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REVIEWS OF Prisma Health Tuomey Hospital IN South Carolina

Tasha horton

Dee Miller

I had surgery in Dec of 2016 and everyone was amazing to me!!! From getting me ready for surgery to the day I left I was treated so good!! I had been going to Manning but will NEVER not go here first! I know for a fact that our hospital is making changes and they care about us! I am grateful to have some where in Sumter to go for great care!!

Alice Evans

Long wait . Then no results .

D3xo TV

Why is this place here? I've only seen the lobby,I don't think this is a hospital, I think doctors rent rooms out for clinicals or something

Jerry & Peg Berg

My wife fell and hit her head and has alot of pain in her hip. Here over 4+ hrs and watched many come in after and go in before many didn't look like they had any major problems. Not a place to go for an emergency. Head and hip pain is second to sniffles.

maxwell steel

WORST HOSPITAL EVER!!!!!!!! Wish I could give negative stars.

Melissa X

My daughter in law has been sitting in the ER for 5 hours before even being seen!! Are you kidding me??!! If it was life threatening she would be dead, but then again who knows if it is because if it wasn't for my sister, who is an ER doctor in another state, calling and threatening them she'd probably still be in the waiting room. 9 hours and she finally is going for a CT scan!

Joseph Cruzan

When my life depended on quick response, the staff at Tuomey was there and saved my life. A special thanks to Dr. Mitchell Jacocks, a true man-of-God!

Naudia RosemanMyers

I came up here with my little niece came up here saying she had a bead in her left ear they then said there wasn't one so the doctor tapped on it and pushed it down and now she has to wait a day for the ear and throat doctor to get it out when they could have got it out before the doctor pushed it down! DONT BRING your child here! It's ridiculous

Chad Collier

Shady dishonest billing practices. If you can find another hospital please do! My insurance paid them and Toumey happily cashed the check, but still tried to collect the full amount from us. Even after my insurance spoke with them, they claimed they did not receive payment. Had to get attorney involved to stop their attempts to re-collect. Research shows that this hospital has been under investigation for fraud! Toumey, you should be ashamed!

Candace Durham

Fastest ER visit ever! We were in, got seen and cared for and discharged within 30 minutes. Thanks for the super fast and friendly service. You all are awesome!!!

Emma Mcbride

Hi my name is Emma and I am one of the cna's on oncology I would like to say that I enjoy working at the hospital I enjoy working on the oncology floor I have been at tuomey for 24 years and it has been a wonderful experience for me I have learned wonderful things in the years that I have been there I enjoy working with the staff on other floors oncology is a wonderful unit we are team player we work together to get the job done without patience and their families they call me the singing bird because I sing to my patience and their families and comforting them I enjoy every moment of it this is a place where God put me to be and I enjoy it I enjoy working with the staff here and have a wonderful supervisor Pam teagle I would like to give a big thank you to Terry Carlton and I would like to give a big thanks to Michelle Owen who is the CEO at Palmetto health tuomey may God continue to bless our Hospital our staff and our families and our patients always love Emma McBride

Josh Woolverton

Horrible service they where supposed to see my son at 11:00 am wasn’t seen till 2 then they where very rude and not helpful at all the total prosecutor should have took 1:30hr ... it took 6 hours I do not recommend this place to anyone

Yvonne Y

Sitting in the waiting room longer than your stay. Put IV's in people and than leave them in the waiting room.

S Dukes


Kayla Tillman

You know there’s a problem when half the town is military and the hospital radiology department isn’t competent enough to process a TRICARE referral

kristene davila

David Jackson

I've had good and bad times at Tuomey

Carina Noona

Worst hospital I've ever been to. Had pains at a 9-10 level and they took 2 hours to relieve it.

Cindy Ramsey

Back place

Mary Elizabeth

One week ago today I had food poisoning. After vomiting and horrible stomach cramps I finally came to the ER. I sat in the emergency room from 730p until 1030p crying, vomiting so much until blood and bile appeared. This started around noon so my body was physically drained. I kept complaining to the receptionist to PLEASE get me help. Twice she notified the nurse (a guy) whom initially took my vitals/symptoms when I arrived. I begged and pleaded for him to at least get my bloodwork so I can maybe get something to stop the vomiting. He was very rude, showed no empathy and pretty much said " Do you have anxiety? We'll get to you when we can". I left w/o being seen and just suffered and prayed.

