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REVIEWS OF St. Francis Eastside IN South Carolina

Cheryl McD

Dad is here because of stage 4 cancer. Nurses have been great, food service employees outstanding. Thankful for the considerate care that he's receiving. TV is small and blurry, but oh well, it's just a television.

John Rundell

Staff is great in pediatric. Always quick appts when needed!

pilar jaramillo

The Doge

My experience with Saint Francis was absolutely atrocious. I went in to the ER for severe pelvic pain I had been experiencing for weeks prior. When I arrived I was being picked on by one nurse imparticular. She kept berating me, being disrespectful, and calling me a baby. She also told me to " Be a big girl" even though I was being very polite and soft spoken. The doctor decided that I was to be treated to a pelvic ultrasound. It was very painful and the sonographer didn't seem to know what she was doing as she continued to keep causing me physical pain, even after I told her that it hurt. About an hour after, I was finally allowed to go home. I left the ER crying after the amount of trauma and bullying I had faced. I am still experiencing discomfort from my pelvic region and the problem has not been taken care of. Anyway, all in all I did not enjoy my visit to Saint Francis. They lack professionalism and seem to hire whoever wants to work there with complete disregard to their social skills. I would encourage future attendees to choose a different hospital.

Fabiola Rivas

Just got my knee surgery done. I love this hospital and ita staff. Attention and focus on patients was number one priority.

Wendi Lovegrove

Samantha Weiss

My mother was admitted a few months ago for sepsis and the staff saved her life. She stayed a little over a week and I spent every day and night with her in the room. The nurses were compassionate, very consistent, and went above and beyond their duties. The doctors (physical therapist, ICU staff, etc.) displayed extraordinary patience and deserve a round of applause for providing quality care for my mother (and me after I passed out from watching my mother transfer rooms). I would recommend to anyone.

Tiffany Dison

This hospital is the worst hospital ever. I wouldn’t take my dog to this hospital

Matt Price

I have never had to wait in the waiting room. I think I know why now.

Russell Collins

Great hospital an great staff

Yiheng Huang

Heidi Crockford

Loved it,,, my daughter just delivered my first grandbaby here June 22 ,,, I want to thank allllllllllll the staff for taking such great care of not only them BUT the whole family as well ,, we have had great nurses n n great drs as well,, my lil man is in the nursery from some complications from my daughters sack leaking n him being a few weeks early, n ending up having to do a c section,,, ( my lil man's stubborn) the nurses are awesome!!! I thank each n everyone of them .....

Brittany Barrett

Just delivered my son here Wednesday via c section. My son and I had some complications due to my sac rupturing. The L&D nurses were just amazing they tried their best to keep me calm an relaxed considering the circumstances plus this being my first baby. My son ended up having some breathing problems but the women in the nursery are all doing a fabulous job with him he is never alone unless we are in there or he is getting his rest. His breathing has improved tremendously! I could ask for better to be taking care of my son an I! I would deff recommend St Francis to anyone!

Kathy Retherford

Recently had knee replacement surgery. The hospital was clean, unlike the other major hospital in town. The staff was professional, and caring. Hollie, nurse on 7a-7p shift was kind, caring, and very gentle. I think her name was Marianne was extraordinary, helpful, I looked forward to seeing her. The physical therapy staff was knowledgeable, helpful, making sure we were prepared to go home. We are very fortunate to have St. Francis East side in Greenville.

Amber Bennett

I'm 33 weeks pregnant and i have been having strong contractions. I went in to the hospital yesterday evening and my nurse was awesome. Checked me and made me feel very comfortable and answered all my new, teenage mom questions. Tonight, I found myself bleeding and called up there to see if it's normal and they had me to come in to be checked. When I came in, I was sent to a dirty room (bathroom had a lot of trash, random dirty fork on the table) and told to change. Once I did, the nurse, Ronda, came in and was absolutely terrible. She was so rude. She acted like she had better things to do. She asked me questions and made me feel stupid about every answer I gave her. She went to check my cervix and I told my husband not to look jokingly and she said "he can make a baby with you but not look at your belly" and rolled her eyes. Then she hooked me to the montier for literally 30 minutes, barely checked my cervix and told me to go home. She didn't check my urine sample (the whole reason I came in was for blood). When she came back she was very rude to me and I told her I didn't want her help anymore .. Ever. She than was very hateful and rude to me as I was leaving. As far as the rest of my pregnancy I am thinking about switching hospitals. I will not pay for this service. I do not recommend anyone going there & as far as Ronda is concerned, I will not stop here. I'm going to call corporate.

