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Jonellen Edgerton

David Deck

The ER nurses were super. The woman at the ER desk would NOT put on my report that I said I had a bowel obstruction. She said she would put down "constipated". I told her I was not constipated but she wouldn't listen. When I saw the ER nurse I explained that I was not constipated but I had a bowel obstruction. (This was my 8th bowel obstruction). The ER nurses treated me with respect and professional care. Except for the first woman the rest of the hospital staff treated me exceptionally well. I am 70 years old and have been in several hospitals in my life and I would rate this hospital in the top 10% for care and service.

Karin Nason

Ann Toth

agreed with most the other reviewers...DO NOT GO to this hospital, and I am from Camden. My father was taken by ambulance from Springdale (DO NOT go there either), to ER sun nite....kept in er all nite, no fluids given....two days later was in ICU bc of dehydration....potassium was so high, kidneys were beginning to shut down.....and his potassium level was higher the sun nite he was kept in er with no help. He was sent home from er sun am bc they "found no reason to admit him".....yet he has liver cirrhosis, was vomiting, and had a tube draining infection out of his gallbladder. so, our next trip will be to Columbia. The doctors and nurses over no help or advice....just awful experience.

Lynda Kohn

My mom spent along time in the hospital and was treated like a dignified person. Then she lived in the Karesh wing and was treated professionally until she died.

Michelle Tansey

Absolutely the most wreckless operation I've ever encountered. The nurses didn't even know what my son-in-law was admitted and being treated for, continuasly gave incorrect and conflicting information. We had to resort to demanding copies of test results to know what was correct and were refused and told to contact records dept. Finally had to demand a transfer, which they then said would look bad on the doctor and that Richland didn't have an open bed, and released him to go home to recover from menengitis! So dizzy he couldn't get up out of bed and having chest pains and erratic heart beat and body freezing up.

thomas lucas

Bed bugs in the Emergency room furniture just for people to sit in. Unclean and just disgusting

Jessica Snipes

Holly Connell

Seeley Spaulding

Great hospital. Labor and delivery nurses are topnotch! Even down to the ER. My husband drilled a hole in his finger last year and they didn't do much but, it wasn't that serious. The bill was $$$ but emergency medicine isn't cheap. I feel bad for the people who have had bad experiences. They should try Springs Memorial Hospital in Lancaster. Lol

Bayleigh Phillips

Went there because my ankle was completely broke, and side ways. And they left me in a room for 3hrs before and pain medicine . And the people that work night shift are not friendly at all.

Nicole Gambrell

Awful. I swear the ER drs just guess when its time to give a diagnosis. (If you want a proper diagnosis & proper treatment, i wouldnt go here). Plus you're going going to be overcharged. Well overcharged for the little bit of "work" they did or were "supposed" to do. The ONLY good experiences i've had here were the 2 times i had to have blood drawn in the lab. The ladies over there are wonderful.

Mickey Anderson

Grandmother was pouring blood out of her hand from an injury and they still made her wait a half hour to an hour in the ER waiting room!!! This hospital sucks!!!!!


This hospital is terrible. Nurses are rude and I had to wait like 4, hours on my prescriptions.I will NEVER COME BACK HERE AGAIN.

Debbie the pet lady

omg stay away from this butcher shop of horrors!! i bought my son their and they used stuff that should have not been used on him and my son is in pain far worst then before

Shonda Smarr

If I could give no stars I would. If you are able to travel a little more , please choose another hospital. No compassion from the staff. Doctor and nurses are either clueless or do not care. Doctor did not even know why my son was there and was treating him for something else and he was brought in by an ambulance! I pray I nor my family will ever be in a position where we will need to go back there again. I am willing to travel a little more and go to a better hospital. It’s sad how bad this place is.

Nokomis Patterson

I had a bad problem with the emergency room service the other night. I talked to the patient relations about my complaint. I had received a call from the Emergency room supervisor. I felt that she was listening to her staff and accusing myself and my husband of been rude towards the staff. Next time, I will be recommending a doctor and nurse with good communication skills.

