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Jordan Mazone

This hospital is so slow!! I have been sitting here in the emergency room waiting on swap results for more than 2hrs. My son is very sick but the doctor seems to have disappeared and nurses are shopping on their cell phones right beside me.While I am sitting attempting to comfort my sick son. Somebody needs to improve the quality service here because this is ridiculous. If u are really hurting you should go to another hospital because its clearly obvious to me that they do not care here.

Jessica Chenette

GO ANYWHERE ELSE! Terrible bedside manner, disgusting facilities, clueless unprofessional doctors and nurses. Doctors trying to do unecesary procedures I specifically and addimently refused, then charged me for it anyway. My family doctor (in another state) told me more over the phone than they did in two hours. Then they refused to give me my personal belongings when I wanted to leave to go to another hospital. Used and dirty surgical equitment found under my bed also. Completely disgusted with this hospital. Wish I could post a photo.


My granddaughter ran a 103 degree fever with chickenpox like bumps so my daughter take her here but the doctor in the ER tonight said she's in perfect health and did not even check the bumps. After my daughter asked the nurse about it the nurse said "Well there's nothing he could have done about it anyway." So we still don't know what's wrong or if we should keep her away from other kids. I will be filing an official complaint Monday. Way to live up to your reputation Georgetown memorial hospital. I haven't been there in over 20 years and they still haven't improved??? You should stop the 30year construction project and start paying for better doctors.

Camellia Grayson

Amber AA

The only person that seems to care about patients in the ER was my doctor. I was in pain and unattended for over 5 hours, despite asking for help. They left me on a bed pan for over an hour because the nurse "didn't want to risk me having an accident on the floor" by helping me to the restroom, would only give me morphine and when I declined that, they wouldn't give me anything else, and when I would ask where the doctor was the would reply "not my job" and walk away. Then I had to wait another hour because they didn't give me a mandatory pregnancy test before my CT scan and didn't catch it til I was in the machine. Even the doctor was obviously annoyed and had to apologize on multiple occasions for the nurses and technicians failures. I'm aware that they were very busy but please, if you want to be in this career field, have some compassion. We are coming here because we are in pain and need help.

Etheric God

I've been waiting to be seen for more than five hours and others have been here longer. The doctors are all out to lunch. I came in an ambulance because it was an emergency but apparently upon arrival my sons eye oozing puss and swelling isn't important.

Crystal Simms

I've been admitted here since Sunday morning a week later of being discharged from my hospital UNC Chapel Hill the ER was great but when I got upstairs to my room the Dr showed no attentiveness he only came in one time and he didn't let me explain my situation to him and he just walked out and the nurses are rude I had a very good nurse when I got here but after that they knew I'm a fall risk I have an ileostomy and a feeding tube they didn't come in and help to the bathroom I had to call so many times to the desk and they were rude to like I was a bother ! I've been here this long and I'm still not better with my infection which is MRSA in my feeding tube ! I'm very upset because they don't listen !

joush smith

worst bedside manner ER especially with one lady MD, take pictures of what ever is the problem or document, because they will send you back home, and say nothing was wrong, when you return they will say it must just happened

Alexis Hemingway

My rights were violated. The ER doctor was rude and the ICU staff all sat in a circle while one gossiped things she heard me tell my sitter. They are traaaassshhhh!!!!!

Melissa Dragomer

Melanie Knutson

10/09/18 I will never go inside this awful place again! I took a severe fall...thankfully nothing was severely injured. They gave me a pill for pain which helped and I was grateful. However, when I tried to leave , I was told I could not. I tried to go anyway, but, was stopped by a nurse with attitude. Then I was publicly humiliated by Dr. Joseph Ratliffe who chastised me in front of everyone. Disrespectful to an older person as well as degrading. His concern was for himself and his own liability, definitely not for my well being. A person he assumed was stupid and uneducated. My time with them is done! I would rather die than return there. In fact, in 2005, my husband did die a week after he was discharged. They told him he had anxiety but, 3/4 of the arteries in his heart were blocked. He died in his sleep at the age of 42. My youngest daughter was also misdiagnosed there last year. Anxiety again! She actually has A-Fib at the age of 27. Tidelands doctor’s have given up. It’s all about money and politics now. No thanks! I would like to live longer. They will not receive any more good publicity from me. They can bet I’ll be sharing this treatment to friends and strangers alike! Shame on them!!!

terrell myers


My first review. Was admitted after an car accident. The worst hospital experience I ever had. 3 broken ribs, bruised lungs and a bloody face from windshield collision. 4 hours just for an IV of ibuprofen for pain. I asked several times to use the restroom and for a cup of water. 4 hours later I just unhooked got water and signed out

Michelle Jennings

I have a client that has wound care & infusion there. Very pleasant people work in this dept.

Carissa Meadows

We had an amazing experience at this ER! We were in and out in thirty minutes. The doctor and staff were very friendly and attentive to my son. This experience was by for the best ER trip I have ever had! Thank you Dr. Stover and staff!

Charlene Tisdale

ER nurse needs to be fired at Waccamaw Hospital. Worst service ever!

