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Julia Shealy

I wish I could make it a -10. Worst Er experience ever. Had medical documentation proving what was wrong and still ignored and sent on my way.

Ashley Hagood

I wish it was something lower I could rate them...if you want the best care, go to St. Francis downtown caring is THEIR calling.


My mother has been in the ER for 17 hours and she still doesn't have a room.

heather jordan

My mother had surgery here in June 2016, the staff were very friendly and very informative. The hospital offers a tracking system so you always know where the person your waiting for is. Just aneed absolutely wonderful experiance!!

Kay Rick

Don't go to the cafeteria expecting to get good service. I asked for a meal, was effectively ignored and another guest was given the same meal I asked for. I guess they really don't approve of my "type" of people there.

Mama Bear

It isn't the hospital y'all have issues with, its the staff!

M Deas

After being here 4 hours, seeing several people leave in Pain without being seen and only 2 names called, really wish Columbia has better hospitals/er services.

Alex Wallen

Been here for 36 hours, they still dont know whats going on but they arent trying to firgure out. We are seen every few hours to see if we need anything. There have been a few nurses better than others. Worst hospital experience ive ever had by far. I still have a 13 hour drive and they didnt do anything for him for the first 18 hours but give him a few pain meds. But i could've had him to a much better hospital by now. Also expecting a large bill for very little care that they have provided. 10/10 would NOT recommend.

Hitchhiker Mr.H.

As for as my Doctor at Palmetto excellent experience.

Bob Padowicz

Maggie Carter

Awful. If we didn't need the pain medication we would have left so fast. The lady at the ER front desk was nice but everyone else was pretty mean. I've been here with my friend for 3 hours now and no one has seen her yet.

Erinn Drake

This is a wonderful hospital. I've been here for both of my pregnancies, and the complications surrounding them. The nurses and doctors are great and so friendly. Particularly during my first pregnancy, I was amazed at the kindness of the staff. One nurse that was there, especially went above and beyond and helped me brush my hair and clean up after a pretty rough c-section and several days of no sleep. I went back to the hospital after my pregnancy and brought flowers to several of the staff because I was so impressed by their kindness. The only thing I could say is that perhaps the hospital in parts could use a little updating, but it is always clean, so there are no complaints there.

Jordan Mattox

I have been here 8 hours now I have a head injury I have had hardly anyone come in and they won't give me meds I can understand if I were having test all are done 3 hours later I haven't seen anyone they won't let me have any water and a lady who is here for the say thing who haven't had her ct and the nuser just gave her food and a drink........don't come here u will be nothing but another butt in a chair

Judith Hart

So my 83 yr old was taken by EMS to the ER on 11/4/2018. She was diagnosed with Dementia 3 yrs ago. I went there for HELP. They placed her in the ‘blue’ area...I’m guessing their mental health area. She was not admitted, but kept over night. They had a list of her meds, which have been the same for 10+ years. I went to talk to a social worker this morning. She spent the night on a gurney with just a thin sheet for a blanket. She was not given any medication last night or this morning. When I saw her, I was shocked! She looked horrible, no sleep!! Had they given her, her medication last night she would have been able to sleep or at least relax. She takes A stomach pill in the morning, along with other meds. None given. She was nauseous and had an upset stomach. She was pasty white and warm to the touch. I went there looking for help... I decided to just bring her home. Was told I couldn’t... that I also needed discharge papers... Well she was never admitted, so I don’t need discharge papers. Was told it was against medical advice. Well, I never talked to a Dr so there was no medical advice given.... IF YOU WANT TO MAKE SURE YOUR LOVED ONES ARE TREATED CORRECTLY... KEEP THEM HOME!!!

Mohammed Quasem

Baptist Hospital has really gotten to the bottom of the barrel. In the last two months two of family member had to be admitted and it has been a freaking nightmare. The ER is a joke. There are nurses standing there in the middle carrying on laughing, eating flirting while no one is served. We waited with my family member for 5 hours before they even decided to admit my family. There is only one doctor who runs around does everything while the nurses are hanging out doing nothing. On another instance I was there with my minor child and after waiting 6 hours with out food and water I decided to go upstairs to see our other family member after telling them which room I was going to. They send police to my house and my 75 year old father was about to have a heart attack. Then they send three (flash light) security officer to wand both myself (lol) and my minor daughter to bring us back to the ER. When complained to administrator she ignore all of this, and claimed this is procedure, such a shame. I believe there needs to be a class action law suit against Baptist Hospital and very disappointed to see this hospital go down to such a awful place been in the area 27 years maybe time to move away. Disappointed in SC.

Sam Fiorini

Went to the emergency room for y eye that was bloodshot on 6/2/17. The nurse said they didn't know what it was. They said you are better off going to Richland memorial and asking them. Another girl came in and said I owed $355.40 for the bill. Do you want to pay now or later. I thought it was outrageous and for them to not even know what they were doing. I paid it. On June 19th I get a bill in the mail saying I owed them $391.60 more. It didn't make sense, when they told me that day I paid the bill. I called them June 20th and billing said they would need to transfer me to the girl I dealt with originally. I spoke to who they transferred me to and she said you have the wrong person and that you need to go back to the dept. you were talking to. I spoke back to that dept. and reached a girl named Pam. She said I can't do anything and that is what we charge. I said well why didn't you tell me that when I was there the 1st day? The original girl said I had paid in full. She then said, I would have to talk to Kathy Joye at 803-296-7987. I tried calling her twice and she will not call you back. This is a scam and they are untruthful people. Not only that, they didn't even know any diagnosis at all. Don't ever go to this hospital. They are ripping people off and then they try to dodge you! Very unprofessional people!