Becky F

I am not to write negative reviews, but I have to now. The care for the patients in the ER was definitely not a priority. When we walked in, there was no one waiting in the ER waiting room. The Triage nurse was very friendly and took me right away. When they put me in a ER room (about 10:30 pm) every ER bed was empty. After waiting for about an hour with no acknowledgement of being there, the ER doctor came in and asked what was going on (after I had given triage all the details). He asked if I had been given an IV yet (which I hadnt), he listened to my stomach with the stethoscope, said I needed a CT scan and walked out. I was cramping and very weak from losing natural fluids. We waited about 30 - 40 more minutes (as we heard the RNs talking about personal things) to get the IVs going. By then, about 2 other patients came in, but they still weren't busy. The nurse (Emily C). that hooked me up to the IVs was rude and it was obvious she was just there for a paycheck and didnt care about my comfort. I asked for a glass of water and she explained that I couldn't have any until I was discharged. I completely understood that. After waiting for about 3 hours, I asked her politely why we were waiting so long seeing that the ER was not busy. She said, "there is alot going on behind the scenes". I thought "yep, talking personal things". She never apologized and during the entire 8 hours we were in there, she only asked me one time if I needed anything. When I asked for a blanket, I had to ask her twice!! I asked her how long we would have to wait to get the CT scan and she said about 30 minutes. The wait for the CT scan was about an hour. Anytime I asked her something medical related, she said "she didnt know" and didn't offer to ask the doctor. The CT tech was very kind and had sympathy. She helped me in and out of the wheelchair and truly cared about my well-being. Went back to ER bed and doctor addressed the CT scan about an hour later. Again, they never got extremely busy. The doctor asked me if I could provide a stool sample and I said "yes" but I needed some water. He said ok, we'll get you some water. The nurse was in there when he said it, and left. I waited another 30 minutes and she came in without water. I asked her where my water was (politely) and she said "I don't think you should drink any". I reminded her that the doctor said I could have water and she got very frustrated and wanted to argue saying "you are getting fluids through the IV" . About 20 minutes later, she brings the water. Finally after 8 hours of being in the ER (that never git really busy) we were FINALLY discharged.

Kristen Burton

I love this place. I had 2 children here. I received the best care. I had my hysterectomy also at the hospital. My husband stayed with me. My hysterectomy was a very painful experience. The care I received from the nurses was excellent I could have not asked for better care. During this time my husband never left my side even to eat. All we had to do was the night before call down to the kitchen and give them what he wanted the next day and when they brought my meals his came too. They gave us a menu for the entire week. I have never seen or heard of a hospital offering this service ever. I also drive past 2 emergency rooms to go to this one. The wait is never a long wait and the staff is wonderful. I highly recommend this hospital and emergency room services.

Ruthann Flati

Over all it was an all right experience my biggest complaint is with the anesthesiologist it took them 9 times of stabbing me in the back to get my epidural in.

Steve Hall

The 3rd floor staff was wonderful in caring for me after my hip surgery in November 2018.

Geovany Diaz

The Workers are very good every single time i come here they treat very good they also Professional and Care of there Patients

Lina Orrego

Phyllis Mcchesney

Have the nicest staff

Jessica Gillette

The women’s center is absolutely hands down THE BEST, I am so thankful for every nurse and Doctor Who works here

Philicia W

I had my son at st francis three months ago and had complications that I didn't know about but when I got to the hospital I was hooked up to machines and taken very good care of from then to the time I left. My son was in the nicu for a week and they took excellent care of him n let me call n come see him as many times as I want. I will be going back if we decide to have another child.

Deangelo Fowler

Worst er probably in the whole state of South Carolina, very unprofessional nurses. The two lady’s up front were good. But as far the nurses very rude, don’t care about the patients, play on they phone while at work, talk s*** about the patients. I would not recommend anybody to this er.

Polli Murphy

FABULOUS in every way...checked in for hip replacement on 1/26 and left 1/27. Every department, nursing, dietary, OT, PT, Social Work... GREAT, caring & went way above and beyond to get all I needed before a 2 pm discharge. I will rant and rave about all of you who were so kind, caring and fun to be around. Phlebotomy skills best I've ever stick and done both times...I'm a normal 3-9 attempt patient.THANK YOU THANK YOU

Kimalette Moon

Brandi Rodriguez

I love this hospital and staff. I delivered my son here and had a great experience. The room was very nice and clean with plenty of room. I've had two successful surgeries and the staff was very helpful and friendly.

michael broome

It's a hospital and they do hospital things!

