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REVIEWS OF Greer Memorial Hospital IN South Carolina

Margi Mackowski-Seif

I'm an old, retired nurse and the stories about how nurses making the worst patients are probably true. I, myself, my husband, my daughter and extended family members have all been in-patients at Greer Memorial Hospital. The level of care we all received has been phenomenal. We could not ask for better. The standards of care have been improved since I was practicing and my family has greatly benefited from that.


This is a great hospital with some great staff! The only thing I would have to say negatively is that they have a history of being slow. The wait times can be extremely long in the ER department, however; they have gotten substantially better! Other than that, they are pretty thorough with evaluating conditions and symptoms and that makes a big difference! This is a teaching hospital, so some of the staff are learning, but expect a clean hospital, maybe or maybe not a lo g wait, and good care!

Abby Gangloff

beautiful facility, although having to be there at 3 am wasn't very nice. Nurses were very nice, a little bit of a wait to get my test results back, but a quick diagnosis, prescription, and discharge.

wendy patterson

I was beyond impressed today(2/20/19). My first time for several things. The ladies at the front desk were welcoming & swift. Lorie Clark (admin) got me started with ease (felt like a VIP). My x-ray tech was great. Had my blood drawn by Tasha, she was really cool & put me at ease. And the cherry on this medical sundae was Terri, my CT SCAN Tech!! Her ability to communicate & make an intimidating experience smooth was absolutely amazing. What a fantastic team of medical professionals! I hope my praise will be shared with these wonderful GHS employees !!! Thank you Greer Hospital. Wendy Patterson

Valerie Wolf

Really crappy time for er wait. Dont go if you are in pain and need help quick.

Debra Crouse

I had awesome service while I had my stay there! Very friendly people!

Always Loving USA

Best Hospital I have ever been!!!!

The Unk

Staying here now for our second baby. This place is incredible & the staff is amazing. A leader in progressive hospital thinking!

Cynthia C.

Have been waiting over five hours in the emergency room. Have sat here and watched at least four patients walk out after waiting for hours. Even front desk nurse, (who at least had the decency to apologize for the long wait) said she doesn't know what the hold up is. Three stars for previous good experience but tonight ... sub par. Edited to add that at five and a half hours we were finally ushered to a room to begin the second round of waiting. Passed five empty beds on the way here ... there are six patients in the waiting room who have been there three - four hours.

Dova knauff

Wish I could give it zero stars. First of all the males nurses did nothing but talk about sex. Which was great to listen to while I was in horrid pain. Oh and the previous visit, some blond headed ditzy nurse yanked an IV out of me. Left a huge swollen bruise. I suffer from endometriosis, even though I'm 23 and it's so bad they're about to do a full hysterectomy, they refused to give me any pain relief. I know they can't fix it, but at least give my horrid pain a break while I wait for all my dreams of a family to be shattered. Wouldn't consider taking my dog here.

Cassaleigh Blackwell

I spend entirely too much time in the hospital for my health problems but this place is by far the best. Nice people, fast help, great care; Great place.

Thomas Jackson

Very disappointed in my ER Experience! I was seen immediately which is great, but the rest was a nightmare! The triage nurse was straight up Filthy mean & condescending. Dr. Ordered all kinds of tests which seemed uncalled for. Especially for the symptoms I was having. Wasn't even given an explanation of what they could be looking for??? my insurance will be fighting the charges as I'm sure the bill will be outrageous even with top of the line insurance (which I feel they were exploiting) Took 5 tries to run an IV which wasn't even used? My arms look horrible at the moment. I didn't even receive fluids! The nurse was okay! In my opinion the staff I saw were all too young to be desensitized already to patients needs. The test were negative etc. then was discharged immediately. Wow! Couldn't believe the Dr. just let me leave like that and how I was feeling.


Went here for an echogram. Extremely well organized and was seen on time. Tech who did my test was outstanding.

Raeah Kairo

Came here because I was having contractions they discharged me and told me not to come back and to go to Greenville memorial because I have epilepsy and am considered a high risk and they don't do high risk pregnancys

Christine Thieme

One star because the buildings are aesthetically pleasing. The service and care? Go elsewhere. We took our daughter for Thyroid related blood tests. (Basic, common tests) The nurse actually came out and asked me what one of the tests was, because they had "never seen this word"...RED FLAG right there...(T3 and T4 tests) she said, "Oh, I can Google it, nevermind." WHAT?!? So...I can just "Google it" and I can be a nurse too??? Then the test results are suppose to be faxed to our daughter's specialist (tests that have results in 3 hours)...a week later, I have to call to find out why they weren't faxed. No one knew...I'll spare you the rest, but it got worse. We moved here due to a promotion my husband accepted...we're in the process of moving back. Better care is imperative.