Redmoon vapes

I have the utmost respect for all of the ER staff have worked Side By side with some of these ER nurses for going on 7 years. I am a local Paramedic and also have sick family members that have received excellent care from ER staff. I have witnessed countless acts of kindness, empathy ,sympathy and professionalism. Keep up the good work Guys and girls. Your EMS family love and appreciate all you do for our families and our community.

Angry Pictures

Been sitting here for 2 hours still no help. Was told 30 minutes ago it was going to be 10 more minutes This plane needs to be shut down

Angie Adams

Cherrie Blystone


Cherry Allen

Becca Smith

Slowest emergency room department team ever. My mom has a stomach condition that causes her to be in and out of the emergency room, but they can’t give her anything to help her.

Shane Willoughby

Kershaw health is a fail!!! Money hungry to the point that it's sickening! Charged us $85 to tell us we had breast cancer! Remaining bill insurance didn't pay we set up a monthly payment, which was paid on time every time and then they sent it to collections for the exact same amount we're already paying! Should we get a lawyer? How will this affect our credit?

Samantha Burchfield

A lot of people love to hate on Kershaw health but they have really gotten better over the years. Especially sense they have been purchased by the capella network. I went in for an outpatient surgery and they helped me understand and stay calm every step of the way. The nurses and anesthesiologist personally met with me before and after my surgery to check on me. Honestly before being put under we were all having such a casual conversation I didn't remember being put asleep. They made it a super calm and friendly environment that made what was a scary experience, feel like a breeze.

sam Workman

With gods help i will never go bak to this hospital.if you're nt bleeding from your head they don't care anything about you.over the years the works have gotten nasty attitudes and thedoctors don't have a heart

Ronald Thrower

Vincent Eppolito

The nurses in women's care and doctor McLeod did a great job on my wife's surgery. They took great care of her.

Victor Klee

Had a hip replacement I have nothing but high praise and gratitude to the nursing staff. Thank you

Jigar Patel

Absolutely No No, to this horrible place. You have to wait 3 to 4 hours just to be registered. They don’t care how much pain patients going through. No rooms to transfer patients. Please don’t go. Go somewhere else!!!!!

Diane King

Mary Kay Blalock

ER visit a little long (six hours)

Charity Wood

Oddly I was misdiagnosed and sent home after a terrible seizure with serious head trauma and never even saw a doctor. Thank god for palmetto parkrige

Janet Webb

Got to me right away and Doctor was very kind and professional ..He took his time and explained my condition very detailed. The nurse was very compassionate and kind . For a small Hosptial they were very professional and did all they could possibly do.

Minister David Ragsdale

ACCIDENT UPDATE: Well after 6 weeks of Knee immobilization, It appears the Fracture has healed. I say appears because it's a long complicated story. Let me start with Don't ever come to South Carolina and expect great Health care. (NOT HAPPENING). I will spare you , my friends how horrible this has been. Yesterday was one of the most incompetent and bizarre experiences EVER at a Medical facility. I was told just take off your brace and walk around normal?(*$)!!#??? Thank God I have some Medical knowledge. This requires Slow and therapeutic measures, combined with a Smaller Knee supporter (Such as an ACE Product) . If I followed the Suggestion of PA Bailey I would have popped my kneecap, tore ligaments, or worse. I am starting therapy for the next 2 weeks to restore full mobility. I will visit my PCP and have him read the X Ray because now I've developed a "Spur" that looks menacing on the film. ON a crucial note Stay Away from Kerhaw Healthcare. there folks have no concern about patients and all but make personal wagers with each other to see how long it will take for patients to pass out from pain of injuries. I will have to see my PCP for Medication as the "Physician Assistant" told me they don't issue any medicines anymore because Young folks are taking Heroin overdoses, As what this has to do with us older folks wasn't clarified. When pressed for an explanation I was told that was being "Combative" These folks don't need to give medical care to others they need to receive some themselves! Please keep me in your Prayers, Positive vibes, and well wishes, as I try to conclude the last chapter of healing in this situation. ~Pastor Dave

