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Tony B

Desiree Porto

A friend of mine brought his dog here. His dog was attacked by 2 other dogs and this poor dogs jaw was fractured in 3 places. If u would have seen this poor animal, it would make u cry. And because his owner didn't have enough cash & had bad or no credit, they turned him and his suffering dog away. This place is heartless. There are good, decent animal hospitals that will work with the owner any way they can because they actually carenjoy about the animals and want to give them the emergency treatment that they need. This place, unfortunately, is NOT one of them. Please don't give this place your business. Don't entrust your animals life to a business that will look the other way when a dog is suffering and dying. Don't give your hard earned money to a place who has no empathy or compassion for the animals and their owners who keep them in business. Yes, it is a business and yes, they need to make money. But, on the other hand, other animal hospital are businesses who need to make money too, but they are at least willing to work with the owner. Whether it be helping the owner get a care card, or setting up a payment plan, they do what they can so they can help the animals in need. This place didn't try to work with the owner at all and had no problem watching this poor animal be carried out the door, to suffer and die, after they turned him away. This place shouldn't be in business.

Christy Hooks

M. Skoczek

William Gold

Amazing staff and best animal care bar none

Rickey Hudson

Expensive, but I guess back surgery on dogs is expensive too. The doctors follow up which is nice.

Barb McGuire


The employees let a dog eat my pants!! The owner even told me ''It's ok, he is just hungry'' I am so upset! Other than this, I guess they are cool.

ASHLEIGH Richardson

Always great

Jamie Berry

My girlfriend and I had an awesome team when our puppy Chance had to be seen. Recommend to everyone!!!

Brandon Hall

Super friendly staff. Amazing doctors!

Darrell Strother

There are few events in life that can be as difficult as the injury of a loved pet. These people handled that with care, concern, and the utmost professionalism. Our dog is over 120 pounds of pure German Shepherd with a broken back. He was scared, immobile, and they took great care and patience getting him from the car to the treatment room. After a day of diagnosis, they laid out the treatment options carefully and helped us and him through the process. Can’t say enough, I would use them over and over.

Purry Paws Rescue, Inc. TNR Queen

This place is horrible. From the second we walked in the door, they were all about money. We were prepared to pay for our services, yes, but their outrageous fees and lack of concern for our pet infuriated me. They wanted to be sure the bill was going to be paid prior to doing anything. They took her back and didn't touch her until they had our credit card information. By then, we feared it was too late. It was an emergency situation and they were all about the money. Did they get paid, yes, they did. Did they take every measure to save our pet? I feel they did not. I refuse to take another animal in there. I will drive across town to PREHA. If I could give this place less than one star, I would do it. I do not recommend taking anything there.

JD Lahan

The staff cared for my fur baby and kept me calm during a stressful situation.

Marissa Lybrand

Our rescue pup was referred here by our vet after X-rays showed extensive trauma to our dog that he endured years ago before we adopted him. He had two broken femurs that healed badly, dislocated hip, and more. Dr. Suber was wonderful, we were so nervous we were going to hear that he needed surgery that could reach upwards of 5k. Dr. Suber saw that our pup gets around just fine & seems to be pain free, he suggested we go on with life as normal instead of pushing a pricey procedure on us, like so many vets could've. He had a great bedside manner, answered all of our questions and didn't even charge us for the consult. I'm so thankful we ended up at VCA with Dr. Suber for some peace of mind. All of the staff was super friendly, loving on our pup & the facility was very nice and clean. I would definitely refer a friend & return if needed. A+ review

Linda Gibson

So far I've seen excellent walk this is a level 2 trauma center it's the best in South Carolina for surgery scheduled

Dana Fuhr

My 14 year old lab gets laser and massage therapy from the rehab team at VCA. The amazing rehab staff and the wonderful ladies at the desks treat my Tora like she is one of their own. I highly recommend VCA for your pets whether it is for therapy or something more complex from the team of specialized veterinarians!

