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Farrah Peeler

Terrible communication & follow up. Didnt see a doctor for over a week! Asked to know mri/ct results & the doctor told the nurse to relay to us no change! That was the only interaction w a doctor we had& it was through a nurse. Very disappointed

Kimberly hand

I've had to go to the wound center for the last six years due to a stubborn ulcer. While I'm not a huge fan of some departments of the hospital, I'm super thankful for the wound center. They have taken great care of me when other doctors wouldn't. Hilsman and Miller-cox are amazing drs I trust completely, and the staff is wonderful. They've become like a second family to me. Beyond grateful the wound center has helped me so much!

Dytaveius Foster

They alright but they need to have better improvement on everything some people may not have insurance but they need to have better treatment like people with health insurance its simply not fair. that people without health insurance deserves better treatment as well and as far as the waiting is confirmed its far to long please get like mary black hospital

ܐܵܕܵܡ ܒܘܼܟ݂ܪܵܐܐܘܼܓ̰ܵܓ݂ܡܠܸܟ݂

Terrible hositpal.....tried to convince my wife she was having a miscarriage. Lied, beware of this hospital. They also let a trainer with out a mentor deliver my son, only to cause him to have brain damage. They blocked me from filing a lawsuit. This Hospital is only about money, ran and controlled by Masons, and crooked attorneys that back them. BEWARE! Their demonic

Kaitlin Heinecke

If you value your life do not go here! However, tried to fool me how many times, with this hospital? I'm familiar with their process and they act like they know what they're doing but don't. I have had to do some major research thanks to a library affiliated with their hospital for about the past half year which now I know where we stand no thanks to them. The staff doesn't care and treats you like you're stupid just because I'm not a doctor and neglect care, ill compassion. I am well aware, read between the lines of what the head nurse implicated which she thought I didn't know but was even well aware back then having found the missing puzzle piece and the witness through all of what the hospital refuses to acknowledge/listen to their patient's coherent relatives. Then, found out through research that even their Paliative Care and Geriatrics team are affiliated with them and I am restricted to get proper care due to HIPAA laws. That person could've been cared for all along within the past three years having had more frequent symptoms then, now masked by medicine and the overall fatigue. Instead what they chose to do the pat three times is instead of bs Behavioral to Mental health, written off as a mental patient washing their hands with the whole thing once coherent and slapping a band-aid after the whole thing. They have set my family so far back in terms of care at least Mary Black reccomended some resources therefore had some compassion. Bottom line is they are the most non compassionate people due their own selfish medical agenda and unfortuately have no choice due to lack of insruance therefore lack of help being the dread alternative, this hospital. But my personal experience aside, they should allow to give 0 stars it is really that bad! If you value your life DO NOT GO HERE!

Nessa D

I was taking my grandson here for speech therapy and he was assigned this ghetto therapist who thought it was her job to discipline him without my permission. He was not learning anything from her because he was afraid of her. I reported her and asked for a new therapist. Once he was assigned a new therapist, she rarely showed up for his appointments and they finally cancelled him all together. I'm now looking for a new speech therapist . These people are unprofessional and if you call to complain they just take up for each other and send you away. Don't go to this hospital and don't take your children there to be abused!!!!

Ashley Gallimore

Hate this hospital. I'd rather die than go to this hospital. They don't care everyone is always confused. Been to this dump twice and I will never go again!!!!! Did I mention this place is nasty. Watched a girl throw up on the floor and all they did was whip it up. Didn't spray it to disinfect or anything. The coworkers plays around with each other more than work.

Karen Hollifield

Two trips in 48 hours to their ER confirms sadly they are still the nastiest most incompetent group of health care providers in the Upstate While Insurance restraints caused these visits will not allow this inhumane treatment again and heading to Greenville or Chatlotte Horrible

Cora smith

3 hour wait still haven’t seen a doctor

Sadie Holland

I went here around 11 p.m. because my throat was swollen really bad! They didn't take that long at all & I was out by 1 a.m. I'm only giving them one star because they charged me for being there for two whole days because I was there after midnight. That doesn't make any sense to me. Next time I will just live with the pain and wait until the weekday and go see my family doctor.

Mustafa shaban

You are a CUSTOMER. They treat you like you work for them. 4.5 hr wait for the doctor followed by a 1 hr wait for discharge papers. There is no place in upstate SC that can compete with the lack of respect and care these people have.

David Womick

Corrupt as hell. This hospital overcharges everything. Even though I prepaid my wife's visit for a colonoscopy, and I have insurance, they charged her $5600.00. These guys are the ones who will get us all on Universal Healthcare, because we can't trust folks like them in the private sector.

Lacie Gosnell

I have been here numerous times for numerous things and have always had good experiences. I highly recommend this hospital.

Stephanie Smalley

A guy named Casey that works in Nuclear Medicine is SUPER AWESOME! He was on his way out he door to go home and he took the extra step and helped me find the location I was going to! He didn't have to take me all the way, he could've told me the directions and let me get lost but he didn't. Thank you so much Casey!

Ross Colette

Worst place on this planet Earth too be now. The Waiting Room is an longer wait then the DMV. This youn lady has been in serous pain waiting and waiting. My sides stomach and back are killing me Im having spasms up and down my back all the way up to my chest. Its very hard for me too breath and cough. I came in at 745pm It is now 923 Health Care is a joke in this Country

Louise Roberts

I have only seen my personal physician, but I am well pleased with my doctor's office.

Amy Swartz

All of the nurses, cnas, and doctors were extremely kind , caring, respectful and prompt. They made the stay very comfortable for me.

# LilStar88

This hospital lacks the sense of urgency, i.e. gossiping staff, the staff lacks or possesses less integrity than expected. I am no pro at having kids but i have had enough to know when im pregnant, I don't understand why this particular hospital staff would take time to lie to peoples faces. I assume the staff is here for paycheck, also I believe they don't care about their patients. Worst hospital I've ever been to, so much smoke & mirrors here. Honestly in my own words, the lack of professionalism has earned this facility a 1 star rating.

Karen MacLellan

My niece was admiited in Neuro ICU in September and is now in a room. The hospital staff is amazing and patient. I couldn't have asked her anywhere better to be taken care of. Thank you and God Bless all of you!

james whitt

This place is pitiful for I was admitted with the blood pressure of 215/154 They treated my blood pressure 6 1/2 hours after I was admitted I am so fed up with our healthcare system it will kill you

Sarah Hames

If I had a voice of not giving any stars then that's what I would have picked. The doctors treat the elderly as if they all have dementia and don't want to check for anything else. I hate this place

Traci Jean

I was a patient there this morning. I was in constant pain last night, I got there they took me back and the doctor could not do the simple procedure that could of alleviated the pain I was having. He asked me a few questions and asked if I had a fever I said I did last night was not sure if I did he said no you don't have a does he know the nurse did not even take my temperature. I got home with over the counter items that they would have charged me triple for and I am still here in pain with no relief. I do not want pain medication I have never taken any I wanted them to do a simple procedure that would take my sysmtoms away right away. I am livid. My insurance is 150 copay and nothing was done. I will be contacting the upper staff about this situation....VERY DISPLEASED IN UNION...THE DOCTORS JUST DO NOT CARE. And by the way I have a temperature of 101 which anything I have read indicated with what is is going on a fever could mean more issues causing death,,,,go else where I would suggest especially if ypu have insurance.

james arnold

This review is regarding employment. I’ve been trying to work for this company for 4 years. I’ve always heard that in order to get a job with them, you need to know somebody. I used to be like whatever. But after 4 years, I know well over 60 applications, they might have been right. I’m not from the area and do not know anyone that works there. But I have over 6 years of experience, a degree in healthcare, no record, and good credit. But I’m black. Now they have bought Mary Black making them the majority in Spartanburg. Maybe one day.

