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REVIEWS OF Prisma Health Richland Hospital IN South Carolina

Eddie Zamora

Nope, don’t do it. Waited four hours in the emergency room where I hoped to get seen and I just had had enough. I had checked to see how many people were in front of me and there were four at hour 3; come hour 4, there were three people in front of me. What a joke of a system they must have. There’s no sense of urgency with what appears with any one of the staff. There was no debate when I told them I was leaving, Just an “okie dokie, I’ll remove you from the system.” It would have been another three hours to get to a bed. And that’s just to get to a bed. This doesn’t even account for the treatment portion, testing, dispensing drugs. Which would have taken a few more hours. I would have been here all afternoon and all night. Someone could very well die waiting in this waiting room. God forbid that happen.

Tynetta Cohen

I had my son here and the staff was wonderful. They listened to me about how i wanted to be treated. Now my brother is in the ICU and the staff there is also great. They pay attention to him without constantly bothering him.

Tim Gilbert

Been waiting in the ER now for 4 hours, they don’t interact with those who are waiting. I have never felt so worthless as a human being than how they treat you here. Saw a man who apparently was in a motorcycle accident horrible injuries and was waiting over 5 hours before they even called him back. A/C in the waiting area not working, just a horrible hospital. Avoid at all costs.

Cassi Shelton

I am beyond disappointed in the er at Richland. My mom was recently diagnosed with a heart block, but her symptoms got worse before she could successfully scheduled much needed diagnostic testing. This er claims to be chest pain orriented, yet she has a clear heart issue and has been waiting 7 hours! I get that priority cases may come in ahead, but this is clearly a problem. I love the heart hospital, but this er does it a great injustice with its process and some staff.

Samantha Fulmer

Labor and delivery and NICU. Had an emergency C-section here and our son was in the NICU for a couple weeks. I must say they have taken very good care of us. The staff is very personable and always made me feel like I knew what was going on without getting upset that I asked so many questions. The nurses at the 4th floor ( especially Ms. Victorious) on both sides, we're wonderful considering I had my own timeline of how I wanted to do things and they were perfectly understanding. The NICU nurses (Mrs. Mary Crawford especially), residents, and Drs. Have consistently helped in anyway they could even after being discharged when they didn't have to. As any hospital there is good and bad and in-between varying from person to person. The good outweighed the bad. The social workers are also very good. Mrs. Sadé Brown went above and beyond for our son and us time and time again. We are very appreciative for all Richlands 's staff has done for us.

Ronnie Artis

To be truly be honest this hospital is not the place for a person or ur love one to come to The time we wait a day and a half to get seen and then get a room & some of the nurse are so disrespectful and nasty towards patience and there family& social worker say one thing and then do another they don't help much!!!

Nia Wiley

I am writing my review on my delivery experience. I delivered my son here at the beginning of October prematurely. My labor and delivery experience was phenomenal given the situation. I had wonderful nurses and physicians (residents/attendings from 2 med park). And my anesthesiologist (I hate I didn't write his name) was wonderful. He had great bedside manner and was so very pleasant, which was what I needed at the time. I'm so glad that I delivered here as I was originally to deliver at Parkridge (was relased by Dr. Bradshaw-Graham whom I wouldn't recommend). I'm confident that circumstances led me to PH Richland for a reason and I'm grateful. I would deliver here again given the chance without hesitation.


Walked out. Can't stand the pain in my eye any longer after not being seen by a nurse or doctor for 5 hours. Had to leave and seek other medical. DO NOT BRING ME HERE EVEN IF DYING

Robin Martin

The nurses, techs, doctors, and staff were awesome from the time my husband arrived to the day he was discharged on 10 West.

Kris Ayers

The nursing staff, doctors, and Dr. Guy’s team took great care of me from pre to post-op. The staff I encountered were genuine and sincere. Word of advice to anyone and everyone, remember that you’re not the only patient they are taking care of. More importantly, they are human, just like you. Talking to them as a human makes a world of difference to them too.

Maxal 87

Labor and delivery went well. However once I was settled into the postpartum room the nurse was not attentive AT ALL! Being confined to the bed I was unable to get my baby’s bottle. I called the nurse 5 times and after 45 minutes the the secretary showed up. I was so upset. I will never have another baby here at this place nor will I ever come back for any sort of services here. I felt so mistreated.

Mark Andrews

Unfortunately, when there are no rooms available, I wait in the hallway. The food is better than most hospitals however.

Chirstel Clark

Visited 7/31 @ almost 11 pm and taken to the back for a room a little before 3 am on 8/1. The intake nurse was pleasant; while the doctor's bedside manners were not so good-come to find out he's a Residency. He kept asking for a repeat of how the pain is different now to warrant a visit as compared to other times the patient felt pain. Then he shared that the system was down, he needed to check on a patient with a more serious issue, that someone else would come in, he would check back and we would be released. Not sure of how it finally turns out because I am writing as we wait on his return. No matter what, God is able and the 3 o'clock hour has fully arrived so all is well in my soul. PHR really needs to work on their computer system and training of workers to make a hospital visit as one of comfort during all patient's time of what they feel are urgent needs. Really??? Who would go to an ER with not so good reviews if they really aren't in pain?

Kristen Johns

Look the people were nice but the wait is insane. There were only three other people there and we waited three hours to be seen and hours in between that for various test. It's been 7 hours and I'm still here. Honestly the hour drive to Augusta University Hospital will save you so much time. That's where I've always been. Wish I wouldn't have given this place a chance.

Tally Guzman

I heard good things about this place so I decided to come. I am 21 year old that has dangerous and progressive cyst. It took me over 2 months just to get an MRI and family physician to tell me what I had. I have an appointment with a neurologist in March of 2016 the earliest. My physician said I would not make it till March so send me to the ER since Palmetto has the best neurology department so they can drain the cyst. I was waiting from 10pm to 11pm. I had passed out, hallucinated, and had many seizures. Not once did a nurse check on me. After seeing several that came after me get a room I asked how much longer. He refused to tell me how long and insinuated my disease didn't deserve immediate attention. A lady with a broken toe got helped before me. A guy with a cold also got treated before me. All of these people got here hours after I did. When I finally got seen the doctors rushed me the actually hospital and got admitted. The actually hospital is amazing. The whole staff is amazing and nice. I really love it. If it's an actually emergency I would recommend going to Providence Hospital ER. The male receptionist here is racist and has terrible manners.

Bre Bell

Terrible . Takes forever . They assume your issue isn’t that big of a deal and make you wait for hours while others go ahead of you! (Emergency Room) Don’t come to this hospital if you need urgent care, your condition will get worse before they even call you in the back. They’re very slack and inconsiderate.

Sarah Graves

I went to the emergency room here and the doctors were very nice, they made sure I knew exactly what was happening and the nurses made sure I was comfortable. There was even a nurse that called me a couple days later to make sure I was doing ok. I have NEVER had that happen before with ANY doctor anywhere. top notch ER department and I will definitely use this hospital again.


