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REVIEWS OF Providence Health IN South Carolina

Stephen L Gill

If they refer you to Regency Hospital in Florence run it's Hospice not rehabilitation or weening off a vent.

Danielle Watt



Dr on staff at ER was very rude and disrespectful. No Dr should tell a patient that what they are going through isn't an emergency and laugh in their face. He made me and mom feel like we were nothing. Why would someone sit in a waiting room for 2+ hours if it isn't serious? We walked out without waiting on discharge papers and won't be back.

Ivonne Correa

I want to say I don't know where these people been too, but my 2 experience here was great! I rather come here then Richland Hospital anytime. I came in not knowing what I had. My nurse John from ER is a great Man. Even though they where short staff from hurricane Irma. He stayed on top of everything the doctor ordered. Explain to me everything and worked with me with deadly fevers and feeling drain. My doctor Mary Philbeck made shore they checked me for anything past my fever and causes. Thank you ER staff of Providence Hospital Columbia SC

Tressa Allen


Tywineue Smalls

Friend got transferred here hours ago and no doctor came around yet so her daughter can find out what is happening.

Linda Amstutz

I went to the ER to meet my cardiologist because I was having chest pains. I was immediately taken back to the ER and monitored. I ended up moving upstairs to the cardiology floor and spent the night. The day nurse, Priscilla, was caring and attentive and helpful getting me ready for my heart cath. While I had blood drawn many times, there was a memorable blood test by Jack where I didn't even feel the stick. Except for the quality of the food served, my ER visit and short stay was comfortable and I was well taken care of. I would return, if I need to.


If I could give a 0 I would I waiting over 5 hours to be seen. And they were calling people back who got there after me I went up and asked why they said it's because you are chest pain and we don't have any room for you. Really I was so mad

Saneva Myskowsky

My husband took me to this hospital even though it was further away because it had better reviews than the hospital closest to us. The experience was terrible and a complete waste of time. We get to the ER and there's no one at reception. We had to wait at least 10 minutes for anyone to show up. When I was seen, the nurse was incredibly cold. There was another male nurse (don't know his name) who got upset and admonished me when he tried to bring me the bill because it was a worker's comp issue. Excuse me for not remembering to tell you that when I'd had a concussion and could barely even remember what happened to me! On top of that, I know my husband mentioned more than once that the injury happened at work. The doctor himself was nice, but I felt completely dismissed. There were was no cat scan or MRI done...I was just given medication and sent on my way. The time I spent at the ER was excruciating because it was incredibly loud in there and I was extra sensitive to noise. When my husband asked the female nurse about it, she brushed him off. I'm still experiencing symptoms but will never come back to this hospital.

Lisa Levinson

I had to take my husband in this morning, NEVER have I seen a more filthy ER and a nurse that had no regard for sanitation. It starting with used medical supplies and bandages in parking lot and pile of dried vomit by the entrance of the ER doors! I will be calling and sharing our nightmare experience with the hospital. I would NEVER step foot in there again, I'll be driving to Lexington Medical or Charlotte!

john perdue

What a joke of an er if you want service your best off scheduling you emergency a week in advance and still have to wait

Dakota Zeigler

Came in at 11:00pm and I'm just now getting seen at 6:12am the next day.. Doc came in and did a poor evaluation..worst experience ever.. My nurse was a joke as well

Maggie Carter

Diagnosed my uncle with arthritis when he really had a blood infection (sepsis). He passed the next day. Please do not take your loved ones here.

Phyllis Walker

Ronie L

I'm from Houston and was invovled in a car accident, had my daughter look up a emergency hospital and Providence came up, part of the staff is not at all friendly and make you scared to be seen by a doctor. I want to get up and go some where else but already registered. I will be reporting my experiences higher up about the staff and pray that the Doctor will be a bit more caring.

Jon Ratcliffe

It was great.had a nail in my arm. the doc was super nice and very helpful

Linda Werts

ER visit- I thought I was at McDonalds. The nurses were horrible. Tattoos, fake nails, bluehair, and bad attitudes. All of which could have been overlooked if they shown the least bit of compassion and/or competence.

Tally Guzman

I was only waiting for 20 minutes. There where people complaining about the wait time. However, they seriously take in consideration your condition. I was having seizures, memory loss, fainting, headaches, and numbness. They treated me quickly and send me off to get the proper test. Unlike Palmetto Health, where they knew I have an advancing tumors cyst and have me waiting in the ER for 5 hours. Providence doesn't have the same equipment as Palmetto which is why I sent there in the first place. I would definitely go here. If you are truly sick they will treat you quickly and efficiently and send you on your way happy. They are truly amazing.

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Jennifer Barger - BoxTopsHMS

shantass legree

Bridget Francis

This is the best hospital in SC! Speedy service and top notch care! Very professional staff!