Richard Wallace

caring and professional


This place is a joke they loose your things and they are unorganized and Lord help you if you go through the emergency department hope you have nothing to do for the rest of the day.

Howard Caldwell

I love this place Dr are interested in what you have to say and follow up on what your needs might be

Katharine Ouzts

Only two stars because my doctor was pleasant otherwise awful ER experience. 5 hour wait to even get into a room, total 8 and a half hour vist, rude nurses and I watched 7 people go in who came in well after me. Go somewhere else if you want someone to value your time and happiness.


I wish there was a fail button. No communications to family from doctors. My elderly dad has me as power of attorney to speak to doctors. No follow up ever from anyone. The case managers are a complete useless a down right joke. They are rude, no follow up and once you are discharged they will not speak to you. Its not just the hospital, its all the doctors offices associated with Spartanburg Regional. The billing may be the worst I have ever dealt with in 47 years. They repeatedly bill you for same accounts. The left hand def does not speak to the right in billing. I SUGGEST GO TO GREENVILLE.

Google User

WORST BILLING DEPARTMENT EVER !! Their incompetence and unprofessionalism is extremely distasteful. They do not file claims when and how they are supposed and are rude when you call in to resolved. Awful customer service.

Brandon Badger

Wife had a baby. On his 2nd day of life MRSA. Obviously from the hospital as he was not home for 2 hours. Our third child. The others from Rutherford. We still had to pay for the return visits and all complications and visits to specialists resulting from this hospitals not keeping to the sanitation code plus another 4 days in the hospital. On top of that the day we had to bring him back he was not treated with infants but with adults on a totaly different floor with nurses who couldnt get his iv when the hospital has a dedicated ward for infants. I would imagine to avoid reporting this instance. Which never was.


After 2 half hours waiting in ER 3:00 am - 515 am with only 3 people ahead of me ! ! One group had a very sick child & had been waiting since 1 am. Nurse wanted to be anywhere but there . I can't blame her. I just walked out.

Jonathan Brown

My wife had our baby July 1 , 2019 and this hospital was absolutely amazing. The staff was polite, friendly, and answered every question we had and then some. The house cleaners were polite enough to let my wife sleep and said for us to call later when she was awake and they would come back to change her bed, and sure enough 3 hours later we called and they came right away. The nurses every single one of them from the time we checked in until we checked out they took care of every concern and need immediately. The doctors are very friendly and courteous. This was my fourth kid and having this one at Spartanburg Regional was by far the best decision we could have made hands down.

Ally Zeigler

There may be some amazing people. But this place is terrible with time management! They take forever to get you back anywhere. The don’t care who came after you. They will be before you!!!! Honestly wish I would have went to Greenville.

Deirdre Mack

I highly recommend that if you or a loved one have a health emergency GO TO ANOTHER HOSPITAL!! The way is entirely too long. The nurses Act if though you are bothering them by being sick. They show hardly any compassion and there's not enough people working in the ER for the load that they have.

Marjan Jemec

Recently, our family doctor practice became part of the Spartanburg Regional Healthcare System. Dr. Wallace is the same great family doctor as always. I also had a very positive experience with staff at Bearden-Josey Center for Breast Health in Spartanburg. However, dealing with Physicians Billing department is impossible. Regular yearly exam and mammogram were coded as something else for billing purposes, so I am stuck with a bill for over $400.00 for benefits that are otherwise covered by insurance. Staff at billing department is not answering questions on the phone, they are not responding to message in “Mychart”, and they are not responding even to written certified letters. The only correspondence from billing department that I received was the updated bill. If you are wandering why are you loosing patients, you don’t need to look any further than billing department unprofessional treatment. By the way, do not answer me with your standard owner response about privacy and discussing issues over the phone. As an owner, I am sure you can access the billing question in “Mychart” and request a copy of my letters from billing department. You can respond to me in “Mychart” or with a letter. If you need my permission to access relevant correspondence, you have it.

Sharon Ballard

This is the worst hospital I have ever seen. Gossip mills, dirty, slow, this the best health care system South Carolina has to offer? My health and the health of others should be taken seriously. Leave the gossip at home.

Neil Gibbie

Brought my wife in at 1:00 am almost 6:00 am still sitting here. They are really no that busy still no end in sight ER is a joke probably will be and 8 hr visit would have been longer if we had not pressed the issue hear a whole lot of talking outside but not much results. It seems they do not care if you hadn't had any sleep all night and have to work. Would have rated a zero but 1 is as low as the scale goes.

Alissa Chambers

I had a wonderful experience with Labor and Delivery. Everyone was so kind and supportive, and very understanding! I could not have asked for a better labor experience! My baby was born healthy and happy, and I was well taken care of also. Thank you for everything!

Dana Lawson

Been in ER with my daughter for over 5 hours...still no doctor or answers BEYOND PISSED OFF!!! Called for the nurse twice ...still nothing!! DO BETTER!!!!

Nikki, SC

Treated my mother like an after thought. She's 74, she can't hear, she has early Alzheimer's, and diabetes. She was being seen for her heart and we literally had to chase people down constantly from the ambulance to the er, to triage, to the rtu, and then the cath lab. This has been the worst hospital stay we have had. She has had 1 meal in 48 hours because they keep pushing all of her procedures everytime no matter what they are. I have had to remind them that she is diabetic and needs food. So at least they checked her blood sugar level. I am absolutely disgusted!

Tammy Reed

Caring staff

Debra Waycaster

The billing department made a $2,027 error by not posting a payment I had made to my account. I wanted to know specifically how such an error could happen. The conversation seemed as though they just wanted to end the conversation rather than address the source of the error. Watch your bills and watch MyChart closely and call your insurance company if their billing does not seem to be correct. I will be switching all my testing to Prisma Health from this point forward.

Clay Chapman

Inconsistent care. Our first visit was around noon on a weekday. We were seen quickly, treated fast and our experience was very positive. However, our most recent visit was at 7:30 on a Friday night. We went in because my fiance is a T1 diabetic and her blood sugar was very high due to a steroid shot earlier that day to clear up a sinus infection. Over the course of the next 7 hours, we were seen by the doctor only once. Her blood labs were available 4 hours before they were looked at. It took several calls to the nurses' station to have them re-check her blood sugars because no one had come by in 2 hours. She was left with an empty fluid IV in her arm for about 30 minutes because, again, no one was coming by to check on her. Finally, at 12:00, her blood sugar had come down to an appropriate level. However, she was never given insulin or anything else to treat her high blood sugar - it came down naturally. The nurse said that he had ordered an insulin drip around that same time: nearly 5 hours after being admitted. In case you aren't aware, high blood sugar is extremely dangerous and has to be treated quickly. After deciding we were okay to leave, we waited another 1 1/2 hours for the doctor to show up (only the second time we saw her all night) to give us our release papers. In short, we spent 7 hours in the ER only to have her blood sugar drop naturally - they never gave her anything besides an IV drip to keep her hydrated. Nurses came by as infrequently as possible and numerous calls to the nurses' station seemed to do nothing. If you have an emergency at night, I would recommend Mary Black Hospital. The night shift at Spartanburg Regional is not up to the job.