Kelly J

Excellent vets

Jeremy Thomas

Dee Pearson

The staff are very caring professional, responsive, and did a great job taking care of my dog. She needed surgery and they quickly put my mind & concerns at ease. I won't trust my pet's surgical care to anyone else. I recently discovered a friend's dog was also treated by them & also spoke very highly of VCA.

Beth Chapman

The staff are wonderful, very knowledgeable & very caring. I'm extremely pleased with the outcome of my dog's surgery. If your pet needs specialized care, this is the place to go.

becky halioua

Amazing staff and facility. Dr. Fritz is so caring!

Alyssa M

We were referred by our local vet for our Siberian Husky. Our sweet girl, Xena injured her leg at the dog park. They were very kind, gentle and informative.

Cameron Creech

Tammy Parnell

Dr. Suber is so knowledgeable and has taken great care of my border collie who has had 2 shoulder surgeries. The staff is very knowledgeable, fast and efficient. I appreciate them very much for their concern and care to help my girl

Tracey Kornemann

This place is an absolute scam!! Our vet INSISTED we take our cat here. After 2 previous bad experiences, we were reluctant. Sure enough, Monday we paid $300 for no diagnosis and no treatment plan!! They wanted $700 MORE to run more labs before diagnosing!!! Excuse me!! Three years ago our vet INSISTED we take our dog here. Again, $300 later they said "it could be cancer, it could be arthritis, it could be nothing.....we'll need more money to diagnosis it". I could go on & on! My secondary question, are our vets getting kick backs for sending animals here?! STAY AWAY

Tammie Ferrell

They are very caring and awesome folks! Very modern facilities for advanced animal care.

Jo Warren Long

The staff here took excellent care of my mini Dixie. He had to have emergency spine surgery due to a ruptured disc. Everyone was extremely compassionate and caring to both Dexter and myself. Dr. explained everything from surgery to recovery to recouping in easy to understand terms. They even have visiting hours for you to come see your sick ones. Dexter is doing much better and hopefully will make a full recovery!

Rhonda Copeland

Everyone from the staff to the doctors are all animal people and it shows. I'm disabled, they took extra time and care with me in addition to my baby dog. The facilities are clean, well maintained and easy to get in and out of.


One day in October when I got my dogs up that morning, everyone went outside, but Bailey, my six year miniature dachshund. Bailey couldn't use his back legs. I rushed him to my vets who immediately instructed me to get him to Columbia, to the VCA Animal Center. VCA was waiting when I got there, took us in, and immediately started checking him out. Because I acted so quickly his chances of walking again seemed very good, according to Dr. Draper. The staff was great to deal with, from the ladies at the front desk, to Dr. Draper who did the surgery. Everyone at VCA is wonderful and they kept me informed of how the surgery went and how Bailey was doing. Anyone there would try to answer any questions I had, and they kept me well informed on Baileys recovery by emailing me, texting me and calling me on my home phone. I truly am grateful to the staff, the doctors and the rehab personnel, they are very professional, caring people. After several days I was able to bring Bailey home and do rehab with him daily. I was given excellent instructions on caring for Bailey and working with him in order to give him a chance to walk again. Today Bailey is almost back to normal, walking and playing with his brother and sister. VCA is the best place to have your pet taken care of. I'm so grateful to everyone at VCA for the excellent care Bailey received and today he is actually able to walk again. Thank you VCA! Bailey just isn't a pet, he is part of our family.

Sue Eleazer

Not impressed right now with the incompetence that has caused my pet to have a staple embedded in him that they want to leave in. He tore his ACL and had surgery that went excellently, before he was finished healing he tore the other one (we were warned this might happen), but this time it has been anything but a good experience. They did not do a good job closing the wound this time, they the staples were few and far between and were put in sloppy, some parts had no staples and oozed, after staple removal we found two more visible and one broken off in our dog's leg, they removed those and the scar started separating as it was not closed well... then we found out today there is another one buried in his leg and they want to leave it, though it is clearly bothering our dog. I am not impressed with this at all. IRMO VCA needs to do the right thing here for our dog's health and welfare.

