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Good people. ... wiling to help

Ariel Waters

This Hospital is the BEST hospital I have EVER been to. I have been to Conway Hospital several times and they are not very good at diagnosis. My husband has been misdiagnosed from them twice. Some of the people that work there are nice, but others just do not want to LISTEN to the patient properly. Marion Hospital are friendly, reliable, and wonderful people. They listen to the patient, and diagnose correctly. I do not recommend going to Conway Hospital. Stick to Marion. These people know what they are do and they CARE.

Samantha Howard

Sylent Rage

I don't like the service

Charlie Grantham

Excellent place to work and receive care.

Sharon Cantey

Horrible... Not professional at all. I witness and overheard so many personal conversation there. Not to mention they will send you home with blood pressure cuffs, and needles in your arm.. I'll drive across the Pee Dee bridge and pray

Ain'tIawoman?? NODOUBT

My experience was from hell. The nurse on Labor and Delivery was racist and said some racial disparaging things about my newborn grandson. Her name is Lori and she was very unattentive and sarcastic and we will never deliver at this hospital again

Sharon Bauch

Just there with 28 yr old son with pee existing heart condition. Courban kept saying he used drugs. Son snapped he never used. Doctor later came back stated he didn't have to treat entitled person from Massachusetts. Which, not from there. 4 us said what u just say? Asked for administrators number he said he was it. Yelled call police and calked security .security never got up from desk. They all apologized for his behavior. Administrator has still not called. Will be contacting medical board tomorrow. Doctor has serious anger issues and is not safe around patients. Sheribuds67@gmail... If anyone would like to join me. Endocarditis is not just caused by drugs! Look up. Just because son snapped he never used drugs, and he's wrong. Doesn't give doctor right to call you entitled and say he doesn't have to treat. If doctor can't hold in his own anger, how can he treat patients? Is he above being questioned or snapped at? They took oath to stay neutral and calm. This guy nuts

Kevin Hardee

Michelle Canup

Best place I have ever worked! Will miss all of the employees and my patients!!!

Michelle Capps

Very good to my son who is autistic.ww had stiches.

Stephen Bauch

I went there with chest pains. I received great care by the nurses and staff. My one complaint involves dr. Christo courban. He was extremely rude and disrespectful I was trying to explain to him that the hospital I went to diagnosed me with one infection but the heart specialist diagnosed with another. He kept asking about drug use I got a little frustrated and said I've never used drugs in my life I have a heart condition so I'm prone to infections. He stormed out of the room. He came back a few hrs later as I began to apologize for being snappy because I was tired and exhausted he said let me stop you right there. It happens again i won't treat you. Keep in mind this is someone who came in reporting chest pains. My mother said excuse me and my brother said you cant do that he said into the hallway give him his discharge papers I've worked in Massachusetts hospitals i know what entitlement looks like. I was curious and googled him you should as well

Crystal Clark

khadejah Allen

Service was terrible ....this one nurse was so rude and wouldn't even do her job she kept yelling at me while I was having a panic attack ...

Jalica Taylor

Bad place

Nathan S

The WORST EVER. The doctor played dirty and pulled the CPS card. They wanted nothing to do with my daughter and shipped her off like a piece of meat. DO NOT go here unless your looking to be passed around.

leila cross

Erin Chriswell

Very bad experience working during Hurricane Matthew. Would never evacuate loved ones or send them there for care ever again. Nurses lack compassion and professionalism. Very rude and disrespectful.

Cici Bradley

Wendy Edge

Took my children in for their cold. One is 2 years old, the other is 5 months, told me to take them to their pediatrician on Monday. been waiting for receive discharge papers for 2 hours now, Very very slow system & Workers

Anthony Cedrick Allen

Jaleesa Williamson



I took my mother 92 year old mother to the ER on 10/2/19, Dr. Watts was very nice and very understanding he had so much patience with My mother and I we both are so glad we met him. Thank You Doc.!!!!!!

Emma Baker

There's a certain office (urology) in Medical Park One that could do with some new office staff. These "ladies" (term used loosely) are lazy, rude, and very unprofessional. Unfortunately, I can't dictate where patients go for their services. I would NEVER come here myself. I'd drive all the way to Charleston or Columbia, if that be the case.


If anyone reviewed that “the service was great” they lied. Whole hospital is gross and most staff don’t have a clue what they’re doing, please for the love of God go to Florence.

