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REVIEWS OF Wm. Jennings Bryan Dorn VA Medical Center IN South Carolina

Russell Orr

Radu Raileanu


This is the WORST VA in th history of VA’s. They will pretty much let you die in the waiting room or grab you right before you do. The staff that checks you in are more interested in what time they get off. Side note:(fix the sensors on the doors so they only open when you scan your ID) idiots. I’ve been waiting for almost 3 hours...Taking care of Vets right. They are literally more staff here than patients and the woman at the desk with the snazzy teal pants says...everyone will be seen, it’s full back there. I hear more laughing than anything. The other attendant will barely open his mouth to formulate complete sentences if he’s not talking to teal pants or any other worker here. I’m in complete disbelief, I heard this VA was trash and I finally got to experience it first hand if I could give you -5 stars I would.

Arence Ashford

Linda Luck

I was treated respectable. ER wait time was a little long. Parking after 0900 hours till about 1300 hours is really bad. After finding out what was wrong, they moved pretty fast to get me taken care of. My kidney Dr. was an expert in his specialty. However, I didn't like how he responded to me in general. I thought he talked down to me as I was supposed to know about medical things. My stay in the hospital was good. Pain Dr. was awesome, Nurses and staff were great, I give five stars to my post op in hospital care.

Andrea Brice

Quintero Jones

Terrible hospital! The worst military hospital I’ve ever been to. Every time I come here I have to wait over 6hrs to be seen then wait for hours on the physician then wait for prescriptions to be filled. I got here before 7pm it’s now 1am and I haven’t been called back yet!!

Heather Dann

I used to think I was getting excellent service thru the VA but lately it has been beyond ridiculous to get anyone to call you back after placing several calls. I know I'm not the only patient that exists. I've also been waiting on Endo to call me back with Blood Results. I too have waited many hours in ER just to get transferred 5hrs later to Richland Memorial where I received immediate service thru trauma ER. And since then (Aug-Oct) I've received 4 calls from nurses checking up on me; that shocked me but was pretty cool if them to do! Last, but let's not forget about the Elephant in the room; this phone service Stinks to the utmost! Why is it we have to go in circles to get a specific department rather than just pushing #'s for a specific department, i.e. Press 1 for primary Doctor, press 2 for optometry, press 3 etc.!? C'mon VA what has really changed from a year ago, at least!? Sincerely, a Vet!

Janice Maree Smith

Rob Br

Was on hold for 2hrs and 57 min then line was disconnected. They don't care!!!

Timothy Duerr

This was the worst "medical care" I have ever received. Almost everyone is rude beyond measure. I earned the right to care for my disabilities and I choose to get care in the private sector and pay for it myself than subject myself to endless wait times, rude and uncaring staff, unavailable parking and care that verges on the edge of malpractice at every turn. Tell me where I can turn in my disabled veterans ID and I'll do it. I feel so very bad for those that don't have the option or can't afford to pay for private care. What an utterly dismal prospect to be tied to having people care for you that don't care for you and never will and then, not even have the ability to seek care elsewhere. Thank God I have the means to pay for my own care.

LaToya Shannell

I'm giving this ER 1 star!!!!!! It's the absolute worst I've been here since 2:30pm and was seen by the nurse and labs done ect....still haven't been seen by the doctor and I've been here for hours! The staff at the desk is laughing and joking...they are on their's plaque on the wall that says they will see you in the order of sickness.......they also have a note on the desk that says they can't give you a wait time.....seriously! Annnnnnnnnnnnnd they also forget to tell you there's only 1 doctor after 7pm. I got here before 7 before shift change annnnnnnnnnnnnd the ER still has the same amount of ppl......I can't believe that as a veteran that served this country has to endure this lack of care in the emergency department......I it is seriously full of ppl and ppl are just walking out without being seen including myself.....whom ever the medical director of the ER is needs to be fired! This is an on going issue and obviously nobody cares! Maybe if they has less civilians working here and more veterans maybe the care would be different......maybe

Bradley Trogdon

ER was difficult to find. Staff isn't very friendly. Don't treat everyone as if they know where to go or the standard process. Maybe smile a little more and make people feel welcome?...


Michelle Ford

2 hour drive to have what I thought was an ultrasound I should have had over a year ago for me to be told I didn't have an ultrasound that day that they had to see me first then have one scheduled. Problems I have are always getting back burnered and seemingly forgotten by the va.

Gerald McGee

Yvette Vann

Some of the workers are good some not 2west need work on something not right with that floor Please get it together


Dorn is the worst. The staff is rude, especially over the phone. When you're standing in front of them their attitude improves somewhat but not by much. I guess they want to be a little more polite in person because they know we can get our hands on them then. I absolutely dread having an appointment at Dorn. I'm giving serious thought to transferring to Oteen in Asheville. They're 4 star rated and what little experience I've had with them they seem to genuinely care. They're not just going through the motions to get to the end of the day and collect a government paycheck at the end of the month.

