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REVIEWS OF Tidelands Waccamaw Community Hospital IN South Carolina

Yvonne Cranford

When my niece was admitted to the ER for severe abdominal pain, the lady who checked her in was wonderful. That's the only reason I gave a 2. Once in the back, the wait to see a doctor was forever. Not to mention the rooms were not half full. The doctor and nurses sat at the center desk talking. As she began vomiting, I had to ask for a bag, tissues, and a wash cloth. After at least 15 more minutes, a doctor came in the room. He immediately diagnosed her with the stomach virus without any explanation of the abdominal pain. The pain continued to get worse and his solution was to give her a bag of fluids, nausea medicine, cramping medicine, and pain medicine. After an hour and no more fluids, the nurse came in and unhooked the fluids while we waited another 20 minutes before seeing the doctor. Two and a half hours later and still no explanation. Of course she isn't hurting because she was pumped with pain medicine. Tested for the flu, which she had three weeks before with completely different symptoms. Negative. My niece said immediately she didn't like the doctor because he acted like he didn't have time for her and didn't care. My advice is go somewhere that will take the time to really find out what is wrong and will treat the symptoms before "numbing" the problems.

Alfreda Wade

Horrible place wouldn't recommend it to my enemy.

Kimberly Smith

I was admitted here a little over a year ago. I was diagnosed w appendicitis. It just so happened to be my wedding day as well. My husband, family and I traveled from Ohio for a destination wedding. When they officially admitted me to the hospital the entire staff of the hospital pulled together to help make our day special. We we're married in the waiting room w other patients and staff present. The staff will forever be a part of our lives. We are so appreciative to this hospital and everything they did for us. I am also an nurse my self and feel they took very good care of me. Thank you everyone.

Wynne Fuse

The food could be better!

Jack Ebright

I had a terrible experience at another local hospital when I had my first hip replacement. In contrast, every nurse I've had here has been with the hospital for some time and knows what they're doing. After 3 surgeries here, I have only praise for the staff, the facilities and the food! The rooms are all private. All. Every room has a chair suitable for sleeping in and a family member is always welcome to stay overnight with the patient. The food is so good that people have been known to stop and eat at the hospital even though they know no one there! Restaurant quality. This is the nicest and most professional hospital I've ever interacted with.

madison rich

Worst experience. Nurses don't care, doctors don't care. My boyfriend rated his pain a 10 and was begging to be called to the back and they continued to be rude and made us wait 20 minutes. Once in the back they were still very rude. They act like they dont care. I will NEVER come back here.

Lucia Davies

While vacationing at Litchfield last week, my 87-year-old mother had difficulty breathing and became very distressed. We took her to Waccamaw, the nearest ER, with some trepidation as we did not know what to expect. I’m glad I did not read any reviews before rushing to the hospital! The care my mother received was outstanding. We have nothing but the highest praise for the doctors and nurses in ER, critical care and 2nd floor in-patient wing. They were attentive, caring, efficient and highly competent. The communication between medical teams and shifts was seamless. The diagnosis and treatment was correct and the doctor who looked after my mother explained all the options for follow-up very clearly. He also wrote to my mother’s regular physican and to the cardiologist who will continue treatment now that we are home. Having been to ER at CMC (major hospital in Charlotte) with my parents on several occasions, I can say from experience that the quality of care we received at Waccamaw was exceptionally good. We are very grateful to the entire staff — including the kind man who delivered meals! — for their sensitivity, thoughtfulness, and excellent care.

Ashley D

I have been here several times. I’m a local. It’s absolutely a sh!t hole. Never have I been treated so badly in my life. I did have one good surgery experience. Not sure why these people here have no common decency. After my most recent experience with my son, I will never come back unless I am unconscious and a ambulance brings me! The ER Doctor I had was a pompous tool. Told me 1% chance we had a real emergency and oh guess what we were the 1% that required emergency surgery. Thanks DH! Luckily he didn’t perform it. He made sure to make me feel bad for having to wake someone up during their sleep at 2 am to do an ultrasound. Don’t like it? Get a different job! Anyway, Anyone looking for an ER I recommend the South Strand ER. It’s not pretty like Waccamaw but had great experiences there.

bobbie caraher

Had to take my dad twice to the ED in one day as they did not diagnosis a stroke . ER nurse very rude and talked smart saying he choked in chicken ... he choked because he had a mini stroke .. Was in the hospital for 18 hrs and didn’t see a dr . Nurses aid came in at night 3x, no one else . If you have skeins in the hospital here , DO Not leave them alone !!!

Gretchen DiVincenzo

Earlier this month, I had surgery at Waccamaw Community Hospital. The facility is well maintained and kept very clean. The employees of Waccamaw Community Hospital are, in my opinion, professional, well trained, caring, and compassionate. The nurses are incredible, and each member of the nursing staff that I had contact with went above and beyond to make sure I was comfortable. They took time to answer my questions. They made sure I had everything I needed before leaving my room. The fact that the pride taken in caring for their patients was obvious, which, in today's busy world is sometimes a rarity, is absolutely wonderful.

Monica Jane Elliot

I am 45. Worst hospital I've ever come across. Went in with my son for severe abdominal pain and vomiting. Dr. was an older woman, she "stabbed" him in the stomach and he let out a yell. Dr. then said "you gotta butch it up there son." They did bloodwork, and told us to go home. I asked why he was in so much pain, Dr. said he probably pulled a muscle. I asked her for something for his pain. She said to take tylenol, that they don't give out pain meds prescriptions because of "the addiction problem." I told her my son never takes pain meds unless he has a tooth out, and she smiled and said "you don't know what they do." That was Saturday night. By Monday morning, he was in horrific pain, I took him to another hospital, they drew blood and 5 hours later he was in surgery for an acute appendicitis. My son suffered all weekend in horrific pain, and they did not detect the appendicitis. He could have died. This Dr. had a big attitude problem, I would not send my dog here.