Proud Mom

I visited the ER here b/c of breathing problems stemming from a lung disease. Not only was the place unbelievably dirty, but I had to actually knock on the nurse's door to get someone to check me in to be seen. Once in the back, I met Dr. Ryan Stewart Slife, an overzealous "Dr." that had no intentions on treating me. I told him my symptoms and he REFUSED to run tests (checking sputum for bacteria) to confirm an Upper Respiratory Infection. He was going to release me but I REFUSED to allow him the chance to dismiss the worsening of my ongoing symptoms w/o treatment. I listened to him explain how there aren't any tests to confirm a VIRAL infection. Of course I knew that but the dark green phlegm was a sign of a BACTERIAL infection that required antibiotics. He still refused to collect and check it so I asked for his name. He rudely shoved his I.D. badge in my face, I guess to impress his also unhelpful companion, then they walked out of the room. A while later a very sweet older lady came back with discharge papers and prescriptions for cough meds and 50 MG of Prednisone. I've been going through this since 2003 so I knew that Dr. Slife was trying to be funny and vengeful by prescribing such a high dose of steroids so I didn't fill either prescription.

Olivia Williams

Ant Army

1hr 30min and have to yet to get vitals. Seems as if the staff doesnt care about your experience. Almost walked until the seem to lure me back in by saying 1 more person to go. FYI, people need get discharged before you get seen. So not enough rooms.

Nicholas Booth

The waiting room is beyond ridiculous, if you are dying you might as well have your last moments at home.

Daniel Braswell

I am here because of chest pains and extreme exhaustion. I thought to come here was wise yet I've been sitting in the incredibly tiny waiting room for over 15 mins hurting. I am thinking of walking out but I drove here and I am exhausted and hurting. Hope I'm not have a serious problem out here.after 1 and a half hour still waiting I left drove myself home feeling helpless and wondering about my future.

Connor Addy

This hospital is a life saver for thousands in Columbia.

Nicole S

So my mother passed out over the weekend. She thought is was due to being overheated. I urged her to go to the hospital to have tests done. She did. Turns out she had a blocked artery and blood pressure was extremely high. The Doctors’ care was what it should have been, but other staff were rude. One young lady had her feet propped up, very unprofessional. There was a lack of communication when it came to what was going on with my mom. She had to have a procedure. I waited in her room for hours with no knowledge of where she was, if the procedure was done or not. As I was leaving, a fat caucasion staff member stated that I could’ve have gone home, had a beer, and fried some chicken. I don’t even eat chicken. Major stereotype. After all the rudeness, my mom was fed a pork sandwich. Really? She has had high blood pressure since she checked in and a clogged artery. Long story short, these people I encountered are not professional and do not care about the well-being of patients.

Andy Sidden

If I could give this facility, no stars I would. I have been forced to use your service twice in 2003 and yesterday, Jan. 13, 2017. Staff is rude and incompetent -- beyond imagining. Nurses can't take blood. No one introduces themselves or seems to give a damn. They laugh at your ailments. In 2003, at the height of flu season, I set in your ER while throwing up from kidney stones and enduring horrendous pain for eight hours only to hear a nurse in the wee hours of the morning tell me to drink a beer. That was better than the care I received yesterday from your registration, pulmonary department, and ER. No -- and I mean no one -- introduced themselves or treated me with the slightest bit of respect, compassion, or common decency. CT scan was down on a Friday afternoon of a holiday weekend. Had to transferred to the NE facility and then transferred back. Pulmonary folks laughed at my sickness. No one asked for my name or phone number or next of kin -- even in the ER. Yet, I was asked repeatedly for my insurance card. The only word I got from the blood cultures was a question about if I had recently been drinking. I don't drink. At this point, the nurse decided I must be dehydrated -- something that I could have told him six hours earlier. I received absolutely no discharge info. I was disconnected from the tubes and told to dress. I wasn't even shown how to get out of the building after coming in completely disoriented from where the laughing pulmonary test folks had shown me the door. I intend to fire my doctor for associating with such a place. And, let me say, that I have lived with chronic illness for more than 25 years and I am a pastor of more than 25 years. I have been in lots of hospital for lots of reasons. Yours is by far the worst.


I've been waiting for four hours. And there are several patients before me who's still waiting. If patients asked for an update on the time, the lady behind the counter was VERY NASTY, LOUD and unwilling to help. She got so nasty with one of the patients till it caused an uproar! About 5 nurses/doctors came upfront to see what was going on but no one called us back. Or came out to give us a time frame! I have never ever experienced anything like this before. NEVER! I've visited Providence NE several times and the staff is caring and courteous! And I will be filing a complaint with the board.

Angela Holliday

They are horrible, the wait is longer than Baptist and Richland! I brought my mom here for a flu soon as we sat down they called us back to take the test and 4hrs later we are still waiting. No communication what so ever all they kept saying is we have an emergency in the back! Once they finally came back they called 2 other ppl to the back while we were still waiting and we was here before everyone. Never ever will I return!!!!!