Mae Smith

Timothy Hoskinson

Like most VAs Dorn is resource challenged with too many patients. Definitely need better parking. I park on the grass most of the time. They desperately need new facility construction as well as rehab of many existing bldgs and OR rooms.

Terry King

Max John

Trust ALL the negative reviews and stay away from the ER here! My spouse went in at 8:00 pm and is currently STILL in the waiting room at 5:20 am! He’s had his blood drawn for lab work hours ago. This is beyond ridiculous and VA should be ashamed. He’s waited so long he doesn’t want to leave now out of fear of actually being called next. A little while longer and he might as well be a walk-in for his PCM. Next time I don’t care if it’s Urgent Care or any other ER in the state of S.C. we will NEVER come back to this ER!

David Coates

I wasted a few hours at the dental clinic. I had an appointment a few weeks ago to have them look at a cracked molar. The appointment was cancelled without telling me. The receptionist kept pushing me to go on dental sick call. I came back today and tried to get another appointment. She mentioned sick call so I sat there and watched 4 people, who had signed up for sick call, go in ahead of me. Even though I was told only 2 people were ahead of me. I got tired of waiting so I asked for an appointment and got one for 9 June. I was asked about pain. I have none but what if it cracks on me when I'm out of town or the weekend and I'm in excruciating pain? They don't seem to care as much as they should and I'm tired of the poor treatment. Wish I could give a negative -5 star review

Demoria Jackson

Have tried call the eye clinic for a few weeks to receive corrective lenses but no one is never there to answer the phone. Never!

Janay Barr-Reed

Great people at location. Parking can really be a headache.

Margaret Sarah Elizabeth Fritz

Don't go threr

Jerome Smith

Been here since one eye swollen and now it's six this makes no sense!!!!!!!

Burke Allen

Christopher Oliver

I've always had a great experience here. Very friendly and have been able to get in early for a majority of my scheduled appointments.

Lamont Wright

Great Service

Lacj Watts

Madison A. Ballagh

Not happy with the lack of communication, competency of personnel and overall concerned with the quality of care. Very ineffective, beaucratic agency

Karin Post

The care seems much better than a few years ago; however, when I have a service connected emergency room bill outside of Dorn, they almost never pay it and my credit report takes hits. I deal with head of claims, then congressman, and finally complain to IG in Washington, DC before anything is done. Every time.

James Lewis

Ann Mussio

VA refuses to see my father in a timely manner. They continue to make appointments months out in advance and then postpone it when it comes close to the time he was to see the DR. Finally gave up and took him to the hospital in town who said he has severe pneumonia and that he needed to be admitted, VA then transfers him back to Dorn and tell him there is nothing wrong, no pneumonia. That the other doctors read the test wrong. My dad had been unable to take a full breath in 3 months, can't sleep at night and is coughing up chunks of gross stuff, and his legs and feet are swollen but yet VA says there is nothing wrong?! VA doesn't care for their veterans, only about making easy money and doing as little as possible to help.

Mike Elder

I have been a patient at Dorn VA for 28 years. My main use is primary care (PCC). This is probably the worst department at Dorn VAMC. The PCC is understaffed, the doctors revolve in and out every year or two and are pretty much indifferent and/or distracted. PCC scheduling invariably results in expired prescriptions and running out of meds. PCC gets 0 stars. On the other hand, orthopedic surgery & physical rehab are great! They get 5 stars.

Corbin Cudd

Pretty bad on all levels

Robert Winfried

Awful. Told had to wait 4 months to get my pain fixed. Given card to see area doctors, but no one will take VA coverage around me. Went back to ask my primary doc and she told me pain clinic had no one worht seeing. Back pain for over 30 years after servning my country, this is how Im treated?

Jonis Lowry

I've been dealing with the VA for a long time. This is one of the worse facilities I've been in. Appts are scheduled six months to a year away. Most of the dr.s and employees I've encountered are R.O.A.D. One Dr. even told me that I didn't have to come to appts to keep my disability compensation. Wow, I go to appts because I'm trying to improve my health and quality of life! Sorry ass hospital. The one shining light I've seen there is Kasheena Harris, great dr. Other than that, they can kiss my hind quarters.

Dennis Hubble

It's the best most attentive care I've ever received , bar none AZ ,SD ,WY

Latoya Thomas

que q

this place is the worst. wait for morw than four hours and still have not seen a doctor. the uneducated administrator keepa saying it is not hwr issue and that she is only an adminiatrator. customer service gets no rating at all. this place makes you want to cause bodily harm.