Cassandra Brown

The er was great! I only waited 1 hour in the waiting room and everyone did what they could to find out what was wrong with me. I thank everyone there, the result was great when it could've been much worse. Definitely would refer anyone here from having a baby or just having to go to the er.

PiPuri Dezzu

The behavioral care unit is highly flawed. The staff was very neglectful and uncaring towards the teens and the treatment was horrible. Staff was very rude and disrespectful towards patients and several were mistreated due to their behavior and mental problems. The staff was very abusive, and did not treat these poor teens correctly. I for sure, was very grateful I got help, but things could have been executed way more properly. The rooms are dirty and run down, the food is disgusting and the nurses and staff treat you like you're subhuman due to your health problems. They need a better staff and more money to properly fund this program.

Bonnie McKenzie

Standrica Bennett

Lillie Edwards

I was employed there 20+ years. The best place to work.

Kile Goodman

I came in early today not like every day but to day ,I got in to something that I feel is rude from one of the secuirty guard ,I am in the community that why I am around their using restroom an getting water an coffee sometime ,but back to what happen the officer got mad an told me I could not come in no more wrote the depart heath an they stated they could not take my complaint,so watching out for people,what should I do,the door I went through is on sumter st

Kristen Sharpe

The nurse I had was so rough and you have to sit in a room with no privacy with other people in there... I will never go there again and when I left the nurse yanked my iv it making it bleed like crazy and it's so sore... I've never been treated like that and was never handled like that at any other hospital... Worst experience didn't care about me being comfortable...

Tangee McNeil

I went to the emergency room on 9/30/19 - AM. The emergency room was filthy. I mentioned it to the nurse, but to her embarrassment she didn't comment with the exception of saying that environmental specialist takes care of cleaning. I was surprised and disappointed with all the "talk" and promotion about PRISMA that the emergency facilities would be so nasty, especially the restrooms...ugh! The place could use a paint job too. Environmental Specialist "Is that another word for custodian/janitor?" Maybe that's why they don't clean properly, they're confused about what they should be doing with that fancy title. Hats off to custodians that take pride in their job. We had the best. People constantly commented on the floors, grounds and how clean the building was. The staff was fine and efficient, but Prisma Baptist...let's get it together! I will travel to Parkridge Medical Center or Lexington in the future. You're in the heart of the city. Do Better! Be Better!

Lisa Moore

I had surgery at Baptist hospital and my experience was complete nightmare! The nursing staff acted like it was an aggravation to ask for assistance to go to the bathroom. I would go by myself except for the connections to the pressure pumps. The last page, the nurses sent in a male technician and I'm female. Nothings wrong with it, but I got the point! I was made to feel like a drug fiend for asking pain medication. I had a "Pilodial Abcess Cyst" removed from tailbone with sutures and staples to closed the surgery area. Excuse me? So, I made my point by paging again afterwards, of course and telling the nurse on duty. "Don't make me act ugly"! The room was substandard in my opinion. When the morning shift nurse came on duty, she introduced herself at 7 am and I did not see her again until discharge. I was not asked if I wanted breakfast or lunch, when I asked "Oh, no one brought you a tray"? That did it! I unhooked the pump, put on my clothes and began walking out. This was about 1pm, the mysterious morning nurse reappear I had all my prescriptions from the surgeon who was the only one who did his job. She had an excuse of course, they had an heart patient. I felt sorry for the patient, but what did it have to do with providing me care? Or sending another nurse in her place? I was told you can't do this, I demand that if she had paperwork, it will be best for her to do it because I was leaving. I said watch me by watching my backside go down the hall. A technician, begged let her wheel me down by wheel chair, it was hospital policy. The next part is worse than the overnight stay, I received a $10,002 overnight hospital bill. Which, I called my insurance company and told them to delay paying them because a lot of line items, I did not receive services and it should be no charge. They said the check had already been sent. Once, the insurance company got wind of this went through the bill, recorded my statement. I received another bill for $1200 for the exact services rendered. I don't know what has happen to this hospital, my very first experience with Baptist. I knew if I ever go sick, this is the place to go. In my opinion, Richland and Baptist may be good at somethings, what I don't know. What I've seen so far, they are in the realm of wishing they can be a world class hospital and operating in fantasy that they are. Now, my mom's in there and it's been hit and miss with her care. I WOULD NOT RECOMMEND THIS HOSPITAL TO ANYONE!

Leah Miller

The ER doctors and nurses are incredibly helpful and friendly. Everything was explained plainly and nicely, and I would go back here again if I ever had to.

Liz P

Went to the ER with stomach pains, they ran a bunch of tests and didn't find anything. Didn't give me any medicine or treatment. Got the bill and they charged for $600 for medication that I never received. $4000 total to sit in a waiting room for 2 hours.

Parker Free


Sharika Jackson

Everyone had stank looks like they aint wanna help you got there round 7 didn't leave til next morning ill rather die than to come back here

Kate Jepson

This is easily the worst hospital I have ever been to and the worst care I have ever received. I came in one night with a piece of glass in my foot, they bandaged me up and gave me a tetanus shot. The following day my whole body was hurting, my neck and my back were so stiff and in so much pain that i could hardly move them. I typically have a pretty high pain tolerance so i wouldn't have dragged my boyfriend to the ER at 3.00 in the morning if i wasn't 100% certain that I needed medical attention. With a 101.6 fever, aches in my whole body and extreme pain in my neck and back I was certain i was having a reaction to the tetanus shot. When I got to the ER I waited in a room for 2+ hours just to be given a Benadryl and Advil. They took a flu test and a strep test both were negative and there was no further investigation of my symptoms and after a wasted night in the ER I feel just as sick as i did before I went to the ER. I will never come to this hospital again.