Steve Connair

Excellent Doctors and Nurses Saved My Life. I was on an American Revolution history tour out in the woods and got bit by something that caused a general infection to my system. Without excellent care in their emergency room, followed by 9 days in the hospital, including four days in intensive care, I wouldn't have survived. The doctors and nurses knew what they were doing and were very patient-centered. They were also very helpful to my family. Thanks to the entire staff for your life-saving support.

Thomas Port

Terrible hospital, takes forever. Billing is a disaster. They do not care about anyone or anything, if you want actual medical treatment I reccomend going anywhere else.

McGrews 3G

They are a bunch of lying theives and crooks they don't care about their patients and all the keep asking is how are you going to pay and if you don't have insurance than don't expect them to find something wrong they must be throwing samples that they are supposed to be testing right in the trash and not checking for anything and people are staying sick..once they find out you don't have insurance like me all they do is rush you out the door saying they can't find anything wrong even after being sick for a whole month they say everything is normal but trust me everything isn't normal .bottom line is don't trust your life with these people they could care less

Joseph Kalce

Called the one in surfside., Dr. James T., tells me they have no openings., went past at 3 in afternoon and no cars called and said that the beds were full., either there lying or other things are happening., this is the 3rd time it was on 4/2/18 incase you won't to look into it.

Wendy El

My granddaddy's friend is in a room 250 something and his wife is in a 220 something room along way away from her husband they haven't talked or seen each other in weeks. Sad. The nurses will not let them talk or see each other.

Philip Lingle

Great hospital had heart attacks wanted to thank you all

Simmons Family

I came down here all the way from Columbia. ND the nurse I was assign to was so rude. She was mad because I wouldn't let her stick my left arm which I have nerve damage in. The service was slow and no privacy at all. Never again not even on my death bed.

Bob Ciminel

When I have a choice I come here. It’s about the same distance as Tidelands other hospital but way fewer traffic lights. The staff is great!

Jasmine Nelson

I needed to have a diagnostic test and my experience was great. Friendly staff and they got me in and out quickly and were very friendly through the whole process. The part of the facility I was in was clean and modern.

John Kotheimer

Natasha Z

barbara boyd

Fast service in and out within an hour nice caring people

Cradirr Jackson

Worst hospital ever go to there ER and stay there 5 hours. Do go here ever

Al. Hernandez

This is the worse damn hospital i have ever been to in my whole entire life. I rather drive to a different location if i am sick, than go here.

Tina Hare

I'm in room 266 right now. This is the worst hospital I have ever been in I came in Wednesday for kidney removed have spent 80 percent of my time alone and crying in pain they have forgot about me. I've had 1 meal since wed I can't move by room is a massive got 5 cups sitting around 2 containers of urine thank God I go home tomorrow pray that I make it

Amanda Hailey

I feel compelled to write a review of my experience here because of all the negative ones- I am 33 years old and have been to Georgetown hospital 4 times the past year for heart palpitations/ dyspnea and each time I have been in/out in 3 hours, recieved all the appropriate tests, was treated VERY well by ALL of the staff. I live in pawleys island and prefer coming here verses Waccamaw hospital because it's usually less crowded and I've had nothing but great experiences here. I read the previous reviews posted and one woman stated that her daughter's AFib wasn't properly diagnosed- when AFibs are only caught when you wear a 30 day holter monitor, do stress tests etc. In that case you need to be referred to a cardiologist who can monitor your symptoms and properly treat them- to blame an ER for not finding something that comes and goes like an Afib is RIDICULOUS. My only complaint with this hospital is that they need to reiterate to the patients that they can and will refer you to a specialist- this has been my problem with Georgetown hospital, I have been in/out 3 times for the same problems and had no idea i could go through more extensive testing through their doctors (stress tests, extended holter monitors etc).

Sheena AlphaBravo

I have lived in Georgetown County all my life and this hospital has always had a bad reputation. All of my doctors and family’s doctors are in Conway and Florence. In the past, we have even driven to the Conway Medical ER just because I’m terrified at being seen at Georgetown Memorial. In October 2017, I had to have emergency surgery here and my fears were proven correct. In my experience, the doctor’s are not the problem. It’s the nurses, nurses aids and the cleaning people. The nurses on 2 Perrish, are terrible! I already submitted a detailed complaint to patient advocate, but I hope they really did something about some of the nurses. I know everyone has bad days at work and can sometimes let it show, but I was there for a week and I was ready to escape through the window and get out of there! Again, some not all, were down right miserable, rude and unprofessional. The first example I will give is when an elderly patient passed away and I overheard them complaining about how they had to update their paperwork now because someone died. Another example is when I was being discharged, the nurse was pushing me to the elevator and stopped to drop something off behind the desk. I was sitting in the wheelchair in the middle of the hallway and a nurse pushing a bed behind me, grabbed my wheelchair and literally pushed me out of the way and let me roll to the end of the hallway where the elevator was. The nurses behind the nurses station laughed and my nurse who was initially pushing me, laughed and said, “Hey don’t mess with my patients!” The other nurse said, “Well she was in my way.” I also noticed the nurses pass a lot on to security. In the ER, they had one guard ordering a patient’s food. A security guard is not a RN, CNA or medical personnel! (a CPR card doesn’t count) I appreciate and respect security, but I don’t want security ordering my food or providing any kind of service to me except protection and a visitor pass. The hospital needs to fix that! I hate it, but I avoid coming here and I wish our community had better.