This is one of the worse hospitals that I have ever visited. If there is any way you can avoid bringing yourself or a loved one here, by all means do it. I have a sibling who was transported here after a terrible car accident. She was admitted to the trauma unit. Initially, she was put in a room; however, no one was allowed to go back with her (mind you, she had already been to one hospital minutes prior and we were allowed to ge with her without issue). Apparently, this hospital does this differently (understandable). What really caused issue was the rudeness of the staff when relaying this information and the uncleanliness of the waiting rooms themself. If we have to wait outside, the very least they could do is make sure the facilities is clean. I kid you not, there was some sort of cloth or pad with blood and whatever else bodily fluids sitting on one of the waiting room chairs. It was untouched for well over 30 minutes. Tissues overflowed the floors, hardly any soap came from the dispenser. It was disgusting. To top all of this off, they ran short on rooms and moved her into the hallway. The hallway. The area itself is congested and not equipped to handle as many patients as they do. But I guess they'd rather admit patients and gain revenue all the while providing poor service. Do yourself a favor and do no come to this place.

Stephanie Brown

LONGEST WAIT EVER (ER). I was sure I would Die in the waiting room. Total time there = 10.5 hours. All I ended up getting was pain + nausea meds, a bedside ultrasound, a CT scan, and discharged with an RX for 5 days pain treatment and referral back to my Dr who told m to go to the ER in the first place. I would give them like a 5 for kindness, and a 0 for respecting time and ability to move people along. Other hospitals I have been to would have done everything in about 4 - 6 hours. Positives: Large private rooms with TV, EVERYONE was nice. Negatives: Got there at 6 PM. (pain at a 6.5, and I have had kidney stones) 6:15 triage. 9pm I was writhing in pain/sobbing in the waiting room. 10:25 (3rd time going up crying asking how much longer - pain at a 27 on a scale of 1 - 10. Worst pain I ever had in my life) I had to ask if I walked into traffic if my medical condition would be serious enough for treatment. 10:30 finally got into a room. 11:00 Saw a resident MD (very nice). 11:15 blood draw (nurse was a PRO). 11:25 bedside ultrasound (regular MD). 11:40 - FINALLY some pain treatment and IV fluid. Ordered for a CT scan. 11:50 - finally actually got "checked in" with insurance. 11:55 until 3:15 - saw the nurse just once to get the empty IVF line unhooked from my IV since I was bleeding back into the tube and needed to use the toilet. 3:15 - finally got the CT scan 4:00 - consultation from the Resident MD (no solutions to my problem) 4:30 - discharge with an RX for pain meds

Kacee West

Sat there from 1:00pm to finally being called back to a room at 8:05pm. Terrible staff and rude nurses.

Jamelle Lopez

I wouldn't even give them a star waited 10hrs and still waiting to be seen


I've been to several different hospitals for the same sickness I have. Tool them 4 or 5 hours to give me my pain medication I really needed. And I was never given a mask I had to get it myself when I could hardly walk. I genuinely hate this place and will never go here again even if I'm going to die. They would probably just let me.

Hector Rodriguez

too slow and there to wait too long to be taken care of.

Jus Ski

Great place to give birth.

Abby Connahey

Don’t waste your time going there. Best way to describe this place is Trash.


worst hopsital ever and I hope it gets shut down due to negligence.

Stephen Byrd

The ER department is awful. They lost my brothers meds that the EMT's left with them, when they transported him there by ambulance. I talked to several people in the ER, they had bad attitudes and told me his meds were not there. My brother just had those meds filled, so he had to get his dr on Monday, since this happened on a Friday to write him another prescription, insurance wouldn't pay, since they already paid once. A few days later someone from the hospital called to tell him they found them, no apology or nothing. I even talked to someone in patients relations and the lady was rude. He had to go without his meds for two days. My brother has had other issues at this ER that I can't mention on here.

Tammy Thomas


Victoria Long

Seriously don’t bother. I have been here since 6pm. People around me have been here for over 9 hours and I was a “priority” because of the fact I have a stimulator in my spine and I am having issues in it... do you really think i’m a priority? A woman was in here with a risk of stroke and she ended up leaving because they weren’t doing anything. Literally anything with PALMETTO HEALTH attached to the name can suck it.

Angie Krell

In the er and the resident asked me if I was here for some meds I said no I want to see someone else. I had the greatest doctor. He is over the resident

RICK Dickson

Me an my wife have had several emergency room visits and been admitted to the hospital numerous times. The Doctor's an Nurses and staff has been wonderful. Thanks to all!

Sarah Neal

I took my mom in because MedCare Urgent Care thought she was having congestive heart failure. I give the nurses 3 stars. The nurses are friendly, and competent, but were EXTREMELY rough-handed and loud in the ER and in the room she was admitted to. She could not sleep at all because of the loud voices the nurses used. Also, every nurse except for one guy blew her vein when they took blood... Her arms are covered in bruises. Also, they did not clean up after themselves. They left trash from the needles and gauze on the bed. One ER nurse popped the cap off a needle and it bouced across the room and he did not pick it up. One ER nurse got blood all over my mom's blanket and arm and the floor... And did not clean any of that up. I did not see it until we were on our way out, but there was blood on the floor the entire time we were in the ER room. Another nurse in the room she was admitted to got blood on my mom's blanket, and again, just left it there. The nurse that took her to the admission room even bumped her into a wheelchair, and then my mom's IV and blood-bag pole almost got shut into the elevator and I had to lunge to get it out of the door. And then the pole was almost knocked over again and I had to catch it AGAIN. I give the doctors (note: I only met the interns) four stars. Nothing exceptional, nothing "wrong." When they switched over, however, I was kind of surprised the new doctor had to ask my mom if she'd received her blood transfusion yet (she had just finished the transfusion). Seems a little disorganized, but they were also very busy. I give the lobby of the hospital five stars! It's beautiful and clean! However, the ER room and the room my mom stayed in overnight were NOT clean. The floors are disgusting there, like no one ever comes in and mops. There was dust hanging from the ceiling. And in the ER room, nothing was mounted on the wall, which caused the nurses to bump into the equipment frequently and drop things like sterile equipment and stuff... and we were in a remodeled room! It was one of the nastiest hospital visits I've ever witnessed. She may need to go back and we are looking for somewhere else to take her because the experience was pretty crappy. Again, nothing majorly bad, and it will do in a pinch, but I'm willing to take her to Florence or even Charleston if she needs to return.

Tim Watson

What an awful experience! I waited hours and the security and staff at the desk were not helpful and rude.

Charlie Chapman

This is a wonderful hospital. I have very nice children's hospital here. Cardiac hospital if you can't find it here you may as well give up.

Bhavya bhumi

This is the worst hospital that I have been to ... they do a lot of racism ...first schedule the appointment and later say that it's been cancelled for no reason. Will anyone do that in America, I think only this hospital can dothat, this happened with me for like 3 times, they r not even sorry for that, and doctor gyno lauren castelberry she is not even interested in seeing patients, they r money oriented that seeing patients , as a gyno she did not even follow common procedures, more interested in doing surgery rather than primary checks,, first time I am seeing all these , even the service is too poor , no one will receive the call , even if u leave message they will not call back ... omg pls never go to this hospital they charged me so high just for 1 visit , its 520 ... still awaiting other visits bill .. they r obviously not here to give the service looks like

Sherry Imerion

I just had the absolute worse experience of my entire life. My husband is at this very moment having open heart surgery. I've been here since his heart attack on Sunday. I had a plate of food left from his meal which he did not consume last night. I walked to my car to get the plate in order to save us a few dollars. Eating at the hospital can be expensive. I'm in the cafeteria eating my lunch, all I got from the cafeteria was a cup of water to drink with my lunch. I'm sitting, eating and worrying about my husband. Out of no where comes security saying they wanna chat with me. I'm wondering what is going on. Long story short, the cashier immediately assumes that I stole the food from the cafeteria. Instead of approaching me and saying ma'am you forgot to pay for your food. This cashier contacts her manager , the manager contacts security and drags me out of a crowded cafeteria like some common hoodlum. Not only was it embarrassing, it was an error on their part and no one has apologized to me as of yet. This may be a great place for healthcare, but they get a zero in overall general compassion for human beings. It's like the police. Shoot first and ask questions later.

