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Chloe Evans

Came in Wednesday night to the ER (3rd time coming to this hospital for pneumonia) the ER nurses are very nice! It’s just when I went upstairs. It was downhill from there! My TV remote wasn’t working so I asked the male nurse who had room 207 working the over night shift on Thursday June 13th if he could get me a new remote and he said he would check and he never came back! I asked another guy for another pillow and water and I never saw him again. I also got a chest X-ray on June 16th around 7 a.m. from a guy who had a balled head with earrings in both ears who rushed me downstairs didn’t say a word to me took my X-ray and left me in the hall after telling me someone was going to get me. I finally had to get out my wheel chair and ask him did they forget about me and I could see the look on his face he never called for anyone and didn’t even care! A female in all black scrubs finally said something to him after she heard me and she didn’t know I was there patient and I over heard them and she asked him “why don’t you just take her upstairs” and I heard him say “how about you take her upstairs” at that point I knew I wasn’t comfortable in that hospital!!!! I was getting mixed signs from all the doctors and everyone telling me something different. I honestly felt like they kept me in the hospital for the money because I wasn’t getting an iv or any procedures done. I finally got out today which is Monday June 17th and my whole experience was terrible except for some of the nurses who were Poshca, Tess, Merideth, & kaley! They were great to me ! I also felt great with the techs who were in all black and there names were Kim & Eden. Everyone else was just terrible even the doctors. My advice is to find any other hospital but Summerville medical and trident!!!!! I knew I should of just went to MUSC as planned but Summerville medical was closer but now I know.

Angela Harrison

The staff was nothing but the truth .Very nice to me and my needs

Sean West

Nursing staff and house keeping were amazing. Wonderful caring people!

Joshua Boggs

One of the worst hospitals you can go to. They don't care for you as a patient at all. They will abuse your rights. They abused my rights as a patient. They restrained me to a hospital bed, and sedated me as I was scared for my life. All because I wouldn't allow them to take my blood. They forcefully took my blood from me, after I was put to sleep. Then when I woke up over a day later, the first thing I had to do was get naked in front of a doctor, and change my cloths while he watched. He said if I didnt, he would call security, and I would be restrained again, which was the scariest incident of my life. Afterwards they decided to send me to Trident hospital in North Charleston, where I had to stay inpatient at the psych ward. I was a normal person, completely free of illness, until they put me on these medications that I did not need. I still am but they decided to drug me up, and at one time was put of about 8 different medications, that coordinated with these doctors, which I feel took a toll on my health. They abused me, and forcefully injected me several times, with several different medications, (at summerville medical center), and I litteraly had to walk out of the hospital like I was crippled because I could barely walk, and they would not give me a wheelchair (I was injected with haldol). I felt like I was part of some kind of terrible medical experiment, and was being held against my will. They treated me absolutely awful, and abused me as a person, and a patient. On another note: I also think its funny that after I left this review, I got a bill in the mail for 25$ dollars, about a week later. It was a co payment I was supposed to pay a long time ago. (This probably happened 2 years ago, and I have been dealing with problems with these hospitals ever since. Out of all the ones I have been to MUSC has been the best.) But I still think its is unacceptable that after I left this review, I received a bill in the mail, after I had not talked to Summervile medical center in about a year in a half. * I would much rather talk about this online, where the public can know, and if anything else happens, I will update my review again.

cameron stone

Great service, well educated and mannered nurses in the pediatric unit and ER

Haren Main

Getting xrays was relatively quick and very easy!

Ry Logan

DO NOT GO HERE! This was the worst health care experience I’ve ever had. I went in due to vaginal bleeding in my 20th week of pregnancy because I was worried that something was wrong with my baby. I was at the hospital for a total of 3.5 hours and was never told any results. I was brushed off and no one had time for me. They wouldn’t even tell me if my baby was alive after the ultrasound and said I needed to wait for the doctor who never saw me after I waited 2.5 hours after receiving my ultrasound. I was thirsty and hungry and the needle they placed in my arm was very uncomfortable. I was told I had to leave the needle in place and could not eat or drink until they had my results. After 3.5 hours total at this hospital asking for any kind of information and getting none and no promise of getting any news soon I decided to leave and go to my OBGYN first thing in the morning as this was late at night. I was treated extremely rude by the women giving me my discharge papers and given THE WRONG RESULTS AS I WAS CHECKING OUT. They gave me a sign out form stating that they had told me I had a cyst on my ovary. I asked if I could change my mind to stay since my worries for my baby were escalated by this. The women was incredibly rude and just said I guess and stormed out of the room. She then came in about 15-20 minutes later to inform me she had given me the wrong results. I immediately left after this. The stress this hospital visit put me through was terrible. Luckily my OBGYN is wonderful and they checked on my baby and assured me everything was fine in a 20 minute appointment the next morning. I would NEVER go here again. Terribly rude staff and no care for their patients.

Danielle Sabin

I had surgery in outpatient surgery and they did great! Were very welcoming and helpful as needed. I did feel a little rushed out after surgery but I think it was because I woke up so quickly and easily they just wanted me to get home to heal. I think follow up calls 24 hour after would be nice but otherwise I felt comfortable. Thank you!

Caleb Nichols

Summerville Medical Center has always taken exceptional care of me whenever I have been a patient there. The staff is always friendly, honest, and compassionate about any condition I am diagnosed. Nancy Stone took care of me when I sprained my ankle several months ago. She was able to explain (on a patient level) why I sprained my ankle when I told her the activity I was participating in and how I landed on my foot. My high ankle sprain was easily diagnosed and taken care of in a short amount of time. I am truly happy with the care of each of the staff members I have encountered throughout my visits to SMC . These guys deserve a great amount of gratitude.

Tia Horton

I went in with my arm sliced open. I wasn't bleeding to horribly but it took four hours for someone to finally coming sow me up. They were extremely busy though so I understand that I wasn't a priority. Although, the doctors and nurses that I interacted with were extremely nice and very helpful. Also, the doctor who stitched me up did a great job. I only have a faint scar.

Dorothy Jeglosky

I was greeted on my arrival and directed to where I was to sit and wait for a volunteer to escort me to X-RAY.a short, wait, a short walk, another short wait. The X-ray tech appeared , made sure I removed earrings, lifeline, bra, and lay me down on HARD table. Took 2 pictures of lumbar, 2 of thoracic areas as prescribed by doctor. Another volunteer appeared to escort me to entrance, assured me I was free to go. Excellent! No complaints! Your system worked just the way it was intended. Congratulations!

