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REVIEWS OF Oconee Memorial Hospital IN South Carolina

Arie Jenkins

Told me my mother was a waste of resources. Go to AnMed!

Jesse Photio

Sandy Ayers

Best Hospital in the Upstate!

Robert Stanton

Spent three and a half hours in the waiting room wheezing and coughing up blood into their trash cans. Consistently told them I need help or I need to go somewhere else and they kept saying it'd be just a few more minutes. Place is a bunch of liars. And they charged my insurance before I was seen I later found out so THATS why they didn't want me to leave. Horrible place. I'd rather die

April Samadli

My experiences with this hospital have been hit or miss. 90% of my experiences with the E.R. (between my family of 4) have been pretty poor. The non medical staff is consistently unprofessional and downright immature and juvenile. From mocking, to eye rolling, snickering, to blantant disrespect towards patients and patients' family have been both experienced and witnessed while visiting the ER. Triage is generally uncompassionate and rude. But have had pretty decent experiences with the Physician Assistants and Physicians in the E.R. But considering only 10% of your visit in the ER is centered around the decent physicians and PA's, it leaves the remaining 90% of the ER experience horrible. I have had nice experiences with outpatient registration, and wonderful experiences with the Lab. The Lab is always great. I have also had wonderful experiences in the Breast Care Center, and on the floor when I was inpatient. It's just that darn ER staff...they need to clean house and get all those immature, inconsiderate "KIDS" out of there and re-staff.

Ayla Wooten

The 3rd shift nurses were very rude and had horrible bed side manor. I have never been so uncomfortable in an ER before. I was left in a room for hours without being checked on, even though I was throwing up profusely. I had to call the main desk multiple times just to speak to a nurse, but nurses never came to help. Overal, the experience was horrible and I will never attend this ER again.

Wendy Coffman

Was seen right away but you should not have to wait an hour for your discharge papers there is a problem somewhere.

Tonya Gunn

Went in waited 4 hours in waiting room started feeling worse asked the nurse in the office to check my blood sugar since it has been falling deathly low she checked it and of course it was low she told me I needed a iv to bring it up and she was gonna see how much longer before they could get me in a room waited another 2 hrs before I was called back couldn't get juice or soft drink nothing got to room only to wait another 30 min to see no-one finally went to nurses station twice telling them I needed something to raise my blood sugar they just told me to go back to my room after about 15 more minutes I was about to pass out so I had to leave to get something to raise it fast and never even got seem for what I actually went there for ..terrible place never again almost 7 hours waiting not getting anything to raise my blood sugar so I could even be seen for what I was there for ..u want to die this is the place to go will be going to Greenville this afternoon

Patsy McKinney

I have had to visit the ER and Labor and Delivery multiple times. The staff both up front and in back at the ER were very friendly. Though it was busy and there was a wait, I never once encountered rude behavior or snide comments. Labor and delivery nurses in this hospital are some of the nicest people I have met! Always checking in but never pushy. The hospital is very clean and very comfortable.

Olivia Baldwin

Putting a 3 because the nurses that my grandpa had when he passed were awesome and prayed with him and made him comfortable. Also 3 because when I got a call to come here by my mom at 1 in the morning saying that my grandpa wouldn't make it through the night I came and we checked in. The front desk people in the ER let us through the doors. My parents and I, looking confused wondering how to get to the room from there, were greeted by a very rude security guard asking how we got through the doors and my mom, flabbergasted by the guys attitude, told him that she pushed the door? Well the guy proceeded to take us to the elevators... fastforward a couple of hours and my husband was finally able to leave work early (3rd shift). I went down and got him and told him to sign in. Nobody in the front said anything so I asked nicely if we just go through the doors. The guy at the desk said yes and pushed the button to let us through without the alarm going off. We went through and I tried to remember how to get back up when I heard someone yelling at us. It was the rude security guard again... he kept asking how we got through the doors and I told him I pushed the door open. He kept pointing out how all the door said "AUTHORIZED PERSONNEL ONLY" every time we went through a door. First of all, this guy is a douch; makes since why hes on 3rd. Secondly, he shouldn't yell at people coming into the hospital... my grandfather was literally dying. Nobody said anything about an escort either time. I figured since I knew how to get back then I didn't need one. If anything he should get mad at the reception people for letting people through the doors and saying zilch about an escort

gail hunter

Barbara Bergman

I visit the infusion center every 4 weeks. The care and attention and compassion that I receive here is exceptional. In fact, one of my favorite days of the month! I also had some surgery here too and was here for 2 nights. The attention and care was all I could want. It is nice to have this excellent little hospital here in the upstate. For major surgery I will head for the cities, but everything else I am happy to stay local

Renee Taylor

The care was amazing they had everything I need right there will make ssure you are taking care of

Stormie Charles

Went to ER with family because husband may have had an allergic reaction.....the reason I gave them 4 stars is because of how thoughtful and considerate they were of the fact that I had 2 young children there with me. They took every precaution to ensure that they were protected from flu season germs. They also, gave them paper and clipboards for coloring. In addition to this they made sure my husband was comfortable. The ER was packed a couple of hours after we arrived so service did drop a bit for my husband, which is why I didn't give them 5.

Eric Park

Allie Page

Went in with lower right quadrant pain and history of ovarian cyst rupture. I usually try to ride out the pain, but when it's very severe I go to er. I'm also usually a little wary of it on the right side as I still have my appendix. New to the area and first visit to this hospital. Waited close to 4 hours writhing in pain, was never seen. Easier to writhe around in pain in the comfort of my own home. Have worked healthcare most of my adult life. I realize I won't be seen quickly, but 4 hours seemed excessive, especially when most of the people in there being seen were people who were laughing and smiling, while I was writhing around in pain. Whatever. I didn't have much faith in humanity left anyway,


If I could give less than one star, I would. My boyfriend went in to the emergency room; he ended up waiting over 2 hours, and the doctor did not see him for another hour. He had severe stomach pain, and experienced many symptoms similar to appendicitis. The nurses gave him IV, while the doctor did absolutely nothing to check if he had appendicitis. No CAT Scan. No blood work. He didn't even touch his stomach at the very least. Looked at him and said he had a stomach virus, with no backing whatsoever. So much time was wasted!