Jack Death

Shirel Summers

This is a great hospital!.. From the check in clerical staff to the medical personnel service here was was just excellent!.. I was in and out and I feel my medical condition was treated thoroughly by very caring and qualified medical professionals! Staff even catered to my lil ones and gave them coloring books while we waited! I honestly don't understand all the negative comments.. So glad I didn't let them sway me.. This is an excellent hospital and I am very happy with my first visit here! I would feel 100% confident to come back should the need arise.. Thank you Providence Hospital!

Lois Blackerby

The staff on the cardiac floor was terrific, except one aide....I would recommend Providence to anyone.

Denise Hill

I went for an outpatient heart procedure and all of the staff members I came in contact with were professional and attentive to my needs. I couldn’t have asked for a better experience.

RE Dorothy

Jenny Mack

I would like to share with you the experience my mother and I had at the Forest Drive Providence Hospital Emergency Room on Sunday, June 16, 2013, at approximately 9:30 am. My mother was experiencing nausea, back pain and high blood pressure (we have been checking it at home at doctor’s orders) and just feeling bad. I understand those can be signs of heart attack in women so we went to the ER at Providence as that is the only hospital her doctor will go to. When we arrived at about 9:30 am, there was NO ONE in the either of the intake desks. We waited a few moments and then knocked on the side door that is locked that you have to go through to get to the ER facilities. No one came. I was wondering what would have happened if someone came in bleeding to death or having a stroke or heart attack! We knocked again and I was getting very upset. I have never been to an ER where there was no one there to take the patient. A lady came walking in from outside, dressed in street clothes not scrubs, and I told her no one was there! She said she would call on her cell and get someone there……which she did so she must have worked there …….I then said thank you but THAT was not the issue! The issue was: Why wasn’t someone there in the intake offices in the EMERGENCY ROOM?! Shortly later, someone came and then took the information while someone took mom in Triage. Mom said the lady in Triage was “abrupt” with her and the person who came to take the information was abrupt also to me. Not rude, just abrupt and non-caring………and we certainly didn’t even get an apology. Which was just as well as I don’t think I would have accepted it – it is OUTRAGEOUS to go to an ER and experience what we did. After Triage, mom came back into the waiting room to wait. At that point, an elderly man and woman came OUT of the ER to exit. He must have had blood taken because when they got to the exit door, he started bleeding again pretty badly from his hand and turned around to come back in to get more bandage……..AGAIN, there was no one there in the Intake offices to help him…….they knocked on the door again but no one came to help them…………. He was dropping blood on the floor in the waiting room. No one came. They then said they would walk around to the other side and go through the ambulance entrance…………then they came walking back and said they couldn’t get in that way either! About that time, someone came and let them back in. I hardly can express what I think about this situation except that it was very unprofessional and outrageous. When we got to the back, the doctors and nurses there was fine and helpful…..but the Forest Drive ER Intake/Reception experience was a nightmare!


Which I could give it -10 stars. My pops got into a wreck and the ambulance made him sit in the waiting room . Get this place shut down.

Donald Hall

I was treated just like family. The nurses made sure that I was comfortable. My doctor came in and explained my situation and the course of action that he wanted to take. I want to thank you all for taking care of me and helping me getting back healthy.


Just got home from 4 days in Providence Health after laparoscopic surgery and could not have been more pleased with help and service I received. Check in was 5:30am and moved quickly through the process and was in the operating room at 7:30am, Doctor Walker was amazing came to see me before surgery and after several times and took time and care for my needs and concerns. The staff on floor six where amazing I was in a lot of pain and they where constantly monitoring my condition and taking care of me, everyone was friendly introduced-themselves by first name even the cleaning staff had welcome smile and first names as did food providers and nurses aids. Special thanks to my night RN Laura constantly checking on me and giving good advice and always concerned about my pain .Also cleaning lady Maria was a sweetheart always a smile and chat.Would not hesitate to go back here this is my second visit this year and just as good.

barbara perez

Latoya La'shawn

For starters I've been waiting for over 3 hours just to be seen but this honestly is not about me. What kind of hospital sits a patient in the waiting room and not IMMEDIATELY have them seen when that patient is coughing up blood in a bag

Stephanie Mobley, Vernes

Going to the dollar store would of been better they give you the same crap

Wayne Shackel


Had appendicitis, brushed me off, and told me it was just constipation. Went to Richland, told me appendicitis, then removed it.

Christina Stevens

Came to this hospital in a rush as I left medcare with a lot of unanswered questions about my 9 year old daughter who had a really bad outbreak of some. Medcare dr said it was a spider bite, came to Providence and was taking good care of . Everyone showed concern, the triage nurse was great so great I really wish I got her name. The doctor we seen was great too. Was there maybe 45 min all together. Found out it was cellitius not a spider bite. Appreciate the people who work here and take care and concern with their patients!

John Connerton

Came from Minnesota to be with my Sister who had hip surgery at the Orthopedic site. Very impressed with the beautiful clean facility and with the staff, from the Doctor's and Nurses, to the aides, even the janitors: everyone very caring and professional. This was my Sister's second time here and we can see why she decided to come back. reminds me of a miniature Mayo clinic in the way they approach patient care: very open communication, personable and professional. Wonderful place.