Anita Schuhmacher

My husband had a heart attack a month ago. Treatment was rapid, including transfers to Georgetown and MUSC for placement of a stent. Five days later he was able to fly to San Francisco without any problems. Excellent care.

Pam Riley

Justin Demiter

My family and I have had too many bad experiences here. We avoid it now.

E. Ray.

Holly Knight

Just had my son there a few weeks ago and it was truly the best hospital experience I could have asked for. Wonderful nurses on every shift. :)

James Kennedy

I need hernia surgery,and they are refusing to treat me because I am new to town,and have no family or friends to be with me after surgery.They only care about themselves being sued/the hell with the patients....

Elizabeth Murphy

My 7-year-old daughter broke her arm while we were on vacation. We went to the ER for treatment. The whole team from the triage nurse, ER doc, to the orthopaedic doctor who reset her arm, everyone was fantastic. Compassionate, caring, kind and very attentive. I am very thankful for their help and have nothing but great things to say.

Kimberly Meditz

They sent a person that the sheriff's department thought was suicidal home in less then 2 min knowing it was 12am and she had no $ . I just think that's showing someone they don't care.

Keith Decaro

Woody Aichner

If I could give 0 stars, I would. Took mentally ill son to the emergency explaining his illness. They had him arrested!

Ken Reich

Dr.'s hit or miss on bedside manner and knowledge . Friendly staff otherwise. Comfortable atmosphere and patient and family friendly.

Smith Lee Wong

They can de-slant your eyes. thank yu. i can see fried rice now.

Cynthia Bivens

Best hospital in my opinion

Gary Eckard

Horrible experience each time my wife needs medical attention. Slow and inattentive. Rooms had old blood on walls and floors. Unfit for a dog. They advertise on their big poster that I read for 3 hours that they do things seamlessly. That's is a bunch of bull. You can try your luck but i'd think twice and go to grand strand. Never had an issue their. I will be driving 2 hours to Charleston to avoid any other experiences with this hospital unless by ambulance or death.

James Sams

Well it's been 4 hours and still haven't seen a Dr. It appears that there is one critical patient and only one Dr so everyone is waiting hours.

Erin Handley

The ER staff was rude and short with my mother while she struggled to breath. 4 hours in the ER with only one other person waiting. In there feom midnight to 4am. She had to beg for water and I had to ask to switch nurses because Jackie kept ignoring my mother.

Mary Rebolini

My mother was taken here by ambulance. She has memory issues and I wasn't able to get there because I live 35 minutes away. When I arrived they had her on a stretcher in a room no bigger than my closet. It was filthy. Their excuse was due to construction. More like due to the fact that she won't remember and I might not find out. We pay all this $$$ for medical care and the best they can offer is a pitiful, dirty back room beside the staff break room.

sandie simpson

Scheduled cat scan for 3:18 & still excuses...terrible

Ashley Warner

Michelle Hoover

We came to visit our grandmother around 12:00 and it is now 1:55 and the staff has yet to come in and check-in on her. My family has went up to ask when they were coming and no one has. My grandmother has buzzed for them to come and they are not coming. I understand that life gets busy, but don’t ignore patients and leave them waiting for hours. We are very disappointed about the service here.

Kristie Hatcher

Awful HOSPITAL!! Rude nuses...

Stephanie Stephenson

Anne Crenshaw

The ER staff is rude. They treat you like you must be drug seeking and I can understand that in light of the opioid epidemic. Having been a healthcare professional for more than 30 years I can't understand however the treatment from the majority of the ER Staff. I listened to the triage nurse fuss at this gentlemen for bringing his wife to the ER to be admitted. He was just doing as his doctor had told him to do and she fussed at him because this was a lot more paperwork. His wife was obviously very ill. I had just been in the night before. Discharge papers said to return if pain worsened and so I did because it had and was made to feel like I was bothering them and they were obviously annoyed. The Nurse Practitioner who treated me asked me " why did I come back they already gave me pain meds the night before" Very weak and not very many. And not helping at all. I told them I struggled to sit very long they moved me to side of ER where there was NO one and put me sitting in a chair. She did order an xray and cat scan and gave me no further treatment. I had an appointment with my primary care Dr but not until Monday which was 5 days away. She gave me a shot that Didn't help what so ever and discharged me. That was Wednesday. 5 days I have been dealing with some excruciating pain. Thanks Waccamaw hospital. In all fairness I must say that Dr Ratliffe who I saw on first visit was fantastic!! But I won't be back even though 5 minutes from my house

Melissa May

We had to take our 18 month old in while on vacation. The doctor was sweet, effective and very professional. The staff was professional and the facility was clean. We were in and out in an hour. Thank you for making our little guy feel better!!

Andrea Matorian

Southern Glamour Outdoors

Absolutely the WORST hospital visit my husband and I have ever encountered. We were from out of town on vacation. He fell and hurt his leg and the next day got bitten by an insect and things got worse. Decided to come to this hospital and it went down hill from there. The triage nurse was RUDE!!! She asked my husband a question then as he was speaking in the middle of his sentence shoved a thermometer in his mouth. When we got back into a room, we waited 1 hour and NO ONE came in!!! Nurses walking around, giggling, talking and not even offering to come and at least take his vitals. We spoke to another patients family and they had been waiting 3 hours and no one had come in!!!!! HORRIBLE HORRIBLE HORRIBLE!!!! Save your time and money and go else where!!!