Ebony Massey

The worse place to go to the emergency room people are so bad and some of the doctor are the worse doctor every

Edward Sorrow

Autum Cornell

I appreciated the security guards more than the staff. They waited four days to tell me I had a cyst and were all around rude. Do not recommend this hospital at all unless you don't mind being treated poorly.

madrid ebony

Poor medical service

Hannah Leopard

Please please please guys if you care about yourself or loved one that may be seeking medical attention DO NOT go to the place. They are the absolute worst place I’ve ever been. They not only sent me home once with the wrong diagnoses but multiple times. The first doctor I seen didn’t even really talk to me or explain why I was feeling the way I was or what was causing it. The second time I went the next doctor did explain slightly more but he also prescribed me the wrong antibiotics to take. They have also sent my brother home after a motorcycle accident with an ice cold foot . He now has to go to another hospital to make sure he is okay and get his foot looked at. They also take a really long time to get to you once you’re taken back to a room and while you’re waiting several of the nurses or doctors are just standing outside joking and laughing or talking. It is really clear that this place could care less if they give you the right treatment or not . If you care about your health just go the extra distance and go to a better hospital because odds are when you leave here you will have to go there anyway.

Katelyn Berry

i do not recommend the Emergency service in Kershaw Health. I went to Kershaw County Emergency for chest pains & pains throughout my abdomen, the doctor on the clock looked @ me & said, her exact words were, "all your tests & your xray came back normal. all the emergency room can do is make sure your conditions are not life threatening & you are not dying." & wrote me a prescription for medice for Aleve & acid reflux medication..

William Dixon

My grandfather isn't supposed to exert energy and a nurse sat a blanket on the other side of the room and said its here if you want it

Linda Rogers

Went to Emergency room on Thanksgiving with a very low pulse rate associated with irregular heart rhythm. Was registered, wheeled into examination room and attached to a EKG within 30 minutes. Both care and caregivers were EXCELLENT in every way, I was admitted to the hospital for surgery to get a pacemaker. Both surgery and recovery were another superb experience. Over the last five years, due to having a massive stroke,I've had many experiences with hospitals, Each experience was very satisfactory that helped lead me to a remarkable recovery. Our little Kershaw Health hospital was one of the BEST for customer service, pleasant surroundings with a quiet, peaceful; pace that set both the mood and environment for rest and recovery. I give my experience with these finely tuned professionals for their superb skills,, caring hearts and exceptional customer service "THREE CHEERS FOR A JOB WELL DONE!!!"

Shelbilyn Cassan

That was absolutely the worst experience of my life. The woman at the front desk clearly did not want to check me in. When I got to the back to get checked out the doctor all but called me retarded and poor. It was absolutely horrible. They are the rudest group of people I have ever had the disfortune of encountering.

Amy Guzialek

Greatest scam in Camden. As brand new residents here (been in our house one week), we decided to go to the local hospital for advice on doctor's taking new clients in the area. I also needed some prescriptions filled. Went to the front desk and met an incredibly helpful lady who pointed me to a doctors office that was taking new clients. I mentioned to her about the prescriptions and she said from 10-10, they were an urgent care facility, I told her I didn't want to take up anybody's time since my need was just to refill prescriptions, she quickly stated no problem our PA would see you. I waited only briefly before a very professional nurse called me in for vitals and assessment, she noted my blood pressure was actually high but that's for another time, she finished and I went back to a room. Normal wait time, in walks the doctor, he immediately notifies me he would not be refilling my prescriptions, one of them was for a low dose norco, and his reasoning, "I'm on basically every council known to man in the hospital and you might not know it but there's a huge problem with doctor's over prescribing pain meds." He also went into how much they can be fined and on and on. I get their explanation for not wanting to fill them, I've been a paramedic/firefighter for 25 years now and have heard it all, that's why I clearly stated that at the very beginning. Next "doctor I'm on every council" asked me to grab his fingers and squeeze, touched my back, legs, and feet, and listened to my heart and lungs. He then apologized he couldn't help and left. Soon after registration came by and I signed the paperwork, my bill for less than 10 minutes of, I'll call it what it is, bullshit. ........$430.00. At the very least, I thought I was told this was an urgent care from 10-10, I've never paid over $100.00 for an urgent care before. If they would of just told me they wouldn't fill my prescriptions I would of left gladly with their doctor office suggestion, but since they stated these doctors were associated with this E. R., I simply tore them up on the way to my car. I'm very saddened this was the service I received in my brand new hometown.