Tanner Casto

Such a filthy place! I am so shocked at how unclean this place is(trash,dirt,hair,dried spills of who knows what all over the room). I have been in cleaner motels. I would not recommend this place to anyone just on that fact alone. My other issue was how long they take to see an emergency patient! Someone who came in from an ambulance in extreme pain had to sit in an empty room for an hour before I went to insist on some help. By far the WORST care I have ever seen!

Bryan Lame

Been here since 5pm and still waiting to receive a room ! It's now 9 !!! I could be having a miscarriage apparently this is not a emergency !! DONT COME HERE !!

Cuomo Primetime

A security guard (name is Wayne) and his white friend kept harassing me and wanting me to strip naked, apparently showing my face against Allah's commandment wasn't enough. (I'm a Niqabi Muslim) I'll NEVER go near Baptist again.

Nolan Beam (SHS)

Lexington medical center is much better js, I had to stay there 10 days and it was like hell, I had like 20 anxiety attacks while I was there, I was and I’m still upset of this place, I would suggest avoiding this place like the plague.

Jackie M.

My son fell and bumped his head so hard that he could not remember anything and was nauseous, so we called our family doctor who said to take him to Baptist Medical center. He had a CT scan immediately, and blood and urine test. The nurses were very nice and helpful, but the doctor, after giving his diagnosis, which was 2 sentences left the room and did not return. We were left with many unanswered questions, and he never returned, even after I asked to speak with him again. He told us he was going to prescribe a medication, but the nurse reported he could not, and at one point told us to wait until he got a shot, that never came, and no one seemed to know about. The discharge papers had no instructions and did not advise on treatment. I feel like my son and his insurance will be billed for a lot of tests and doctor bills, and we were not satisfied. We waited from 1:15 until 7:30. All we know is his head hurts, but his CT is fine. His blood work had some problems, high liver and other things which I requested a copy to take to his family doctor. We were disappointed in the care he received.


WOW.. I went there February 22nd. I never usually leave reviews, but the staff were so unfriendly, rude, and professional. I got sent there because of depression... I was in there for 8 hours, no food. I got dropped off there, when I was about to leave, my phone died. I told the people at the front desk about my phone dying, and they told me to leave. So, basically.. I ended up getting stranded at midnight, no phone, no ride.. Luckily, my friend just so happened to be studying at the library. Not to mention the nurse kept lying about when the social worker was going to come and she said I couldn't leave the hospital. This place has a lot of bad reviews.. Palmetto Health Baptist.. First they sent sent me a bill stating $348... now, I have a bill for $1,376. I got charged $,1376 for a bottled water, no food, and three sheets of paper on depression. I would not recommend.

Lynn Street

I went to the ER for pains and bleeding at 10weeks pregnant I sat in the er for 5hrs still had not been seen before I just left I would not recommend this ER to anyone don’t know if I was having a miscarriage or not and clearly they did not care

Michele E. Hutchinson

I'm late with this most positive review. The ambulance took me to BAPTIST and I woke up in the Emergency room 5 December, 2014. I was told, kidney failure. The next morning my wonderful Surgeon, Dr. Metropol, stood next to my bed and told me that the overhead X-ray was required because of the bruises from my many home falls. What the X-ray also revealed was a mass between my breast & two biopsies were need. Ok with me, hell I came in on kidney failure and they found pancreatic cancer, I was lucky the way I saw it. The surgery went great; lost 3/4th of my pancreas, no chemo, no rad, 3days and home, Surgeon said. Five star menu, most delicious food served by the cleanest, neatest, politest Food Representatives and great Doctors, nurses, aids, and I can't forget those handsome respectful Transporters that keep Baptist a well oiled machine. Even though possibility of code blue kept my there a month, I owe those wonderful people in IICU & ICU especially my SURPRISE nurse Kenneth Dent a poet friend also, my happiness, joyful conversations and care that can't be exceeded. Bedridden at home for 9 months with Care Givers around the clock, finally walking again on my crutches thanks to a wonderful Physical Therapist, Ashton and slowly overcoming congestive heart failure (a fluke of surgery) I'm almost back to normal. Thank you all, Michele E Hutchinson

Steve Lowie

Annelise Romine

I gave birth here about a month ago in their birthing center. All the nurses I came into contact with were awesome and very caring. The nurse who helped me deliver was exceptional. The room service was decent. Food wasn't too bad for hospital food and they came with it warm and sometimes even still hot at the time they said it would be ready. However, despite all that, I was put into a small postpartum room and had to be there for 2 days. My husband and I couldn't walk around without walking over one another and we kept having to move our baby's bassinet each time we wanted to use the bathroom which was also small by the way. Even the nurses had to rearrange the tray table and bassinet each time to get to me whenever they needed to check up on me. Apparently, the other rooms were being renovated. I was never seen by my OB when they said I would, not until the very last minute. Probably not the hospital staff's fault since my OB comes from a separate practice, but still, he did not show up till I was literally sitting in their transport chair having already signed the discharge papers. It could have been a better experience for sure, but it is what it is I guess. If I give birth again and am still in this area, I will not be giving birth here.

Eric Crane

Avoid at all costs, goto Lexington instead.

Samantha Allen

Do not take your children to the E.R here my mother took my daughter here she had a sore throat, body aching all over, and a headache they sent her home with out antibiotics and said it would get better on its own. That was on a Wednesday around 10 pm . Thursday my daughter said it was getting worse and when she woke up Friday morning she was almost in tears so I took her to Med care they gave her a z pack and after the first dose she felt better (24hrs) later. She takes her last dose today. :) Thank you med care. I use to love baptist i won't be taking my child back here.

Tierra Brooks

Matt Yayap

2 hours and still in the waiting room. Don't come for actual emergencies.

Grisel Rojas

es genial....

roxann solone

Nice staffing $

Greg Gee

Terrible from the make shift triage in the lobby to the cold waiting room in the ER and long wait times.