Kinsey Knight

If I could rate it 0 I would! We have been in this waiting room since 10 am. It is now 2 pm! They are triaging people in the waiting room! My wife came in by ambulance after collapsing on the living room floor, she was asked to walk in the hospital but refused! Then she was carted to the waiting room! Her blood pressure was through the roof in the ambulance and she was having chest pains and they put her in the waiting room! After sitting in the waiting room they took her back for an ekg which the computer labeled as abnormal! Then took x-rays of her back for some reason! There has been no ct scan of her head and she hit her head on the floor! People that have been throwing up in the floor have torn off their Id bands and threw them in the floor and walked out! The bathrooms are nasty also! This place is disgusting!

lamont lotto

My name is charles hicklen my time was amazing thank you

Ed Fowler

December 17th. I was hit by car with Hispanic driver. He nearly hit me a second time as he ran. I was treated at regional emergency. Horrible. They checked for broken bones, found none (they say), and put me in the street. Constant pain in lower back. Their phone is never answered. Held for as much as 23 minutes. Perhaps if I were an illegal or crack addict, but not a senior legal citizen. Deployable. Since this review, I've had a late evening call from Socialist controlled regional hospital. Horrible follow up. The only purpose of that was to CYA. I have issues that are not being address. I'm told, I am fine. However, I learned the truth. There is no interest in quality healthcare. I had an outpatient Surgical procedure. I received a small amount of real pain med. I am 12 year survivor of bladder cancer. Unfortunately, the battle continues. It is not spartanburg reginal. The pain meds released to bladder pain. It also took out 80% of pain from the hit and run. Upon attempting to give data, I was informed that was too strong for me. My experience was the pain meds stopped my suffering. And I only took 1/2 pill. Spartanburg reginal is horrible. I need legal assistance. I did call the phone contact listed in their response. Msg 1:59pm. No response to me in 3 days. Me to go away is only interest. Follow up to DHEC IN PROCESS. Follow up June 20,2019. I did attempt call to the # listed. Rang 100s of time on three attempts. No voice mail. No answer. Do I need to say more?

William Coleman

Staff is knowledgeable. However, got their at 10:45PM and did not leave until 4AM. It took 5 and a half hours to get my blood drawn and a prescription...

F Wippel

Things have changed at SRHS, and not for the better. In years past when we were billed for services, and that bill was four figures, we would send them what we could afford each month, they were okay with that, and we’d pay off a $2500 bill over a period of 6-8 months. Now they expect everything within 90 days, and if they don’t get ALL of it, they send the outstanding amount to a collection agency despite the fact you’ve been paying on the bill. It’s like their oblivious to the fact that most of their clients are middle class, and don’t have thousands of dollars just sitting around waiting to be spent on an unexpected expense. We’ll be looking elsewhere the next time we’re in need of medical services.

Jesse Bork

My baby is traumatized by my breast because the nurses forced his head into my breast. Now I can't take my breast out to pump the milk with out him screaming.... it has gotten so bad that he has become scared of me I can't console my own baby... He is happier with other people

Ashley Attaway

I will never waste another penny, or another minute of my life going to this hospital's emergency room. If I could give 0 stars I would. I took my daughter the first time and had an awful experience then. But i thought maybe it was just a bad day. So i gave them the benefit of the doubt, and i brought my son. Worst decision ever! The doctors do not care about the patients. My children, in particular. I strongly advise everyone to take the few minute drive and go to Mary Black. You'd get better care there!! Please send a survey to my door this time around. So I can tell you exactly what I think of your hospital and it's staff.

Tyler Harris

Sitting here in the ER with my mom she is from out of state and having trouble breathing. Doctor came in and said “RT will be here shortly.” X-ray came before RT did. Still sitting here and 45 min. passed by and still no RT. Horrible service, my mom is still wheezing and nobody came in to help her! Spartanburg Regional has horrible ER service! Can’t wait to move away from this area! First time here and hopefully my last!

Kris Jeter

I couldn't find the Physician Center where you fo the pre-admit for surgery so I'm going to leave the review here. There is a worker there Miranda she has such a sweet spirit and she is such a beautiful person. She made my resident feel welcomed and after she heard I had gotten a cold cup of coffee she had someone come out to fix a fresh pot at 1:27p.m. she was all smiles and I can tell she loves her job. Amazing! Thanks!!!!

Caroline C

This is absolutely the worlds worst hospital to get care. Staff loudly joked at us when we asked for help. The entire crew then laughed at us. There was nothing funny about the situation at hand. They didn’t care to think what our family was going through. Later we pressed the button for the nurse and finally 30 to 45 min later she arrived. It just seems like a job for most of the staff and not a place to actually care. I’m very disappointed and hurt.

BubbaBubba 22

This place is perfect, if you don't mind either dying in the er from 8hr+ wait times or dying after the ER from a complete lack of diagnosis or treatment. Go anywhere but here

Johnnbren Taylor

Love it very nice dr.

Barb Henderson

My mother received excellent care! Every single staff member she came in contact with was professional and friendly. I would definitely recommend this hospital to family and friends.

angel mullins

If i could give them a 0 i would the hospital itself is amazing. But my husband had a seizure hit his head and we get here only to be told we will get u back when we get a spot for man screw that. He could be dying and they wouldnt care.

Megan Powers

I dont know why i keep coming back here was in three days ago and waited 4 hours for 5 minutes with the doctor they gave me some medicine to help with the pain and for me to regain hearing due to swelling. Im here again tonight because nothing has helped and now its in both ears so far been here for 3 hours and the guy that came in when i did left 2 hours ago and still no movement. Trash trash trash. I sure have learned my lesson on never coming back to such a slow hospital where they dont care about their patients.


Wouldn’t let me put ZERO STARS . I was brought in via ambulance after a car accident on 10/5/2018. I was seen for a contusion on my sternum. My mother suffered a broken wrist and fractured spine.The entire staff could not accept the fact that I am a Hispanic female with the last name Reed. My husband is white. Even after giving my CURRENT DRIVERS LICENSE, INSURANCE CARD AND INCIDENT REPORT. Where it clearly states my last name is Reed. I was given 2 prescriptions, Under my maiden name Lopez. I noticed this after coming back home to greenville. I called the “on call nurse” shortly after arriving home, all I wanted was the prescriptions called in correctly so there was no hold up on my end. And I’ll let you known neither rx was a controlled substance. I was told I would be called back. I was never called back. I called the next day. And after being transferred and called back 4 times a woman named BETH decided she would do the dirty work and told me that “the doctor or nurse would NOT CALL IT IN unless I brought the original rx back, bc for all she knows all I want is back up medication” I was offended. After being discriminated on, it seemed to me that no one wanted to admit and fix the mistake made by the DOCTORS AND NURSES AT REGIONAL. What part of I LIVE IN GRENVILLE AND MY CAR IS TOTALED is hard to understand? You guys screwed it up, you guys can fix it. I am now with no rx in greenville, until I see my own doctor MONDAY. After explaining this to Beth she sarcastically said “ok ma’am have a GOOD DAY”.I am a healthcare provider as well, and I must say this was a disgusting experience. I have and will never treat any of my patients as if they are “drug seekers” shame on you regional. Funny thing is...I bet you they’ll know who’s insurance to bill!