Larry Walker

I'm not sure about the main hospital , but I do know that the Children's Hospital there has taken wonderful care of both of my boys. One wasin for a snake bite and the other diabetic ketoacidosis (that's how we found out he was diabetic.) The doctors and nurses went above and beyond with their care. I will be eternally grateful, because without them, I may have very well lost both of my sons.

Eugenia James

I use to rush to this place when someone was ill.They no longer care about your care. Some of the staff is useless in this place.

Jessica Jones

Nurses are caring and the rooms are larger than those in most hospitals. They took very good care of my father.

S Davis

Has taken over 7 hours to reach a doctor on call since nurses are legally unable to write prescriptions. It's going on the 8th hour and still no call back.

rob padgett

Absolutely worst experience I’ve ever had. No information, people act as if you’re bothering them, rude, unorganized, and in my opinion plain disrespectful to patients and families. I wouldn’t get a hang nail removed at this place. Don’t do this place if you have any choice whatsoever.

John O'Creagh

On Tuesday, Nov 19, I was struck by a car while I was crossing the street in Columbia, SC. Within minutes I was in an ambulance on my way to Palmetto. I was received and treated very quickly, and the lacerations I had suffered were stitched up very neatly. My own doctor, back home in New York, expressed his admiration of the technique. I was given thorough examinations and x-rays, CAT scans and an MRI to search for injuries which might escape detection otherwise. I remained at Palmetto for 5 days or thereabouts during which time I was monitored closely and given the best of care. The doctors and the nurses were well organized and clearly communicated with each other each step of the way in my treatment. I have nothing but the highest praise for this institution and the people who work there. I'm enormously grateful to all of them.

lavette green

Best place to give birth

Tasia Rabb

My stay at this hospital was great. All of the doctors and nurses were very friendly and helpful they had so much compassion and care for me and my unborn child. I would highly recommend this hospital.

Amara Kouyate

The ER is awful. Took my mom to the ER at 10am, it is now 10:50 pm and no doctors have seen her. The front desk nurses keep taking people that their know. There is nepotism going on at this ER. Don’t go there, If you don’t know nobody there that can help to see the doctor. This place if worst ER in the whole US. Don’t even try to go there if you want to live.

Janell Janell

Been here in the ER for 9 freaking hours!

Roger Davis

4 hours 27 minutes still waiting in the front lobby being told they are waiting on a room watching nothing happen no one move way longer wait then anywhere else.we have ever been just sitting in lobby

Evetta Shivers

My mother had brain cancer they gave up on her so easily. Dr. Perez was rude when they delivered the news that they was nothing else they could do for my mother she said " Give your mother to Jesus" mind you I didnt even know what was going on so imagine hearing your mother going to die in that manner very unprofessional Dr. Perez recommend that we stop feeding my mother and giving her water because of the damage done to her brain the killmo and radiation actually spread my mother's cancer and they gave our famliy really bad advice my father was advised to put her in a hospice and the hospice director told them that my mother did not qualify so tbey would not cover her medical expenses due to what Richland's recommendations smh very bad experience I would recommend going to another hospital these are very cold people

Chris Harrington

We have been waiting for over 6 hours. No one can give answer as to when we can be helped or even be taking back to be seen by a doctor. Absolutely bs that they would take people that come in after you and they get in and out. This is the worst hospital!!!! I will never be coming back here

Kiki Brooks

I just been this past Friday. At 3:00 am. With Severe chest pains, severe stomach and back pain, vomiting blood,etc. They automatically thought I was just having a anxiety attack and was just attention seeking. Meanwhile after blood work they noticed inflammation in my pancreas and a cyst on my ovary. When shift changed. I was completely left alone ; even pushing my call button nobody came or answered. I was left on the potty pan and stuck in a uncomfortable position for over an hour. The person who came with me had to help. I even have a little video footage. Then they discharge me with no discharge summary or medications for my conditions which are potentially fatal and I'm still in pain. Horrible. What can I do about this?????

Shanika Grant

I love this hospital they take good care of my baby girl!

Paul Stevens

Brought my wife in around 12 sitting for over 7 hours and still not seen worst place ever to bring a loved one or anyone for that matter. They don't have a since of urgency to see people that could be dying. And the only thing that is said is we dont have a room yet.

Lauren Walker

We love the children's hospital. They have such wonderful nurses and staff. It's always as pleasant a trip.

Daniel Sanders

This hospital emergency room has a minimum of 2 hour wait time. They don't care why your there. They just play on their computer and couldn't careless what brought you to the ER. I would have to say this is the worst hospital in the country... I thought the Veterans Hospital was bad... This place clearly takes the cake. I have seen the staff talk on the phone and make patients wait to check in. I have never been to a hospital that treated patients as an inconvenience like this place.


The second best hospital I’ve ever been to. I’ve been to multiple to get treated for Cystic Fibrosis, all of them have been the worst experiences of my life, there is only one better hospital in Cleveland Ohio where I went to as a child, this is almost as amazing. The staff are incredibly kind and helpful, it’s almost criminal how bad some of the reviews are. I want to say how amazing this is. Please don’t diss this place because of the reviews from edgy people that know nothing about hospitals.

Lolita Fairfax

I loved everything!!! The doctors, nurses, students etc everyone did over and beyond and I highly recommend this hospital.

Dawn Davenport

They have some of the best nurse's and definitely the best doctors (my grandson is in NICU so those are the only doctors I have dealt with). I am kept updated on his condition both by phone and from the nurse's and doctors while being with my grandson daily.

natalie ventura

I had my baby at this hospital in December and my experience with the support staff and nurses was exceptional. My nurses made all of the difference with my care. I dreaded each shift change because I was worried that the next nurse would not be as attentive or caring as the current nurse however that was never the case. Julie you were a God send. Thank you for all that you do.

Katina Beauty

The wait in the er is ridiculous .... no reason for it to be that long. However in the end the Doctor did take excellent care of my child. For minor problems visit your doctor, walmarts new clinic or Doctors care.


My wife gave birth to our daughter last Monday. Our experience was exceptional! The process went smoothly and all of the staff kept us informed. Our two Nurses Rachel and Angela were so kind and helpful. Thank you guys for making the birth of my first born a great experience.

Alice Shealy

My daughter is there now ! what an Awesome group of Doctors. Grouping together to perform the best possible

Fernando Graham

This hospital is awesome and its staff is consistently great, my wife and I recently had our baby their. They made us feel really comfortable and assured of their competence. Superb.

Anonymous Anonymous

Amazing staff in the Heart Hospital in Medical Park 8. They were very polite and were always willing to help.

Chameka Bagley

I been here since 3:15 and it's now 10:25 and they anit thinking about waiting on me.

Amanda Williamson

The worst service we have ever had! Every person we were in contact with had a bad attitude...sorry for asking for anything!!! Its only your job to help and reassure the patients. No pillow no blanket nothing for pain...nurse was in such a hurry the iv came out and spilled all over the and we waited 2 hours in the waiting room and then another 3 hours in the back

Asia Harris32890

Everything about Richland is trash!

