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Michelle McClain

Never had better care. The Doctors listen and really care about your well being. I was blown away by how fantastic and attentive the staff at MUSC were.

Scott Grillo

will post a more responsive review from a call from the administration office. a technical interm DID NOT give no service. Will respond when I get a call back from MUSC.

Amy Zielke

I had outpatient surgery on August 7th. I was very anxious but my pre-op nurse Jan was such a sweetheart. Very reassuring and kind. I received excellent care from everyone. Those who cared for me spoke highly of Dr Halstead and that was encouraging. They gave me anxiety meds before surgery and I had no nausea afterwards. Thank you!

Barbara Mcdonald

I fell and went to emergency room. I waited there for 3 hours and never saw a nurse or dr. I asked if I would see a doctor within the next 2 hours as my tour bus was leaving town in 2 hours. I was told,"I can assure you ,you won't see a doctor in next 2 hours. I had to leave bleeding with open wounds to go to next city to get deserves 0 stars

tim williams

Mary Nell Brown (Hilton) December 12, 2017 (Your alumni list did not include her.) Mary Brown Hilton, 75, of Orangeburg, SC, passed away Tuesday, December 12, 2017. The funeral service will be held at 2 PM, Saturday, December 16, 2017, at St Andrews United Methodist Church, with the Rev. Robert Cannon officiating. Burial will follow in Willow Swamp Baptist Church Cemetery. The family will receive friends from 6 to 8 PM, Friday, December 15th at Dukes-Harley Funeral Home. Mary was born in Norway, SC, to the late Reynold Bluerd Brown and Mildred Williams Brown. She attended Norway High School, where she was a cheerleader and basketball player. She attended Newberry College, South Carolina State College, and the Medical University of South Carolina. She grew into the position of Laboratory Manager at The Regional Medical Center, where she retired after 37 years. Mary was also a member of St. Andrews United Methodist Church and was active in the United Methodist Women's Group. She adored her two granddaughters and loved to spend time with them.

Anna Olszowy

Nasty arrogant sexist doctor that refused to accurately document my husband's broken foot. Their diagnosis was "a sore right foot." What on earth is that a diagnosis? No, I had to ask the Dr. to change it and he still would not admit the foot was broken. Isn't it funny, you don't get fixed but the hospital still gets paid. What's wrong with that picture? They refused to admit him bc the Dr. determined his excruciating foot pain was not an emergency. It has become that these doctor's and nurses are numb to patient's misery and suffering and don't give a damn. That is ok. I believe that life is a circle. What goes around, comes around. KARMA. You people are MONSTERS! Get out of the business and quit your loud partying at the nurse's station and braid your colleague's hair elsewhere, not in a hospital setting. You people have no place working in your so called "hospital." Go elsewhere where Drs and their staff want to provide you with the best of care not no care.

Ori Wasserteil

Didn't want to show me my medical record after a treatment

Cindy Jones

My grandson has open heart surgery just yesterday and I am so blown away by the level of care he is getting there. The nurses and the Dr. are wonderful and patient and kind. The nurses in the pediatric units are phenominal in their demeanor, their patience with Hayden when the pain gets too much is fantastic as well. They are trained to calm him down and they do it beautifully! Thank you to everyone involved. Thank you and we are truly blessed by God to have this level of care here in South Carolina!

Patti Hart

My mother was seen in the ED and the experience was the best! She could not believe how efficient and was very impressed with how she was treated!

angie ashfield

Al Bradham

No better doctors anywhere.

Wayne tray

MUSC since its inception has dismissed hundreds of students for reporting cheating. They have a responsibility to treat their students equitably, but they cannot because they have many children of alumni, of ties to the school, and those from wealth, who cannot pass their course work without the school giving them the actual tests for the upcoming exams or the teaching taking their Fs and giving them great passing grades. When I was a student they had a letter grade and a class ranking system. The professors had a very generous grading curve for pretty white females and other privileged students. To make matter worse, the teachers put other students within the same program in charge of the labs and tests, stupid! These students are in their early twenties being in charge of the testing, inviting them to give the actual tests to their friends for the upcoming exams. This puts other students at an unfair advantage. In some other classes, it was fairer! No one had the actual tests. The same students who had the actual tests for other classes would make Fs and the teachers would use a very generous grading curve, giving them a much better grade than someone who passed their class. Also pretty white females would make many Fs, and the teachers implemented their very generous grading curves for them, giving them better grades than many of the students who passed. The school brags that is the tradition of the school! It is just the way things are done around there. I had a private conversation about the cheating and unfairness with the school officials. At that time MUSC had a letter grading and class ranking system. Many of the students should not be there to begin with, but their elite status got them into the school. Refer to USC. What did the school do? The school went on to brag that this is the way they operate, even threatening me, saying If I mentioned this to anyone they will give me Fs in all of my subjective grading classes. I said ok, walking out, realizing the school has a long rich history of corruptness and unfairness, threatening students when reporting cheating or unfairness, as required but the honor code. The school threats are not in vain. The school officials will conspire with the student’s professor to make sure that they give him Fs in all of his subjective grading classes. That student will be the only one to receive Fs, while all of the white privileged students will make many Fs and be given great passing grades. I had obeyed the threat. What did the school do? I had two subjective grading classes that semester and the teachers were ordered to give me Fs, even though my work was better than many other students but I still finished the semester with a gpa of a b, but it would have been an A+ if the school had given me the same curves they used for other students. In fact one teacher confessed my test average was an A, but he still gave me a F for the class. How sad! This is MUSC! Many other students made Fs on non subjective grading courses, but they were all given great passing grades. Out of the many Fs that students made, all of the other students were given great passing grades, but the teachers went after me for reporting my concerns, giving me the only F in my class for something based on subjective grading. I went to the dean and assistant dean to discuss the cheating scandal. What did the dean do? They formed a committee without giving me any type of due process of law, voting me out for having characteristics which seem inappropriate. See the attached letter. The reason they gave me Fs was that they had to find some characteristic which seem inappropriate so they could have a vote. The school goes on to brag I did not get dismissed for academics but for reporting cheating. They brag this is the same way they dismiss all of their students to have a secret vote without inviting them.


Great Hospital, Excellent Care.

India Blu

I would rate it no stars if I could. Just left there a few minutes ago. I went to the ER because of breathing problems and abdomen pains and waited in there for OVER 5 hours. I gave up and told them I would go somewhere else. Staff were walking up and down the halls laughing and talking to one another instead of trying to get patients seen. Worse ER experience I have ever had in my life and I would never ever go there again. If you are in the downtown area and need to go to the ER, GO TO ROPER. Don't waste your time with these fools! A waste of time and I still don't know what's causing my problems.