Jeff Upchurch

I would like to thank Dr Mossburg and everyone for your professionalism, kindness, understanding throughout the process of my procedure. To all that took care of me your Simply the Best :-)

Dennis Q

Spartanburg is an amazing hospital with a dedicated staff of doctors and nurses. I highly recommend this hospital!

lbbruiser R

I was n hospital for 11 days and every nurse I had were so kind and nice they really took care of me

chris norby

This is by far one of the worst in the upstate. I went there to the ER yesterday un able to breath and slight chest pains. Sat in the ER lobby for 4 hours in mid day. The only thing that was done was they took my vitals. An elderly woman fell out her wheel chair the nursing staff didn't even move till something was said. I went to another hospital, took in immediately, found out it was going into diabetic shock and have some heart problems. please for your own and family's safety avoid this hospital at all cost.

Stacy Holland



I would advise everyone to be selective when using any of their services or facilities. Their billing issue has cost me tremendously. Trying to get help in correcting their admitted mistake is nearly impossible and will cost me months and $. Take the short drive to Mary Black or one of the Greenville area hospitals.

Ovalla Anderson

If i could give a negative 1 i would out of my 30 yrs ive never experienced anything like this the wait was sooo long i got their at 10 and didnt leave until almost 3 in the morning. First i talked to the doctor she was nice then here comes the first nurse trying to take blood she did a horrible job she had to stick me 2 times and couldnt do it. So she called the lady from lab and she didit on the first try. Ok so here comes 11 no one comes then 12 no one comes .Im looking out my room and everyobe is just sitting around doing nothing. Here come 1am another nurse (male) he says the doctor wants to do a CT scan and he need to run a IV so im like ok go ahead then he wants to stick me in the same spot at the lab lady and he mess that up saying hes sorry he blew a vain can he try somewhere else i said ok. Yall when i say he jamed that needle in my wrist i screamed out to loud the other nurses came in to see what was wrong. He gos so say "she says im hurting her " he dosent clean up the blood on my arm he just walks out and leaves everything on the bed. Then to top it off they leave all their needles laying around if i was on drugs i would have been a happy camper when they take the tops off the needles ley throw them on the floor this hospital is so nasty and unprofessional. I will be going all the way back to charleston to get checked on because this was such a bad experience i will never never never never come to this hospital again

Sean Hughes

I have to get regularly to get blood drawn. It is the closest to my house and opens the earliest so I miss less work going here. I have been there about four times and every time they don’t know what they are doing. I have a box with a prepaid label for my hospital to run one test. It’s very simple, you fill the vile, out it in the box and use the prepaid label to ship it. Every time I go there there are Three other people in the room trying to figure it out when there are instructions provided along with me telling them what to do. The information/registration employees are very nice but the lab workers should just be robots. No expression unless they upset in which case you hear a loud audible sigh as they walk away. Horrible place but have to go there for now.

Abbie Simpson

If you want to talk to actual people dont call them because they apparently only have automatic voice.

Brittnay James

Terrible ER experience. It took them 30 min to assist my sister and I. Took another 20 min to send some samples off. I mean the waiting was ridiculous.

Mia Smith

My dad got fired for so called "smoking" but first he doesn't smoke second they have no proof. Another thing is that my mom went there for surgery and the trash people would come in the middle of the night and it was like they were trying to be as loud as possible.

Roxanne Garnett

They were so hospital....especially the gift shop! Thank you!!!!

Luka wolf

Yes they are good at healing people. That is all the good things I could say at here. I came here with my family and wanted to see one of the only GOOD doctors here who literally saved my life when I was a few months old. We went to the kids area and nobody was at the desk. There was also nobody in the hall. Wow y'all really care about the kids. 3 employees walk by us and were on their phones. When we would ask for assistance they would look at us . Than back at their phones. Also the nurses and doctors make the cleaners throw away the things the nurses and doctors are supposed to throw away. My mom can confirm this because she was a cleaner for a year. Most of the doctor and nurse just stand around talking. Not all but most do.

Sean Nottingham

Terrible bedside manner, long wait with no good reason, and turned me away when I was at risk for a seizure. Even the nurses are hateful and act like they don't care.

Katt Gonzalez

I don't know what the other folks complaining are going on about. I've been to Spartanburg Regional on MULTIPLE occasions and had nothing short of an amazing experience. My father has been treated her for cancer- so we've been in and out for about a year. I've gone in for surgery and ALL of my nurses were attentive, sweet, and didn't try to rush me. Even the ladies doing registration and paper work are kind. I would recommend more people try to be patient and understanding with the staff, and they'll see how much kinder they respond. Every nurse and staff member I met was kind, patient with all of my questions, and absolutely caring. My surgery was done fantastically, the lady who woke me up from the anesthesia did it slowly and softly, even being released from the hospital was a breeze. Parking garages were safe, clean, organized, full of space. The hospital rooms were clean, and everything was impeccable. The only bad experience I've ever had was in the ER- and that wasn't their fault- it was simply an issue of bigger cases that night. Not to mention TONS of people go into the ER for regular check ups, not emergencies. Or they go in to get drugs- so the staff has to be a little colder.


They don’t care about you and rush you out the door. I had an asthma attack and I ask for oxygen and the refused to give it to me horrible hospital don’t go here

Mark Escudero

The er sucks but I had a 5 day stay a while back and I was very pleased with everything

Kristin Sater

I am giving my 4 stars to Dr.Bell who took amazing care of me yesterday! He came to check on me several times and did more than the nurse! My only complaint would actually be the nurse. I don't know if she just had a bad day or what but, Dr.Bell had ordered me pain medicine for a passing kidney stone. After being told 3 separate times, it took him to make her bring it. I was crying for 2 hours basically begging her & he had to make her do it.


This is the worst hospital I've ever seen. The staff is slow and insufficient. They forgot to give medicine 3 times and had to call them to come to the room and then it took them and hour and 40 minutes and us calling 4 more times and even going to the nurses desk twice. If you want to die this is just the hospital to help u...

CalvinandRamona Strickland

This hospital has saved my husband's life more than once!!!! The Heart Center is top notch!!! I would recommend this hospital over any hospital in the upstate!!!

cody smith

Went to spartanburg regional for medical problems i was having, everyone couldn't have been nicer, and i was provided with some of the best medical care I've received.....until i met the doctor. Dr john Falco scoffed at my medical problem telling me "In my 25 years of experience, no ones said that" in an insulting manner rather than a joking one. He then confused me with another patient he had seen 2 weeks prior and disclosed some of his medical information to me, which is completely illegal, when i explained i wasn't that patient (I hadn't been there in 4 years) he met me with attitude, then despite me not returning said attitude, He never talked directly to me again and only addressed the person who brought me to the hospital without looking at me. I do appreciate all they did for me, and i know it's a stressful job, but the way he was acting was completely unacceptable.

chelsy huston

Go to Greenville Health systems not here, they'll take care of you! Worse care experience and all they do is take your money and they don't work with you if you're unemployed.

Zeke S

Come here to die. extra 2 hours spent in E.R. because the nurses didn't relay the message from our room's call button. Worthless

Cassie Baker

I live in a different state and my sister was admitted to the Medical ICU department. I called to see how she was doing and what was going on and they wouldn't tell me anything. In fact I got LAUGHED at... I told her my sisters birthday, age, markings on her body(tattoos) her hair color you name I told them. When I asked the lady at the nurses station why she was laughing at me she laughed again then I told her it wasn't funny. All I was trying to do was get information about my sister because I live in a different state and I don't have the money to go there. she HUNG up on me and then when I called back the nurses station wouldn't take my call...