Cannon Benfield

Bob M

We moved from Texas (VA great there) to South Carolina... Read some of the Negative reviews so somewhat nervous to go there... It's been over two years from last visit in Texas so wanted to register & update my records... VERY CLEAN & Helpful workers, I was impressed.... Went in at 10:00 AM & out at Noon.... Updated financial & picture ID... Went to Emergency for vitals & Free pills... Was waiting in Emergency lobby for 5 minutes & nurse came out greeting & smiling... Said they were getting a room ready for us with a Happy voice.... Waited another 10 minutes & then called in... Met pharmacist to get an emergency sugar level pills... Also gave me a free blood sugar meter & 50 test strips... :) Follow up on Lab & doctor.... Another great experience on my Lab & doctor visit... Was done on Saturday for first timers & no crowds... Went in around 1 PM & out around 3 PM... Made an appointment in 3 months for doctor (Blue Team) on follow up... Couldn't be happier with the VA in Columbia, SC ... :) Made an appointment for this coming Saturday (7 days) for blood work... Then went to Pharmacist to pick up Free drugs, took about 10 minutes... On way out there was a brass band playing in the main lobby & free cake... :) I tried to give extra details to help others for this VA in Columbia, SC... Bob

Mike Emmert

Moved to the area in February, couldn't contact anyone for 2 months to have my records transferred, and they said to wait for my letter saying who my primary is. After 45 days of not getting the letter I have been calling 1 or 2 times a week to contact a scheduler to only be sent to a number that is never answered. Now it's September and I still haven't got a primary and have to keep going into the ER just to get my med.s filled. Just not right VA. Maybe things will change once I get a primary, I hope so.

leslie heyward

Very professional..

Fish Sanderson

I had to deal with HR here and they are hands down the most worthless and incompetent idiots I have encountered in some time. They're stereotypical government workers who do little to nothing in regards to their actual job. I cannot imagine being a veteran and having to deal with these fools and the like who are employed here solely to bilk the government out of money while not delivering on their job duties.

Sam Richardson

Tom Cannon

I have waited 1 1/2 hrs for my appointment. Nobody seems to know why i have not been seen. This is ridiculous.

Shirey Steiniger

Generally we have had wonderful care at this facility, Lately you aren't able to get appointments for injuries (service connected). It has been three weeks and so far no one can assist in getting an appointment with the correct department.

Donald Renner

Elaine Shands

Not very patient friendly arrogant

Kimberly Mulvihill

Ive had horrible experiences with this hospital.

David Frost

The services might be good if you could only find a parking space. The parking situation was the worse I have ever seen at a VA medical facility. Cars were parked on the sidewalk, on the grass and some were parked partially in the roadway. I finally gave up after driving around for 20 minutes.

David Mann

My visit was NOT pleasant. I went to a new patient appointment on saturday so I could obtain my medication. The doctor that I saw was quite efficient and since she did not have a DEA license she could not prescribe my medicine. She advised me that all I needed to do is to go to the ER and they would give the medication. 6 hours later I got a very small limited amount of medication intended to get me by a few days. I went back to the ER to get the pill bottles I had showing the medication that I was given and Dr. Joffe refused to return, my property, to me. I was given the reason of that I may illegally obtain medication using the bottles. He then directed 3 armed police officers to remove me form the premises. I was told if I even thought of returning the next day that they would ARREST ME. If you are traveling in this area be warned. Once again the VA has made me feel less than and nothing more than a drug grubbing CRIMINAL.

Robert Roberts

I was so amazed at how awesome these folks were. The moment I walked to the reception desk through seeing the Doctor and to the Pharmacy. Wow, I was impressed. Thank you All at the Dorn VA.

Brooklyn Steele

This is a very good place you can wait for a good bit but they help u alot

Pamela Porter

If there was a - as an option would have picked minus 4. Just talked with the mother of a tCombat Veteran. This place turns down a Veteran who needs help with PTSD and addiction. Said, "He can do it on his own, if he wanted too" That's not care. For those of you who are being given appointment then have them rescheduled for months out. This is how the VA is covering their butts for "not scheduling in a timely manner." They can show they gave you an appointment within the 30 day limit (that's what they need to show timely care and avoid having to provide you with a civilian specialist in your area out of pocket) then reschedule it for thirty days later again and again. Don't let them get by with it. Record the name of the person scheduling and rescheduling the appointments then contact Robert McDonald, Secretary of the VA.

Mac McAllister

If I could put ZERO, I would... Let's begin with my PCM; Dr. Wallace in particular. I have had to deal with this doctor for years of rude attitudes, unconcerned disposition about my issues, denial of medication, then prescription issued after complaining. denies my issues are real, cut me off in the middle of a sentence as if I work for him or something. Today is the day that breaks the camel's back. One of my disabilities is my left foot. hard to stand on for periods of time, difficult to walk with out limping or stopping to rest due to the pain in my foot. I requested he fill out the form for a handicap placard to cut down on my distance of walking when going to a grocery store or anywhere else for that matter to include doctor visits. Today he had a nurse call and tells me he denied the placard request because I didn't meet the requirement. I asked what are the requirements that I don't meet and he said "he didn't know..." I am on my way to the VA hospital now to speak to the head of his department. I have copies of my medical records showing I am permanent and total for my feet. It clearly states on the form RG-007A, Section 4: an inability to ordinarily walk one hundred feet nonstop without aggravating an existing medical condition, including the increase of pain. I also have breathing issues where I am short of breath which is caused by a restrictive lung disease. Based on those two issues alone, I meet the requirement. I will be writing my congressman, heads of the VA hospital department, and any other organization that covers the Dorm VA medical facility.