Christina Backus

This place is terrible. Don't even come here to die.

John Lenti


Jim B

ZERO STARS. This place should be avoided at all costs. The medical mistakes they made on my wife were terrible and many. Treatment from the floor nurses was hateful to put it mildly, when it came at all. They could have killed my wife several times. They even gave her medication to the patient in the room next door once! There will be letters sent to many people over this outrage. Do not take a lizard here. The ER is a complete joke. The first words out of the nurse and doctors mouths both were "And what makes you think you have an emergency today?".....really? They were very short and unfriendly. I watched them just walk around and joke doing nothing while there were people waiting on service. No dedication to help people at all. My wife could hardly talk so I tried to answer the questions and they ignored me and were rude. After all day (literally) they did nothing and said go see your regular doctor.....he is the one that sent us there morning!

Matt Taylor

My dad was in there for 3 days and made a drastically turn around he was in ICU on life support and within 3 days he was off life support


Nursing and support staff are lazy and inattentive. Mother had an out patient procedure done there. They were behind and she went into surgery 3 hours late. She got back into the recovery room, and the nurse came in to say they’d have her a food tray by 5:45. She was extremely hungry, since she hadn’t eaten since the day before. Never saw that nurse again. Another nurse came in to tell her they’d have her up by 6:00 to see that she could move around, and then be discharged. Never saw that nurse again. At 6:30, no food tray and no one had come to get her up. By that time, we went to the cafeteria to get her food and tell the nurses she needed to get up. Asked about the food trays, and they said they were running behind. They told us they’d bring her a tray. It was fish. My mom had told them twice she was allergic to fish, and she had a bracelet on indicating that.

Geo Moody

ER was full, and had 4 heart patients including myself.Reason was had only one Doctor in ER covering whole floor. I sat there 4 hrs with chest pains and high blood pressure. I took nitro and went home and waited to go to the Dr. the next morning. Why have a ER ?

Cynderella 56

I moved here from Charleston. Was told that Providence was the best in cardiac care. My husband was forced to go there due to doctor privleges. In patient for one night. The worst night of his life. It was the worst having to spend the night. Of course they expect (as a non Medicaid insurer) your portion to be paid prior to your procedure. While my husband was throwing up, the nurses stood there while the family cleaned and took care of him. The nurses did not show compassion or nursing abilities during his stay. What a shame. I personally will go to Lexington Medical Center and thank them once again for their past care when my husband had his heart attack. We may have to change doctors if we cannot be seen at Lexington Medical.

John Bailey

After 7 hours of waiting with chest pain I find out its to late to do testing so I leave with chest pain

Ccraiseup Raiseup

They really help me out with bad asthma attack .

scott parker

Was sent from my family doctor with a abnormal ekg got to providence hospital to go through emergency and the nurse working the triage would even listen to what all was going on. Didn’t even want to talk to us. They have gotten almost as bad as trmc in orangeburg. I think it time to change my cardiologist to get a better hospital....

Ja'Niyah Barnes

Mary E

Had a bad car accident and was stranded in this little town where I didnt know anyone in the middle of a blizzard they basically put me out of the hospital because I had drugs in my system... Im not proud of having that in my system ,but it wasnt something I was on it was something from days and week prior to the incident. I was in so much pain. Definetly not dressed to be walking in the snow. At 3 am no less..Now they have the audacity to send me a medical bill for $4000. One of the nurses was really sweet she even helped me take my necklaces off whenever they were putting me through the xray. But the rest of the staff was a joke. Pitiful hospital.

Ashley Skinner

The way they have treated my mother in law is ridiculous!! Sticking an IV twice with the same needle! Having a nurse slam the trash can to the other side of the room! To not listening to her saying she is a hard stick and at that trying to stick her with a 16g in her hand to not getting anything and saying "next time I'll let a student stick you who has never stuck anyone" and have "a soft muffin" being hard as a rock! I wish I was there to speak my mind!!

Simmons Family

Slow services, and really act like they don't care. I'll stick with baptist or Lexington

Captain Wilson

Take Care of you real good.