Octavia W

They are the most respectful and caring people I've ever met, they treat you like family, no one ever has a attitude and they have the best spirit and most compassion you can receive.

Thomas Driggers

Nice staff great cafeteria with all kinds wall to wall choices including fast food shops.

Hello Goodbypass

Shout out to my Ortho team for being AMAZING. Seven surgeries deep, and everyone has been more than accommodating, and I've learned a lot about what's going on in my body. My favorite part is that even though I am not a medical student, they don't treat me like I'm stupid, and they walk me through what's happening internally. Shout out to Vincent Pelligrini, Arthur Smith for ALWAYS being about his patients (Pain Management), Autumn Eddenfield for encouraging other women (Urology), and wanting to be part of their successes. Also shout out to Carson and Bowman in Ortho. Both of you are going to make incredible doctors, and thank you all for ensuring that my care was top of the line. I've had 7 major surgeries at MUSC, it's my second home, and I've loved all my doctors. I can't imagine entrusting anyone else with my care, so it makes me sad to see the negative reviews. I even had a baby at MUSC, I loved them so much. Help them to help you.

Adrian Brown

Its a hospital! How is your experience supposed to be?

NXTspacedolphin Gaming

My mother was recently admitted to the Neuro Intensive care for 2 days then to a medical floor. The doctors and nurses were superior in all ways. If you are going to be really sick - this is the place to go.

Naikeish Coardes

I just don't know where to start. I would say that while I was a patient at Musc hospital I had a very good experience. The staffs on the floor was so very friendly to the point that I would give them 5 stars and eventually I decided to work for the company. I was hire on 10 West Orthopedics Trauma. It was awful from day one. I would give them a zero for what they put me through. There is suppose to be 6 week training. Second night I already on the floor with no assistant, the person that suppose to train me is chilling on the floor not doing nothing. Good thing I had experience from my previous employer. I report it and I get another trainer, but it is a mess on the floor because they don't have enough techs and they feel that they can work me to death. The promise me three techs but after they saw how good I work the manager lie and did two and work me to death. Checking off on my checklist that they train me for everything, but they didn't even do all it. Falsified documentations. I guess the manager get a bonus for trying to save the company money by doing less with our staffs. Which is a very bad idea because it puts staffs and patients at risk which will eventually cause the company money if someone get hurt, especially if they get sue. Shortcutting is not the solution but some people don't care because they want a bonus. Instead of being welcome on the floor, I was treated like trash on day one. I have to say that I am very disappointed in this company that they will let me go, who is a good employee, who never had any write-ups on the job, with outstanding customer service to the patients for a nurse who doesn't do a good job and was harrassing me. I report this to the manager several times and instead of doing something about it she allow it to keep happening. And she wasn't the only one that was doing it, there was others also. I was on the floor working putting my vitals/output in on the computer and I want you to know that they have plenty of computers. I thought it would be a good idea to have the work done before the doctors came and do there 5 am rounds in case they want to know what's going with there patients all night but instead of being treated with respect I get bully to get off the computer while I am putting the vitals in and I can hear that same nurse that is harrassing me encouraging those doctors to do this. There was no reason for that. They have there own computers. This is against Musc policy. I report this to the manager and instead of her writing them up she told me they can do whatever they want. That the Doctors are God. And that they will not fire there nurse or doctor for anything. And that they fire alot of good techs on that floor, so it was not about being a good tech, it is about doing whatever they want. I was told that the floor was Las Vegas there, so what goes in Las Vegas stay in Las Vegas. I guess it is true because it seem like their getting away with alot stuff on that floor. They were very unprofessional on that floor. There was also discrimination on that floor. It was a nurse on the floor that is white she must of thought it was appropriate to tell me that they need to do something because there is too many Mexican and Black people on the floor. So she encouraged the other white nurses to join her to do something about it. So the black visitors that had permission to stay over night request for some sheets, blankets, pillows and pillowcases which they are allow to use. Instead of the white nurse bringing back what the vistor requested, she only brought back a pillowcase and smile and say, that all they got treating them illy. So, the black visitor ask me and I went to get it and the white nurse threatening to have me fire. She told me along with the other white nurses, it was against Musc policy which wasn't and if I do that I was going be fire. Also they wanted to kick the black visitors off the floor. So I give them the blankets-etc and took the black visitors on another floor. Check the security cameras it's on there. I was wrongfully termination.

amaya wise

If I could give no stars I would! The E.R is terrible, you hear the staff laughing and joking around while people have to wait till their done to check in. I know their jobs are not easy but most of their doctors and nurses are just ignorant and rude. I've been sent home crying in pain and the nurses tell you to just come back in 24hrs when the new doctor comes in and hopefully they are more understanding. And don't let you have sickle cell ( my sister and I have it), they treat you even worse. They don't think it's important but It is if people are dying from it. My family has finally decided to move from Charleston so me and my sister can get better care. They think we want to be in there NASTY E.R dealing with unprofessional nurses and doctors. Being admitted isn't any better. You get rude nurses and doctors there too. MUSC needs to get new doctors and nurses who actually wanted to become a doctor or a nurse to help people and get them feeling better, instead of these careless doctors and nurses that are worried about their paycheck. WORSE HOSPITAL EVER


My mom had surgery here today and there was only one time where they updated us on her surgery. Also, there timing sucks. Was told we could visit her in 30 minutes but here we are 2 hours later still waiting for the sheets to be changed in her room. The communication in this hospital is horrible.

Ernie Collins

Their service the responsibilities and the way they treat patients is impeccable

Teresa Felton

The staff is very nice and they are a very intelligent group. Treated me great in LnD so I feel blessed. I'm going home now and praying to hold his baby in for atleast 4 more weeks. Really I need 7wks but if not God will see us thru

Josh H

Extremely disappointed in this hospital, ie labor and delivery. My wife was scheduled for a Csection a month and a half in advance. It gets to the day we're supposed to go in and we get called saying it's been delayed. So we wait. 4 hours later we call because we never received a call from THEM, and we're told "oh we'll try to get you in tomorrow." You guys have really slacke . I have no idea why you were named one of the top hospitals in SC. Your building is falling apart, the parking garage always smells like piss, and your staff is incompetent. I will NEVER recommend MUSC for anyone I know having a baby. It's sad when trident is doing better than you guys. Absolute disgrace.