Amnesty Hodges

Worst place to go when you have cronic back pain and they take it as a joke! Refused xrays refused anything for pain. I finally told her I need an X-ray from my fall I had and she said whatever rolled her eyes and walked out!!! I had a fractured tailbone and it’s still hurting and causing pain in middle of back. She told me it’s a muscle! No they only look at you as a number and not a patient. Had to demand a new DR. I’ve worked in hospitals and this by far is the worst experience I’ve ever had. Basically told me cause I’ve had the pain for a few months now that nothing can be done and nothing would be given for relaxing the muscle as she said it was. Well a fractured tailbone does take months to heal if it does at all.

Alexis Campbell

I can't say enough good things about Dr. Hewitt and the staff for taking care of my sick baby in the middle of the night. My two year old who is pretty shy, warmed up to the doctor so quickly! She was so good with her and really took the time needed to make us feel taken care of. Thank you guys so much.

Tima Dotson

Tonight I was seen William Brown has no bed side manners.

donald stone

Great staff and excellent service. I had to take a family member and we received a rapid response and excellent care. I would like to say thanks to all the staff for the excellent care and professionalism.

Bruce Rasmussen

Great care. Staff very friendly and ensured I was comfortable and at ease prior to procedure

Kaitlynn Snider

I can't even believe the experience that I had at Summerville Med tonight. To start off, my boyfriend was there just a day prior. They kept him for three hours, ran a strep and flu test, confirmed he had a flu, and prescribed him an inhaler, a steroid, and cough syrup. Fine experience. Fast forward to tonight, I go there and they keep me for 2 hours, only do a strep test after I told them it was confirmed my boyfriend has the flu, came back to me and told me I don't have strep because I PROBABLY have a flu. No test was done. No definite diagnosis was reached. When it comes to medical issues, you never know unless you check. That was extremely irresponsible on their part as I couldve had a URI or even a bacterial infection. They gave me teeny cough pills I could've got OTC and ibuprofen 800. No steroid, no antiviral, not even a flu test. It is 5 am and all have my symptoms have come back 10 fold and Summerville med is to blame for their negligence, and I will be calling in the morning to figure out who I can speak to about this.

Andy Coates

I had to come to the ER tonight. Sprained my ankle. The doctor was Dena Sampson and her staff was great. Sam Catoe was really helpful as well. Pleasant end to an unfortunate evening.

Knight Brian

My wife and I needed to take our new born son to the pediatric ward. We were very nervous about this and they put us at ease. I was very impressed with the nurses, doctors, and staff at the hospital. Our room was clean and all our questions were answered during our stay. As a nurse myself, I really appreciated the time the nurses and doctors took to explain the plan of care and educate us. If you have a son or daughter who needs to go to the pediatric unit then I highly recommend this hospital.

J Six

To night was a unbelievably horrible. To night I took my girlfriend to the emergency room for some health reason. The experience that she received from the staff was as if they had no compassion with the exception of (Nick & Matt). But as for others that treated her, there lack of compassion or care for her was of that of which many experience at a Fast food joint, not a medical facility! One of the nurses made a mistake. Rather than apologize to her, they returned hostility. Even asking for someone to remove her from the monitors so she could use the restroom was a headache, after leaving the front desk I over herd some say really that’s what the call button is for. They tried cleaning it up after I talked to them about it but I wish it did not have to come to that.

brandy cochran

I love Summerville Medical. Everyone was friendly and always helped when I needed it! It was clean and very well kept ! I would definitely recommend Summerville Medical to everyone.

Chris Nichols

My wife, son and I have all been patients at Summerville Medical Center. We have always received excellent care in the ED. The nurses are compassionate. The doctors are kind and caring. The physician has always explained care in an easy and understandable way. Nurses like Rhonda Sizemore and TJ Sanders who listened to what we had to say and Nancy Stone who was very detailed in her explanation of care to our son on his injury are just a couple of examples of the caring team that works there. The rooms have always been clean. The positive environment and family centered atmosphere we have always experienced is the reason why we will always use Summerville Medical Center. The team there is phenomenal.

Regina 007


Lisa Smith

After a car accident, my mom was taken by ambulance to this hospital. She had a CT scan, was told that her neck had soft tissue damage, but she'd be fine with time, ice and meds. 19 days later, she is in another hospital about to have major surgery for a cervical spine fracture. The surgeon shared that he'd like to see that CT scan, because he can't imagine how they missed the fracture, as well as a torn neck ligament. I will never subject my family to this facility again. Their care, in my opinion, bordered on malpractice.

Celeste Rollins

I didnt really enjoy er experience but i loved Ob department especially my nurse.

Dana Hall

My sister was a patient at Summerville Medical in the ER. She had second and third degree burns. She came in frantic and scared. She received excellent care. The doctors and nurses were compassionate, kind and caring. They explained her care in an easy and understandable way. She’s a nurse but for the others of us who aren’t it made understanding simple. I can’t remember the names of the nurses because I was so worried about my sister but I can tell you they kept her room clean and germ free. The team there is phenomenal.

Brandon Lewis

Give your tech Sammie a raise. BEST TECH EVER!!!


I had my daughter here earlier this month. I had been laboring all day at home and finally decided it was time to go. When my husband and I arrived, the ER staff was quick to get me checked in and called up to labor and delivery, it took about 15 minutes of waiting at the elevator before a nurse finally came down, the ER staff was getting impatient and even called up a second time wondering what was taking so long. The nurse that came down and finally wheeled me to a L&D room, was downright awful. To begin, she had zero sense of urgency and was clearly just taking her sweet time for everything, older woman, Sheryl I believe was her name. The kicker was that she even made the comment that they needed a patient in L&D because they were what took so long? She had horribly tacky fingernails that I found inappropriate for a medical setting, but hey, whatever policies are I suppose. After what seemed like forever, she finally had me hooked up to monitors and then said it looked like they’d be sending me home because my contractions weren’t close enough together, however I had been timing them since 1am (it was probably around 5pm at this point) and they had been erratic the entire time, so I just had a feeling that either it was time to go, or something was wrong. So, she wanted to “check me” to see if I was even dilated. When I tell you that I have never felt so violated in my entire life, it was the most horrible “check” I have ever had, mind you I had seen my doctor 1-2 times a week for the 6 weeks leading up to this and not once had I ever been touched in this manner. I immediately started bawling and told my husband I could not have her in the room with me anymore and that I hoped she was off at 7pm. He ran out of the room and approached the nurses station and the lead nurse came in to rectify the situation (which she did). But this experience is still haunting me, writing about it now, I can feel her touching me inappropriately all over again and it makes me cry. I will say, all of the care I received after having to “fire” the 1st, horrible nurse, was amazing. The rest of my stay was amazing, the doctor and all of the nurses were wonderful, but that lady “checking me” will haunt me for a long, long time.