DeLayne Jordan

Being local I visit many people. The language spoken from the night shift nurses is deplorable. The curse words and foul language was so offensive. The nurses heard us talking about it because they made comments and laughed it off. The Lack of professionalism and need of some training on how to act in a professional atmosphere is desperately needed. One nurse every time we asked for her she seemed to always come out of the same room. We found out later this was the breakroom. We left word for management to call and we never heard anything. We even called HR with no help. We have started to go Patewood for any of our or church goers ortho needs. They are awesome. Greer memorial's ER is a joke. If you are in Greer and need a real hospital please try Pelham Medical Center. At greer you walk in and everyone scatters, within minutes you are told you are being transported downtown. What can they handle? Mildred M. Waited well over an hour with a moth caught in her ear still alive and had to sit next to a main vomiting. She assisted him because no one from the ER asked if he needed anything. Nor asked her. The MD did apologize for the lack of realizing the situation. A church member was on the second floor and had been calling for assistance to the restroom and we heard the CNA raising her voice and treating her like she was 5. She was blind not deaf. We asked what was the problem and the CNA stated "she needs to learn patience, I can't be everywhere". I hope she needs care one day and is treated better than the care she delivered.

Deana Burgess

I just moved to this area. The best emergency room I ever been to.

Ruben A. B

Exelent personal. Tuvimos la oportunidad de visitarlo lo único que hace falta es traductor

Lindsay Southern

Staff is beyond words! Extended stay for L&D due to Baby with Jaundice. Staff goes above expectations to accommodate and educate. Also had close interactions with Pediatrics, Dietary, Housekeeping and Lactation. Everyone was amazing and did their part to reduce our stress and concern. I cannot imagine having any where close this postive of an experience at another hospital. (Jade and Erin from L&D were absolute Rockstars from delivery all the way through Bilirubin treatments)

Kaitlyn Burns

Honestly this was truly the best ER visit i ever had. It was quick and thorough. Dr Salman went up and beyond as far as making sure I was diagnosed right and prescribed the right medicine. Also I had a nurse Ashley L. She was truly the best nurse I ever had she was kind and funny and very thoughtful. I have always gone to Greenville Memorial, but I think from this point on any ER visit I have to make will be to this one.

Lancer EV0

Worst in town.

Cynthia Forrester

I had to go the ER recently at 4 a.m. on a Monday. I'm sure the staff was tired after being there all night but they showed no sign of it. Everyone treated me with concern and an easy friendliness that made me feel comfortable. I felt listened to and my needs were met promptly and thoroughly. Special thanks to Justin, NP and Katy, RN

Devonie Pike


This hospital is great. I took my grandfather in for a procedure and the staff was fantastic. They were very attentive and friendly.

Susan Meluso

Mery Kopot

The hospital is very good . The staff is good but Taylor in ER very rude with patient.

Pam Holm

Haleigh Bates

We had to take our son here for an emergency injury last night. He's only 3, and I thought he had broken his arm, so of course we were frantic. A nurse greeted us the second that we walked in the door. He took a quick look, and told us what the injury was, and told us that it was easily fixable. I was very impressed at not just their ability to treat patients medically, but also of their excellent customer service that not every medical establishment has. Every single person that worked with us was very pleasant. Dr. Courtwright fixed my sons injury in just a matter of seconds, and he was very nice as well.

Larry McCall

Beautiful hospital and wonderful staff. By far, the best of hospitals. It is VERY clean and all about infection prevention. Dr Breyton Shirley is my son's surgeon, he had a total hip replacement and is 14 yrs. old. It has been a miraculous experience. We have had a wonderful experience. GREAT HOSPITAL, SURGEON, AND STAFF.

Kimberly Porter

Extremely helpful staff. Great care all around!

Dane Harris

Tammy Dill

Don't go here. Sat in the ER for over 3 hours and admissions had no problem coming and seeing us. One nurse came in and left. After that I went to the nurse's desk to ask if we were going to be seen. Still no one came in. One nurse practitioner even said she would be right in. As we told them we were leaving all we got was an I'm sorry. Yes the service is sorry.

jay Crim

RUDE staff at ER front desk!!