Kathy Dowdy

Jeff Joachim

Went there for a friend accident..very good hospital better than grand strand..polite nice nurses..clean hospital..recommended to anyone who needs to go to the hospital!

Elizabeth Black

I gave birth to my son here the doctors nurses and midwives are beyond amazing. My son was sick and had to stay for 5 days after birth they let me stay in the hospital and treated me with respect kindness and love. My son has since had a few incidents where we've come to the hospital and been treated well most of the time. They misdiagnosed hand foot and mouth disease in the ER with my son and thought it was eczema but when I went to his pediatrician they correctly dignosised. My fiance broke his ankle in a boating accident they took great care of him but they missed the fact that his leg had a small fracture that couldn't have been fixed anyway and the orthopedist they referred us to did a bad job and we did have to have a second revision surgery but that's also not their fault.

Linda Ross

Julie Hardwick

Outstanding Experience! Very Professional in all ways!

Leigh In Real Life

While the staff was kind and while we had anticipated a long wait being that it’s the emergency room, I did not anticipate the lack of training from the doctors. Why do I say this? My 10yr old daughter fell onto her shoulder while rolling down a sand dune and felt something pop, so I took her to Tidelands ER. They did 3 X-rays: 1 of her shoulder, 1 of her collarbone, and 1 of her other shoulder for comparison. The doctor determined that she had an AC separation (gap between collarbone and shoulder bones) and he said that he also sent the images to a radiologist at home for their review and opinion and that they agreed on it being an AC separation. One week later we are at home and she has a bump growing in the middle of her collarbone, so I made an appointment with a orthopedic doctor who did the same xrays and she said (and showed me) that my daughter CLEARLY has a broken collarbone. Not a fractured collarbone, but a snapped in half collarbone!!! How did two doctors at Tidelands miss this?! What can be done so this doesn’t happen again? I’m so upset that my daughter went over a week with the wrong diagnosis and has been walk around with a broken collarbone without knowing. If she fell again her bone could have come through her skin. I feel terrible for trusting those doctors. Please question anything they tell you here because it’s just too dangerous not to. On top of all that, I have to pay for this service that was wrong in so many ways.

Joseph Kalce

To day is 12/1/2016 Went there over a month ago had sinus infection never gave me a prescription or take X-rays like they always did if I could give then a neg I would next time I'll go else where today's date is Dec 1st 2016 so people now what date


This is, without a doubt, the worst hospital visit I have ever witnessed, and that’s saying something coming from someone who is fear stricken whenever me or one of my loved ones has an emergency that ends up in the hospital. My sister snapped her arm falling on the stairs of my porch and we rushed right to Waccamaw ER which is 5 minutes from my house. After waiting for what felt like an eternity to get her checked in, the nurse was taking her vitals, asked about medicine allergies multiple times and wrote them down, STILL incorrectly input them in the computer. Then, while preparing to put the wrist band on, she took my sister by the wrist of her BROKEN arm and pulled it, which resulted in screams of agony. I’m almost certain she wasn’t thinking properly and forgot what arm it was... when I blurted out “what are you doing? Put it on the other hand?!” She mumbled about wanting to check the area where my sister was injured and it had nothing to do with the wristband. I was in disbelief. At this time a couple of other nurses heard the screams and came into the room with trauma scissors, to cut my sisters shirt sleeve so they could take a look at the arm. After this was done we were told there was no room for her and the ER was understaffed with life threatening emergencies under way (this part is understandable, it’s obvious ER’s need to prioritize). After finally getting a room I sat outside and texted with my mother who was with my sister (only one pass at a time) and it took HOURS for things to get done. Pain medicine was not given, the x Ray was done and sat there for an hour until a PA told my mother she was going to check it, still no pain meds. Another hour later my mom is texting me freaking out because there is no one around and my sister is in hysterical agony asking for help. My mother tracked someone down and was told help would come soon. More time passes and the PA comes back in and tells my mother that they will give her some pain med, wrap and splint the arm but that she will need an orthopedic because they “don’t do casts here.” Which makes no sense to me because a friend of mine received a cast in the ER from one of the in house orthopedists months ago. I honestly believe it was because my sister has lower end insurance. Oh the PA also asked my sister if she might be pregnant after she told her she had a hysterectomy last year(??) The two redeeming things of this visit are the RN who splinted and wrapped my sisters arm, Natalie. The second thing is now I know if I ever have an emergency, I will try my absolute hardest to go to Conway and not Waccamaw. By the way this is a copy of a review I wrote that was removed.

Regina Vought

I've been in many ER's and many hospitals in my lifetime and I'm 58. I was very impressed at my visits to the ER and on my inpatient experience. The doctors and nurses were professional and compassionate. The entire staff was friendly and comforting. The hospital was immaculate and very comfortable.

David Roule

Clara Harrell

To all my white friends this might be the place for you, to all my friends of color I been here sent 3:45pm I registered twice I only been seen once by the registration nurse it's 6:58pm now

Rebecca Morris

Brought my husband in with severe pain. Have been sitting in er for hour and half was put in rm right away have not see anyone yet. They are not busy. What is with this place.

Elizabeth Monroy

If you are considering donating any funds to help the poor of this community don't bother! This hospital lack too many hospitals is out for profit and profit only! They do not care about the indigent of this community nor do they care about the uninsured. They are blatantly dishonest in their business dealings and care nothing about human being only about the almighty $$$$

Suzanne Kalil

The doctor I met about a possible blood clot was very me in right away the nurse that did my blood work was fantastic. For the most part all the tests were fairly quick...definatly recommend!

