked out they all were laughing and having a good ole time.

firstnamegoeshere lastnamegoeshere

Place is ridiculous! Called yesterday to schedule an appointment, they told me to call back at 7:30 the next day. Call at 7:30 this morning- woman answers and says that the appointment line isn't open till 8 AM. Since I wasn't born yesterday, I called back 5 mins later and a man answered. I asked to schedule an appointment, and he transferred me right over. I got the last remaining appointment of the day. IN 5 MINUTES THEY WERE ALL GONE BECAUSE THAT WOMAN DELIBERATELY AND MALICIOUSLY GAVE FALSE INFORMATION. I just can't BELIEVE the staff here sometimes, some are SO LAZY. You're getting paid to do a JOB, so WORK. Burgers at McDonald's don't get made on their own, do they? Why do some of these people think that patients are worth less time and patience than a fast food employee can give?? Just glad the guy transferred me to the appointment line. I want to let the woman know, I know how hard it is to PRESS ONE BUTTON, THEN ANOTHER, AND MAYBE ANOTHER. Hopefully in the future, she actually does her goddamn job

Faye Otakte

I called got an appointment with no problems. The dr was so professional and i didnt have to wait very long. The lady who set up my 4 charts was so beautiful and lovely. She made me feel comfortable and i wasnt there long. It was a good experience for me.

Shania Mairlyn

Made a chart yesterday, called today and they LOST my chart. Not to mention I was transferred over to three different people and had to repeat my problem till one of the workers recognized my voice. I think the people that work there should take their job serious! How hard can it be???

Danielle Goodman

Frank Barney

bunch of drunk gut eaters

Steven Mcconnell

its just an absolute impossibility to schedule an appt. or to even get a human being on the phone, ALWAYS 1 SINGLE PHARMACY TECH WORKING WITH 20+ PATIENTS IN LINE FOR MEDS ! SHAMEFUL !

Zandra Zephier

They can't keep appointments. Never on time as scheduled. Only there for a paycheck.

Madeline Sneve

It's very clear that the mental health department doesn't give two craps about their patients. I can never get directly to a person through the phone, only their answering service. It's no wonder why there is a suicide epidemic with the Natives, no one takes our mental health seriously. There hasn't been an actual psychiatrist staffed in years. It's clear that the people who work here only do so because they couldn't get work with the white people. It seems there are only 4 people who genuinely care who work there.

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