Amelia Deloach

For every 1 good employee there are 5 awful ones. The worst was Felicia Failey, front desk at the ortho office. I've never felt so violated or treated so poorly. She must have a very miserable life or she truly hates her job, no one is naturally that nasty.

Valerie M. Milligan

This is the Best Hospital is South Carolina. This hospital was the place that Dr. Illagalah and his team saved my saved my life.

Jennifer Huggins

Awesome care been going there for 15 yrs. Best Cardiology care, even with my rare heart condition. I have been well taken care of thank you Pediatric Cardiology :)

Jessica Matthews

I went to the emergency room on Monday and they were extremely busy. I was told to come in there because of the side effects I was having and I'm having a miscarriage. I ended up sitting there for over 8 hours just to walk out with discharge papers and no answers and them telling me that they don't know what to do because they don't usually have to deal with miscarriages. It was the worst experience of my life and I hope I never have to go back there again. I actually got a call 2 Days Later with them saying they want to do a follow-up appointment to see if the baby has grown at all with another ultrasound. Unbelievable. No one should have to sit in a waiting room for over 8 hours. Especially when I was told to go there instead of making an appointment. the lady who did the ultrasound was really nice though and was glad and thankful for her to come back into work and one of the nurses who finally took my blood was nice as well. So there's that

paul schramm

When you came in by ambulance and they put you in the waiting room for six hour for stomach pain. This hospital went down hill in the passed two years. The new training doctors don't care a bad place to work with that attitude. They have get someone that cares to work in this field.

Beverly Turner

My mother received the best care. All the nurses were wonderful. The doctors were awesome! She was very sick in the ICU and their great care and expert knowledge saved her life. She's doing well now in assistive living.

Elizabeth Pantano

MUSC's physicians and nurses provide exemplary care. That will change if funds flow compensation is implemented. MUSC will become just like every for profit hospital around. The physicians should be able to practice medicine where research and education are of equal importance as patient care. That is what makes MUSC fantastic.

Stacey Williams

People and staff are very nice. They really care at the musc. They all are wonderful.

Tameka Bethea

sister had her baby.. they kept the baby in the room.. she couldn't get any rest. no one came to talk with her about being a 1st time mom, how to use the breast pump, and didn't even help her shower. 2 stars bc baby was healthy..other than that worst place and it a huge hospital..that stinks

Venecia Whyte-Foster

Lynne my nurse is a Beautiful soul. She is so kind and attentive to her patient's needs. I felt safe around her. I did not spend an hour without Lynne checking in to ensure that I was okay. She helped me to walk the very njight after my surgery was done. She is a true nurse and very professional yet open to her patient's. Thank you Lynne, David and Bernadette. To all the other beautiful souls who do everything to help their patients go through post surgery pain and challenges. Doctor Donald Flystra is a brilliant one of the kind doctor. Thank you.

David Dees

Great visit great food great staff. SO far

Àyọbamikale Olukoya

I went for my dad's graduation as he was getting his PhD. It was an amazing experience.

Chris Wright


Barbara Douglas

Husband was there over night and received excellent care. Staff remarkable with good bed side manners. God Bless you all.

Brenda Gethers

A number one hospital

Julie Coppie

I moved here recently from up North, so when my daughter needed emergency care I was at a loss to where to go. Luckily, I have a wonderful neighbor and doctor at MUSC who arranged for us to go late one night when she got sick. This was one of the best hospital experiences I ever had. The staff was so kind, patient, helpful, and knowledgeable. I had my concerns for the chaos a teaching hospital has, but this was honestly the most welcoming and organized place I have ever been to. Thank you to all the staff who took such great care of my daughter during our few days there.

Glazia Brown

People are so friendly amd kind. Just wish the bathroom had tissue and paper towels and a deodorizer spraying for the odor. Smell like a baby diaper.

Debby Capps

My review is based on my brother's experience here. He went to the ER with serious stomach issues. If you go to the Emergency room, bring a book because you're gonna be there for HOURS! When they finally get you back, consider yourself lucky if you get room and not just put in a stretcher pushed against the wall in a busy hallway and don't even ask for a pillow! If you don't have health insurance, you're treated even worse. The staff is judgmental and unprofessional. The place is understaffed and filthy. This place is a teaching hospital so be prepared to be practiced on after you sign a consent for treatment. Sadly, this is the best that the lowcountry has to offer

Tammy Wilson

Equipment nedds repairs. TV sound not good and chair for visitors broken. Not happy

Mary McClaskey, ERA Evergreen Real Estate

When you've been asking for a bath since early morning!! It's now after midnight, and still no bath. And nurse wanted to push it until the next morning, again. UNACCEPTABLE.

wd travis

MUSC gives certain students, depending upon their ties to the school, the actual tests for the upcoming exams. Many of the professors use different grading schemes. I mentioned my concerns about their behavior to the school officials that it was not fair. If a non privileged student reports cheating or unfair treatment, the faculty will give him Fs in all of his subjecting grading classes, having a vote to dismiss him for exhibiting characteristics which seem inappropriate. To make matters worse, the school will hold the vote in private, neither informing him of any upcoming vote, nor explaining to him which characteristics he has that seems inappropriate. They did this to me, but I still finished the semester with a B average, even after not receiving the generous grading curves used for other students, nor the actual tests for the upcoming exams as many other students had. They deny students of their constitutional rights of due process of law. The school brags that their standard way to dismiss students for non academic reasons is to hold a meeting and vote them out without any due process of law. The federal local judges in South Carolina are corrupt, being in bed with the school, praising them for not adhering to our nation's laws! The judges who will not enforce our nation's law will be rewarded by the state of South Carolina. In fact, the state allowed a corrupt federal judge to establish a law school, pocketing millions of dollars. The school and the federal court have a "pay for play scheme: If you refuse to not honor our nation's laws and allow MUSC to trample over our student's constitutional rights, we will reward you financially". The school takes very good care of some selected students: pretty white women and those from wealth, by using different grading schemes and allowing them to cheat. Amazingly, the school will not fail them, no matter how many Fs they make. Instead their generous grading scheme will allow them to finish their courses with a better grade than someone who studies and prepares himself well for his course work. Another scheme the school employs is by rewarding those "special students who make low Fs on their tests a retake. Their retake is a joke. The school cannot fail these special students, those from wealth and pretty white women. Most likely, they will be given the actual tests with the answers marked, making it not fair for those students who studied and applied themselves hard. Thus, the school is so criminally corrupt that if a non privileged student says anything about their corruptness, they will ignore our nation's laws and vote him out for having some unknown characteristic which seems inappropriate. Please note, as I found out as a student, some of us because we are not their privileged white wealthy students will not be afforded the extra benefits the school offers to those privileged students. The privileged students know the school officials will protect them, so they abuse the system, knowing that once they have been admitted to the school they will be given special treatment, which is not offered to non privileged students. The non privileged student has to study around the clock, making good grades, hoping a professor would not intentionally give him a F in a subjecting grading class, because he is not one of the "good Ole boys". In short, it could be argued that the school accepts bribes from their alumni. Is what I noticed as a student, the school gives special treatment to the children from alumni of the medical school. Many of them will give money to the school when their child is a student, allowing him to make Fs in his course work with no repercussions. Thus I argue the school itself has a pay for play scheme to protect some of the privileged white students, not made available to all students.