Taylor Burr

In November I was having severe lower right quadrant abdominal pain. I initially went to urgent care to be checked out and the PA on duty believed I had appendicitis and said I needed to go to Waccamaw right away. She called them to let them know I was on my way and when I had no wait time when it came to checking in. I was initially seen by one nurse who came and drew blood and what not...and then all hell broke loose. Another pt. (who I was told was off of his medicine) punched a nurse in the face and broke her nose. I completely understood that the other pt. needed to be dealt with until the authorities got there. I was seen initially by Dr. Ratliffe and he was just as nice and concerned as he could be. Unfortunately, I had gotten there right before the shift change so both my initial nurse and ER doctor were due to leave. Nothing wrong with that. Someone will be right with me, right? Wrong! I wasn't seen by another nurse until a hour and a half after the shift change, she had to draw my blood again because "they didn't get enough the first time" and she said she'd be right back with pain meds/IV/contrast for CT scan I needed to have done...another hour and half goes by and no one comes in. A nurse who happened to come in to restock gloves asked how I was doing and I told her I still hadn't received any Tylenol, my IV, OR the contrast. She hopped on it and got me all hooked up and went and got the contrast for me to drink. She said that it takes an hour of the contrast to do it's thing and right after an hour I'd be taken in to have my CT done. Well, close to two hours go by and I'm finally taken back for my imaging. That's only because I had to have another nurse come in and unhook me from my IV in order for me to use the restroom and I told her I still hadn't had my imaging done yet. The only redeeming factor is that after my CT scans showed I didn't have appendicitis but rather several cysts, the nurse who came in earlier to make sure I got the IV and contrast came back with peanut butter, crackers, and ginger ale because I wasn't allowed any food prior to and I was starving. Thankfully it wasn't appendicitis with a ruptured appendix while I was waiting hours upon hours.

Ass Clap

Beware of Cindy in the rehab wing. I will not be returning until she is gone. Screen employees better and be sure they have proper education if you want to keep patients. Thanks.

ken Zwiep

Annemarie Manna

In ER right now. Been here over 90 minutes with relative who has level 9 abdominal pain. Have not seen a single medical provider. Nabbed a nurse who said she is all alone in this section of the ER and has tried to get a doctor to come to see patients for last couple of hours. Only 2 doctors are both with patients in other section of ER and will get here eventually. WE have to be patient. Really??? Be patient as you watch your family member, in obvious extreme pain, be ignored by all? This place may be a "room" but it's definitely not for emergencies. Go. Anywhere. Else. If there was an option for zero star rating, that's what I would give.

Kathy Coanshock

My husband was treated in the er about 12 days ago for chest pains. The immediate response team were professional and immediately began to treat him and determine what was going on with him. Once they determined he was not having a heart attack, there was no longer a sense of urgency. No one cleansed their hands before touching him. He was there 5 hours, had 2 ekgs, 2 lab work ups and a chest xray. They scheduled him for a stress test 12 days out, today. We told them that he could not do a treadmill test. However, they scheduled him for a treadmill test anyway. His chart should have been a red flag , he has epilepsy, a right knee replacement and he is 64 years old . Apparently, no reads rhe chart. We got home and I looked at the order, I saw it was checked for a treadmill test. I called pre-registration and told her he could not do this, she said" let them know when you get there". So we checked in and told the front desk, she said " let them know when you go back". So when my husband goes back and tells someone a 4th time he can't do the treadmill , he is told he must reschedule . He must have a driver because of his epilepsy. Fortunately, I am not currently working, but if i was, I would have to request another day off. The nurses in the cardio dept were very kind and sympathetic, it was not their fault. Everyone is worried about rising Healthcare costs, but your incompetent staff lost you dollars because that appointment slot was not going to be filled at 7:30 in the morning . When we got home, I called to file a complaint and was told I would get a call back shortly. 2 hours later, no return call. Obviously, patient care is not a priority with your facility. If my husband was having serious heart issues, you don't seem concerned. His next scheduled appointment is not for another week.


Went to the ER IN SEVERE pain...I registered and was immediately brought in...always checking on my comfort..doctors/nurses wete excellent ..I hope I never need to go back but if I do it will be here.

Susan Rose

Horrible hospital. I came in with an acute asthmatic attack/bronchitis. Was left for hours, never seen buy a doctor Finally I left unable to breath, went elsewhere. Very bad place.

cindy cayou

Terrible physician interaction. Misleading diagnosis that were changed depending on who you talked to. Father in icu on life support and it was one of the most frustrating experiences just trying to get the facts straight. Nurses were 'sweet' and some were very competent, others not so much. I would never choose to have family there again!

Sean Ferris

The worst hospital I have ever been to. I went to the ER last night the woman at the desk was rude and denying patients. Telling them she had ambulances dropping patient and had no room. Call you DR she said. I sat for an hour and a half and never even was called into triage. And was told I may be better off going to grand strand. Went back today sat for 3 hours and had 4 in front of me and watched 5 come in after and go before me. Ill die before I go back.

Beverly Sullivan

Recently visited the ER with my husband. It was with great trepidation that I did so because of all the negative reviews on this site. If Charleston wasn't 2 hours away I probably would have gone there. I am glad we didn't go to Charleston. We were in and out within 6 hours. In that time period tests were completed, results were in, medications were administered, and the doctor spent time with us to answer our questions. The staff and nurse were helpful and efficient. On the way home I remarked that it is good to have a facility like that so close to home. So, to all of you who have had a bad experience, I am sorry for you. To those who may be contemplating a trip to this facility be assured that you can have a good experience here. We will be back if the necessity arises sometime in the future.