Dot Shirley

Update:. I have a fractured wrist, a broken forearm, fractured cheekbone, and two broken ribs.... all on the same side of my body. But they'll get to me as soon as they can. can only rate one because there is no 0, was taken by ambulance tothis ER after tripping and flying to concrete .....entire right side including my head. In severe pain was put into a room and bed. After my vitals were taken, NOTHING HAPPENED! I asked twice about seeinga Dr and was told they had 3 Drs on duty and 20 rooms and they would get to me when they could. I lay in a wet bed from not getting help when needed. 2 1/2 hrs laterWhen I questioned my nurse he said call the CEO. IM 74 YEARS OLD I called my neighbor to come get me and I hobbled outside. Went to another institution to get xrayed and treated to find out I really did need treatment. I'm covered with bruises and can barely move and breathe because of the soreness and deep bruises. This place is useless. To be the only hospital in the county it's in need of help. It's unfortunate insurance only pays for the closest hospital when by ambulance. not only is this hospital useless but the staff is as bad.


I have always been warned about this hospital. I have always been told not to come here because the care was horrible and the staff was even worse. However, since it’s the closest ER to me, I stupidly gave them a shot. I went in for excruciating pain from a spider bite. I had gone to an urgent care facility and they said if it got worse (it did) to go to the ER. My vision started becoming blurry and out of focus so I made the mistake of trusting Oconee Memorial Hospital with my care. The doctor, Lane Eric Fresh, was a flippant jerk who spent as little time with me as possible, ordered bloodwork and an X-ray. The phlebotomist and X-Ray technicians were absolutely wonderful and kind. That’s the only positive experience I had. However, after the results came in, the nurse had the personality of an old can of paint. They prescribed me nothing for the pain (after Urgent care gave me tramadol which wasn’t helping), saying to take Advil. They also gave me an antibiotic, even though there was no infection, just as a preventative. When I asked why nothing was being done for the pain or vision, she walked off to “ask the doctor” and returned a few moments later and said the exact same thing. Apparently, blurred vision isn’t anything to worry about, and neither is pain so bad you can hardly function. When I asked to speak to her further, the nurse told me that she didn’t have the time and walked me to the exit. When I asked the receptionist to at least give me a number to complain about the lack of care I received, even she was pissy and acted like it wasn’t worth her time to write down a phone number. For the love of God, drive a little further to get to Anderson or Easley. This hospital is horrible. Do not waste your time or money here

old guy

Nothing good to say.........went because of an accident, left before seeing Dr. The staff were rude, thought it was funny that I was leaving and why. Why? Because I've had approx 30 ekg's in my life and I've never had to have my entire chest shaved for they say it's required. That's bullshit. The only people who I would recommend going here are people who want to DIE. These people lie,lie,lie

Jonthan Bridges

It's like a third world country in here. I mean is this the United States of America?? Do they even have a doctor in this place, I'm really considering stabbing myself, maybe the flow of blood onto the floor would get someone's attention , janitor maybe??

Holly Clonts

Been sitting here since about 6:30-7 and still haven't seen a Dr

Erik Green

Waited five hours to not see a doctor left and went to hospital down the road where I was immediately admitted for pancreatis

Justin Nix


I actually had a really nice experience here. The facility is quite clean and appears to be well coordinated. My nurse was incredibly caring and probably over-qualified for some of the small things the was doing to take care of me. Once my symptoms were treated, they never once tried to rush me out so they could "free up a bed". Remember, the ER is for EMERGENCES ONLY. So yeah, if you have a migraine or anxiety (both serious!, just not actual "emergencies") you're probably going to wait awhile. That's no reason to give a place a one star review.


If there was any such thing as leaving no star rating, that would be my choice for this review. All of life I have been going to this ER (and I was also born here also) and 96% of the time the treatment is very poor and the diagnoses are usually highly incorrect. The staff is very low and the waits are SO LONG! You're lucky if you're seen within the first hour of checking in (even if no one is in the ER). Also, most of the doctors have no idea what they are even doing and usually look down upon families with low income or parents/patients who smoke. The bedside manner is not great but isn't absolutely horrible all the time. If you're lucky and they draw blood, take a urine sample, etc. they do not inform you what the tests are for. Just about an hour ago, my father took me to the ER due to extreme nausea, a horrible headache, body aches and cold chills and hot flashes. The doctor that saw me was pretty polite but I believe that was a false impression considering that his facial expression seemed irritated. Having all of there symptoms, I assumed I may have a virus or possibly even the flu. But no, he diagnosed me with an "unspecified headache". He didn't even run any tests or take any blood. I honestly believe his diagnoses is very incorrect and I'm going to be very upset if my pain worsens and I actually have an illness. I do not recommend this hospital to anyone!! I would rather go all the way to Anderson or Greenville instead of my own local ER!

Brooke O'Neal

Was in a car wreck where I was t-boned and flipped 3 times. Got rushed here to be checked out! Thank goodness the man above was looking over me and I wasn’t seriously injured. Because this is the last place I wanted to be if I was! I came in by ambulance with blood running down my face, glass shards in my hair and in my clothes, drenched in my coke that was in the cup holder and covered in debris from the wreck. They left me on a stretcher in the hallway! Never did I see a room. In front of god and everybody in the hallway they were taking my blood and examining me. I was so embarrassed to be in the state I was in with people walking by staring because I was in plain sight. They also let me leave the hospital still covered in blood, glass, and debris. My head was cut (not serious enough to need stitches) and they left my wounds uncleaned. I got home and my mama took better care of me than those jokers did. I’m glad I live in an area where other facilities are closer by now!

Amanda Wheeler

I spent 7 hours at this hospital with blood coming from my finger and never got seen by doctor. It took me asking when they was going to see me for them to LIE to my face and say there's only one doctor who has been seeing other people who have emergencies. I new she was lieing bc they seen other patients who didn't have a emergency who came in after me and left after me. Blood coming from your finger that won't stop is a emergency. Not only that she lied and said the doctor would be in as soon as he could which he never did. Oh they wasn't even busy at all and had people in the halls. Nobody should be treated like this. They need fire EVERYONE there who worked that night and rehire. From what I seen most wasn't friendly, the nurses was writing notes and they was standing around. So you tell me how do you have " emergencies" if they wasn't doing nothing but having patients sit in rooms. I will be calling and making a complaint about this. I wouldn't recommend anyone go to this hospital. I went to Greenville and they stopped the bleeding and fixed my finger and was out in less then 2 hours.

