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Yuseth Hidalgo

Very rude and unprofessional! Very unsanitary place as well. Had brought in my mother in law because she fell down the stairs and they were very unorganized and lacked communocation. Didn't bother to take in consideration the pain she was in and she begged not to be sat down and the nurse made her sit anyways after I told her to call for more help (maybe a stronger man) because she couldn't put any weight on her leg because it hurt extremely bad. Then they were charging us for being there and she hadn't even been taken to the back yet or examined. Very rude, felt harrassed by almost all the employees. Nobody had a sense or respect they were all just blurting out and having innapropriate conversations where everyone could hear. Would never recommend this place to anyone. Also there is no security here, everyone goes everywhere and nobody is asked for an ID or are checked when they walk in. Currently their only security man is sitting behind the registration desk listening to trap music out loud and has not looked up from his phone since I've been here. These people could do so much better. They lack so much professionalism, respect, privacy, communication, and hygene.

Belinda Love

Whenever I've gone to this hospital, I have received courteous service. Everyone was very helpful and compassionate to me. The only complaint that I have is cleanliness of exam rooms, and patient rooms could be better.


Your RN Anna Lewis likes to harass people and send threats to “beat the **** out of you” and is mentally unstable I would not want this kind of unstable psychotic person responsible for a loved ones life/well being or myself. Trident has a bad rep as it is, I guess you hire people to keep that reputation going strong. If her threats don’t stop charges will be pressed, hope you can throw her in some orange scrubs and don’t mind your patients seeing one of your nurses hauled away by the police over her mentally unstable behavior that was responsible for their well being.

LaToya Gardner

If I could give them zero stars I would. Will never return here for emergency medical care again. Zero privacy in er area. Needed CT scan and they outsource radiology results to company in Sweden. Checked myself out without any diagnosis or CT scan radiology results after waiting several hours. Will be going only to Roper or MUSC from this point forward.


Don’t waste your time or money. I asked for no pain meds and what do you know, I was given fentanyl against my will. Place is dirty, smells and I was shoved in a hallway but billed for a room. Might see you in court.

Kathy Johnstoneau

My dad was taken to Trident from a local nursing home. He went to the ER and later to a room. I have never seen such compassionate, attentive service at a hospital-in both areas, both to him and our family. We had not heard great things about Trident, but we were very thankful that he ended up there.

Noelle Sturgill

My sister was in an awful motorcycle wreck a little over a year ago and did not have health insurance at the time. The doctors were not caring at all and did not give her a reasonable amount of care. She sufferred head truama and two spinal fractures with only one that they found because they didnt run all the test they should have lucky for her it healed properly and was found by another doctor elsewhere at a later time. My sister had several serious injuries and could barely talk her memory was in and out all they care about is money. Everytime she or her lawyers would request her medical records from them they had issues for for months and months. It is udderly ridiculous that this hospital still exists. The emergency doctors there were arrogant liars. I would not recomend going here especially for anything that could be life threatening or life altering whether you have insurance or not because this hospital doesnt deserve the funds get good help from roper or musc. At least you might be able to find a doctor there that actually wants to help people.

Ino Haasbroek

Care after a bat bite incident. The care was quick and fine, but the payment handling has been a total disaster. First, they lost the insurance information. Instead of contacting me, they tossed it right to a collections agency (which was surprisingly helpful), even though they actually denied that they did that (even after the collections agency had contacted me). This has been taking months to resolve, which is even harder as I am not a US resident.

Kyle Winstead

I would rather die in an ambulance than ever go here for any medical help. They do not care, they often "lose" your insurance information, was told I broke a bone instead of the correct diagnosis of pneumonia, and many other issues. It is dirty, the staff is uncaring and extremely rude. This hospital wants your money. If you do not have money or insurance, they will leave you sitting in a waiting room for hours on end while taking in others (yes I know the ER is based on a severity basis). If you can, drive another 15 minutes, or pay an ambulance a little bit more, to go to the hospital in West Ashley or downtown. These 5 star reviews must have been pay offs by the hospital.

