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REVIEWS OF Mcleod Health Clarendon IN South Carolina

martin l. king

Horrible place to work. Hospital is understaffed and there is no teamwork. Supervisors and staff show favorites towards workers and treat others like they are less than a human. I was a PRN worker that found a full-time job at another facility and was threated to be fired and put on a no re-hired list all through text message. I called HR to voice my concerns about the matter, and even though I was the one calling with the complaint HR heard my supervisors side of the story and called me back taking sides with my supervisor before I could voice my concern at all. This is a terrible place to work or receive healthcare...

John Blanton


Ryan Seay

Bob Baumeister

So sad, when I first went there almost 8 years ago, I had a great experience. And continued having positive experiences until June 2011. That's when my whole life changed forever. When I asked for help and after having meeting after meeting with management, it was turned over to their Risk Management person who basically told me to "go pound sand". I couldn't even get a meeting with them after filing a formal grievance. But it was interesting how after that, my outstanding balance was dropped? Thousands of dollars wiped clean? As the years went by and I became more knowledgeable of the inner workings through knowing many of their employees and management staff, I was astonished how this facility operates. Personal information breach’s, missed dates for government funding, fraud, misdiagnoses, nepotism, cronyism, and unresponsive leadership all add up to a huge problem. Not to mention the lack of hiring minority management employees. I can only hope that someday the entire facility is either closed or acquired by another hospital system.

Virginia Wheeler

I was a patient of Dr. John Hicks Cardiologist in Manning South Carolina,,,Excellent Cardiologist. Billing was handled by Clarendon Hospital. I was billed by the hospital several times for the amount of $9.89 which I paid because they kept billing me. I have talked to Amanda in the billing department several times about a refund. Each time that I talked with her, I was told that either she had not had a chance to check on the $9.89. The last time I talked with her she said that the $9.89 was in process of being processed to mail. That has been several weeks ago and the beginning of this process has been several months. I realize that $9.89 is not a lot of money but it doesn't belong to the hospital, it belongs to me.

Janet Bush

Tiff B

Maurice McFadden

Recently had family treated here. Good staff, clean facilities and the surgeon was spot on. Ages ago, many of the complaints would be true...i grew up in this area, but they have improved dramatically in past few years with quality new hires. As for ER and triage, you must be aggressive. Too many use the ER when they should go to Urgent Care which is a block away. If its urgent then use urgent care, if its life threatening then use an ER, people.

serone johnson

Go to this hospital because my ribs are hurting and all they do rub on my ribs give me Motrin and send me home no MRI no catscan no nothing I am so disgusted

Julia Blanding

Joe Bradford

Vicki Meddel

Went In with cold bc ugrent care was closed I figured I would have took forever it did from the girls who chk me in to the tech and the Pa they were wonderful. Then only complaint was the nurse didn't dicussvmy DC plans meds.

sheila thompson

Terri Bell

This hospital needs to close its doors!!! Came up here with sever back pain and they gave me a shot and sent me home..Didn't run any kind of tests to see what was wrong or anything. Coming here was just a waste of time.

Chassidy Gates

Traveled the almost 30 mins from Sumter due to our poorly functioning hospital here. My 3 yr old daughter had been very sick the past couple of days with cough, fever and vomiting. When we got there she was very lethargic and not responding to any type of stimulation (rectal thermometer or weight check) they took her back immediately and started drawing blood and started and IV. I was very impressed with their nurses and physicians attentiveness to the care of my daughter. I will most definitely be going to manning for emergency care!

Mark Stoffel

So very disappointed in this hospital. Can't believe how dirty and how many bugs were all over the floors in this place. Not to mention they leave you in a room and hardly ever check on you. On a positive note our nurse was nice, but that's about the only good thing I can say about this experience. If you can make it to Florence or Charleston I'd highly recommend it.

pat stewart

Joshua Lee

This place is a joke. Always has been more of a morgue than a place of well being they do not care if you make it as long as they can profit off their tests they do repeatedly with no results.

Chase McCants

If your pregnant DO NOT COME HERE find another hospital if possible to have your baby. They say it's your choice on how you want to give labor but then tell me and my fiance that if we don't want to have a c section then they won't induce us because it's not the doctors preference.