Douglas Chilson

Despite the bad reviews, I had a fairly good experience here on my visit this past Thursday. I have a large family and have been stationed around the world, so I have many experiences of visiting ERs. I started at sick call and they though my pain was from my appendix. I was sent to an Urgent Care to get a CT scan to confirm. The results were I had an inflamed appendix. My doctor coordinated with the ER and upon my arrival I was sent back to get my vitals and taken straight to a waiting room. I did have to wait there a couple hours in pain, but the nurse staff were very friendly and courteous. Once an operating room was available I was sent back for lathroscopic surgery to have an appendectomy. The doctor did a great job. I felt better leaving than when I arrived and within a few days I am almost back to my normal active self. I was nervous about this place because of the poor ratings, but it was probably the second or third best ER experience I have had, and the first one to ever have the staff send me a get well card. A great experience overall.


In 2011, I became horribly sick throwing up, diarrhea, lower right abdomen was so painful, I tried to recover at home but it got too painful, I went to Tuomey, I laid back there, where you wait for doctor to come in for five hours no pain medication, then after four more hours my mom and sister had to call and get mad and fuss with them then finally I went into surgery, I had a ruptured appendix, so my recovery took longer than usual because they had to clean out my organs, flush them then put them back. So yes Tuomey has had a bad reputation for they way they run the hospital.

Jane Joseph

This hospital is terrible. Waited for 6 hrs and they couldn't even get it right as regards to my husbands condition.. what a waste of time and they didn't even have ultrasound because they leave at 5. What has happened to medical care . Seems it's really bad in South Carolina. And I am willing to bet the administrator of this hospital doesn't even care since they get paid well. Shame on them for letting it get so bad in this hospital. Rude people and lack of medical knowledge.

tiffany brown

I come here in 6/29/19 and this was my first time here and it took 5 hours to see a doctor and than the doctor come in and seen me and it took other hour to get my paperwork to go home I thank god it wasn’t really bad I come from a car accident someone hit me in the back I pray I never how come here no more the staff are real nice people

michael ganyer

I took my fiance up here for abdominal pain that had her in tears and we have been here for three hours now. This place is ridiculous. Go to Columbia if you can.

Slim Diamond

This place is the worse HOSPITAL to go to in US HISTORY! Every time that I have come to this hospital there has almost always been an extremely long wait, that’s just to get through triage... If you make it past that YOURE LUCKY! If you have an emergency, I would strongly advise that you go to MANNING HOSPITAL which is about 25 minutes south of here! I promise you’ll thank me! If you want to possibly have any chance of feeling better DO NOT GO TO TUOMEY!

Tammy Thomas

Tuomey hospital sucks. I would die at home before I would have to die in this sorry ass hospital. The doctors are useless idiots .the emergency room is bullshit. This place should be closed down... Garbage garbage garbage.

Alex F. Lazo

greg mims

My first hospital stay since I was 3 years old. Stayed on 3rd floor CCU. Good experience, great nurses (Brad and Alex), and a great hospital doctor (Cortez). Good food, can't believe I said that. Only down side- Replace the TVs.


Go anywhere else

Monica Moultrie

Had a great experience at this facility. The staff was very helpful. They were very attentive and knowledgeable.

Bryeisha Kingwood

James Cox

My daughter went to the emergency room because of her blood pressure and pain on the left side of her body. They checked her blood pressure once and it was 230/130. They put her back in the waiting room where she waited over an hour before I requested someone check her blood pressure again. She was finally seen but they never checked her blood pressure. Instead they told her to go see her regular doctor. They gave her a shot for her pain and sent her on her way.

Linda Hutchinson

This is the worst ER I have ever been to! I waited in the waiting area for 6 plus hours! Then got told by one of the nurses because I was here 4 weeks prior my visit wasn’t as important. I’m 9 weeks pregnant and have been spotting blood and every one keeps saying it’s normal, but had I of been in New Jersey they would have given me answers to why I’ve been spotting for the past 4 weeks. Then when I was here 4 weeks ago I got a ultrasound and the dr didn’t even give me my results before the nurse was trying to discharge me. I had to read on my own when the nurse brought up my information that I had a cyst on my left ovary. Worst ER ever!

shannon nail

John Alva

They helped me while suffering more then once. I ran without doctors orders. I became scared . Nobody is a robot , can't claim perfection. Big pharmacy is pushing drugs I feel should be banned. I'm mortified of doctors. They saved my life , just wish it was a perfect system by now. Seems to me like humanity is in a crisis. They saved me from bad health . I know my health will failing me again , hope something can be done again about it. I survived thanks to this hospital. Please keep saving lives . A place of business. I survived to write the note a, should be thankful of that much. This place makes me want to go back school. Unfortunately my memory is to low for that. They tried to save me ,with little resources they had . Can't blame anyone for human imperfections. Just shouldn't happen in a hospital. I've read many horrible things of what the hospital went though. They helped me . Please save my life if comes down to it. I had options because I could still walk . They didn't hurt me . I feel some of the team shouldn't be there . Unfortunately I have no power. The system is getting harder .They helped me survive or so I believe....... Please save my life again when the times comes. Thank you..