Trap God Harambe

0 for 2 If I had 10 minutes to live and this location is a 5 minute drive from home versus Spartanburg Regional- a 15 minute drive... I'ma take my chance and go to Spartanburg Regional.

Andrea. Durham

I had my surgery there for my umbilical hernia and it went great everyone is very friendly I’m very satisfied with this hospital I didn’t have any problems at all

R&C Construction Solar

great services, but have to be change some nurse or more training in human relationship

Autra Ann

A bunch of rude nurses plus on top of that they don't what they are doing..

Rose Griffin

As Im still sitting here with my husband 4+hours later we have yet to see a doctor! We waited out in the lobby for 2+ hours before being called back to go in a room. No one has came in but once in the time we have been here to ask are you all ok do you need anything??? My husband by the way came in because he had been vomiting blood! No labs have been taken and the urine sample he was asked to give is still sitting on the sink 4 hours later! I understand this is the flu season but you could still check on your patients instead of sitting around outside of my door gossiping and laughing! This has been the worst experience ever at an ER that I have witnessed in my 58 years! And to top it off I was told that if you have to leave then go! I came to the ER because my husband needs medical attention not because we enjoy sitting around for hours on end with no interation from the staff! I will never be back here ever again I will drive 10-15 miles away if it means getting proper care or attention! This place is a joke!

Jennifer Slatton

Christopher Joshua

Won't even let me shower. Been here 4 days Rude people. And horrible services.

Sydney Fletcher

Absolutely amazing service!

Paige Harris

Slowest service, nurses are loud and not in a hurry to do anything - they just sit around talking! I arrived at 8:10 and didn't get discharged until 10:30!!! I went to ER for a migraine, in the worst pain of my life (10 on 1-10 scale). They got me to a room quickly but any care after that was slow and had to be requested!!! I waited over an HOUR and 30 mins withering in pain before any medicine was even administered! Once my pain eased up, I had to use the call button to let them know I was ready to be discharged; it was another 45 mins before the nurse returned with discharge papers. The ER was NOT busy, the entire time I was there we could hear the nurses yacking on and on about what TV series they were watching, etc. even with the door closed I could hear their constant loud personal conversations, meanwhile I was not treated with the care I deserved, especially in the amount of pain I was in. Don't go here! It had to be the slowest ER in the country! I would have received better care from an urgent care facility, or should have waited to see my neurologist - it still would have been faster, better care. This place is a JOKE.

bre baby

If I could give them a ZERO STAR RATING I would! The ER is slow and unprofessional!! I’m more than sure 2 of the bald headed men that work behind the desk at check in are either racist or just plain rude! When your sick and out why is good caring people so hard to find! DO BETTER!

Charavia Yeargin

I live in Spartanburg and my sister was admitted to this hospital for long term care . I am not really a fan of hospitals , but she had the BEST nurse .! Nurse Jackie C. provided top notch assistance with a smile on her face and actually spoke to my sister like a PERSON . She gave her helpful tips and eased her concerns about her IV , which was quick and easy! I feel much better knowing that she's caring for my sister . I wish all the nurses were like her . There was a really rude nurse with box braids and shes the only reason I took a star away .

Santa Calaveras Diet

Don’t go here if you want to be taken seriously. Went 3 times to get medical attention for a tooth that was refused to be pulled due to an infection, was told they don’t prescribe pain meds for teeth, which is a lie. It’s doctors discretion and boy did I deal with that today. I work as a nurse and I know the laws and regulations. I’m not upset about the medication situation at this point but when I said I’d be back when I go back into being in pain, and was told they would basically do nothing for me if I came back to me is a refusal to care and treat. Was told I don’t have swelling, which my lymph nodes and cheeks are both swollen significantly, and that I didn’t have a fever. Anything above 98.6 is a fever. Was talked to rudely and when I called I was dealt with by the same charge nurse that did nothing, and had an attitude. I’ll be reporting it to their supervisors, but go to Easley Baptist or other facilities as this one is so unprofessional and doesn’t even trust their staff to do dental blocks as they told me they would have a harder time doing it on upper teeth and it didn’t have a guarantee to work.

