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REVIEWS OF St. Joseph's Hospital IN South Carolina

Rose Boykin

I ALWAYS have a positive experience when I am a patient at St. Joseph's. The doctors, nurses, and all staff are very professional. They not only cared for my medical needs, but they made sure ALL of my needs were met. I feel like they are my family. I will always choose St. Joseph's Hospital for my medical needs.

Abeauty Bme

This is the worst hospital in ga....the old side of the hospital is really crappie. Dr.Errico on the neurological floor is an ass and think he is God himself....and talk about under staffed,not even going to go there. Only a few gems in this hospital the one that made the biggest impression on me is charged nurse of the rehabilitation floor miss Marlene very very very nice never forgets a single patient and she makes you feel like family....other than her and a few others like pct miss Amy also on the 4th floor...this hospital needs to be condemned and about a good 40%of the staff here is rude as hell.....I would actually give this hospital a negative 3 stars if I could....I feel sorry for the people who work here...some of them anyway

Cinday Smith

I was a patient on 7N at St. Joseph's Hospital and everyone was wonderful to me!

vanessa price

I spent 6 hours in their ER. The entire staff was super friendly, attentive and very competent. It was a 2 hour wait after I checked in and the time I was seen....not too bad for a busy ER. They did take EMS and walk in bleeders ahead of me which is understandable. I would like especially to thank my ER nurse, Frank, a man who really excelled at his job. It was obvious he took pride in his job.

Deanne Berich

I want to thank all the staff at st Joe's that was there for me especially Dr Cobb and all the nurses especially Red and Kyana, you made my stay there good

Daphne Stewart

I haven’t been inside of the hospital but my mom is still there getting the care that’s needed, she been there for about a month now. I live in another state, I Do have other family members there to check on her. I do need to find out her progress, I called about three weeks ago and spoke with a nurse while she was in (ICU) So she said did you talk to your sister. I want to know why ?

Sandy Cole

KUDOS TO ..... St. JOESPH'S/CANDLER HOSPITAL'S 5TH FLOOR NORTH FOR YOUR GREAT REPUTATION AS DEDICATED PHYSICIANS (Doctor Foley's Group: Dr. Foley, Dr. George, and Dr. Barns along with GI Doctor; Dr. Ncye), NURSES AND AMAZING STAFF (Sydney, David, Meghan, Shawn, Drew, Jennifer, Harriett, Luanda, MaryAnne, Adrian, Emily, Tamika, Lavern, and Youlanda)!!! Because of your great reputation in hiring the brightest and most dedicated physicians and for having kind, caring providers, nurses, and office staff. The staff is very professional, courteous and genuine. Their concern and caring is real – not forced. You all are truly a great ‘Treasure’ and we are so grateful for all you and your staff did for me while I was their. Thank you for making empathy one of your many core values at St. Joesph's/Candler Hospital. Patients today can identify the best doctors, nurses, and staff members by their manners and demeanor. Good medicine requires a strong relationship built on trust and confidence and that is what sets St. Joesph's/Candler apart from all the other hospitals! Medicine is a special calling. Those who have chosen this field in order to serve human life understand the tremendous responsibility it entails. You hold the keys to beneficial advances in medicine. A great doctor once wrote: "There is no greater reward in our profession than the knowledge that God has entrusted us with the physical care of His people. The Almighty has reserved for Himself the power to create life, but He has assigned to a few of us the responsibility of keeping in good repair the bodies in which this life is sustained." My husband and I will always be thankful for the wonderful care that you and your staff continue to provide. YOU are caring, a HALLMARK of amazing physicians and nurses, and you bring great honor and pride to the community. YOU represent the BEST of the medical profession by being knowledgeable, kind, and good listeners. YOU all are key to carrying on the day to day work of healing. Don’t ever change. "EVERY DAY IN THE LIFE OF A PHYSICIAN, A NURSE, OR HOSPITAL STAFF; ESPECIALLY A ST. JOESPH'S/CANDLER , IS WORTHY OF RECOGNITION”. Kind regards, Sandy Georgia

Pumpkin Pie

I went for socecd time to er in two months..professionalism was very low could here the the pa and nurses laughing and talking down on you as part of there diagnosing..i suffer with chronic back pain which is not a joke!they didnt even as so much give me a Tylenol for my visit...i believe i was treated as if i were a bum...because i have no had recently ran out...i always trusted st Joseph with my care ti ll these last visits...i would not recommend them to anyone anymore...


Great experience. 5th floor staff were caring and compassionate. The BEST care I have ever received. The 5th floor team is exceptional and they truly love what they do because they are always smiling. They are the most professional health care team. Glad I was one of their patients

Jeanne Conrade

On Sunday, September 22, 2019, I had a serious fall. Immediately, I realized that I has sustained a compound fracture of the ankle. I knew I’d need surgery. When EMS arrived, I asked them to take me to St. Joseph’s Hospital as I was well aware of St. Joe’s reputation as the finest orthopedic care in the region. Upon arrival, I knew I had chosen the right place for excellent care. The emergency department was modern and clean. I was greeted courteously and placed in an ED room immediately. The nursing staff quickly introduced themselves to me as well as explained each and every procedure that was being performed for me. Their compassion and professionalism helped me to stay calm in a stressful situation. My ED physician quickly assessed me and sent me directly to the imaging area in the ED for CT and x-rays. Once a treatment plan had been established, I was rapidly scheduled for surgery to repair the compound fracture. Within hours of my accident, I was already well on my way to starting the healing process. Once admitted to the hospital post operatively, I continued to receive the same excellent level of care up on the floor. Each person on my care team demonstrated their commitment to me and my family and visitors. The nurses, techs, physical therapists, physicians, case workers, patient advocates, pastoral care, nutrition services, and housekeeping all worked in tandem to ensure the best outcome for me. All my needs and those of my family were met and done so with the highest levels of quality and professionalism. I was discharged efficiently a few days later with all the information and tools I would need to continue on my path to healing outside the hospital setting. Although I didn’t plan on being a patient at St. Joseph’s Hospital, I’m so glad I chose to go there. And I’ll go there again should the need arise.

Sandra Boutwell

All the nurses and staff ( everyone who came in our room especially 5th floor) went above and beyond with professionalism, compassion, and caring not only for my husband the patient but for me also while I was there with him.

Jennifer Ellington

I had both my hips replaced at St. Joseph's Hospital. A great experience both visits. I'm already back at work and enjoying long walks again!

Donald Sample

the employees were very polite & courteous, every time I needed anything, we would definitely recommend this hospital for anyone needing medical help.

Laurence Oeltze

Everybody treated me great.. An excellent staff of professionals.

Kay Morgan

Came in with a cat bite and had to get around 7 shots. The lady that took care of me was really nice and friendly. Not to mention the fact that she was very gentle and understanding. The shots were painful, but the nurse made things much better. Would recommend. 5/5.

Michael Scholtz

Hand off and communication from surgeon to hospital staff not smooth. Alerts to front desk from patient not answered or very slowly followed up on. Food service poor overall. Discharge time was not accurate. Communication between hospital and PT not timely.

Judy Jennings

We were in Savannah on vacation and visited the ER. It was the middle of the night, very crowded, and staff used the wait time to perform tests they knew I would need. When I was seen by the doc all the results were already in so he was able to zero in quickly on what I needed. Every staff member was kind, reassuring, and patient. They spoke to me like a competent being, and exuded care and compassion. We were scared and far from home and they helped us physically and emotionally. Our experience was everything we could have hoped for.