Ken Hoffman

Trips to the ER are never fun but they are usually not this uncomfortable. We were admitted to our room and could not get a pillow and were told that they are really hard to come by. Not to be detoured I Mcgyvered a pillow for my 71 year old mother who is battling cancer out of my puffy vest and we used her coat as a blanket for 6 hours. Her nurse and doctor were amazing but any hospital that can’t provide a patient with a pillow nor blanket doesn’t deserve more than one star.

Robyn Seneca

I arrived at 6pm on a Tuesday with severe gallbladder pain. It is currently midnight and I have yet to be seen. No one once asked my pain level. I have watched people that arrived after me go in well before me and I keep hearing I'm next. If I make it out of here alive, I assure you neither I nor anyone I care about will ever be back here.

Essie Jones

Mitchell Touchton

Horrible staff. Can not express how rude Alexis L. Was to me and my friends that were there trying to check on a friend who had gotten in some trouble. We were all very polite and were scared for our friend and Alexis was nothing but rude and degrading to us. Several nurses were very friendly and the check in lady was the most helpful. I would not be upset if Alexis L. Lost her job.

Ivan Antich

Tionna Hay

Here in Labor and Delivery on the 4th floor and i looooove them. Best staff ever.

Sandy Nettles

My 90 year old mother was nearly killed by treatment at Baptist. She went into emergency room...referred by Dr Care for an X-ray and after 7 hours wait with no water went home and became severely dehydrated and could not move her bowels so went back to emergency room next day where the kept her for 7 days...flooding her with meds and fluids and claiming she had colitis, which she has never had. When she left she was hugely swollen and could hardly walk. Mom has never been swollen before. It took a month for her to recover from the Baptist ‘treatment’. Now she has beginning dementia and we think that ordeal started it

Shalondra Tolliver

I'm in the ER at the moment with my mom...The rooms are dirty and they have my mom in a recliner chair instead of a bed...How can they do a thorough exam with her sitting up...She's very uncomfortable and in pain...This will be my last time here...I'm very disappointed and I feel like putting you on blast on social media and the news...Palmetto Health Baptist you need to do better than what you're doing.

Jessica Fanguy

If you're going for blood work, the level 3 lab is AMAZING. Walked in, was done in 3 minutes, it was only a small pinch (which was the truth for the first time ever lol) and I never felt it after that. Good job!

Indigo Johnson

Wait time is HORRIBLE! Came in because i was having a miscarriage! They completely ignored me ! They kept telling me i was next but 5 people went in front of me. Worse hospital ever!

Ausha McKnight

The registration staff is very rude to patients today. This is the first time I've seen this at Baptist

Jesse Trammell

Robert Hetrick

Uncle was admitted for 6 days for breathing problems. All they did was treat the symptoms. Found out through CAT Scan there is something pushing against windpipe. He was given narcotics and inhalers for symptoms and discarded with a appointment for an ENT at Richland since they do not have one there. They should of transfer him there to be treated but he is home with an O2 at 92.

Olivia Hinton

Love it I had all of my kids hearses they take really good care of me and the rooms be Clean

Min Yu

For the Emerency department, I waited 7 hours and still wait. If the patient had emergency situation , they will be dead .

Zach Woodward

J Scott

Took forever to call me in the back. When I Got in the back I Wuz attended 1 time by the nurse. The doctor never attempted to make contact or come in my room. I was left unattended for two hours before leaving without being seen

Raylene Ewing

The staff in the breast center are wonderful. However, when the entire breast center is filthy dirty it is a bit unnerving. A hospital should never be this dirty. Actual dust mounds on the floors. Bathroom walls that haven’t been touched in an extremely long time, furniture that has dust so thick you can write your name in it. I think if I have to have any other procedures done, I’m going to somewhere that is clean.

Kyle Maldonado

I have never experienced slower service even when my friend needed to be seen by a doctor. Spent over 4 hours here for something that should have taken maybe 45 minutes. Unless it's a time critical emergency I'd recommend driving a little farther to a better hospital

Patrick Bridges

My mother came to this hospital because it was supposed to be better than Toumey in Sumter. Well turns out they are both run by the same company. No bath in three days, dirty pillows, did not turn my mother to prevent bed sores... Awful!!!

Katrene Driggers

Worst Emergency room services. Dirty rooms, people laying in beds in the Hall. Looked like a hospital in a 3rd world country. Nurses standing around doing nothing and only 1 doctor in the entire ER dept. Sat in a chair for 5 hours in pain and no medicine given and to top it off the temperature was 80 degrees. Anytime my husband asked when the doctor would be coming their answer was " I don't know or let me check" only to disappear amd never return. If you have an emergency go somewhere else.

PJ Dunn

Request 8th floor!!!

Brenda Jo Morris

I went there for nuculaer named.testing.Staff very kind. Explained all they were doing.What it would feel like etc. Very trained staff.

Janice Roundtree

My husband had a GI procedure this am, excellent care, kudos to registratio lady to Torrisa(?) RN who took him out to car! Candy striper sleeping in chair in registration was unnerving,send her home!

Ramona York

Deanna Cain

Incredibly fast! Doctor and nurses were very informative with referrals and got me taken care of In and out in less than an hour. Unbelievable! Every experience I have had here has been superb. Highly recommend!

jeff nueman

i had a good experience. the er was friendly, not to long of a wait period, considering it was ER. friendly staff, an awesome doctor!@

Kimberly Ann

I have always loved this hospital but this morning I took a friend to the emergency room. The floors had bloody gauze and trash and cups etc. When I told the nurse he got the janitor who proseded to mop around me asking me to move from each spot I stood. Never apologized and acted like it was no big deal that the floor was wet with I don't know what and bloody gauze on the floor!!!!