Renea Gill

Everyone was friendly, however the level of care wasn't helpful at all. They just recommended that I see an ortho and gave me some pain killers for a few days. No explanation of what damage had occurred to me or offering of a brace or suggestion of crutches. It seemed because I wasn't missing a limb, then it really wasn't worth addressing. Sure they were busy, but is that really a valid excuse for a hospital? Took a week to get an ortho appointment and the ER wouldn't extend the pain killers unless I came back in to get re-evaluated. Why would I come back in and pay you more money for you to NOT examine me again and write the same perscription to get me through a couple days? Time before this, they read my X-rays wrong and thankfully the Ortho caught it. #HorribleExperience #DontTrustThem

Allan Mac Manes

My wife was here for at Oconee Hospital for a colonoscopy with Dr. Le. The entire staff of the GI lab, all of the administrative and volunteers were absolutely outstanding. Everything from the routine to medical procedures were exceptionally professional. At the same time everyone exhibited a warm, supportive attitude. I wish that I could remember the individual names since they all deserve a great thank you and words of encouragement reminding them of what a great service they are providing. After seeing some of the other reviews about the facility on the Google reviews. I wish all of the whiners could spend a short amount of time in any one of the patient care units. I am absolutely positive that most if not all would be ashamed of their complaints. I do understand that personal or family illness is very stressful time and so many things get said in a time of stress. Everyone of these healthcare providers deserve a big thank you and every bit of appreciation they receive. I can say this with 100% conviction because I spent 30+ years in health care from the big city specialty facilities to the very small hospital. I have experienced having family members cared for the small things to the life threatening illnesses. I will tell you that while there are bigger hospitals than Oconee Hospital the staff here compares with any of the well known hospitals in having great, skillful and caring heath providers.

kathie stallworth

I took my husband into the Er at 4:30 AM on a recent Sat. morning from Oconee State Park with a possible GI bleed and shortness of breath. He was seen immediately and received excellent care from everyone. My needs(coffee) were met with care and concern, also. EVERYONE in the ER department was kind, knowledgeable and efficient. We felt that all tests were being done quickly and thoroughly. All results were gone over with us in great detail. He was admitted to the fourth floor in the Progressive Care Unit. We were treated super there, also. All responded to his needs quickly and with compassion. Even the food from the hospital kitchen and Tower Grill was delicious. I asked about where to get a Coke and was told not to worry. One was brought to me in a snap. He has been followed up here by his regular doctors, and they have agreed on the treatment that was done there. The attitude of all was as it should be in a place where you are sick and in need of help.

J.R. Hammond

Very attentive to my father-in-laws needs during his multiple stays


My daughter went to wound care and saw Joel Kidd, MD. He was very unprofessional and had temper tantrums , punching the dirty linen container and a medicine supply cabinet in the exam room. He belittled my daughter who was on her stomach on the exam table so badly that she said she will not go back to see him for her next appointment . She ask her primary doctor to refer to a wound care dr at Amed. Oconee Memorial needs to replace or retrain this Dr. No wonder patients are going elsewhere for their medical needs.

Elyse Salamon

Doctor "Joe" who attended us was rude and had terrible bedside manner. He spoke to my father like he was a three year old, was "very busy" (more socializing it looked to me), and we felt like we had no clear answers regarding my fathers's injuries and his next steps. Thankfully a kind nurse and a different doctor came in after 3 hrs, and they were very helpful, kind, and knowledgable. We finally felt like we knew what to do moving forward after they took charge. If they had been with us initially the experience would have been totally different. We were in the ER.

Cameron Collins

Wish I could put zero stars...been waiting in Emergency Room over 7 hours without being called back

Jeff Waters

I cannot say anything Bad about OMH...I was the caretaker of my Mom for seven years and she spent numerous trips and hours in the ER and was a in-house patient countless times...I give 5 stars to the Entire Hospital..Not leaving out the ones that keep this campus spotless and clean!!

Natalie Butts

Rebecca England

My dad was in the hospital on floor 5. The nurse was great but housekeeping only came in 1 time during his stay then when he was discharged yesterday they rushed him out of the room and keep telling him he had to hurry. Not giving anyone a chance to look over to make sure he got everything. They where extremely rude to him and our family. This is not what we expected considering he is very sick and may not be around much longer.. PLEASE LEARN BED SIDE MANNERS AND HAVE COMPASSION FOR YOUR PATIENTS. On top of everything else they lost my dad's pjs and when I asked about them the nurse said oh they most likely got thrower in the trash. I just bought them on Saturday and he never even got to wear them. Next time my dad will go to Spartanburg or Mary Black. This place would let you die before they would be nice

Krysta Rogers

After my husband was in a car accident we went to the ER. We saw the doctor and he got sent for an x-ray. Then the Dr tried to send us home before he even came back to tell us what was wrong!! The nurse acted clueless the whole time she explained what the Dr should have. A nurse also left a computer in the hall with all of the patient charts up!! (Major HIPPA violation). Most all of the staff is rude as well. I don't recommend Oconee to anyone.

Terrance Breazeale

It's never less than a three hour trip and this was just for a x-ray on my ankle.

Melody Bryant

Husband having colonansby. No it's not spelled right but you know what I mean. Lol

Heather Lusk

I arrived at 9pm. Their were only 6 people in the waiting room to be seen and still didn't get to be seen until 3:15am. I watched several people walk out because of how long it was taking them to be seen. This was ridiculous

Lynn Kennemore

Absolutely sucks this hospital and ER. I have never been treated so badly. If we wasn't in public view I would tell you exactly what they did to me and still are doing! Go to Anderson or St Francis they are the ones who treat you like somebody.