Renee Ray

I really like the concierge and checking in on a tablet. It's extremely efficient. My wait was minimal

Patricia Simon

I was a patient on third floor at SMC and received excellent care. The nurses and techs were so caring and helpful. My doctor took the time to sit and talk with both my husband and I and answered all my questions. The charge nurse came in to do rounds and to check to see that I was getting excellent care. All the nurses and techs took time to answer questions. The whole experience, from the ER to my discharge was 5 star! One other item to mention was that my ER doctor even helped me to the restroom!

Sheryl Ravenel

Rude charge nurse at summervile medical...arron you are supposed to be professional at all times!!!

Sarah Wiggins

If you are suffering from acid re-flux I recommend that you have a consultation with Dr. Michael at Coastal Bariatric Center! He confirmed that my husband was a candidate for surgery and then did a great job following through with hospital staff and patient after-care. The medical staff at Summerville Medical Center did a fantastic job as well!

Lauren Paul

wonderful experience all the way around.

Valerie Mason-Leuang

From the moment I arrived it was most pleasurable. The gentleman at the valet stand wheeled me to the outpatient registration since my husband insisted on parking the car. Registration was smooth! The very nice technician who took me for both my mamogram and my bone density imaging was so very sweet and personable. I love Summerville Medical Center so much more than Trident Hospital. Thank you to the entire TEAM for making my visit so easy.

Elke Williams

The care by the nursing staff was outstanding. Friendly and truly caring the nurses assigned to me from beginning to end are an asset to Trident Medical Center. Thank you to all of you

Tyler Hutson

I have been a mother for almost 20 years, and, yesterday, experienced our first orthopedic emergency. My son fell and fractured his right wrist at school and was rushed to Summerville Medical Emergency Department where we received excellent care from the most caring and courteous staff! Our expectations are always high as parents of a special needs child, and our expectations were exceeded. The pediatrician, Dr Holtzman, put us all at ease and kept us updated every step of the way. My son had lots of welcomed questions and never shed a tear. He felt safe in the care of this most amazing team! We are especially grateful to the radiology techs for their expertise and patience for two series of xrays, and Belinda, with patient satisfaction, that rounded on our sweet boy and reassured him and ensured the excellent care we received. We will always call Summerville Medical our home! Thank you again for all your hard work and dedication to this community!

B Riffee

So many of my friends have complimented the staff of SMC ED & the SMC Peds ED for the kind and compassionate care they recently received. Over and over, I am told about the great care that was given. My friends said they felt they were treated like family. SMC Rocks!! Thanks for all you do!

Kirsten Hill

I've gone for myself and my kids for emergency care a few times. I've always had the kindest staff encounters (nurses, doctors, techs). The wait times have been very long once in a room, at least half the time I've been there, but I'm not sure if that's anyone's fault.

Sue Winter

Wonderful staff an nurses

Brian Houlihan

My wife had a tooth infection and we went to the emergency room. She was checked in before I parked the car. We were helped and out the door in less than an hour. The staff was very knowledgeable and helpful. This was our best ER experience.

Takirah Williams

Get you in and out nurses were absolutely amazing!!!!

Reese Hogan

Went into this hospital, the Nurse Robin was great, that's the only reason you even revived one star. The Doctor Aaron Garret was one of the most sour, uncaring doctor I have met, no bedside manner, spent 30 seconds to 1 minute with me after having 4 seizures, barely. Explaining, anything. He'd be better off being a veterinarian than a Dr treating people. I would rather die than entering your facility again. Maybe Dr. Garret needs retraining or to be placed as a train resident without authority to treat persons without a supervisor's approval.

Gina Kepner

I have been here multiple times for many different issues and child birth. Every experience was amazing! The nurses and doctors/PAs are caring and smart, they figure out the problem and take care of it ASAP. The labor and delivery side of the hospital is wonderful too I’ve had two babies here and I wouldn’t hesitate to go back!

Melissa Turpin

I have worked at SMC for 4 years and tonight was my first experience on the patient side when I brought my son to the peds ER for a head injury. (I did not mention that I worked there until we were on our way out.) We were greeted almost immediately and they got us back within a few minutes. Dr. Holtzman has excellent bedside manner and helped my son to feel at-ease. We were in and out within an hour with excellent care. Very thankful for an amazing work family to take care of my family.

Sandy DeWald

I had to go to the ED on October 3rd,2019 at 4am. I was having severe left side pain and nausea. I was immediately taken to a room and 3 staff started working on me. One inserted an IV, one took my BP, and one entered my information on the computer. The doctor came in shortly after I arrived and asked me what was going on.They quickly gave me pain and nausea meds before taking me to get a CT scan. Within minutes the doctor returned and told me I had kidney stones. He explained my follow up care, what RXs he was sending home with me, and the name of a urologist to see for future treatment. We were on our way home 90 minutes after arriving at the hospital. I was very satisfied with my care and impressed with their professional attitude!

Shane Morey

Always excellent customer service in the Medical Imaging department. CT and Nuclear Medicine staff were polite, respectful, and efficient. Thank you for making a dreaded experience pleasant.

Marcus Pinckney

The only thing here that needs to be hospitalized is there bad service

Ruth Dunn

Concerning Marion Green: A small town hospital with a Big Heart is Summerville Medical Center! I gave a Big Thanks to the Almighty for using the Dr. Garrett and his team, a wonderful caring set of nurses you ever want to meet. Late night or early morning of July 11,2016 my daughter and I rushed my brother to the Summerville emergency room. He was having severe shortness of breath due to fluid build up. His heart was already bad. Minutes after we got him there and while the nurse and I was trying to get him on the bed he spasm out, (cardiac arrest), heart stopped! Therefore i quickly jumped out of the way while Dr. Garrett and 3 of the nurses lifted him up from the chair and turned him around and began CPR. I left the room still in amazement of how fast and in coordination they were in working on Marion. My daughter and I stood in the hallway praying while we waited. After getting his heart back working Dr Garrett took a moment and came out to us and compassionately told us that they were going to do all that they can to help him, he really consoled us and we felt very relieved. We are very aware that not everyone coming through makes it, but the Almighty allowed Marion to live that night. We thank first the Most High, and we thank Him for Dr Garrett and the team at Summerville Medical . We extend our blessings and prayers over them and their families. So far out of the local hospitals in the Tricounty area they are the best all around.