Jessi Hamilton

Josh Chaffin

I had to make an ER visit this past October. The front desk staff were rude, and very unprofessional. The lobby wasn't busy, as there was only myself and one other family being admitted at the time. Since my visit, paying my bill has been nothing but a hassle. The online payment option won't let me register, keeps telling me my account doesn't exist, and getting any kind of help is an endless cycle of red tape. Calling customer service is equally infuriating. Their toll free number for payment is only open M-F 9-5, there is no option for working people to pay their bill at a time that is convenient to them. This was the only time I've ever had to get healthcare at St. Francis, and I will never willingly be doing service with them ever again.

David Arbuckle

The staff was very friendly and caring. And the wait time wasn't bad at all

michele nobles

Over 2 hour wait and thats is horrible.

Jessica Chepa

I had surgery with Dr. Sellner on 1-28-19. The whole process was amazing. He is very personable and explains everything in detail to let you know what to expect. One of the best experiences I've ever had with a physician. His office staff, especially Gracie was amazing! From the time I walked into St Francis Eastside for my outpatient procedure I was treated with respect and kindness. Carrie was my preop nurse and was very kind. The CRNA, anesthesiologist and OR staff were great as well! (sorry I can't remember your names!!) Forrest was my PACU nurse who also treated me very well and anticipated my needs before I had to ask. I would definitely recommend Dr. Sellner for any ENT need and if surgery is needed, St Francis is the place to go.

joey kohout

I don't even know where to start!!! Worst hospital I've ever been to! Had to take my mother to the ER due to she has a ongoing wound on her hip from a bad staff infection she got in her hip replacement overs year ago, that was done at this hospital.But she has a wound vac on her leg and she is currently on multiple antibiotics and doing pain management. She is confined to a wheel chair at this time also. But seeing as her high risk for infection she can't take any risks. well she got a fever of 102 and her wound is very red and sore. Her home health nurse told her to go to the ER. Well the first nurse we see to do the intake was very rude and snobby. Then we go back out in the waiting room sit for two hours then they take her back to get blood, then send us back out to waiting room. At this time multiple people have came in and got treated then released, and here we sit still haven't seen or talked to a dr!!!! Well 3 1/2 hours go bye, I finally asked when are we going to see a dr. And they say we don't know that is the awnser I received every time I asked. They kept saying we are waiting on a room to be available. She is sitting in a wheelchair running a fever, shivering from the fever, crying from the pain , and after 4 hours same response, we don't know how long and we can't give a estimated time!!!!! So finally I went to the counter and asked for the head nurse! She told me the same thing! My mother was in desperate need of medical treatment and they just left her sitting out in waiting room for over 4 hours. Well my mom finally said let's leave. So we left and never got to see a dr. I'm going to be calling the hospital director in the morning that's a promise. So we got home and at this time my mother is in the worst shape. Her fever jumped to 103!!!! We call a paramedic to pick her up and they took her to an med hospital.

Andrew Hawkins

If you like waiting forever while 20 people from the same family have a reunion and clog the ER for a mass case of the sniffles, doctors who don't do anything, and waiting to talk to some guy behind a computer, go right ahead.

Matthew Whitaker

St Francis Eastside was wonderful, we came in Saturday 7th and stayed until Tuesday the 10th. From registration, to labor and delivery to emergency C Section... Every nurse, doctor and pct tested us like gold. Took great care of my wife and new baby boy, we will use them again in the future. Great rooms, service, level of care. Thank you for everything and helping our baby boy make it into the world

Myra Bowling

The employees at this hospital have no respect. One employee Anna (who would not give her full name) was rude and inconsiderate. The patient was taken back to the room after waiting in excruciating pain in the emergency room. There were four of us with her, and the nurse did not mention to us that only two people were allowed back to the room. When my mother and I walked back the nurse said with an attitude, “ I said two people!” She treated us as if we were children and had no respect. I did not appreciate this treatment, and I believe Saint Francis Hospital should be ashamed that they hire workers who: 1. Have no respect for patients and their families; 2. Do not want to work there; and 3. Do not know how to talk with people without getting angery. I myself plan on going into the medical field and communication skills are one of the most important parts. She proved she can not handle the job of being a nurse and needs a desk job that does not involve dealing with people. I left after this awful experience, but the disrespect continued from her with the rest of my family.