Jeana Moore Vause

I was greeted at the front t desk today by Cameron M., Patient Access Representative with the biggest smile. It made my day so much better to see her smile and have my request handled professionally and quickly, especially feeling so bad. Way to Prisma Health Tuomey and Cameron M.!!

Marcell Zand

Don't go to the ER if you're not prepared to be in there for 6.5hrs

Leon Laborn

My first experience at Tuomey this morning for same day surgery. An absolutely impressive bunch of folk. I could not not believe how comforting and professional they were. I felt at ease from the time I signed in until the procedure was over. I only wish I could remember specific names but not necessary when all had the same pleasant attitude. I was one scared puppy facing surgery. Dr Crabbe also had the same pleasant and comforting ease about him. I just want to extend a heart felt thanks to them all. Patient care appears to be a goal and it was accompished with me. Much love to them all and keep up the great work.

Rhonda Hultin

Worst hospital I've ever we to. They left me in the waiting room for over 2 and half hours throwing up every 3 to 5 min severely dehydrated . Also almost passed out in the bathroom and they stuck me in a wheelchair and put me back in he waiting room . I had to leave and go home because I couldn't hold my urine from throwing up so much . I would not recommend anyone going there , drive to Florence or somewhere else .

Tadijah Andrew

Always a long wait just in the lobby.

Yogi Bayer

If you have a life-threatening condition, call an ambulance. If you show up at the ER, you will surely die before anyone gets up off their lazy butts to assist. In the wee hours of Feb 14, I carried my wife, an RN of over 40 years, into the ER. Nobody offered to help. Nobody even glanced at us! My wife was gasping for her next breath, and was losing feeling in her extremities. She could not even feel her lips .....she and I were afraid that she was dying. The ER admissions folks? The guy looked comatose, and never spoke or looked our direction. The female, as I am trying to ensure that my wife will not slide out of her chair, snaps, "If you WANT her to be seen, we'll need her information!" I turned to look, unsure that the woman is even addressing us, since she is facing 60 degrees in the other direction. I said, "My wife cannot breathe! We are hear for HELP!" She LAUGHED!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Yes! I was raised to never strike a woman, and I've never had an urge to do so until encountering this disgusting excuse for a human being. SURELY, Tuomey can find a random homeless person with more human compassion and skills than this woman. If my wife had needed an epi pen or any urgent measures to counter an allergic reaction, dilate blood vessels, whatever, she would be dead or unconscious before anyone would attend to her in this ER. Once you finally reach the trained healthcare personnel, you will be a past experience with my daughter, that took 9 hours....we were in a room, post-triage, with her in extreme pain, and had not seen a physician after 9 hours! At any rate, last night, the radiology folks were caring and wonderful folks, as was the pulmonary nurse. The doctor was good, too. The folks up front need to find a job for which they'd be better suited --- torturing animals or something. I was totally shocked and disgusted by their behavior!

Anna Isler

PLEASE READ ABOUT TUOMEY Coming from someone who works inside the hospital, overall Tuomey is a pretty good hospital for a small town. However the ER intake and reception is horrible. If you go to the ER be prepared to wait, but the ER nurses and doctors are wonderful. All of the doctors, nurses, and internal staff of the hospital are wonderful, gracious, and caring. Especially the day surgery, endoscopy, physical therapy, and labor and delivery departments.

Karen McLachlan

Let's just say I would not bring my dog to Tombstone because I care about my dog too much! My oldest daughter was a patient there, admitted with Pneumonia, fever of 104 degreesp when she was five years old. We were stuck with the doctor that was on call because my spouse at the time military and we did not have a regular doctor. He was rude and obnoxious to me when I was simply asking questions about my daughter's care! She was not getting any better and I was so worried. She was losing weight and her color looked horrible. Even one of the pediatric nurses took me aside and said off the record that I should transfer her to a hospital in Columbia! So, I immediately started to make arrangements to do so. Never again, did I subject any of my children or myself to the inept care of This horrific hospital! I do not go to any doctors in Sumter because I do not want to ever be admitted to Tuomey. My family has instructions that if something happens to me, to NOT bring me there! I would like to say so much more because I know a lot more but let what I wrote be a sufficient warning to all.