Terry Bailey

My step dad received care on the fifth floor most of the care was good but there was one care giver who didn't know how to handle him. Her attitude towards him was not professional.

Henry Duffy

I was a patient on 6N after having a hip replacement. My stay COULD'VE been excellent. Everyone was so kind and caring. From pre-op, to my joint class by Penny, to Day Surgery, recovery room with Bob made me laugh. The techs were wonderful, Dawn took care of me when I got to my room. She is the sweetest, most caring nurse. Then, the next day something happened. My nurse for the day was Linda. Where did y'all find her? I think it's time she retire. She came in with a bad attitude, and it only got worse throughout the day! Never a smile. She was snippy with my wife. I don't know if she had family issues, but she needs to learn to leave her issues at home! I was told I'd be discharged by noon. She finally got around to sending me home at 5:30pm! In the scope of those 10 hours under her care, I think I saw her maybe 3 times! I'm hoping there was someone sicker than me that required her attention, because if she spends that much time with her patients, what else is she doing? Not using my real name, because I'm due to come back to have my other hip done, and if she reads this, she'll probably give me something to kill me. I pray this was an isolated incidence, I pray she doesn't treat all of her patients the way she treated me.

Stacey Abbott

Only in For about 24 hrs, but felt there was a Great Staff... I definitely went home with all Important information needed to recuperate ... From ck in, to ck out it was a smooth process...

MajrPayne NurAss

Ive been to st.josephs hospital off and on mostly on for 5 years for heart problems. Ive come to find out that St.Josephs is a hospital that cares. I wouldnt go anywhere else . I trust them with my life. My primary and specialist are all in the st.josephs family.


I'm here with a loved one in the ICU. There has been four different nurses that have been assigned to my family member. Two of them have really nasty attitudes. And body language sucks. It's like when we ask any questions of concern they respond with negative vibes. As of now I'm praying the Lord touch their souls. Because the way I feel about them words cnt describe. I'm ready to FIGHT. Here we are a week later I was told customer reps would be contacting me and guess what they did not. She is out of ICU. Things have went down hill once again. And problems with these nurses continue. The staff is so unprofessional, rude and have the nastiest tone of voice with our family. They ignore us when we remain humble, but want to compromise when we display the same ignorant attitude they give us. I would not recommend a lab rat to this place

Cris Austin

Sat in the emergency room well over 5 hours. I think the mf's were in the back sleeping. They didn't call one single patient to the back from 2:30 A.M. To 5:15 A.M.

Kendall Edwards

It was the best experience I have every have at a hospital the staff was professionals and the doctors was great

Kennette Crews

Loving and caring employees

Cymberly Burns

I went to St. Joseph ED on November 7th because I had severe back pains. When I walked in the building I was professionally and politely greeted. Then I was asked to go the my designated area. Once I reached my room I didnt wait no more than 5 minutes I was greeted by several employees to take my vitals signs. Then a doctor came in introduced himself, asked me what was it he could do for me. I explained my situation and he without hesitation proceeded to take the neccessary approach to find out where my pain was coming from and how to relieve the pain. He then explained his diagnosis and cause , gave me pain medication onsite and prescribed me pain medication for at home use. I am very impressed by the quick professional service I received. I was in and out of the ED no more than an hour and half. I was able to go on about my day pain free and not sitting in pain in the waiting room. Thank you SJ Staff.

Jen jaudon

I do not recommend going to the ER at all! Dr. Cecilia Colmer is VERY rude and disrespectful! She didn't take the time to listen to what was going on she acted like she was better than everyone. I have never experienced that kind of treatment from anyone in the medical field before I was literally floored over how she treated me. The nurse call button in the room was useless they never came after I had a allergic reaction to the meds they gave me. I had to walk to the nurse desk to show them I had a bad rash from the medication. When it was time to leave I asked several times to speak with Dr. Colmer about my issues and she would not even take 5 mins to discuss them with me.


Wow.....sitting with Bobbyj St Joseph's Hospital, because when he tripped and fell on the oak tree roots 10 days ago, his soreness in his chest has increasingly gotten worse, first we went to the #Stjoecandler immediate med, they felt like he needed a CT of the chest, so here we are, they wanted to just give him pain med and send him home, then agreed to do a x ray and ekg, as soon as the ekg machine came into the room....they ran in here an borrowed it for some one else, goodness you would think/hope that in the Emergency room @ #stJosephshospital and with the cost of what our bill will be, that they would have more than one EKG machine...maybe we should have taken our chances in Effingham, sad to say this place seems to be going down hill and just don't really seem to give a rip. St Joseph's has always been my hospital of choice and the only one I've ever trusted and/or recommended. Maybe they've a new staff or outlook on patient care.. will never recommend again.

Kristi Riley

Not happy with the service at all. I understand there is a wait time to be seen at the ER, but it’s been over 5 hours and we are still waiting. Not to mention I haven’t seen anyone wash their hands. So many people are throwing up in here and I don’t see the staff attending to them nor anyone one else. I have yet to see a janitor or anything to keep the waiting room sanitary. The plus side is staff is nice if you talk to them but I just wished they had a sign to show who’s next in line and what is the estimated wait time. Many people have work the next day/ in a few hours and it would make sense to see what the estimated wait time is to determine if it’s better to wait or just make an appointment in the morning OR have a nurse in the waiting area to get medical advice/recommendations. This will elevate excess people in the ER with issues that can wait or cannot wait.

melvin nesbitt

Nurse Cindy, Nurse Kristie and Armsterberg made made ER visit the most pleasant unpleasant experience. I can't say enough about them but if you contact I will tell. Thanks ladies....

Craig Williams

I've had two doctors make up FAKE APPOINTMENTS at St. Joseph's Hospital. They did this to my mother when she was living and my mother fell for their deception. Now they are doing it to me! I was in Boston, MA, when they called and told me I had an appointment the next day at St. Joseph's Hospital. I informed the doctor's office that I was seeing a specialist in Boston the next week and never made an appointment with their doctor. I told them I would never step foot in their doctor's office again! They knew I was on to them and said they were sorry. Who's the running the hospital? Nothing but NITWITS! They Make Up FAKE APPOINTMENTS! This is St. Joseph Hospital's way of separating the patient from their money. St. Joseph's Hospital is NOT A HOSPITAL, it's a CORRUPT BUSINESS preying on the elderly, sick and infirmed!!! SHAME ON ST JOSEPH'S HOSPITAL!

Michelle Kerkau

I came in from a rollover auto accident. It took three hours before anyone even put a hard or soft collar on my neck, which was my main medical complaint going in.

Margurita Phillips

Awesome team at St. Joseph Hospital!!! Dr. Christy and his Team are AMAZING!!! I had a left total knee replacement and I feel so good after having this done. Thank you all so much Margurita

Hope Campbell

I went to the emergency room because of having pain all over my body. Waited in the waiting room for a little over an hour and called to a room. The nurse went to take blood and didn't put the turnic on my arm so the blood would flow, she has to reduce it the right way after poking around. She spilled blood on the blanket I was lying on.The doctor came in and she was very rude. She just asked a few questions and left, she never examine me. She order all these test I didn't need. After being there for six hours we finally asked if we could go since we haven't seen anybody in two hours. Well a nurse came in and gave me discharge papers and said nothing is wrong but take two days off of work and rest. I never saw the doctor again. I won't go back and I won't recommend this hospital to anyone!!?

Cindy McCarthy

An exceptional experience! Everyone cared about finding me answers.