Hope Sanchez

I work there

Latasha Davis

My 76 year old mother went to the ER tonight. While she got into a room very quickly she received very poor bedside manor. She has been suffering with a sickness for over a week and finally had a ride to the hospital. My mother never seen a doctor or if she did no one introduced their self as such. She was taken in for an x-ray and they came back and told her she has pneumonia. She had mentioned how her feet were also hurting and she has gout but no one looked at her feet. They were not friendly to mother is not one to complain or be negative so it had to be a rough visit for her. She said when it was time for her to go they put her in a wheel chair and brought her into the waiting room because she had to wait on a ride home. They tried to park her facing a wall and asked her if that was ok. My mother said well would you mind taking me close to the window so I can watch for my ride the lady did as she asked but told her that is the best she could do. it seemed as though she was annoyed with my mother for having to wheel her to another spot. Without another word just left her. I will say that in the few occasions that my mother has had to go to this Hospital she has had great treatment but she said tonight she didn't know what the problem was but the staff were all very unfriendly except one gentleman who brought her to the room when she first got there. I think his name was Chris. At first he was going to have her walk back and follow him but she said she didn't think she had the strength or energy to walk so he gladly went and found her a wheel chair. I live 9 hours away so it breaks my heart to hear that someone wasn't kind to her when she was feeling so badly.

Brandon Whitt


Veronica Veronica

Sherree Richardson

Since when is it considered professional to ask me about why I'm here from across the waiting room. Surly you learn about hippa and patient privacy in school correct?

Jimmy Crockett

Everyone is fantastic!!! The best hospital in the country! !

Walter Urban

Sharon Adams

I was there with my sister in law on 1/7/19 she arrived at 1:00 pm. When I arrived at 5:30 she had not been seen by the doctor. She was still sitting in the ER waiting area. I feel like GHS be buying all these hospitals they need to be hiring enough doctor and staff to work in the ER to reduce the wait time. I would not take my dog to GREER MEMORIAL HOSPITAL IF I HAD ONE. SORRY SERVICE AND STAFF..

Gracie Earle

Very long wait times, sitting here more than an hour.

Abel J

I needed to take my father to the emergency room so I came here because it was closest. This is the best emergency room I've ever been to. Everyone was super helpful. Great staff

Shil D

Son is currently a patient for past 2 weeks. The only reason I'm giving 2 stars is because a couple of the nurses have been great....other than that, the total lack of communication between Dr and patient, hospital Drs and GI drs, Drs and nurses is almost non existent. It's sad when radiology comes to get the patient and there was no information as to what procedure is being performed or why the procedure is being performed. Only if you ask, will you get answers as to what the test results were....thank God for google! At least we can look the tests up to get information. Do not recommend coming here if you want to be kept inform of your care!

Russ Kelly

Had to go to ER two times in a week for heart issue. Both times the staff was quick and responsive. Drs. were careing and informative.

Susan Scott

Melissa Pitts

A nurse that was prepping me for my CT scan told me I was too young to be getting a CT scan so she called my doctor to confirm. She also told me that the only people that get CT scans are old people and people with cancer. She had trouble putting in my IV, it stung worse than it ever had. I had her take out my IV and left. Mortified.

Tommy and Amy Hensley

Have had multiple procedures here and have always been given the highest level of care. The nurses are attentive and very kind

Stina Ohlin

Douglas Jenny McCullough

Bone0073 I W

I'm currently sitting in here as we speak and I have been here since 2 complaining of neck pains and burning going down my spine and they have left me sitting trying to hold my head up after I told them how difficult it was and they finally come get me after 4hrs and because others before me was throwing up they attend them 1st and leave me hanging in a chair for hrs then for me to sit again in another waiting room I didn't wanna come but when you have preexisting conditions and don't make enough for obamacare and they want you to get approved for disability again before they give you Medicaid what other choice do I have but to take how they treat ya smh just sad I go through so much just because I did what I could to take care of my kids when there mom stopped and disability punished me for it. And being here waiting on some help is awful go else where if you van

Nikkisha Wright

Lacked cleanliness!!!

lala lala

TE Productions

Here now and I am so angry at the way my mom is being treated..shouldve went to another hospital this is uncalled for

Tan Tan

After a trip here on Thanksgiving Day 2017 This is the Absolute Best ER in the Upstate area. They have a very well trained staff, Great Facilities, And A attitude that says how much they Value me as a patient. 5stars doesnt do them justice. They deserve 10 DIAMONDS. Dr James and his staff are second to NONE.

Amber Richardson

Went I'm experiencing kidney issues I'm severe pain. Got in a room quickly but waited on my blood work for over 4 hours. Staff was very rude. My nurse came I'm once I was never offered anything for the pain not even a Tylenol. Horrible experience. And let me add there weren't but a few patients in the ER when I was waiting.