Janell Janell

A black female doctor diagnosed my son with an ear infection and I took him to Sumter PEDS the next day and he didnt even have one. I dont think I will be going back there.

Dougie D

If you can, find another hospital. We've been here multiple times for potentially life-threatening symptoms and each time it's taken us around 8 hours or more to be seen by a doctor. The nurses and doctors don't care about the patients and there's zero sense of urgency or professionalism.

Struggle Made Kennels

This is the worst hospital ever,nurses walking around laughing instead of doing their job.they go to lunch an the help desk is next to me been crying at least 20 minutes now,nobody came to help.Do not ever come to this hospital!!!..EVER!!!


I swear some of the med techs and nurses that work here do NOT need to work in a health care environment... They have absolutely no compassion for the sick and wounded.. To work in healthcare, you have to not only have patience, you have to have compassion and empathy for others... You'll never "get it" if you're only in it for the money......

Leiah Cooper

Wait time was ridiculous and facility was dirty

Jancarlos Trinidad

Horrible service. You wait forever and way overpriced for no reason.

Cathie Cady

We literally have just moved to the area and my husband caught a stomach virus. This was the closet hospital to us and I was going to take him to a different location based on the reviews. The doctor, nurses, and staff were wonderful. I'm so thankful that we decided to give this hospital a chance.

SC Ladies Brunch

I so wish there were more than one hospital in Sumter. They are rude. Impatient. Slow. And will watch you have an asthma attack in the waiting room. If I had the energy to drive elsewhere I would

Binky McMinky

Got Misdiagnosed many times in toumey for tuberculosis when I had staff in my lungs. I was forced to take medication for something I didn't even have while I was staying there for 2 days which led me to further sickness. I wouldn't go back to toumey if my life depended on it. Also the doctors barely came and checked up on me, and were highly rude and careless.

Skyler Scull

Took forever in the ER

Jackie Gamble

King Zay

I'd give it less than that if I had the opinion. Only thing they were quick about was the vitals. I swear it must of been one doc in the entire hospital. I have been waiting for 2 hours and still counting....

Kim Hatchell

SJon Brown

cassy mae

3 months pregnant I had food poisoning. I sat there throwing up for 6 hours pale as a ghost and no one moved in the waiting room! An old woman had a stroke and they smiled and said there's no rooms available! I had to leave at that point I was seriously in fear for my life!


I delievered my son there almost two weeks ago and the staff in labor and delivery are very attentive and helpful even through my worse contractions! They told me to breathe and they kept me calm, the nurses were friendly and helpful as well, idk much about the emergency room, this is my first time being there as a patient.

Cecilia Wells

Waited 16 hours in the ER to be seen only to be told to follow up with my primary care physician.

Angie Prushan

This hospital is a disgrace. My 73 year old mother was admitted to Tuomey for anemia, dehydration and lesions on her liver. First , a majority of the nurses are very unprofessional. All I heard when I was there was whining about how hectic their day was and how they can’t wait to go home. One nurse complained to my mother about the other patients she had. I mean, who does that? I witnessed another patient fall down and you could hear all of the nurses at the nurses station talking about it and laughing. The bathroom in my mothers room smelled like urine and the paint on the wall was coming off. One morning my mother was served a tray of food for breakfast, she opened her carton of milk and proceeded to pour some in her coffee only to have it coming out in chunks. The damn milk was curdled. My mother told the nurse about it and she didn’t really seem to care. Oh, I forgot to mention the moldy bread on the sandwich that was served to my mother for lunch one day. How is this acceptable? The two “specialists” as they called themselves in the radiology department are a joke. They were cursing, laughing and whispering to each other and one was messing around on her cell phone. I could go on and on about this horrible place, like the reception lady in the ER who stuck my mother in a hallway because she said she was going to be in the way with her wheelchair. She then told my mother that they didn’t have a bed for her and she could go home and they would call her when one became available. First of all, my mother was transported there by ambulance from her doctors office. So isn’t it obvious that her doctor didn’t want her going home? This place is scary and one should never stay there alone if you have to be admitted. It hasn’t gotten any better since Palmetto Health took it over either. They need to hire quality people who take pride in their job, are respectful and have compassion for their patients. I will give credit to the transporters. Every single one of them were respectful, caring and helpful. Also, there is one tech who was very polite, showed concern and was just an overall pleasant person. Her name is Jennifer. This hospital needs more people like her.