Kristin Hazelton

I just moved to the area about 1 1/2 years ago. I need an annual physical each year, and I have a program that keeps track to make sure I don't miss one. I scheduled 6 months in advance my annual appointment. I arrive there is no copay as its covered. Talk to dr, he listens to my heart and sends me to labs. Normal annual visit, less than a month later I get a copay bill as they never codeded it as my annual. I ask for review they said basically sorry you owe the copay even though you told everyone it was your annual, and was told to make another appointment to do the exact same thing again, and this time they will code it my annual. Not only wasting money my insurance has to pay then a 2nd time, but also the office, staff, labs and doctors time to do exactly what we did last month, with no change on my part. Just so it will show I had my annual. This is in my opinion a way to make extra money off my insurance company and a horrible way to do business.

Gladys Marie

They are very rude to the patients at this hospital info not recommend you to taking your child at this hospital, they was very slow. And one nurse even acted like she was going to hit me. Because I was like I've been here for 5 hours doctor even descharged my daughte band I asked one question, and then the whole nusebteam took that and got very very rude and even told me she wasn't th one. And I even told her u can talk to me like a grown women. Considering the fact I had one question

Kimberley Clogston

The pre operation center. I have never seen a more professional, efficient, and patient oriented place. The care, compassion, and empathy for everyone being cared for here is obvious.

Amanda Anderson

Long wait and doctors cannot diagnose. Use webMD


My family has had wonderful care over the past 15 years ranging from all aspects of healthcare-women's healthcare, oncology, orthopedics, and emergency care just to name a few!!! Thank you for caring for my family in such a personal yet cutting edge environment!

Kandy Zuniga

The ICU is great they are taking good care of my father. I had him transferred for medical reasons and I'm so glad I did. 100% better than Gaffney medical center.

Eddie L

Don't bother going if you aren't rich enough to make a sizeable donation. Both of my parents have now gone to that ER, both of them relatively poor, six years apart, and been left in rooms and ignored. Errors in scheduling, tests done incorrectly and needing to be done again (and waiting an entire day to re-do them), sent home without any treatment at all after being admitted for days. I escalated my complaint all the way to the medical director, and his only response is "Sorry if we didn't meet your expectations. We'll try to do better next time." That's it? Really?

Margaria and Company

Worse service day ever. In the worst pain and they are making me carry around my own pee. It is ridiculous. if I could give it zero stars I would.

Machelle Chambliss

Took my son in waited over 5 hours, then I just got a collection letter and they never sent a bill and my son has medicaid so why am I getting a collection notice for almost $500? Why was it sent to collections before sending the bill?

Tim Phillips

And that one star is begin very generous!!!! This is one of those times that I hope a survey finds it's way to my mailbox. I know that 2.5 stars CAN NOT be talking about your ED on 2/6/18 between 10:30 pm and 5:30 am. 1 star is being nice!!!!

Darby Gambino

This is by far the worst ever hospital, I waited 2 1/2 hrs to see the doctor, then I waited another 2 hours for paids with a severe abcessed with swelling going up to my temple. The nurse is also incompetent she forgot my blood cultures that she did when I first got here. I will be contacting osha and sc department of health and hospitals one last thing the call light doesn't work in the room.

Tiffany Grant

This has been the worst most racist hospital I have ever been to the oldER receptionist in the ER would rather call security than get off her fat behind and deal with what needs to be done

Teresa T

worst experience at this hospital ever! visited them last night because i was having really bad chest pain, left arm numbness, and headache on left side. the front desk where you first come in were very nice, took my vitals and took me into a different waiting room where they then called me and i had my vitals took again. while one nurse was taking my vitals, the other was asking me questions about my symptoms, as i was explaining to her, she had an attitude on her face and when i was done she turned around and looked at me and asked, "Did you google all this?", as if im making it up, i was in complete shock! i answered and said no, she then asked again "Are you sure?''. i told her yes. that was so rude and unacceptable, how in the hell do you question a patients symptoms when they are clearly in distress! i got sent to a room, and basically no one was taking me seriously, waiting a bit for a dr that wrote down my symptoms and he kept repeating a question i had answered multiple times as if im crazy, after that he said a nurse will come in and do an EKG, that never happened until the very end of my visit, another Dr then came in and explained to me that they couldn't find anything wrong with me and that i need to go to my primary care dr, he then continued to explain to me that hospitals are for people with critical problems are life threatening conditions as if i did not know that, UM HELLO, OBVIOUSLY, THATS WHY I CAME, I WAS FEELING HORRIBLE! Then when my senior mother with english not being her first language was asking a question he had to repeat himself, and he started raising his voice at her and coming closer to her like she was deaf or something, completely disrespectful. never coming here again, wish i would've read the reviews before hand, seems like other people were also having problems with long wait, no one paying attention to them, and rude Dr./nurses.

Abigail Myers

Wish could give huge negative rating. Never go, stay, be, send a loved one, or a worst enemy to this inexcusable corporation who cares nothing except for themselves. Simple challenge: Find the dinner menu. Breakfast and lunch exists after twenty minutes of random web surfing, but you will never find a dinner menu even with a knife to your throat. Or have diarrhea in your bed and sit in your own mess for 12 minutes while you beg six times for any assistance whatsoever after which the staff stands in the hall and "whispers" about you. Ask for tea in the morning instead of coffee, you'll never once receive it. Every single day with no choice, be given have a small styrophome bowl of grits with sweet tea FOR BREAKFAST without fail, despite requesting repeatedly literally anything else. (Over two weeks straight for me, including Thanksgiving day!). But most importantly, be beyond prepared to be prejudged, prediagnosed, and never once listened to, while being patronized and talked down to by literally every member of every staff level as though you are incable of understanding basic words. This place makes literal hell make me excited about a possible vacation from anything anywhere like here ever again. I would rather die at home or anywhere before ever coming back here. Not my first stay here, unfortunately, ambulance chooses. I NEVER review but Had To this once, its THAT bad. Avoid this evilness no matter the risk, die before coming here. You have been warned. Not kidding.

Katie Peeler

Never take my heart issues seriously because I’m “too young” smh

Don Rams

The worst accounting system in existence! This place will double and triple bill you for the same procedure. You can pay, call and verify your payment and then after they tell you you have no outstanding balance, they send letters with reference to no account and Rob your state income tax return. They have done this to me twice this year. My wife has the identical letter with a different amount and my son...I have contacted my insurance company and cannot find an outstanding balance on anything.

Judi Atkins

My mom is being held hostage there I took her for evaluation of her mental status thinking possible TIA .After seeing Dr Miles for 5 minutes then Lab work & a CT and waiting 4 hours a nurse with no personality comes in tells me I have to leave she can’t have visitors and wanting to dress her in colorful gown so if she tried to run or walk out she would stand out. I told nurse I wasn’t leaving her then she politely went & got 2 nice security guards to come in & tell me they were escorting me out. I ask why could we not just leave against medical advice she wasn’t going anywhere but I was. Apparently another doctor, Dr Fuller had admitted her and he over ruled the patients POA. Never seen this man or woman,was not told what should be done or could be done. No results were reviewed. Only the fact my 88 year old mother was not leaving & they were holding her all night in the ER until the wonderful Dr Fuller decided to come in to evaluate her. I was told I could call twice between 10:00 & 12:00 to check on her. Nevertheless SRMC does not stand by their “compassionate & caring statement.After 23 hours took her home without ever seeing or speaking to Dr Fuller and she was NEVER admitted.