Double Trouble

Horrible!!! Waited 4 hours and was never seen by a doctor!!! Never saw anyone that was waiting when i was there and actually given a room leave! This is the WORST experience I have ever had at a hospital. Will NEVER make the mistake of coming here again. Take my advice and go to Memorial!!!!

Linda Elliott

My father, age of 90, was taken by ambulance to the ER. He fell around 9:15 at his assisted living quarters. Within one hour of his arrival he was assessed and administered much needed pain control. The staff was professional as well as compassionate. I felt so secure with the entire health team I was comfortable in taking my 87 year old mother back home. Thank you St. Joseph’s Hospital and God Bless

Thomas Brooks

Do not go here if your having a panic attack. It took my partner passing out from hyperventilating to get a room during a severe panic attack. After getting a room we were told a doctor would see us shortly, this was at 10:30pm and a doctor didn't come in until 1am. He spoke to us for no more than 5 minutes, not kidding, while my partner was still actively panicking. He was speaking so fast that neither of us could get a word out, only taking vitals and prescribing medication. He told the nurse to prescribe my partner with two benzos without a without any blood or urine test to check for any other drugs in their system that they could have a negative reaction with. Then his recommended psychiatrist was not covered by my partners insurance, leaving us without any idea of where to go for help. During this whole ordeal my partner was never asked whether or not they had self-harming or suicidal thoughts, despite coming in for a severe panic attack. After the visit my partners panic attack continued for the next two days. Do not go here if your suffering from a mental illness.

Craig Rupert

This place is fantastic! If you have to be in the hospital. I will always recommend St. Joseph's to anybody that needs top notch care! Great job. Thanks.

ALee Bynum

The staff at pre-check and day of outpatient surgery, as well as post op all were very supportive, informative and accommodating. Limited wait time from check in to pre-op made the experience easier.

Chloe Smith

Sat in waiting room for over 4 hours very not happy about my wait.

Yvonne Desfosses

Very attentive care

Richardean Carpenter

Thank you thank you. No wait time. The staff was fast and accurate. The Doctor and nurse on duty in the a m. June 4, 2018 was superb. The doctor and nurse on duty that day was very knowledgeable and professional. Joey was was kind and patient with my father. I really really appreciated that. Thanks again Saint Joe

Sharron Morgan

The worst hospital ever. Lied about giving my brother breathing treatments and charted that they did lied and said he refused i stayed with him for yhe first 9 days so i know they lied .Poor nursing care not all some are great 3 out of 10 i would never be a patient at St Josephs

Tanisha Jones

Came here today with a severely constipated 1 year old. The staff were super friendly and the wait time was super quick. Had a great experience !

richard brumbalow

I was seen tonight Friday July 26 around 7:21. I went back to a room quickly. The doctor her name is Rachel Waldron. Dr. Waldron was in my room for about 6 minutes and diagnosed me after she touched my legs and listen to my lungs which was remarkable I have been in Ems for almost 20 years and wish I could do that. So they prescribed me lasix. We had to ask for a sonogram of my legs. I went to have the test came back Rn finally made it to the room gave me medications and hooked me up. Then she left she was in my room for about 10 minutes. I was discharged at 1030pm Without seeing the doctor and the same RN. The RN that discharged me asked where is the IV I told her I didn’t get one. They did nothing other than the test I asked for and gave me oral medication before I was discharged. That goes against every medical protocol I have ever read or seen. I urge you to avoid this ER at all cost.

Marga Costan

Went to ER with a kidney stone. Was not seen for 4 hours. Pain escalated while I waited and dry heaved. For 4 hours. I don't know what's worse, the pain of a kidney stone or being ignored that long while being curled up in stomach wrenching pain.

Melody Clifton

We came to St. Joe's ER when my 17 year old son dislocated his ankle. This is actually a severe injury and he was in excruciating pain. Everyone was sympathetic and did everything they could to make him comfortable. Dr. Lafitte was amazing. Prior to doing so, he explained to us (and prepared us) for how he would move the bone back into place, took two or three sets of x-rays and explained what he was seeing in each. Our ER nurse, Shawna, was fantastic. She was efficient, knowledgeable and caring. Everyone who walked in that room was kind and caring. The Xray Tech even gave my son career advice. Ok, this was NOT an enjoyable experience, but, given the circumstances, everyone did their best and I wouldn't even consider taking my family anywhere else.

MaryE James

I loved my stay at St joseph Hospital. I was scared for my a good team of nurses and PCT 's that really was very considerate, professional, and very thoughtful to my needs as well as my health. After getting out of ICU and moving to the 4th floor o still was given the best of service. Thank you to all the staff for what you have done for me.

Darius Willis

My first time going there, and it was a great experience. I wouldn't change anything. Great job guys. Wish I could give the whole staff a hug.

Justina Barrows

I went to the ER for what was an intense stomach pain. As a female who has had her menstrual cycle for over 10 years, I think I would know what a cramp felt like verses an actual constant pain I am feeling. Dr. Mallory Jones assured me that because I didn't have any signs of a UTI, Pregnancy, or a STD that it just had to be my period. She prescribed me pain killers which did nothing for me. Honestly, I kind of fault myself for not speaking up the first time. Two days later I decided to return to the hospital because the pain was still constant and was getting more intense. Dr. Kirsten Grant insisted that they had did everything they could for me the first time. I insisted that they give me a ultrasound and she proceeded to say "well you do know they may not find anything, so it isn't really necessary" in a very condescending tone and "if its a fibroid then oh well that just means you have fibroids." After finally going for the ultrasound, it turned out that I did have a fibroid. As a 20 year old, African American woman (and a person with feelings in general) this definitely affected my mood, as women in my family have had hysterectomies because of fibroids. When Dr.Grant returned to tell me this it was like she wasn't even sympathetic to the fact that I am a young woman who would like to have a family one day. She was insincere and insisted that there was nothing they could do for me and basically had a 'oh well, you're a woman' attitude. I don't appreciate the customer service aspect of things that occurred at this hospital. I feel like they should have listened to my needs from the beginning and trusted my instincts when I said I knew this wasn't my period. It could have been something more serious but because I am a woman, it was regarded as intense menstrual cramping.

Cindy Milloy

The care I received was phenomenal. I started in ICU, moved to Neuro ICU then to 7 North. The staff in each area from housekeeping nursing (including techs) and all the docs was superb. The food was amazing also. Now after 12 days I am waiting on my discharge. Thank you everyone. Oh and I can't leave out pastoral care, Mr. Hinchey you should be proud to have such dedicated and caring men and women employed at St. Joe's

Gwendolyn Raczkowski

I drove myself to the ER in the middle of the night. Once I was in a room and the initial check in had happened, no one came back to my room for more than an hour and a half. I was freezing and actually stood in the door trying to get someone's attention for more than 10 minutes before I walked down the hall to find someone. The people I saw ignored me until I walked up to them and interrupted them to ask for blankets. Then when someone came to take me elsewhere for testing I had been told wouldn't happen until other results had come in, no one had come to talk to me about the results of what they'd already done. When I said so, I was told, "Well do you know what xyz means? Then why do you need to know?!" A PATIENT HAS A RIGHT TO KNOW. Then someone else came back and was completely disrespectful. "Well do you want this test or don't you because you signed the paper so I don't know what your problem is." When I stated I hadn't been given any information she said, "well nothing has come back so I don't know what you want." I pointed out that it's not unreasonable to let a patient know what the status of their tests is and that no one should be left wondering what is happening for more than an hour and a half. At this point she flat out refused to tell me anything about the status of my tests saying I could either go do that other test or check out.