Logan Hill

I took my fiance there with TIA like symptoms (tunnel vision, whole left arm and mouth was numb, bad migraine). We waiting an hour and a half just for them to take her vitals, then another hour to go back into a room just to wait ANOTHER 2 hours just for the doctor to come in and act like he was in a rush to go to another patient. He just recommended medicine and wanted to send her away. This has been an ongoing issue that could be very serious, but he was not open to suggestions and did not want to do any tests. This hospital is also VERY DIRTY. I will not be going back to this place even if my life depended on it.

Adam Scully

So I’m sitting here waiting in the ER with my wife for the past three hours to get called back (we were informed she couldn’t be fast tracked). There’s a guy in here who’s been clutching his medsection for the entire time we have been here and I guess after deciding he couldn’t hold it anymore, starts vomiting in the waiting. So the ‘oh so friendly’ woman behind the desk grabs a back, and kinda slaps the guy in the side of the head to get his attention drawn to the aforementioned bag. That was incredibly rude and uncalled for. If you hate your job, try not to be so obvious about showing it, and treat others a little better . This place is a shoddy at best

Niaja Mack

Horrible service

Thomas Tiny

Steven Posey

Long waits, incompetent doctors, surly staff, and inedible "food" (even by hospital standards). Even if you came to this place already dead, they'd find a way to somehow make it worse. If you cannot get to another hospital you are better of dying.

Joshua Minard

Expect to wait at least 4-6 hours in the ER, even if there are only a few people in there. The trip to mannings hospital is honestly worth the extra 15-20 minutes.

Madison Alexander

Four of my friends had mammograms (2 traditional, 2 via 3 D imaging) done here recently. All four of them had to have the procedure repeated. The second visit is considered diagnostic (patient responsibility varies by insurance companies and plans), not preventative, (typically covered at 100%) and has resulted in out of pocket expenses. The mammography department should consider obtaining better/more images in a single visit. This would result in less radiation exposure, reduce repeat visits, minimize unnecessary billing, and eliminate worry/anxiety while awaiting results. It also makes us wonder if their instruments are accurate and reliable. In addition, results should be shared immediately with patients who have to have repeat mammograms and/or ultrasound. The staff was very friendly.

walter phillips

I think Prisma does a Great job.when I encounter an employee they greet me with a smile. The Nurses are very helpful and knowledgeable

Deloris Thomas

Brought my 81 year old mom into ER and has been waiting for over 4 hours as of now to get results of xray of her head. And my mom is on oxygen. WOW.

Ashariah Singleton

Jeff and Stephanie Owens

No complaints

Sheriff Girl

I dread going to Tuomey ER, Lord know if there was another hospital in Sumter I would choose them every time. Some of the staff in the ER department are so rude and need to be trained on how to communicate with people. The wait to be seen is just too long for a sick person to be sitting, the hospital needs more than one RR Dr after a certain hour. Always a bad experience

Mike Lowder

I find it really funny how the so called owner can respond to a 5 star rated comment. But has no comment for the people who has issues with this horrible place called a hospital!!!!

Mister Carolina

1964-A blast from the past! Who remembers when Tuomey looked like this? I do... I was born there and My mother and sister worked there . My sister was a RN in Labor and Delivery. Mother worked n Medical Records- then later Administration. She was in Radiology (Xray) we called it ther dungeon because there were no windows.

Angeline Spann

I'm employed here. Its a great place to work , I just enjoy working there

Nell Nelll

This is for SUMTER OB. Horrible horrible horrible. I am 17 weeks pregnant and I am swelling up in my warehouse job where I’m on my feet for 10 hours. Doing repetitive walking 3 hours at a time no stopping or sitting and the nurse have the nerve to compare our jobs. Sumter ob will not help have me accommodated because they said swelling is normal during pregnancy. The nurse suggested I wear compression socks for a week to see if it helps. My job is really strict which I keep telling her ! I don’t have a week to try and see if this will help. I have hourly quotas I have to meet at my job to keep my job ! All my job need is a freaking accommodation paper to put me in a different area at work and Sumter ob is acting so damn ignorant . I will be going to a better doctor.