Laura Scott

Good service so far

Jamie Bergeron

They are wonderful and have taken great care of my little ones

Angela Huggins

I dont understand the level of care this place is giving. My daughter was transferred here for follow up treat for severe head trauma, cracked skull and a severe concussion. They sent home a 23 year old with zero medication. She ended up back in the emergency room of a different hospital and had to be given morphine just to get her pain under control. Rude staff and under qualified doctors. Every call I made has been met with rudeness and horrible customer service. Just so you know .... tylenol is not the proper medication for head trauma.

Anastasia Masgala

Amazing stuff helpful and compassion the best doctors .thank you all , God bless you!!!

Heather Elaine

Great nurses, doctors and training doctors. Very professional and helpful

Tammy C

My daughter had surgery at MUSC with Dr. Fernando Herrera. We had a wonderful experience with the competent, friendly, and professional staff. As a nurse, I was impressed with the facility, staff, and Dr. Herrera. He repaired a very complicated break of the ulna and radius which required internal hardware, k-wires, and bone grafting. Rest assured you are in good hands with Dr. Herrera and the staff at MUSC.

Money Baggs

Some of the nurses are lazy and have an attitude dread being in there every time to much bad experiences there along with some good ones but the doctors are good at there job

Missy Dill

I have been very blessed with a wonderful team of doctors who listened and understood the complexity of my Dystonia! It's very sad that there are very few physicians who have never heard of it.

Carmen Golliday

Only thing good about it is the pediatric ward


The experience I had at MUSC, in a word, sucked. I was on day three of a pretty severe manic episode (I have been formally diagnosed as bipolar by two different doctors and have since been medicated for it) and literally had to LEAVE WORK and be driven to the hospital by my angel of a boss because it got so bad. I was afraid my medication wasn’t working like it used to because I had a small lapse in taking it due to being busy with work, moving, etc. I was seen by one of the resident doctors who simply told me I was “stressed”. Like I’ve never experienced stress and couldn’t differentiate between the two. He pulled up what was honestly a very childish graph on his phone of what constitutes mania (“you have to be up for at least SEVEN days for it to be mania”) and totally invalidated every concern I had for myself. I felt embarrassed and dumb and just wanted to leave. He said that he assumed I had been in inpatient treatment before (thanks, my guy) and said that that was not something I would want to seek out. He sent me on my way with some papers on how to manage anxiety with deep breathing and meditation which was really just the icing on the cake. This unchecked manic episode progressed into a psychotic break, which had me hospitalized and caused me to miss even MORE work. Rest assured, I did not go to MUSC for inpatient. I understand that ER doctors can’t hit the nail on the head every time, but this was by far the most thoughtless and unprofessional medical experience I have ever had. And to top it all off, I answered all of the cigarette smoking questions honestly, as I wanted them to know all of my medical history so my treatment (or lack thereof) could be as thorough as possible. Now I won’t stop getting calls through an automated MUSC survey about my interest in quitting smoking- which I never expressed during my visit! If I have the choice, I will never return to this hospital again.

Janet Medina

Amazing care!! The techs, patient transport, nurses, doctors, and even the students are amazing. It feels good to know my baby is at the right place getting the right care. Extremely thankful.

Jr Burke

Frequent flyer with our son

Aaron White

Great place to be treated!!

Anthony Scott

Nurses are very good.

Adam Lorenz

The care is excellent and the staff is compassionate. The staff truly understands that patients come first.

Caleb Skellie

Took my daughter there for strep, the doctor was great. However the billing staff is completely incompetent. They didnt take my copay, I even asked twice. They billed the doctor and fascility at different times. Sent one to the correct place, one never got there. I even went through the trouble if getting my insurance and them on the phone at the same time, still managed to acrew it up bc it was " coded wrong". I have been dealing with this for almost a year, i have over paid just to have it done with and they still want $. Unless you like over paying go somewhere else. Also, no strep test, just wrote a prescription and they want about $1k. They just sent me a statement that says my co pay is $100, i have paid $143, they still want more money

Isaiah Ravenel

Came to ER (emergency room) waited in pain for almost 2 hours and didnt get seen .. er staff sitting and joking out loud while patients waitin to be seen and in pain... i usually recommends musc for any and everything and this experience was very poor... only 6 people was waiting including me and i was second in registering... ask how long of a wait to being told they dont know... left walk accross the street in pain to Roper and didnt even sit 5 minutes before being seen...oh and 3 other people people left before I did and all was being tended to... Roper is my new hospital of choice...

Tiffany Dollar Diva

Great Staff!

Kenton White

They take really great care of their Patients and their Families. Doctors do their best to figure out and treat issues.

ben mevers

It's a love hate thing. I hate going there. Love leaving feeling better

Blake Traveler

Love that this hospital is welcoming and hospitable to all of its visitors/patients!

Kevin Tully

People who care make a difference

Kareema Wilson

I commend the nursing students here for gettin hands on experience but some of them are VERY INEXPERIENCED!!!!!!! Worst customer service ever ! Very rude !!!! Not knowledgeable about anything going on