Daphne Holbrooks

The nurses and doctors talk bad about overweight and low income people, I know this because I know someone personally who has worked there for 20 years. They let abused women and children be bullied out of the hospital by abusive husband's and do not contact authorities, yet they are in cahoots with the local DSS. They come in shortly after birth of children of low income parents and question the mother (usually single) while she is still doped up from the birthing drugs and then relay those questions and answers to DSS. They are in their back pockets. I know several women who have their children there who had them taken right from their hands in these type situations. Oh, and they will withold real illnesses of those who come into the emergency room that do not have insurance, so that they do not have to treat them. A family member had an extremely high white blood cell count and was jaundiced, sent home as a "UTI". Labs showed NO sign of UTI, but clearly showed the white blood cell count, which was never mentioned. Well anyway she has liver disease. We found that out shortly after (with a private doctor). The hospital knew of course, but they didn't want to treat her because she had no health insurance. The hospital is a death trap, ask ANY local.


I would not send my worst enemy to this hospital. They completely disregard the comfort of their paitents. The employees of this hospital simply do not care about the paitents and that's the bottom line.

Courtney Halley

I wish there was an option to give ZERO stars. I took my newborn here for lab work and the entire lab staff was completely insensitive. I was visibly upset, yet the staff continued to laugh, joke, and talk to other workers across the hallway while attending to us. When it came time to insert the needle, you would've thought it was a circus...everyone in the office was standing in the door gawking at my screaming child as she had blood drawn. Completely unprofessional.

Lashae Sims

Susie Sanders

Everyone from the ER Department to the Fourth Floor was so good to me, I felt confident that I was in the right place.

faviola dotson

My husband went to er. After he got hurt at work. He slipped and fell bent hos leg back that he just had knee replacement on, and couldn't even walk or bend his leg. And we sat in er. For over 2 hrs. He was in pain. And over 20 people came in after us, and they got called back before him. Finally we got up and and ask them what the problem was and she ask our name and then she said oh we forgot to sign him in.. so we said forget it . So this is the worst hospital we have ever been to.. SORRY!!!!!!!!!!!!

Kricket Harrison

Awful. See Facebook page for reviews.

bennetygaming sssa

Danielle Ryan

The er department is very insensitive to patients needs and pain. They treat people as if you have to prove your pain or complaints! Sorry facility! Minimum of 3 hour wait to be seen and patronized once you get to the back! Terrible service!

Misfit Mess

It's just a place that they make you wait to go to Greenville Memorial at, basically.

AlmighyMon TheSiixth

Awfully slow service. I understand other people need to be seen but i walked around and saw more nurses and doctors standing and talking to each other after my girlfriend had been seen 3 hours beforehand. All they needed to do then was give her her discharge papers. In no way shape or form should that have taken 3 whole hours

Phyllis Drouin

Got rear ended across the street !! Didn't even give me a wheel chair !!!

Ashley Pressley

Thank you so much to the night time staff. My daughter was treated great.

Amanda Ensley

Joshua Moore

Rudolph W. Carroll Jr.

CJ on the 5th floor is AWESOME!!!! They provided the best care for my Dad man the changes in this Hospital are the best I've seen in 40 years

Rileigh Loggins

david clark

Here I am now with severe pancreatitis had I not gone to a Urgent Care in Hartwell Georgia it could have become septic (infected) and spread to my vital organs resulting in death. They sent me home with a diagnosis of anxiety. They didn't even take my temperature. Now being treated in Greenville with the same diagnosis as the Urgent care in Hartwell. Note: going to file a formal complaint and refuse to pay to Blue Cross and Blue Shield.

Joe C

I was just there for my eye, somehow have a corneal abraison. I never go to emergency rooms normally, but the staff was courteous and pretty efficient. It is clean and well lit, a good place overall it seems.


My two babies were born at this hospital. The labor and delivery staff were extremely nice and helpful. Nurses are so nice and caring for both newborns and moms. However, the ER people are really bad! I've been to the ER a couple of times, the waiting time is more than three hours! And when you ask one of the physicians how much longer you'd have to wait, they'll tell you in a rude way that they can't tell and explain how busy they are!! I was there this evening, from 4:30 PM until 7:30, they took us inside, we got out around 10:30 after some tests and diagnostics.

Cathy Jones

I dearly love oconee medical center.i worked there for about 3 or 4 years, i worked the fifth floor, it was called medical surg. Floor.i enjoyed all my coworkers, an all the staff is going places. They were great, its the best care around the upstate. Best doctors an nurses you can't ask for better.because you got the best of the best now.may god bless youall.peace an love with you always.

hope cavallaro

My Sister went to ER after weeks of pain and could not walk. Dr. Worthington and a RN named Phillis cared for her. Knowing the pain my sister had endured in the past few weeks, I knew something was seriously wrong with her. She was given demerol for her pain and they took some blood. She was released with 15 loritab pain medication ND a promise of an appointment with a oncology the next day. That never happened. the office was to booked and she was not priority enough. My Sister then tried to hold out for this appoint ment that was scheduled 7 days later. She could not make the appointment her pain was excruciating, she was sick to her stomach,no female parts were working ,she was not going to the bathroom right .we had to find another Hospital to help her. 6 days after she left Occonee Medical emergency room , we took her to St. Frances Down town ER. ST HEY admitted her right then .Controlled her pain with Morphine and ran all kinds of test. Two days later my sister was diagnosed with cervical cancer stage4. With a fracture pelvic bone and a fracture hip . One kidney completely dead.. Kneww

Sue Watts

I've been here twice and both times the staff have been efficient, courteous and kind. Can not speak highly enough of the care I received. Did not have insurance or wallet - no question - very different from AnMed where they stood between my husband and treatment for a credit card number.

Nancy N

OMH USE to be fairly good, I went in with double pneumonia, several years ago & they acted very fast, saved my life. They did send my husband to sit in the chairs when I brought him in with a heart problem after I had told them he had a history of heart problems & had 2 previous heart surgeries! I raised Cain, they took him into triage where he collapsed, his heart stopped! They did get him back but he should never have been sent to sit & wait. Since GHS took over, they are rude, don't even really examine you, just tell you to follow up with your regular physician & send you on your way. They only reason they get 1 star is because the people at the check in desk were nice & treated people with respect.

Hunter Whitman

Michael Ward

Super long wait to be seen. Is there a doctor? Who knows... been 4hrs.... vending machines out of order and restrooms are disgusting.