Qu'aisia Canty

If I Could Give This Place 0 Stars I Would. Tuomey Should Be Shut Down Immediately ‼️ The Employees There Are Very Rude & Nasty ‼️ A Elderly Lady Been Sitting In Tuomey Since 7:30 Am Waiting To Be Seen & Didnt Get Called Until Almost 12 That Night ‼️ Ridiculous Hospital & Ridiculous Employees. If You Have A Chance To Go To Florence Or Columbia Goooo Do Not Go To Tuomey

jessica jeffreys

lance bennett

I was a patient here in the ER. They brought me there via ambulance due to chest pain and suspicion of heart attack. They moved me to a storage closest because the rooms were full. A lady came to do the EKG and messed up and yelled F**K and left the room. I didn't see another person till my parents got there 1hr later where they finally found me screaming for help in the storage room. So long story short you are better off to drive to Columbia or Florence. This place is terrible. Tuomey more like Tomestone

Anthony Perry

Receptionist is very unprofessional.

dkran 75

I recently went to Tuomey for the first time. After sitting in the E.R. for two hours, I decided to research the hospital online. I read the reviews and was shocked at the number of negative comments. I was also shocked at how long people said they had to wait. I thought maybe people were exaggerating. I thought wrong. The E.R. waiting room didn't inspire confidence that I would be treated well. Two people were vomiting into bags. A heart patient with two stints came in complaining of severe chest pain and trouble breathing. She was made to sit there for hours like the rest of us. There were others who I thought should be treated immediately, but we all waited...and waited. After waiting in the E.R. for six hours, I spoke to the woman at the desk to get an explanation and to tell her my condition was getting worse. Her explanation was less than satisfactory, but my complaint apparently got me bumped up on the waiting list. Shortly after, I was taken back to a room to wait for a doctor. A doctor arrived two hours later. His friendly demeanor was the only pleasant part of my experience. He had a nurse take a blood sample. I have a low body fat percentage, so my veins are easy to find and take samples from. I have never had someone screw up taking a blood sample from me......until I went to Tuomey. She thought she missed the vein, so she pulled out the needle to try again. Blood shot out of my arm like a fountain. My pants and the bed I was sitting on were spattered. She ultimately got a sample. I was treated and returned home. My trip to the E.R. lasted 10 hours. I have one question for the hospital: How long does a person have to wait until you determine the wait is too long? There seems to be no limit. I expect this kind of medical treatment in a third world country, but it's right here in Sumter. I recommend people go to Tuomey only if it is a life or death situation and you don't have time to travel elsewhere.

Hope Mcleod

First we need an option to rate no stars at all. Had an elderly woman in emergency room waiting for 5 hours to get two bandages and 4 stitches after she fell. Pressed the nurse button 5 times asking for her to be changed after 4 hours of waiting finally when transportation came to pick her up then they come in to do the bandages, stitches, and change her. Very, very, very; poor quality staff taking care of the patient. I would not recommend this hospital for treatment. Elderly woman on blood thinners and for four hours the family had to ask for more rags to put pressure on the wounds because they did not come in to do stitches till 4 hours later. People go to the hospital for help not to lay in their own fluids for four hours. What good does the nurse button do when what is asked for is never recieved until right before discharge.

Diana Kuzara

When I accompanied my friend to her prenatal appointments, the female doctor basically shamed her for an abortion she had and she told me afterward that the doctor was really rough with her during her physical and believed it may have been deliberate. We are looking into submitting a formal complaint.

Charity Finley

Marie Monte

Going to the ER here was literally the worst experience I’ve ever had in any medical facility ever