A McCoy

My stepfather who admitted himself in for feeling unwell, and was terminally ill, sadly never had a chance to walk out of icu. He walked in one day in October and never walked out a few days later. When he admitted himself in, he was talking and walking and very coherent. A couple days later, he wasnt any of those three. Maybe they couldn't save him, it was his time..maybe it wasnt...but he was doing way better when he admitted himself in, then laying in his deathbed in icu. When I came in to visit him, he couldn't talk, and had blood practically pooling in his mouth, all over his teeth, gums, tongue and hands. Blood literally all in his mouth, practically coughing and choking on his own blood. The doctors and nurses weren't helping him AT ALL. WE HAD TO MAKE A NURSE GET ALL THE BLOOD OUT HIS MOUTH SO HE WOULD QUIT CHOKING ON HIS OWN BLOOD. IT WAS THE MOST HORRIFYING THING I HAVE EVER SEEN. THEY SHOULD OF DONE MORE THAN NOTHING AT ALL. IT WAS A HOSPITAL OF HORRORS. TOTALLY UNPROFESSIONAL, COMPLETELY UNPROFESSIONAL. PERIOD. Yeah, nice building but that might be the last thing you see... My own experience, when in because I'm 150% positive I have blood clots in my leg, they did blood work and charged me almost $2,000 for just blood work. I went in the ER, was never put in a room, sat on a hospital bed in the hallway for 3+ hours...the entire time. It was not a private visit...everyone heard everything that was said and discussed. I begged for an x-ray, MRI anything that would show blood clots. They refused and told me it was either bruising or nothing at all. No its not bruising, because ive had this "bruising" for months... Going to another hospital for a second opinion. The doctor or student whoever is was that saw me walked out the same time I did, and beat me to the cafeteria. They let me leave when they were leaving. We practically walked out together. Tell me, HOW DO I KNOW MORE MEDICAL INFORMATION ABOUT MY CONDITION THEN THEY DO?! When I told them what condition I thought I had, they never heard about it and was googling it in front of me!! I told them more information than they even knew!!! Dont waste time and money on a hospital that employees Dont seem to know information medically they are suppose to know and be learning about. I watched my own stepfather suffer and die in the hands of these unprofessional. How many others are suffering from the hands of them?

Amanda Driggers

Brilliant physicians and a great place to work. So proud to be an MUSC nurse!

Tommy Anderson

Me and my wife felt right at home the restrooms were very clean this is how a hospital suppose to look like i would die in this hospital they take afermitive action even from the sick to the dead

David Russell

Best hospital in the low country. Would never go anywhere else.

Jason Loy

There are no words that can express the praise and gratitude that my family feels for the staff in both the level 1 and level 2 neonatal ICU facilities at the MUSC children's hospital. In 2013 our first child was flown in and stayed in the level 1 NICU for 4 days. The level of care our daughter received was unbelievable. All of the nurses were outstanding and the doctors went out of their way to explain to us what was going on each day. In 2015, our second child was born 6 weeks premature and there was no decision ... we wanted our little one at MUSC children's hospital. This time our child was in the level 2 nursery for 6 days and again the nurses and doctors exceeded every expectation we had. The level of compassion, expertise, and accomodation that they showed us was so appreciated during a very stressful time for our family. We cannot say enough good things about the staff at the MUSC childrens hospital and intend to make charitable gifts in the future so that other parents can experience the same peace of mind that we felt.

Larry Howell

They help my child those doctors are real good unbelievable

Annie Jean Fowler

Parking is a real struggle, and the hospital food is typically bad. But the care is outstanding the people are nice.

Theodore Adams

Great staff clean place

John Greenberg

Long stort short: Mother was diagnosed with metastatic breast cancer tumors in her cerebellum. Surgeon Vandergrift was cool as a cucumber and instilled confidence that they could remove them. He did a fantastic job keeping us well informed of her status and she came out of surgery with the tumors removed. The nurses in the recovery room showed outstanding care in the high stress environment they are in. A stepdown room was quickly assigned and her 3 day stay was nothing short of wonderful considering the paramount circumstances. This hospital saved my mother’s life and showed absolute professionalism. Thank you for everything!

Steven Hodge

There are not enough words that can say thanks,great nurse's,just a great experience.

Ryan R

Best facility within a 200 mile radius, optional valet parking makes life for my family and I much easier for dr. visits. Thank you!

Sherlle Humphrey

Really took care of my family member .I recommend this hospital anytime !

Jolita Gladden

They are the only trauma hosp in Charleston. They have been very nice, patient, understanding & compassionate. I appreciate everything they've done for me & my family.

Jennifer Franklin

Normally they are the top hospital in South Carolina. Not very happy with the care my husband received on this last visit to the hospital.

Liz Runge

SO disappointed in MUSC Children’s Health right now. An employee was taking pictures of Maddie and posting them on social media without my permission.

Tobias Goodwine

Its a very nice hospital and they take time with their paitence and i just love there children hospital its a long ride away from summerville but its worth it

elizabeth mcginnigle

They saved my husband's life. He's been in the STICU for 29 days so far, but he is still with us.

Doc Holliday

Amazing health care staff

Jessica Green

The ER doctors and nurses are horrible, they treat you like you know nothing I had to tell some of the nurses how to do some of the things needing done because I am a nurse and some of them were scary they were there. Then for you to get your imaging you can not call ahead to have them ready so with all your disabilities and all they make you sit for an hour and pay for them. If paying my hospital bill and my mri copay wasn’t enough. My new doctors office out of musc network couldn’t even get records they say they never send patients there for this reasoning. I would run like hell and right to Roper, they have been outstanding in everything.

Juan Morales

The E.R is turning into a freak show besides unless you are white or you actually happen to know someone for example if you are a girl wearing a blue one piece jump suit and you are hitting it up with charlestCh police officers that are more worry about having a social debate it seems as if they priority has detour away from the real issues because after all charging people a fancy hospital service even if they treat you like garbage has gone away from the control or chief of staff and peehper away from the hospital administrator so if this is a learning medical center what exactly are they learning at 11 pm cheese line with a night club acttitude and I guess the officers are just here to bounce people out of here shame on you medical board or chief of staff and hospital administrator because I drove over 55 miles hoping i would get better medical attention

Christina Wallick

SUCH a terrible experience, 3 weeks later and we are still facing issues because of treatment (or lack thereof) received here!!!!! My boyfriend got into a VERY bad bicycle accident, and was NOT cleaned up nearly as well as he needed. He was sent home still covered in blood, and they only covered one of his very bad wounds. He ended up picking dirt and debris out of his wounds for weeks afterwards. They put WAY too many stitches into a small laceration under his eye, and didnt even check for a concussion, even though he had hit the ground, with his head, after falling off a bike that was going probably 30 miles an hour. Staff was nice enough, i suppose, but the quality of attention he received was UPSETTING. Will not return, even in an emergency, i would rather go to Mt Pleasant, where most employees havent JUST finished training. Infuriating experience.

Kool Frankie

Best place ever

Arrion Denson

The service in er is horrible

Cherie Snipe

Very understanding and attentive!!