WTGS Phone

I took my wife and her mother to Providence Heart & Vascular today for a heart cath procedure. We arrived at 10 AM, probably earlier, which is right on the dot. They took her back around 11 AM and my wife and I went to get something to eat while we waited. We got back to the hospital around 12:30 and they still were not ready for us. At roughly 1 PM we were finally allowed to go back in and see my mother in law after the procedure was done. At that time, we were told that she was stable, and she would be able to leave by 5:30 PM. Well, 5:30 PM comes and goes, and they have not even gotten her up and out of bed or even dressed her yet, nor have they taken her for a short walk around the cubicle area to make sure she was alright to discharge. So we waited another 2 hours just to find out at 7:30 PM, that as of 3:00 PM, the staff already knew that they would need to keep her overnight because her blood pressure was far too high to release her. Yet we did not find this out until almost 4 hours AFTER they knew about it. Then, it turns out that not only did they NOT tell us about her high blood pressure, but a nurse was not even checking in on her regularly to make sure it was going down. My mother in law was complaining about dizziness and headaches and they basically shrugged it off. These people are a joke. They kept us waiting for 4+ hours, knowing damned well that it was all for nothing because she would not be able to go home tonight, despite the fact that we had told them multiple times that I had to be at work at 5 AM tomorrow and that we had been there for almost 10-11 hours straight, and we had a 80 mile drive ahead of us just to get home. We are filing a formal complaint tomorrow morning as soon as I get to work. This entire experience was just ridiculous. When I complained to the staff on Floor 3 that we had been told we would be able to leave with her at 5:30 PM and that I had enough of this, she literally told me "BYE SWEETHEART, HAVE A GREAT NIGHT!" and then proceeded to play on her phone while ignoring my complaint, and my mother in law. We are also going to be speaking with our lawyer about this, whom we already have retained for unrelated matters, and we will be filing a complaint with the BBB. So I suppose all I can say, is "patient beware." EDIT: Oh, and I just found out from my wife that after I left the waiting area on the 3rd floor, one of the women that I was just complaining about the situation to was apparently mocking me, and saying things like "that cracker can get an attitude with me any time, I will just call my husband and have him take care of him" That's nice. Real professionals you have working here. In light of this, I am DEFINITELY speaking to my lawyer about it. Sorry hun, but this "cracker" doesn't tolerate racism one bit, and just because you're black and I'm white, that doesn't mean you "can't be racist" towards me. So unless your husband is a lawyer, you might want to call someone else to "deal with this" because you are going to wake up a week from now wishing you had never said this when you are served with legal papers.

Daniel Oree

I horrified at service. All reasons for lack luster treatment of people in pain needs to be rectified. Lack of rooms, staff, whatever. This is worse than a free clinic with one doctor.

D McCullough

I was hospitalized for 9 days in April of 2016. All in all, I was happy with the care. However, upon preparing to be released, I discovered that the pendant to my gold necklace was missing. This pendant was made from a ring my late husband bought me in 1972, made of rubies and 10 carat gold. The gold necklace upon which the pendant was placed, was in my bag; however, the pendant was missing. I do not understand why the pendant was removed from the gold necklace. I am very incensed. I would have thought that a faith-based hospital would have this problem. I filed a report; however, no one has gotten back with me. This is absolutely not acceptable. I do hope the person who decided that the pendant looked better on them than me, is not able to sleep at night.

Denzel Downing

Worst hospital I ever been too in my life don't not come to this er been waiting six hours in so much pain this does not make any sense

NuChristopher Mckissick

Jenny Taylor

My brother was admitted through the ER, I have been his caregiver for 7 years, I spoke to 2 of his nurses & his case manager that this family was in a crisis situation, my brother has been on a manic phase for almost 2 months & I needed help & that I can not do this alone any more., he needed more care than I can give him.... he was discharged the very next day to me without even being addressed... I am at a loss for help here when a hospital won't help you!

tawana miles


Shakeyma Baxter

If i could give them absolutely no stars I would. Horrible and extremely disrespectful doctor in the ER. We will not be visiting this hospital again. To tell a patient to go sit at home in pain and that you refuse to do anything is a slap in the face!

Kimberlee Duncan

Though we had to wait awhile in an ER room, at our multiple visits we received thorough evaluations & care with considerate staff. Once admitted, the staff has worked to take great care, cover issues, listen, and get to the bottom of all the complications. Thank you - so far a double thumbs up to Q in the ER! She went out of her way (and requirements) several times for us!!

Jackie Bauler

Had bring my son in laws mom to er staff was rude

Maria Mora

Our experience with Providence Health has been the worst experience ever and honestly has the worst customer service that I have experienced in the hospital industry. Patients are not treated with dignity and respect and no urgency from the staff. When you are having to chase down nurses to provide medication... It's important to know that when you have a love one or a family member that you have the support and care that is needed. This is not what we are experiencing. Literally the ENT doctor smelled like alcohol coming into the ER room to perform an evaluation. The nurses are on the internet and using Google to search for things when they have no idea what they were doing. I would highly recommend that if you have anyone in a life threating situation that YOU RUN.... We know that I am not the only one that felt this way after having a loved one in the hospital for several days and the sad reality of the care there.... someone really needs to take a look at this and improve the ethics and moral of this hospital... I could go on with the horror stories but I will let someone else share a review....

robert mcneil

my brother in law had open heart surgery there not to long ago. The problems started afterwards. When he was told to go back and have his open chest looked at because it was puffy, red and having a real bad smell.DR. Sutton saw him on 22 November 2014.DR.Sutton and staff were being hateful and quite honestly plan rude and unprofessional. They ripped off the bandage on his chest making it bleed more then usually.

Hyesung Jeong

WORST HOSPITAL EVER. I was forced to go here because it was the closest one open. In the ambulence, they made me sit in the passenger seat as a patient. They made me wait 2 hours, but only to check my blood pressure and release me. Their billing office is in Oklahoma and they are trying to scam me to pay the bill in full when my insurance already paid them. I sent them the receipt but they are still pushing me to pay for 1 year. smh....