Was admitted to the ER on 9/12 after a fall .had a dislocated shoulder.. my experience was great from the ambulance folks to Dr .Miller. I praise everyone of them. The pain was horrible .EMT we're so gentle and kind .Leroy and Mary I think her name was. Tried making as comfortable as possible. When I arrived at ER. I was greeted by a great nurse Samantha and the CNA Candy. These were amazing ladies .A young man named Sam. Dr Miller was so kind and gentle. Even the transport gentleman who took me to Xray was very aware of my pain and was great. The 2 ladies in x Ray were amazing at trying not to hurt me more getting what they needed. Dr Miller was so kind to explain what had to be done. Thank you Dr Miller and Candy and Samantha .and x Ray and ambulance folks. Y'all are the best. After being sedated my shoulder was put back in place . Great experience at that ER ever.

Anonymous Anonymous

If you do not leave this place in time, they will literally be the cause of your death. My grandmother was in here because McLeod supposed that she caught a string of pneumonia and wanted to stop it from spreading. Over time, she was also showing signs that she had a bladder infection because she would steadily pat where her bladder was located. They supposedly ran tests on her and assumed she was ok to go home. Turns out my grandmother had a bladder infection and McLeod failed to treat and not only that they were giving her the wrong medicine. So when she arrived to McLeod in Florence, she had 2 gallons of urine in her bladder that McLeod failed to treat. I knew something was wrong because my grandmother barely responded most of the times I visited and she barely was awake to know most of the times I visited. So if you are at McLeod Clarendon now, especially in the Emergency Room, I advise you to LEAVE and fly as fast as you can to Palmetto Health Richland, or McLeod Regional Health Center located in Florence because McLeod Health Clarendon and Palmetto Health Tuomey will both kill you.

Kim Brodersen

The ICU staff have been excellent in taking care of my Dad!!

James Platt

Last night, my Father was told by his Doc, to go to ER,blood sugar was 500, he waited 3 hrs before they did ANYTHING, AND THEN DECIDED TO KEEP HIM.My Question is His Dr sent us there,why did they not atleast ck hid sugar when he got there or put him in the back to monitor, " THIS IS VERY SAD AND SHOWS ME THEY DONT CARE ABOUT THERE PATIENTS " I DID LEAVE A COMPLAINT WITH HIS DR.

Precious Kemoni

This Place is SO nasty. i don't care if you not feel good. they still will take a long time to put you in a room

Dorline Walker

On April 09, 2017 my husband andI were in a car accident. We were rushed to the ER at McLeod. The On duty physician, Dr. Marva Williams was phenomenal! The staff was kind and took care of our needs. The facility was clean and my experience there was great until I found out there were no taxis, busses or anything that could take us the almost 3 mile walk to the nearest hotel.

Shenay Galloway

Probate took my kid there for substance abuse not once but twice. She had cut marks all down her arm. They let her go both times without even a 72hr hold. Now my kid is worse than ever. What do i have to wait on to see her body in the morgue?

John Moore

I went to the ER early this morning 10/29 with a dislocated knee. I was almost immediately admitted, treated professionally by every one I was visited by. Treated with care and concern, and treated expeditiously. I left with a healing leg. I was most happy with the treatment and didn't even complain when a beautiful nurse stuck a needle in my rear. Said it was to help with the pain in my knee, I didn't bother to point out that now my butt was now hurting too

Jerry Pendergrass Jr

They replaced my right knee

BJ Sweat

(Translated by Google) sloooooow OF (Original) Sloooooow AF

jason harding

My wife and I had our second child here. It was a wonderful experience. Excellent nurse staff and our nurse midwife who delivered was Tom Chappell and he did an outstanding job.

Jonathan Sanchez

These doctors and employees in the emergency room are not god people. They laugh at you while you are freaking out and do not offer any kind of actual care. We went in and were made to believe our daughter was way sicker than she was, even though by the time we got her to the hospital, things had improved. They did NOTHING but pass us off to another hospital further away from our home AFTER we told the doctor we could not afford it. The "doctor" who walked around like he was coming off of a bad hangover pulled my wife aside and frightened her with his "doctor speak" of words she didn't recognize and she herself was put into a state of shock worse than having to bring our daughter to the hospital in the first place. Needless to say, ALL of the doctor's recommendations have put our family in a heightened financial burden DESPITE telling them we wanted otherwise. NOW I have a bill (after being told we were eligible for Medicaid and heard NOTHING from that group) that is over $2000 for an ambulance ride and an expensive hotel stay(the other hospital) while the drunken doctor still ambles around the hospital taking advantage of other people. THANKS FOR THE FINANCIAL BURDEN AND BAD DOCTORING. The people working there are not even capable of getting a burger order ready at the local burger restaurant.

lawrence mclaurin

I drove 35 minutes from Shaw afb to Manning due to the service was way better in Manning than Sumter. I had an excellent experience with the hospital the hospitality was excellent.