Tia Jackson

After 10pm the touch tone redirects you to the beginning instead of an employee of the hospital. My uncle is a veteran with PTSD and I'm a worried family members. I just need a nurse to check on him he has not been himself and visiting hours restricts me at 10pm of the RTU floor

Lori Turner

I Have To Say The RTU And Their Staff On The 6th Floor Are Amazing! Awesomeness!!! Bunches Of Love To Lauren

Michael Dunagan

Horrible Exp there when my daughter had to go to the ER for seizures. The Doc there did not check in on us for the results till 5 hours later. IV alarms going off staff was no where to be found when asked they said they would call someone to take care of it. No one ever came until I made someone come in and check on the IV. After wanting to Leave I was told that it would be against doctors orders, the doctor finally showed up 5 hours later with no news. Go to GHS if you can! much better staff!

Danchize Wilson

They discharge my wife from the hospital but could not discharge my baby because they forgot to do his ear test so they had to keep us another day. Then the next day they made us wait half of the day when they kept saying that we're gonna be next. When they finally did the ear test, Only after we kept reminded them. They made wait for another hour to get the discharge paper.

kendra smith

I was happy with the team my sister had there they was so loving and caring and understanding I couldn't of asked for a better team of people working with her from there

Alan Jenkins

We had our second child at Spartanburg Medical Center, and we couldn't be happier with the care we received. Four months later, we were in the NICU when our baby was having problems. They gave our child the best care; they were attentive and professional. We couldn't ask for better.

Carolyn Estey

This place is a joke. My mother-in-law was having a mental episode and called an ambulance on a Friday. The discharged her same day saying nothing was wrong. She's been in the mental unit there twice in the last year so she has history there. She was very agitated and difficult all weekend. She called 911 again on Sunday and this time ER kept her until Wednesday (today). We told the doctors and social worker that she needs to be in a facility where she can be monitored. We can't care for her like she needs. Well they didn't care and had us come get her. We told them we would be there at 7pm to get her. We get there and she wasn't ready to go. I waited an hour and a half and they couldn't find her clothes or her phone. I would ask the nurses if there were other people who could help and they'd just pretty much ignoring me and sitting down at the nurses station. The nurses in the Women's section of the ER are a joke. I'm a CNA and I know more about nursing care than they do! We ended up just bringing her home in her hospital gown. Talk about dignified. They didn't offer any scrubs or anything as consolation. We are still waiting to hear back if they have found her things. This is beyond ridiculous. Because of this she is agitated and we are the ones that have to deal with her. I know that if I ever have an emergency, I will go to Mary Black. Never before have I felt like such a low priority. I would be afraid of not getting adequate care.

Christina Smith

Currently a patient, have a broken leg and the nurse wrenched my foot because she was a twig and I am 200. Pain management is nil, I want to sleep but cannot due to the pain. They give a single shot like every 4 hours even though it wears off in under an hour. Update: Pain is at a constant, giving me the equivalent of tramadol, guess they think I am a junky. Still haven't slept even a short nap. Update 2: was told I would get something to help me sleep. That was an hour ago. They also yanked my iv around and drew blood roughly causing bruising.


The entire time my family had to be in this hospital was a total game of telephone. Every bit of information changed with every passing person, every hour of the day. We spent hours waiting to see our family member in their care, when in all actuality we were able to see him much sooner. We had left the main lobby for only a little while, but had left our phone numbers to make sure we are updated whenever anything has changed, but no one had called and left us waiting for another two hours before we were informed of anything. The food is terrible, I felt so bad seeing my family member have to eat it, so we brought them some food. The staff would just repeat information that we already knew and would not answer our questions appropriately. And honestly, how incompetent do you have to be to lose a patients pair of shoes? All in all, the experience we had was terrible and leaving us feeling as though they did not care about our family member in their care.

Peggy Robertson

Choose another medical provider. Billing dept cannot correct errors made by Medicorp. Medicorp employees will not correct errors and are a horrible reflection on great nurses and doctors. As long as Spartanburg Regional does business with Medicorp I advise patients to stay away and choose other providers.

Jim Smith

Took my dad there due to blue lips meaning his oxygen levels were low. He has congestive heart failure. We waiting 2 and a half hours to been seen by anyone. Definitely going to Mary Black next time we need emergency care.

Dan Ross

My wife has undergone two surgeries here. The staff was very courteous and professional both times. They gave me frequent updates so I never had to wonder about what was going on, or worry why it was taking so long.

Kelsea Myers

I delivered both my babies here, absolutely love this hospital. The nurses are so nice and attending and take such good care of not only you and your baby but also your significant other and other children. They make sure everyone is well taken care of. I love all the security they have now to ensure your baby stays safe. If I could give their labor and delivery 10 stars I would.

Rodney Sprouse

Wow, try to call for any information on my brother and get bounced around from station to station. He went to the ER at 430pm at midnight still waiting on a room, I call today and he is still in the ER but no one knows anything......really?

Gwendolyn Ogburn

I am horrified at the treatment a man with Parkinson's Dementia has received. His neurologist sent him for admission and he has been held in the ER awaiting "placement". He was thrown into the locked room for criminally insane for 48hours plus because (the nurses told his son) they needed his bed. He told his son that the night people were mean to him and he was sent to the "dungeon". He has chronic pain with degenerative disc disease with severe arthritis and was placed in a dark room with a pad over a cement block for 48 plus hours. He has been there 6 days waiting placement. He can not be placed in an ECF unless he has been admitted for 3 days. I am not a relative but I think this is cruel treatment of a vulnerable adult.

Kep Jeter

I have to say I don't normally visit this hospital. But under the circumstances my son had to go. The doctors, the chaplain, the case manager, the nurses were all amazing. They listened! And my son is getting the care he needs. I gave a 4 only because the 2 of the unit secretaries in the e.r. one was on the phone on fb. The other one was not concerned about anything I asked or said. Other than that I'm satisfied!

Lewis Morgan

I arrived by ambulance for heart failure and was in the hospital for 5 days. The doctors, nurses, transport people, culinary staff, even house keeping, was all very friendly and professional.

paige bowen

On 12/19/17 I was scheduled to induce my first baby boy . Something went wrong with the schedule and they didn’t have me down but calmly explain the problem had me sit in the waiting room and I they resolve the issue fast . All the nurses greeted me friendly , everyone supported me and showed interest in my feelings . They also explained every issue and answered every question I had. Over the period of mask I had several nurses every single one of them was amazing. Due to the position of my baby I was not able to give birth naturally as planned Which is very unfortunate. I had to have a C-section but still the staff made me feel right at home and answered any and every question me and my husband had. I was very please with my visit and would recommend this hospital for anyone. it just goes to show you even know the situation doesn’t go your way you can always make the best of it and that’s what they do in Spartanburg regional hospital.

Maegan Watson

I had great experience with the nurses and surgeon during my stay. But the customer service and billing experience has been horrendous. I have nowpaid two different bills they said was the final number and just received a new collections letter in the mail from an agency. No one can tell me what the amount I owe is for and why there are discrepancies in the medicine dosage and pricing. When they say they will take something off when I find an error a new charge will pop up to replace it no one can explain. I have called 11 times with NO response and no one will see me if I go to the billing office.

Angela Culbertson

My daughter had her baby Friday night, they took her to a room Saturday morning and it's like a ghost town afterwards, the nurses just sat at the nurses station, never checked on the Baby or Mom unless it was an absolute have to get off my bottom and do something moment. The food was terrible, the furniture in the room was falling apart, just a terrible experience, would not recommend a visit to this facility to anyone.