Old Fart

Treated me really well, and that’s something to be proud of.

Shoni Cobbs

My "Nurse" Jerome bedside manner needs improvement. Cursing and moving a needle while it is in a patient arm is not the correct thing to do. I would not let him touch me after that. Leaving my urine sample among the trash on the countertop and trash on my bed is not cool either. Never again.

Tim Brown

The receptionist at er is very rude.waited for 3hours to be seen cause Southcoast sent me there. I was never seen my sugar was very high and I have anxiety which I tried to tell them about the receptionist said I needed to learn patience I say she needs to learn customer service skills they need a fast track like other hospitals do they just redone er they should work on service first not happy with wait or staff lack of caring

v Typasha

I was happy to have a female doctor because women who can exhibit signs of cardiac issues usually have atypical symptoms and was hoping since she was a women she might have been more aware of this. She ordered me Tylenol and some test and left. No idea why I took the Tylenol and was never told what it was for but it didn’t help. After waiting 4 more hours a nurse that wasn’t even my nurse came in with discharge papers... are you serious? The doctor never came back in to discuss results or reassure or answers questions I might have. Instead I was discharged with “unknown atypical chest pain”. But nothing takes the cake more than when they are discharging me and the nurse saids if you have shortness of breath or more fatigue when excerting yourself to come back.... So I’m suppose to come back to the ER if I develop symptoms that I CAME to the ER complaining of. All in all, I was at the ER for a total of 8.5 hours to see the doc for a total of 67 seconds and not even have the decentsy to have my results discussed with me or concerns I may have.

Vivian Townes

First time at this ER and it will be my last. Staff was rude and uncaring. They really don't want to work there and it shows in the treatment of patients coming there. I waited at least 10 hrs and it was the worst experience I've ever encountered. There is no excuse for poor Customer service. People come to the ER because of an emergency. I will not go into details of my horrible experience here but Patient Advocate will hear about it.

Sonny Dixon

Everyone, from pre-op to discharge, was highly professional and accommodating. Facilities are very clean. Emphasis on patient comfort, care, avoidance of setbacks (infection, etc) was clearly evident and consistent. Outstanding all around!

Fay Brown

My husband just completed 4 days in cardiac care unit. As a medical professional myself I can not say enough,of his excellent care. I can not thank the staff enough they were angels.

Kristin Gregory-Claytor

Travelling and on holiday is not the best time to get sick. However, I am very grateful for the outstanding medical staff at St. Joseph's, especially their ER team. My family was treated quickly and kindly. We were only in the ER for a few hours, received treatment by compassionate nurses, and skilled physicians. St. Joseph's ER is superior to several other's we've visited this year. A huge thank you to the St. Joseph's team.

Michelle caldwell

I always go to this hospital cuz it’s close to me. The nurses are always nice and like 1-2 dr’s were ever snotty or sassy. No issues with St Joseph’s though. Great care friendly nurses and staff. Sometimes the wait sucks but that’s normal with any ER.

tina moseley

From the staff in preoperative testing, day surgery, anesthesia staff, recovery room staff, all of the staff on the floor and the nurse manager on the floor everyone was wonderful! All areas were clean and I couldn’t be more satisfied.

Mary Rush

All but one of the staff members seemed very inattentive and there's an overall lack of care. The culture for treating patients effectively and efficiently does not at all seem to be fostered. I sure hope there's some serious initiative from hospital board and staff to better their practices.

Katherine McMillan

Excellent Hospital that makes their Patients feel like Family! I will like to thank all the Attending Physicians, Nurses, PCTS, Dietary Department, Admissions Department, Maintenance Staff that took care of me. I highly recommend St. Joseph’s Hospital as the place to go if your not feeling well! They will take great care of you and your love ones! I can not say enough about the Friendly and caring staff! Thank you for being in my corner when I needed you!not feeling well! Again, they will take great care of you and your love ones like family! Especially the Staff of the 5th floor... I will miss everyone! They made my stay very pleasant and like home!

Jessica Madison

First time coming here. Been here since 1:05 PM. Only had BP check and urine test done. Nothing since then. The doctor come once nothing since no update or anything. Its now 4:40. Horrilble first time experience.

Linda Weeks

I was very pleased with the care I received. Everyone was so pleasant and friendly. I really felt I mattered. I will always prefer St. Joseph's. Thanks to everyone who took care of me. The only part that was negative was the rooms with no tub or shower. I did not even have a mirror and no door on toilet area. Very awkward if you have a visitor. But 5 stars for service.

g huggins

We checked in here two hours ago, when the ersonel finally got to the paperwork, they were very rude. Asking about my dead husband. Which is non of their bussiness.One person got an attitude and turned it over to someone else. A person could die waiting here.Will never come here again, that's a promise.

Tammy Hayes

Excellent staff, excellent nurses, excellent Doctors. All staff are kind and courteous and take special care to make sure you feel at ease and have whatever you may need. Rooms are kept extremely clean, food is good and serve correct every time, and nurse response time to a call is very fast. Drive many miles to come to use this Hospital. It is the best!!?

Leigh Craft

My husband came to St. Joseph's Hospital, specifically The Heart Hospital, for cardioversion. From registration and escort (John) to our room on the second floor to discharge could not have been a better experience. Our nurses Phoebe and Holly were awesome! Phoebe took a lot of time explaining everything that was and could happen. Everyone, Charlene, Joy, Jessica we encountered on that unit was smiling and obviously happy to be working to care for their patients. Dr. Rathbun sat down with us and answered every question we had about what our options for future care could be. If you need cardiac care...The Heart Hospital at St. Joseph's in Savannah, GA is where you will find the highest quality of care.

Juanita Lewis-Jones

My mother has been to this hospital several times. Her PCM and the staff are always wonderful. But the staff hospital I rude and inattentive. Teka (in recovery) and her daughter are the worst techs we have encountered. My mother was throwing up after surgery and they did nothing to assist. I asked where my mothers blind cane was...I received a shrug of the shoulders from Teka’s daughter. When I tried to address it with Teka, her response was “that’s my daughter. She doesn’t work in this department.” She basically made excuses for her daughter. I told her regardless whether she worked on that department or not, she’s still a hospital employee and should be more patient friendly. This hospital has the worst recovery staff. On another note, the nurses on 5S were attentive and caring.

Rad 2020

I want to let everyone know how terrible the radiology department is at this hospital. Incompetent and rude employees. The lady who did my exam was named Hope I believe. She is very rude and uncaring. She does not need to be involved in patient care in any way. I will not be back to this facility ever again.

Barbara Gengenbach

No complaints...great care, great staff

lee branen

DR. Jose Rendon is a compassionate, attentive physician who takes time with me to try and understand what my problem is. I highly recommend him to my friends and family as a competent medical provider because I trust him and feel safe in his care.

Noel ortiz

Communication with Patients is horrible. No check in with patients awaiting over 2 hours. Once shift changes there is no accountability of passing patient information. Would recommend going to an urgent care instead Horrible

Valerie Obasuyi

The best hospital in Savannah, GA. The staff is exceptionally pleasant and courteous. The doctors are highly knowledgeable and brilliant too. Awesome employees, great job!

Rhonda Matthews

Recently had a knee replacement at St. Joseph's. Everyone treated me like I was their number one concern. Great care!