Julianna Scott


Miss DaNisha

The worst place ever! I repeat DO NOT WASTE YOUR TIME GOING TO THIS PLACE!

Bowen Stewart

I have always received wonderful service and don't understand the bad reviews. I guess some people are just too impatient and don't understand all that the doctors and nurses have to deal with. Some emergencies are more serious and understandably need to dealt with priority.

Andrew Folley

thomas Simmons

Writing for my wife. Her ex-husband was cheating on her and was friends with the social worker in the ER. He worked for CM Tucker at the time. He called EMS and stated she was talking suicide. They came and got her and when she talked to the Social Worker she said she would be released in a few minutes. 20 minutes later they came in to involuntarily admit her to the psych ward. It took her 5 days and a lot of phone calls to her Attorney to get her out of there. A class action suit was filed and of course is still pending. Baptist Hospital Sucks

Joylynn Jarman

This is the most wonderful place. Everyone was so friendly and helpful. I had to drive 1 1\2 hrs. to get there and would do it again anytime to keep from going to hospitals in Charleston.

Toree Hill

Well staffed professional Hospital. Excellently maintained. Great cafeteria. If you have to go to the hospital, I believe you will do well at Palmetto Health Baptist.

Ruth Cook

I had the best experience at Palmetto Baptist. The surgical staff and the 4th floor staff were the best!. It was only an overnight stay, but felt like I was the only patient in the hospital. The staff was friendly, very professional and made me feel at ease throughout my stay. Thank you for caring for me and my family.

Felicia Wilson

If I could give zero I would. Was not very happy in how we was treated when we went through the process of giving birth and after. This is our first child. Our miracle baby. There were maybe 2 wonderful staff members but everybody else had attitudes when my husband asked questions of concern for me and our son. I dont know if its because this place is just use to seeing single mothers and dead beat dads, but they were very very unprofessional. We were the only room that didnt get a ribbon on our door. When my husband would leave and come back, they act like they didnt want to let him in even with the right information and his wristband. They looked at us like being an interracial couple was a problem to them. It was just a complete mess. Ask them about test results all they would say is if they were good or bad and not explain unless we got mad and they had a problem. I would not come back to this place when we decide to have more kids. And if you are an interracial couple and /or a very concern and involved father do not come here. Seriously.

Farah Brown

Service from staff was warm

Charles Seals

Charmaine Pelt

-10000 (wish there was a negative rating) Their ER is shameful! OMG Oh my goodness-where do I begin...I came to the ER with serious health concerns-there was not place for me to sit-I asked the guard if I could sit in her seat because they told me to stand and wait (I was having trouble standing). The lady security guard said, "That's my seat" (she wasn't even sitting in it!) Whaaaatttt! -I asked for clean sheets-they looked at me like I was from Mars-just because I need to be in the ER does not mean I need to sit in filth-speaking of filth, there were used paper towels and bottles on the floor of my space-gross! Female ER doctor-one word-rude!! Unbelievably so. Terrible bedside manner. Talked to me like trash. All those years of school.... After I got all of my tests (ultrasound lady, lady who pushed me in the wheel chair-awesome), I was taken to an area where they sat me in a recliner to wait for my paperwork and discharge(the wheel chair lady made sure I was comfy-she was wonderful in such a yucky place)-here is the problem-another family was there in the same room/area! We were separated by a .....sheet! So when the doctor came to give paperwork and results to the other patient,! How awkward and embarrassing! And ghetto! And agains the Privacy Act! Why don't they have proper rooms? Why do I know about her kidneys? I can't believe that was my experience-it was truly awful. I came from a state with wonderful healthcare. It sucks here.

Clorox Bleach

Do not go here! I'm only giving them one star, because I have to post on here.My cousin told me that this was great hospital,but obviously she doesn't know what good health care is.I had some problems that required an er visit,so I went there for the first time instead of Lexington medical.The parking garage was really small with only one floor,which seemed strange to me.After I went in,there weren't many people there like at Lexington medical.So,they did get me back fast.The lady at the desk had long tacky nails,and she had to finish her texting before she printed off my wrist band.Really,they need to fire some people there.After I got admitted and went in the room,it was stink.It smelled like no one took out the trash for a while.Then the nurse came in and asked me questions that was not related to my condition.She started getting judgemental with me,and saying well why this why that,and insinuating that I'm stupid for even coming in,instead of just taking info and passing it on to the doctor like she is supposed to.Then the doctor came in to talk to me,and didn't even close the door for privacy until I asked him to.He said that I have to go to an Ob doctor because they couldn't do anything for me,even though I told him that they couldn't see me right away because they are backed up on appointments.So all in all, they did nothing for me,except tell me to go somewhere else.I think no matter what the problem is,they should do something.I mean isn't that what they get paid to do? I totally see why most people do not go there.p.s,if you are pregnant,please don't go to this hospital, because they are so unprofessional and rude,and this is definitely not the place for pregnant woman or anyone expecting a baby.I bet they would ruin your birthing experience if you have a baby there.I know that they probably think we are all homeless people just looking for pills,but we're not.Many of the other reviews state that they automatically treat people like drug addicts if they ask for pain pills,even if you just had surgery.

derrick whitmire

I will tell everyone I know to go somewhere else. I will drive to another state before ever coming back here. I've been waiting for 5 hours and there not even busy. Filthy hospital, ER is like something from a horror story. They also alow gang members to play loud music in the emergency room waiting area. Seriously? There are actually sick people that need medical attention. Instead they pass up people with serious problems to allow people who are only here to get a damn pain pill prescription so they can sell it. Some of the people waiting were talking out loud about this right in front of everyone. And they got to go right back and be seen. The staff here is also in my opinion racist.. Never again never again.