I go for an annual check up for my disabilities and I have a different doctor/ care provider every time! I wouldn't go here unless I had to. Everything else is ok. I wouldn't make it my primary hospital - thank God I have Tricare!

michael liles

Gail D

Many YA hospital s have a bad reputation. This is not one of them. I've been using this hospital 16 years. Almost without a problem. Service is good, and the staff is knowledgeable.

Thomas Gathings

Shannon Platt

I have been dealing with the VA DORN for a while now with both of my parents and they have all treated me like family... Yes some of the people can be rude but I am still nice to them and alot of times the end up being nice back... The place is Huge and can be intimating to anyone but the people at the front desk are always very helpful


Terribly understaffed especially in primary care. I received a call in January from Dorn wanting to set up a primary care appointment. I was excited to get the call because it had been awhile since my last primary care appointment. I was shocked when the polite gentleman asked me how my schedule looked in September. I didn't know how to answer, I mean how many people plan their schedules 9 months in advance. I am a pretty health guy but a lot could change in 9 months. I made the appointment and I am hoping for the best.

Gail Hayes

Visit with daughter and autistic grandson for appointment and the staff was amazing! They went out of their way to include our 5 yr old gifted wonder who aspires to become a Doctor. Many places are untrained to recognize the autistic child or can just be impatient and rude in their daily routine and could care less about good patient care but at Dorn Medical Center there was an atmosphere from the greeters, lab techs, Medshore transport/ medics to the Doctors of reaching out to make that a Hospital visit maximized and valued for every patient because their patient's are are valued. ( Hoping one day they will feel that value)

Calista McKenzie

I work here, that's all I can say.

Jennifer Smith

Absolutely useless. Our VETERANS deserve better than this!

Parma Myers

Quick in and out with adequate care. Keep up the good work!!

Sara Giron

I must say the lovely lady at reception made the borderline rude treatment at other areas evaporate. Her smile & graciousness lifted the irritation I felt in my somewhat callous treatment elsewhere. I realize that working at a hospital is tiring and HARD as I've been there myself but really guys... it's how you treat people and your smile that makes all the difference. Kudos to reception.

John E Thomas Jr

Since arriving to S.C. in '08 I have not one complaint with the short wait time to be seen, the professional service, the politeness and patience demonstrated by all. If a Veteran has any health problems or questions this is the place to go for the correct services and answers

Everett Bruno

Rejinald Freeman

The community living center is awesome!! Well designed with great staff! It is one of the places actually worthy of our vets.

Gus Philpott

Every contact with WJB Dorn VA has been 5-star. From original eligibility determination to photo ID to lab work to medical intake - Great! Very pleasantly surprised and pleased with the professionalism and friendliness. Much better than previous private-care medical offices! The doctor laughed, when I told her I had quit smoking at age 7, because my mom said I was never going to live to see 8, if I didn't quit.

Kevin Duvall

Generally feel like I receive quality and professional care. My only minor complaint is that specialized services sometimes take a bit longer (one to two months) to get access too. Though there have been marked improvements with how the VA is trying to address mental health in the last few years, it would be nice to see more done to address some of the larger causes of depression / anxiety that affect so many vets (such as better access to mental health services, assistance finding jobs that pay living / non-demeaning wages, housing assistance, etc.). Socialized medicine works.

paul hensley

Very good.

John Faust

I can't speak to the staff as a whole, but the doctor I'm assigned to (Dr. Maas) is by far the most professional doctor I've ever had (including private doctors). My private doctors have always rushed me in and out, and barely seem to have time to answer my questions. Dr. Maas thoroughly researches my concerns and addresses them in a timely manner. His nursing staff are just as professional as he is. It's clear that the culture in this VA is not the same as it was when my grandparents were patients here.

K Brooks

This has to be the WORST VA in the nation. I moved from another state and was already established for years there and have been waiting for almost 4 months to even see a primary care doctor. They make everything so difficult. If I have been in the system for years and am getting the run around; imagine what those trying to get care for the first time are faced with. Everything is old and outdated and most of the staff don't have a clue as to what is going on. Avoid this VA if at all possible.

Ricky Childs

Negative stars would be great right now. I just spent the equivalent of an hour attempting to contact my specialty care team, and even just a human, and spent the entire 5 calls on "hold" with a message that's over 6 months old at this point. NO ONE ANSWERED!!!! I was driving back to Sumter, from a class at the Columbia campus of USC and the ENTIRE TIME I was on hold. I even tried calling again after getting gas, and that made the time an hour. What the hell?!?! I checked on maps, and IT'S OPEN!!!!!! Either they need to update their switchboard, or they just need to close down!