darlene scott

Christina M

As a former employee I would not recommend going here. All the hospital cares about is saving money. Half of the time the ER can hardly start and IV, however, this is not due to lack of skill but due to poor quality equipment. The hospital decided to save money on IVs so they went with a cheaper mess quality IV which resulted in less successful IV attempts and more painful IVs. Some of the stretches are decades old and barely even work. There were many times we were unable to lock a stretcher or bed because it had broken. When speaking to the radiology department they stated that they always have broken equipment and it takes weeks to get it fixed. There were times they would get the patient ready for an X-ray and the machine just quit working. Employees do not speak well of the mental health patients on hold and it can take days for them to be transferred to a mental health facility. The staff here is greatly over worked and under appreciated due to those higher up trying to save a few dollars.

olivia kim


Good service just really slow at times

Derrick Clay

Please look over your bill. I was charged over $600 for a couple tablets of Motrin. Motrin costs 10 cents a tablet at the store but they charged me $45 dollars a tablet. I attached my bill. If they charge over a 1000x more for motrin I cant image what else they over charge for.

Matt Ice

These people will not even let family in to see a childbirth unless you’re “immediate caregivers” of the patient. How disrespectful you can’t even come see a new baby being born into your family. This disgusts me. Had an awful experience at the east side campus saint Francis as well when my dad died. Nurses didn’t have much emotion with the situation, reacted very slow when trying to call them for something. Will NEVER return here and will recommend everyone to stay away.

Deanna Goode

This was our first & last time we ever use this place again. Our 7 y/o son hurt his leg pretty significantly while playing on his scooter which is what brought us here. The nursing staff in this ER are rude, disrespectful, unpleasant and unprofessional. One of the nurses who acted the worse refused to give us her name. We eventually did get it, Elizabeth L. My husband seems to feel there were undertones of racism towards he & our son & I can’t help but agree given the way we were treated. I’ve never had an experience at a hospital like this before so we were left shocked and extremely disappointed. I had no faith my son had been properly cared for so we had him looked at again once we left. We were sat on a bed in the hallway of ER and left there for 1.5 hrs without acknowledgement, assessment or any communication. Once my husband asked who our nurse was & what was going on, Elizabeth felt the need to become sarcastic & made us feel as though we were bothering her. The nurses were standing around laughing and carrying on at the station. There’s absolutely no excuse for the treatment we, my son and husband, received from this hospital especially since it was an extremely slow Monday evening. This ER is absolutely filthy too. If you can, DO NOT go to this ER.

julia williams

So my husband had to come here because the urgent Care we went to thought he had appendicitis and his appendix was going to burst. So we obviously went. To start our awful trip, the nurse that takes your temp and gets you in a room was so ignorant, she had to ask if she took my husband's temperature, and my husband had to take the blood pressure machine off of his arm and his fingertip, then when she was asking him what he was being seen for she wasn't even paying attention she had to ask more than once then once we get into the room, the room is just disgusting the room has splatters all over the walls paint was chipping off of the walls and there was dust everywhere! And being 9 months pregnant I had to make a trip to the restroom and it was absolutely disgusting the floor was gross and sticky there was pee cups and sanitizer wipes piled up in the corner one light bulb was working so it was dark it was just completely awful. I come back to my husband's room and had found out he needed a CT scan in blood work to make sure everything was alright, we waited two and a half hours and he was not taken back for the CT the actual doctor came in to check to see if he had a CT scan not his nurse! so they clearly forgot about him!!! his appendix could have burst if that's what was wrong!! Then the nurse comes back to take him to his scan and said 'oh your blood work came back fine did they come back and tell you" when she was clearly our nurse so we waited two and a half hours for scan and for his blood results and got nothing till his doctor came in. So they take my husband for his CT scan and he tells me that they take him outside of the hospital into a trailer where they have a giant CT machine! Then we waited 30 minutes for the results and the doctor said he was fine thankfully and we could be discharged then we continue to wait 45 minutes for the nurse to discharge us, they had people lined up in the hallways in beds and we were waiting 45 minutes to be discharged when they could have put someone in there if they weren't sitting at the nurses station talking and playing on their phones. They finally came back and gave us our discharge papers, and I had to remind the nurse to take my husband's IV out of his arm! Completely awful! If you have an actual emergency DO NOT go here!