Naimah Cabbagestalk

I went to this hospital because I passed out at summer camp and the experience was horrible. The paramedics were lazy and abusive. They got made at the fact that I was having a hard time opening my eyes so they squeezed my jaws until I cried out in pain and had to open my eyes. Got to the hospital sat there for 2 hours until the finally said the paramedics never even checked me in. And I was a minor by myself so I had no clue what was going on. I passed out because of severe dehydration and I think EVERYONE knows that the number one thing they are suppose to do is HYDRATE YOU. so I sat at the hospital for another 5 hours. They took me in a room in which the doctor came in gave me a pat on the back, left, the nurse came in with a bill of $700 dollars, and a diagnosis of syncope. (Dizziness for unknown reasoning) only cause they were short of staff and didn’t have time to actually give me an IV. I left that hospital traumatized and I cried my eyes out for hours.

Journeys Youtube channel for kids

Im currently inpatient at this facility and that is exactly what it is a facility this place is absolutely horrible the nurses and doctors are so unprofessional ive been here for 2 days i have fluid on my chest and still dont have a diagnostic only time you see a nurse is when they are trying to draw blood which they are terrible at i was supposed to have my meds at 1:30 it is now 2:14 and i dont have my meds or have spoken with a nurse doctor said he would be coming back never came back if you can avoid this place do so!!!!!


Cuomo Prime Time 515

Blacks, Illegals and men get red carpet care while white women are treated like worthless property. I was supposed to get an MRI on my back and they changed the appointment 6 times! One change was when I already took a cab there and they said they rescheduled it and never called me. I haven't gotten any help for 3 years for my back and I'm now paralyzed.

Charlena Venable

Kate Marie

Extremely disappointed on how my mother has been treated here. The staff acts like it is a burden to do anything for my mother. She has had to asked several times for any help. Actually had to disconnect her heart moniter to get anyone in her room and even that took several minutes. One nurse out of everyone she has seen was on top of things. I've had to travel over 30 mins to this hospital to make sure she is alright. I should feel comfortable leaving her, but honestly I have dreaded it! Would not recommend this hospital to anyone.

MoNae Watkins

Helen Atkins

Javar Juarez

I pray to God I do not need to return to this very place which seems to be void of compassion, the very thing necessary for good nursing I don’t care what anyone says. I have been greeted with very firm men who could care less how I feel. No eye contact, no general concern, no real sense of how can I help you? These men in this hospital feel sterile and more like hoodlums than nurses. As bad as I feel I considered just walking out but I had already started this process. It will be my last. I am in disbelief that even the Charge Nurse who to my understanding is “management” here failed to even listen to feedback regarding this treatment on my visit today. I wouldn’t recommend any person with expectations of being treated with care and at a premium come here. Empty emergency room =long wait

Charles Kennedy

Tricia Profilet

Went to er on Fri was having chest pains ran test and was admitted over the weekend the nurses are very good to you and though they wake you up during the night my sister has been here since.

trombo loco

Horrible place.First time i went because of an allergy.Waited 3 hours to get checked.The doctor came in to the room looked at me and told me it was a fungus and left.they charged me $879 dollars and he was in the room for around 20 seconds.Second time i took my baby girl(1 year old) cause she had like a flu and fever and couldnt breath right.they didnt care she was a baby.they even forgot about us and we had to knock the door a couple of baby was cryn al the time and they didnt care.six hours after we left and the only thing they did to her was give her some motrin.while waiting there a man came through the door complaining cause he had called and the person he talked to called him the N word and he was like crazy mad and they called security on him.No wonder why the US is in the list of the worst health care sistems in the world.American dream at its best.

Carrie Creighton

Nice staff in the ER, they got me in quickly. I will come here again

Zephod Beeblebrox

Wonderful nurses and doctors. Patient transport pleasant and efficient. Not impressed by the 30 minute wait for patient transport to arrive. I suspect the money that should have been spent on staff was blown on tarting up the foyer and first floor landing rather than on the hospitals primary responsibility of patient care. As soon as the hospital was sold to life point things seem to have begun to go to pot.

Patricia Smith

Terrible customer service. Tried to reach medical records and I believe it was a female name Tiana answered and immediately transferred me back to the main switchboard. When I made my way back to medical records I got hung up on. Pretty ridiculous!

Audrey Estep

I took my mother in law there. We were there for 5 hours. After 2 hours of waiting we were in a room. We never seen a nurse in the 3 other hours. So we ended up leaving and trying to find somewhere else to take her. I was very disappointed.

Blake Allen

6 hours and still waiting for my 3 year old with a venomous bite to be seen. The ER nursing staff are actually quite caring and have been the only decent experience we’ve had here. While working 120 hour weeks I don’t honestly care for spending an entire day in the ER for my child to be ignored. I will not ever come back to this hospital. Update, 7 hours and 30 minutes and we are now waiting on a discharge paper for what may be a venomous bite, may not!? “Come back if it gets worse” is the final diagnosis.