J Sink

Milca S

If I could give no stars I would. This hospital is horrible. We're a small town. We all rely on a good hospital and we should be proud of OUR SUMTER hospital... but it's sad when everyone tells you to go to Manning or Florence or Reston because Sumter has the worst hospital. They say this is the hospital where people go to die. That's really sad and It's time that changes. At Tuomey ER in Sumter, They take you to the back give you a room to then tell you they're going to do xray's, ekg, cat scan and a couple other test to then throw you back out in the emergency waiting area and wait all over again for a room to open up. I've been here for 5 hours and about 4 of those hours have been in the waiting area waiting on results. Last time I was here my 4 year old daughter had a fever of 102.5 and that was an hour after I had already given her tylenol and ibuprofen. When we got there their was no one in the waiting room at the ER. We were there for 3 and 1/2 hours. During that time the ER got packed and empty again twice. My daughter was shivering and crying saying her little head hurt. So I approach the front desk to ask why if we were there first, have so many people come and gone and we hadn't been called. And their answer was "people are called by severity not by when you got there." Seriously? So ALL those people and other children ALL had worse symptoms than my 4 year old daughter who they hadn't even checked yet and I had already given her both tylenol and ibuprofen and her fever wouldn't go down under 102. So I asked when she'd be called and they said they didn't know because there were people before her and it was packed in the back. So since according to them she was not an emergency... I took her home. When we got home I took her temp and it was at 104.8. All this happened while at the ER. So I had to put her in a warm bath while she yelled that it was cold when it wasn't and with that and wash cloths and ice packs and more tylenol and ibuprofen and done left over antibiotics that she had from a while back. Eventually she got better. I hate this hospital. And they do nothing to make it better. The hospital has so many empty sections and they complain that their ER just doesn't have enough rooms. While so many sections with unused rooms remain empty. And so many people go untreated because they end up leaving or just simply don't get the care they deserve because you give them a room to then take it away and sit then back in the ER waiting room. Come on Tuomey! It's time to expand your ER. It's time to make a difference and a good impact in this town. We need you!

Rachel Waden

Barbara Ann

Went for endoscopy in day surgery and was treated very well. Such a nice staff, especially was impressed at how friendly, caring and personable the anesthesiologist was. They all were awesome but she really stood out to me.

Casandra Kersey

I went to hospital in sumter. It was the best experience with a hospital in my entire life. The nurse Isaac was the best. The doctor was the best, in fact every single person who worked there that I came in contact with treated me better than I have ever been treated at a hospital.

Kenyetta Mckeithan

Bring a recorder with you or a trusted friend. Upon my last 2 visits one the nurses stole out of my pocket book and another nurse made a false statement against me. Ive launched a complaint with customer service after hearing the false information from another health care professional . Who considered the nurse at this hospital to be trust worthy. As i went there for weakness and sweating and a fast heart rate which wasnt even checked

Deandrea Tucker-Scott

ER is a joke. They have arrogant staff and physicians. The whole hospital system needs to be eliminated. Changing a name changes nothing here. Beware if you visit ER...please follow up elsewhere.

Nyasha Harmon

Christopher Holladay

The emergency room is awful! Always jam packed with people and you will wait FOREVER! It's pretty much first come, first served. If you're dying, you might as well use your time to write out a will or power of attorney or me, you'll have plenty of time. If it is a REAL emergency you're better off either calling an ambulance or going to a different the way, Clarendon isn't much better far, the best experience has been with Camden/Kershaw.

Dr Jacqueline Quyen Thu Ha Le Pham

Nursing and Dr staff were also kind and helpful .Clean and organized. Staff friendly and helpful.Best service.!

Michael Simmons

Iyana S

Tammy Austin

Been in the ER for 5 hours now, can't breath. Throwing up, fever 102, spitting up blood clots. Dehydrated . No wonder they call this place deaths door!!!!!

kirby broxmeyer

Wife sent to hospital by Dr for possible heart attack. They called it in and gave EKG.... of course when we arrive to the hospital they have her waiting in the ER waiting room. Been over an hr and still haven't been seen. This place is a joke.

Crystal Wilson

Worst hospital in the world! Nobody can save this place!

Patsy Scott

I was a patient at Palmetto Health Tuomey from Sunday July 16 until Tuesday afternoon July 18. Words cannot express how much I appreciate everything that was done for me while I was there.I went in at ER because of a heart issue and efficiency and expert care is what I would and do call the care given me.I was admitted to third floor. Not sure if it is North or South but room 319.All of the nurses, techs, student nurses, and anyone else assigned to me were just absolutely fabulous, or remarkable, or just darn right precious. Words cannot express, I repeat as I said early. Food service and food itself was acceptable. I say it like that because I was on a diabetic diet and the food is not going to be all salty and sweet.It was healthy and nutritious. Thank you for opportunity to voice my gratitude. They were all doing there job, but it never hurts to hear praise for doing a good job. Submitted wholeheartedly, Patsy Scott.

Tequila Hodges

If I could give this ER NEGATIVE stars, I would. Everything was horrible!!!!!!!

Joe Miller

This place is awful. I went to the emergency room with my wife around 9pm. She wasn't seen until 12:20 am. We didn't leave until 4:00am this morning. Some people was there since 2:00pm that Evening and wasn't seen until around 12:00. This is ridiculous for an emergency room to be this slow. Something needs to be done about this.