William Alexander

What chicken rip off again you go for services you drive 2 hr to get there,and then the famous words of form hosp oh no we can't do that to have a payment and they forget to tell you info that was important to your case .you get screwed again. I went for the colon cop. After two years of waiting Drink there mix. Crap meds, crap all night. Drove two hours. And then would I've got to come back .who runs this shithole. Anybody could do better

deez nuhtz

This place is horrible I wish I can give it 0 stars. They rush u out and take 3 hours to be seen in the emergency. This place is a waste of Gov money. If this visit wasnt free I woulda been said fucc dorn

David M

UPDATED: I did make another attempt to go to the ER, this time during normal business hours. I can attest to the fact that patient service is far better during normal business hours then it was after hours. Facility Management needs to address the after hours patient care! (Upgraded from 1 Star to 3 Stars). This establishment is the epitome of health care facilities. I came here as a veteran that is out of state, away from my primary care. My condition was a potential broken finger, needed confirmation. The two behind the desk, do not communicate that there is one doctor assigned to the ER, they check you in and go back to playing on their phones. Triage nurse gets you back immediately but never asked my about the reading she got for my blood pressure, it was abnormal. All she asked me was one clinical question and told me to go to XRay and then back to the lobby. There are patients literally squirming in their chair from pain. After 2.5 hours I told the girl behind the desk I was not going to wait any longer and asked her to pull my name off the list. It is obvious by the recent reviews and personal experience that this establishment does not care enough about the VA community here to correct their ER situation and potentially add additional staff to see patients in a timely manner. I refuse to return here for any service!!!

Robert Viera

Great services

John Sligh

Veterans day weekend 2007 my father walked into this hospital with chest and back pain. They were more concerned with berating him for having smoked marijuana for his back pain, like they were the police, than treating him for his chest pain. They sent him home with instruction to come back after the holiday. Veterans day morning we found him sitting on the edge of his bed. Dead. I called Dorn to tell them. They coldly said, "Okay, thanks. We will close his file now."

Ray Bruce

Very good direction

Annie Brailsford

troy mash

Couldn't even find a place to park within half a mile of the place. Left in disgust.

Susan Preston

No one ever answers

Shana Burgess

This isn't a place that I want my father in. I call to speak with my father and I asked the operator for an extension he directed my call to 4 west with was the wrong side but that doesn't excuse rudeness. The male nurse that answered the phone was very rude and seemed to be annoyed that I even called to check on my own father. He told me this isn't even correct he is in 4 East not 4 west and we have been receiving to many calls for this patient way way to many calls. Little did this nurse know that is my father and that was rude and a nasty thing to say. I didn't do anything wrong to be talked to rudely and be hung up on in the process was just too much. So I am posting my review and I can promise you I am not stopping at that. BC nobody asked to be sick, nobody asks to have to be in a hospital. AnD nobody should be cared for while in a hospital by nurses that shouldn't have a license bC they don't care about their patients as a whole. How would you feel of it was your father and The shoe was on the other foot and I did you how you did me I am contacting corporatr

Ra Tehuti

Dorn basically qualifies as the free clinic or welfare side of medical care. They're obviously understaffed and overworked. Just find an outside PCP because this is not the place.

Daniel Lenhart

In healthcare it is the healthcare workers that determine the quality of care and are the primary influence on the the patients visit. What is it about the VA that attracts so many people who don't have patients best interest at heart? If you don't want to help veterans then get a different job.

Paula Hill

I thank God I am able to go to a civilian doctor using TriCare, if I couldn't I would almost guarantee if I wasn't sick when I walked in this place I would be when I walked out. This place is disgusting and needs to be power washed from top to bottom. Parking in nonexistent, plan to walk half a mile to get any where. People even go over the curbs to park in the grass. There is a few golf carts running around with young worthless volunteers playing on them. The ones that passed me didn't even recognize that I was walking there. Guess disabled people are only elderly or walk with a cane? Guess again I am in pain 24/7 and even more pain when leave this place. Asked one worker why my husbands, previous marriage and divorce dates were needed when I gave them our marriage certificate. "It's in the regulations", he said. Really? Sorry buddy but I wasn't in the Army so that answer don't work for me. On top of that I am a civilian now so that answer really doesn't work for me. By far the worst customer service I have ever dealt with.

Stephen Wilcox

I am very grateful for the staff and the hospital as a whole. Dr. Chaupis and every surgeon and nurse that i came into contact with, were astounding. I have family members that have been in the medical field for a combined 60 years, all of them were astonished at the level of professionalism and service, to include the facilities. It is not perfect, but it is far better than any treatment I would have received at a civilian hospital. I am alive because of everyone at Dorn VA.