Luis Sola

Todo el personal profesional,amables, conocimiento de lo que hacian, enfermeras bien atentas a los paciente una buena experiencia.

Stephen Reagan

Allea Anderson

The wait is entirely too long only to be greeted by staff who have no compassion for people with emergencies. Who hired these people? This is an EMERGENCY room! They move with no sense of urgency whatsoever. I understand that everyone comes to the ER with minor problems but everyone should not be treated as such. I arrived at 6pm it is now 12:30am and am still waiting. Shut it down now!

Arthur Monk

The ONLY reason I even give two stars is because of the wonderful care by Dr. Philbeck and the triage nurse, whose name I do not recall. Whom I do recall is the rude, insensitive PA named, first initial "G". My wife, who is suffering from herniated and bulging discs among other spinal issues, FINALLY relented to go to the ER to seek out some pain relief. She is an RN herself, so making this choice was not easy for her. Instead of being treated with sensitivity and friendliness, PA "G" was anything but, telling my wife that even with back surgery she would live in pain the rest of her life, sending my wife into tears. In her report, she had the AUDACITY to label us as drug seekers and called me aggressive. Aggressive. I was anguishing over my wife's pain and frustrated there was nothing I could do to help, so, yeah, I was a little agitated. What I think provoked the bad report was my asking if a doctor was on staff that day. This was not a shot at the PA, and in fact, we had not planned to issue a complaint until my wife read this attending PA's report. I sent an email directly to Stephen Selzer and Jill Anelli on 9/29 and still have not received word back. So...I'm venting in the review section. WE WILL NEVER SET FOOT IN ANOTHER PROVIDENCE FACILITY AGAIN as a direct result of Ms. Gibbs behavior.

Benny Livingston

I was admitted into this hospital and the staff here really needs to show they actually care about their patients. I called over 7 times asking for my pain medication in the middle of the night, and waited two hours for my nurse to finally come in. It was due at 3:00 am and I didn’t get it till a little after 5:00 am. So I was in pain, unable to sleep, and not a single person came in to say what was taking so long. If my nurse was so busy she could have asked someone else for help. Really unacceptable!

connie stout

My daughter was transferred there to have a spinal tap done was giving 2 doses of morphine before and after she was given percocets and was told 45mins later she was being discharged because they needed the room and she then was wheeled to the lobby,still heavily sedated and left there!!Whatever happened to observing the patient after a procedure ,the patients well being?

Amanda Timmons

Horrible Hospital Everyone all the way to the doctors have rude nasty attitudes they act as if they don't care as soon as I got a room the doctor came in and I now have been waiting 2 hours for the nurse to give me my meds and she's said mutilple times she was coming and hasn't it's a shame and it's not even busy smh but there's 4 nurses at the nurse station talking about food but what about the patient I'll never come back here !!!!

Noell Barb

Took excellent care of my uncle! !

Hannah Jones

The ER experience was less than desirable. The receptionist was hardly at her desk and when she was she was on her phone. However... the rest of my experience there was wonderful! My ER nurse Millie was fantastic! She even stayed 1 1/2 hours over her time to make sure myself and her other patients were well cared for and stable. My floor nurses, Katie, Jamilya, Nichole and all of them once I was admitted was also wonderful and made me feel special. The food was the best I've ever had in a hospital. Dr. Abid is great! She made me feel so well cared for and genuinely showed interest in me as a patient not just some case. I definitely would take a loved one here.

Lisa Rushton

Displeased with the entire experience. Never again

Mary Gibson

My daughter had surgery there. We've have traumatic events (car accident and such). From those experience at other hospitals, this was a good experience.

Bill Coogler

Over two hours to meds during the night, then only because I keep calling. Why does it take four hours to check out. You need SIX SIGMA processes for all your employees. Each should be required to get a green belt

Kelly Wolfinger

Rude staff, slow emergency room, took 3.5 hours just to get out of the waiting room after coming in on an ambulance with chest pains.

Chrystal Glisson

My dad usually goes to Lexington, but due to him not being responsive in the ambulance we had to take him to the closest hospital. Now I really regret it,this place is not clean and the nurses at the font desk are not helpful. My dad and I are waiting to be put in a room in this open area that other patients can hear our business (I'm sure HIPPA would love to hear that) with a curtain as our wall and door.