Beth Tanner

Everyone has been very nice in the emergency department, but we've been waiting over 4 hours at this point. There has to be a better way of moving people through. We will definitely be going to a different hospital next time.

Scott McKinney

Made the mistake of coming here when slightly sick...nurse looked like 250 pounds of pure skin cancer and was impersonal. Got much better medical treatment, for a few bucks, at a rural clinic in a developing country in the third world. Seems scammy to charge people when you didn't provide any treatment worthy of the name.

Erika Bowman

This is the most UNPROFESSIONAL HOSPITAL ever!! I wouldn’t recommend this hospital to anyone. They leave your family members on hospital beds in the hallway for multiple days. It’s absolutely obsurd.

Daija bookert

Very rude nurses(MARY IN THE ER ) she is an RN/BSN , the wait can be up to 8-14 hours ! PEOPLE WITH BROKEN ARMS AND LEGS SITTING IN THE WAITING ROOM LONGER THEN ME , two lady’s with heart problems with blood pressure to the ceiling and also they have fevers , siting for hours in this er room don’t come here unless you wanna die

Jasmin Nowden

Dr Patel had me scheduled for an eye appt for 330 and I didnt spend but 2 min in the waiting room. Service was swift, fast and courteous. I finished with a visit to the 1st fl diner. The food there, Italian, is fabulous! Med 9 building rocks!

John Brunson

Been waiting here for six hours now in the emergency room....has to be a better method of examing individuals....won't be coming back here for any emergencies...

tawana miles

Their ER is the absolute WORST! I got their at 12am finally got to the back at 330. The doctor just wanted to send me home saying I was just having stomach pains but I insisted and wasn't settling for it only to find out I really had some serious issues going on.i was told I would be getting admitted since 9am. Rachel was a nice nurse but the one she sent after was nasty.She said she was sending in the doctor and charge nurse but they didn't come. She came back with papers only to sign myself out. 830pm came along and I still haven't heard about getting a room. They had people all out in the halls in beds. Which I think is terrible seeing that their conditions didn't look good! I'm not a person that runs to the ER unless need be and that was an awful experience

Dean Mayer

They are truly a life saver. On my last visit my foot was completely detached from my leg and from the time medics picked me up throughout the entire experience, I never had to deal with any pain. And they were able to reattach my foot to my leg and today I'm walking again. God bless you all.

Arielle Kibitlewski

I delivered my baby at Richland. L&D was absolutely wonderful. The ER can be congested, so it takes a while to get into the ER but I have been to this hospital several times and been admitted, and everything was great. Great staff, good choice of food, definitely great care.

Philip Hensley

Daughter has been waiting in ER for 6 hours. Very sad that this place is still operating. If you need urgent care, go somewhere else

Miriam H. Samuel

They are too slow for emergencies. I feel they care more about the money than the patient.

Daniel Elmore

I am in the hospital at the time of this review, many of the nursing staff and techs have horrible attitudes and will interrupt sleep for trivial reasons. Once i was awakend at 1 am to ask if I wanted a boost shake that I was supposed to get at dinner. Doctors come in just to say ,"we are doing everything we can". For what?! Very vague. My doctor doesn't even visit me, she has one of her associates come in. I have Cystic Fibrosis and they act like i should take my sickness elsewhere knowing they are the only hospital in the area who has a CF program.

Kristen Hogan

Great service from the nurse and doctor I had in the emergency room. The nurse I had explained everything to me properly and was very helpful. He was awesome and the Dr I had was awesome too and very nice. I would like to tell them thank you for all the help.

virginia brasley

I felt like i wasn't not taken seriously. I will never come back. Everytime i have come in treated like a number. Really need to treat people better. Now i get to waste another day off going to get a second opinion tomorrow.

Micheal Woodruff

Heart patient? No big deal. They'll try to get as many of you in as the building will hold... Then wait. This hospital, like most in the network, is more interested in bringing in patients than in taking care of them. No beds? No problem. Plenty of hallway space. Picture apocalyptic ER without the doctors and nurses who care.

Albert Alston

This hospital with nurses and doctors there hides information that is very important in a patient life believe it or not i had a bad service with these no good doctors and nurses they get no star from me not one i am a very. Angry mother stop going to this hospital these people will take your newborn babies away from u and u won't never see your new born babies not every again so i am Warning each patient that goes there don't never have a baby there in the delivery room

BB Meadowlark

If I could give zero stars I would. My father and I arrived at the ER at 8:45. It is now 2:30AM and we still have yet to be seen. There is no plausible reason to wait over 5 hours to see a doctor in an EMERGENCY ROOM. There are only 5 people in the waiting area. All who have been here for hours. They have called the same three names over and over. The staff is absolutely no help at all. When we ask if we'll be able to see a doctor soon the only reply we get is "we're looking for a bed." If you have an emergency I suggest you save yourself some time and frustration and go elsewhere. The amount of unprofessionalism in this place is astounding. This is my first and LAST time coming to this hospital.


Horrible place came in here with my sister and she’s been in pain literally took them 4 hrs to see her and it was literally no one in the hospital. Very unprofessional and I’m very disappointed this place is TRASH. If I could give them a negative I will by the time you even get in the back lord I hope you don’t die because this place is very slow!!!!!!

Laura Swain

Our children's ER visit was horrible. I had two girls, ages 2 and 3, who contracted a severe stomach bug that had them violently throwing up so bad that they were throwing up blood. We ended up waiting for nearly 4 hours, while my girls continued to throw up increasing amounts of blood. After multiple attempts to speed up getting my girls seen, by both myself and others who were witnessing this, we were repeatedly told they would be taken in order of emergency severity and we just needed to wait. However, an older boy who was there with a hurt ankle, who also happened to be doing cartwheels in the waiting room, was seen before us. After we were finally seen, all they did was give my girls a dose of medicine to stop the vomiting and sent us on our way. Let me add we have insurance, so the theory of getting seen faster if you have good insurance didn't apply here.

CJ Nick

This is concerning the emergency room. I have been waiting over 4 hours some people longer. You cannot possibly consider this to be an ER clinic if you cannot provide care within a reasonable amount of time. One person was admitted here because she had not felt her baby move in hours, she has been waiting for 3 hours. This ER clinic is a disgrace and needs to be put under a different director, whom ever he or she is. I am an active duty soldier, I was not able to be seen at Moncrief on fort Jackson because they have minimal capabilities. I will never come back to this ER clinic again.

Danielle Carson

They were great to me my nurse Miss Ashley took great care of me she made me feel so comfortable. I was in a very bad car wreck Sat Feb 4th and I was transferred from kershaw county to palmetto health and when I got to palmetto health I was admitted to the trauma unit / icu , my experience was very great best hospital ever!!! I love the staff!! Very caring and waited on me hand and foot!!! Great job to the trauma team!!!! Thank you for everything guys!!!! They did everything to make sure my heart never stopped beating!!!! They didn't judge me!!! They went above and beyond!!!!!

Mohammad Askar

THIS PLACE IS HELL ON EARTH. It's better to die with your pain than you go to their ER, VERY UNPROFESSIONAL.

Danny Sanders


Gerald Graham

Received great care while in the hospital trauma unit.

Troy Scoggins

I called the ER the morning after my brother was admitted to find out if he has seen a doctor since last night. This NASTY women said she could not help me. I asked if some else there could help me, she said no there's no one here who can help me! I asked for her supervisor, she screamed "no one can help you!!!" AND HUNG UP ON ME! is this how they are taught to act?! To scream at people looking for thier loved ones. I am now on my way down there to file a formal complaint and find out what is going on with my brother. Completely unprofessional. How is this woman allowed to answer phones calls like that?!