Sharon Page

my daughter was left in a room in a neck brace for over 3 hours waiting to get a ct scan, after having a major car accident. Never saw A DOCTOR !! The RN that saw us after CT scan came back said no fractures and made her get dressed and basically kicked her out the room, putting her in the waiting room, waiting for an hour for her ride to show up. She could barely move and I felt she should have been kept for overnight observation. When asked what test and medications were given to her no answers were ever given. Very unprofessional hospital!!!

Jennifer Franklin

Dr. Miller is very disrespectful. Had my grandma who has end stages copod rushed there becuz her bp was very low. Found she has flu. They called me to get her and her bp was still low and miller said they don't hospitalized over social visit. If she is unable to take her normal meds and too weak to go to the bathroom what makes them think she will take her new prescription.

Joshua McGranaghan

Only reason I’m not giving zero stars is because it requires me to give at least one star. My wife is pregnant and has HG, which means she is very sick and throws up all the time, which causes her to be dehydrated a lot. So my wife started to feel very weak and couldn’t keep anything down and decided to go in for some help. My complaint is not with what they diagnosed, my complaint is how we were treaded. Her mom took her in and first of all would not let her go back with her. They told my wife she didn’t need to be there and the nurse practitioner (Monique smith) treated her like she was stupid for coming in. She also was very rude to my mother in law when she asked after a while if she could go see her daughter, she said “no” and left. My wife heard the NP talking about her and her mom in the hallway cussing and carrying on. I was extremely mad I don’t take it lightly when someone talks about my family and treats them poorly. Monique smith needs to be reprimanded for what she did. I will never return to this hospital.

Danny Norman

For the second time I have had to walk out of the ER. with a patient and seek care elsewhere. It seems that if you are an elderly person they will just let you die in the waiting room while they take anyone who comes in the door right on back. And to make it worse we were told that the insurance would be billed anyway. For Nothing !! This is clearly poor management and an on going situation. I have let my family know that if I ever need emergency care, even a heart attack, to get me to Orangeburg ER. If I don't make it at least they tried to get me to a professional facility. Manning hospital is a disgrace to Clarendon Co.

Jim Aycock

Great staff. Very professional. Exceeded all of my requirements as a customer.

mark davis

had to sit 2 hours and did not even see a triage nurse . and then told the sign in receptionist that I was in bad pain on the left side of my stomach which I told her when signed in . 30 more minutes went by and still no help . then ask to see a supervisor 30 more minutes and no supervisor . by that time it felt like a hot knife was in my side so i just limp out with out getting no help all . and no choice but to come home and lay in pain . this will be my 4 day in pain with no help and cant eat .

Glenna Richards, PbG Virtual

NEVER GO HERE! They tried to over dose my child with pain meds, didn't have any antibiotics for her, and we were there for 5 hours in a room that had no bed in it. Not to mention they over charged me. Drive to nearest big city and go to a real emergency room. It will take less time and you will actually be treated by medical professional. FACILITY WAS VERY DIRTY!

Casandra Aiken

Had to wait to long to get registered.


McCleoud Health Clarendon...... I see that you are a HIGHLY dishonest establishment. You have attempted to take my client’s life TWICE. He was admitted here to receive “help” not very long ago and was sent home the very next day because you wanted to seem honest and let the world know that he, in fact, does NOT have schizophrenia or any other mental illness. Little did the public know, you are not equipped to effectively deal with mental health patients. You sent him home, not with Geodon... or did you? You actually did but exactly ONE pill was laced with the same poison that was placed in his food at the local Sonic but in a higher concentration. This was part of a deal, made in secret, with none other than your local CVS Pharmacy. My client knows full well and your place of business will be shut down and most of the staff will be sent to prison, if not all of them. For your treachery, I will see you in a court of law and you will be held accountable. My client is very disappointed and yes, even mad. He will NEVER set foot in your hospital again. I suggest that you make a public statement, at your choosing, sometime between now and October 20th, 2019. If you do not, my client and I will take what you have done as an act of war and you will never work in the medical field again, none of you. This has been a review formatted by my client and I, Joshua Carraway and Emma Zhu.