Cheryl Convery

Michele B

The absolute worst hospital I have ever had the misfortune to go to. I moved to South Carolina in June 2013, during the move I threw out my back being as I have chronic back issues I went to the ER to obtain help and get a referral for a local doctor and pain management specialist. They refused to help with my new injury which was later found to be another blown disc in my back other than the original issue. Tonight I went in for extreme swelling in my feet and was advised by the doctor her feet swell too (mine do not) and it is normal for the area (I find that hard to believe for someone who is rarely outside and never on their feet more than an hour a day), that I need to drink more fluids and consume less salt. I don't eat Salt and I drink fluids all day. I was given a breathing treatment for wheezing, a problem I had no complaint about and x ray to make sure I did not have pneumonia, which I also told her I did not have. On neither of these visits did they draw blood to determine if I had an infection and they dismissed everything I told them because clearly they know my body better than I do. My feet are so swollen I cannot put on shoes, my toes are red and at times turn purple. I will never visit Waccamaw Hospital again! They are unprofessional with their attitudes and ignore whatever you tell them. I have a doctors appointment with a new primary care in 7 days and will have to wait for that to find out why my feet are swelling. I hope I have a heart attack before then so I can sue the pants off this hospital. As for the bill, I will NEVER pay it because I did not receive any service for which I went to the hospital for! I was not looking for any pain relief, just an answer to why my feet are swollen. I had a sewage backup in my kitchen 3 days ago, my feet began swelling the day after and the water was ankle deep. This they would have known had the doctor not spoke over me when I tried to tell her. If you are in the Myrtle beach area go to the hospital in North Myrtle or go down to Georgetown hospital. Waccamaw is the absolute worst for patient care and they do not seem to care they just want to get you out the door!

Chris brown

I went in the emergency room with stomach pains, ended up with a perforated colon from a colonoscopy! Then for a year I was in pain, went to musc and found when they fixed the perforation they reconnected me to tight which was causing me all the problems. Had to get nut large intestine removed and a colostomy bag for 6 months... looking story short waccamaw messed me up bad and MUSC fixed me!

Tina Sbrega

claire whatley

...they have a great cafeteria.hope ypur going there for lunch.

Martin Pettigrew

Welcoming staff. We love the facility and the comfort of the rooms

Miguel Heredia

Richard Berry

I brought my son in to ER and we were treated very kindly. The staff were attentive to his need's as well as our's. Thank you for the easiest ER trip in a stressful situation.

Judy Overholt

I will NEVER go back there again the nurse I had was a wreaking ball when she came in to do an ekg she flipped my glasses of my face when she took all the wires off she pulled all the wires off with one pull and tore my glasses off on the floor And left me to pull the stickers off it was so cold I had a shirt sweatshirt and 4 blankets on and no one offered me a blanket until I begged to housekeeper for them and after I asked her for 4 she gave me a scowl. The doctor Christopher Register DO came in to see me and ask me what was wrong with me. I told him and ( I never heard such a quiet Er because there was hardly anyone in there). It still took over 5 hours. I had no bloodwork done just an xray I have MS and he asked me what doctors usually do to combat it And I said they usually admit me for 5 days of solu- medrol steroids he said that’s not going to happen here I said ok so you will set up having a nurse come to my house for the next 4 days to give it to me in my port he said yes. When I was to check out DO Christopher Register did not come back to tell me my results of the xrays or say good bye. The nurse gave me paperwork and when I got home it was to another patient with there birthdate and name on it. Big privacy issue. Did he get mine too??? Tried to call the Er when I got home no answer tried till midnight nothing. I need 4 more infusion S and can not get it since it is the incorrect name and date of birth. So this is detrimental to my health I’m going today to another Er to get this done. I went to tidelands since my primary care dr sent me there since I’m in the Tidelands’s system. Oh yes they never asked for my medication list either I asked them and they said they will get them later which they didn’t. I’m telling you this because beware of this ER. Go to Conway and lastly grand Strand Tideland Waccamaw hospital take you as you come in. Not by what your problem is. There was a young little girl sitting in the waiting room in major pain that got stung by a spider and her hand and arm was swelling up bigger and bigger but she waited 3 hours in the waiting room so stay away from this ER if taken by an ambulance your screwed you have to go there and you will wait no matter what you must wait your turn. Just because your doctors are in the tideland healthcare system you do NOT HAVE TO GO TO THIS DEATH TRAP. I hated to give 1 star I could not write a reason my time there was so horrible unless I hit a star. They need on these things negative stars too. Please if you want much better service drive a few miles further it can save your life. One good note the X-ray tech she was fantastic

Joe Septa

Horrible. Nurses left in the middle of putting a catheter in and it was stuck. They left my 89 year old father like this for 2 1/2 hours

Beverly Brown

Terrible!! Almost killed my husband and then released him from the hospital far to early

Sharon Rhea Ford

I am revising my review since my initial review was written in shock after my Mother's death and an ignored DNR issue by an ICU Nurse that remains to be an issue with me. For that reason, I am deleting 1 star. For the nurse, I won't comment at this time; yet, I am reviewing the hospital and parts of the system - not the nurse in ICU. I would give one arrogant doctor minus zero stars also who never returned my repeated calls concerning my Mother who needed a prescription the release packet said existed but was missing; however, he is no longer there, so his review is irrelevant. Dr. Mann would receive 5 stars though as he kindly sat with me for quite some time the night I had to have Mother taken in. I would like to state the positives of the extremely caring hospital administration who went above and beyond what most would expect of them as I was very demanding regarding my parents' care. They helped tremendously when my Father reluctantly had to be in the hospital. I also thank most of the wonderful nurses who outnumber and negate the few I said should be working in the morgue. If I may comment on some of Tidelands Health facilities to save time, I'd like to state that I have been a patient of their Family Medicine Center on Hwy. 17 29585 for years and continue to be. I think highly of them, but do miss Dr. Harmon and Flo. I have a negative reaction to their wound care center after going weekly for a long period of time due to a very deep open cut on my shin. I thought they were great; yet, immediately after the last treatment, when my leg ballooned (which sometimes indicates potential danger), they refused to even see me due to insurance. I am adding photos of my red swollen leg after weeks/ months of wound care and being released only to have this occur. Note the redness, swelling of the wound from under the skin, swelling of the leg, etc. on the right leg. Normally when a leg swells like that doctors are concerned; yet, when I called them, they said they couldn't see me since insurance doesn't cover that with them. WHAT? They were the ones treating the wound. So much for concerned doctors and staff. They would not even look at it? They didn't care. I'll just go to the Cleveland Clinic where I should have gone initially, but couldn't since the cut happened here and was so deep. I will say one thing for a fact, I wish my veterinarian treated humans. He shows concern, calls to check on my Shih Tzus, and returns calls where some of these doctors do not (It's all about the insurance money for some physicians who see humans it seems - not about the Hippocratic oath I now refer to as the hypocritical oath...). Sharon Rhea Ford