Elizabeth Ann

good staff they work very hard and do the best they can

Rebecca Smith

If I could give negative stars I would! Currently waiting going on 4 hours, have not even been seen by anyone yet for chest pain and shortness of breath. The waiting rooms are over flowing patients are almost sitting on top of each other. The staff just keeps pushing more and more people in the waiting rooms, not a single person has come to take a single patient back in over two hours! Worst ER ever! Staff rude, not helpful at all. I had to register twice? For what? You got all my info when I was triaged.

Shelly Robotka

Recent outpatient surgery done here. Everyone was fantastic. Very professional, very kind! Excellent care from start to finish!

Carrie Smith

Had an Mri done today along with lab work, staff at the imagery and also the Lab were very plesent and helpful. They made me very comfortable during my test. I wouldn't go to any other hospital but St. Josephs for all of my medical procedures, tests etc.

charles schmoekel

I was taken care of by total professionals from the moment I was rolled in. first rate. My nurse, Kaylah on the 3rd floor I give an extra pat on the back. total professional and excellent care. You should become their poster girl on how nurses should go about their profession. thanks to everyone that worked on me.

david cook

I want to thank nurse Kathy and all the ER staff and doctors! They were amazing, thoughtful, and caring. They worked so well together to make me comfortable, ease my pain, and diagnose me. Thank you so much!

Heather Jacobs

On Saturday, June 30th, I brought my Mother in through the ER after she had a hard fall at home. She gets cold easily and was shivering so I asked our nurse for a blanket multiple times throughout our visit and never received one from her. Didn't feel like we were being attended too besides being asked questions about the incident. They hooked her up to medication and didn't hear back from them until a young man took her down to get a cat scan of her head. He was generous enough to get her a warm blanket and his demeanor was professional. Ended up relieving my anxiety that someone seemed to care!

Karen Rawlings

I was very happy with my experience at St. Joseph's Emergency Room. I plan to definitely use them again...

Casey Miller

My problem was not so much with the hospital itself but with the numerous telemarking calls and mail correspondence I have been receiving. I have insurance and knew my bill had been paid but telemarketers kept calling asking if I needed help paying my St. Josephs Candler bill. I called the hospital just to verify and they informed me what I already knew...I did not have an outstanding balance. Now I am getting papers in the mail asking if I need help paying my St. Josephs Candler bill. I called the number on the paper and spoke to a very rude woman. I asked her to explain what the paper was and she replied " We send this to everyone who has an outstanding balance." I then replied "I don't have an outstanding balance." She then rudely stated "You didn't let me finish. I can see you don't have a balance. We will remove you from our list." I am very disappointed because It seems to me that this hospital sells individuals information.

William Dostal

My hip replacement surgery at St. Joseph's Hospital was no less than an exceptional experience . At every point during pre op the process was explained to me so I would clearly understand what was happening. From Charlene who escorted me to pre op, to Pam who prepped me, Kay taking my blood, to Sheri Lynn who wanted to make sure I was aware of what was happening. All of those individuals comforted me along the way. By explaining the process and making sure the patient understands what is happening helps relax anyone that is going through this. After my surgery (day one) Sherrie was my room nurse, while Jamilla was my patient care technician, and Kristina was assigned as my therapist. The care provided to me was more than I could have expected. Once again, explaining what was happening helps the patient relax. Sherri prior to leaving her shift took the time to make sure if I wanted to walk again before the night settled in (which I did), made herself available to walk with me. Night shift room nurse Joni, and PCT Jackie continued with the exceptional care already displayed. I was always asked how my pain was and the staff managed it extremely well. I was impressed with the cleanliness of the hospital and had the opportunity to meet housekeeping Conswella and trainee Tralera. Lastly, but not least David in food services could not be a more friendly individual. I could not be more impressed with the quality of care received at St. Josephs. Kudo's to the staff for your professionalism. I realize the effort it takes to preform this type of service and make it look second nature. You've achieved a high standard of care which is greatly appreciated. Thank you!

Savannah Jackson

Horrible service. Waited7 hours and noone assisted me when people with little to nothing wrong with them went in front of me. Worst hospital to go to.

Eric Donaldson

Excellent hospital. Very nice staff. Would highly recommend conning here.

Daja Smith

My experience was good until they wouldn't give me no food or a blanket and I'm pregnant. Haven't eaten in 2 days and still wouldn't give me anything.

Everything Rodeo

This is the worst hospital I have ever been to The doctors are NOT professional My grandfather had a heart attack and nothing is being done we have been here 4 days and his condition has become gravely and no one seems to care or know why.... The nurses some are caring most are rude and tell us they are overworked and have way more patients than they are supposed to... I would never recommend this hospital to anyone not even for a dog

Brandon Cave

My experience was absolutely horrifying, Karyssa a young, unprofessional, condescending and degrading nurse who's beside manners where from the pits of HELL... After being traiged very quickly due to nobody in the waiting room only to sit in a shared room with another patient for 2 hours without any hospital personnel to come greet meI rung the bell just to inquire about what was going on. Karyssa replied "This is a prestigious hospital and we have other cases before you, You're just going to have to wait.. She walker away while I was asking questions says my something about her need to clean another room and then stuck her head back in the room to say" Things are being done you just be patient" I can't talk to you until the doctor comes to asses you.. RUDE IS AN UNDERSTATEMENT

Leo Wyatt

One of the worst places to work in the south. Many years ago I worked with some nurses who is better at backstabbing and destroying someone else's reputation . Unfortunately, bad karma came to her family. God is good. Vengeance is not mine.

steven ross

I came in with a small mersa infection and Dr. Jeff Kenny and the nurses went above and beyond what any other providers. If I have any other issues I will only come to this er ever again

David Brundage

I was a patient for knee surgery on April 26th ,2017. Surgery staff was very efficient and knowledgeable. I was assigned a room on the 6th floor . The staff could not have been better. Both shifts I was involved with were excellent. I'm not good with names so don't remember the names but i' m sure they are on the record. Great experience.

Sara Georgiadis

Absolutely wonderful experience. After a nightmare stay a few months ago at Memorial Hospital cattle factory here, this was a real joy. Usually one can’t wait to leave and go home, here I want to stay and continue being pampered and cared for. ER physician was a bit unpleasant but beyond that, it has been nothing but positive experiences. Excellent physicians who really care, caring attentive staff, nice quiet wings (no chaos), staff very attentive to one’s needs, food is good and Hospital is adequately upgraded with current technology. After a week’s stay, I’m sure I have healed much more quickly due to this very positive experience. After a life threatening stay at Memorial, I had thought I would have to seek future services from a hospital outside of Savannah, but so happy that I found St. Joseph’s and realize you can get excellent medical help here. Thank goodness we have this choice in Savannah. Thank you St Joseph’s.


I have come to St. Joseph's many times over the last decade and always left satisfied. That is until the last year. I have been to the ER three times and every time was an awful experience. The first time I was having lower abdominal pain and found out I was pregnant. I was 'seen' by a PA who never even examined me beyond the pee in a cup and ultrasound. was also charge for almost $900 worth of services that were never provided. The next time was several months I thought I was miscarrying again I felt overlooked and rushed out. Lastly, there is tonight. I fell earlier and feel as though I have broken my tailbone and I am having some abdominal cramping as I near my third trimester. I saw the triage nurse after sitting for an hour. I was told I was next in queue. Fast forward 4 hours later I am 5 in queue and the cramping is worse. The unit clerk was incredible rude and insensitive. This is by far the worst experience I have ever had at a hospital. I will never return to St. Joseph's hospital again. I don't know what has changed over the last year but it is definitely not for the better!!