Ryan Krick

MT 530

Friday night I received a phone call that my Clemson Freshman was on his way to the emergency room after spilling a teapot of boiling water on himself. Thanks to the nurses and doctor in the ER he is back on campus in his dorm. Michael told me that within 30 seconds of arriving to the ER he was in a room with an IV receiving morphine and anti nausea medication. Michael was seen shortly after that by the doctor. Michael has second degree burns on his arm, and torso. He needed follow up care the next day. Since it was the weekend the ER staff told him to come back to the hospital to be seen. Being in Texas and getting a phone call that your 18 year old is on his way to the hospital is frightening but thanks to the excellent staff in the Emergency Room my son was well cared for. I only wish I could thank the staff in person.

Holly Smith

If I didn't have to put a star I wouldn't have! I have a 3 year old little girl and after 2 hours and 15 minutes she started getting rambunctious. The security guard asked me to keep her quite because people was trying to work. Mind you we was in the waiting room. I am beyond mad. You don't say that if you don't have a designated area for toddlers. And she was great until the last 10 minutes of waiting. Don't go here if you have small children unless you have no other choice!

Shaketta Jackson

Rasict hospital came with eczema flare up doctor didn’t see if I had an infection or anything after waiting 6 hours doctor walked up the room after two min told me to put lotion on. Wouldn’t go here if I was dying filing a complaint asap

Melissa Robinson

The WORST EVER!!! 7 hr wait time to see a doctor should not be. The local news should hear about this and so should everyone else maybe then the hospital board will make changes.

William Watkins

Waiting 3 hours in a waiting room is not a damn emergency room!!! It's a damn doctors visit or surgery prep!!

Edwin Ramirez

I spent 5 hours of waiting for a doctor in the emergency room. Believe it or not my daughter got cured herself during the long waiting. I think the doctors are trying to do their best but basic concept of lean manufacturing have to be implemented.

Shyla Coleman

Took a friend to the ER to get checked out, they called her back immediately and had her sitting in a room for over three hours. The doctor told her he’d be right back with her blood work... tools him an hour and a half to come back. When he finally came back it took him over another hour to write the prescription. I was the only person in the waiting room. Didn’t seem like many people there at all, this place is just extremely slow, careless and incompetent. And after all this my friend went and got a second opinion and was told they diagnosed her WRONG and prescribed the WRONG meds.

Shaun Mcintyre

Been in ER for almost 2hours waiting with my sons forehead spit open for apparently the only room in the whole hospital that u can get stitches in.

albert Francisco

Would give no stars if I could. This place has always sucked. A few years ago my father in law came in with severe shoulder pain caused by cancer in his lungs and bones. The VA sent him here for pain management and would pick him up via ambulance the next day. They called my wife and told her to come get your dad that we don't supply junkies with pills and refused to treat him. He died 2 weeks later. Today I came here and believe me I never wanted to step foot in here again. But I fell twice, once off my porch and once in my bedroom from severe hip pain. 5 hours I never got seen so I left. The ER wanted me to sign a refusal for treatment form. I did not sign, I was there to be treated and she said if you fall out in the parking lot me don't want to be held liable. To bad, I didn't sign and left. I had to use my left leg to drive to get my kids from school as I could not use my right leg at all. I cant even lift it. While I was there they had to come out and do a roll call to see who was still there and who had given up and left. Sorry place if you need help.

Michelle Pointer

I know myself, ashamedly, I am more apt to review a place that I have a complaint about, and warn other people, rather than I am to take time to give a high five. OMH deserves a huge high five for all the staff did for me this past week!! The caring, compassion, and treatment I received...was just an amazing level of care. Doctors as well as the Nurses took time in explaining everything in ways to make sure I fully understood all that I was experiencing medically, as well as requesting my input about how and what I was feeling. Between myself, my spouse and my kids, I have spent so much time in the hospitals in my lifetime all over the US. I can honestly state that the past week that I had to stay in OMH, was the best hospital experience I have ever had, as far as care, appreciation and comfort. Obviously being in the hospital for anyone is not a pleasure trip, but when you have no choice, at least being somewhere where the staff is so nice and caring, sure makes the stay something to write about.

Seth Warren

Doctor said my friend came in and asked for medicine just to get high. Said he wouldn’t give her the meds she was asking for. She hasn’t eaten or drank anything in two days and all they do is prescribe some nausea meds that DO NOT work for her. She said hey I’m not feeling better but they said nope too bad give me thousands of dollars. Worst hospital ever. Jesus.

Brent Wilson

The er at oconee is worst tht could b possible I was middle panic attack hyperventilating the nurse said I don't care bout tht people out there broke bones was three people waiting n we at time other times they done great by sending me to Greenville which is only thing oconee we cld possible to right

Diane Smathers

On two different occasions OMH has kept my husband alive and stabilized him until he could be moved to Greenville. They also provided excellent care for me and my daughter. I highly recommend them as a local, go-to-first hospital.

Kimberly Honea

Not even worth one star! Last night was my second visit to this ER. I had a fever of 102, chills, vomiting, diarrhea, lower abdominal pain, and I had not been able to keep any food down for 24 hours (I am diabetic). I had consulted with friends in the nursing field prior to my visit, all stated that I should seek medical attention immediately. I entered the ER about 7 pm, the girl at the check in acting as if I were disturbing her. Her exact words were, "what do you need?" She didi give me a cardboard box to throw up in. I sat down, then was called back up to see the triage nurse, My blood pressure was high! Then I went and sat back down and was called back to the counter for the business office person. If I felt like running back and forth, I would not be in the ER!! The ER is equipped with single person bathrooms (one for men and one for women). I had diarrhea, not a good thing. I went to the restroom several times, yes I did choose once to identify as a man. The last time, both were occupied and I asked to use another one, was told i could not I would have to wait. I had an accident. I have never been so humiliated in my life, I spent two hours throwing up in front of other people and had a poop accident. I left!! At home I can get pain relief (even if I have to buy it from a neighbor) and access to a potty and thrown up in private. I will never go back to OMH!!! I will stay home and die in my clean bed with some dignity.

Mario McDaniel

They are terrible and they do not exam you they just say that they don't have the equipment and facilities, but they can look up and tell you what you have been prescribed for in the last year. I will not ever visit this place again.