Reg W. Miller

My Mother was at Waccamaw during the past week or so of February this year and she passed on the last Sunday of the Month. I do not have the words to express what an awesome hospital. The doctors, the nurses, the staff, the emergency room folks, EVERYONE was so wonderful that I have praised this hospital ever since. I was at MUSC for 3 weeks this summer and I told them they needed to send someone to visit Waccamaw because it is the most caring, progressive, well staffed, hospital that I have ever been in or visited.

Adeline Hancock

Uncaring. No compassion for patients or families. Pushed (very hard)to release my husband because of dialysis and rehab. Asked to move to rehab center in hospital and turned down because dialysis made him tired.i would not recommend this Hospital to anyone for reason. No one would answer any questions about anything


Keith Elliott

This is the worst place for a mother to have a child

Terry Donovan

Definitely a “Hit or Miss” ER! I have been to 3 times, once for severe back and hip pain, and twice for extremely high b/p and chest discomfort, shortness of breath. First visit with Dr. Gillespie was excellent. Nursing staff was very good, X-ray etc. fast and efficient, felt good about this hospital. Second visit with Dr. Paragas was bad. Nurse was fine and X-ray good, phlebotomist great, Dr. had no clue and ignored my b/p (190/110) and came up with a diagnosis of Bronchitis? Even though I had no cough and X-ray was clear. Sent home with b/p still extremely high and no mention of it on discharge notes. Third visit with Dr Gammell was very good. He treated my b/p and did tests that showed no heart attack. Got b/p down and sent me home on new medicine. Seems to depend on which ER doc sees you.

Edith Barton

Chris Woody

My wife and I had our baby delivered there. We had an amazing experience.

Ryan Seay

Sarah Polwarth

Jasmine Ungaro

If you're pregnant and want/need to deliver in a hospital, come here. The OB staff are absolutely amazing! I received top level care here, and the midwives, nurses and doctors supported each decision I made. They are also a baby-friendly hospital and promote skin to skin and breastfeeding. Ashley and Tracy are amazing lactation consultants, and will help you through any difficulties. They are not afraid to give your baby formula, though, if you aren't producing milk as I was. They truly care about you and the baby, and what's best for both of you. I was induced two weeks early due to preeclampsia and didn't have any milk yet. We worked to get my milk flowing, but they also gave me all the formula my son needed while I wasn't producing anything. They are so helpful and amazing, and even though my birth wasn't what I had planned (is it ever, lol) I wouldn't have it any other way. I'm so thankful for their amazing staff who helped me safely deliver my son into the world, while keeping him and I healthy, and that's what matters. Thank you, Waccamaw, for an amazing birth experience!

Conrad O'Connell

Our son was born here and the whole staff on the floor was great.

Thomas Lance

My girlfriend had to wait over an hour to been seen has she kept bleeding from a miscarriage. Is this place really a hospital

Erin Goldman Bailey

Very attentive, caring and friendly.

Sonja Graham

Teresa Lacunza

Was treated very rudely in the emergency room when I came in with my kids

Jillian Cunningham

PLEASE READ!!!! Somehow my review from last year got deleted..hmnm first let me start off by saying I had my twin babies there last year. The nurses were amazing!!!! But as soon as I had my twins they took me to my room i told my husband to go to chic fil a to get me something to eat and i left my purse out well i fell alseep as soon as he came back he noticed the money I had was all gone so I called security right away they told me there were no cameras and that they couldn't do anything and everytime I called back they would hang up on me extremely rude and I was so upset crying when all the staff including some of the nurses thought i was just making this up, well I called the police and let me remind you this was supposed to be one of my happiest moments. Well the police came and did the job they did have cameras after security and the patient advocate KAREN BURNETTE tried to cover it up to save their butts. The police witnessed a young female coming out my room at that worked in the kitchen and had my money in her hand with no tray of food why? Because I never ordered food she just walked in my room empty handed while I was sleeping a stole my money so imagine all the other women she has done this to and the fact that the hospital treated me the way they did like I was making this up and then tried to cover it up is sick all I received was a letter saying they were sorry and then my review gets taken down that should tell you something!!! Do not take my review down again or i will have to report this!

