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REVIEWS OF VA Medical Center IN South Carolina

Molly Obrien

I was brutally assaulted in this Myrtle Beach Clinic by 5 male armed security guards. I was raped by Dr.Taner Demirer VAMC Seattle, WA shortly after I was discharged. I called the VA Hospital to have a prescription filled for a two week supply of an analgesic I needed to walk before I had my surgery on my bladder. I told the Myrtle Beach VA Clinic that they were permitted to fill the prescription but that I would not engage in a relationship with any foreign-born doctors. The response from the Myrtle Beach VA Clinic was that is prejudice I told them that was correct it is my privilege to practice extreme prejudice in regards to my health care. They told me I couldn't be prejudiced they told me that that wasn't right I said to them that I will do whatever I want just fill my prescription that's all I ask I also informed them I would not go to their Clinic unless they promised to fill the analgesic for the two weeks prior to my surgery. Whomever it was I spoke to on the phone a woman said that they promised they would fill it I went there I talked to someone they filled the prescription for one week. When I ran out I called they said they weren't going to fill it I had to borrow money from my neighbors to go and get the second week Supply. I went to the VA Myrtle Beach clinic right after I got the prescription filled and told them that I wasn't going to leave until they paid me for the $40 for the prescription so I can pay my neighbor's back. I sat down in the chair and said I wasn't going to leave until they either fill the prescription or paid me back 5 male armed guards grabbed me drag me into the ground put handcuffs on me and then jumped up and down on top of me. I was already suffering from Interstitial cystitis brought on by my supervisor putting MEK in my coffee when I was in the paint booth 3 herniated discs in my back because of a toolbox that weighed over 95 lb a seizure disorder and lots of complications with my innards. One of the most debilitating problems I have stemming from some horrible experiences while I was active duty and being raped buy a VA doctor PTSD. Doctor Kathayan was the doctor That was supposed to fill the prescription for the both weeks. While I was on the ground after the five armed men jumped up and down on top of me the woman the doctor that runs the VA Myrtle Beach Clinic straddled the desk in front of me with one leg over the corner in the other standing on the floor and with a smirk in a sing-song voice, pointed up, bragging claiming, "And we got it all on video." she was so pleased the brutal attack was caught on video and seemingly entertained. I have not paid for the ticket that I was written as I was carted off to jail I spent 18 hours while my service dog waited to go to the bathroom for 18 hours.

Jay Jirsak

Have only been going for a short time but so far things are good. Scheduling appointments was a little difficult at first as they (at least for me) are handled from Ralph H. Johnson VA Medical Center in Charleston, SC. All of the administrative staff, nurses and doctors have been patient, understanding, helpful and are working to make sure I get the care I need. Wait times are about average just like civilian medical appointments, however the waiting area can get packed as it is rather small. (My understanding is funds were approved late 2018 for a brand new facility to combine the two current locations.) I guess the most important thing to keep in mind is what is said about VA clinics; "You've been to one VA clinic and you've seen one VA clinic," as each director runs their clinic they're own way.

Magan Capell

Front desk staff and nurses were super friendly, Dr. V was very professional and kind, lab staff were expedient, I barely got checked in good for my appointment before I was already being called into the back to be seen. Facility is clean and the little Asian guy at the check out desk was just the sweetest, guy really enjoys his job lol. I would recommend this place to anyone, vast improvement from previous VA experiences I've had. Good job guys!

John Dobbs

Loretta Decker

V.A. Medical Center

Petra Seinwill

william Mathers

Robert Skelley

Great staff, very caring and progressive.

Brandon Roberts

I appreciate the VA. But holy hell do you guys need to do better.

Chef Dana

You'd have better luck going to Mexico

Jamal Omar

Terrible service, by the time you get seen by the doctor you've forgotten what you even called him for... unacceptable

Joshua Bronte

Kelly Anne Horton

I have been paying crazy out-of-pocket money bc of horror stories and horrible reviews. I have lived in NMB for over a year and finally bit the bullet and went today (after I was going to have to pay 1k out of pocket at Magnolia Women's Health Care Clinic). I was immediately taken care of by Tatiana in Eligiblity and she was beyond pleasant (at end of day) and even helped expedite my new card (took photo and will process tomorrow without me having to come back). I was then directed by Tatiana to get in line to get connected w/a primary care physician. In line, I had a lovely conversation w/a lady who has been coming to this location since 99. She gave huge accolades and appreciation w/the clinic and put my worries to rest. She has only had 3/4 primary care physicians this whole time. She (and gentleman behind me) are exstatic and went on and on about newer/bigger facility coming in 2021. After a 10 min wait I then checked in w/Allison (training someone) and she was awesome! I thought it would be months before I got in and she was able to make an appointment for me this coming Monday (today is Wednesday). Allison was instrumental in putting my worries to rest that this would be a good experience moving forward. She explained what my 1st appointment would entail, informed me how long I would be there, gave me a sheet w/appt time and date and wrote down names of the three individuals I would be seeing, gave me a card and explained the different locations AND # to call if I needed to reschedule (she also gave helpful information about fasting since my appt was 7:30 a.m. so I wouldn't have to come in a second time for fasting lab). I had a better experience here than most urgent care clinics. Vets need to write more reviews about the good experiences they've had.... myself included!

Shirley B

Glenn Robinson

Very concerning staff.

Evelyn Wiberg

You need to plan on being there all day regardless of when your appointment is. You should also leave at least one hour before the appointment so you can find parking.

Donald Thompson

I signed in at the kiosk 30 min. prior to my appointment per the instructions upon entering, I set there for 1hr and 20min finally inquiring why the delay. The help desk attendant that I set in view of looked at her computer and informed me that the system said I was a no show. She stated yes she witness me setting there and immediately went to the nurse to inform her of my appointment. I inquired from the nurse why she never came out to confirm that indeed I was not there whereby I noticed her irritation to the question. She then with all intent and purpose called me a liar by stating she had come and called my name 3 times.

Pastor Jay Randolph

Small location that is friendly and helpful. I waited less than one hour

Joanne Senn

My brother was treated here with severe injuries, taken to ICU and received excellent care. Kudos!!

Leslie Richburg

I've all ways found them good to work with .

Charles Fitzpatrick

Not very responsive to health issues. Don't return calls about tests taken.

Jason Owens

Patty Avant

Jimmy Edmonds

Beware Veterans. Poor leadership here and veterans do not come first. Many of the lower staff level personnel treat you like they are doing you a big favor by just doing what they are paid to do. They have a problem with returning telephone calls and replying back to secured messaging. They have a ways to go before coming up to standards. Sorry but I call it like I see it.

Kathy Shirer

(Translated by Google) VA Hospital (Original) VA Hospital

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