Debbi Drafts

They take care of my baby. She has Lupus and on chemo. They treat us great.

Bradley Cook

Really good place to take your pet if theh need emergency care. They are very clean and the staff is very nice and comforting. We took our dog there when she could not use her back legs and they were very good at diagnosing what was wrong amd explained what our options were and did not pressure us in to any decision. Long story short due to there quick diagnosis our dog was able to get the treatment that she needed a gained the ability to use her back legs again.

Gerard Murphy


Great staff very nice and caring

Robert Kruger

The entire staff is great! They take care of your pet and make sure the process is as smooth as possible. Unfortunately, I had to use them twice for my pitty; but she's as good as new! Thank you to Dr. Kunkle (apologies if misspelled) for the great work and personality! We've got 3 other pits that if needed, will be seen by him.

Lynne Spencer

Awesome people...from our receptionist to our doctor! First-rate service for us and first-rate care for our Molly. Highly recommend!

Patricia Durham

Love VCA. I've had 2babies need back and leg surgery. They're up front on everything from price to out comes. Very helpful before and after.

Cocinando con Nilsa


jessica Hudson

Dannell Hazard Johnson

My dog, Rocket, had surgery to repair a fractured tibia. The staff and doctors were extremely professional from start to finish. Dr. Kunkel is an excellent surgeon and 3 days post-op you would hardly know that anything happened. Would highly recommend for orthopedic procedures. Thank you for all that you do!

tracy fulmer

Sarah McCall

Gary Watkins

Great Vet but expensive

terry hooper

This veterinary services center provides specialist care for animals. They will tell that this is not cheap.

Creed Bratton

We had to transfer our cat here from Savannah because it was the closest emergency location with type A feline blood. He ended up staying a week, where he was seen by an internist and a cardiologist. After a bone marrow biopsy, they were able to determine the cause of my cat's severe anemia. I was truly impressed by both the emergency vet, staff, and specialists here. They always called with updates and were extremely warm and empathetic. They took the time to call before every procedure to give me a cost estimate and get my approval. Finally, Dr. Mackey is a very skilled internist who really knows her stuff and I highly recommend her! This place is absolutely worth the 2.5 hr drive from Statesboro, GA.

Amberleigh Bowers

I want to thank the staff at VCA for taking good care of my boy, Halo and giving me a much better second experience. I rushed Halo in late on evening for labored breathing. They took him straight back to start caring for him, as opposed to the first time I came here 10 years ago with a different dog who was diagnosed with Parvo (this review will henceforth be only about my second visit). The staff was kind and the vet was straightforward with me regarding my dog's diagnosis. Unfortunately my boy had to be put to sleep, but they did so with the utmost respect and care. I do believe the vet cried a little bit herself, which shows me just how much these animals all mean to them. While I will always prefer to see our family vet, the staff at VCA are an amazing substitute in a space of emergency.

Thomas vanepp

I called to schedule a BAER hearing exame for my three puppies. Thankfully I inquired for the price. They said $199 dollars for the consult and 120 in that area for the test. That's three hundred dollars a puppy! Way to take advantage of being the only one right now that does the test. It Should not cost above 80 I know that to be fact because I proceed GA,NC,And Even FL. This isn't even a test that needs a "consultation" that's just a further way to make a dollar. Ugliest thing I've heard. I couldn't imagine the care my dogs would receive.