Rachael Abrams

I gave this place one star because i had to. I went to the ER in august of 2016 and im still dealing with this in Jan 2017. Since i have out of state medicaid they are REFUSING to bill my insurance. Like i didnt plan losing my child while on vacation. They need to get it together. Def. Go to a different ER if you have the choice.

garrett price

I came into the hospital around 6am after being up all night vomiting with severe stomach pain and the e.r. doctor could not have been more rude to me. He did nothing for me and I heard him tell the nurse " He is probably going through withdraws". (I am not a drug user btw) So after leaving with no answer I went to a different hospital and turns out my appendix had ruptured and had to have emergency surgery. So I can not speak for all the doctors here but the nurses and one doctor I saw that one morning is enough for me to NEVER go back!

alicia Cook

Need more staff.

gina reagan

eddie warren

Vanessa and the wonderful staff delivered our baby this past Saturday and we feel so blessed because they were so awesome and helpful!!!! What a wonderful team and great experience we shared!!! We love y'all Tidlands Waccamaw hospital!!! Thank you

Lori Lukie

Go to urgent care if at all possible! The fast track in the ER is very incompetent!

Lyda Greene

Just don't go here, unless you want hostile, arrogant, belligerent unprofessional care. I was abandoned in a coma taken home with no family and no one came. I'm barely alive and have 14 crushed teeth, traumatic brain injuries and blunt force injuries. This is the hospital from hell.

Emmettaug ForReal

So happy my wife and I had our baby boy at Waccamaw. The nurses and doctors were very caring and kept us up to date on the info Andy made us very comfortable. I have been so anxious about the birth because our last son was born at Grand strand regional and it was a nightmare. Grand strand is not a good choice and not baby friendly. Thank you all so much!!! ❤️❤️❤️

Cosby Dudley

I went in barely conscious and almost in shock due to blood loss. The ER crew was awesome, they got me stabilized and warmed up and alert again. One nurse in particular did not leave my side until they medivaced me to a larger hospital with more facilities. I am deeply grateful to the staff of the hospital for their professionalism and the empathy they showed my during my visit. A visit to a hospital is not going to be good by definition so saying I loved it is over stating it but I felt cared for and was impressed by their decision making.

Michael Barry

Justin Davis

Too bad it makes you click one star instead of none! Worst hospital system ever! Used to be pretty decent when it was called Georgetown Hospital System. I worked here for 7.5 years, left and went to a real hospital to work (Grand Strand). Do yourself, and your family a favor and go elsewhere. I wouldn’t recommended working at this organization to a nurse, tech, or physician. Management is completely disconnected from employees and only shows up when it’s time to scold you, or to reprimand you. No positive reinforcement exists, only negative. No longer is the motto here “Family helping family.” Spent millions putting band-aids on the construction effort when it should’ve been torn down and rebuilt. Several windows on 2P and 2E leak every time it rains. Pipes overhead leak as well and can be seen when you look at the ceiling tiles. Had to work around roaches every night...big ones too! Like apocalyptic survivor size roaches. Then spent even more government applied funds to build a huge OR suite that was supposed to attract more surgeons but it backfired. Staff and physicians are constantly cycled in and out. Retention rates are horrible! Patient care is ridiculous. I would take my family member, or friend to my vet before I’d let some of these physicians touch them!

Ashli Viar

Dr.s and nurses very nice and helpful and seem to really care about you and your health!

Madysun Lillian

Was recorded while going into labor and delivery by my own nurse on Snapchat making fun of me reported it and nothing was done she was just not able to work while I was in labor I’m now teamed up with a lawyer and will be suing I recorded her on my phone recording me that goes against every have a law and the only thing they want to do about it is suspend her for a couple days yeah right

D Conard

We had a very pleasant experience in the ER with our 6yo son. With four boys, we've had our fair share of trips to urgent care and emergency rooms over the years, and this was one of the best experiences we've had. We were checked in, vitals done, and in a room within about 35min (not bad at all for an ER!) All the staff members and care provider we encountered were friendly and helpful - even giving a popsicle and a stuffed animal to my son who was nervous and upset about his injury. It's reassuring to know that in the event we need the ER again, we have a clean, friendly, professional place to go for care.

Virginia Westwater

Wow I should have looked at these reviews before having my going for my outpatient gallbladder removal this week. Post op, I was vomiting profusely due to the anesthesia, but was offered no meds to offset that. I was dizzy, in pain (easily level 8 or 9) and I asked if patients ever spend the night if they are feeling the way I felt. I was told NO, THE BEDS HERE ARE TOO EXPENSIVE. I was literally hustled into my clothes, had a barf bag handed to me, and was wheeled to the curb. Never again.

william wimmer

This worthless establishment turned having a baby into a nightmare. From the start of the c section til the end was a joke of failure to read and juat straight refusal to give service. This was topped off by kathy xu a rude and disrespectful woman who refused to perform a circumcision on our son for a small possibility he could have a clotting disorder which he does not. I the father have the disorder which doesnt occur til later in life. She spoke down to my wife who had just given birth and was rude to me. She should not be practicing and Tidelands is worse for employing her.

Kareem Judson

I'm here at Waccamaw hospital in Murrell's inlet SC. Some of these nurses really need to go back to school. They are lazy. When they walk in the room they don't speak, some don't wash their hands. The attitude level is ugly as heck! My cousin called the nurse station and that was an hour ago and nobody came to check on him. They are busy standing at this desk talking and laugh. I don't usually do reviews but they really need to pop up on these nurses. Like really. They are paying them to just do nothing.

Don Cartwright

Difficult to find. GPS blue bubble and location marker was about 1 1/2 to 2 miles apart and wrong side of hwy 17. Hospital west of hwy and bubble on east side.