Melissa Buckner

You suck never will we go back


Just had my baby and the experience was great. They have a wonderful staff that was very comforting. They help me stay calm and comfortable through my whole process

Yumina Peter

NeNe Hunter

Worst ER department and hospital ever! Came in for chest pain,excessive vomiting and had to wait before seeing a doctor for 7 and a half hours! I will NEVER come here again nor will i recommend this horrible hospital and it's staff to ANYONE!!!

Kristin Brogden

I had recent outpatient surgery at Baptist...From the moment I walked in to the moment I rolled out, everything and everyone was phenomenal. I wish I had every persons name that I could personally thank...but WOW, you guys ROCK!!!

Debbi Acuna

My daughter went to the ER two days ago and the Doctors and Nurses were very good. The treatment room was very, very dirty. I work in a hospital and am appalled with the uncleanliness I observed. Everyone was wonderful to us but someone needs to take a look around and make adjustments to the cleaning staff. I am giving this a three star rating just because of the uncleanliness. As I stated the Doctors and Nurses were great and I could not have asked for better care than what she received.

Melissa Hickey

Went to the ER recently and the staff was wonderful. It took a few hours, but that's to be expected on a Friday. Overall, a good experience and I highly recommend them

Bishop W

Morgan Samkowiak

If I could give it any less of a star I would. NEVER send a loved one, or anyone for that matter here. Terrible, unprofessional, rude, awful staff. I stood there and listened to them speak horribly about a mentally disabled patient that wasn't able to wash himself and couldn't help himself as if he wasn't standing right there. It broke my heart... they don't properly evaluate patients before releasing... the whole place is a joke. Please send patients somewhere else

Yi Zhao

(Translated by Google) Passing by (Original) 路过

Megan Rife

Went to the ER with stomach pains and waited maybe 5 minutes. Was seen and tested thoroughly and quickly by doctors who actually cared about me and my pain. Great experience.


Vanessa Swann


Daniel McDermott

I was checked into the hospital involuntarily, and I was subsequently diagnosed with schizoaffective disorder. The nurses do not care about confidentiality, for they confabulated volubly about my illness and my eccentric behavior. I abhor this hospital, and it needs to be litigated.


Great hospital. Friendly nurses, and very competent dr's!

David Brito

Me parese un buen hospital,estan al pendiente las 24hrs. Mucho mejor que my primer hija .

Noelle Khare

I called twice to get a bill sent, each time I called they admitted they could see where a bill was never sent. After 6 months, and 2 phone calls, I finally got a collection notice! I am still waiting on an itemized bill, but now they are trying to collect through an outside agency for lack of payment. I have a great Dr. but cringe ever time I need to go to this place. The staff this time was great, not always the case, the room was clean, not always the case either, but instead of trying to settle up with me by sending a bill, I guess they think it's in their best interest to shake me down for what appears to be a random amount of money? I hate that place and wish SC OBGYN would link with a different hospital.

Danielle Brown

I had my second child at Baptist and if my husband and I decided to have another you couldn't pay me enough to come back here. I had my 2nd c-section and am a very great amount of pain. I also am having a large amount of trouble sleeping. Not only do they make you feel bad about asking for your pain meds if you aren't getting relief that's just too bad. This is my third day here and I will be here until tomorrow afternoon. I can't wait to leave. Last night I got 2 hours of sleep. The only thing offered was ambien. In order to take ambien I had to stop breastfeeding and would need to supplement for the next 6 to 7 hours and my baby would go into the nursery. Since I was on ambien with my last baby I didn't see why this was necessary. I understand each hospital is different but I'm not willing to give my baby a supplement and leave him with a group on people in the nursery that I have no choice but to not trust because of most of the other staff. Of all the nurses that have helped me (around a dozen) I would trust 2. They need to work on keeping new mommies out of pain and let us sleep. I have a 2 and 3 year old at home, I need to be as rested as I can while I am here. Other issues that I am having: *the buttons on my bed (lights, reading lights, nurse call button, moving the bed up and down) don't work but maybe 50% of the time. when I addressed this issue they said "yeah that happens"--really?! *it has taken the nurses (after I called and asked for pain meds) a long time to get to me. once it took an hour, then again last night it took 45 minutes. * get new computers. I couldn't get anything until it was typed into the computer (yesterday it took 3 different computers to type in what I was being given--another waiting game) *don't get hungry past 7 or 6 on the weekends--dinner ends--end of story I could keep going but I'm very tired.

Joseph Cutro

Fast reception and was taken back within five minutes and the doctor came in immediately to check on me and look me over. He was very nice and helpful and courteous and asked many questions to find out what caused my swelling. Everyone was friendly and helpful. Room was clean. Waiting area was comfortable and even security personnel was friendly and helpful.

Jesse Lauber

The lead nurse and the doctor who saw us in the ER we're very kind and clear spoken so we were informed the entire time. The entire time until they disappeared and the assisting staff blew off our calls to the nursing station for 2 hours and couldn't locate the only helpful people in an ER. There's nothing more frustrating than being in an ER and being told to sit and wait while someone you care about is in excruciating pain. Used the bed pan for diarrhea and it was left in our room for over 5 hours making the place smell horrible and the experience atrocious. Horrible service for a nearly empty ER with 10 nurses chit-chatting just outside your room. If you care for your loved ones drive the extra distance and avoid this hospital.

Marc Epting

I'm here with my wife now. Nurses and doctors have been great. This is after her being at MUSC in Charleston (which is also top notch.