Michelle Moreno

Awful service. If I could give 0 stars I would.

Doris Green

This so called institution is publicly one of the worst niece was hospitalized here for a few days ...with a debilitating disease none as sickle cell...she was treated like cattle ...rude physician.Dr.Boyer...non feeling supervisor of house Darren .... crux if the matter ,my niece is a lovely young woman ...the medical profession sometimes takes advantage of that .. I would much rather see a vetinarian . .they treat and care for the animals better ..

Felecia Wright

Received great GI care at Trident Medical Center

Thomas Fleming

Not a good experience on 11/26/18. Arrived at 9 pm, as of 11 pm still in the waiting room, vitals have been checked, and despite the nurse saying we'll get you back soon to a room, still no room. It's a tough night to be in this e.r.

China Rae McGivney

I have been here twice before, both times the staff was very courteous and kind. I'm grateful to have been treated here. I see a lot of people complain, but for how busy this place seems to always be I feel that the service has been polite and the nurses prompt, if not a little blunt and to the point.

robert hillis

Its impossible to ever talk with someone in medical records. The alternative is a recording which may never result in a response. This is a problem of competence in senior management which reflects on the dept. The problems with dysfunctional hospitals and labs can always be traced back to inept and incompetent managers. The answer is to go to a better hospital, which doesn't exist is SC. Therefore were stuck with this.

Mikey deLonge

Waited 8 hours for a 30 minute procedure, with an appointment. Parking is an absolute nightmare. While spending a half hour searching for an empty space I noticed how closely the parking lot resembles an ant mound that has just been stirred up. If I had to guess I'd estimate that at least a 1000 gallons of fuel is wasted each day by vehicles circling the entire parking lot in search of an empty space. On a positive note, other than the Anesthesiologist my wife said had the personality of a slug, the staff was professional, polite and attempted to be accommodating. The people responsible for running the hospital should seriously read all these reviews and try to overhaul the parking nightmare and assess the appointment and surgery scheduling. Thanks Trident Medical Center.

Karl Von mutius

You are better to see a vet, their service is fast and th ed vet don't BS. The doctor may need to go to vet school to learn how to be a better Doctor.

sandra vazquez

Amazing staff Julia the receptionist was great and super helpful, gaby the nurse was so great with my son. And the provider Micaela Bartash was so helpful and great. Thank you ladies for all your help and God bless. 12/18/17

Anthony Asbell

ER visit, dropped my Harley and landed on my ribs on a curb, intense pain.. They got me right back for xrays long story I am in agony and when talking pain meds they tell me nothing is broke so we won't give you anything that will help, 2 useless prescriptions, I got very little sleep last night I am still in pain. All they seen was someone looking for drugs. I could see it in the eyes of the NP who seen me. They could care less about the patients. I live in Summerville, I will never use Summerville medical or Trident medical ever again

Addie Griffin

Jamie Suttle

I really wish there was zero stars cause that is what they deserve. I am also filing complaints with the hospital, and gonna find out were I need to file complaints on dr Smith. And the er nurse that was a RN Brianna. I am by far no we’re near done with this. Level of service was extremely awful. And truly uncalled for.

Tanisha Simmons

Profit over patient. They will quickly sendsomeone in to see if you have insurance to determine their level of care for you. If you don't have insurance they will send you home quickly no matter how serious your illness and if you do have insurance try will try to provide unnecessarily procedures you don't need to run up your bill, if you are lucky enough to receive a bill you will see that it contains procedures that was never performed. They are liars and very arrogant and the hospital is filthy

Google user

ER staff is great and work so hard to take care of everyone coming through their doors nonstop.

Joshua Wise

Just wanted to take a moment and express how much of a great experience I had here over the past few days. If it wasent for the responsive quick decision making by Dr. Hadley I would not be alive right now. The nursing staff were so polite and made sure I was comfortable and well taken care of. Hands down the best hospital experience.