James O'Pry

The ER Sucks, 3 hour wait and still haven't seen a doctor yet. This is ridiculous, all the staff laughing and joking, wish they would do their job!!

Michael Jones

Been waiting in a room for a doctor to come see me for more than a hour now. Got put in the room quick but, have not seen anyone since

Marty Rivera

The first set of staff personal were very professional. Vitals were quick. Replacements came and after waiting watching the emergency room door, the new admin person tried to tell me that their back up was from multiple ambulances arriving. I found this statement quite funny since I was sitting right where the EMTs would to have roll their patients. Waited more than 5 hours. Two other Veterans were waiting more than 8 hours before me. Miss my Syracuse VA who always have more than one doctor on staff. I will never go to the VA in Columbia, SC again. Thirty+ years of military service, arrive at the ER with difficulty breathing, swollen throat, vomiting, dizzy and chest pains and still was waiting more than a five (5) hours. They have my medical records and know that one of my service connected disabilities is a heart condition.

Joshua Adams

Richard henley

Waited 10 months to get my trigger finger fixed. I was finally source out to palmetto health. I was also set detain by the VA police and held in the ER for 16 hrs for something I didn't say. My mental health doctor did not talk to me but just sign off on my detainment. While I was in the ER I was denied medicine for diabetes. I also have a messed up bowel system. I asked for a laxative and was refused. The disrespect add lack of treatment at at this VA is shameful. Watch out if you go to the VA and watch out if you're in the mental health. I am now looking at buying my own insurance because I cannot get treated with respect and cannot be treated in a reasonable amount of time.

Beth Cromwell

The doctors have all been wonderful and take the time to listen. This is my opinion based on numerous visits to specialists. Additional parking is a must though.

Gina Houck

The ER is a joke. They check you in do x-ray an ekg ..we got hear at 11:30 pm an we are still here after 2:44am an still haven't seen the doctor. They need at least two doctors in the Er. At all times. An stop fooling around an get the patients took care of first.March 25.2017.

LeAndre Hooks

We move quite frequently an have been treated at several VA facilities. I thought the Atlanta VA was the worst until we relocated to SC. Wm J Bryan Dorn VAMC is completely inept. I would give it less than one star if I could. It took me nearly 2 years before I got my INITIAL SCREENING. The doctors are so over scheduled that they rush through their exams and do not listen to what the patients are saying. So far PA is the greatest I've seen. I cannot understand why the VA cannot see why that VA hospital is so great and mirror it throughout the nation.

Kathy Manion

the parking is horrible and it take's forever to get an appt and don't even try to call no one answer's the phone or return your e-mail's

Japera Malwah

If I could give less stars, I would. I came to the ER with severe pressure in my LUQ with pain. I signed in and was told to have a seat. After about 20 minutes of sitting there while the desk staff chatted up, I asked one of the other patrons how long he had been there. I asked because I didn’t see any movement of staff attemepting to come out and greet us or assess us in anyway. The gentlemen stated that he had been there since 7pm the night before; it was 3:45 am. He also stated that at 7pm, the ER goes down to one doctor and that all of the beds were full. I immediately went to the front desk and stated that I wanted to leave because the gentlemen afar stated that he had been waiting since 7 pm the night before. This is absolutely not the service I expected to receive from the VA. You mean to tell me there isn’t enough money in the budget to hire additional staff, namely physicians, to care for patients who come through the door with emergent situations. I don’t know everyone’s situation, but sitting and waiting 8+ hours for care is on the other side of ridiculous. As I drove away, there are banners hanging outside speaking on how veterans are thankful for the care received at this hospital. I don’t know if they received compensation, but this veteran cannot say the same thing. I guess if you are not dying when you walk through the doors, if you can stand the wait, you may be there for an excessive amount of time. In a time and age when ERs are moving away from these excessive wait times, not the VA and not for veterans. FYI, I have been in charge of an ER and there is no way I would have stood to provide this horrible level of care for service members. I would have been fired and my career cut short for such lapse in care. You all should be ashamed of yourself and the piss poor service you provide.

Charlie Patti

They are great for helping vets like myself. Always nice and they care, that's important to me. Bulsa

Dump in a hole hospital. over crowded parking. Most of the building is decades old. no healthy snacks. Like walking into a museum to receive health care.