Shannon King

Love this place. Everyone is so friendly and helpful. Its a smaller hospital and more homely feeling.

Cynthia Sicola

Awful and filthy. Took my daughter through the fast track for an ear infection during the weekend. We are new to the area and didn’t know Memorial was around the corner. We were treated like a customer at a deli counter. Zero bedside manner. They wouldn’t even give her a dose of antibiotic or Motrin to ease her pain. I didn’t have any Motrin on me since we left a church function to go straight to the ER because that’s when she started to feel the ear ache. She had to wait an hour later to get discharged then another 40 minutes to get her prescription filled at CVS. Poor thing was miserable even after giving her some Motrin as soon as we got to CVS. At least if she got both at the hospital her symptoms would’ve subsided by then. St. Joesph Candler needs to step up their game if you want to compete with surrounding medical centers.

Dwayne Zeigler

Thanks to everyone at the hospital for taking care of me during my stay. I have nothing but great things to say about anyone there. I highly recommend this hospital.

Rose Lopez

Thank you to all the Dr.'s and staff at St. Joseph hospital , y'all are amazing keep doing what you do will highly recommend to everyone might even Bragg a little lol. Five star rating from me. Dr Heiges special thanks to you and your staff for finally discovering the source of my pain God bless you all .Thanks a million times.

Autumn Bond

I went to the ER there based on the stoma Nurse at Convetec and a nurse at the urologist I was trying to get into as a walk in or an appointment and urologist are booked into the next 2 months and they asked me if I had any issues with sending them pictures of it to decide if I had to interrupt my vacation with my daughter's and they both said that I needed to go then. Which means that I didn't and waited until the next Thursday morning. I was Very impressed with the sweet lady at the desk because I was taken straight to a room. The Nurse immediately started with the information that they're always having to do. She asked me what I was there for and I told her and she told DR COFFEY SHE WAS IN AND OUT WITHIN A MINUTE SHE NEVER PUT GLOVES ON AND SHE DIDN'T EXAMINE THE STOMA BUT SHE ORDERED AN UNNECESSARY CT W&WO CONTRAST AND SHE SUPPOSEDLY LOOKED AT THE BLOOD WORK AND CT AND I WAS TOLD BY THE NURSE THAT I WAS BEING DISCHARGED THAT NOTHING WAS WRONG AND I ASKED HER TO GET A UROLOGIST ON CALL BC I WAS TOLD TO GET A UROLOGIST AND HE WOULD MAKE SURE THAT THE ***BLACK SKIN AROUND THE AREA IS DOING THAT AND IT'S NOT A GOOD THING. THE DR COFFEY MARCHES INTO MY ROOM AND TELLS ME THAT SHE WAS NOT GOING TO BOTHER HIM WITH SOMETHING THAT WAS NOTHING NEED I SAY THAT I WASTED MONEY ON NOTHING BUT SALINE AND THE IV WAS NOT WORKING PROPERLY I HAD TO HOLD IT THE WHOLE TIME I WAS THERE MINUS WHEN I HAD TO GO TO CT. ST JOSEPH HOSPITAL HAS THE BEST RATING IN TONS OF STUFF SO DON'T ALWAYS BELIEVE IN THE REVIEWS AND I SHOULD HAVE GONE TO MEMORIAL HOSPITAL AND THE INTERNS MIGHT HAVE BEEN THE ONE WHO NOT ONLY HAD A GOOD JUDGMENT AND CALLED THE UROLOGIST ON CALL AND THEY TOLD ME TO GO TO MY DOCTOR IN 3 STATES OVER.

Ebony Holloway

The nurse that took care of me was really sweet and caring! I love this hospital everytime I have to go I’m not there no longer then a hour! They have fast, friendly, & professional care team! Thanks St.Joesph!

Brandie Kennedy

Things have really changed at this hospital! I was recently admitted to St. Joseph's for pneumonia, through a very new and efficient ER! I can't remember the name of the doctor that admitted me but I'd like to say that he was the most thorough and compassionate physician that I have ever encountered. He had a genuinely kind nature about him and I don't think that I have ever been treated better anywhere.

Kam Dewayne

Worst Hospital ever came in at 12:21 waited 3 hours to get into the ER literally suffered the whole night and the doctor never came back after the x ray

Nathan Robards

Before my surgery, the staff were pleasant and conversational. After my surgery the nurses and other hospital staff answered all my questions and listened to me as I asked many questions about the healing and rehabilitation process. They were informative, respectful and made my visit a pleasant and enjoyable one.

Majdi Saleh

Daughter in NICU was taken care of in a great manner. Staff, doctors and nurses are awesome and very friendly. They show a high level of caring and professionalism.

rebecca lincoln

A doctor at this hospital saved my brother's life with emergency surgery. Thank you St. Joseph's.

Benton Monrow

This is one of the worst hospitals I have ever been in. The e r is understaffed and way to many patients. The doctor is generic and no specialties at all. You sit all night and the next day without any decisions being made to address why your here in the first place. It's like their scared to make a decision.

Angela Kindred

Charged my grandmother 40$ for a pad. Not happy with that at all.

Lyndsey Beck

WORST hospital I have ever been to! I went to the ER bent over in pain, fever, vomiting non stop (ended up having appendicitis). The ER room they took me too had used vomit bag with SOMEONE ELSES vomit in it in the bathroom sink along with a pee cup filled with someone else's pee. I immediately vomited just at the sight of this. DISGUSTING, UNSANITARY, UNACCEPTABLE. The bed was also a mess and it took them around 6 hours just to give me a pillow. I was writhing in pain, vomiting and very dehrydated yet it took them HOURS just to get me an IV bag. They said they would "be right back" and completely forget about me. That place has no sense of urgency whatsoever. So I end up having to get an appendectomy...I was finally moved to a real room after 7 very long and uncomfortable hours in that nightmare of an ER. The bed in this room was leaps and bounds better and there was actually a place for my husband to lay down. The terrible sense of urgency continued however. We waited over an hour in that room before a nurse even came in and introduced herself. Even after we pushed the nurses button. I was crying my eyes out in pain, so nauseous, so dehydrated and Recieving no immediate attention while my appendix was in the process of bursting. After my surgery was completed 12 hours after my arrival, all they focused on was getting me the f out of there. I just got out of surgery and they stopped giving me morphine for pain. terrible experience. Today, I went back for a follow up appointment and this Turkish surgeon with NO bedside manner made me cry my eyes out the entire appointment. Yelled at me when I asked questions for "not listening to him." He also made me feel so stupid for coming 2 days before my scheduled post op. I thought something was very wrong since I was running a fever for days, had unbearable pain, couldn't eat for over a week, rapid weight loss...excuse me for being concerned about my very slow recovery, AVOID THIS PLACE!!!! It is a disaster zone. I will do everything in my power to let the community know about the terrible care this place is giving .

Jane Sipple

From registration to discharge for my inpatient visit for spinal surgery everyone was kind, knowledgeable and friendly. A special thanks to the orthopedic staff on 6N for their excellent nursing care.

J Lewis

Staff very professional and compassionate.

Skillz 4 Kidz Martial Arts

I had to call the news stations and the medical board to get my mom a room. Skew had been I the ER over 24 hours and is a 72 year old stage 4 lung cancer patient. Then once in a room they left a used bag of blood in her sink and she was in a room that required masks but the nurse forgot her mask .Can we say worst hospital.