Sunshine G

The other reviewers are right. MUSC will not help with your pain and discomfort. I would not recommend MUSC for any non-emergency surgery needs or the ER. You are told that this is a teaching hospital, so you can't control who does your surgery. Some of the residents are arrogant and not patient focused. If I contracted with an experienced doctor to perform surgery, that's what I expect. The PACU post surgery unit is horrible. There is nothing worse than being in pain after surgery and they do little to nothing to alleviate that pain such as giving oral medication like Tylenol. I understand that some people abuse narcotics but this shouldn't apply to post surgery pain relief via IV. Even simple requests for IV pain relief were not honored by the resident in charge. I was asking for relief there, not an "at home supply." I heard many people moaning in pain which is disconcerting they were not given relief. They keep you an extended period of time yet do not give you pain relief, anti nausea medications or anything else so "you can leave there quicker." I would highly recommend Roper or East Cooper for surgery as they believe in pain management for patients and it is a much better experience. I wouldn't want anyone to experience what I did.

Rachael Diloreti

Thank you to all the staff and surgeons at Pediatric Cardiology for taking awesome care of my sweet little Vincent.

victoria Youmans

My mom was hospitalized in the STICU. the nurse LEFT HER on the actual toilet BY HERSELF with a broken leg...I've yet to speak to her actual doctor since she was admitted in november. NO one showed me ex rays or anything pertaining to her surgeries. They are neglectful and her nurse manhandled her infront of me when she needed help to get onto her bed. They made jokes about accidentally leaving equipment in the wrong positions to where it could explode or having attitudes about me asking about her medications. I totally do not recommend this hospital. Go to roper st francis.

Anthony vlogs

higher level of care, all your medical needs can be taken care of here.


This is for someone I know who I just so happened to be there at the right time to see them dump her out in the cold! Patient dumping is one of the many issues at this hospital. Not taking care of patients with severe pain, (due to they had a bad pain medication problem previously) this was due to the new law switching narcotics rules and other mental issues with said patient. Nurses being overwhelmed by the high volume of patients given. (Because of their budget cuts!) let’s not even get started on the cleanliness of the Er, or lack of sympathy from the girls who answer the phones or check people in. I cannot fathom working in that field and not having compassion. I can only imagine that their mother hated them or father, being the reason they act that way towards others. What’s wrong with this hospital and staff! Traveling nurses are told to stay away, if that tells you anything. I wish people didn’t have to go there and maybe one day things will change. Please treat people like humans! We all have faults and need that. You pledged an oath now do it.

Tyresa Johnson

Every one that works here help me. With taking care of my kids was A1 from day 1THE BEST!!!!!

Samantha Papale

They took excellent care of my dad! Much better than Myrtle Beach hospitals. It’s worth the extra 30/40min Drive.

Lucretia Dixon

The drs there now just send you home instead of doing their jobs and act like they don’t know what’s going on. I’ve been down here numerous times for pain contractions for my pregnancy and NO PROPER CARE HAS BEEN TAKEN. Last year same thing ended up almost dying and in preterm labor because they wanted to be lazy and take slow action and my baby passed my daughter they sad I was 1 cm got to Triden 7 1/2.

Alberto Burgos

Excellent care for our granddaughter.

Sarah Coleman

I'll start by saying that emergency medicine is an extremely difficult field. My father was a career EMT and firefighter, and my mother a career RN, so I typically sympathize with the challenges doctors and nurses face. Back in December I fell off of my bike and hit my head. I had a cut on my forehead, one that didn't even require stitches. I went to the ER at MUSC to be checked out, but ultimately declined a CT scan as I didn't have healthcare at the time. When I tried to leave, I was physically forced back into my room, and into restraints. This happened in under a minute of leaving my room. I was scared and angry, and admittedly became really loud. I yelled that I didn't consent to treatment, and then I was forced a shot of Ativan. When I woke up they had performed the CT, and sent me on my way with a $5,000 bill. I was imprisoned, and forced treatment that I didn't want or ultimately need. The irony of seeing a $70 pharmacy charge for a chemical restraint is unreal. I had a wonderful experience in the L&D department when I had my son, but the most recent visit has traumatized me to the point of never wanting to walk through the doors again. I'm currently seeking legal consult.

Ashley Nicole

Nice and clean place

Nannette Hammack

They treat you with respect

Valerie Brown

Very helpful my son have a chance to walk lik a normal person. ..very greatful. ....

Andrea Sainz

Horrible experience....they didn't do anything to help me with my pain and situation. Had to pay $300 for nothing. Unbelievable

Chris Avant

Great hospital

Jonathan Spence

On Monday, April 8 I arrived with friends to visit someone in Ashley Tower. Crystal Nichole Love Gutierrez warmly greeted us and checked us in. Her great smile, and humor made us feel so welcomed. I accidentally left my ID at her desk and she sent someone upstairs to my friend's room to deliver it to me. AMAZING!! Please give this young woman my sincere thanks and gratitude for going above and beyond!! She is a keeper!!

Claire Moody

MUSC has a huge range of specialties. They are top tier in many specialty services. Children's, ENT, research. The nursing has always been top notch. They make everyone feel comfortable, the patient as well as the family. The life specialists are so wonderful at making children comfortable when here for procedures. I wouldn't go to any other providers or take my family anywhere else.

Jacalyn Singleton

Best doctor in the world

Stephanie Green

Doctors and staff's are great they make you feel like you are in a motel instead of the hospital

Makayla Gaddist

Went In Around 6 Am 06/21/17 With Contractions Back To Back. The Nurses Name Was Becky. She Was AMAZING. I Wouldn't Have Rather Had Any Other Nurse. She Treated Me As If I Was Her Family Member & She Talked Me Through Each And Every Process. Becky Was The Bomb! MUSC Entire Staff Was Amazing. I'll Never Recommend Any Other Hospital Except MUSC. From The Time I Walked In The Doors Until I Left 2 Days Later The Way I Was Treated By Every Nurse Was Outstanding! Very Impressed MUSC. The Reason Why I Mention Becky So Much Is Because You Don't Find Many Nurses Who Truly Care About What's Going On With Yourself, Many Nurses Are Just Nice Because Its Their Job. Becky Rocked! If You Go To L&D At MUSC Ask for Becky, She'll Make Your Vist One To Remember! She Made Me VERY Comfortable With My Entire Stay. She Even Hoped I Delivered My Baby Boy Before Her Shift Was Over Later That Day & Thats What Happened, She Also Met My Bundle Of Joy Right At The End Of Her Shift. She Also Stayed A Few Minutes Later To Meet Little Guy. Thanks For The Wonderful Experience At MUSC Staff!