Cheri Fountain

This is why I come here. I Love the nurses & Doctors. The anesthesiology was great!!!!! They were all so sweet & I was a bad patient because I was scared. But they were great & very patient with me. Thank you team, Love you all for taking great care of me. Tammy & Melissa was AWESOME

audieranna graham

Great medical center but the er is absolutely the slowest

Nancy stone

Came in with severe Stomach pains. Dr. Grey was amazing. Was in a room within minutes and had meds for my pain super fast. My Nurses Tyler and Joykelli were fast and caring. Could not ask for a better experience. I will not take my family or my self anywhere else.

Casey Cline

Little wait time. The tech was awesome and results were personally called to me.

Sherry Abell

I went to the emergency room while on vacation and the staff was amazing. I'm talking from triage, admissions, nurses, tech's and doctor. I apparently had to travel over state lines to find out i had gallstones since my own hospital had no clue when this happened before... I can't thank these people enough

Renee Morton

I went to Somerville medical center with my brother. He was getting a colonoscopy. They were very friendly, quick, and accommodating.

Rhett Deaton

I was very impressed with the Doctors and Nurses and all staff members here. They took very good care of my wife

ken asaro

I was there on July 13, At 4am because of severe pain from a kidney stone. Just wanted doctor to give me something for the horrible pain until I could see my urologist later that day. They injected me with a powerful pain medicine and I became very light headed and told them. They acknowledged that, but told me the visit was over. My wife had to hold on to me as we walked out of the hospital, NO WHEELCHAIR! To take me to the exit? Wish I would have fell so I could sue them. How incompetent? Then they bill Blue Cross $3200! Which I will have to pay due to my high deductible. I was there for just 30-40 minutes, doctor spent maybe 2 minutes with me and I had no lab tests, just pain Meds. Can’t wait till MUSC builds there new hospital in Summerville 2 years from now. Stay away from this profit-hungry hospital!

Gregg Semenetz

I was in and out with my 1 yr old daughter! Drs nurses and staff were friendly, knowledgeable and amazing! Def best place to come with your little one.

Alma FC

Last week My husband was taken there by the ambulance after bring in a car accident . He texted me to meet him there & let me know which room he was in. I get there, i go to triage/ registration where there was a large male white nurse or wharever in black scrubs finishing up with a patient. I regret not getting his name. I said to him "my husband was brought here,can i see him" before i even finished my sentence he cut me off & said ill be right with you ..he didnt ask me my name or husbands name or anything. I sat down, he finished with the patient, few minutes past, I was sitting right outside in the lobby where he can see & take care of me next. But he didn't, another patient comes in from outside & he took care of her, he finished with her & here I am still waiting just so he can answer my question. I was getting impatient at that point, besides being nervous about the accident ,& now I have to be ignored by this jerk. Another patient goes up to him with the exact same question that if she can see her husband ,& guess what he gets right up takes her info & takes her to her husband in back. At that point I lost it. 2 more nurses were in triage having a conversation I went up to them looking at them trying not to interrupt & they turned looked at me not once did they ask "can i help you" instead they looked like I was bothering them with my question 1 one then walked away. I've never felt so mad & frustrated in my life, this is suppose to be an ER where the staff suppose to be caring & understanding & helpful. NOT Insensitive ,useless cocky unprofessional staff. These type of people should not be working there if they don't want to do their job. Hopefully i never have to go there again.

Xay Ps4

Had my daughter here via c section two weeks ago. The labor and delivery rooms are nice and so is some of the nurses. My daughter did not get to take any newborn photos because it was not offered. Idk if they no longer do it or not. I was rushed out when it was time to go. Alot of the things were different from when I did my tour back in Nov. I do not think i will have my next child here.

Malachi Cohen

Well my name is Latarsha Cohen. I've been in this hospital for a week now. I have one major problem with one nurse. She's messed up my pain management twice .almost making me feel that's its my fault everything else was excellent. She needs to work on her time management.

Merrill Ridgeway

First, the positive. The doctors that contract with this hospital are very knowledgeable, professional, and courteous in my opinion. Unfortunately, that is where the positives end. In summary, I and my wife moved everything, doctors and all, over to MUSC so that we do not have to deal with Trident on any sort of a routine basis. Each time my wife or I have visited this hospital it has taken months to resolve billing issues. The hospital has admitted to "odd charges" each and every time and adjusted bills while being careful not to say they made a mistake. Never do you receive a detailed bill from them but rather just a due now total. One example was the delivery of my youngest daughter where we were told if we paid up-front they would deduct 20%. We did and paid the entire balance only to receive a bill one month later for more than double the original cost. When I inquired as to having been told I was paying the entire amount previously they stated there were some "weird operating room charges". They must have been very weird to have more than doubled the original cost. I was willing to deal with it and the constantly arguing to get the bills correct until this last time. The accounting department refused to investigate my questions and simply told me to pay the bill. As an employee of a Fortune 50 company, my company would never just send a due now amount with no explanation of charges and expect the customer to pay. With the volume of known problems in the healthcare industry, why would Trident Medical Center think this was acceptable practice? I have filed a complaint with the State of South Carolina to request a more complete review of their billing procedures and I am waiting on a response.

Karen Larkins

Great facility for having my yearly Mammograms. The staff is always attentive and the wait is never long. In and out. And though I don't use it because I like to walk, but if it ever rains on my scheduled appointment day, they have valet parking

Susana Martin

If I could go lower I would! I have had multiple bad experiences with this facility. I took my daughter here after a car accident. They did literally nothing but give her a few ibuprofen. Followed up with her normal pediatrician. over a month later my lawyers are still trying to get her records from the visit. They are so unorganized! They cant even find her records! Very upset. This has to be some sort of violation! They have NO RECORD of her ever going?!?!?!

Jay Cooper

I can not even imagine a less then 5 star review, went in for a brain MRI, the staff were friendly and professional from the minute I walked through the door. The technician was very knowledgeable and kind. Thank you for all you did for me.

Alan Barnes

After a scheduling SNAFU, everything went off without a hitch. Very nice nurses in pre and post-op. I’d recommend them to friends and family.

Kayleigh Austin

Took my boyfriend here for a bad cold/cough & a doctors note for work. Took 3 hours of sitting and waiting just to get his lungs listened to and a breathing treatment that lasts 15mins... never again.

Jon Nicklas

Ended up at the ER with one of my kids - thought we might have a broken arm. Check in was easy, and we were back getting X-rays within 20 minutes. The Doctor was personable and caring, while laying out clear options. The nurses were great as well and we were finished in about an hour. Great experience - thank you.