Caroline Culbertson

Don't have an emergency at night. One doctor to the entire er every night And to boot the nurses are not allowed to give medical advice or go to the Dr with their knowledge and get advanced treatment before being seen like every other hospital. Needed a simple steroid for a nasty allergic reaction and Waited 3 hrs and ended up leaving because there were still 3 ppl ahead of us...

Frank DeMartino

Service was quick, staff was attentive and they took care of my issue. Highly recommend.

Jessica Brown

Everytime I go to the ER at this hospital, people are trying to escape. I think I'll go somewhere else from now on. Plus when I finally got a room/curtain, there was no bed just 2 chairs, they didn't take my blood pressure, my temperature and did not address my reasons for being there.

Oren Brown Jr

lillie foxx

Such an improvement since ghs has taken over. Everyone is knowledgeable , friendly and great bedside manner.

Kristie Liveright

Rand Cournow

I am very amazed at how much fun the ER can be. The staff is very friendly, medically knowledgeable and courteous Everytime I've been a patient! The infusion staff is phenomenal and thoughtful. It is never a quick trip to the hospital. To expect a non-life threatening trip to the ER would be like expecting to avoid traffic in Atlanta. The billing department was able to clear up the billing issue with workers comp with a simple phone call. I believe in the staff and glad they are here!

Becky Smith

I had to be taken to the ER with the inability to stand or walk. The doctor I saw was very rude and did not take my case seriously. He told me I was faking my symptoms and kicked me out of the hospital. I ended up having to go to another hospital where I was admitted for 10 days to be treated for a serious back injury. Please do not go to this hospital if you really need help.

Pamela Ahrens

George B

Took my wife to the ER when she was in extreme pain in her throat region. The physician's assistant on duty was very rude and short with her. He would not perform any tests to diagnose her condition. He also refused to give her any temporary relief of the pain. We did go to another Urgent Care facility and they gave her an injection for pain and gave her the proper treatment. I have a filed a complaint with the hospital. We will never go to this ER again and you shouldn't either.

Sylvia Learningtoheal

Worst experience ever from an ER! I came in the other night after getting an injection in my spine and had adverse reactions. They did not check my blood, and after only two hours they sent me home with no explanation of anything! Just came in the room with said you ready to go home? Me thinking I'm dying or could be having toxic reactions, nauseated and throwing up. And they didn't even put that I was in there for adverse reactions only for pain! Nurse on call was very rude and snuff and they gave a Toradol shot. So I requested a supervisor and they did send me the supervisor of the nurses. Five stars to her, she was wonderful and explain everything to me in a way that even the Pain Management Center didn't do! I would not recommend this hospital at all but the supervisor is great! Update had to go back again for the same pain and found out I have renal colic and kidney stone! Thank you Leigh Godbee-Stephens, NP! But I found out this is a student emergency room is why none of the stickers can stick with a needle!

Jessica Myers

I was here with my daughter that was waiting to get her hand wrapped for a burn. They came in my room while I was waiting for them to wrap her hand and said they needed this room for another patient and put me at a bed in the hallway. I have been waiting for 2 hours.

Shelley Hicks

Inefficient radiology department. Should have had the contrast drink immediately after arriving, not wait, then wait again, then serve two drinks to be taken half an hour apart, then wait again. Too long for folks in extreme pain!

Christi Montjoy

Well, I ended up at a hospital that cares... Highlands--Cashiers ... and they found my little 6 year old had pneumonia... but the ER there wouldn't know or care because we were dismissed and left to sit in the waiting room with him experiencing chest pains and high fever. If there was an option for zero stars that would be my review.

Jade Pringle

After visiting from out of town and my trip turning to the worse , this team of staff and doctors have fixed me all up and made it possible to continue my trip. I have no idea why there are so many negative reviews , I guess everyone has different experiences but my experience has been nothing but pleasant. Thank you to the ER team for treating me with grace and respect. If I ever fall short of lucky again, I'll definitely ask to be brought here again.

Mohammad Fazelpour

Do NOT visit this medical center. The worst hospital I visited in my life. I got a bad pneumonia in March 2016 and my primary care referred me to Oconee Memorial Hospital. I was hospitalized there and intubated for pneumonia. Even with intubation, my body started to bruise due to lack of oxygen (around 40%) and high fever(about 104°F), and the limited treatment that I received in Oconee Memorial Hospital turned out to be utterly ineffective. At that point, the physicians informed my wife that they cannot do anything to save my life and I may die any time, and thus they handed over organ donation forms to her, which was an absolutely terrifying and shocking moment for her. My wife did not sign the forms. Afterward, I was transferred to Greenville Memorial Hospital (located in 701 Grove Rd, Greenville, SC), and thanks to their effective care and treatment, I survived a definite life-threatening situation. I am utterly dissatisfied with the service that I received from Oconee Hospital. If you love yourself and your loved ones, please avoid Oconee Memorial Hospital. Greenville Memorial Hospital has much better doctors, nurses, equipment, and services.

Peter Signoretti

Waited over 4.5 hours while I was peeing blood. Would not recommend if you are in pain and need assistance.

Match Knight

The vacility was under....grossly under staffed With a mix of rude in deference smothering out the professionals who are there to make a difference all mixed up together in a perfect storm. We watched the first day ....a man wreath ing on the floor for over and hour on and off before they could see him they were so booked up with triage. ...after hours of setting in a crowded mesh of Simi and critical ly I'll people. ..we were put into a fake made up room that used to be a to an examination room...for 9 hours. ..the person in need of treatment was bleeding this whole time....and the experience gets worse from there

Tonja Watkins

I’ll first say my family member had great nurses and assistants. Our chief complaint is the hospital is less than family friendly. There’s only one “grill” for food for the public. And this closes at 1:30pm daily. There’s all drinks are diet or unsweetened. But any you can buy any type of sweets you like. That makes zero sense! The Greenville branch has Chic-fila and Starbucks plus an extensive cafeteria. GHS needs to step up and make better options for food. I’m not sure how the staff are supposed to eat either! It’s ridiculous that a hospital that’s open 24hrs a day is this limited for something as necessary as food!!