Jason Sanders

I had surgery on my ankle and the staff was great. Dr. Prather did an excellent job on my ankle and I would recommend him to anyone. His bedside manner was impeccable and very thorough. The nurses were very helpful and always helped me when I needed something.

mark shores

Thanks for the care and want to apologize for being a jerk while I was being treated there for heart attack last week. My depression causes me to be very angry at the world and don't mean to be take it out on everyone.

Sandra Denmark

This hospital is by far the best, hands down! The doctors, nurses, and staff are always happy to help with anything you need. My dad has been in and out of this hospital a year now. I thank God for opening a door in leading us to this place! I would rate it a 10 if there was an option to do so!

123 Queen

I received excellent care from the time I entered the door until I was discharged. The care exceeded my expectations. I plan to maintain my health, but if it ever fails, this is where I want to be.


I recently had orthopedic surgery at St. Joseph's Hospital. The staff and nurses were all efficient and caring. I hardly had any pain. The PT staff was great too. St. Joseph's is the only place to go for outstanding medical care in Savannah!


My wife had a issue with her chest and we arrived to the emergency room about 11 pm and it was 31 degrees outside.I had my 9 year old daughter with me and the lady at the sign end desk told me that I had to take my daughter outside in the freezing cold and wouldnt sign my wife in until I removed my daughter. She never made any suggestion as to where the new waiting rooms were located ,she just pointed to the front door,and said hospital,s policy.WHERE DO THEY FIND SUCH PEOPLE TO DEAL WITH THE PUBLIC. I thought I saw it all! Stay away from this unprofessional place!

Rose Gardenia

Treated in the Emergency Department on November 30 following a nasty fall. Dr. Gogel and nurse Jase Doyle were excellent, as well as staff at the front desk, imaging service, and everyone who took care of me. St. Joseph's is the best! Joyce Weinzettel.

Jennifer Roberts

From the time I entered into the Emergency Room until eight days later when I was discharged, the staff at St. Joseph's hospital were caring, compassionate, empathetic, and did their very best to care for me and my family. To be so sick that you can't care for yourself is a nightmare but the staff at St. Joseph's went above and beyond to comfort and help me as I slowly recovered. To the Staff in the Emergency Department, Patient Care Unit, Intensive Care Unit, and 7th floor, Please know, I am forever grateful for the excellent care provided by all of the nurses, techs, respiratory therapists, transporters, physicians, and more at St Joseph's.

Susan Howell

I had to go to the ED late in the evening. The care was fantastic- all were courteous and concerned. I was sent quickly and my needs were met. The physician and nurses were timely in their care and very responsive. My husband was also informed of all that was occurring

George Lipsky

My wife entered the hospital to have lower back surgery and had to stay over for 1 night. The doctors, nurses, PA's, and all of the other folks who served her during the 2 days were caring and attentive. She had previously been in another hospital for a different reason a few years ago and had a terrible experience so she was apprehensive about this occasion. However, this experience was extremely positive. Thank you to all of the St. Joseph's staff.

Serena Patterson

Went to bring my nephews in for a rash that cover his whole body and was passed on to his little brother. Arrived at 9:30pm and sat in the waiting room for 3 hours. Three others arrived after me and was seen before me and another lady and her child. After waiting finally got called back and was told that it was allergies, i didnt by the allergy perdiction because he said it was not contagious BUT never answered my question about how it was passed on to his brother if NOT contagious. Doctor didn't spend more the 5mins in the room with them and then left out and was never seen again, another nurse had to track him down to see what was going on. Then i waited another 3 hours to be discharged without my nephews being able to return to school for 2 days and a prescription of steroid cream.Dischared at 3:00am. Almost 6 hours of just sitting. Very upsetting and will not be returning for any reason.

Register Family

I had to take my 7-y-old son to ER on Good Friday. He had fallen and has big gash in his forehead that required stitches. We were waiting for 7 hours before being seen by the doctor to procedure that took 15 min. This was the most horrible experience my son and I had in our lives. It is abhorrent that a young child had to wait in pain for so long to be taken care of. He was very scared and the long wait only exacerbated his anguish. Once we saw the doctor she was very nice and sweet, but it did not make up or the atrocious waiting time we had to endure. We finally got out of this place at 2:35 AM on Saturday. They had a audacity to call me with automatic survey today and I was hoping to give them the piece of my mind, but their questions were so carefully structured that I did not get the opportunity to let them know how horrible their facility is. Faith-based hospital that has staff with NO HEARTS to make a child wait for so long, scaring him for his life. God help all the people who has to rely on this "hospital" to be treated. What a disgrace to the medical community this hospital is.

Holly M

My experience thus far: Good doctors, confused administration. I am scheduled for a lumbar puncture at the end of this week, which my health insurance informs me needs pre-authorization. This appointment was scheduled three days ago, and my doctor's office and the hospital have yet to contact my insurance company. I spoke to 6 different nurses and staff at my doctor's office and the hospital yesterday and was transferred to answering machines, bounced around between offices that didn't know what to do, and even got to sit through a woman's coughing fit as she hacked and gagged into the phone while trying to speak with me. I called my insurance company today and they still have heard nothing about my lumbar puncture. I called the hospital today, and was yet again transferred to someone's voicemail. I called my doctor's office again and was shrugged off and then quickly cut-off by a nurse who couldn't care less. It looks like I may have to cancel this much needed, vision-saving procedure because of the pure incompetence of the St. Joseph's staff. All I need is someone, anyone, to pick up a phone and call my health insurance to get this procedure pre-authorized before Friday. Again, nice friendly doctors...but lazy confused staff. *Update: Finally, on call number eight, one person was able to explain that it will take three business days for someone at St. Joseph's to contact my insurance. Finally after getting a hold of my insurance, they were told that this procedure apparently doesn't need to be pre-authorized after all! Confusion abound! But at least I received a response from a helpful staff member.

Tasha Lopez

Great environment, I really want to thank these nurses, Shawn, Anna, all my PCTs were great. I really appreciate the quick actions of the surgeon. He a really great guy. My family thanks you Dr. Wynn. The food service team rocks and cant forget Mrs. Lavern.

David Smulevitz

Waited 8 hours in the E.R. from 5 p.m. to 1 a.m. in the temporary room and saw the doctor only twice. Both times we saw him, he acted like he had no knowledge or just didn't care. Plus their chemistry machine that tests blood samples broke down, so we were unable to get the results. The nurse was friendly and said there was only one doctor working the whole E.R. area. But there should never just be only one doctor, especially one who seems to be new or acts like he just doesn't care. Will never be back.

Natalie Lewis

St.Josephs Hospital experience needs a lot of help. My mom was a nurse and I know for a fact that she would have been appalled at the lack of care provided at this hospital. The ER staff did pretty well and my doctor was great. Once my care was transferred, I would have to say, that floor was better then the floor below the ICU. One of the only complaints about the 5th floor was that they didn’t clean my bed while I was up there and I was a mess on the 3rd floor. I asked to speak with a patient at several points in my care,but have yet to see one. Respiratory care has done a good job however, I am not on a constant monitor and I am feeling short of breath and uncomfortable quite a bit. My doctors have been great, but they need a good support staff ie. nurses, nurses aids ext. that were seriously negligent throughout my care while on the third floor. I did all the cleaning in my room, and am the only reason I don’t have an infection or bed sores while staying at this hospital. Patient advocate lacking Poor nursing skills “3rd floor” Uncaring environment “does not provide a healing environment” Unclean I hope if nothing else, someone with the ability to do something about these matters, chooses to do so. This is just sad.