Michelle Malix

The best hospital ever way better then the rest

Mary Brigman

Misdiagnosed me 5 nights in a row. Kept going to them for help, but they did not listen and then told me they cannot help. Really? The treatments for what they “guessed” could be wrong made me worse. I’m getting a lawyer to stop these people.

Ann Proveaux

Could not ask for a better place to take care of someone. The staff in the ED are kind and caring. They treated me with respect and made me feel welcome.


Waited an hour and no one even took my information, checked me in, or not even a pee test. Smh. Then no one knew where to tell me to go to check in. Horrible. Even if I'm on my death bed, don't bring me to summerville medical.

julia keefe

I was a patient recently. Staff was so nice. I was in and out quickly. Dr. Baumstark was awesome

Barb Hanson

I have had my mammograms at Summerville Med Center for the past 12 years or more. I love this place! Everyone is always upbeat and professional at the same time! This can be hard to do during busy moments, but this staff always pulls it off! My privacy, comfort and expedited service are always their priority. The front desk women always make me laugh when I arrive. I also appreciate the garden view along with the cleanliness of the place and staff! Thanks to all of you, Barb Hanson

Angela Emond

I recently had a very bad flare up with sarcoidosis. I went to the ER at Summerville medical the evening of Sept. 9th, and that next morning was admitted to the 3rd floor. The staff as a whole were absolutely wonderful. The nurses and the techs took really good care of me. They were always professional and caring, greeting me with a warm smile around the clock. The food service staff was great as well. As far back as I can remember hospitals use to get a bad rep on the quality and taste of their food. Well, that is certainly not the case at Summerville. I had no complaints about the food they served me, it was always hot and fresh. Also the food staff was always very friendly and smiling. I also want to say something about the respiratory team. I was receiving breathing treatments around the clock so I saw them often and again a very professional caring team. I could say so much more and go on and on then this might turn into a book lol. This most recent battle with sarcoid really knocked me down hard and it scared me. It's serious business when your breathing is compromised and you can't even take a deep breath. Sometimes it's hard to keep your spirits up when you're sick in the hospital. The staff at Summerville Medical kept my spirits up and helped me have a stress free recovery. I don't want to return as a patient anytime soon, but if I needed hospital care again I would go back to Summerville. Thank you so much from the bottom of my heart for taking such good care of me :)

Erica Ryan

I'd like to start by saying I love the pediatric side of this hospital, but let's talk about the ER. I came in and was checked in in a timely manner. The registration lady came over to me in the waiting room to discuss my information which I feel is not a great way to keep things confidential. This has to be a privacy violation. Anyway, I was greated and walked back to my room. As soon as we walked in I made a comment on how it was so cold. Before I could request a blanket the nurse replied as she was walking out and closing the door "yeah, gets pretty cold round here". No call button for the nurse, no concern for me at all. The doctor came in shortly after and a young female accompanied him. He introduced himself but ignored the fact that the young lady was there. He went to asking me what brought me in. He then let me know they would be doing a CT scan and left. Shortly after that a tech knocks on my door, comes in and introduced herself and let me know she needed to stock the room. I told her no problem. All was well until another tech came over and they stood halfway in my room and proceeded to discuss the most recent makeup purchases. I found that awfully rude as I was in pain and upset but they were obviously not concerned with doing their job and exiting my room quietly. A while later I was taken for a CT scan and brought back to my room. I'm not sure who this young man was but he walked in my room and started checking boxes on a checklist above the sink. As he's halfway gone, he asks if I'm okay and closes the door before I could answer. A few hours later, the Dr came in to let me know my CT results and that I'm being discharged. He really made me feel like I was a burden and a waste of his time. A different nurse came in to discharge me gave me a dose of meds. She also seemed annoyed that I requested a doctor's note for the day since I had to leave work early. I found it odd there weren't discharge vitals taken before I left as well. This was an all around terrible experience and I am highly disappointed in the service and the lack of professionalism and compassion for your patients that depend on you.

Carol Macias

Always amazed by the people and how everyone is always so kind and friendly to not only the patient but to their families and friends. Always will be my first choice in emergency care hands down.


Nice facility but having to buzz/ask the staff 3+ times for pain management, something to drink, turn the air down seems lazy especially when there's only a few patients here and I just had a big surgery from the previous procedure being botched. My thought is I could treat myself at home without the laziness or cost of the stay.

Linda Sealy

Everyone very nice, helpful and professional. Wait time not bad at all

Krystal Chapman

My husband's experience at Summerville Medical Hospital's ER was horrible. The nurses had condescending remarks the entire time and nasty attitudes. Then the doctor started to take care of my husband's issues but started drawing blood instead of fluid so she stopped and did not finish and sent him home without helping him at all. We were also there for for over 5 hours while being treated this way. I'm not sure what is going on over at that hospital but we will definitely never ever go there for any reason again. Make sure you ask what you are signing when you go there too because it's a lot more than what you realize your giving them permission to do. They just tell you to initial, initial and initial while you have no idea that your actually signing your rights away. Be very careful what you allow them to do at that facility.

Samantha Hulett

they have the best doctors here when my daughter broker her arm they put the bone back thank you for your help.

rebecca harden

The Emergency room and staff there were absolutely FANTASTIC!!!!!!! Now we are up stairs and it’s been so bad. No one knows anything about my mother or her condition. One took her IV. Never put it back. Then 2 1/2 hours later we had to go find some one and ask, after pushing nurse button on bed. Because I could not find anyone. It’s now 1:30 and still know nothing. Lead nurse has been hopping and helping after I showed my butt. We’ll wait to see the rest. Her room is 206


My wife and I chose this medical center because of its reputation and references from family and friends. Thus far we have not been regretful of our decision. She is receiving, in our opinion, the best care possible in this area. Will recommend this center.

Debbie Marchak


official Andrew

Very very very good they treated me very well

nichole nichols

I had a wonderful experience in September 2017. I received second and third degree burns. The Emergency Department staff were amazing. Colleen, Erin and Ed took excellent care of me. Dr. Hopkins got my pain under control quickly and addressed all of my concerns. I recommend this facility to every single person I come across. Summerville Medical Center is the best!!! Phenomenal physicians. Amazing nurses. Excellent techs. Wonderful leadership. Hands down the best patient experience ever. They should be proud of their department.

Nichole Nichols

I experienced phenomenal care. The doctors and nurses were compassionate, kind and caring. They explained my wound care in an easy and understandable way.