April Charlene

DO NOT COME HERE!! Especially the Emergency room. I went and told them I was having a miscarriage. The guy at the E.R. front desk looked me directly in he eye and said "well whatever you got going on it's a 4 hour wait sooo....." He then took my information sheet and handed to the nurse and said to her, loud and sarcastically "Oh she just got some cramping..." (I specifically said on the info. sheet 5weeks pregnant, miscarriage heavy bleeding, and painful cramps" ) and then the nurse who took my vitals looked at me and asked for a urine sample and I told her I was bleeding so much from the miscarriage that I don't think she'd get a good sample. She tossed the cup up on the desk and said "well you don't have to take it if you don't want to but that what they'll ask for" and proceed out the door and left the area. I just got up and walked out as well. I ended up having the miscarriage at home and After calling my regular GYN at Palmetto health baptist NO ONE has be responsive or in contact with me. I left messages and informed them of my E.R. visit and everything that happened at home. I asked for the on-call doctor and was left on hold for a long time, just to be told they'll call me back. They called back and the message literally said " Hi april, giving you a call back, give us a call when you get a chance" .......There is no concern, no consideration, no sense of urgency and I would not recommend. I am so shocked by how unprofessional and rude the staff is here.

Wanda Davis

My daughter is in this hospital. Had to have a VERY BAD SURGERY. The nurses ( not all) but MOST ALL the ones she has had so far have been horrible. A dog should not be treated this way. Pain medication gives out take over a hour one hour to get liquid medication. Then the case the medication was locked in the key they had would not open the case. by the time she got her medication blood pressure high, oxygen level low. Have a call in to head of hospital but of course have not heard back from anybody.

Bradley Brayboy

Worst hospital stay ever! Majority of the staff isn't professional or compassionate! My wife came out of surgery from a broken leg and didnt recieved any pain meds for at least a hr and a half she was in sever pain! It's obvious the staff has lack of communication. They dont discuss things with u what so ever. I never had a consultation with the surgeon after surgery. They would have shift changes and would never come in the room until u called and that's if someone answered! I have been to numerous hospitals with my wife because she has a lung disease and this is by far the worst. Something needs to happen here because there has to be a lot of people that suffer coming through here. I have read other reviews and there is not one comment or feedback from the management or owners of this place and simply because they do not care! Someone really needs to get the community leaders, state leaders and anyone else who can make a change here! If you dont want to go through or see someone you love suffer do not go here! I literally had to put the bedpan in so my wife could pee, empty it out, wipe her and put a new pad down everytime she needed it! There is no way we are the only ones who have experienced this type of treatment. The surgical group were about the best thing about this place and I still wasnt notified my wife had been in recovery.. I didnt see her until I asked where she was and then they told me in her room, where she laid without and pain meds. She was on the 10th floor and that's not where orthopedic patients stay, they have special ice machines and everything on the orthopedic floor. And yes it is true about bodies in the hallway they are super over crowded and understaffed. This place is a all around joke and they do not care about the patients. The food in the cafeteria was the only good thing about this stay but we weren't going out to eat, we were looking for medical care

Sharon Wilson

I was very sick and came home feeling much improved. Thank goodness for your hard working people. My thanks.

Current Employee

I wish I could rate the hospital a negative star. If you’re looking for a job here don’t. We're understaffed underpaid and over worked. In my old department (spd) we haven’t gotten a raise in over 6 years were worked with equipment that’s older than most of the staff. The hospital likes to boast about their mission values: integrity, compassion, excellence, dignity and teamwork. This hospital doesn’t meet any of them. When employees stand up or ask questions they are dismissed or their employement is terminated all together. Sterile processing is the only department in the hospital who doesn’t get breaks (except lunch) An SPD traveler who is diabetic was told if she wanted to take a break she needed a doctors excuse and wasn’t allowed to sit for a short break while the supervisor who is also a diabetic takes several breaks throughout the day to eat and relax. When the traveler spoke up about the incendent her employement was promptly terminated. When the OR staff call down for trays and they aren’t ready they are allowed to curse and be rude. When it’s reported nothing is done and staff is told to stop tattletailing. Instead of going up the chain of command when the OR services don’t get their way they go straight to T. Fitzgerald who then scrutinizes spd department demanding to know why 6 staff members aren’t capable of turning over 100s of trays instead of realizing the problem is a level one trauma hospital only has 600 trays to serve 100s of patients with a surgery load of around 80 cases a day. The mismanagement and corruption in the hospital is of another level. Staff are leaving at alarming rates. They aren’t paid a living wage and the company won’t allow you to hold two positions even if it’s at another facility, it’s as if they want you to stay poor and struggling. Only as a last resort would I apply here. I’d encourage patients to seek care elsewhere for your own safety and peace of mind.

Sandra McAllister

The care I received from the staff was great! I’m giving one star because the billing staff is awful. I was paying them monthly and still sent me to collections. They wanted me to make payments over 600.00 a month. I couldn’t afford that.

Mr Fomo Sumo

We took our 7 month infant. He had a mild fever, swollen soft spot, and irritable. Both me and the wife hadn't been feeling well. We were expecting pounding headaches. We only assumed he picked up since bug from us. The doctor and resident were pig headed and arrogant and wouldn't listen to our assumption. And insistent on a ct scan and a spinal tap. We were thinking this is extreme... however after them treating us like unfit parents, we reluctantly submitted to their demands. They didn't tell us about the side effects of the spinal tap.. and days after we had to look up on the web that it is imperative to replenish the child's fluids. He was so dehydrated. It makes me so sick to my stomach how they treated us. I warn all parents to be questioning in every aspect possible. I am so angry... I am so upset for my child's suffering... I hate what they did and how they treated us.. pathetic and disappointed in them... never again doctor and resident will I ever bring my child to you ever...

Chyna Quintana

Worst hospital I’ve ever been to, none attentive, no updates. I wait 5 hours in pain and just had to leave cause I received no care. If I die I’ll be this hospitals fault. Worst care ever

Ginger Jackson

I have been in this hospital for over a week on 2 occasions they were impeccable with their care and concern. My only complaint would be the length of time it takes to get out of the emergency room and into a room and of course the food. Hospital food, yuck.

Kellie Dunlap

Waited inside the emergency room for 4 hours and still hasn't been called back. My son constantly crying in my lap and in pain. He must've had some type of allergic reaction because he have sores everywhere, think they cared? It takes them 4 hours to mend broken bones, because thats all the other children had. They skipped my crying son over and over and over eventually the lady at the from walked away from the front desk asking was "Dunlap still here" and said we just making sure you were still here and never came back.. note i gotta go to another hospital and wait, so slack, i asked if i could get a cover or blanket because it was really cold and they told me it's for the rooms only. . I felt badly treated, and couldn't do nothing but cry leaving out of that hospital because my son was still in pain and it was nothing i can do. I use to brag on this hospital especially since u delivered my son here. But never again. It emergency go else where

Patrick Kim

I go to see an ophthalmologist and every time I go, I wait for at least 45 minutes. This is regardless of if I come early or not. I hear other people in the waiting room complaining as well. When I got called in they did a couple vision tests for about 5 or so minutes and then another 45 minutes of waiting. I don't understand why they over book if they can't even see their patients in time. By far the worst experience in a doctors office.