Jess Jess

It took me 5 years to write this... My 57 yr old Father was diagnosed with lung cancer and within 2 weeks died at this VA facility. I'm 38 yrs old - a vet myself. The staff on his ward treated him better than most people treat their own family. We were grieving so hard that we could only acknowledge this as we spaced through this difficult time, but there's not one person in my family who didn't eventually say "Man, the staff treated him like gold, and thank God, and how do we let them know?" Thanks so much for bringing him cupcakes from the downstairs bake sale, for being patient and displaying empathy as we chased you through the halls with our questions and red, tear soaked eyes. Thank you for treating my Dad so well - taking him to his xray appts as I traveled across the US to get there...thank you so much for everything you did for Audie Merle Newman. You relieved my achy heart so much more than you'll ever know. Jesse Newman

December Lady

Worst V.A. I've been to. Im coming from Atlanta V.A. where my doctors were superb! Relocated here to S.C. few months ago and i feel like my primary doctor passes off everything when im telling him what i need.Extremely slow E.R. (7 hours+), clerks are rude and uncaring, primary providers pass you off to the E.R. for everything before they see you for issues you have had before you arrive here, lets not talk about being an employee here, among other things. No wonder its a two star hospital.

Mike Robbins

I feel that the care I get from the VA is the best available.

Mason Ellison

clemente cueto

Kenneth Scherer

Good Hospital to be seen at.

Demetrius Pogue

Came to the er. Have been waiting for 3 hrs. They base the patient queue off of severity of illness. Etc. Who to say the next person is more sick than I am. Truly disgusted. Asked repeatedly for some kind of time to wait and they dont know. What a waste of resources

Teresa Hill

Left several messages for the patient advocate for my husband . And weeks later no one never returned a call.

Carl Bell

I always receive excellent care and my doctor, Dr. Maybit and his staff always seem interested in me, what I have to say and my care. Dr. Maybit even checks my toes and between them. I thought that was different. He seems like a whole body - holistic physician and they make sure I get everything I need. The responses to my emails are quick as well. I appreciated the attention I received. VA Dorn Medical Center, Columbia, SC.


It doesn't make any damn sense to have to wait 4 hours in the waiting room and still counting. Why the hell are y'all do damn slow. So everyone has to suffer bc y'all don't know how to do your damn job. I'm heated. My patience is thin. Makes no sense. It's an emergency room meaning it's an urgent issue that needs to be handled as such. Smh.... Really need to hire and fire asap.

LaSheila R.C. Wylie

Will Williams

Can't even get a primary care physician at this place! Go elsewhere is my advice...

Barbara Sanders

My husband just had lung surgery and had very good care.

Michael Gasser

Extremely long hold times.

Danny Crowley

Everytime I've been its been a disaster. I went in Jan 5th with shoulder pain sat for 3.5 hours before being seen. Was given some anti inflammatory and sent home. Its now Feb 10th and 2 emergency room visits and 3 physical therapy appts later and I had to have a private M.R.I. done to find out I have a torn tendon and its going to be several months before they can do anything call it "procedure" when I had a civilian doctor tell me I was wasting valuable time and need surgery. It seems there are a lot of laziness, obesity, race inequality,and non caring for veterans from the staff in this hospital absolutely horrible. I wish I never had too go back! BTW theres no where to park so be prepared to ride around until something comes open then walk a ways to where you must be.

Rob Leviner

I had my first ever surgery (gall bladder removal) and to be honest i was a little nervous about the whole thing and almost backed out at the last minute. But after it was all over I am glad that I didnt. The pain that i had after the operation was really bad. But now that all of that is over, for the first time in almost a year i am pain free. i have never written any type of review in my life. but because of the appreciation that i have for Dr. Palepu and the entire staff at the VA i felt obligated to let the world know that they are well worth the 5 stars that i gave them.


spring freddy01

Long wait

William Mayfield

I am still pleased with the diligence of the Va providers. Dr. Simon is so amazing and caring. I would recommend any veteran to utilize the VA Medical center for your healthcare needs #TeShera.

Aventureros PR

Excelente lugar muy serviciales excelente equipo de trabajo

jon cox

Everytime i come here they are shorthanded but yet you have to ask why they have not kept appointment time!! Guess it is true "VA giving soldiers one more chance to die for there country"

Jeffery Culp

Alva Flores

AVOID THE ER! Several months ago we waited 7 hrs in this emergency room & staff stated they had a patient that needed alot of assistance so the wait would be long so we left and drove to Asheville VA hospital where we only waited 15 min before being seen. We are in the ER again in Columbia & waiting room is full but during our five hour wait we noticed people complaining and walking out. By the time they called my husbands name the waiting room was empty from the walk outs. Nurse would come out, call 4 to 5 names that had left already but instead of calling the next 4 to 5 names right away they waited 30 minutes to an hour before calling the next set. It’s as if they are making people wait so long in the hopes they will all leave. Finally in a room but staff says only one doctor available so it’s going to be a long wait. I’m counting 7 staff members at the nurse station sitting & socializing as no doctor is around and no one is being seen. We came in at 10pm and now it’s 3am, still waiting. We’d leave for Asheville VA hospital but too tired to make that drive. This is the worst VA hospital ER ever. We have visited many since we travel a lot but never came across these long waits before. I’m assuming it’s common for this hospital so avoid it if you can.

Tavaris H.

This facility is the same as any other VA in the country. Unprofessional and complacent staff and mediocre care. The only benefit of being a veteran is free medication and supplies.