Danielle Williams

I could not imagine going anywhere else other than Summerville Medical Center ER. From the death of my mother 14 years ago to my daughter being in an accident in December, the care has been unchanged and amazing! Truly a positive experience every time!

Donna Turn

quick easy mammogram, staff was very nice. in and out

Tim Shaw

Came in for a MRI....we where greated timely at the check in and everyone was friendly but we waited 35 minutes after our scheduled appointment time.....

Jennifer Long

Waited for about 20 minutes for a standard annual scan. Believe that there should be an option to complete the paperwork online before the visit. Otherwise staff was very helpful and friendly

JR Steele

My step daughter was a patient at Summerville Medical ER. She is pregnant and came in because she thought she had a stroke and was bleeding. We were all met by kind and caring people. A man immediately took her back to a room and her mom was able to be with her. They kept all of us updated in the waiting room. Bulinda was talkative and kept us all comfortable. K told us the doctor was nice and gentle. She said even one of the nurses sang to her when she was having her female parts looked at to help calm her down. We don’t live in this state and it was great to feel we were in educated hands. The entire team eased our nerves and helped to calm us. The nurse leader even rounded on us while K was there. I was surprised to see them still wearing white coats. I didn’t realize that still happened. Everyone took the time to explain things to us and make sure our concerns were addressed. The ultrasound lady was also amazing per K. K got to record Baby T’s heart beat on the phone. Everyone we came in contact washed their hands and talked won’t us. We saw the Security Officer making rounds and that made us feel safe. K and the baby were well taken care of and we were able to start traveling again. The care our entire family received at this facility surpasses all other hospital trips in our home state.

Christina Frazier

Seriously AWFUL ER on the pediatric side literally was there today from 1030am till almost 230 my daughter was dehydrated couldn’t keep anything down and hadn’t peed all morning so I’m the beginning they were great they weighed her listened to her heartbeat took her temp and then ran strep and flu then didn’t see them for like an hour they came back with a popsicle for her didn’t say a word and left then another 30 min goes by and they said tests were neg let’s wait about 15-20 more min if she’s not peeing we will have to do an IV an hour goes by no one until I said I wanted to leave cuz nothing was happening and she peed a tiny bit with me so I asked for discharge paper they sent the doctor in said I’m going to prescribe zofran and then get y’all out of here another 45 min or so goes by just to give us our papers .. never again will I come here musc is def wayyy better

Latanja Wright

My daughter was brought in to Summerville Medical Center's pediatric emergency room on Wednesday, 08/22/2018 with severe abdominal pain and complaining of pain when she walks. When we arrived, we checked in and were taken to the back right away by the Pediatric Nurse Kelly. Kelly was an awesome nurse and helped to ease my mind as I wasn't sure what was wrong with my daughter. Dr. Sterling was the ER doctor on call that day and was AMAZING! He took every precautionary measure to rule out appendicitis or any other unknown illnesses. Dr. Sterling coordinated with my daughter's Gastric GI doctor (Dr. Mishra) and they both decided to admit her. Once admitted, Dr. Christian Kegg was the attending physician and Nurse Joy was her nurse on both Wednesday and Thursday. I felt secure having Nurse Joy and Dr. Kegg taking care of my daughter as I could tell that in their jobs, they care about the patients and I could also tell by the level of care they exhibited that they were parents first! Thank you for the amazing care that each and every one of you gave my daughter, including the registration representative (Nairobi) who was awesome. They made us feel like family and not like just another case. IF my child ever becomes ill again, I know that I can count on the SMC Pediatric team! The male charge nurse was also kind to come in on the day my daughter was being discharged and thanked my husband and I for allowing his team to care for our child. Awesome service with a smile.

Ebony Ivory

This was my first time at Summerville Medical. I took my aunt in to have surgery to repair a melanoma removal from her face. The expected 2 1/2 hour surgery ended up being 6 hours due to uncontrollable circumstances and the outpatient procedure turned into an over night stay. The OR staff, especially the nurses, and the nurses in the observation unit were absolutely amazing! They treated us with such kindness and compassion and took such great care of my aunt. I was blown away by the thorough and personal care provided. They ensured that every need was met, at times before we even knew we needed it! I highly recommend this hospital!!

Mary Moody

Came in for annual mammogram. While I understand the technician does these all day long, she could have been a bit more congenial/friendly; perhaps she was having a lousy day. Also, I felt pretty "manhandled" by the time I left--these scans are never really comfortable, but especially so this last visit.

Tina Lee

My sister was a patient in April. She started off in the ER and received excellent care. Christy and Toni were amazing nurses who’s compassion showed in everything they did. She was admitted to the third floor and received great care there as well. Her room was clean, food was prepared well and her stay was wonderful. She even visited the radiology department and had a procedure under sedation there. That staff was amazing as well. I would recommend this facility to anyone.

James Schweiger

Can't say enough good things about the staff. My wife was on the third floor and they took excellent care of her. If I need a hospital that is were I'm going.

Stefanie Ballard

We brought my 10 year old son to Summerville Medical Center on Sunday, 12/24/17. We were met with kindness and compassion and thoroughness on exam by the nurses, doctors and entire staff. A special heartfelt thank you to Dr. Neal Shelley for making a quick diagnosis of what he thought my son had, which is a very rare syndrome and even rarer in children, Guillain-Barre Syndrome. Because of him, we were sent by ambulance to MUSC right away for a consult with a neurologist which led to an MRI of his brain and spine and a lumbar puncture that night, and treatment of an IVIG infusion to stop the progression of this syndrome in my son by 2:30am in the Pediatric ICU on Christmas morning. We were very fortunate with the outcome of all of his medical care at SMC and MUSC, followed by inpatient rehab at Levine Children's Hospital in Charlotte, NC and outpatient rehab at MUSC. However, I believe without Dr. Shelley, the outcome for our son could have been delayed healing or worse. So, thank you so much Dr. Shelley!!! Stefanie Ballard and Max Ballard


2 colonoscopies in one week. Love this place! ... Lol ... Seriously though. Great staff and quick. In and out with no hitches. Well, there was one hitch but that was my fault.

Michael Kahly

Rushed my son to the emergency room after he fell at school and was complaining of arm pain. We were immediately greeted and the entire staff made sure to fully explain what was going on to both me and my autistic son. The staff was knowledgeable, thorough, friendly and professional. I would HIGHLY recommend this hospital and the wonderful doctors and nurses! Thank you for an outstanding experience!!

Thomas Boseman

Fast and friendly and helped us out a lot.

