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REVIEWS OF Avera St. Mary's Hospital IN South Dakota

Mary Pickard

This hospital provides excellent care. I live in Florida where hospitals are rated C or D. I’d be treated here anytime I could

11 Gayfrogs

They sexually molested a 3 year old boy by shoving a tube up his penis against the will of the parents.

Jake Miller

Marlin Johnson

Libby Jones

I just recently had my baby by csection at St. Mary’s and the entire stay was absolutely amazing! If I could rate just the OB department, they’d be getting 5 stars hands down. My doctor (Jess Rasmussen) is the best; she was very thorough at every prenatal appointment to make sure I had all of my questions answered and concerns addressed. She made sure I had everything I could ever want during the surgery. Then every single one of my nurses was top notch and made my time before, during, and after surgery such a remarkably pleasant experience. Even the nurses who were not assigned to my care were so attentive and helpful. They stayed on top of my pain and were hands on with teaching even though they knew I had had a child before and that I’m a nurse myself. I wish I could remember all of their names (Kelli, Caitie, Misty [Missy?], Dacey, Jordanna, Heather, Crystal?)! Thank you! That said, I cannot give the whole hospital a 5 Star review due to my experiences in sending nursing home residents to them and in getting nursing home residents from them. The ER staff has called our facility asking how we were planning to get the resident back to our facility before the resident had even arrived at their ER or been assessed. They’ve sent us a resident who had been admitted to the Med surg floor for several days that had shingles that they had not noticed. They sent us a resident with major foot wounds that had not been charted, addressed, or communicated to us. They admitted one of our residents for several days and sent her back saying she had a UTI but they did not have her on any antibiotics and she still had the nausea, shoulder pain, and vomiting that she had before. Her family took her to a different hospital and she was immediately sent to have surgery to remove her gall bladder. The staff in the ER and Med surg floor obviously do not care about the elderly at all and just write them off. It’s so sad.

Sasha Sweeney

I am saddened and horrified by what I experienced as a ob patient at this hospital. As I was explaining to the nurse of Dr. Lueking how fast my delivery goes to prepare the doctor, the nurse stated to me, "so they just fall out?" Bcs I have prior children. How as a medical professional even if you thought that could you state such a thing to a vulnerable pregnant woman? THEN I was sent to the lab to submit blood for my glucose test, and the hospital lost 2 viles of my blood. The nurse was accusing me of not submitting blood and my husband informed her that my blood was submitted and THEY are the ones who lost it. So that means, two viles of my blood are floating around in the hospital and could be misconstrued as your blood or lab results. I had an ultrasound scheduled that was difficult for me to keep, I requested to reschedule, but Courtney explained to me that the Physician wouldn't be back in again. Lol. I questioned "would not be back ever again?" (Bcs maybe that was the case) She said no but pressured me to come in, so I told myself despite I had an hour drive to Pierre, despite I was pressured to accept an appt time that was difficult to keep in the first place, I came in 15 min early anyway with my family. I waited almost a whole hour. I waited but the doctor Huttleson never came. Courtney from ob office was slow playing me stating "the Dr will be out shortly" and "in just a minute". The nurse came out and stated they MAY have discovered the whereabouts of the location of my blood. Atlas, I asked Nichole at the front desk to please give me the name and number of the hospital director or supervisor. She said of what?"the hospital, of the nurses, "the list went on. As if she didnt want me to have the contact info? I persisted and she rose up in a rageful fury and nearly knocked down my 3 year old toddler with no remorse. I spoke to another employee named Nichole from another floor who was brought out by the first Nichole and when I asked for the number to Karl Richards to file a formal complaint, Nichole had given me the number to..are you ready??? The bank! I called with my husband and we reached a bank. Not a hospital number. If I could rate the professionalism, productivity and bedside manners, of this hospital, I would rate negative 5. Whoever handles these cases I publically ask you to contact me. Sadly I grew up with family in the medical field.. My mother was a nurse all her life. I reflect how there was once so much love and warmth and pride to be a medical aunt works in Houston at the Sugarland Methodist the lab, she is a microbiologist. She handles lab results and has since 1984... and what I have experienced here is chaos, deciet, and a lack of professionalism as I have never witnessed in a hospital. Shame on you Avera.

Christian Lewis

This is the hospital that has completely forgotten their hippocratic oath, and forceably catherized a 3 year old. Besides the horrific, and unnecessary torture of children, I understand that the quality of care is sub-par. This is just another prime example of what is wrong with the American healthcare system. Why anyone who is not a masochist would voluntarily walk through their doors is beyond me.

Nicki Swearingen

Same exact doctor as the review below this one saw my husband last week. Extremely rude and condescending in the way he treated my husband and pretty much ignored his complaints. Didn't even do a physical examination of him. Totally missed the fact that he had galstones serious enough to need surgery! My husband is now sitting in a hospital awaiting surgery to remove his galbladder at another hospital.

Corey Kotkoski

So this is the place that forced a catheter up a 3 year old child? My child is 3 and this is unacceptable behavior. Isn't there an oath that is taken to treat or protect? Disgusting staff and management.

Ashley Jacobsen

Had surgery prior to coming here and they made me feel it was my fault for it being done wrong. Dr. Sanchez talks condicending and is rude. His nurse is also a rude nurse who made me feel stupid for asking questions. The waiting staff was also very rude when I simply asked where to go (since they moved buildings) after meetings and moments I finally got help from another doctor in Sioux Falls. I love Sioux Falls Abera, they care about me and wish the best. They also don’t make me feel insecure or talk down to me. They’re very sweet and they do the most to keep me happy. UNLIKE PIERRE AVERA. Wish I could give it 0 stars but 1 for effort right? They tried. **i do believe people who sign up for this job should be PEOPLE persons!! Not because you were a spoiled brat in high school and you think this is the only way to pay the bills. Become a lawyer if you want to tell people why they’re wrong and why it’s their fault. Not a doctor who’s WISHES they were God.

Dean Johnson

Born and raised!

Aiden Myykal

It seems to me this medical group is a cluster of all the people who scored the lowest in their class and graduated out with a measly D-. Not only do I feel Avera is incompetent, but they are also full of rude and unwelcoming staff. 10/10 DONT RECOMMEND.

Wally Bentley

I would rather take risk of dying on way to out of town hospital, then ever return here. Pathetic excuse for a hospital. Incompetent staff, unclean facility, and questionable ethics

Angel Marie Penrod

Ok, well I am very disgusted in the care given to my mom tonight. Meninga was the name of her so called doctor. He sat there and laughed at her and asked if she did meth and told her how disgusted he was. She went there for HELP and she was treated like that. That one "man" has ruined the opinion of a great hospital by his actions tonight. Doctors are meant to help people, not make them afraid to ask for help. Outrageous. If you need help, I advice going somewhere else.

Nancy Elofson

I became ill in Pierre while traveling early last month and ended up spending several days in Avera St. Mary's. The medical care I received was excellent, and almost every single staff member at every level was friendly, comforting and helpful to me and my husband. We are most grateful that this hospital happened to be there just when we needed it .

Meredith Lee

I've delivered babies there, had surgeries there, spent time in the ER there, had routine tests there. I always get great care. The facility is nice, the doctors are great, and the staff is friendly. We get the care we want without having to travel.

Chris P.

jay cox

You will find better care in 3rd world countries. A know it all doctor cost my grandfather his life. Please avoid at all costs

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