NaTasha Johnson

My uncle went to the ER here two days in a row with complaints of weight loss, lethargy and abdominal pain. On his first visit there, they sent him home with eye drops. They did not even draw labs. He went back the next day with the same symptoms. They did an CT scan and found cancer. They gave him pain medicine and sent him home. Newly diagnosed metastatic cancer!!!! He was told an oncology office would contact him. We had to take him to a Columbia hospital for him to receive the care that he not only needed but deserved. This hospital does not deserve any stars. Don't waste your time taking love ones here. You would be wasting precious time.

Crisanne Black

This hospital is the most incompetetant medical facility. Absolutley no confidence in this place as they almost killed my son. Surgeons performed surgery way beyond their abilities and infection was evident even when they released him. Do not go to this hospital ever. Horrible medical care. Such a sad example of inept medical system. My son is alive because we took him to the Columbia Er. So disgusted!

Gerald P.

The emergency room staff saved my life after cardiac arrest. They then showed excellent judgment by deciding to send me by helicopter to the nearest major hospital with first-class facilities for treatment of heart problems. This small-town medical center performs a vital function for the community. In my case, it's a 5-star facility.

Josh Mauk

Jon G

My wife and I have had cause to use this hospital dozens of times over the last 13 years. They have always been nothing but professional. I suspect that that the negative reviews on here are predominantly from drug users that have been turned down for narcotics. This is a wonderful local hospital, and I would love to have conversations with those that say otherwise. Bring documentation....


This place is garbage!!!! Please tell me how you as a social worker can look at a patient, be told this patient cannot care for themselves, and tell their child because the patients sibling said the patient is going home it’s the final word? So my concern as the child doesn’t mean a thing? This chick needs to be fired! No wonder the elderly in Kershaw County are neglected daily. No one gives a damn! When family members reach out for assistance, people like Deborah Randolph, make a decision based off someone she spoke to on a damn phone. Are you serious? Please if you’re reading this and you have a parent in Kershaw County whose health is failing and you live out of town...move them immediately. Don’t trust anyone will listen to your needs and care about the welfare of your family member. It’s all about the money here!

Vicky Joseph

Waiting for three hours to be seen at fast track with sick people . And then they send you a bill that makes you wonder what did they see you for. Horrible service in the emergency room. Administration needs to do something about this service. Takes too long

Christina Brockington

I have visited this hospital many times over the past 13 years. They have improved very much. I've been seen, my husband and children. We had out patient surgery December 2017 and the staff was amazing. My kids were seen for a motor vehicle accident and the entire department was phenomenal. When we first moved here it was a little rough. I appreciate their hard work in moving forward.

Bob Carpenter

I would love to know how the heck my Grandmother was discharged this week to Hospice care with no pain medications/comfort care package? 24 hours of discharge planning and this place still screws up everything. THANKS for making everything more stressful for my Mother and my Grandmothers last few days even more miserable. #thisplaceneedstobeshutdown, #neveragain, #andColumbiaisnotthatfar!