Richard Costa

Arrived for early morning testing and was greeted cordially. Taken in right on time. The technicians and physician’s assistant were professional and fully explained each step of the procedure. Treatment room was very clean. My first experience with GTMH was good.

Deborah Webb

I was transported there from Waccamaw to have a cardio cath and stints put in. The first shift nurses on the cardio ward were great. The night shift nurses on the other hand were a whole different story. I literally had to take off my pulsox to get them to come in to remove the heart monitor so I could go to the bathroom.

Maryland Native

Noreen Lemmen

Silver Dawson

Worst place I've ever been to in my life. If I was dying I wouldn't go there, I'd rather risk it and drive 2 hours to Charleston. I have been here several times for myself and accompanying my mom. The doctors and nurses are incompetent, it's almost like none of them even went to school. I just graduated high school and I'm fairly sure I know more than any of them do which is pathetic. All of the staff there Is not caring whatsoever and you get no privacy while you are there. None of my doctors or nurses have ever wash their hands. This picture is from the last nurse I had who didn't wash his hands, put gloves on, and when he took my IV out he just threw it on the floor so there's that. They treat you like you are a joke and the shortest amount of time I've been there was 4 hours. Please for the sake Rolf your health and family, DO NOT GO HERE EVER!

Paula R Wilson

The automated telephone system is not good.

Darrell Hazel


Daniela Barbosa

Thank you so much for helping address my issues and making the best decision at a desperate need for help and good judgement when I was unable to speak and comprehend my medical needs. Doctor Bryan Gibson, special thanks to you! God bless this team of ER heroes.


I've found it more worth it to take the extra time to drive to Waccamaw instead, seeing as how the ER has misdiagnosed me and others I know on MULTIPLE occasions and the ER staff is, more often than not, snarky and seem to have no problem treating patients like they're idiots

Frank Hemple

my daughter stuck a knife through her hand and it's been 2 hr and still sitting in the ER! every time we come here it's the same thing! next time I will drive to Charleston, frigging unbelievable! at night they only have 1 doctor on duty! instead of remodeling they need to hire help for night time!

David Lewis

I walk in looking for help with peripheral neuropathy so I can get some sleep and get treated like a sub-human, strung out drug seeker. I went in for a shot of Toradol, which last I checked is NOT a narcotic. Dr. Rahter was very disrespectful towards me, very abrasive, and cold. She rambled on about a visit there on 8-10-17 that I have no recollection of making. She said she saw me then, I don't remember her. She wouldn't shut her trap long enough for me to say anything or tell her what I wanted/needed. She just assumed I was there looking for narcotics and said, "you can't come here for your narcotics!". I never said a word about wanting or needing narcotics. I still have a bottle of Norco that was prescribed on 8-3-17, but not filled until 8-11-17. I haven't taken any narcotic pain medication since 8-16-17, but I still have 37 of 45 from that prescription for 8-11-17. But yeah...I'm a drug-seeker. Avoid this place at ALL cost when she's on duty. GMH, get rid of her! Her attitude will make you lose long-time patients like myself. Doctors that treat patients like that don't deserve a medical license.

Doris Doepel

Went there last night with an asthma attack, they let me sit in the waiting room for a hour. When they finally took me back I waited another 15 minutes before a doctor came. He proceeds to tell me I'll be getting a treatment and xray. The treatment was a hour long. They came in said we are letting you go. Mind you my PB was 170/107 when I got there with a heart rate of 154. They start checking my vitals for me to leave temp 99.6, heart rate 140 blood BP 154/137 they finally did some blood work and EKG let me leave with a temp of 99.9, BP 155/137 heart rate still at 140. They need new staff. The nurses were nice

carter carter

The worst unprofessional service I've ever been through, there nasty staff hygiene is ridiculous Ive been in this room all day 5/30/2019 charge nurse laura, Shelia and Secretary Linda should be terminated this the worst service ever I've been asking to get cleaned up for hours, First off I'm not trying to make friends patient's are treated horribly racial profiling is the biggest especially on the 2nd floor Georgetown tidelands Will never get my services again I'm actually talking to the Barr Law firm about a civil suit I just had a family member they sent home with congestive heart failure he was compensated in court, I'm in tears I had better expectations then to be sterio typed and treated unfairly and abuse physically and verbally. The community should be ashamed to call there self a staff of greater out reach to help the community they failed miserably behind guidelines ask ur self is this the way u want ur elderly treated and u definitely don't want to trust ur kids with I've had a terrible experience with this hospital system wound care was definitely unprofessionally, had bandage was not properly cleans by Taylor Lou drainage was replaced back in narcotic site after Taylor was told multiple times this is the service we receiving in Georgetown hospital system just terrible!!!

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