Traci childs

I spent 5 days in the hospital with a very sick baby girl. We were released this evening. Her care has been excellent. While I tried not to bother the staff too much, they were always extremely helpful when I had a question or needed something for the baby or myself (she couldn't be left alone in the room, which means I only left twice for no more than 30 minutes during the entire week). I was been incredibly impressed with every person who was involved in our week at "Waccamaw Ritz Carlton" as we called it.... from the E.R. staff, to the R.N. to the respiratory therapists, to the case workers, even down to the housekeeper and the food service workers. Attitudes are positive, friendly, and upbeat. The care is precise. 95% of the time all of her treatments were right on time. They are great about keeping calm even when there is concern and wonderful about providing resources for continued proper health care after release. Most importantly, my girl is feeling SO much better. I always ask the names of everyone who comes in so that the baby will know that they are her friends and we refer to them as such. Thank you to our nurses - Ms. Heidi, Ms. Aubrey, and Miss Emma. Special thank you to the respiratory therapists Mr. Brent, Mr. Hermie (the bulb syringe ninja), Miss Tammy, and Mr. Terry. And of course Dr. Baker and Miss Pam. There was also a housekeeper in particular that was really sweet and one food service worker in particular whose name I never caught - he was an older gentleman and he always says "God bless you" and truly warmed my heart and brought a peace each morning. It is EASY to staff a hospital full of people with the right credentials - what is NOT easy is staffing a hospital full of people who not only have the credentials but also have natural instinct and beautiful demeanors! This is truly the best hospital visit I've ever had in the Myrtle Beach area.

Roger Buttermore

Re: "The service was good. The financial department is terrible." — Vicky Justice. I am a 100% P&T Disabled Vietnam Vet, so my primary insurer is the Veterans Administration (VA). The VA WILL pay 100% of my ER visits. This is an established fact, yet Tidelands Waccamaw policy is that they DON'T bill VA as primary. Instead, they billed Medicare, leaving me a $300.00 co-pay. Hurricane Florence was quite expensive for me, so naturally I have contested Tidelands policy for several months, from their Accounting Dept to the CEO. Their response was to turn my account over to a collection agency, so gotta say, this uncaring organization is all about their convenience, not mine.

Jody C.

I love these people

Misty Singleton

What a mess! Took my mother who had a blood clot in her leg. People in the waiting room was had been there for three hours. Look over my shoulder and a man sat there with his cut off and he was on two blood thinner and been there waiting for two hours. . What? I put my mother in the car and headed ton Conway.....

roodles prease

Ppl come here when they want to suicide by a dctor.

Sylvia Shoemaker

Nursing staff on floor two easy were below standards


Doug Clark

Horrible, Spent an hour in waiting room, the was treated bad by doctor, I have a kidney stone and had to suffer, don't ever come here if your in pain!

Kelly brust

I was in Myrtle Beach on vacation. I needed to go to the ER for something pain related the Dr. And staff here was amazing. I was in and seen and my situation was taken care of all within 35 minutes. I would totally recommend this ER

Johnny Stephenson

First class facility with top shelf employees.The ICU staff are phenomenal and really care.

Lisa Wendle

Had to make an unexpected trip to the Emergency Department with my father while on vacation. Every staff member we encounter was kind, caring, and treated us with repect. They patched my father up and we were on our way. I hope we never need them again while visiting...however, it is nice to know that they are there for us if we do. Keep up the good work to the team working the night shift on Saturday, May 18, 2019! You all earned 5 stars with us. Thank you for making a not so good situation a little better for me and my dad.

Vicky Justice

The service was good. The financial department is terrible. They don't do monthly drafts or statements. They would not negotiate with insurance. I received 5 letters in a 14 months including the referral to collections one. We had a $1000+ bill from an unexpected ER visit when on vacation. The insurance would pay anything because we were out of state. The renegotiate was $25. YES, you read that right $25. We paid $ 1300 for 20 minutes of care. Save your money and go to Urgent Care if at all possible.

Phyllis Greene

I went to the emergency room on Saturday night. They really wasnt busy. I had a severe UTI. The nurse that checked me in had me pee in a cup to get the test started. I sat down and the nurse took me on back to a room. A nurse came in introduced herself and told me to take all my clothes of and put on a gown. I didnt understand that but did it. She came back in to set an IV line. I asked her why was that need she said standard. My mom came back to the room and she was also surprised that I had a gown on. A nother nurse came back said they were in middle of change over and the doctor would be in, in a few minutes. She wanted me to pee in cup to send to lab. I told her I already did that. A few minutes later someone else came in wanted me to pee in a cup. I asked her did they loose my pee I had already did that. A few minutes later a nother person came in wanted me to pee in a cup. I told her the same thing. Then the doctor came in and saked me whats going on I told her I had a UTI. She asked how I came to that. I told her I had bought some strips over the counter and did my test a few days ago. She looked at me and said "SO YOU DIAGNOSED YOURSELF". She pressed my belly and left the room. My mom said she was really rude! Within 10 mins. this Emergency room tech came in and pulled out my IV and put no pressre on it. Blood everywhere and he put a bandaid onit. Then I asked him what was going on he replied I was bieng discharged. I told him i didnt even get my results back he replied they much be neg. cause he was told to discharge me. The nurse came in when my mom went to get someone cause my arm was bleeding and the nurse came in. I was upset asked her to do something to my arm and she started crying it wasnt our fought we didnt do that. I told her I wanted to know if I had a UTI or not She daid yes I wanted to know where was the doctor and she started crying again andsaid she did the best she could and she was tired of being fussed at. She handed me my discharged paper with 2 precriptions and left the room. I left went to my doctor on tuesday and I was told I still had a really really bad UTI changed my meds cause what I was given was mainly for a sinus infection. I will never go back to that hospital and I recommend NO ONE should go there. They are the worse I have ever experinced and the Hospital want ever talk to me about this.

Kyle Franey

Going on 5+ hours now for 4 stitches. Go elsewhere. Drive north a few hours. Save yourself the trouble of coming to this place and waiting. Zero urgency.

Your Myrtle Beach Realtor Jordan Fenderbosch

christina lundgren

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