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REVIEWS OF Union Medical Center IN South Carolina

Jordan Stroman

Zane Phillips

Berm Grizzly

Horrible service.

Misty Phillips

They only deserve 1 star because they do have a few good nurses. But their emergency room is ridiculous. The care is horrible. I saw Trisha Harris and the day I went they weren't even busy but it took hours. It took 9 sticks to get an IV. 50 minutes after seeing the dr to get the meds. And I asked to speak with her again, after waiting nearly 2 hours to ask her a question, I left. I feel sorry for the residents of Union, and for Spartanburg Regional for associating their name with this disaster.

Heather Wilson

Jessica Stoike

Literally waited an hour and thirty-six minutes between the waiting room and exam room to see the nurse practitioner for literally 4 minutes to get prescriptions refilled. Cost was $200 to for 4 minutes worth of service. Extortion. I HATE going to this office, but Union has no other options. Crappy attitudes from the DRs and NP, rush you when you are trying to talk/tell them what's wrong, and overall I have to be about dead to want to go to this office.

tylerkendall moss

worst hospital I've ever been to. wenthe in for a kidney infection and got a ride from an ambulance. the emt called in 5 mins before arriving and not one person answered him! got there and there were at least 7 people sitting and standing around doinh nothing at all. got sent to the ER to wait. I was the only person at the time and waited over 2 hrs. got into a room an it was horrible. no hospitality at all. freezing cold. no pillow or blanket. room was so small. there was a sink right next to the bed and a toilet with a curtain as a door. (unsanitary ) the nurses who drew my blood continued to drop the bottles on the floor and use them. my other nurse put the tape on the sink to hold it and put it on me after words. she also blew out my vain and stuck me again giving me the most horrible bruise on my arm. it looks like a golf ball is in my arm. the Dr was about my age or younger (29) and didn't talk to me like a human. they gave me fluids and sent me home I was there maybe a hr. the most horrible experience ever! I would rather die then be in that hospital ever again. they don't even dserve 1 star but negative ratings.

Christopher Coward

Mary Hixson

I've read and heard other people talking about Union Medical Center or as I've known it as Wallace Thompson Hospital, my times over the 40 yrs that I've been here in Union I've had both good and bad service in the ER but through it all I've tried to remember that this staff is after all are Human beings they have good & bad days themselves, and if you treat them as such, they will do the same to you ,

Elaine Blevins

Came in to have my catheter removed because it’s giving me tons of pain and trouble, the triage nurse said oh, it will be close to 6-7 hours before anyone can help you. I’ve got blood coming out and clots the size of my pinkie.

Cheryl Jeter

I'm embarrassed to say that these doctors are apart of my town. I've been sitting 2 1/2 and still haven't seen the doctor. When I arrived only 3 patients were here and they're gone. Smfh

Xoxojazzyxoxo Robinson

Worst experience ever, I twisted my ankle and my mom took me to er. The Dr only came in twice with one of them just sticking his head in to say its not broke. All they did was put it in ace bandage without really telling me anything. All the nurses was sitting at the nurse station laughing and joking. I may only be 13 but even I know that isn't how a hospital suppose to be ran

Timothy Farr

This place will kill you. Honestly, do not go here to save your life. Spartanburg Regional is the best place to go.


My pulse Machine went quiet and they didn’t come to see if I was alright thankfully it was just because the machine was broken but if not I could have died and they wouldn’t care. They also check my room every hour not every 10 minutes like there supposed too. I had to flag down the nurses because they didn’t check on me and even then they ignored me

Zsade Hoe

If I could I would rate them -*. I went here days apart for my asthma. The second time I was there for literally 10 mins before I was discharged. They handed me a inhaler and sent me about my way. I WILL NEVER GO BACK! I rather drive to Spartanburg instead!

Andrea Collins

I went in with shortness of breath, a fever of 103 and Dr. Flood enters the room, never looks at my throat, ears or nose. Never listens to me breathe or my heartbeat. Sends me home with three prescriptions for a sinus infection. That night I can't sleep because I can't find a position to lay in without feeling like I'm suffocating. I'm wheezing when I breathe. I was in tears. The next day, ems transported me to Newberry Hospital where I received excellent treatment. As soon as I was placed in the ambulance, I received oxygen. When I got to the hospital, I was immediately taken for x-rays then I received a breathing treatment and continued to receive oxygen. After my pulse/ox level improved I was released with proper medications. (a different antibiotic, an inhaler and some cough syrup) and feel much better. I will never go to Wallace Thomson Hospital again.