David Fix


Ms. Bey

These people administered administer medication to my child without my consent I brought it to the manager's attention and they are incompetent to handle the situation I have everything and proof on the paper from his medical records saying that they administered him hepatitis B when the only thing that I asked for him to get was vitamin K vaccination but they gave them Hepatitis B they recorded it several times on his medical records and now they are denying that they did anything they said that they will put an amendment to his medical records and add on there that he did not receive it but it's a lie because he did it says it on the paper I sent them stuff in the mail they will not reply so the next step is a lawsuit against this Hospital I would not recommend anyone to go there especially if you're choosing to go the natural way with your child they will push medication on you even though you give them a medical plan how you want your birth to go they will still push their ways and their regulations on you. My child has suffered from an injury from their disease causing vaccine

Beth Reed

Hard to say 'Loved it' when you're very ill, but from my cancer treatment (and Dr. Kohler is the best ever, not only a great doc but incredibly compassionate) to unrelated admissions for sepsis and cellulitis, the hospital has been nothing less than great. The nursing staff, who I'm sure are overworked as all nurses are, were so kind to me. I have since moved to Texas and when hospitalized the last couple of times, said to my daughter, well this is no MUSC. No hospital will ever compare favorably. The doctors and the staff are all the best you can get.

Caro Grace

Don’t go here if you’re a type one diabetic. They’ll turn you away at the ER while in DKA and won’t give you the correct insulin scripts— which leads to DKA or death. Thanks guys!

John Thomas

My job site working for a low voltage contractor. A great place to work.

Kayla Relyea

My mother had surgery there a week ago. It has been nothing but problems since then. We were not allowed to see her until 6 hours after her surgery but the staff expected us to wait in the waiting room the whole time and would scold us if we left. She was discharged 5 days after surgery after being mistreated by the staff. She went there for an appointment today to remove a feeding tube she did not consent to receiving and they told her to come back next week. We live over 3 hours away. We have had to come 4 different times in the past week. Lack of compassion and no communication from the staff. As soon as this ordeal is over, we will never be back to this hospital and I would suggest no one else goes here to receive care. We have never had such a chaotic experience dealing with a hospital, it is unacceptable.

Lara Barkley

I went to MUSC's women health center 1.5 years ago. Today I received an automated message prompting me to call back. Apparently I've had an outstanding bill of $48.00 that I was never informed about because they rely on automated phone calls to try to collect payments. Ridiculous, unorganized, and irresponsible! I also went to the emergency room in August 2012 (which apparently when I payed this bill they couldn't figure out how to consolidate them...) for suspected appendicitis and was released at around 1 am, the nurse telling me there was nothing wrong. I was woken at 6 am by a doctor asking me to come immediately back to the E.R. because my appendix was in fact swollen and I needed to see a surgeon. This over site could have literally cost me my life. I will not be returning to MUSC, ever.

Matt Henderson

The worst Hospital in the world. You can't get your Doctors Office on the phone. No Doctor has a phone number. They Take your Medical Records and will not give them back to you so you can't go to a Doctor outside of their Evil Empire.

Nikita Heyward

Best hospital in town

Ryan Smith

Saved me from a very serious infection. Great place!

Rob M

Completely unprofessional! We have to drive down here from Charlotte, we got a hotel last night, and with both myself and my wife on disability, this was a big hit before Christmas. Then we get up real early, little sleep, get to MUSC, awaiting a blood draw before our appointment.. Then we get a phone call, less than an hr before our appointment, and MUSC wants us to reschedule... when I do this kind of thing to a doctor, they will charge me. Don't go here, unless you have too. And if they say you have to, talk to a lawyer and see if they are lying.

Joe Carroll

Best hospital in SC if you want to be well

Em Rosez

I was admitted into the psychiatric care for children. While I was there, at first it was nice. There were no problems whatsoever. As my stay continued the night shift began to be rude and dissrespectful to everyone there. Definelty overusing their power and position. I ended up getting sent to seclusion for not wanting to go back into my room after being sent there minutes before. I tried explaining to the nurses that I was having self harming thoughts and being locked in my room was not helping. I also told them I was just trying to calm down and I would go back in there shortly. A male nurse who works there who always treated everyone poorly told me 5 times to go back to my room. He eventually asked me if I was going back and I told him I couldn’t at the moment due to my thoughts. His response was “So are you saying no to a staff member?” This was all during the night shift which completely has no control. I’ve brought it up to the doctors along with several other patients about the way nightshift treated us. The male nurse then walked off and two female nurses grabbed me by my arms and said “we can do this the easy way or the hard way. You can go to your room or go to seclusion.” I was crying at the time telling them I just wanted to calm down. They then dragged me to seclusion where I was locked in a room with a jail like door with two cameras watching my every move. I don’t understand how this was supposed to help me as being stuck in a room by myself was the cause of all of this. After being locked in there for a good two hours someone finally decided to talk to me. He was the head nurse that night and when he confronted me why I acted the way I did. I told him the same thing I told the male nurse. I was just trying to calm down. He then told me that I needed to stop blaming other people for my mistakes and maybe the reason why I get suicidal is just for attention when I’m in trouble. To hear that from someone who is supposedly supposed to help you shattered my heart. I have been dealing with bipolar depression for years. To be told that I was all making it up left me infuriated. I wasn’t released from that room for another good two hours. Until someone from the small children’s section came in there and talked to me. I told her my story and she had a look of disappointment on her face as I told her the truth. She quickly told me I didn’t belong in there and got me out. I was exhausted and just wanted to sleep. But they refused to let me sleep in my bed so I had to sleep out in the commons area with a recliner that was very uncomfortable. The next day I explained to the doctors what had happen even though they had already heard about it.. and they apologized immensely. They told me that the nightshift was totally in the wrong. That I should have never been put in seclusion and that they were sincerely sorry and that they talked with those nurses. Sorry doesn’t cause the amount of pain and fear I felt that night to go away. I give this rating two stars because after all the traumatic things that happened. I just stayed in my room and worked on myself with the doctors. The doctors there actually care. It’s the nurses who don’t. So, if you’re thinking about sending your child here. Please reconsider.

Karen Weiss

I come with someone who is served by the VA. Many times they are MUSC physicians who work part-time at the VA and all his care is excellent and thorough. I have been to the MUSC dental school and it was reasonably priced and the work was ok.

Patricia Cwick

My husband Richard was hospitalized with a broken femur. I can not say enough positive things about the staff (nurses, aides, Pt staff etc)on the 10th floor, Orthopedics. They treated him with care and respect. Their professionalism was exceptional. I don't believe we could have had a more positive experience under such a stressful situation. We want to thank all these wonderful healthcare professionals. Your Hospital should feel proud to be represented by such a dedicated, professional and caring staff.