Madalyn Thompson

The pediatric unit is amazing. The doctor we saw tonight had the best bedside manner, as did our nurse. They were wonderful with my 14 month old. He usually doesn’t like strangers but they made him so comfortable. I will never go to another emergency room. Wait times are great as well.

Jenna Thompson

My mother had to get reconstructive surgery on her nose from having skin cancer removed that was rooted very deep. The surgery was performed by Dr. Rodney Young. The whole experience was great. The surgeon, , anesthesiologist, nurses, and everyone else involved kept my mom comfortable. Everyone was so nice and made her feel more at ease. Thanks for everything!

Lisa Gonzalez

1st of all I want to say that I am only complaining about the ER. In June of this year, our son basically waited until the pain was unbearable, to tell us he had an oddity that turned out to be a cyst. It required immediate attention so we went to the ER. The attending ER doctor lanced it and told us to follow up with a surgeon to pack it. Why that doctor couldn’t pack it, I have no idea but the surgeon we followed up with asked me why the ER doctor didn’t pack it as well. He thought it was as crazy as I did that it wasn’t packed in the ER. Then the bills roll in... $2900 in ER bills and $1998.00 from another company that collects payment for the doctor. So $5000 to lance a cyst without even packing it!! Then when I call the hospital about the high cost, they tell me they have zero control over the prices the doctors in the ER bill patients for. I just don’t understand how hospitals and doctors are able to get away with this. It’s a shame.

Latifae Downs

Sat in my room for hours. Took them almost 2 hours to take blood and my urine sample.. Sat in my room listening to them run around taking about how they like drunks.. Talking about going out.. And talking about there personal lives its really aggravating to listen to when you have sick people in there wondering why they are not getting the help and attention they need because they are too busy with there girl friends... For adults I'd prefer to go to trident .. And for kids I would go to summer ville they are good with them there.. But for adults they are horrible didn't put my diagnosis in my paper work like they should have .. When bringing me the paper work I was asked if I wanted something for my stomach so I could get home and use the bathroom.. I said yes 15 min later another woman comes in with my discharge papers and no medicine... I don't no why they troubled them self with schooling if they are only going to half ass what they do for there patients ... I was in there over 4 hours ... And when I asked for an update still never received one until they came in for another procedure still had to ask the doc even then about my blood test... When I leave my kids with family so I can care and treat my self so I can get better I expect a much better effort in our medical teams in our hospitals... Gonna come a time where you can't just be a nurse or a doctor based on grades... Need better people skills and work ethics.. Not on paper

Gamilah Lorick

Staff very friendly and accommodating.

Tiffany Miller

Patient oriented care. The doctors there are totally amazing! McDevitt is one of the best doctors there, if not the best!!!!

Chelsea Langan

Nurses were beyond kind, friendly, and knowledgeable.

Elizabeth Hughes

My first visit was to Carolina Women's Care and saw Dr. Hearn - she and her nurse (also named Elizabeth!) were two of the kindest people I've met and felt like I was in excellent hands with them. The next week, I had an ultrasound done by Allyson Norman, who was just as sweet and even funnier! She made an otherwise awkward situation less stressful for me and I enjoyed our conversation. Even the lady at registration made me feel at ease and welcomed. I was very comfortable and pleasantly surprised with both of my visits to Summerville Medical Center. Keep up the great work! I have spoken highly of you all to everyone I know!


I absolutely hated it

Brittany S

Worse experience with labor and delivery especially with it being our first child. If you end up in labor on the weekend avoid this hospital. They have no idea what they are doing when it comes to breast feeding and how to help babies latch. We left the hospital and get a call the next day that we didn’t fill out the birth certificate information even though we asked about it prior to discharge (since medical records only comes around certain times on the weekend it was up to discharge nurses to make sure it was complete). Did not offer any advice once we left hospital in regards to getting baby to latch vs formula. I do not plan on having my next child at this hospital when that time comes!

Brandon Weatherford

I received excellent care in the emergency room tonight. I came in for abdominal pain. The front desk staff was amazing and I got back to a room really fast. I got something for pain and a prescription to pick up. I was impressed with the doctor and nurses.

Arnold Proveaux

My sister was a patient there. She was cared for well. Everyone was friendly. The staff were kind and compassionate.

Mel Ray

We've had the unfortunate need of ER trips twice in just over a week for our family. My trip was a minor emergency. My daughter's visit was much more urgent. We were treated with exceptional professionalism during both visits. The staff are friendly, knowledgeable, thorough, and engaged with the patients. Thank you!

Teresa DeWitt Dullaghan

I definitely would recommend Summerville Medical Center to my friends and family. I was there as an outpatient and from the time I walked into the door until I left, I was treated with compassion and care. The nurses went above and beyond to answer all my questions. The doctor are excellent. Everyone takes ownership to ensure that i felt comfortable, safe and had excellent quality of care. Thank you for an outstanding experience! 5 Stars!

S Clark

My experience was great, the only thing that was very difficult , was that I had to drive around for a while because I couldn't find a parking space, therefore, I was late for my appointment, even though, i left early, in order, to get a parking space and to my appointment on time. Please consider building a parking garage or or a new parking lot, so that, patients aren't late for their appointment.

Jennifer Foster

Great staff, short wait times and we recieved excellent care.

Jeremiah Ludlam

wait time short and service friendly and efficient.

Madison Powell

I had two out of three of my children at Summerville Medical Center. My oldest is 5 years old now , I delivered my oldest at summerville medical center and this was also my first . I opted for epidural and I fell asleep woke up and had to push , nurse came in and shut off the meds so after a few seconds I started to feel everything and there was one nurse who was super rude and disrespectful that I don't even think ever went thru labor. My first born , I had the most horrific birth experience ever! My second born who is 3 years old was delivered at Summerville medical center as well. This time I was taken by ambulance and straight into labor and delivery. Opted for epidural, nurses & my OBGYN came in to check progress and right then doctor said yep she can start pushing, the baby's head was right there. This time my epidural stayed on and I felt find no pain , no screaming just 3 pushed and bam he was out . This time the nurses, doctors , therapists, janitorial workers and a few others were very compassionate, friendly, helpful , when they would walk in the atmosphere work be amazing. I have also be to SMC a few times before, and one trip to the ER for back pain turned into 3 nights in ICU . The staff was amazing, caring, compassionate, friendly, understanding, helpful . SMC has ups and downs , its your choice to go there, no one else can force you. I would recommend SMC !