Wayne Sealy

Nice,professional hospital. My pitbull had knee surgery and they took care of him like he was a person. He was not stressed in any way, after being in their care for 3 days. I am impressed. Better than the VA.

catterina raffo

great first experience at vca animal hospital. will be returning for sure. my dog loved it

Julianne Principi

marsha rogers

I want to thank Dr. Kunkle and his staff for caring for my Savannah while dealing with her knee issues. My little baby has had so many health issues and they treated her so special and carefully. We want to care for our fur babies the best we can, but that can be so expensive, that many people neglect or cannot financially care for them as they would like. I appreciate that he offers check-ups with the initial visit as to not increase the price each time. I was so worried that I would not be able to handle another medical bill and he offered therapy and advice to help her issue and alleviate her pain. Everyone in the office is so friendly and caring and wants only what's best for your pet. I highly recommend their services, and I can't thank them enough.

Ronald Stokes

jessica jeffreys

Yvonne Griffith

Nathan Winkler

My dog had an ACL injury. I live an hour away, and VCA is the closest to me to get this surgery done for my dog. VCA worked with me, and I was able to have a friend of mine bring my dog there For a consultation, his surgery, check up, get stitches out, etc. VCA communicated with me through it all and was very hospitable. Dr. Kunkle (not sure if that’s spelled right), sent me personal text updates during my dogs surgery and overnight dog stay, instructions, etc. through the entire process. He would personally call me to answer any questions I had. He would call me first thing on next business day morning. Altogether, the communication, the “going the 2nd mile” service is outstanding. I’m able to pay over the phone and have my dog surgery and checkups even living an hour away. I needed some medications refilled for my dog, and the ladies at the front desk simply let me pay over the phone and the overnight delivered medications to me. I can’t say enough how pleased I am with the doctors and the staff here. My dog is doing great with his recovery, and it’s very good to see such a good business ran the right way, serving the patients with all the energy they have. 10 stars!! This place is outstanding and beyond praise !

Katie Beck

My 10-year-old pointer mix had surgery on his knee (basically, he had the dog version of a torn ACL) at VCA Animal Specialty Center yesterday. Every member of the staff, from the receptionists to the surgeon who performed the surgery (Dr. Kunkel) has been excellent. They kept me posted on how his surgery went with a call yesterday and an update this morning, and then this afternoon, two different staff members (a vet tech and a canine rehabilitation specialist) spent nearly an hour with me before he was discharged. They walked me through all of my questions regarding his care, and the rehab specialist made sure I was confident helping him through all of the physical therapy exercises he will need as he recovers. It's no surprise my vet recommended VCA so highly! Of course, surgery is expensive--as it is for humans, too--but for me, it was worth it to get my little guy happy and healthy again.

Lisa Peterson

Paralegal Connection

I was referred to this facility in May on an emergency basis as my little guy became immobile over several weeks and was declining despite treatment. Dr. Draper’s neuro consult was to include him doing a thorough exam, explaining his findings, & discussing treatment options for $190.00. Instead, an intern spent 5-10 minutes with me & my dog, said she felt tenderness in his shoulder and was going to let a surgeon look at him. The surgeon came in a few minutes later stating they felt it was cancer & I’d likely pay $95 since they only looked at him & he wasn't a neuro case and needed oncology. She then leaves and comes back shortly suddenly saying I had to pay the $190 but "the good news is if it's operable I can do the surgery & won't charge a consult." I was basically in shock since in a matter of 10 minutes I went from the impression that my baby had a shoulder surgery ahead to being told it's cancer that 2 vets missed in 5 weeks of being treated. I asked if I should keep him on his meds (which were for a pulled muscle) until oncology saw him and her response was "um sure - I don't think it'll hurt." I believe she knew he was terminal based on his x-rays taken 3 days earlier but wouldn't tell me. Dr. Draper never even saw my little guy or me. Two days later, I sadly had to put my baby to sleep from inoperable cancer that was crystal clear on his bone x-rays. Seeing VCA’s surgeon was totally unnecessary. I was told VCA’s director, April, would call me but it took over 2 weeks and me calling her and leaving a message before I heard from her. Despite my phone number being on my paperwork, someone entered it into the system wrong so she had been calling a wrong number (big surprise). While I received a refund (under their policy, because my dog didn't need their specialty I shouldn't have been charged to begin with according to April), almost nothing was done in an appropriate manner. I'm still seeing a good number of complaints which tells me it's business as usual and nothing has been fixed. VCA just isn't a place to take your baby if you're able to get to Charleston or Charlotte.