Elevated Spirit

They like to give you the run around if you are there for an elective tubal ligation or bilateral salpingectomy. Horrible customer communication from the Outpatient Surgery Department and intentional time-wasting was done to me because of racist, antiquated, Republican, and religious views about WOMEN'S REPRODUCTIVE RIGHTS. I waited 10 months to be scheduled for the surgery and they waited until I was in the pre-op room there at 5:30 am to start pushing back my surgery time and giving me silly excuses. I decided to leave after waiting for 3.5 hours and would not let Kristl Vidya Dorschner Tomlin, MD of Prisma Health/Palmetto Health USC OB-GYN do anything to me after the run around I received from her and her office about having the procedure as a permanent means of birth control. The denial was INTENTIONAL. I was made to wait when the Outpatient Surgery floor was literally empty and nurses were sitting around gossiping about whether I had a fiance' or not. There is much evidence online that doctors are denying women sterilization in this country if they are not married, and are even saying well just tell your man to get a vasectomy. Just Google "blocked from female sterilization" and all the evidence is there. If Tomlin didn't want to do it, she could have told me in March 2019 when I first met with her for the first consult, not put me on the schedule after all these months and then tell her staff to give me the run-around when I got up at 3 A.M. to be there. If I cared about staying in this crap state, I would sue them. This was complete and intentional, unethical medical mischief. Most people know when they are being bull-shitted by a doctor and staff. She never had any intention of doing the surgery and was giving me pushback and trying to talk me out of it from the first time I met with her in March 2019. I will be going elsewhere and I recommend any women who want this procedure go out-of-state because you will be played with here. Literally, they invented rule after rule after rule to stall my surgery. Oddly, none of these rules were stated either verbally nor written by Tomlin, her staff, nor Outpatient surgery during the 3 months between the last consult in May 2019 and my pre-op appointment on 08/19/19. Nothing was said about such rules then, either. Also, at my 08/19/19 pre-op appointment, the nurse noted that Tomlin had not put in ANY orders for my surgery. When I arrived at 5:30 AM on 08.30.19 as told to by staff, there were still not any orders in. It is VERY CLEAR SHE NEVER INTENDED TO DO MY SURGERY. KRISTL V. DORSCHNER TOMLIN NEVER CAME TO SEE ME IN THE PRE-OP ROOM, AND I AM THINKING IT IS BECAUSE SHE WASN'T EVEN AT THE HOSPITAL AT THE TIME. I HONESTLY THINK SHE WAS CALLING FROM SOMEWHERE ELSE AND MAKING THEM STALL ME. THIS IS A RACIST PLACE AND I AM GLAD I WAS SPARED FROM A POSSIBLE BOTCHED/INCOMPLETE PROCEDURE. I also noticed that she tends to work in staunchly Republican states, so it is obvious from her push back about sterilization that she is allowing her views to infringe upon the rights of patients. If she isn't for women's reproductive rights, maybe she ought to find something else to do other than being a goddamned OB-GYN!!!! I remember saying to hell with this hospital 12 years ago, and going to Duke for my care all the last 12 years. I wish the Feds would just step in, and sue them royally just like they did Tuomey (aka TOMBSTONE) in Sumter, SC. It is technically illegal to deny women the right to choose sterilization in this country. I am moving to Europe in 2 months, and will have it done there. When I was at this hospital in 2006, they made me wait 8 hours in the emergency room in excruciating pain, and then repeatedly disrespected me as a patient after I was brought back to a room and admitted, to the point where I had to walk out AMA, and file a State Medical Board complaint. Got back to a room, saw most were EMPTY, yet had been waiting for 8 hours. South Carolina has HORRIBLE MEDICAL CARE IN GENERAL. Will never recommend.

Saranya RajaRaman

Due to Doctor negligence my kid got infection .

Lucas Clarkson

I didn't have a problem with the people here, but their billing practices are criminal. We had to pay 100% upfront before we could even schedule our son's procedure. Not only that, but they couldn't/wouldn't even tell me how they came to the amount. After his procedure, I called to get a final bill and they said it could take a week. I guess it's not easy trying to make numbers fit the total amount you pulled out of the air. Anyways, I called after a week and was told the receipt still isn't ready and to call back in a week. I asked if I could just be sent the receipt when it becomes available. Nope, I have to just keep calling and asking. These people should be ashamed. This hospital is a joke.


Brought my mother to thhe ER for GI issues, dizziness, twitching and here we are 7 hours later "waiting for a bed to clear". You want to see the problems of today's healthcare, come here. And it being a hospital ER, there's nobody to complain to without hearing "we treat the high priority patients first". Talking to other patients and their ailments, their excuse isn't true.

Rick Stanton

My mother had a stroke in Sumter, SC and after evaluation they moved her to the Neuroscience ICU at Prisma Health Richland Hospital,. I can only say they have given her top notch care. They found she had a 90% blocked carotid artery while never having any cholesterol problems in the past. The head of Neurosurgery, Dr. Moftakhar, performed the surgery and it went very well. Every doctor, nurse, or tech we met were knowledgeable, kind and caring. My mother can be difficult due to her dementia but the staff always dealt with her with respect. If your loved one has a stroke, this is hospital you want them in.

Hunter Bentrum

I wouldn't even give this place a star but I had to. I'm pregnant and heavily bleeding and have been waiting 8 hours and still waiting to be seen! To me that seems like an emergency but apparently the 5 people that have come in the door and straight back are more important ...I will never be back

Cody Mooney

Unless you are bleeding out dont come here. We have been waiting for over TWO HOURS to get back for intense back pain. Will never come back.

Jesika Evans

I don’t even write reviews but I’ve NEVER been in an ER that had a wait time of 5+ HOURS!!!!! Like what kind of mess is this!!??? I’m from Charleston and I’ve NEVER had to wait 5+ hours to be seen!!!! This is my first and LAST time ever coming to this hospital or ANY hospital in Columbia for that matter! It’s a good thing I only had food poisoning cause if it was something more serious I’d probably be DEAD right now!

Kaylie Schram

I came here hoping to find a diagnosis for a shoulder issue that the military caused two years prior. I was injected with cortisone shots-no relief, but they did not seem to believe that. A month later I came back and they decided to do a dye injection in to my shoulder which cost lots of money and found nothing! I finally decided to leave and see a surgeon in Minnesota my family recommended who diagnosed me within 30 seconds! He found out my problem was simple: nerve damage and scapulorthoracic dyskenesia. You could literally see what was wrong with my shoulder by simply making me lift my arms up and down. My shoulder blade would stick out of my back at a 90 degree angle because my muscles were paralyzed since my nerve was damaged. SIMPLE DIAGNOSIS that every single doctor I ever saw here missed! I was put through unnecessary pain and spent money that did not even result in anything. This surgeon was ready to give me an exploratory surgery I did not even need. It amazes me how ignorant these doctors can be when the problem is staring them in the face, but all they care about is the money and it disgusts me. I will never go back here.

William Case

Been here almost 3 hours In waiting room along with older white gentleman who has been here longer than me I think race plays a big part here cause every single black person that has come in has already been brought to the back I asked how that was possible he said they went to chairs and I was waiting on a bed I am not racist at lol but health care should be more prompt I have three daughters that I can not be with cause of this forever long duration of waiting don't go here if you like service and promptness


Way better than Lexington Medical, they get you back asap if urgent enough and they really look everything over to find out if somethings wrong.