Tammy Croxton

Kershaw Health is a poor excuse for care ! My elderly mother was treated worse than a dog. She was left on the toilet for 45 mins for a nurse to go get a diaper for her and the nurse NEVER came back, my mom had to work her way back to her bed alone. She is a fall risk and was NOT supposed to have to do that. The room was NASTY, blood fromt daily medications until she had an episode with severe chest pains, 3 nitroglycerin pills and her blood pressure was way too high. She normally takes 3 blood pressure pills daily at home and has for over 20 yrs. She could have had a stroke or went into cardiac arrest and Kershaw Health would have been responsible. She would call for a nurse to help her to the bathroom and wait 35 to 45 mins and one not show up and a family member happen to show up for a visit and them have to take her. Her bed alarm was not put on but one time during her 4 day stay and that was After I spoke with Administration about ALL the issues. They promised her stay would be better from that minute on and she was there another day and a half day and it never improved. All it was was broken promises. Kershaw Health treated her poorly. It was a case of elderly abuse instead of care. I hope none of my family has to ever be seen in this so called facility ever again. No wonder there is so much disease, mrsa, infections and sickness when a room doesn't get cleaned.

billy bubenick

Horrible service. Never seen an actual Dr. , but a PA that thought it was better to not listen to my concerns and give me a medication I stated I did not like due to my PTSD. I found out what medication it was as it was being administered and I reiterated that the medication makes my PTSD amplify and I was then given something else and discharged. I am glad I went to a different facility as there was something wrong and I could have been bad if I didn't get medical attention. Bottom line , stay away.

Lou A

The personnel at Kershaw outpatient surgery were absolutely terrific during our visit. Nurse Cary (sorry if the wrong spelling) was professional, courteous, and simply a delight to be around The entire staff were extremely kind and I would recommend them to anyone. Thanks to Ruth as well. Such a sweetheart and the phone call the next day to check in was like a call from a family member and much appreciated. Thanks for taking care of us.

Twan Brunson

This is a hospital that is very racist,this is a family that will not let this slide you will pay for your actions on how this family endured a nightmare on the 10/14/2018.The workers who worked this night in the ER should all be fired and iam going to tell my story and make sure this never happens again.

Kayla Lee

One the most scariest thing to deal with in life is hearing your 9 month old has to have surgery. When your baby is sick you feel helpless because there nothing you can but pray and comfort your lo. When the day of surgery is the hardest time. I'm crying my fiance is crying. All the nurses and all doctors that done surgery on my lo. Was very professional and reassuring everything will be ok. The 4 day stay at the hospital was a true eye opening never take nothing for granted. They took extremely good care of my lo, my fiance and I as we was their family members. They made sure to train my husband and I before we left how to tend to the wound. Hands down this is the best child care center. My son also had to be hospitalize for pneumonia when he was just 5 years old. I had the same experience. I trust the nurses and doctors with my kids life. They always came through giving 1000% care as if it's their own children. Thank you so much for making my stay so much easier when it's a hard stressful time.

Chris Price

If you should need a hospital for any reason I would recommend traveling a bit farther to a different one. The bedside manner of all the staff in this place SUCKS. If you have a story to tell about how you got hurt or when you got sick, be prepared to repeat it over and over again because of the horrific lack of communication the staff shares. If you take medications that can cause false positives for illicit drugs, they will make that known and treat you like a junkie regardress of what you say, and within the walls of this hospital choose your words correctly because any tiny miscommunication will force the old fart doctor in the ER to involuntarily commit you to a mental facility!

Samantha Jeffery

Takes hours and said I had a cold when it was the flu

antonios kappos

Kershaw health sucks , I was having a heart attact . Before they would even help ,they wanted money. If not they probably let me die . I had massive heart attact and nurse at counter was as rude as can be. Bad bad attitude for someone in emergency situation.

Erika Jacks

Long wait sometimes but they can do there job buy some doctors and nurses can be very rude and nasty go to a better hospital in Columbia SC