Your review , told me a lot about your hospital. I've been having chest pain. And I am from out of town. And I will be going to Greenville hospital. I have 7 stent's I don't believe that you are capable of dealing with my condition.

Ken Sutton

SRHC is in negotiations with Cigna on a new contract and they are sending scary letters to Cigna Insureds telling them that if a new contract is not negotiated by 3/31, all SRHC services and all physicians in their network will be out of network and may not be approved. If this were true, SRHC waited until the last possible moment to let us know, even though they have known about this for a very long time. I think they are just trying to scare us.


In SC any relative or close family friend can legally have you involuntarily committed to a psychiatric facility. This means it makes it easy for people who wish to defame your character and cause you harm to abuse the system by making false allegations against you. The psychiatrists usually go by the allegations rather than make a determination by observing your obvious normal behavior and sound mind. They don't take into consideration that you might be in distress after having your front door nearly kicked down by 10 police officers and taken to the Psych Ward by FORCE. Alot of times people are misdiagnosed BC of the psychiatrists ignorance and lack of common sense. These people are unworthy to be called doctors and should NOT be placed on the same pedestal as Psychologists who actually know how to use logic and reasoning. Patients downstairs in the emergency holding area are severely mistreated and go through constant medical malpractice. This disgusting practice needs to END. There needs to be more laws protecting individuals' Rights. Unless a person is CLEARLY COMMUNICATING TO "VOICES" OR HEARING "VOICES" Having someone committed against their will should be downright ILLEGAL. The entire psychiatric system is flawed and all based on monetary gain at the expense of people's health and well-being. Nearly all psychiatric drugs are proven to destroy brain tissue and create a "dumbed down" individual when taken for long periods of time.. FOR THE LOVE OF GOD, DO NOT INVOLUNTARILY COMMIT A LOVED ONE. IT CAN HAVE DRASTIC EFFECTS ON THEIR LIFE . IT'S NOT WORTH IT.

Michael Weiss

ABSOLUTELY THE WORST ER YOU CAN GO TO!I had passed out 42 weeks pregnant and had to wait around for an hour in the ER before I left to go to Mary Black.Then my youngest son was being watched by my daughter while I cooked dinner one night and he ended up swallowing an adult asprin....but I didnt know if he had swallowed 1 or 100(it was only 1) so i flew 75mph to get to the ER just to be told theres about a 2 hour wait once again I went to Mary Black.Mary Black has an amazing ER!!!But if you are here for an extended amout of time,like for surgery,then it is a good hospital to go to.Nurses are nice and funny.Food is decent.Hospital is great,but ER is awful !!Near downtown,Krispy Kreme,Wades,and a shopping center,so if you are a visitor,there is stuff to do within a 5min drive of the hospital.Subway on campus and church's chicken across the street.Florist across the street as well and a park like a mile away. Local bus system goes by frequently for those without a vehicle.Gift shop and plenty of vending machines for drinks,snacks,and even flowers.Low security,though.I never see more than one officer.Parking deck close by as well.

Thurman Dupler

Worst hospitial ever nurses on day shift does not take care of there pachants. Would not recommend getting vanida she keeps her people in pain and waiting awful nutse

Darren Johnson

My first child was just born here. I know this place has got bad reviews over the years, but they treated my wife and I like gold. My wife had to be induced, and from the moment we where admitted we felt more than comfortable. We stayed 4 days and 3nights the entire staff was friendly and helpful. I can't speak for the entire hospital, but the labor and delivery staff gets a A+ from us!

Monique Quarles

I have nothing but good to say about SMC. I was in CCU for 2 wks and received excellent care, also when i was moved to a room on one of the floors. The doctors and nurses made me feel like I was important and my requests were not an imposition. The best hospital I have ever been in. Thanks!

Jonathan Lewis

Me and wife went there to have a baby. We delivered a beautiful baby girl. They moved us to the 5th floor and and the first night and the next day the nurses were nice and everything. However my wife did not receive the massage she was suppose to receive and the second night the nurse we had was nice but pushy and interrupted my wife a lot. The nurse came in to try and help my wife get the baby to latch on well in the middle of trying she takes off her gloves and drops them on the floor and leaves them but continues to touch my wife and my daughter without gloves on and she really wasn't much help at all. Then the nurse that came in to replace her, besides having the same personality as the door to our room she took our baby to the nursery to do some check ups with the doctor and comes back and tells my wife that she will be good to eat at 11. Well she then comes in and trys to act like we aren't feeding our baby like we are suppose to even though we have the entire time. We then remind her that she's the one that told us to wait until 11 to feed her. She finally left our room and the house keeping lady comes and opens our door and says housekeeping then knocks and leaves the door open and walks away. Meanwhile my wife is in our room breast feeding with the door wide open, causing me to have to get up and close it. On that same day my wife is being discharged but yet they failed to deliver her food even though we've been told she needs to eat and drink fluids so she can breast feed. We also had to listen to the nurses outside talking very loud and some even going as far as talking about the first time they has sex. Need less to say this was a terrible first child experience with this hospital

Michelle Cross

5 hour wait for a wound to be cleaned and stitched

Alexis Cook

I just had my first child 4 months ago and knowing my mom instinct, my daughter is extremely sick. We’ve been here for almost over 4 hours and STILL haven’t been seen. I’ve NEVER been to a hospital like this.

susan chastain

Want happy with this site


"Doctor" Harold Fuller (psychiatrist) is a complete lying quack. He and his nurse practitioner Christina at Spartanburg Regional Behavioral Health are so full of it and out of touch with true reality it is disconcerting. They lack real knowledge, skill, and expertise with mental health or basic health in general. They cannot differentiate between a truly disturbed individual or a mentally sound, sane person. After spending only 5 minutes with you, Fuller will act like he knows your whole life story without actually being attentive and listening to what you have to say. They will immediately start treating you like you have some kind of psychological problem albeit without evidence and will believe others who have ill intentions of causing defamation of character, over you anytime. They will deny any factual evidence that contradicts their opinion and appears to back up what you say. Everyone who is committed whether voluntary or involuntary is force-fed a bunch of brain damaging and hormone disrupting drugs such as Risperdal (risperidone) which has been in countless lawsuits, even when the patient does not need it. Fuller had the nerve to lie to hospital staff, saying I did not know my name, age, DOB, or recollect where I was located (at SRHC Behavioral Health Unit), that I displayed erratic behavior, hallucinations, etcetera during the 5 minute patient/doctor intake interview. In other words, he basically said I just so happened to spontaneously have amnesia for the first time in my life simply while near his presence for 5 minutes. Are you kidding me!? The outright lies and sheer shamelessness of this man is nothing short of diabolical... During my stay there I witnessed a normal man who had NO psychotic tendencies or episodes, who once interacted with us, behaved normally and had his entire memory intact go into a drastic mental decline in a matter of days after being put on heavy antipsychotic drugs that he did not need. He started forgetting things that he used to know. Within a few short days on antipsychotics he started mistaking people for his daughter and his wife, behaving child-like, being loud and rowdy. He started repeating things that he knew as if afraid he would forget it too. He was agitated pacing back and forth, walking from his room back to the common area over and over, even trying to go into other patients rooms searching for his wife and his daughter. When this man was brought in he was completely normal and completely fine: No abnormal behavior, no memory problems, no trouble comprehending and holding a conversation, attentive and basically a normal human being. After 7 days his state of mind and health was worse than a geriatric patient and more like an Alzheimer's in the fifth stage. Also, a heavily sedated young woman on first floor whose movements were like that of an inebriated individual (from all the drugs they shot her up with) could hardly walk to the restroom. Upon returning and feeling her way along the wall to prevent from falling, she fell. Her head slammed against the cold, hard, sturdy door frame at an odd angle. None of the medical staff bothered to test her for a concussion. There was no way of telling by looking at her because she was too drugged up to speak! They just shook their heads in disgust as though she was somehow to blame for their lack of empathy, medical malpractice and utter negligence. They set her back in bed as though nothing ever happened! Clearly, in several aspects psychiatry has advanced little since the Victorian era... I just wanted to shed some light on the field of psychiatry and in particular the demented, arrogant quacks at Spartanburg Regional Behavioral Health. Please do not send loved ones here. They make their money at the expense of people's health and life. If you have a substance abuse problem DON'T COME HERE, GO TO A GOOD REHAB CENTER. If you don't suffer from real psychotic episodes DON'T COME HERE! PLEASE THINK TWICE BEFORE HAVING A LOVED ONE INVOLUNTARILY COMMITTED!!!!