Martha Hawkins

Great place to work

Connie Williams

The nurses are very rude in the ER. They don’t put their customers first. They walk right by people asking for help. The nurse bell rings abs rings and no one comes to help.

Tom Tanner

Waiting over 4 hours and people who got here after me get in before me. Unless you are bleeding go somewhere else...oh wait, I am!

Laura Ziel

Horrible. Went in for chest pain and migraine and had asthma attack due to stress and pain. They gave me breathing treatment after over an hour and refused any pain medicine. They forced me to discharge while I was crying and holding my head begging them to evaluate other symptoms. RN was rude left curtain open told me I had to leave because someone was dying and they needed my room. No one looked into my eyes or did analysis of pain in head and leafy side of body. I told her the pain was worsening and I had vision loss. She said sorry I was discharged and that's all they could do, and I had to get dressed. I asked for help. She left. Later returned angrily with wheel chair upset I wasn't dressed. I was still hooked up to machines, couldn't see and had excruciating pain in the left side of my body. She accused me of yelling when she was the one raising her voice. I finally requested another RN who was at least kind and dressed me while removing my electrodes from the EKG . Although I left in pain and crying unable to see and withought a thorough evaluation the final RN showed compassion. I am very disappointed in the lack of empathy and pain medicine dispensed by my physician and bedside manner of initial RN. I will make the trip across the river to Lexington Medical Center next time. There is a reason they have excellent patient satisfaction scores.

Talibah Thiess Zawditu BeyTM

Worse place ever. Better go here only if you dying and that’s probably not a good option. If there was a ghetto hospital this is it.

Mark Fuerte

Doctors are great, it's the nurses and techs within the facility that outweigh the other good experiences had. Many seem incompetent and unwilling to comply with simple tasks and questions. Side note some members of staff were opting out of notifying our doctor of our current status to "avoid medication". Good luck here.

matt shriner

Came in here with 2 other people waiting, waited for 2 hours and counting

Celia Bader

I had my first baby during December of last year and I really didn’t know what to expect. I had heard different reviews about the hospital which made me semi nervous, but I ended up having such a GREAT experience there. I had to have a c section Bc my baby was breached, and the nurses took such good care of me. My night nurse Angela was phenomenal, and so was my nurse Lauren. Plenty of other people came and went and I wish I could remember everyone’s names, but I can’t. I would highly recommend going there to have your baby. Everyone was extremely nice and very tentative! Not only did they take really good care of me but they also took really good care of my baby. I couldn’t have had a better experience! I’m so thankful I chose this hospital and not another one.

Sondra Best

I'm only giving it two stars because the ER doc was able to stop me from having an anxiety attack. That's not a skill most residents have. I think he was Dr. Couley. I'm probably wrong. I have a preexisting heart condition, and Urgent Care sent me to the ER because they thought I needed more comprehensive help with my heart palpitations and syncope. Okay? Another doctor told me that there was something wrong and I needed to go to the ER. It wasn't hypochondria. It was doctor's orders. The nurse at the desk obviously thought I was lying, and acted like it. When I came into the ER, there were three other people there. It took three hours for them to take me back. For a heart issue, that is unacceptable. With my condition, I could have been having a heart attack. They kept me waiting for that long, thinking I was going to faint again. Then they made me repeat the labs and EKG that I had brought over from Urgent Care (so that they could bill me for them, because the results were the exact same). They left an empty IV needle in my arm for another three hours, which perforated the vein. The inside of my arm is massively bruised from it, which has never happened before. Then they tell me that nothing was wrong (based on the maybe 10 minutes they spent with me total). They stuck me in a Holter monitor and sent me home, saying that the whole reason for the monitor was so that I would be able to see a cardiologist "within a week," which wouldn't happen otherwise. My follow up is in a month. They're going to make me redo all of the tests. Over all, quite horrible, but my compliments to the doctor who stopped my anxiety attack.

Angel Lynn

Prisma Health Richland is the only Trauma Hospital in the Midlands.

Jennifer Albany

Very rude RN and Nurse Techs, I don’t not recommend your love ones staying here. Definitely not good with customer service... If I could rate them lower, I definitely wood...

Dan Davidson

Horrible business practices. unethical and probably illegal.

Mark Rushton

Sent to this ER per my kidney transplant, doctor. BP has been jacked for several days...average of 195/124. Waited for over an hour, just to be chastised "we called you 5 times". This is after I had informed them of my hearing impairment. (ER was very noisy) For whatever reason, by the time er started my admissions the bp had dropped to 141/93. At that point I was sent off to wait and wait and wait. No chairs available, 4 armed guards ( glock 9 or 10 on hip, also equipped with bullet proof vest.) Concerning the accommodations and after waiting for another approximately 3 hrs with no end in sight, that and along with the armed guards appearance to be readying themselves for something...I thought in better for the health of myself and wife that we remove ourselves from this potentially dangerous environment. Calling MUSC soon as they open for business...Prisma Health Richland #neveragain

Holly Carraway

If I could rate 0 I would. The by far most rude people I've ever felt with in my life. They do NOT CARE ABOUT their patients. I had this extremely rude nurse who was complaining about how she didn't want to be at work and so I suggested she find a new job and she went off on me. Unprofessional.

Linda Bowers

My son who is 52 is a patient in building 6 after an extreme stroke. The nurses and Doctors treat him like he is their only patient. And treat us Mother, Brother and sister in law, like it really matters to keep us updated on everything.. We have been treated so very good. My son Mike could not get better treatment Anywhere.

Mayso Miles

I'm at the er now been here since 1:10 and still haven't been seen. Ridiculous I tell you. I will never come to this er again. No one comes to check on you to see if the condition got worse or nothing. 9 damn hours and still sitting waiting.

Kaitlyn Hardin

I am 17 years old so I was admitted to the Children's ER. I went in with a burst appendix (we did not know this at the time). Kind of upset that a child who was all smiles and giggles got admitted before I did, doubled over in pain on the floor. However I can't complain about the care once they discovered my appendix was ruptured. Throughout my stay I had very caring nurses and doctors.

Rodriquez Perry

Waited 10 hours no lie 10 freaking hours!!! Just for them to say nothing is wrong they have people lined up in the hallway on beds! Very very slow avoid this place at all cost!!

Betsy Mackey

I would like to thank all the people working in MICU for the great care they took assisting my brother through his recent illness and the compassion they had with a difficult person. I know that he was very difficult and refused to help himself at times. When the time came to let him pass, everyone of you helped me through it. When you called me, you were great in explaining everything very carefully so that I could make informed decisions. Unlike one of his doctors who thought badgering me go against my brother's wishes was the best way to help him. God bless each of you. You have have a very hard calling and I know you are not appreciated enough. Also I would like to mention the ER department. They were the first ones who saw and evaluated him and stabilized him so that he could be transferred to the MICU. You do a very good job, and I know people get frustrated and your attitude helps get them calm. Security did a great job helping me track down his personal items. They worked diligently for almost an hour to discover exactly what they had and where the rest of his items were. Thank you.

Sandra H

Waited 7 hours for just labs. The ER doctor ignored every time I asked for him. My nurse got mad when I called Patient Relations and never came back to room.

Lorrena Thompson

Nurses on 3rd floor Womens unit were great. Thank you for taking care of my daughter.

