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REVIEWS OF W.G. (Bill) Hefner Veterans Health Care Center IN South Carolina

Daniel Crockett

I can go back to the 70's, but I won't. I look forward to my appointments. My mental health team is par-excellent. My health provider is the very best. From the Director to the person that is cleaning is a great team. Golden rule,.

Mallory Rowland

Every thing was streamlined and we had minimal waiting. It was amazing to have everything in one convenient location. Everyone we came in contact with was super helpful. It was a wonderful experience overall.

Dennis Glenn

I have been trying to schedule some behavioral health counseling at both locations in Charlotte but I can't get through. Whats the best way to get though... walk in?

MycaL E

Very nice building and staff.

Arthur DiMella

got to say ,, drove an hour to an apt was told my doctor was on leave and a pa would see me ... but she cancled my apt,,,, and was told sit and stay for about 2 hr encase someone will cancel there apt and then i would be seen,,, i asked if no one cancels then what ,,, mrs brain dead said oh well...

britney kirby

I have literally just wanted to renew my shots. No one answers their phones. I am over due by weeks because no one answers the phone so I can make a quick small appointment. Very frusturated.

The Treasure MONK

Best VA I’ve ever been to! My Dr is super caring! Wish ALL VA Drs were this good there’s be no problems!!

Bobby Huff

First visit today

Shelvona Sears

The most unprofessional staff. I really hate having to go thru the VA for anything. When you call you can't get thru and when you come in without an appointment and request what you need nothing still gets done.

John Hunter Houser

Excellent facilities, but cant say the same about how patients are treated. There are helpful and genuine employees here, but the rest are lazy and leave work early on the regular. One star for excellent facilities and another for the nice lady who was kind enough to help when other employees had left or wouldn't answer me knocking at the door.

Jeanette B

Beautiful new facility. Unfortunately, understaffed with long lines. The employees are pleasant enough but definitely seem stressed and need more help. The facility isn't as busy as I'd imagined it would be for how enormous it is. We've run into some check in issues, mistakes and not thrilled with a doctor assigned to my husband. Transferred to this facility from Salisbury, NC due to a move and that process is not at all easy or very quick, quite a complicated and lengthy process. You definitely need an advocate to bring with you. Also, be persistent if you can't get someone to answer or return your calls. Because i cant remember anyone ever answering a phone there as compared to the Salisbury location. Obviously this new location is still a work in progress and hopefully it will improve sooner than later.

sherry s hill

Daniel Newcomer

Peter D Field Sr

Excellent service and very fast!!

jeremy blair

Augusta Ledford

Lisa Hyatt

grace stanley

My dad truly loves going to the clinic on Tyvola. All his doctors have been wonderful!!!! They are very caring, professional, and supportive! Upon arriving we were greeted and helped. Then we went to his location and the women sitting behind the counter were eating their breakfast (9:30)and acted like we were interrupting them. I am writing this review since I have now waited 30 minutes for someone to answer a billing question!

Nicholas Robinson

Detailed review coming tomorrow evening...

Cherad Hicks

Cary Johnson

I have to say very impressed with the facilities, very nice building. The staff and volunteers are amazing! Very friendly, helpful and knowledgeable.

Jacqueline Moore

whoever answers the phone on off hours is no help and rude.

Barry West

David Compton

After many years in the military, I understand that you may have to wait for non-emergent issues to be addressed. This VA facility is highly responsive, provides appropriate referrals, and has many state of-the-art services available in the facility itself. The care is appropriate and solid. I would let them treat my family.

Joe Bishop

New facility , very helpful, friendly, professional. They are doing a much better job than many private medical facilities. Time to update. Tried to ask one question in this Pharmacy. The clerk refused to speak until I got a number and waited to be called. I waited in line, there was no one behind me. Wanted to ask if they would fill a script from a different doctor's office..... If so, then gladly get a number and wait once again. I will go elsewhere for any pharmacy questions or needs...

Ken Dubrow

I have been in many hospitals and clinics in my time mostly civilian and I'm here to tell you that I have never encountered people more willing to bend over backwards to take care me.

Bob Fisher

Dennis Adams

Outstanding compared to Pittsburgh.