Savannah Thomson

I came in with the worst migraine of my life. Having ms I didn’t know if it was a relapse of that or what it was. I was completely miserable in the worst pain of my life. I ended up taking a ambulance because after being in serious pain and throwing up for 6 hours I didn’t know what else to do. I had more help in the ambulance otw to the er then I did at the er. They treated me like a junkie chasing dope when I just wanted to stop throwing up and my head to stop hurting. I left in the same pain that I came in having. Don’t come here. It’s a waste of time and money.

Kevin Shaughnessy

So dirty. No soap in the bathrooms that the patients are using. Trash cans overflowing with all kinds of debris. Fluids and blood on the floors and running down the trash cans No body knows what they are doing. Intake nurse was nasty and did not put correct information in the chart. Waited over 11 hours in a hallway.

Cheerey Blossoms

jamauri parrish

Kelly Thibault

Its snow outside & its colder in the waitting room. Trident can't afford a heater. I understand the long wait because of the weather. Please put a heater in the waitting room.

B Brooks

Please don’t go here. You will honestly be putting yourself in more danger. Go straight to MUSC or Roper. Trident is a scary place with doctors that do not care. I learned my lesson the hard way.

Chuck Croft

I have brought several family members here and have always received excellent care. The staff is friendly, knowledgeable, and top notch!

Jasmine Washington

Would not recommend this hospital.I never received a statement from them and they sent it to collections.

Ben Shutak

I took my mom to the one in moncks corner on 12-27-2017 an she has insurance an all because she didn't have her co pay of $75.00 they would not do her ex rays that her family doctor needed because she took a bad fall at home an needs some ex rays of her ribs the I not scared to say who I am my name is Sharon mizzell

Candi Oswalt

This hospital gives the worst care I have ever experienced. On a consistent basis. Do not go there.

Chris Scott

Horrible service feel bad to say that there's nice staff members but overall I wish I would've went somewhere else to have my child

Jeremy Barnwell

Hospital staff are great with exception of the ER. If you need to go to an ER, go anywhere else! Staff on other floors provide great patient care. ER staff shut off our “help needed” button 3 times never sending anyone. We were left clueless with no idea what they were testing for. Two months ago my son was sent home by the ER only to return 2 hours later requiring emergency surgery. This ER is a joke.

Kathleen Gilbert

Worst hospital ever I do not recommend anyone going to this hospital They are very incompetent they killed my husband The staff and doctors are terrible do not know what the hell they’re doing My husband was in there for a week and passed away with no explanation on what happened to him

Jay Cooper

I am a cancer patient, went to the ER with severe abdominal pain and bleeding, was treated by the worst most uncaring doctor I have ever seen, treated me like a pill head, even though I told him I don't need pain meds I have some at home. I understand you don't have to be top of your class to land a job in North Charleston SC, but maybe try and be a little professional.

Lyn Sanders

The entire staff has always been professional to us. Always asking if they could do anything for us.

Carol Whiting

The best diagnostic experiences I’ve ever had! Blood work, X-rays, and an MRI have had me at Trident Medical Center 3 times this year. They were extremely efficient and the results were quickly returned to my doctor. I appreciated being able to return to work quickly, too, after each of my tests. On top of that, their patient portal was amazing. I could actually read the results of my blood tests the afternoon of my visit! Highly recommend for anyone who hates to wait and appreciates professional medical care.

J. Lawrence

This place is a poor excuse for a hospital. It has a terrible reputation in the local community(A.K.A. Tri-Dead), and for justifiable reasons. The place is understaffed, the staff who are there use phrases like "I'm not sure" and "Let me go check" (but then they disappear). I waited in the ER for 3 hours before I was seen. My Grandmother waddled in her own feces for two hours before someone cleaned her. This place needs to be on Dateline or something. If I ever have to go back here, I'm definitely bringing a Go-Pro.

Eb M

I received a phone call last week from a collections agency, for lab work I never received and invoice on! They had the wrong address instead of calling me, they send it to collections! I had no idea I still owed anything until the call! Horrible way to do business!