Jack Olson

I called the Dorn VA in Columbia about transferring me to the Greenville South Carolina location , I was amazed in a matter of minutes the Lady on the phone with me had me taken care of ,she was so pleasant and kind her name was Tara . Thank you for how you treated me , Jack Olson

bill james

very good doctors, appointments are on time, however the pro time lab is the worst run dept in the whole system.

leroy johnson

This place doesn't deserve one star. This is the worst experience I've had at a Va Er. I waited for five hours & finally just left because I doubted whether my name would ever get called. The staff really didn't care & talked & laughed among themselves. Don't know why it takes three people to put on wrist bands--need more medical staff to help people who have given their best to this country. Veterens sit suffering & nobody cares! How Sad

Anthony Williams

Great care without a very long wait.

Edward Van Buren

After reading many negative reviews about the ER department, I was hesitant to visit. I read of long wait times in excess of 5-6 hours. I read of staff that were indifferent to patients. I arrived at 10:30 am, and was in X-ray within 20 minutes. After 2 1/2 - 3 hours, I was headed home. In that time, I was X-rayed, triaged, given a cortisone shot, picked up my prescription and was done. The staff was extremely friendly and professional. First impressions are everything and mine was a good one. I believe that if you treat the staff the way you would like to be treated, they will return the favor. You get out of it, what you put in.


Very Helpful. Knowledgeable. Good attitudes. Appointments on schedule, unless there’s an emergency. Overall-satisfied!

David Stillman

Just signed up for my benefits card. It was friendly personable service. I was contacted Within 48 hours to follow up on my visit so they can better assess my needs

Justin Rayl

Relatively speedy service for a government owned and run healthcare facility. Great pharmacy techs like to answer questions and if they don’t know. They like to look it up online if you can wait for them to research it a little bit. It can be a long and frustratingly laybrinthian facility if you make the mistake of stacking 10-16 provider offices at the building in a single day.


I have 2 stars only because I'm still alive. Let's begin with my PCM; denies my issues are real, cut me off my Zoloft cold turkey, refused to refill prescription even after the psych doctor from the local hospital insisted it be refilled after my last suicide attempt. Then, I attempt to refill my regular meds and all I received in the mail today (laying on my front porch!) is 4 100 count fish oil packs as opposed to the pain and psych meds I called to refill over a week ago. Thanks!

David Walsh

If only all medical facilities would copy what VA Dorn Columbia does to make the Veteran feel like they count for something the world would be a better place..they are the reason I am living and on the mend from some heart procedures ..the follow up is great..the doctors and staff are the best..keep up the good work VA..

Cara Robeson

LaSandra Teixeira

Very please with the level of care provided at this facility.

C arellano

Robert Leaird

Why does the procedure to be able to call and cancel an appointment need to be so hectic? I spent 15 minutes on hold the other day waiting to cancel an appointment I had because I was way to busy with work to be able to keep the appointment. Finally, after the 15 minute hold, I decided that my time was worth more to me than being spent on hold just to tell them I wasn't going to be able to make it that day.

Clarence Griffin

Go here only as a last resort, or if you want to die. Worst hospital I have ever encountered! The doctors are obviously med school drop outs as I have only been seen by nurse practitioners or a RN. Treatment for a car accident where I was rear ended and diagnosed with whip lash was a medicine commonly prescribed for osteoporosis. Thanks Dorn VA for being the epitome of the horror story all us vets fear when it comes to a medical facilities provided for us.


I moved here from Pittsburgh 6 months ago. I have called and called the VA to get my records transfered. Nobody ever answers the phone. I left 2-3 messages with the patient advocate to no avail. What's up with patient services at this VA? I was treated like royalty in Pittsbugh never had problems with the VA calling me back. I need medications and medical treatment. Very frustrated.

Rory Pralow

Dorn is always an experience when you go. The only thing that I would suggest is having your appointments early in the morning or late in the afternoon. The parking is absolutely terrible.

Carol T

IF ONLY I HADTHE OPTION TO GIVE NEGATIVE STARS!! Was seen at an outside urgent care authorized by the VA and the VA pharmacy refused to fill my prescriptions. They sited the fact that I hadn’t been seen at any VA facility. However I had been seen a few weeks ago at the VA and then they said I don’t have a PCP, yet another lie. I told them I have a PCP just not at Dorn. I’m a 100% disabled vet and got the complete run around at this facility and always do when I come here. Hence the reason why I drive to Augusta to be seen. This facility needs a complete overhaul and better representation of people that truly care for veterans!

Al Winston

Corrupt, incompetent, and wasteful. This has to be among the worst VA's in the country. Leadership is a revolving door of incompetent and dangerous people. Trump needs to start fixing the VA by shutting this place down and giving our veterans Medicare access; at least they will get timely care and have an opportunity to see physicians that are medically competent, as all the good ones leave this hole of doom.

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