Butch Holladay

How dare they change the name! I was born and delivered in the older wing before the renovation. Worked there as a Security Gaurd. Some people there were pretty snobby, others very nice. Being Manning is my home town, can't say too many bad things about the hospital.

Kattie Hendrix

The worst I have ever been treated by hospital staff ever! The triage nurse was the absolute worst she was so rude and just plain mean to me for no reason I couldn’t even talk I was in so much pain and she was just being mean for no reason. They did not care about my well being and I was never examined by a Dr. just hooked up to a machine for fluids and dismissed while still in extreme pain. The nurse that started my IV had huge air bubbles going through my IV into my arm but at least after 2 hours and once my husband asked she did bring a blanket. They were more concerned about getting my insurance cards and money then helping me. They do not deserve a dime because they didn’t do anything. If another unforeseen circumstance happens I will go to Palmetto Health Tuomey from now on! I was stupid for coming here in the first place I can not believe how I was treated!

Kathy Tripp

This hospital Is honestly a joke! I had a hematoma from a shot damaging a nerve...the ER Dr came in talking.... spitting what looked like food out of his mouth while talking. DISGUSTING!! As I had pains shooting down my leg... serious pain and pregnant! I was sent home and they said it looked like it was healing! Lazy unprofessional and just disgusting!! The ER part of the hospital is a complete joke!

Bertice Bryant

They are terrible. I'm 25 weeks pregnant & I was pretty ill, They put a lady that came after me in a room 1st & the guy asked why I'm not going 1st. The male nurse told another patient I'm pregnant not much they can do with me smh. Call my Dr office that morning & told me to come in that afternoon. Come to find out I was very dehydrated. They are TERRIBLE when it comes down to pregnant women & they don't even check on you. Just terrible

Rebecca Hasbrook

I have always loved Clarendon Memorial. In fact I drive right past Tuomey to go there instead because that's where I've always received the best care. But the last two times I went due to a car accident and issues that came up as a result of the accident, I have been completely disappointed and neglected. I will never go back if Monique, the "Nurse Practitioner" is working. The first time I saw her, she was very fast, rude, and didn't seem to hear what I was trying to tell her. In fact she was more concerned about asking me how pregnant I was based on my gut and when I told her its not possible, my tubes are tied.. she simply said, "wow, okay." The second time I saw her was last night. I went in knowing I was fighting two infections that three different antibiotics did not help and now my lymph nodes were so swollen I could not eat or drink as it was extremely painful to swallow. I tried to explain the history so she would know but she cut me off, glanced in my ears and at my throat. Didn't even touch my lymph nodes I was complaining about and didnt even bring a stethoscope to listen to my heart and lungs knowing i have a history of heart problems. started to deny my request for a urinalysis, because she said i wasn't "symptomatic" even though i had just tried to tell her it still burned when I pee. So I repeated myself for her to roll her eyes at me and say, "fine go pee in a cup then." When she came back an hour later with discharge papers, i was so upset because I felt as though I was being brushed off. Like i I wasn't important or didn't matter. And it wasn't too busy, i could see her sitting at the desk the whole time from my room. She told me I still had the uti and now apparently a bacterial infection in my throat? (Strep?) And tried to send me home with only another antibiotic. I requested bloodwork due to the other antibiotics not working and my health steadily declining. And the fact the i have been dizzy since the accident and my vision was in and out too. She extremely rudely told me no that i did not warrant bloodwork. I'm seeking medical attention elsewhere today and getting the labwork that i deserve, even if just to ease my mind. But my advice to anyone going to the ER, make sure you go when Monique is not there. She is fast, rude, and does not care about her patients health.

Mark Easler

Terrible - called 911 as I could nor breath and was shaking bad. Gave me oxygen ...they did no tests and sent me home. 2nd time just a few days later - same thing only worse,I died in the ER. this time they did some tests and said I had congestive heart failure !! Sent me to Columbia and I got 2 stints. The Columbia Hospital was excellent!.... The 3rd time I was shaking and hard to breath again - on duty doc prescribed 2 new meds - said they sent them to my pharmacy, so next day I went to pick them up and pharmacy said they never received anything !!

Hannah Nicole

Slow, rude staff

Lisa Hopkins

The worst hospital ever. You could be dying and they will let you set right in that hot behind room they call a triage room

Lakall Reed

Worst hospital I've ever been to. The staff is horrible and they tried to bill my insurance twice

Sylvia Mcfadden

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