Larry Chase

The wait is rediculous, sat in the room for three hours to wait for a thirty minute flu check. Staff walking around having a good time. Not pleased.

Judy Haman

St. Joseph's Heart Hospital was amazing. Everyone was very kind and helpful. Very professional. It seemed to me that people employed there were very happy with their individual jobs and went the extra mile for their patients. I would definitely recommend St. Joseph's Heart Hospital to everyone. I have already recommended to many.

Joel Moore

My experience in the CCU unit was a amazing .When you're living your worse nightmare , and somehow it is made as painless as possible, Comfort ,Compassion and Skill!!!!!!!!!!!!

Keith James

I am here now. I have been waiting for 3 1/2 hours. I asked a nurse if she had any idea how long the wait is. She ripped me a new one and said it will be as long as it takes. I have never been treated so badly for just asking a simple question. Ifor I wasn't here with a sick friend, I would leave. I will never come here again.

Catherine C

I had some expensive testing there and the girl who was supposed to get my tests pre-authorized, gave my insurance company the wrong codes and the insurance company refused to pay. I contacted the hospital several times and they even stated they would take care of it. They stuck me with a 7,985 bill and turned me over to collections, for their own negligence


Hubby went to ER 3 times in November and had 2 4 Day stays from 2 of the ER visits. Received excellent and professional care in ER. Had wonderful nurses & doctors during 4 day stays... very kind and caring from ALL who we came in contact was pretty good too

Robin Gotbes Forbes

St Joseph hospital was very good in talking care of me, it was pleasant staying there and having surgery, my nurse on 6th floor were so nice and helpful

Danielle Owens

I was very impressed with the emergency room staff and response to my wife. The entire process was worth it when deciding to come here. Jase, Rocky, Chad, Robbie and Todd were happy to help and assist no matter what. Jase was totally handling the various patients that were in need of help when getting assessed in the ER. I will definitely feel very good when going to St. Joseph's for the premium care.

L. S.

My daughter was sent to the ER on 4/22/17 and her experience was horrible. We spent 10 hours in the ER for a cyst. There was no rooms clean. We had to wait in the hallway for 30 minutes or so while she wept because her pain was unbearable. There was no sense of urgency from staff. They didn't seem apologetic or concerned about my child and the condition that she was in. I would go out of the room periodically to try and find someone to follow up with only to see staff having personal conversations with each other and texting or their cellphones. I'm baffled at the slow wait time, the rude staff members and how careless they are to the public. Why call it an emergency room when it takes 10 hours to get help? It should be called waiting room. I will not return back to this hospital, I will let family and friends know about this horrible experience.

Aaron Herrin

The nurses I had were better than a ten. They were top notch. I have been in 2 of the wings of the 5th floor on the same side and all the nurses were the best I've ever had in my life of 62 years. I love them. Same goes for all the surgical team, doctors and all the staff I came into contact with. St. Joseph's is truly the best hospital in the world. I thank you all from my heart and wish you all the best life has to offer. God Bless

lahoma roberts

I normally don’t do reviews, however since I have plenty of time to write this I’m going for it. . . To begin my husband had lower back surgery October 11,2018. The experience was such a wonderful one. So when my husband started having a high temperature I immediately brought him back to St. Joseph’s ER. We arrived 7 am and they immediately got him back to lower the temperature. However 13 hours and 42 minutes later I’m still in the ER waiting for a bed in the hospital. My husband has not eaten all day nor was he ever encouraged to take a sip of water or even a cracker. However they make sure they come in and scan his wrist band to continually charge us ludicrous service amounts. The bed he has been in all day is super small and very uncomfortable for a person that has had back surgery. My back is in pain from the uncomfortable chair that I have been in all day waiting for a room for my husband. Also the room is very dirty. They had sanitizing wipes in the room that I used to clean up a little so I could feel some what comfortable. The floor has obvious dirt spots all over and the bathroom is a bacteria and virus heaven. I’m frustrated and very tired. I would leave however my husband is so sick I dare not move him. I’m stuck. Just beware and be warned if you decide to come here. To add on to this review my husband is shivering because he continually gets a fever. I called for the nurse at 9:15 to ask if someone could check his temperature and give him some Tylenol. The person sitting at the desk that answered said she would tell the nurse. . . Well it’s now 9:35 and no nurse and no Tylenol. And we are still in the ER room 8 waiting on a room in hospital. With my husband still very sick and no closer to solving his problem then when I came in at 7am.

Willie Suggs

They did a very good job. Professional staff and friendly.

Matthew Sweetman

I give this place ZERO stars. Came in today. The reception Jasmin extremely unprofessional and rude. I wish they had a Military hospital on Hunter so that way I can avoid people like here. Individuals that come here are sick and not feeling well. If she does not like her job then she needs to quit!! She is the first person person see when they walk into the ER, she also needs to take more pride in her appearance! A person could die here and no one would care. Came in with chest pain and no EKG was don’t. Waited over 2 hrs to see a physician and there was hardly anyone in the ER.

Monica Price

The nurses were vey nice. I just been in a car accident. The physician assistant was very rude from the very start. At first I didn't think nothing of it maybe she had a bad night. She questioned me about wearing a seat belt! I have worked in the medical field before and I have seen very traumatizing things. Therefore I always wear a seat belt! For someone to question that just after being in a car accident I will not understand! She was very nice to the lady in the next room. So I m just trying to understand what my husband and I did for her to treat us so poorly. I wanted to be in the medical field to help patients, not to make them feel worse than before they Arrived. Christina m Johnson was the physician that took care of me. I ended up trying to leave before they took X-rays just because of how miserable I felt. I will never go back to that hospital it was nasty and had dead bugs all over the floor!! I wish I would have read the rating first because that alone speaks for it self!

andie k

The team at St. Joseph's Hospital Emergency Department is wonderful! During the Christmas weekend, my father became extremely ill and needed a late night trip into the emergency room. With no wait, we were taken into a room where they quickly assessed his condition and began treating him. Thanks to their expertise and fast intervention, he was able to be released within only a few hours to continue care at home and follow up with his regular physician. I am so grateful to the entire team, especially our awesome nurse Alex, for your skill and kindness in caring for my father.


Waited seven hours in emergency room with my nephew. Staff in waiting area were professional.Nurse in examination room was rude, condescending, unprofessional, and uncaring. ( This was. Monday, Jan. 8, 2018)A short stocky nurse with shoulder length black hair and old ance scars was the nurse who had the bad disposition. Maybe it was because he didn't have insurance ,but everyone should treated respect whether they can pay or not.

White Dove

PA Sarah took care of my child through the emergency room and I have no complaints she was kind professional and she had a nice conversation with my husband, my son and I. My son ended up having stitches in his foot and I am forever grateful that she took x-rays and found out that he did not have any broken bones and let's just say I feel that she crossed her T's and Dot her i's. My son is a baseball player and he can't play for 10 days but I am hopeful that no infection will occur and that he's going to be just fine .Upon entering the emergency room there were no other patients so they saw my son right away.I did not have to wait!!!! The emergency room area was very clean and everybody was very kind and most importantly we were seen right away. now it took some time in the back but that's expected. We were the first ones to go in and the first ones to get out I believe. The experience of being in a clean kind caring environment was awesome. The accident that brought me to the hospital was unfortunate but thanks to the staff at ST.JOSEPH everything ran smoothly there. I highly recommend this hospital every time.

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