John Bright

Tyneequa Winn

Dr. Joseph Campbell and Lisa from Patient Relations count your days...I would never ever in my life let any nurse doctor or whatever see at this hospital..Dr.Joseph Campbell is the Director over the ER he has no empathy he should not be a MD the way he told me that he will not admit me to the hospital knowing that I could be walking around with ovarion cancer thyroid issues or better yet a Dead Baby inside of me is ridiculous..Had the nerve to tell me that he is just going to refer me back to my OBGYN and I am telling I already been to them and this is my second visit back to this ER with the same symptoms...this is baffling to me the world we live in..SC doctors don’t care about they patients all they want is the money...however Dr. Joseph Campbell and Palmetto Baptist I serve a God that does not lie I pray he has mercy on your soul

Shelia Washington

kimberly sinnett

I cannot believe what my son and I just experienced in the ER of this hospital. Please please save yourself the trauma and go elsewhere. We arrived at 3pm and we waited until 3:30 AM to get to a room and be seen. The staff was extremely rude and unprofessional. The waiting room was filthy dirty and smelled like pee and other nasty smells. When we got back to a room THAT was also totally dirty. I cannot believe OSHA and DHEC havent closed this place up! I have been in the medical field before and know proper procedure. The nurse dropped a bunch of stuff on the floor including her pen and picked it up off the floor. She put an IV in my son with the band that fell on the floor. This place was worse than the worst gas station I ever went to the bathroom in. They gave us this horrible experience but you better believe a women was in there ASAP wanting $208 from me for deductible and co pay. How do they know what it cost when we hadn’t even seen the doctor? The bathroom we had to go to was also extremely dirty!! I refuse to ever go to the hospital again. They wouldn’t of got any stars from me if that was an option. How can a hospital exsist in this day and age in the USA! Ironically, my 23 years old son was born in this hospital but it’s not a suitable place for health care anymore.

Monica Do Valle Lopez

Our Baptist hospital

John Tupper

Orderly, emergency and service staff sometimes impolite. Healthcare service and most interactions plesant but sometimes lacking a filter to prevent discussion of triage and weighing alternative prognoses in company of patients and visitors. Updated to reflect prisma's "capturing every cost" horrible mentality for a hospital!

Linda Scott

Was here with my daughter having surgery. Great experience. All staff was friendly and very helpful. They took great care of her.

Tim Yerby

Came in via emergency room on a Friday with my son - severely dehydrated from Mono. Nurses were very kind and caring throughout the stay. Was admitted later that day, saw one doctor in the ER, a different one Friday night - a nurse practicioner on Saturday and Sunday, and then finally a doctor on Monday at 8 am for 10 minutes who admitted he didn't even both to read the medication chart before seeing my son when I challenged him on the treatment plan. Treatment plan was never shared with us on the board in the room (I don't think they ever had one) and when we finally told them we were ready to be discharged they refused to discuss it with us until the Dr. made rounds again in the morning. If you go here I would recommend you insist on a written treatment plan or leave asap.

Malcolm and Patricia Campbell

Our OBGYN had us go to this hospital to give birth to our son and we couldn't have asked for better care. The maternity ward was clean and the staff was extremely helpful. We ran into a slight complication during labor, but the staff jumped right on it and solved it before we even had a clue about what was going on. They were effective in letting us know what was going on during the labor and helped us understand what we needed to do for our baby and most importantly WHY we should do it. Overall, we would say that they took great care for us and our newborn.

Madison McCrory

THIS HOSPITAL SHOULD NOT BE RUNNING they don’t help people who need it I was here a few months ago and they kicked me out because my symptoms “weren’t valid” i had a mouth infection and earlier had passed out from the pain i was in they then proceeded to throw me out on the street in tears when i refused to leave without getting help and had to wait the next day to talk to the student health center at usc. THEN they proceeded to bill ME not my insurance company i paid the full bill which has never happened to me before i’m still in shock that this happened and i hope these people get what they deserve for running such an unprofessional hospital.

Eddie Baker

simply the best!

Mohammad Askar

I was literally thrown out by security after I was l was later diagnosed with deadly bacteria. I was escorted out for asking for a second opinion. I sat at the roadside waiting for a ride as I couldn't stand. A few minutes later the security guards and city cops forced me to leave the area or they would arrest me. I was admitted in the same hospital a few weeks earlier for a major emergency and stayed there for nine days. I caught the deadly bacteria in their hospital. I struggled to find a hospital in town to be willing to take me and offer help but a couple of them gave me antibiotics and sent me home. The many antibiotics they gave me worsened my condition. I heard about a Ridgeway hospital in Irmo and immediately I was admitted and kept there for almost a month. The staff of every hospital deal with sick people everyday and they are overworked and stressed out about dealing with their bosses, patients and their own families. But, they are making a living of off their sick costumers and paying their bills and supporting their families with the money they make so why do they have to be so mean and treat some people so bad that they end up killing or harming many of them? It's much better for them to work in a factory and yell at the machines all day long before they kill more people with their negligence. I offer my highest respect and thanks to those staff that care about us and treat us humanely with dignity no mater how tough it gets.

Sheila Kimble

They let my Uncle die in the ER. He was having a stroke. I kept asking them to do a scan and they waited almost 3 hours to do the scan. Unfortunately he died right after they brought him back to the room.

Courtney Thomas

Ben Mahaffey

What a great place to be in a hard time of life. The people here are caring and will go out of their way to help you however possible. Life isn't always going to be the easiest, but these folks have done their best to make it a bit more bearable.

Ashley Heliker

My friend had a horrific experience where she nearly died, not quite a year ago when they butchered her c-section. Now she is there with pneumonia and they are treating her like a drug addict. Telling her to "put her big her pants on" when she complains of pain. Now another nurse has told her, she not sick she's going through withdrawal! This is in the ICU!

Letisha Cortez

Currently been here for 4hours and in those 4 hours I have watched them give 5 people with minor issues pain meds ( Percocets) and finally they pull me back And automatically offer me pain meds... NO I don’t want pain meds I want y’all to figure out what’s causing the pain... do y’all damn jobs instead of just passing out Pain meds!!! This is ridiculous and when I told her no she said well I’m trying to make u feel better... yea but for how long a few hours and then I’ll be in pain again then what??? They need to do better.