Beth Schauwecker

I had outpatient surgery today and everything was great, the kindness of everyone from the admission clerk to all the nurse's, my Anesthesiologist Mike and everyone in out patient surgery. I would give a 10 star if I could

Jose Rosario

Whether I had a good experience or not, I feel better. I don’t mind having to wait a little while. Some people have to realize that there are many patients that also need to be seen. The staff have always been kind and courteous towards me. This is my go-to hospital!

Jay Baby

The doctor took one look at me and gave me a diagnosis without any test being done. They took a urine test and never tested or told me what it said. Slack hospital

Mardi Lesso

I have been there several times for kidney stones - lithotripsy and stent placement/removal. I've had nothing but optimal care from outpatient surgery - everyone is professional; caring and knowledgeable. I am an RN (28yrs) myself so I know excellent care when I receive it; and I've received superb care every time I've been there. It's worth the hour drive to get the care.... kudos to all

Stacy Moore

My husband was to arrive at the hospital this morning at 7:30 to have a very small cyst removed from above his eye brow. They got his information at the front desk, and placed him in a room that had a Gurnee and he had to put on a town. From 8 am until 10:47, we waited for someone to finally come get him to take him back to have the cyst removed. I asked how long it would take for him to be back, and I get told that it could take an hour to an hour in a half to actually have the procedure done because the Dr. Is on another case. A nurse came and knocked on the door of the room that we have been waiting in at 11:36 to tell me that they will begin shortly on his procedure. Now the time is 12:10, and I am currently waiting on my husband's return to the room. This is ridiculous.....

Ruben Delgado

My husband went there for severe gout pain the nurse came in the room and was awful in caring for him. Did not allow us to explain anything she just assumed for herself what was going on and left the room still talking to us..... Unbelievable. The doctor walks in and says there's nothing he can do and discharges my husband and didn't allow us to ask any questions. I know conway hospital is not the best either but I rather had gone there then this hospital. I do not recommend this hospital at all

Heather Tripp

Such a friendly environment! Everyone is so nice and efficient. Highly recommend!

Tyesha Evans

They Are Good Every Since I Been Going There .

Roy Mills Ill

I had kidney stones and was hurting bad. They give me meds to help with the pain and they talked to me to make sure i knew what was going on. If u need a er i would go here. They are so good. Thank yall for all the help yall give me

Kendra Smalls

Patricia Thom

This hospital is the worst I was charged 53,000.00—yes that’s right for lithotripsy in the o.r. 15 mind outrageous now I receive a bill for anesthesia crna for 1100.00 and they are not in my network, I say what is this game, they outsource different areas that may not be in your insurance network and you have no recourse but to pay that is such poor service everyone who touched you in the hospital should be in network if the hospital is... worse fight I’m fighting since August now it’s 2018...never go there again.

Rachel Byrd

Presenting with high blood sugar (400+) and non-working pump, took them 1.5 hrs to actually check sugar. Express on going issues with pump and endo nurse practitioner (looking for recommendation), as well as questions on how to survive weekend. Dr Carroll decides to get attitude and threaten to kick us out due to calling out issues.

Julie Edwards

My momma had a stroke , these incompetent imbeciles gonna tell me to my face oh your mom had a seizure mind you I’ve told them my mother does not have a history of seizures they treat me like I’m the stupid one. They had my momma sitting up not getting no oxygen to her brain for HOURS stating that she’s sleeping cause they gave her Ativan

Bill Moore

Worst hospital experience ever.

Timothy Trail

Really slow

Whitney Varnadoe

This place is horrible. Came in to be evaluated after a car accident. Nurse didn't finish taking my complete medication list, saying "that's enough". Left me alone for 2 hours straight (I'll remind you that I was just in a car accident with several points of impact) Doctor finally comes in, NEVER touches me or examines me, says I'm just suffering from "anxiety" and sends a nurse in with discharge papers. No tests run, no x-rays, never came within 4 feet of me.

Logan Lane

If you can make it to McLeods in Florence, make that drive! The employees at Carolinas Hospital are unprofessional and act as if they are clueless. They are in know hurry no matter the severity of your emergency. Lung calapse? Have a seat behind the guy that has a cold and is only at the ER because he has Medicaid. Lol this place is a real joke. Go to McLeods!!!!!!!

Richard Davis

They trying to send me home with afib untreated .And I didn't like the service he didn't take there time to treat me and me feel welcome .I'll end up happen to come right back,on top of it all the medical staff is horrible .Thank you

crecensio corona

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