Dane Edwards


Dan25 Gonzalez

Love this pkace, central location convenients and a lot parking space

Grant S.

They are in no hurry to help you out. They get around to setting up appointments and communicating with you when its convenient. They could really care less. Worst care of anywhere. Save yourself the headache and go see a real medical practice.

David Cradduck

Professionals All! Aesthetically pleasing

Vertie Lou Carver

This VA is so far the top notch VA I have been to. I have seen combat and struggle with mental illness. They may give you an appointment for a far off date but you can walk In and be seen that day. The Friday before Christmas I wouldn't think I could be treated and get needed medication against all odds. I know that I would have ended up in the hospital without it. I look forward to being back in constant treatment and helping treat my PTSD and TBI. Praise the lord

Rhett Blair

Yesterday was my first visit to the VA location on Tyvola Road. I was welcomed upon entering the building and was asked 2 times on my way to my appointment on the 5th floor if I needed any help finding where I was going. The nurse and doctor were nice and seemed interested in my health. Thank you for treating veterans so well!

O. S.

nice visility, but that dont matter. its the service that matters. there is much room for improvement. understaffed and overworked

Jolene Vilis

All of the staff are friendly. Provides good care for veterans.

Victor Lewis

J Bar


Brandon Forbes

Typical VA location. Usually long lines with one person checking in, doctors don't know why you're at your appointment, missing paperwork, delays for appointments, and last minute cancellations, sometimes without a phone call. Make sure YOU ARE YOUR OWN ADVOCATE! Know why you're at your appointment and bring extra copies of all paperwork.

David Kingsbery

kj 16 lil ky ky

Very clean and professional services good for Charlotte. simple20

This veterans health facility is top notch in my opinion, my father WW2 Vet. , who is 94yrs old, gets excellent care.katie1973rn

Antwannette Bond

Jack Reid

Nice building still slow

Shante Phillips

My father is a veteran and I attend every appointment with him. This far my experiences with the VA no matter what facility we've had to visit has been very good except for one thing. One of the doctors, Dr. Cotoman never comes to work on time! We have been seeing this doctor for close to 10 years if not more. I make my appointments at 8 o'clock and you never see him until 8:30. I had never said anything about this because I always have time and I'm not rushed but also understand that there are other patients waiting. Today's appointment was no different and furthermore the worst. We had an 8 o'clock appointment we arrived 20 minutes till, checked in at the kiosk and then checked in on the floor. I'm sitting there and I ask my father what time is it and it's 8:20, about that time, another patient went up to the desk wanting to know where the doctor was, his appointment was at 7:30. The staff immediately begin looking for the doctor he was not in the office so they made a phone call and was able to contact him and his reply was that he would be there in 10 minutes, well from the parking lot to where his office is, that's a 10 minute walk so what 10 minutes was he referring to. 8:40 still no doctor, at that point I went up to the desk and rescheduled, unfortunately I could not drive my father to the appointment this day I had recently had a procedure and ask a friend to drive us they also had to work. I am writing this review because I want this issue addressed. Why are patients consistently waiting on this particular doctor and maybe more to get to work! In all of the visits that we have had with doctor Cotoman he has NEVER COME INTO THAT WORK PLACE ON TIME! HE is always coming in 15 to 20 minutes later after our scheduled appointment which usually takes no more than 10 minutes, Thank you God in the name of Jesus my father is doing well yet I'm waiting an hour to get to that 10 minutes. I'm sick of this. When I reported to my job I was there a few minutes early to get things situated so that I could be focused on what I came to do, the same applies for you Dr. Cotoman, I don't care what your title is. The one place you can play by your own rules and pretty much do what you want to do is in the privacy of your own home and if that's the way you want to operate stay there!

J Bass

The front desk in the marshal clinic & the doctor & nurse were all very helpful. The building shuts down around 12:30pm on Saturday's though.

james goo

Pathetic is the only word I can use to describe the service I got here. If I had listened to my Dr on Oct 19th, I would have lost my left leg. Thank God I went to the hospital ER on the way home and they were able to get the infection under control.