Marsha Fitchett

Sheri White

Patricia Cooks

Horrible, Er nursing staff were rude.

toccara little

I wish I could give minus 5stars. I've had it with this place. Damn roaches in the room. Housekeeping is extremely lazy. Blood sat in the garbage for 2 damn days. The nurses had to clean my room and kill the roach. I've got to get outta here nd never come back

Federico Ramirez

con atención

Ben Rabon


Larry Quick

Our son was born in a different hospital and had some problems with his stomach lining and intestinal tract hadn't completely formed. He was rushed to Baptist hospital NICU. That was 7 days ago. Our little boy was close to death he couldn't eat mommy's milk. All the staff in NICU are a blessing to us our son is now getting better and gaining weight.

Anthony Scrivener

Brandon M

Rude doctors and dirty facility

Jasmine White

I took my friend who was severely ill to this hospital. Not only were the staff unhelpful, but left us (my sick friend and 5 of her friends and family) in the hallway for almost 2 hours before they finally swobbed her to test for the flu. They wouldn't would give her water, a bed, or anything to eat or drink while she was almost unconscious IN the hospital! I would not recommend making this your first stop in an emergency!

Tyrone Rice

Jennie Shuman

I'm visiiting from WV and today I fell and had to be taken to the emergency room. I was treated so well by these folks! And quickly! My experience was the best at any hospital ER! Thank you to the kind and caring employees who made me feel,like I was the only and most important person in the department.

Bumble Mom

This review is for the maternity ward. I gave the nurses a loud, violent experience and not a single one held it against me when it was over. They are absolute sweethearts and were so tender to my newborn. My family had no trouble visiting. My photographer was guided to my room with no trouble. We missed a tour but Ms. Audrey showed us around the ward. That was the seller; it's why we chose this hospital. I definitely recommend taking a tour and pre-registering. Both are free and make the day-of a little less hectic. Everyone was very helpful, patient, and informative. I didn't want any drugs and they didn't force them on me. She was my first so I needed help breastfeeding and the consultants were great. Even after I got home, they called to check on us. I had to walk around to help the baby come along so eventually we understood the maze that the floor is. The birthing room was big and the bed was comfortable. The resting room was even bigger. I didn't like the middle of the night vitals checks but that's how it goes. For two nights, it was about $10,000 total. For me, $6,500 and $3,500 for the baby. Vaginal birth with no epidural. Two counts of pitocin to start the labor. Episiotomy with vacuum to help her out and a couple stitches for me. Excellent work from the doctor as well. My daughter is a healthy little rascal.

Linda De

Ambulance driver took Father to ER at Palmetto Baptist downtown. When I met them there, I was very disturbed and surprised at how dirty the treatment rooms, hallways and restrooms were. The hallways of the rest of the hospital I traversed were well decorated, that was not a problem it was the "working" area that disgusted me most. The Medical staff were very helpful but ... I would not willingly go to THIS hospital ER again, nor would I suggest it. If it doesn't even look clean it can't be sanitized.

Brittany Stevens

This icu is by far the worst there is and the nursing staff all needs to be replaced. I have never see such inadequate hospital, especially in icu. The nurses are just awful, the doctors may know what they’re doing but have no bed side manner and that’s fine if the care received was substantial enough but it’s not. This is by far the worst hospital.

Catherine Betts-Worley

I only gave it a star to allow me to post a review. This hospital should be a -1 star if not worse. The emergency room is atrocious. The staff are rude and have no concern for the well being of patients. I sat for almost 5 hours in severe pain only to be skipped while in the restroom relieving myself. They claimed to have called me but my husband who was still in the waiting room did not hear this. They informed me they had no available beds and I could anticipate another 4 hour wait as I would be treated as a newly registering patient. I left the hospital without being seen today.

Shanell Manning

Worse service ever!! I was told by my ob to go Baptist because she think I was having a miscarriage. I started bleeding heavily on my way there.. So when I arrived I had blood all over my pants. The lady signed me in and told me to wait in the lobby. I was in the lobby an hour so my baby father went to ask what was the hold up. The lady told him that they had more important injuries to deal with and they would get to me as soon as they can. I sat in the lobby 3 more hours.. They finally called me back. I waited in the room for an hour before anyone came to see me. After being there a total of 7 hours they finally came in and stated that my blood work and ultrasound showed that I had a miscarriage. I could be wrong but maybe if they had of gotten to me sooner there could have still been a chance that I could have still been pregnant. Then the doctor looked at me and said from the looks of it the pregnancy wouldn't have been a successful one anyway things happen just move on.

Wendy S. Delmater Thies

this is where I go to get my yearly mammogram. They are the nicest place to get a mammogram that I've ever been to. I love how they send me reminders!

Byron Grover

I just had my fourth surgery at Palmetto Baptist. Like all the others it was a very good experience. I don't know why there are so many bad reviews as the staff are all wonderful. The nurses are very caring and responsive to the patients needs. At no time did I wait more than two minutes before a nurse responded to my call. if you need surgery for anything this is the hospital to go to.

Rhonda Holloway

I've lived in Columbia since 2007. I had my son here in 2008, Baptist was exceptionally awesome! 4 weeks ago I had back surgery. They were amazing and kept my fiance informed from start to finish. We're planning to have another baby next year, and I would not dare to think to deliver anywhere else!

Mikey8 S

I didn’t have much dealings with the hospital, but everything I did see was really nice. Everyone was helpful and very courteous. The rooms were clean and well taken care of. It was a really nice place to have a little granddaughter come into the world. My daughter had only praise for the entire time.

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