Dominique Austin

It's a good hospital but they need more peoplevit casn be 5 people in the waighting room it casn take hours to be seen I almost wentbinto preterm labor with my daughter I was there for 5 hours I left because they still didn't see me

Vicki Rumph

Ive been sitting here with my father since after 3:00pm after he got in an accident and it is 6:43pm. They keep taking people's vital signs but they have us waiting along with others. The staff are just walking by not asking if you need anything or letting us know how much longer the wait will be. Awful! !!!!!

Joni holloman

The Staff Was Very Nice

Gigi Andersen

Awesome medical facility

Jessica David

I have watched a Person in the ER waiting room have a seizure and pee themselves, as staff walked around like they didn’t have a clue what to do, and not to mention did not clean the urine up, another person sick, waiting for service put napkins down so no one would slip in it. The OB department is wonderful, unfortunately I have been directed to go to this ER because my doctor is in partnership with them, Today I arrived at the Hospital at 3:03 pm by ambulance, 9 weeks pregnant with miscarriage symptoms and heart problems and in a lot of pain, I was told to wait in the ER waiting room. I was not the only one in the waiting room having a miscarriage as there was another woman bent over crying in pain that had been waiting 2 hours before I arrived. I had my husband pick me up and take me to another hospital because I know I have serious medical conditions that could of turned for the worst at any moment- the staff does not show empathy- no urgency- very rude- and just seems very unprofessional. If you are having a true Emergency- please do not come here!

Katie Dillard

I was admitted to this hospital at 5 am December 6th 2018 to be induced for delivery. Staff in delivery was great. I was disappointed with the second anistsiaoligist she had to redo my epidural and it didn't work nor was it a pleasant experience. Anyways after delivery and heading to post partum area, I was not given any items for myself or baby. I had to ask my nurses numerous times and something's i never received. Most nurses were very nasty acting towards me. I left the hospital basically the way I came in and was told to buy my own pads. I have two other children and I was not treated this poorly with them at Lexington. Needless to say if I have a fourth child I will not be delivering here, I will go back to Lexington! Only good thing about Richland was the delivery section nurses and the "steak" congratulations dinner...

Harry Tarpley

Been in the hallway in the er for going on 2 hours. Doctors and nurses walking passed me without saying a word. This is after falling 15 feet and breaking several bones. Still no meds and one nurse walked by and said “you look too healthy to be here” all the while my collarbone is deformed and I have two broken ribs. Wouldn’t recommend at all!! Asked for a glass of water 1 hr ago and still haven’t received that. I have never felt so neglected and in an emergency room no less.

Karen Hill

OB/Delivery night shift were not prepared to work with patients. Very unqualified. The day shift, however, were superior!!

Paula Higgins

I have my 5 family members that have doctors at Palmetto Health. The hospital is excellent and they get great care from doctors and staff.

Danny Burton

I was sitting in the waiting room for 8 hours

Gail Dawson

My husband went to the emergency room last night with sudden ventricular tachycardia. He was seen and treated immediately, however one doctor told him he was going to be admitted for observation overnight, then close to midnight they told him he was being discharged even though he was from out of town and had no ride to my daughter's house. They said he would see a cardiologist today. They put him in a cab with no instructions for what go do if if happened again. When he went to the hospital this morning to see the cardiologist they didn't know who he was and no record of his visit last night. He is driving home from Columbia now with no medication so if this happens again he will have to go to another emergency room until he can see his own doctor here tomorrow.

Sean Kruzner

The security officer, male wearing an allied universal security shirt, thay was responsible for checking people at the door was horrible. He first harassed someone who was in a wheelchair who only had one good arm and one good leg due to pain. He was harassing him and made him painfully menuver himself telling him he was making a big deal until I stepped in and helped. Later he walked up to someone sitting down minding their own business and told them that they needed to pull they're pants up because they were sagging. Absolutely horrible person who should not be allowed neat a hospital. On top of all this wait times are rediculous in the ER

Essence Heath

I came in October when I had a miscarriage & they took me right back. I was bleeding alot (my baby was 5 months). They did everything they could do for me. The only thing that I didn't like was they kept sticking me when my vein is very clear to see. When they finished doing surgery & moved me to a room the staff went over and beyond for me. I was very emotional and the nurses/techs kept coming to check on me throughout the shift. Even after I left the hospital I got about 6 letters in the mail with the staff checking on me.

Leslie Adams

Horrible experience. My grandmother can in through the emergency dept for immobility. She was not given a room, but a corner in front of the nurse's station. When she needed to void, two screens were put up to attempt some privacy. After all tests were performed, and a fractured pelvis was diagnosed, she was placed in an observation room that had no windows and no television or radio. As a elder that had dementia and from out of state the atmosphere was not conducive for her. And there was no suitable accommodation for a family member to stay with her to soothe her experience. And after my concerns all that was said was this was a new addition to the hospital. I called the next day, on a Saturday, looking for the physical therapist that was to evaluate my grandmother and no one had a number for the on call person even though the ER doctor stated she would be seen on a Saturday.

Denise Robinson

Terrible. Service they should hire much more staff..smh

Salidin Dali

the nurses were nice at first but once you get in there they will ignore for hours i went 3 hours waiting for meds and a doctor i raise my hand they walked right by. i had to beg for info to their defense it was packed i had to be treated in the hall no problem but atleast check on patients and provide snack and water especially if we're there for half a day. also they suck at treating pain my advice for everyone is go to lexington if wan quality service

Leah, Eli & Ezra

Best hospital I’ve ever been too, as soon as a I left I said “I have to leave them a review”. They are fast and so nice. Dr. Brocker found my problem quickly and I couldn’t recommend their emergency room more.

Jeffrey Rogers

My brother died in this hospital, he was transported from Kirkland Correctional Institution, but by reading the other reviews, I think they took too long to help rescue him, which is very sad.

Mahaganie Gold

Been in the er since 9pm waited for three hour for a room with little to none people in er...finally got a room lets just say its almost 4 am and im still here

Lisa Buchanan

Brought in by ambulance & sat in lobby for 6 hours. Finally left. Wish I could give less than 1 star.

Lisa Byrd

I’m a licensed midwife, certified professional midwife who occasionally needs to transfer care or provide for urgent transport of one of my patients. Richland labor and delivery is very professional and always congenial towards my clients. Couldn’t ask for better! Thank you. Keep up the great work in supporting women and their birthing choices!

Mark Senn

wait time in the ER is usually about 6hrs. I went w infected tooth and ended up leaving after helping another patient who was literally sat out in a wheel chair moaning in pain and was told by the triage nurse to fill out his info by himself. true story. do not go to any palmetto health locations and Lexington medical center is just as bad. if you're not dying then do not expect anything for pain bc you're not getting anything. waste of time and money.

Monique B

Just got off the phone with Nurse Barbara who is currently caring for my family member in 1016 and she have a very nasty attitude and is so unprofessional. She wouldn't give me any info about a manager bc she knew she was rude and out of order, nor let me speak to anyone else regarding my Uncle's condition, when I called last week to provide them info on him that they needed. She wanted to start an argument when all I wanted to know how my Uncle was doing and if his medication list was received. She didn't want to look in the system to even check. To me she is a joke and should not be caring for anyone.

Jenn H.

Your shift or not, you follow up on patient care when you arrive! You are a nurse, you should care that an elderly patient with dementia pulled sutures out & needs to be closed back up before you leave! Do you treat your granny with that nasty attitude, "not your problem, wasn't during your shift"? Find a new career if you feel that way. Infection, is more prone to set in to an open incision. Shame on you & the teamwork you obviously lack!! #angryfamily

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