Sydney Kilbourne

Does this hospital use anaesthesia or any type of numbing/pain relief when giving newborn boys circumcisions? I recently discovered that some local hospitals dont provide any relief to baby boys when getting this procedure done and it has me really worried for my son when he was born here in January

David Durrette

Mike Stroman

Terrible ER experience on 11/2015 being transported by EMS for back pain so severe could not walk. First they said was get up and sit in wheelchair ??? Nurse Practitioner Stephanie Fisher took an hour to ask my name ON A THURSDAY MORN and after 5 injections for pain and muscle relaxers and 4 hours with NO TESTS was told to go home - I could not be admitted to St Francis for severe pain ALONE?? What are hospitals for? She gave prescriptions to get me home laid down in the back of my truck seat.. NOT what I would have expected from this ER - will forever go to GHS sites again. Avoid this place if all possible.

Lynn Sarmento

Timothy Staiano

Christina Szrama

TERRIBLE for L & D. Always one step behind best practices; the only hospital in town that requires TWO blood draws during labor, regardless of mom’s files or past blood work. They treat every mom as a c-section waiting to happen, which accounts for their awful c-section rate (40+%... four times the 10% recommended by the WHO) and epidural rate (90+%). However their ER is wonderful and their PT and rehab staff in-hospital are excellent. They discount uninsured cash-pay patients by 75% which is super helpful!

Kellie Coleman

My husband and I recently had our first child here, and we could not have asked for a better experience. From the second that we walked in the door, we were greeted with the most caring and attentive staff. We had a planned c section, and every single person from the anesthesiologist to the nurses made us feel so comfortable and like we were their only patients even though the entire L&D floor was full. We even had one nurse stay for at least 2 hours with us in the middle of the night to help with feeding our little one and getting rid of congestion that had built up due to the c section. The lactation specialists were also very attentive and call to check up on you once you return home. I will absolutely use St. Francis Eastside again!

Bill Hutchison

St Francis Millennium Hospital My wife and I were both impressed with the Facility. All the people that we came in contact with were genuinely supportive warm and friendly during our stay. We continue to go there for ongoing outpatient cancer treatments and would recommend St Francis to all our family and friends........

Terry S

I went to the Emergency room this afternoon, the dirtiest hospital I have ever been to! Blood on the door handle to enter the triage room, blood on the blood pressure arm pad. The nurse was going to get a prescription/antibiotics for my hand that had to be stitched up for me and she left and just clocked out! The most unprofessional experience I have ever had at a hospital...I WOULD STAY AWAY FROM EAST SIDE ST. FRANCIS

Mia Moyer

If I could rate 0 stars I would. First I would just like to state that my time at st Francis was so horrible that I am speaking with the BBB and a lawyer Thursday. Multiple HIPPA VIOLATIONS. I brought my daughter because she has been sick and after two days of trying to get her feeling better not working I brought her in. I asked if there was somewhere private I could change her. Nope. Then we were sent to wait in the hallway thinking we were waiting for a room. NEVER got a room. While other people were in the hallway a nurse asked for my social. I wrote it down. Then doctor seen us in the hallway. No privacy. What pisses me off the most is they say us next to a room that had radiation equipment. With the door open. Also the doctor called my daughter a boy so my two young sisters WHO ARE KIDS 15 and 12 laughed he got irritated and I explained to him they were only laughing as kids would because he called my DAUGHTER a boy. I didn’t have a problem with him calling her a boy. It happens to almost every baby in this world but getting irritated with kids for laughing come on.

Mia Scott

Thought because St Frances Bon Secours was great in mechanicsville, VA was great they would be in Greenville, SC. Boy was I wrong. The doctors and hospitalists just give a lot of mhms and uh huhs to try to make you think they're engaged in your conversation when in all actuality they've already made up their minds on what they're going to do for you. I wanted to live out here but no way. Back to VA I go. My life is way more important than coast of living.

Sarah Harlow

My 75 year old mother was brought into the ER by EMS. She was having chest and rib pain. She was given a dose of haloperidol which is an anti psychotic medication. She is not psychotic. The nurse called me at work and was snickering while speaking to me, like it was funny. When I returned home, she was acting disoriented. She got up out of bed and fell. She now has bruising all over her back, head, and a cut on her nose. She has not been able to get out of bed since. This isn't the first time something like this has happened there. If you are having an emergency, I would avoid this hospital.