Michelle Sigler

Worst hospital ever!!!!! I have had 3 babies already and came to this hospital for my 4th because my doctor retired and I needed a new doctor. Well she happened to be with this hospital. Worse mistake I ever made!! They kept me in pain all during delivery I told them she needed to open my cervix bevause my old doctor told me If I ever had anymore kids I had scar tissue on my cervix and the doctor would need to open the cervix so I could dilate. This doctor refused and said she wasnt going to do it. They made me drink a whole cup of water when to see if I was really in labor when I and they already knew I was and when every other time I had a baby they gave me ice chips and said not to drink water suck on the ice chips. They didn't want to hear my protests against it and made me drink the water as soon as I drank it my baby went into distress!! They did nothing at all for me to have natural child birth like Lexington Hospital did. They were insistent on me having a C-section when I never had to have one with my other 3 babies!! They ended up forcing me to sign papers so they could give me a c-section and they plotted behind my back the whole time. They had recorders in my room the whole time listening to everything me and my family was saying. Treating me so rude!! The rudest nurses and doctors I have ever seen in my life!! They are all about what they can do to get the most money out of you!! After I had my baby they took my baby gave her formula behind my back when I told them I was breastfeeding. They put me in a hall what they said was a recovery room after surgery and it was basically a office where the lights were off. Asking me all kinds of questions that I didnt need to be answering at the time because I just had surgery. Then when they finally put me in a room it was so small it was like a janitors closet no one could even get to the sink or move around and we had to stay in there for 3 days. The doctor never ever washed her hands. It was just a nasty dirty hospital. Blood was on the floor and it wasnt mine. I had to fight to get my baby in the room with me it was like they wanted to keep my baby and everytime I turned around they wanted to take her to the nursery when with everybody I have ever had Lexington hospital always let me keep my baby in my room. It should be my choice not theirs. The doctors even look nasty and dirty. I will never ever go back here again!! I wouldnt even take my dog to this hospital!! Having a baby supposed to be a joyous time and a time to happy and bond with your baby not be stressed out with the doctors and nurses!! I felt like I was cheated out of what was supposed to be a glorious miracle time they made it awful and miserable for me and my whole family. They didnt even want to let my other kids in the room or in the hospital.. It was just awful!!! I wouldn't even give it 1 star but I have to to leave a review.

Talitha Davis

This hospital didn't take my issues seriously even though I told them exactly what was wrong as I have a proclivity to anemia. Instead of even checking my cbc levels I was told I had vertigo and given meclizine. Well what do ya know the next day same symptoms I went to urgent care where they immediately found out my iron levels were dangerously low . Don't go here!!!!

Kershaw County Sucks

BEWARE! Kershaw County Health will overcharge you. I went to a doctor appoint that was in the Elgin building. The sent me downstairs to have blood work. I was charge over $1200 for blood work. They tacked on a hospital charge so my insurance wouldn't pay it. If it was done in the doctor's office (as I thought it was) I would not have paid anything. My insurance company would have paid it in full but because KCH labels that building as a "hospital" they would not pay it. If I would have known this building was considered a "hospital" I would not have had my blood work done there. You cannot get anyone to answer the phone. All you get are voicemails not belonging to a person but to a department. When you finally talked to someone, they say they are looking into it but don't. Now they sent me to collection and my credit score has dropped over 30 points. I do not have any income; I have been trying for two years to get Social Security Disability. My daughter is being treated for a traumatic brain injury but they care, all they want is their inflated bill paid. I will NEVER go to KCH again. The employees are incompetent and the place is managed poorly.

Samuel Catoe

I've been a heart patient numerous times and the care, Fromm the ER to the floor, has been excellent.

Audrey Musso

5/5/2017 direct admission to ICU FROM doctors office, cant breath. I had been an EMT/Paramedic for almost 20 years. Got to ICU via ambulance staff was ready, RNS, radiology, lab, respiratory, Iv nurses. They were all professional, knew,what they were doing, worked as a team, they all knew who was suppose to be doing what. I could not have gotten better care. I was treated with dignity and respect and so was my daughter. They explained everything they needed to do. I spent 3 days in ICU and a day on the 3rd floor, still all professional. I come originally from NH so I had access to the best hospitals. The people that use this facility should feel blessed that for a small community they have a great medical center, good nurses and staff with knowlegable doctors. You are lucky to have them. They certainly went above and beyond, even called me at home to check up on me. I have no issue with thier care and I applaud the staff!

Lanie Poe

Our staff

shari moser

kershaw hospital had to be the most greedious hospital ever. Refuse to work with you on payments , want you to pay what you can’t afford . So they turn your money down if it’s not their amount . I am never going there again .. no wonder people say stay away from there.


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