Larry Norton

The emergency room nurses Jeff , Amanda, and Mary were great. Doctor Doran great and got admitted to the hospital and nurses Summer and Julie both are awesome so that is why I am giving it a 5 Star rating.

Amanda House

This place has been so amazing. The staff is incredible. Would highly recommend!!!

Matthew Woznick


First of all, I only checked in for an outpatient x-ray and already waited for an hour.. Michelle from the business office in the ER, with a temporary badge on, comes out and registers me for labs!! I'm sent BACK to the front which is where I initially came in, only to be sent back to the ER to wait on radiology. I'm very upset my knee is already swollen and throbbing and these folk think I'm going to walk back and forth. Choose a different facility if you need any type of medical attention!!

Joseph Allen

I am in my 30s and have never been to a hospital before as a patient. I became too ill at work around 11pm to stay and wasn't sure I would be able to drive myself to an urgent care by the next morning (thinking I had strep) so I went to the nearby hospital Greer Memorial. The Triage nurse asked for my name and birthdate; after I'd been checked in I checked my wristband and saw I'd been checked in as the wrong patient. I went back to the registration desk and re-checked in but that seems like a lawsuit potential in itself. I asked what the payment would be beforehand and was told whatever my Blue Cross emergency insurance copayment was ($100). After being seen 4 hours later, the registration lady who took my billing info also confirmed the payment for the day should be the copay of $100 (otherwise I would have risked it and left). After finding it was a virus with nothing to be done but rest, my bill came to $813.08 *after* insurance adjustments and I was mortified. I called to complain after I was told twice my payment would be just the copay, but it didn't do any good ("There's no way for us to know how much you'll be charged and whatever it comes out to is your responsibility to pay"). They claimed there was no way the billing agent could have quoted me any price beforehand even though I was adamant to know how much I was paying before being seen. This is a bigger symptom of the perpetual health insurance/hospital scam infesting our country today, but my first personal experience with it - things have got to change with these ridiculous hospital prices being passed on to insurance companies being passed on to the consumer. So I'm donating $813.08 in convenient monthly installments to the Greenville Health System which compared to many people isn't catastrophic, but still a lot of money for what turned out to be nothing any help could be given for. I will say the physician and nurses in the ER were very nice and compassionate. If you go be sure to check your wristband that you're the right patient - should I ever need a hospital in the future I'll do whatever it takes to make it to St. Francis.

Derek Fernanders

Whoever the lady is that's answering phones now, is rude and don't know how to help you talk to the right people, she don't even know the different departments there.

John Brown

Dr Carey was by far the best dr I have ever seen!!! He was so good with my 3 year old she didn't cry one bit he explained everything to us in complete depth and encouraged us to stay until we felt comfortable to leave! Amazing amazing amazing!

Mumina Mahdi

Confession of a dying women most racists Hospital in even been in let's start from the top my name is mumina I have sickle cell SS.decease I was born with it and not only that I was 2 months pregnant when they found 5 blood clots in my lungs 3 in my right lung 2 in the left and because of that I was told that I wouldn't live very long I had a baby girl anyway I had a cute chest witch cause a sickle crisis my hemoglobin was dangerously low and my doctor put me on deluded witch hydromophin so from the moment my Dr. Put me on pain meds my nurses Ally and Amanda started calling me Michael Jackson and Bobby brown I'm strong but I start crying because I didn't pick the deadly illness so me and my parent's started going of and my lawyer told me to failed a compliant so I did and that's when the nurses took revenge out on me by bringing my medicine 3 to 4 hours late like blood thinner for my clots In my lung witch make it hard for me to breath along with other like saving medications late.

Sheena Bennett

I went there last night and sat for 3 hours without seeing anyone except the person that takes your insurance information.

Everton Ransom

Larry Zakharov

Matt McDonald

Condescending people. They talk down to you like you're bothering them.

Tina Boiter

Mary Jones

I had a mammogram today and the staff could not have been more professional or nicer.

Bobbie Morales

Nicole LaFond

I have been in both the ER and been admitted here a few times over the years. I have never had a less than professional experience, and without exception ever encountered a doctor or nurse that was rude. I was just in the ER there 2 nights ago, and everyone that helped me was great. The doctor actually listened patiently and ordered tests and medication based on what I reported to him. I didn't need to be admitted, but I was sent home with scripts for what I needed to help correct the problem. This does not always happen in ERs, most of the time they just stabilize you enough to get you out the door. It shouldn't matter, but the design of this relatively newly constructed hospital is unlike anything I have ever seen. It was done in a Craftsman style, and the foyers and rooms look more like luxury hotel accommodations than hospital facilities. I have had procedures done here, surgeries, etc, and despite being much closer to other hospitals I will still make the drive over because of the quality of care.