Cindy Pugliese

Great atmosphere , short wait times and great staffing

Linda Erickson

Went to er...told scan showed no kidney stones...returned 6 days later after continued and worsening pain....paid again for another scan...told by different dr. Scan shows stones and that it was missed week earlier. Urologist who surgically removed stones saw it on both scans. Summerville med was paid thousands by insurance for both visits.,they are refusing to remove my unnecessary 2nd visit copays of $400. STAY FAR AWAY FROM THEM!

Khristi Camp

My son was admitted through ER for compartment syndrome and lost the muscle in his shin due to complications from a small puncture in his leg. He was in the ICU and later the Progressive care unit at Summerville Medical and the nurses in both units were AWESOME! The case manager was there to make herself available and answer questions - even after leaving the hospital. The Orthopedic surgeon was great and kept us updated each morning. He underwent multiple surgeries and was treated with respect and kindness. The nurses treated him like a friend and were very encouraging to all us as a family. Great place and staff!

Mark Gunther

Nurses are angels on earth! I had Gastric Sleeve surgery and the nursing staff were exceptional. I believed they truly cared. Thank you all so very much!!

Ryan Donahoe

Mother had a stroke and stayed here under there care. Amazing staff! Very attentive to there patients. Big thanks to Mar and the rest of the nurses who took care of my mother. Shes been in several places around Charleston and always gets the best care at summerville medical center.

nikita Dedeaux



Our family has had to use Summerville ER several times in the past few years, and honestly I cannot rave more about the positive experiences we all have had. I had to take my (then 3 y/o) daughter in to the Pediatric ER for dehydration. The nurses we capable and caring and immediately put my daughter at ease. The doctor was extremely knowledgeable and you could really tell when he was talking to us, we had his undivided attention. I was extremely impressed with all of the staff. We have also had to utilize the adult ER on several occasions. We were always greeted warmly and courteously from the moment we walked in the front door. The techs, nurses, PA’s, doctors, and even the housekeepers all have gone out of their way to ensure the comfort and safety of our family. We will not go anywhere else. Summerville ER knows what it’s doing.

lathronia jefferson

I went to the ER at Summerville Medical because I could not get my blood pressure to come down. I ended up being there for 6 days. They informed me of an issue that my primary doctor NEVER told me about. Though I hated having to be there, they took EXCELLENT care of me. They explained what was going on and what they were doing and what I needed to do moving forward. It put me at ease which made me able to ease the mind of my 8 year old who thought he was going to lose his mommy. Not a fan of hospitals, but if I need one in a pinch, this is where I would go.

Seely Gibbs

My family has had nothing but excellent care at Summerville. Our ESA dog is able to come with us. They have their own therapy dogs but there is nothing like my precious baby being allowed to stay with me. The doctors cared about what I had to say and they made sure to update my family and I often. The nurses were amazing and did everything they could to make sure I was comfortable during my stay. The pharmacy man even came to my room to answer questions that I had.

Pat Eidson

I coach basketball at Pinewood Prep. During a pick-up basketball game one of our alumni went down with an apparent heart attack. CPR was administered until EMS arrived. The young man was transported to Summerville Medical were he was stabilized before being transferred to Trident. The emergency room staff set up a special waiting area for about 25 people who came to the hospital. The staff kept all of us informed and were extremely caring. A cardiologist came into the waiting area and asked questions and also shared that the quick action with CPR and the AED probably saved the young man's life. Treatment at Summerville Medical could not have been better.

Douglas Holtzman

Summerville Medical Center is committed to the care of your family. We have a specialized Pediatric ED with its own waiting area. The Pediatric ED is open 24/7 and is staffed by specialty certified physicians and nurses where we recognize that children are not "just little adults". We have a separate Pediatric waiting area and separate exam rooms with children-specific sized equipment and treatments. We know that the ER can be a very scary place for our youngest patients and we work hard to provide an environment where they can feel safe. We are committed to family centered care - meaning that we are committed to ensuring that our families are present and always involved in the care and treatment of their children (our patients). Should your child need to be admitted to the hospital, we continue that commitment with a separate Pediatric inpatient unit which includes a 6 Bed Pediatric Intensive Care Unit (the only non-academic PICU in the area). We have Pediatric specialty trained doctors and nurses again on a unit that is child friendly and family friendly. I'm excited to be a part of this team and hospital.

Rebekah Williams

I was in a bad accident in December. Summerville Medical Peds ER saved my life. The nurses and doctors were attentive and amazing. I can't thank them enough!

lisa soles

DO NOT bring your loved ones to SMC Emergency Room. Their ER staff treated us as if we were an inconvenience from the time we got there. My family member was having chest and arm pain, they took her into triage and rolled her back to the waiting room. Her pain got worse, I told the triage nurse, he rolled his eyes and came out to waiting room and said its going to be 5 min. Male nurse comes out takes her back and ruder than the first. When I call him out on it he calls security. If he hates his job that bad I suggest he find another profession. If I could give this place anything lower than 1 I would. I wouldn't bring satin here. I have asked to speak to a supervisor at 3 times and of course that hasn't happened yet. You can bet I will be calling the hospital administrator first thing in the morning.


I had a good friend come and stay here while he was going through some surgery. The staff was nice and helpful and he is doing great! Thanks for being great

Joan Roth

Very nice people that really care about the patients!

Evan Guthrie

Summerville Medical Center is a really good hospital full of dedicated and staff that go out of their way to take care of patients. You can sense that everyone at this hospital cares. Although parking can be an issue sometimes I have always been able to find a space and get in and out to visit. Cool hospital overall.

Jeffrey Michael

The Care was Good, but they suck the life out of their patients with billing. When we go to a nonprofit hospital, we pay our facility bill, and then usually we have a follow-up bill, and typically these both equal $200 with our insurance. However, this is obviously a private hospital that is for-profit, as they continue to bill us for everything possible, even after accepting a ton of money for my insurance company. I kid you not, I’m getting a new bill each week, and the total has been $1000 out of my pocket, in addition to the thousands that they have gotten for my insurance. Other hospitals that have gone to that were nonprofit, took the facility fee, and we received a bill later, but it was nothing like what has happened here at Trident/ Summerville Medical Center. I’m literally going to go broke because they are greedy, they seriously need to consider accepting insurance money, and then writing off the balance as I will never go here again. Summerville Medical Center/Trident medical facilities is the perfect example of what is wrong with our healthcare system.

Loretta Proveaux

My SIL had a great experience there. She started in the ER and was in a room on third floor. Everyone she came in contact with made her experience wonderful.

teresa fletcher

Very pleasant and informative .

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