Laura Burkett

I have very mixed feelings about my experience at VCA, and it has taken me over a year to be able to put them into writing. I realize that there were extreme circumstances surrounding my Bella's diagnosis and treatment, but all along the way we were led to believe that surgery after surgery would have no impact on her quality of life and she would thrive upon healing. And every time, we felt encouraged and pressed forward with her treatment. Forward to a huge financial burden that is causing and will continue to cause pain for us for many years. Were we hopeful? Of course. But, to an extent, we felt that the staff here played off of our emotions to continue to treat a dog that had no chance. We made what we thought were informed decisions, and put her through pain and suffering for 10 days. Sometimes I wish we had just let her go at home where she was comfortable. We visited Bella every day while she was here, and the staff was lovely each time. I regret my selfish decision to keep trying to treat Bella, but felt so encouraged when speaking with the vet(s) that we didn't have another choice. She received excellent care, but we felt a little misled and will be paying the bills for a long, long time. So thank you to the office staff for everything you did. To future customers/clients, try not to let emotion cloud your judgement. It could save you $15,000.

Diwakar Aduri

I highly recommend this facility!! From the front desk, to the physical therapy department, all the technicians and doctors.........excellent!!!!!! They took awesome care of my doggie and the surgery was a total success!!!!!

David Banks

Good vet. A little pricy.

Michael Rodgers

We received bad news about our dog and her cancer, but Dr. Brown was extremely helpful in describing and discussing our options. I didn't feel hurried so she could get to her next patient (we had to wait at least 30 minutes past our appointment to see her, but I can understand and appreciate why). I did not feel "pushed" to spend more or less money - she was amazingly non-judgmental while giving us comforting reasons to make a range of hard choices. She was also sensitive and balanced not to give us unrealistic hope in some [expensive] treatment, but also informed us of possible positive [short-term] effects of an NSAID & appetite stimulant (& that has turned out to be true in our case). Dr. Brown, you are gifted & amazing! Thank you.

Karen Nichols

Kind, caring people

lawrence pearson

Great care for my animals when I need them most.

Kate Klippen

Everyone at VCA in Columbia, SC was amazing, from the moment we walked in you could tell this was a quality clinic staffed with people who liked their jobs. The facility itself was super clean and well maintained, and every single person we interacted with was compassionate, knowledgeable and gave us all our options and what they all meant for our dog. Much of the time you get rushed through a vet appointment or your concers are brushed off, not so at VCA. Dr.Kunkle did our dog's surgery and he was so kind to our dog, and to us, during a stressful situation while we we're figuring out what the problem was. The staff was very transparent about the pricing of the tests and surgery we needed, and based on the excellent care our dog recieved, it was well worth it. Our pup is recovering really well and we have the team at VCA to thank for it. If you are looking for first rate service and a team of people who care about your pet's well-being, look no further than these amazing folks at VCA! I can't recommend them more highly than 5 stars, but I would if I could!

Emi Anderson

While the cost is expensive (it's a specialty clinic, obviously), it is well worth it. The staff truly cares about the animals they help, and our puppy was very well taken care of throughout her procedure and recovery. I would highly recommend this clinic. We hope to never to have to go back, but would gladly travel the 1.5 hours back to this clinic if needed.


Though they do give you the impression money first. And want to make sure you are willing to pay up front before they start caring for your dog. We took our dog here because we are new to the area and didn't know what other options there were. The care was awesome. All the staff that I encountered where so helpful and understanding. My dog had a severely broken hip and I think they did a great job repairing her crushed hip.

Deral Feroney

Arthur Albritton Jr

Very happy with the level of care & the outcome of the surgery Dr Suber & staff are awesome!