Ashley Langley

My first visit wasnt a long wait in the er. I had an ectopic pregnancy they got right down to it and removed my left tube before I got in anymore pain. I loved the nurses and doctors! They were amazing. Love this hospital!

James Potocki

I had hip replacement surgery three weeks ago at Saint Francis East. I couldn't hhave had better care. Everyone was very attentive and supportive. I was treated very well and appreciate professionalism and concern reflected in all areas.

george grepaly

thursday apr.20. I had a "'my own stupidity" generated ER visit. 3 of my finger typs gone, the ER Doctor : Jason J.Crumpler did a excellent and dedicated work on my hand !, ....thank you Doc

Gene Brooks

Staff and nurses are extraordinary

Tony Abbott

went to the ER, everyone went well out of their way to be helpful.

Steven Hardy

This is not a place to go if you have any type of emergency. You would be better off going to a veterinarian then this group of good for nothings. Just stay away please

Nichole McPherson

I loved my birth experience at St Francis! The nurses were amazing and I found many of their policies very mom and baby friendly!!! Drinking liquids is allowed during labor. They have significantly reduced the number of times they check your vitals etc do you get better sleep!

Candie Blake

Love this hospital.

Willie Burgess

This is the worst hospital I've ever been. They should shut this place down. Every time i come here the wait is 3 hours plus, with minimal people in the wait room. The sad thing about it is people comes in after me and gets seen before me. And staff has more excuses than a politician. I highly recommend everyone to stay away from this hospital if they have any value for they're life.

Adrienne Biediger

The ER staff is great. Once the patient gets moved upstairs, the experience is not so good. Care hasn't been the best, but not the worst either.

Susan Owens

Daniel Gerst

Their customer service line says it's open at 8:30AM Monday - Friday. But I have been calling the number since 8:30 this morning and no one answers. It is now 10:30AM Tuesday 6/28/16 and I am getting very frustrated. Wish they were there when they say they are going to be there.

Bobbie Morales

Paralyzed me 6 weeks. From epidural

Mark Keegan

Destanee Jones

If I could rate ZERO stars I would! The staff here is nasty and disgusting! I’ve never been the type to step out of character but tonight I almost didn’t have a choice. One employee came to the front desk shouted across the room aggressively, and slammed the window! And then called security on me, when she was the one with poor customer service! Remind you I was here with a cousin, who had been severly bitten and was in a terrible condition. I Wish I could have got her name I definitely would have reported this incident. But I will never at all return here! They are rude, and clearly do NOT take the job seriously.

Evan Duke

Brad Boyer

I have nothing but good things to say about their staff.


My 95 year old mother has been sitting in an ER wheelchair in the lobby with a broken hip for almost 2 hours. No doctor. No room because “they are dirty.” No X-rays yest. I am disgusted, never again here.

Beautifully Made

Absolutely awful! I gave birth to my daughter at this hospital 8 years ago and again a year ago with my son. My first experience was bad, but I thought id give them another try and maybe the nurses were just having a bad week; well boy was I wrong. The nurses were awful, I think I cried the entire time! They all were so rude. Labor and Delivery nurses do better.

Brian Johnson

Christy Fowler

Rj Smith

My wife delivered a baby in March 2016. The labor and delivery and post-care team of anesthesiology, doctors, and nurses were absolutely wonderful and my wife had planned on having any future children at St. Francis Eastside, but will not because of the following reason. First of all, we never received one single bill from the hospital. In June 2016, my wife received a letter saying her insurance was requesting more information in order to process the hospital claim. She was able to get the issues taken care of. Still, no official bill from St. Francis. July 2016, my wife received a separate bill from Palmetto Anesthesiology Associates for almost $5,000. Still, no bill from St. Francis. My wife verified with the insurance company that they had submitted a payment to the hospital. On 8/15/16, my wife called the billing hotline and heard that the insurance payment had been posted to her account. She requested via the hotline that an itemized statement be sent to her. An itemized statement arrived in the mail a few days later. Still, not an official bill from the hospital. My wife received a letter in the mail at the end of August 2016 stated she owed $12,000 to St. Francis. Knowing this amount was false because the insurance company had made a payment, she called and spoke with a representative to have a bill reissued in the correct amount. Instead of a bill arriving, another itemized statement arrived. Today, 9/10/16, my wife received a letter from a collection agency saying she was delinquent on her account and needs to remit payment to St. Francis within 30 days. Never once did she receive an actual bill from St. Francis. The bill she received at the end of August 2016 was for the incorrect amount and instead of reissuing the bill in the correct amount, they turned her into a collection agency. She had read a previous review before giving birth that the billing department at St. Francis was hokey and this proves it really is. We will be GHS patients from now on. Update: Today, 9/15/2016, we received a past due notice in the mail from St. Francis for our child's account. Not one bill was sent to us in our child's name. My wife keeps everything and just finished going through all the bills and statements again. The only thing she found was an explanation of benefits from our insurance company regarding the payment they made for our child's claim. The insurance made a payment at the end of June and we received the EOB on July 20th. We've been waiting for a bill from St. Francis, but have never received one until today and it is a past due notice. My wife called the customer service hotline and was told that she was not the only one to complain about not receiving any bills from the July billing period. So this hospital has ruined countless other people's credit/or threatened to do so and we probably won't even receive an apologize.