Lindsie Smith

How does no one answer the phone in the whole facility? The nurse advice line transferred me to a fax machine noise

Kelly Blank-Eriksson

Place is a joke. My husband has been passed off to so many people and has ended up in the ER three times due to the lack of care and compassion. We have been trying to get through to a nurse for weeks and she doesn't even have a voicemail set up. They simply do not care about their vets, in fact when he told his Dr. about being passed back and forth, she laughed. Navy Vet who lost his leg and this is how he's treated! They should be shut down and sued and all Vets should have the right to go to any doctor they want. Its a disgrace and total shame.

Kehli W

Beckah Gogetter

The imaging department called me one hour before my appointment to cancel, left a message but I was driving to couldnt listen. They said they called the previous day. I like how she felt she needed to say that. Humm. Feeling guilty? But I looked at call log. I didn't see any missed calls. I message my doctor. Yes it's great to di thos. Yippy!!!!. But then I get 3 to 5 appointment calls for one complaint. I PAY COPAYS!!!! and I cant take this much time off work. Yes doctors are trained to know difficulties patients face. But they say they cant treat difficulties only illness. So now the burden is pushed back on me. WHY AM INDEPRESSED!!! BECAUSE DOCTORS PUSH THE BLAME ON EVERYONE ELSE. They're rich they can afford lawyers... they're mouth and attitude prove it. I was told in a room with 1 witness on the doctors side that they didnt appreciate the tone of my email. I said so if I'm in pain I have to be nice??? Your not in pain doctor so you have no idea I guess. This is covert craziness. Congratulations to the smart ones who come prepared to battle by bringing biased witnesses to a closed door confrontation of a former war veteran. This sounds like a very dangerous situation. You ask me do I feel safe at home. You should rephrase that. Do I feel safe around rich effers who think they're above the rules. NO!!!!!! NOT AT ALL. SO WHATS MY DISABILITY RATING FOR THAT.!! oh yeah, I hear braggers tell me how they get disability checks. And they work. They have no signs of any disability. And the VSO gets their 6 brothers disability checks. THEY BEAGGED ABOUT IT, HA. But they cant seem to pull that for me. I'm pretty sure he was looking for me to slide him a big wad of cash to make things happen. But on the first glance it looks like people are good, because of that mask. They have a fake smile and fake hello. They're government workers. And want patients to know loud and clear that they're government job means they DO NOT have to work at a pace they cant handle. So the government workers job is to let the public know. They have a job that is run at a different pace than commercial jobs. And they have the backing of the VA and authority to tell Veyerans to sit down and they will get to the Vet.whenever they want. And if the government worker has a bad day and gets rude. Then they have that right to. The staff will let you know they have protections and will always assume that each veteran is a problem or is just more work that's unnecessary or that every veteran patient is most likely going to be rude or crazy and they get ready to battle even if they dont know you. It's like walking in a polucevstation and all cops pull they're weapons and ask you to put your hands up. ITS VETERAN PROFILING. it's unfair. The staff has ganged up on the veteran patient. I'm sure they tell each other how veteran patients have been very rude or crazy. But that creates them to be pretentious. AMD unfairly profile every person they encounter. Black women will be pretemtiousbto white veterans. But very relaxed around black veterans. So racial profiling can be reversed and IT IS. Practice what you preach.

chuck wilson

Sheila Miner

Samuel Carrara

Great fast service from check-in to check out. They have many services that a hospital does.

Women Veterans Assn. of Hudson Valley, Inc

ER Blackwell

I am at the VA right now and Michael Bradshaw just gave me the best customer service I've ever had! Look, I was dumb. I procrastinated on getting a biometric screening for my employer and stand to lose 500 from my pay if it's not done by end of day tomorrow. I came in and spoke to someone who told me they couldn't do a biometric screening same day but I could get an appointment by July 25th. Well, the guy still took me to Michael who I now call Miracle Max. Michael was looking up doctors on his computers and scheming how to get me in, he left and was gone for 15 minutes. Then came back and said he had worked it out. You dont see this kind of customer service ever. Made my day. His only response is that he was just doing his job.

Marla Hunter

Very nice facility.