Jennifer Mueller


Liz Henderson

I had excellent care and compassion by the ER and the 3rd floor nurses!

Kimyatta Dreuitt

This is the worst hospital ever. My daughter has been vomiting since 630 am and we been here for over 2 hrs and she has not been seen yet. Ppl have come in here way after her and has been taken to the back for treatment. Then to top it off they website say the avg wait time is 10 minutes (LIES). I will never come back here.

Gerald Frazier

I had a lithotripsy procedure done there. The procedure was way overpriced at $9400. Took 30 minutes. 4 days later the hospital call and said my bill was $41,125. Yes. That's correct. Weeks later I was still in pain so I had another CT scan done. The kidney stone that was supposedly crushed is still there.

Aaron Green

They have the best snacks!!!!

Christopher Briggs

Was not treated properly for a gout flare up. Recommend that you do not go to this hospital for anything.

Maggie Horrigan

I am absolutely horrified that this place is a trauma center! I can't even begin to stress how incompetent and uncaring this hospital is. My 19 year-old daughter was discharged within a few hours of being airlifted (unconscious) from a tragic car accident to this place. She had severe head trauma, multiple back, hip and leg injuries, Several broken teeth, etc. She was hundreds of miles from home with no ID, no family, no phone, no money, not even clothing besides a hospital gown! Not to mention, her boyfriend was killed in the accident. She was confused, disoriented and badly hurt. They didn't even clean the blood, dirt or vomit off of her. Never witnessed anything like this!

Mikey Nazario

So the lack of empathy for their customers is terrible. They take you in and when they have finished the visit, they don't even tell you where the exit is. They don't usually check on you more than once or twice in a five hour period. Then they bill you using a collection agency on the first time. The collection agency makes demands on the first bill. They offer online payment plans, but it doesn't matter because the collection agency sends nasty letters to you saying you are not allowed to have a payment plan. "although partial payment is appreciated, this is the FINAL chance to pay in full before we take action." May this "hospital" crumble into ruin and their entire billing department find themselves unable to find work

Denise Anderson

I was brought in to the emergency told I had a TIA and was told there were going to be more test run and I would be told the outcome of said test that evening by 5 o’clock it is the next day and I stil have not seen the hospitalist nor do I have the test results. My stay has been a complete crazy mess nurses are rude, drs are liars, and spoke to head person in. Charge Sandy who assured me I would see that hospitalist shortly and an hour later still no results. I was talked to about my bill how my insurance only pays 80 percent and the other 20 was the patience responsibility well I feel like they should do their 80 percent worth of doctoring. They have 2 stars because they are An incompitant bunch of money grubbing people who don’t want to do their job.

Shelia Jarvis

My husband had a brain bleed. Everyone of the staff took excellent care of him. The emergency room staff made sure he got the care he needed. I want to thank each and everyone of them including the janitoral and all the staff that do not get the recognition they deserve.

Shann B

I wish I could leave zero stars. By far worse hospital you can go to. Only reason to go to trident is if you’re trying to die. Horrible staff, all the do is assume you’re there for drugs. My aunt died of kidney cancer because they didn’t want to treat her. This is the by far worse hospital in the state.



Sonya Langley

My husband and I had to take my father in law there this past Saturday and waited in the ER our in the hall way over 8 hours, and told them that this man is very sick and needed to be admitted. They told us they couldn’t admit him that there were worse patients than him. Well, Sunday morning we were back in there, he had gotten worse, and told the ER Dr that they were admitting him this time and that dr told myself and my husband that they weren’t baby sitters!! WTH?? Well, they did admit him but they left him in the ER over 48 hours before they ever put him in a room and they never checked on him or anything. Well, we got a phone call last night that they had to put him in ICU and on a ventilator!!! If they had listened to us the first time he wouldn’t be in this situation. The staff there was very rude and very unprofessional. This is the worst hospital ever!!! I will never go there again!! They suck!!!

Victoria steitz

Wonderful nurses and staff! Everyone did a fabulous job taking care of my family before, during, and after the delivery of my son

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