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REVIEWS OF MUSC Health Chester Medical Center IN South Carolina

Cher Walker

I hate this er & this whole half ass hospital should be torn down & a better facility built. With actual staff that are empathetic! There's a wonderful Melaninated woman at the reception desk. She jumped into action when I ran for the bathroom. The male RN was nice too. Just wait until I get the name of the dude that took my vitals ol rushy rush. Smh. Weirdo gimmie a second to get the bed clean that yall want me to sit on. Nobody cleans this Place!

David Mckeown

Great. Staff are kind and caring !!!

Ellen Atkinson-Erby

Understaffed. Waiting for 6 hours for a room. Only one doctor on staff in the evenings. Small town hospital for sure.

Mina Estella

Very unprofessional doctor and nurse were in the hall mocking a patient .

Melissa ri

The nurses are great but the doctors treat the locals like trash and are degrading

Carolina Buzz

The hospital lied about the price they were going to charge me, charging me up to 20 times the original estimate!!! They don't take the time to listen to you. The doctor prescribed me drugs for something that I didn't even have, and the other drugs he prescribed to help me (the whole reason I come to the hospital) did not even help but seemed to shut down my kidneys instead of giving me any relief. After taking what he gave me and being unable to breath and having other complications, I looked it up to find out it was something prescribed for something I did not say I had so I do not know why he prescribed the wrong drug in the first place, but they overcharged me by thousands of dollars

Laneeka Heath

kim kendricks

Dr.lowman is heartless and unethnical I hate to get sick and have to go there I know I will leave in pain and not get proper care but I must say Dr.Crow is an a very professional caring doctor and he always gives 100 percent effort

Curtis smith

Jennifer Lowery

All hospitals has its faults. But, Chester Regional is by far not the worst.

Brittney Byars

If I could rate them a negative number I would. By far the worst hospital anyone could go to. They don’t run proper test and end up misdiagnosing. They are in such a hurry to get you out of there it’s not even funny. They do not care about their patients, all they are there for is a paycheck it seems. Now there are a few good nurses but as for the drs you might as well not even be seen! They are NO help whatsoever. Save yourself the time and go somewhere else because your not gonna get proper care or treatment you need here. They’re gonna give you some bulls#!t diagnosis and send you on your way.

whitney Baker

They suck they will let you or your love ones die

Beverly Cialone

My dad was placed in Chester Regional Nursing Center on 6/22/2016 for 5 days of respite care. On Thursday, 6/23/2016, I visited him about half an hour to forty-five minutes before lunch time. I requested that he be taken to the dining room, as I was planning to help him eat (he has severe Alzheimer's). We arrived in the dining room at approximately 12:20, and within a few minutes, everyone else had food...except my dad. When I went to the nurse's desk to ask about this, I was told that it usually took a day or two to get things situated for a new patient. So then I told the nurse, "You mean to tell me that my Dad won't have food for 2 days?" I was assured that he had food on the way, so I went back to the dining room. I waited several more minutes, and still no food. I summoned the Administrative Director, who told me the exact same BS the nurse had. Then he said to me, "If you don't like our service here, you can take him back home with you." I have the distinct feeling that if I HADN'T been there, my Dad would not have had lunch today. If you have a relative or friend who needs medical care OR nursing care, DO NOT, I REPEAT, DO NOT TAKE THEM/PUT THEM IN THIS HOSPITAL/NURSING CENTER! THEY WILL BE DISRESPECTED AND TREATED POORLY, AND SO WILL YOU!!!

Evan R

This is one of the best hospitals of South Carolina. Everyone was very friendly down to the maintenance workers! I would recommend anyone to Chester Regional Medical Center!

Terrence DOUGLAS

Hands down the worst hospital in South Carolina. Went in to get X-rays on my back and wrist... mfs told me I got a pimple in my ear! RNP Megan Zaepfel you need a new career path!

JAMES Corder

Thought them being bought out the third time would help. All the er staff needs to be terminated for there extremely slow service. They never feel the need to want to do their jobs in a timely manner. Most of the rooms are unoccupied mostly two to three people back at a time... I honestly have lost all faith and hope in the medical "team" hear that feels them helping my son feel better after doctor hours are a waste of time.

Brad Stiver

They where great They took care of me they all was friendly and kind and caring.

Chelsea Harris

They have always helped me personally. But I have had family members say they didn't catch things that lead to something more serious. I wouldn't recommend to those who have something serious going on. Unless its a broken bone or a open wound. Go to springs in Lancaster. I don't recommend Piedmont either.

Jennifer Brecheisen

The ER in chester is amazing. They are currently renovating it, so it looks like something out of Silent Hill, but don't let that deter you. I've had to take 2 people there, including myself in the last 2 months. The wait times are amazing. Once you start getting signed in if they think there is a serious issue, a nurse will literally come out for you before you are even finished signing in. My son went into Severe DKA, and I thought it was a virus and he was just dehydrated. He could have died or had permanent organ damage. The nursing staff attended to him promptly and got him set up with iv's for saline and insulin. They also got him set up for a transfer to a ped icu in Columbia. The whole nursing staff and doctors were prompt, attentive, and amazing. If not for them, my son literally would have died.

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