COUNTY HOSPITAL! If you've ever heard of any city with a county hospital well this is Charleston's county. Places patients in the hallways, no privacy, you can be sitting by someone with staph or a mental issues and they would not care. Residents are your doctors and when you ask for a doctor they will say they are or they can do the same work. Just compare this to a GRADY(ATL)! SMH The only reason I give 2 stars is because thankfully I've never had a malpractice issue and I'm still living...

Crusty33 Gaming

when I went here for a medical emergencey they did a fantastic job. thanks doctor Atz for helping me through recovery

Carolina ByDesign

I had "high hopes" for this neurological hospital. I had temporal lobe brain surgery. At first, the staff at the hospital was very optimistic about the outcome. I had all the test for the surgery, which basically was worse than the surgery. Keep in mind, I was so excited about the possibility of being seizure free. The Program Coordinator, and she knows who she is, at first was very helpful in the beginning and so were the team of doctors. I was told the surgeon went down as much as possible. I don't have a problem with the surgeon. The post surgery was TERRIBLE!!!! I have concluded that the Program Coordinator was the "sales person" for this division of the neurological department. Yes, it was all a "sales" pitch. Why, I don't know, but I bet it was the money and the students studying in the neurology department. The did nothing to help, and basically I stopped seeing them.....why should I see them? So many things I wasn't told as far as the seizures. Here goes, Thought I had a stroke while having a C section. I had a brain injury when I was 24yrs., old and had brain surgery. The seizures started when I was 40. I was told that the seizures and injury would not appear after the length time of the injury. My hormones kicked in after I had my daughter and this when it started, and got worse as the years went on, but later, I had them everyday and didn't know what was wrong, but I was having partial seizures. In short, they didn't know. Anyone who deals with epilepsy, or most feel the same about neurologist. The weather, being the pressure and humidity also has alot as having seizures. Even now, neurologist, are not aware of this. So sad. Depression and anxiety were never discussed. Not aware that seizures would change, BECAUSE, none of the doctors at MUSC knew this and the none of the doctors I see now, don't have a clue. I was never warned antihistamines and the affects they have and had a black out while driving and still don't where I was while driving. I was taking 12 meds a day afterwards and now, years later, take 2 pills a day. I went on a leave of absence from a great sales job, making 80, 000 last W2,and when I went back to work I was fired, even though I was making quota. My doctor would not contact my company, and was so hateful about it. I feel as though it was because of the insurance my company paid for the surgery. After losing my insurance, I had to go to a generic medication. Between the medication and stress I lost 40lbs. I weighted 150 and now, I still only weigh 120lbs. I sold my house, for money, and got into 30,000 in debt. A friend took me in as I had nowhere to go. I'm on disability now because of my memory and the seizures. Never told about dehydration or heat. In short, and you can google this information, SC, doesn't have alot of neurologist to choose from. Please, whatever you do, don't go anywhere near this hospital. Good luck to all!!!! I had to use a "star" to post, otherwise, I would not even rated MUSC.

Leslie Farley

My husband had an issue so we went to the emergency room at 3 on Sunday. I really think they had no doctors attending the ER. After an hour and a half he was seen by a PA and given a diagnosis and we were told the doctor would see him and recommend treatment. After another hour we spoke with a nurse and asked how long it would be and also asked for an ultrasound, she never came back. We stayed in the ER four hours and never saw a doctor.


I called and was on hold over ten minutes, while sitting out front waiting in the load unload area to pick up someone. I was then disconnected, and had to call back and waited several more minutes. Front desk clerks were not helpful, and we're unfriendly.

Chris Duvall

Brought my wife in today for stroke like symptoms. They got her from the waiting room front desk into the CT scanner in a matter of a few minutes. Our whole visit was approximately 3 and a half hours. That also included lab work, MRI, EKG, etc... By the way, it all came back negative. Awesome staff from the ER nurse, Ryan to the MRI tech Craig. Everyone was awesome! Highly recommend coming here!

Connie Sledge

I'm visiting my family from out of town and while I was here we had to bring my daughter to the ER. While she was being treated, I went out to the car and as I was walking, I fell at the entrance to the parking deck. As I made it back to the ER, my family had me sign in to be seen because my Right knee was injured in the fall. I was triaged and taken back to see the doctor, however, I was treated as if I was there for prescription drugs due to the fact that I have a pain management clinic back home. My discharge papers DO NOT even say that I fell IN YOUR PARKING DECK. Normally, I don't complain because I used to be in the medical field before I got sick. But, I refuse to be treated like a drug addict looking for a fix when I had a severe injury to my knee. I'm sorry to have to leave this review, however, considering the circumstances of the injury and where I was injured, I'm writing this so, hopefully, the hospital staff will read it and make the appropriate changes in the way people are treated in the future.

April Normam

Service is Slow, but they take their time to figure out what you got going on

Elizabeth Mitchum

We owe so much to MUSC Children's Hospital and can not sing its praises enough. AMAZING hospital in every way with the absolute best doctors and nurses you could ever hope to have care for your child.

Ken Lam

Good staff. Campus is nice with lots of garden areas and trees. And the cafeteria options are good.

Monique Lovine

The wait time in the ER is ridiculous if you want to be seen promptly you must come by ambulance. 4 hours just to be seen.

Edward Everitt

Good doctors, great care,beautiful area, too bad they don't follow up with you like they say .

Jacob Neville

They said some mean things behind my back but hey they fixed me so thats nice

Velvet Revolver

Unprofessional. Not knowledgeable. Horrible experience for a serious medical issue. They gave me a follow up in a year. Each physician I spoke with contradicted the last. They cannot agree on the same diagnosis and they all disagree regarding the findings. Staff needs to learn about HIPAA laws.

Tina Timmerman

Has took care of 3 family members with love and passion.

donna Matthews

Bypass surgery. It was a breeze. Staff was excellent.

Brandon Fuller

After visiting this hospital many times over the course of the last year, I will say the doctors and nurses here are very competent and good at what they do. The level of care exceeds expectations, and if I had the choice between this facility and other area hospitals, I'd choose MUSC every time.

Sherritta Beaufort

Everyone was very helpful, polite and professional.


This is a very clean hospital and campus with extremely competent and caring staff. (The hospital shuttle to take patients to various parts of campus is even handicap accessible.) Having experience as both a patient and medical staff at a number of hospitals and research facilities I can state with confidence that this is one of the best hospitals that I've been to. They are more well equipped to handle a wider variety of patients than anywhere else in this area, and most hospitals in the country.

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