Jason Buddin

How convenient. My review was deleted! I will keep it short. They nearly killed my wife and child. They did absolutely nothing for her, and I mean nothing. Her only chance of survival was to emphatically demand that she be transferred to Greenville. Long story short. She was in critical condition when she left eastside. Greenville had her at least stable within an hour of her arrival. They may be good at delivering babies, but in a time of crisis, they quit. They are the most sorry excuse of a hospital I have ever encountered!

Connie Epps

The staff was rude and terrible. I will never be going back to his hospital ever again. Treated me horribly as a patient.

Angela Hobby

I have been to this ER on 2 occasions. First for my mother then my sons girlfriend. The 1st visit was TERRIBLE and I figured everyone has bad days and gave it a second chance.... bad idea! I won't go into details but very rude staff and takes about 3-4 hrs to go in the back. Will never return to it.

James Z. Williams

Came in with a potential broken bone and a pain level well over 10. That was over an hour ago, and I'm still sitting in the hallway waiting on a DR or nurse to assess my situation.

Mya Gilbert

The emergency room staff is rude as hell. I definitely will not be delivering my child here. If I could put "no stars", I would.

Jane Hudek

This place only cares about pushing people through. They don't listen about why you're there, tell you nothing's wrong, and make you leave, or, just lie to get you leave....I asked for a tissue because the one I can in with was disgusting and the nurse turned her head and looked around the room and looked back at me and went, "ha no." Horrible place, horrible!!! There's a reason this place doesn't have much of a wait time, no one wants to go there!

Forrest Barfield

Charity Holmes

Wonderful place to give birth.

Megan Bailey

Best place to deliver!

Donovan Turcios

Incompetent financial staff. Zero communication and zero initiative. I've seen gas stations with better employees.

Thomas Phifer

Billing nightmares! Scams! Do not deal with this company! Be warned!

James Bell

The doctors and staff here in the emergency room are TERRIBLE!! I took a friend here and after all the preliminary checks and such to finally get him to a room, the doctor came in, said very little words, mashed him in the balls until he nearly fell to the floor in pain, then starts to dash out of the door. I stopped him and asked him if he was going to make a diagnosis or even a suggestion, he got very itatated and mentioned it wasn't what the patient had suggested, then left. They gave him ibuprofen and some nausea medicine. The thing is, if the patient is in terrible pain for some reason they believe it is, and it turns out that the doctor disagrees, then the doctor is supposed to figure out what the problem is. THIS IS NOT A GUESSING GAME!! So rude, so unprofessional, misdiagnosed, UNdiagnosed, very judgmental, and very unbecoming of a doctor and his integrity as a doctor. His license needs to be revoked!!!!

Jillian Woelfle-Olson

Jessica Felix

I have cancer went in cause i stopped breathing they would not treat me of i didnt pee in a cup i could not pee so they told me to leave

Kerri Clater

Have a one year old here with a very high fever, got walked back to a bed in the back of a empty hallway where literally no one has said a word to us in over 2.5 hours. Not even a courteous “the doctor/nurse is coming, we haven’t forgotten you are here”. Your health care system is lacking common curtesy and in my option is failing without that. Very disappointed.

Alicia Lowry

I had surgery at St Francis in March and the staff was wonderful. Everywhere I turned there was a nurse or doctor that was helpful, kind, and caring. I had the best experience!

Anne Adams

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