Jay Price

there is a reason why this place is nicknamed tombstone. don't go there if you have a real problem. staff is rude and you will wait forever even if there is hardly anyone there waiting. go to columbia or florence instead

Danielle Morgan

Good hospital.... Better now

Derek Daley

Horrible wait time in the ER. If your not dying you won't be seen right away. I waited with my wife for 6 hours for her to be seen. Either hire more doctors and staff to speed up the wait time because it's RIDICULOUS

Alicia Duren

This place is terrible!!! I bought my brother here a little after 5pm due to a sickness and he is sitting in the lobby with an IV in his right arm and it's after 9pm! Omg... it's not even packed in here. I should've drove to Columbia... I'm pretty sure that they're charging him for every minute that he 'hasn't" been seen by a doctor... smh...

Elizabeth Randolph

I am from out of town and my son needed sutures for a head laceration. He was taken care of in a very timely and professional manner and he is healing nicely. Discharge instructions were clear and easy to follow.

Sheri Cockerill

Wonderful Doctors & staff , excellent care and compassion.

Talea Simmons

Honestly wondering how this hospital is still up and running, do not go to this hospital if you want treatment or helpful medical advice! (Would give zero stars if possible)

robert hudson

Ismat Manji

I walked in asking to see a gyn and get an ultra sound, the lady at the reception not only received me well but gave me enough information to get me enrolled into my first prenatal appointment. I was able to do all my labs and get an ultra sound done, the rate of service was like any other hospital it didnt take longer than usual it was my first visit and I am now going to have my prenatal and deliver at this hospital so I will update any other reviews but so far I am a picky person and if I say this is the place then u should blv it.

Judy Jackson

Not impressed so far as my pregnant daughter continues to wait with extreme headache, swelling in her feet and previous ER visits for bleeding.

Spencer Parks

My fiancé’s grandmother was up there last night, her heart was out of rhythm and they were able to get her back pretty quick. Both of our nurses were great but that is about all that was good. The ER was DISGUSTING!!! Trash all over the floors and various body fluids in the waiting room! When we got back to the room there was blood that was not hers on the floor, the counters were so nasty, my fiancé had to clean the bathroom before her grandmother could use it!! There also were medical gowns and supplies out on the counter for a very long period of time before our nurse stuck them back in the cabinet. I am very disappointed with how nasty this hospital is.

Exahlynn Lee.

Jean J

Been waiting in the er for two hours for cramps, sharp pains, shaking, and nausea. I'm 7 weeks pregnant but no pregnancy symptoms. I've been to this hospital four times in the past two years. Two times had been this and one for my daughter both had to wait over an two hours to be seen. The other two were for "depression." for the reasons for depression you get seen within ten mins then they will send you off to the rivers just cause the hell of it. I do not recommend this hospital, your better off driving to a different one.

Chad R

I beg you, please do not go to Tuomey. It is worth the cost and/or risk of driving to Columbia or Charleston, even in an emergency. Even their employees call the place "Toomy" because this place literally kills people! -I personally know several people who have died or have permanent serious medical conditions due to a common medical situation being mistreated by Tuomey. This includes, but is not limited to, "unexplainable" still-borns, unnecessary appendix ruptures, not following protocol for children with head trauma, minor delivery complications resulting in serious chronic medical conditions, unsanitary medical devices contaminating patients with pathogens that are typically not detectable using standard tests which results in chronic infections and excruciating life-long symptoms. -The lack of competency and sense of urgency in the ER is beyond breathtaking. Watched doctors and other employees smoking and joking for long periods of time while patients were waiting for hours - they had very few patients that night. The receptionist claimed a blood stain on the floor was "coolaid", then finally cleaned it up. I could go on and on. -They have had several federal investigations and lawsuits in the last few years for fraud. -They pay their employees well below average salaries and are able to maintain this standard by enforcing an agreement with local clinics in which no one will hire you if you work at Toumey. Meanwhile, Toumey pays their top executives $1mil/yr.

Bennett Miller

Sat in waiting room for over 3 hours with bleeding infant. Person behind us pukes and it has sat on the floor now for almost 30 minutes. A nurse just came by with paper towels. Still chunks and liquid on floor and chairs. Will not return to this ER. 2 hours after puking incident. Son is Still bleeding slowly after being here 4 hours now. Nurse gave me a gauze pad from an open (non sterile) box dipped in salen to put on his face. Every family that came with puke bags has been seen and another two individuals that arrived after us. Don't bring your kids here unless you have to.


Terrible customer service.

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