Ava Hendrix

I have been several different times trying to get help for my headaches.I had them very intense,and in pain.The emergency room treated me for every other system that I did not I did not have.They would write up papers on what they thought I was in there for.I never got treated with any any respect from the staff,well most of them,and two doctors refused me treatment,cause I was trying to get help,they thought I was there seeking drugs,smh.I have over heard the staff talk about me,when they should be doing there jobs.It is very sad that you can't even get help when your sick,cause they think or assume something else.I have even had the ems drivers to say things,and remarks,which is not there not job.I think it all should be taken a look at,to see how everything goes hehind closed doors.Very sad Union County.

Andre Jeter

I came in feeling heathy just needed to get my prescription for Ezcema refilled. Not only did she give me a weaker and more expensive prescription that doesn’t even work half as good. They guessed wrong on a flu shot dosage Giving me too much leaving me drastically sick for over a week and ruined my fall Break. SUICIDE HOSPITAL, is South Carolina out of lawyers???

china Dolldr

I really don’t understand why this hospital is still open!! They are very very slow!! You are taking a risk here with your life!! All they do is sit around and talk! Ellis is not a good doctor he really needs mor experience and he plays around too much with the nurses! I hate having to come here! The doctor sent us here for my son to get an X-ray and here it is two hours later still sitting in this cold room!! No one has come in to tell us anything! A waste of time! Should of just drove on to Spartanburg like I thought! It’s been years since I’ve been here and I remember why!

Mario Dario Pèrez Charris

Terrible service, do not get prescriptions straight and you have to be calling them to get it fixed, they don't answer the phone and when you leave a voicemail they won't get back to you at all.

Akela Jennings

Pregnant and had some bleeding. A nurse told me I had to have someone to sit with my daughter to be seen for this type of issue. And they really didn't see me. So in conclusion I was denied services for not having a baby sitter.

Meesha Peake

Nurses were rough with my mother. Shoved thermometer down her throat. Just horrible. No words can describe. Supervisor was nice though.

April Whitlock

Brunette One

Super amazing staff !! They took very good care of me and explained each and every test and result. I'd definitely return.


1 star is to much. Worst er I have ever been in. Go to Mary black. Forget this place.

Mariah Lee

Chad Phillips

They get nothing from me I entered this hospital with a bloody nose and scratches from a fall off my front porch... Well they called the cops?? HORRIBLE HOSPITAL PLEASE PICK YOUR "CLASS" UP. If a man cannot enter your hospital in such conditions without a cop having to be reported I'm sorry but your Hospital has TONS OF FLAWS... Go to Spartanburg its worth the drive atleast you will not have police called on you AND they have a decent hospital system unlike Wallace Thomson which can not treat anyone without insurance without POLICE BEING THERE. SHAME ON YOU SHAME! Oh Laurens is not that bad better than this place. I left after everything was said and done same problem went to Laurens no problem they took care of me and NEVER CALL POLICE WHO DOSE THAT?

Diana Taylor

CJ Gardin

I was born here, my little brother and my daughter. Great for babies but terrible otherwise. There are posters and fliers everywhere about "we have one of the lowest wait times". My ass, I was there for 6 hours just to diagnose my concussion and there were no other emergencies coming in that I seen. Then they charged me $4,300 for 2 different scans when I only received one CT scan? Why do both say CT scan one at $1,900 and one at $2,500? What was the difference in them and which one did I actually receive?

Becca Hope

My nurse Teena was absolutely wonderful. Dr Baird is a god send, and Debbie, the ER supervisor is a wonderful person! I went in with back pain and the PA I seen did nothing, they got Dr Baird to come in and I then got treated like a patient and like I mattered by the Dr, Teena my nurse, Debbie the supervisor and the director!! They gave me an actual diagnosis. Thanks guys!

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