Gregory Perry

William H

Never faxed labs to my Doctor, had to redo them months later. Glad nothing major was wrong, time is important....

James Gawlik

Ron Kiser

Easy automated check-in process which prints today's appointments along with future appointments. My doctor has always been professional and has taken great care of me over the years!

Wendy Williamson

The GI specialist asked why I was there, I had a Dr. Order for Hiatal Hernia! When I asked who managed the facilty the worker pointed to a picture of President Barack Obama, when I went to Administration Office the Patient Advocate watching me from her office window called the police, he followed me gun and all. The patient advocate said it was the job of the GI specialist to ask all patients IMO redundant questions! #contaminatedwater will get you thrown out of the hospital while the VBA has all of your claims in an unknown top secret secret location waiting for the ok (from whom I don't know) to send the next batch, by date order. I filed in 2007! What batch are they on now?!

Terry Harsell

Harold Russell

Staff courteous, helpful, fully listened to my medical problems and provided helpful solutions... many thanks

Gregory Criswell

Best healthcare at this VA facility that I have received in 25 years of being on a private plan.

Elizabeth Foster

Transfer from the other Charlotte VA clinic was rough and they are always working on something new. This facility is constantly changing for the better. I don't have to go to the VA in Salisbury NC as much. Customer service has been touch and go but for the most part very kind. I do hope they dedicate a section for an Emergency room service. It sure would cut time and money down from going all the way to Salisbury VA ER. As a disabled veteran with a chronic pain situation sometimes I need immediate care and driving down to Salisbury VA ER really hurts physically and emotionally. If I go to a local ER the VA most likely won't pay for it (I know personally they don't because they didn't for me and now I'm stuck with a bill over $6,000.00).


Most of the staff are very nice and helpful, but Ms. BUTLER is extremely rude. Then I had a procedure done and I was not supposed to feel any pain, but it was quite painful; however the staff explained & apologized about what went wrong so I let it go.

Abbie Reynolds

A nurse in the specialty clinic (for sleep study) has an attitude. She made us wait an hour just because she could. I hate ignorant people that use their position to do negative things to people. Otherwise on the street, they are cowards that would not say a word or do anything. Moreover, when you are dealing with medical issues, such pettiness should not even be an issue. Overall, people should have more respect for others instead of trying to showcase attitude.

Joe Angeli

Have been trying to reach the mental health clinic for 3 days now. With no call back. Kinda sad. Need help....

Taresha Hemphill

Beautiful building, but the same poor service. Each doctor that I've seen there was worst that the one before. They were constantly switching my PVP, and they all seemed clueless. My appointments were a joke

Tynise Ward


Just wondering why does it takes months to see a psychiatrist for my depression and PTSD? And why can’t I see a Christian psych? I bet if I was Muslim and I wanted to see a Muslim psych they would refer me out in a second? Worthless

Bernard Thomas

Congratulations Charlotte

Cody Hughes

Cheryl Badorrek

The VA opened this facility, under equipped and under staffed. Some of the staff brought their own manual BP cuffs since all the new ones don't seem to work properly. According to several employees the new computers are not there and they scavanged computers from the old clinic. Additionally many supplies are lacking. Thankfully the employees that are there are good people doing the best they can, despite the unsatisfactory position they've been put in.

Darin Short

You have to be kidding me!!! They should close every VA and convert them to homeless shelters for Americans that need a bed, mental health treatment and job training. They have no business in trying to provide health care to anyone. They are across the board the worst! Do you notice they don’t send a survey to your house? Do you notice that they make it impossible to call the director of the facility? Why can’t they (VA leadership) be required to use the same medical care system??? Every supervisor should be required to try and navigate their own area and they will be forced to see how jacked their up system is. It’s criminal !! Flat out criminal !!


Love this place❤️

howard yo

The va is great

Ryan Yanicko

Ron Denni

Darcy C

Sheridan Snyder

I thoroughly enjoyed coming to this site. The building is huge so am looking forward to more services opening (Women Health care, Infusion clinic, etc). The staff is always very friendly and very helpful. I now have at least 1 physician from Salisbury VA to his clinic here at the Charlotte VA HCC and one physician from the CBOC clinic to here. I just wished that the cafeteria and gift shop would stay open just a little bit longer.