Ericka Miller

Amazing place and people. Took great care of our dog!

Lash Bailey

Great care for animals! This place will meet your pets needs. We are blessed to have them help our puppy who is going to rehab.

Gislene Wong

VCA is wonderful! Dr. Suber went above and beyond when treating my Yorkie with a leg implant infection. He was thoughtful in his treatment plan and made sure to suggest the best route for permanent results. Two surguries later, he is walking on all fours and better than ever! The front office staff and techs are also top notch. They were very friendly and always greeted us by name. The prices are high considering it is a speciality center, but rest assured that your fur baby will be in good hands.

Rj Sutton

Very caring, very thorough, and awesome team of caregivers. I would highly recommend them for your pet. They treat pets as if they were there own

Jessica Dame

I needed to take my dog to a neurologist for facial paralysis and vestibular syndrome like problems, and my regular vet recommended this one. I read all the reviews before my appointment, and some had me worried. Some say they felt the vet was all about the money, etc. My experience was nothing like that. The facility is really nice, the staff are welcoming, and based on my dog's case, the neurologist recommended less expensive treatments before suggesting a MRI (they did offer me the MRI if that would give me piece of mind, but we ended up not needing one!). I really loved that they were available via email and text between check-ups. Most vets you have to make a whole new appointment just to ask a question. My dog is currently doing much better, and I would recommend this vet.

Robert Johnson

Expen$ive and no systematic consultation process. No info given after being put in a room. They took the dog, and did not say what for. Keeping concerned pet owners informed ALL along the way should be a given. Needs to improve a lot more, but they seem to be a standard refer-to place by so many vets.


This place is AWESOME!! Unfortunately our pet had to have tplo surgery. Fortunately this hospital performed it. The staff members are so pleasant and helpful and the Doctors were caring and professional. I'll recommend them all day everyday.

matthew yelverton

In July, my 4 month old Golden Retriever tore his ACL and other ligaments. Dr. Suber used the most modern technique available to repair my puppy's leg. Today, it is as if the injury never happened. My dog can run and jump with the best of them. I am confident that no other veterinary surgeon in South Carolina could have done what Dr. Suber did for my puppy. I drove up from Charleston to see him just to make sure that my dog got the best treatment available. I'm glad that I did.

Jennifer Johnson

I had to bring my pup here for surgery after she broke her leg in two places. I received a quote from my primary vet and was looking for something a little cheaper and came across VCA. The staff were able to schedule my pup's surgery that same week and were incredibly accommodating with my work schedule. The atmosphere was very inviting and all staff were incredibly kind. Dr. Kunkel performed my pup's surgery and he was incredibly personable and kind. After her surgery, the after care team provided me with great resources and were able to clearly answer all my questions. I would 100% recommend this location for your pet's surgical needs. I'm glad I found them. Not only did it save me a bit of money, but also provided the much needed support I needed through my puppy's accident.

Jamye Myers

Awesome people ....Caring People.... Very high recommended by our Vets in Orangeburg SC

Rebecca Ambrose

Great Dr.s

Emilie Lewis

Dr. Suber and the entire staff at VCA are amazing! My dog had ongoing medical issues and Dr. Suber never gave up on him. Suber is not only kind and caring but there is a reason he is referral only. He will work hard (researching and communicating with other doctors to get their insight)to give your pet the BEST care. VCA is worth every penny. Not only is Suber unbelievable but he hires amazing people. I have never been more impressed with an organization. EVERY person at VCA was warm, kind and understanding . VCA understands how scary it can be to have an animal there. They take care of not only the animal but the owner. I don’t write reviews or gush but I can’t say enough good things about this organization.

Theresa Kitchens

Working with us to treat cancer for our 12 year old maltese.

Kris Wilson

Chris Platt

Very kind and compassionate staff.

Larry Hardy

Great for your pets!

Juli P

Patrick Butler

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