Jonathan Davsi

Wow I took my fiancée there at 12 we left at 8 I wish a million times over I would have went to Mary black. The doctor was good most nurses were not friendly or courteous at all


I want to thank everyone from doctors to housekeeping for taking care of my wife. With her heart attack in October and now a battle with pneumonia everyone was professional with a personal touch. From ER, CCU, Heart Center, Rehab and 6 Floor North I can not express enough how thankful I am for all of you.

Ella Williams

Dr Mark Godenick and staff are always the epitome of excellent customer service. Excellent bed side manners from Dr Godenick❤️

Derick Patterson

A average score of 2.5 is not good but I think it should be a lot lower. I'm up here with my father he has and a stroke in the past ,we are up here because we went to his doc. For a pain in his right side and he was vomiting his doc. said quit get him to the ER we rush up here and 4.5 hours later we are still waiting for a doctor , said they take the most important first and we was not #1.said it just like that smh.and the sad part is they let the nurse make that decision THE NURSE!!!! but I guess appendix's is not important you can only die from it so. I just pray nothing happens to him in the ER my my my. And his name is Danny Wakefield just in case the person that go through all the reviews want to know. And o yea 174 over 109 is high for a stroke patient FYI.

Shawn Hensley

Just got out of a few day stay and must say everyone was wonderful. Doctors, Nurses, and any other staff I encountered. Food was good. Only complaint comes from my arms because of the bruising from the I.V.'s lol, but they will heal with time. Thank you to you and all the staff I personally encountered.


Biggest crooks I've ran across in my life.

Corey Williams

The absolute best hospital I have ever been to. The staff is friendly and very helpful. It was very clean would highly recommend

Heather King

Worst ER ever. Thought I would never say that bc I use to think Mary black in Gaffney sucked nope this ER is just as bad if not worse. Will not bring another child here ever. How can you call a place fast track when you are made to sit for 3 hours and let's doc has seen 2 patients in almost hours with a waiting room packed an no movement from doc. Stupid better change the name to slow track not fast track. Worst experience ever

Dianne Matthews

Poor clinical judgement in triage plus 5 1/2 hour wait, before patient walked out. My sole opinion is that of a non-emergent clinic structure for folks who have limited or no other choice for general care.


Physical Therapy with Dana Stout is recommened by me, she is great to work with and Staff Geraldine at the front desk is always available to schedule or answer any of your questions...I am hoping for a positive out come using this Physical Therapist...

Jake Hennett

Extremely competent hospital. Equipment is top of the line. The emergency center, NICU, Neuro ICU, and maternity wards are all expertly staffed. I genuinely feel that anyone admitted here will be taken excellent care of.

Ernie Simmons

We call and put on hold and hung again and no answer. We went to Pacolet office in person and laughed at us and told us to go to urgent care. We did. But next time we going to urgent care at Greenville health system. Just poor service at pacolet health care for us. Need a new answering system and new patient care person.if I could rate you lower it wouldn't be any star. This is not the way medical service should be handled. Thank s but no thanks.


I visited the Union branch, Union Medical Center, and received excellent service and care. The staff is very friendly and my doctor was very knowledgeable.

Tara Ferrell

The employees were very nice and treated me quickly and efficiently.

Victoria Johnson

Incredible organization providing excellence in health. Love this healthcare system and the profound impact it has on the community.

Rebecca Johnson

In the last 2 years, my husband has been hospitalized at Spartanburg Regional for various medical reasons, as well as having a couple of out patient surgeries, and the care was excellent. Doctors, nurses, & medical staff were always wonderful, friendly, and professional. They took time to answer questions, explain everything, & made our time there as pleasant as possible under the circumstances. I highly recommend Spartanburg Regional. They will always be my 1st choice.

Charles Rambo

Busy, but nice staff.

Joshua Laizure

Came in in alot of pain at 11 at night and had to sit there in pain forever pretty sure they even forgot about me. Staff is rude.

brandchase91 O

I would rather be taken an hour from here and have the increased risk of dying than to step another foot inside this place.

Terri Satterfield

My husband is currently in the facility, his 3rd visit since end of August. There are some good caring people there, so there are some good nurses and doctors. There are of course some that need to perhaps find another profession. I get the financial aspects of working 12 hours shifts but the last couple hours of each shift-suck big time. They are tired and "over you", quality of care certainly diminishes. But all that being said my biggest PEEVE-every shift every day is a different nurse. Each nurse has to be filled in, I really find that a bit unacceptable for those that are very sick, you have to explain everything over and over again. Sickest patients should get same nurses everyday unless the nurse is not good, then the patients could mention they don't want that nurse. But with the nursing carousel, things get overlooked and Doctors giving orders at shift change, things will be missed for sure.


I have been to this hospital on multiple occasions and each time am disappointed in the care, attitude of the staff, and timeliness of their process. Not once have I left this emergency room feeling as though the best treatment was received. Village of Pelham is cleaner, more efficient, has a friendly staff, etc. Poor performer

Terry Miller

My mother is. Congested Heart Failure patient and Renal Kidney disease. ER dr. prescribed a muscle relaxer by the name CYCLOBENZAPRINE 10MG 3 times a day. Warning on this med: Do not give to patients that have CHF and urinary retention problems. She has been hallucinating all day!!!!!!!

E Elmore

This hospital is absolutely the best I have ever been to. Every aspect of the place and people are great, the staff honestly cares about what they are doing. I went there after having a stroke and from the time the ambulance brought me in thru the time I walked out the front door, I was cared for and treated great from people who really cared.

Amanda Grabarkiewicz

I wouldn’t recommend coming here unless you have NO other options. The emergency room is treated more like an urgent care unit as opppsed to someone who needs immediate care. Nurses and staff get an attitude when you ask for something if they acknowledge you. I stood at the help desk for 10 minutes and NO ONE asked if I needed help! Also, if you do find yourself in the emergency room, be prepared to ask for blankets, pillows, assistance walking to the restroom if needed, etc... as no one really seems to know or care about what’s going on with the patients. You must get Nasty and make a scene to get anyone to pay attention here! My advise, if you’ve got time to spare, make the trip to Pelham or Greenville. This should be a last resort.

Jody Settle

Should have sign saying Revoling Door out front !

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