Angel Stormy

God help you if you have to come here! The main thing to note is if something is actually wrong with you, they don’t have the equipment to save you... drive to Greenville and save yourself the headache

Nolan wood

So around 7pm I started having shortness of breath/sharp chest pains/pectoral muscle spasms. So I go to urgent care with my girlfriend and get there around 7:30. Wait in the waiting room until 11:30 before I even get a bed. Once I get a bed the nurse tells me that at doctor should be there within 15 minutes. Three hours go by and still no doctor has seen me. At 3am my girlfriend and I, who are both Clemson student and both have 8 am classes, decide to leave because it was clear that I was not being prioritized and would not be seen that night. I sign the discharge papers and ask the people at the front desk if I could have an excuse for my 8 am class. They said that since I hadn't been seen by a doctor they couldn't give me an excuse. My 8 am professor has a strict attendance policy and any unexcused absences result in a loss of a letter grade in the class. So I went to class on 3 hours of sleep, not having done my homework, and my chest still screaming at me. Long story short this place is a joke. Take the extra hour and drive to Greenville it will save you more time trust me.

Martin Bray

I don't care for this hospital or ER.... I had brought my grandma here and they were totally useless... My wife was in severe pain and wanted to come to this hospital.... Been laying in a bed in a room for 2 hours and not seen a doctor.... What does this hospital do is my question? I spent 7 hours here with my grandmother that had a broken leg.... 86 yrs old and did nothing for it.... Told her couldn't walk on it, bust no cast, no nothing..... Now my wife is laying in a bed, in severe pain and still do absolutely nothing..... I advise people to never come to this hospital.... Your further ahead to go to urgent care.... I believe this hospital staffs doctors and nurses with a degree in stupidity, and laziness from the cracker jacks college who studied and excelled in ignorance and pure laziness....

Allan Alvarado

They feed you the same food for 3 days and then they have a doctor in the Er trying to touch parts of your body that they shouldn't have and they didn't do anything about it

Jillian Fickett

I came here by ambulance with severe abdominal pain in right side with vomiting. They did nothing for me on the ride and when we got here they stuck me in the waiting room. It has been almost 3 hours and here I still sit, crying in pain.

David Pelfrey

My five year old grandson had to wait 5 hours before being seen for a deep, open wound on his forehead. When he finally saw the doctor he didn't even clean the wound. The dr just had a nurse numb it and then glue it. My grandson now has a serious staph infection in the wound and around his eye. His pediatrician is treating him aggressively and we are praying it doesn't spread to his eye socket. Do not trust this hospital!


My son was born here and as far as the delivery floor there ok but the ER is horrible and a few of the nurses can screw you up. Had blood taken here one time and she stuck me in the wrong place and bent the needle causing a huge purple mark on my arm

Shane Gibbs

Giving them five stars, why? If I’m dying or sick, they will take care of you.

Alexandria Smith

My 3 month old was running 104 fever, they took us back right away but no nurse, doctor, no one came in for 2 hours as my baby screamed the whole time. After 2 hours the doctor came in and was good but not once through the 6 hours we where there did anyone check on him besides the doctor. I was worried the whole time

Sarah Raines

It was better before GHS took over. My oldest son was born there 4 years ago. Everything was great: the staff was friendly, food was great, and the room was very clean. When my youngest son was born, everything had changed. My labor nurse was not very nice. It was like she had never assisted with a delivery before; she was rude and waited until the last minute to call the doctor and anesthesiologist. The room was very dirty. Someone came in to clean daily but didn't do a good job. I've had tests run at the hospital since then and it wasn't that bad. The wait times were reasonable but the staff weren't very friendly. I will be going to another hospital but I worry that anything run by GHS will have the same issues.

Robert Storey

My wife was in yesterday 2/3/17, we were the ER for 6.5 hours, and we honestly thought she was dieing.. they acted like she wasnt even there, she was balled up, crying her eyes out in pain.. so much pain, she was vomiting.. they ran alotta test, told us to come back if she got worse.. Today 2/4/17 her pain got worse, fever got up, so we were on way, back to Oconee ER, I decided to call for an ambulance, because we thought her apendex had burst.. so when the ambulance got there, the tech actually laughed in my face, like was no big deal she was in so much pain, like ive never seen.. i helped her into the ambulance, while he watched.. she couldnt walk .. so we get to the hospital, and they take her out of ambulance, and bring her in lobby.. the hospital staff brought food in, and said it was shift change..she sat there for 45+ minutes, (3 patients in lobby) and we really thought she was dieing.. so finally a nurse came out and said, whats wrong with you.. REAL RUDE, my wife said IM DIEING CANT YOU SEE DUMBASS.. The nurse said Security, get her outta here.. so we tote my wife out the door, she still squalling crying in pain, and yells at the nurse , yall would let me lay here and die !!! The security gaurd said mam, one more word, and your going to JAIL !!! My 17 yr old daughter is hysterical by now, thinking her mom is going to die.. and now they are threating to take her mom to Jail.. so we put her in the car, and drive her 45 minutes to Anderson Medical.. From the time we walked in the door, until they admmitted her, and got her in a room.. 1.5 hrs.. this is paperwork, blood work and all.. AWESOME hospital.. everybody was so concerned that she was in pain, and trying to find out whats wrong.. these are the nicest people you will ever meet.. Oconee County Hospital, She could have died, and nobody there would have cared at all. This is the worst hospital in the US... if you care about your loved ones, DO NOT TAKE THEM TO Oconee Memorial.. they might not come out alive, or they might go to jail.. Because they interupted Lunch for a 300+ lb renta cop...

Denise Brady

Wonderful place to work.

S. Goodnight

WORST hospital ever!!! I had a head injury when young, and they stapled it shut!!! now I have men's hair loss and a BIG scar that everyone sees. I'd like to sue them so they pay for the needed plastics to repair what they could have prevented! So their "treatment" may impact your life well down the road! Gary Stancil

Todd Kolasch

Would give zero stars if possible. Terrible...terrible experience. It's like another country.

Kristen Davis

Visit started out good. Nursing staff very friendly and attentive. So doctor came in around 8 and talked to me by staring the opposite direction of me (literally had his head turned facing the wall) and asked questions. Ordered blood work and etc. Fwd to 11:17 the nurse comes and gets me positioned and ready for exam & says doctor will be right in... & here I am at 12:23am still laying here uncomfortably... No doctor yet. Nurse came by about 30mins ago and asked had he been in and said oh my goodness... Still no doctor. Smh!