Carly Dandridge

I went to the ER last night 12/12/17 b/c I was having issues breathing. I have been on antibiotics and an inhaler for 10 days for a sinus infection and bronchial inflammation that were prescribed by a Dr at the Med care urgent Care. She told me that if I needed to use my inhaler more than once to get relief for my breathing issues I should go to the ER right away. I used my inhaler twice and had no relief. I still felt like I couldn't breath, so I went to the ER. I was disgusted by the way I was treated by Dr Carroll. He entered my room, asked me if I smoke cigarettes and when I said yes he began to belittle me, raised his voice at me, and said that I was stupid for coming into the ER with issues breathing since I smoke and have asthma. He lectured me for 5-10 mins before finally telling me he would give me a breathing treatment. He never asked me for any medical history, or if I even had asthma. He just assumed and treated me like I was a drug seeker though I only asked if I could have a breathing treatment to help open up my chest and help with my breathing. It was so bad that it clearly made even the nurse as uncomfortable as it made me and my mother. She couldn't stop apologizing to me for the way I was treated. Then while giving me the breathing treatment he lectured me more about how my children were going to watch me die a slow agonizing death from suffocation and showed me pictures of someone's lungs who chain smoked for 40 years saying that my lungs looked that way. Being an emergency health care provider myself, I found his behavior and tone to be completely unprofessional. The oath we take says first do no harm, HOWEVER, telling someone in respiritory distress that they should not come in to the hospital in the case of an emergency just because they smoke cigarettes is negligent and dangerous. My first thought was to get up and leave, but as I said I couldn't breath so the best place for me to be was right where I was in the ER. Regardless of his own feelings or the day he was having, he should have composed himself before entering my room or taken himself off of my case if he couldn't handle it emotionally. He told me had been in respiritory health for over 20 years, and in my opinion it may be time for him to take an extended vacation or maybe even think about retirement b/c he obviously can no longer handle the stress of his position. I will Not be going back to this ER, and will certainly not recommend that anyone go there if they have a serious or potentially life threatening health issue.

Sandra Crispo

Normally wonderful staff but, today (11/20) staff on 5th floor heart was horribly slow. Found many of them standing around having a chat while call buttons were going off. This is one POed Catholic right now.

Lela Woolever

My 14 year old son was seen today at the ER for a fractured arm. It wasn't very clean and the room was small, but the two Doctors and his nurse were Amazing!!!! He was so scared and they were so calm and gentle with him. I would definitely go back there if we needed to.

jami williams

Staff is absolutely awful. My mom is in ICU. Told my niece they are tired of family members calling for info on my mom. THESE PPL ARE TIRED OF DOING THE JOB THAT THEY ARE PAID TO DO.

toccara little

This place is horrible. Omg how long do I have to sit here in pain

Sugamama Epps

Reign 9000

You might die waiting to be seen in their emergency room. If you love yourself and your loved ones by all means avoid Providence Hospital on Forest Drive in Columbia, South Carolina.

Allen Hall

I've never been to the ER here, but when I found out how much cheaper a HIDA scan is here than all of the other hospitals I had my doctor reschedule it for here. It was clean, everyone was friendly, my nurse was AWESOME! I'm terrible with names, but I hope the people that watch these reviews can look her up and thank her again for me. I've been a nervous wreck for a week over this, but they really made me feel like a person and not a number like the last hospital I was in.

Dylan Priest

This place is a joke. Had a patient that was afraid to go home due to abuse and was trying to get help to be moved to a shelter and was discharged just because they needed the room......Go any where except here if you care about yourself or others.

ME Enos

My comment is on your Facebook page

Michael Bessman

My wife went in for kidney stones, the emergency physician ( Michael Hayes)was excellent, but we were referred to a urologist the same day at 2pm, the doctors name was Dr VANDENBERG (stay away from him) who works for this medical facility after an hour wait we(my wife and i) meet this so called doctor and his statement to us " NOBODY CARES ABOUT YOUR PAIN " , maybe this doctor should remember the oath he took when he completed medical school- nowhere does that oath say anything about "NOBODY CARES ABOUT YOUR PAIN!!!!! He should consider another profession!!! SHAME ON HIM!!!! This is not the way any doctor in the medical profession should conduct themself !!!!! Unbelievable, I'll bet he would not say such a statement to his wife, mother or daughter!!!! Yes I read the oaths that doctors take ,this behavior is unacceptable from any human being in any profession!!! I will pursue this to a higher level.

Yuhan Fu

The doctors here , just not qualified

Calee Owens

The doctor really couldn't tell me what was wrong and didn't seem to care. The nurse Erin was unprofessional she has no empathy for the patients. I would never come to providence northeast again.

Tamika Hall

This hospital is not clean and some of the nurses are not friendly. I don’t understand a place for the sick is very nasty I’m not please at all.

Nekaylia Long

I called at 1:50 pm, I was helped by Sylvia she suggested I speak to someone in the emergency room, regarding my question about a recent visit. Nice, pleasant and helpful, considering I had to call back twice. She redirected me to the ER, to whom a hateful woman, who cut me off before I could finish speaking, barked at me and said "WHATEVER THE DOCTOR GAVE YOU WHENEVER IS WHAT YOU'RE GOING TO GET" and hangs up in my face! Without trying to hear me or understand what exactly I was trying to gain clarity on. I didn't catch her name, wish I did. These are the type of people representing this hospital and it is beyond a shame, distasteful, unprofessional and nasty! I would NEVER come back to this place, bring any family members or anyone I know for that matter.

Cheryl Gaulman

Team WORK, WITH great team worker!!! ☹️

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