Scarlet Ratliff

Ed Weaver

I have been receiving medical care here at the Charlotte VA for two years. I'm 65 now and I have never gotten the quality care that I get today. My PCP is Dr. Sido and is a good doctor. All the nurses and staff are helpful, courteous, and treat me with respect. They all make me feel good to be a vet. I have heard a lot of negative comments about the VA. I just don't see it.

Vantoinette Savage

Andre Rose

Very nice and convenient.

Conscious One

A beautiful fraud and a corporate enterprise, sold as care and concern for veterans. The experiences has been a nightmare. Nurses that avoid work like their lives depend on it. They don't want to work on Fridays and more than willing to leave a patient in waiting area and never seeing them. They rather make fake diagnosis without ever seeing the patient, but more than willing to write a prescription for the pharmaceutical industry. The patient advocate is really an advocate for the VA and not for veterans. You have no voice, it's all smoke and mirrors. Everyone is more concern with covering for each other. This is all by design. They are not in the business of health, it a business for corporate connections and milking the tax payers.

matthew ferrick

Moved here from Phoenix last month needlessly worried about transferring my care, we all know how the government can be. Transfer was seamless. Everyone was a super helpful, making sure I saw the walk in clinics about my issues since it takes time to get primaries. All done in a couple of hour. Follow ups set, PCP's scheduled and refills on all my meds before I left. This place is on point.

Darrell L

Kathy Johnson

This is the next .va

Gina Sebastian

I appreciate the experienced and polite care I receive at the VA medical clinic.

Dan Sievers

Beautiful new building and the service has been top notch. I haven't had to wait very long to get appointments.

Steve Leak

Thank you. all there. at the Va we need. you just as the country needed us. lets continue to be helpfull to each other as a promise shall not be broken. neither shall a heart. it shall be repaired

Michael Milton

Beautiful facilities, good systems working, and excellent medical providers.

Maya Marshall

Christopher Tyson

Love the site an great health care providers very nice people .from the front door to the back.

Daniel Finney

Veteran Friendly

professional email only


kendall rivers

The Staff is very professional and helpful...

TurningPoint CLT

don hargett

Great People

Robert Thomas Simmons Jr

Science my experience

Ankhl Hallah Sankofa

A bunch of people who dont want to do their jobs

MJ Hindman

Almost never answer the phones. It takes months to get an appointment. There are a few employees that are great but for the most part a lot of people don't seem to care at all.

Draey Quarles

Great facility and staff are nice and willing to help. However, like most VA's the facility is short staffed. Overall, beautiful facility.

Luis A Ramos Jr

I been to this VA location on W Tyvola Road a lot this year and I like the doctors and nurses myself. The people at customer service desk was awesome and just right. I will be there in January for appointment so keep up the good work. Thanks VA for making a hospital on a city bus line that I can get to.

Debbie Moore

I was at the heart clinic with my dad. After we left out of the clinic but inside the hospital my dad had a bathroom accident. I went back to the heart clinic and asked for help because I'm his daughter and he was in the men's room. A tall African American nurse came out cleaned him up and got us on our way. He saved my dads dignity and it meant so much to me. He was truly kind and went above and beyond to help us out. I always and happy with the level of care my dad receives here at this facility. Thank you. Debbie Moore Bill Hovis' daughter

Ronald Culp

Waste of money in this facility. There all day for a 15 minute test. Much better service at the University facility.

Treasa Starkey

Absolutely love this place. The care they give to my father is unbelievable. The doctor's really care about their patients. They have cured my father of cancer twice. Dr.Morris really goes out of the way to make sure he is well taken care of. All around a great place with doctors that really care. Oncology care is all around the best. Wouldn't trust anyone else with his health care needs.

PullTab Fever

Nice clean place for vets. Dr. Morris and Dr. Monroe are real good doctors.

Adam Kirby

IMPOSSIBLE TO SCHEDULE AN APPOINTMENT. My calls get forwarded to a single employees voicemail time and time again. I have left three messages over the course of 2 weeks and haven't heard a thing.

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