Benjamin Sparks

I have been saving this rating for awhile now. I have never really cared for how they treated me. Tonight this mistreated my 1 year old son. Please allow to explain and don't right this off as a single bad experience. This had been combined of many visits. I fought with them for over 8 months telling them that something was wrong with me. What I didn't know, nor would I until an ER doctor saw me in Greenville. Out of one of my visits to this great establishment. I was informed that I torn my trapeze muscle. Another visit I was informed that it was my posture. I almost hurt that woman. I have broken so many different bones in my body, I thought I understood pain. Spinal nerve pain is something unto it's self. You know that feeling when you put a 12v battery to you tongue. It's like just with a car battery and progs to the most inner part of your body. Back to, my posture was the reason I couldn't move my head or walk reliably. Come to fine out that I had ruptured my c6 / c7 disk. This was found an er doctor in a visit that took less than an hour. My average wait time to see a doctor at OMH was 2 hours. On a completely different issue I had gone to them and told them I get bit by something while pulling a phone line in the woods. They looked at it while walking by and informed me it was Mesa and wrote a script and discharged me. I drove across the street to urgent Care where they saw that I was have a reaction to a spider bite. They gave me a shot around the area I was bitten. I still have the scar on my leg from that bit. I have 8 children , so we have had our ER visits. They always seemed to treat the kids well, so I was willing to let got of my issues with them for the kids. Tonight they let a 1 year child who was vomiting and shacking lad I a room. I was in the same room with him because my meds where not Strong enough to kick my current pain. Since my surgery was done with GHS in Greenville, I thought they couldn't screw up giving me something extra for the pain. Man was I wrong they gave me an antiinflammatory in the arm and discharged me. The whole time I asked about my son. The nurse said that he swears he has told the doctor's repeatedly about the kid. After over 3 hours of waiting in a room, he had stopped shaking and started to act a little better. We thought it would be better for him to get some rest under our watchful eye at home, which is more than the ER was offering. I can understand a bad experience but when you have had as many as I have experienced or been part of. You have to wonder about the quality of doctors OMH seems to be able to find in the area. I know they are part of GHS but of you expect your records to be in the system so, someone else from GHS can review them don't hold your breath. Your better of dying in a ditch then going there and ether dying from mis treatment or waiting to be seen.

Britanny Smith

Waited in the ER with my 2 year old who could not stop vomiting for over 2 hours before being seen. She threw up multiple times before any medication was given. Then I was asked to keep my 2 year old (who is on a schedule) awake to make her drink liquids versus an IV at 12 o’clock at night. She continued to sit and have diarrhea and unable to urinate due to dehydration until well after 1 in the morning. No one came to see us, check in on her or ensure her well being. I was treated like a pariah for daring to search out more assistance in the halls for my daughters care. Absolutely ridiculous. Ashamed of you GHS. You can do better and we all know you can afford it!

Aj King

Not worth it slow as hell recommend Anderson or anything out of Greenville health system

Jelisa R

The worst hospital I have ever been too. I went twice. Once for myself and the other for my toddler. The wait both times was over 3 hours, and both times I left without being seen. The staff is incompetent and extremely rude. They act as if it's an inconvenience to do their job. During registration, the person helping me answered her cell phone and got up and walked away. She didn't say excuse me or anything. When asking how long it's going to be they give you the run around and simply have no clue. They are some of the rudest people and have no business working in healthcare! They sit at their stations and literally talk about other patients right in front of you. They have no compassion and do not need to be interacting with the public. I won't be returning.

Shandra Doolittle

I came in by ambulance in excruciating lower back pain. No one checked on me, got me a blanket or let me know anything -for 3 HOURS! Saw the Doctor for the 1st time after that. The pain was unbearable, they didn't run any tests, just gave me some pain reliever and muscle relaxant, a prescription and sent me home. A few days later I was rushed to AnMed in Anderson. They did IMMEDIATE tests on me that determined that I needed an operation performed right then -before I became paralyzed from the waist down losing all bladder & bowel function. I am in shock at what all was a stake (and ignored) when I went to Oconee County. I am extremely thankful that I will be moving out of the area soon. That way there will be no possible way that I will ever be subjected to such negligent care.

annette mamabear

Jennifer Brooks

Came into ER with extreme abdomen pain. I'll admit, my ER stay was, well, it was horrid. But they had to admit me, about 6-8hrs later. Once in a room, 621, nurses have been great! They've been nice, attentive, helpful. Lilly, I think her name was, is a great nurse! I had to have my gallbladder removed and everyone was so nice and helpful. Dr. Paluzzi is a great surgeon! And, Stacey in the lab (not sure I spelled correctly) got blood on the first stick! And I am an extremely hard stick. She's definitely great! Of course, there's so many great nurses and assistants that I can think of but I'm really horrible at remembering names. Had heard many bad experiences at this hospital but mine wasn't even near bad. And this is actually my first ever hospital review.

hope eure

I have never in my entire life been treated so poorly by so many people. I cant believe that you all are supposed to make people feel better. I am absolutely disgusted and appalled at the lack of professionalism and bedside manner in this hospital. To the few staff who seem to actually care about the well being of their patients I am sorry that these comments reflect poorly on you as well but there is no excuse for the general attitude of the oconee county emergency room staff. I WILL be speaking with the administrative office.

Catherine Campbell

My brother-in-law was taken to OMH, from a remote mountain cabin, in cardiac distress. They saved his life. The staff in Critical Care were wonderful caregivers. Thanks be to God for your service.


Cheryl Palmatier

Staff are nice enough, BUT , after I waited 4 hours to see a doc, they told me I would have to return the next day to have an outpatient test because it was Sunday and that dept. was closed now! WHAT??? So now I owed a copay for the ER and an even bigger copay for returning the next day for the scan. So much for going to this ER on the weekend , silly since I only go to the ER if I think it is an emergency. I guess blood clots aren’t as dangerous as they lead you to believe if they tell you to return on Monday so they can do the test!!!!

Brandon Goodell

The biggest game of telephone ever: doctor tells nurse A one thing, nurse A tells nurse B another thing, nurse C tells patient a third thing. No organization or communication. This led to wild misapplications of life saving medication, a confusion about which pain killers are which, and misinformation about prescription dosages that led me to land... Back in the hospital, of course.

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