Michael Weiss

I went with my 15 month old son for bloodwork.Did not go to the ER or any other part but the front entrance area.I had an amazing experience today.Fast and easy.They call your name loud and clear unlike some places that numble your name when its your turn.Sweet lady at the gift shop.Front desk ladies were very sweet as well and the nurses in the lab went above and beyond to make my scared son's bloodwork go by super faat and gave him distractions to keep him from throwing an unholy fit.Then they gave him a girl scout cookie for him being brave.I went once before last year when my oldest daughter went in for bloodwork as well and had a great experience.Free front vallet,security officers hang close by,beautiful area,but no immediate parking.Handicapped parking is still a good 150-200 ft away.All in all a great place.

Rehan M

The worst experience ! I had stomach virus which got worse decided to visit ER,well from very beginning all went worse experience, the male nurse who was drawing my blood his hands were so shaky he couldn't draw my blood properly they had to do it twice,once i was in my room after 2 hours nobody came to me I had call for nurse which was very rude to me,eventually they got senile water going mind you you it was 3 hours later. After the doctor came to see me which was very brief visit very unprofessional visit. He decided to have me CT scan which I decline next thing I had a visit from a nurse and unplug everything and told me that I am being discharged and sign some papers not even giving me any meds or nothing not even a wheelchair to get out of the hospital.They are very pathetic and very rude and very unprofessional,please think twice about visiting this ER in Greer SC .My visit was 9 hours pure misery.I hope Greenville Hospital system look into that..

Ruby 65

When I had my daughter they were extremely kind and had a great bedside manner.

Jessica Smith

This is the best hospital. Both of our daughters were born here with excellent care, our oldest was treated for a stomach virus several years back with the most consideration I've ever seen in hospital staff, and now my husband with severe tooth pain. Every nurse or doctor has treated each of us with the utmost respect in a clean environment, quick and efficient manner.

Katie Lavier

Doctors and nurses dont care about patients and patient needs. They just want to order a bunch of test that you may not need and then when you refuse an i.v. or anymore blood test due to the two blown veins they already give you they get attitudes. Basically i was turned away to seek help elsewhere. Train your people to hit veins.

Brandy Crane

Very slow

Kyria Hyde

Dr. Sin was absolutely great! I love how the nurses and CNA’s work together as a team. The nursing staff was awesome in every way.

Perez Aguirre

Donald Rodgers

This is a beautiful facility. Unfortunately the level of care at the facility does not measure up to the architecture of the building. They seem to be more interested in keeping the building looking nice then taking care of their patients. I couldn't honestly recommend that you bring anyone here unless you just hate them.

Vanessa Abbott

We had an amazing experience with the hospital staff. They were so empathetic and helpful especially a lady by the name of Jan working with the outpatient procedures. My fiance had to have a procedure done asap and after explaining to her how awful the people were that were supposed to be scheduling this and helping us, her response was what do you need from me to make this easier for you. I was truly amazed. She helped set the appointment and the next day went down to outpatient to verify that we were scheduled and all orders had been submitted. She even came to check in on my fiance when he was there. I couldnt have asked for more.

Mike Lasley

Great hospital and outstanding staff. My mom was there for several days earlier this year, and i was VERY impressed. Roomsare very large and well appointed. The main hospital entrance and parking areas are not very well-marked, but after I got past this it was great.

Davey Shealey

No sense of urgency. Came in and was seen right away by the nurse on duty (chest pain). Examined and tested, blood drawn. Good start. I then sat for 3 hours in the waiting room... I got up and told them that I was going to remove my IV and leave... Then, suddenly, a room came available! I'm now sitting here, 4:54 am, 4 hours after I arrived, listening to the staff make small talk and discuss what time they're getting off (7:00).... So, I decided to come here and start typing! Looking at my IV, I think I'm going to pull it out and walk.... Ugh.

L. Wyant

A really sad representation of the Greenville Hospital System. If you have anything more serious than an "owie", insist that the EMT driver take you to Greenville Memorial.

Missy Vise

After visiting Greer Memorial we will never go back to Spartanburg Regional or Mary Black. All the staff was so amazing and caring for my daughter. Absolutely a wonderful place.

Davey Morgan

My brother's family has had a few children here. The staff is always friendly and helpful.


Nice architecture and interior design

Brandy Martinez

Got back to a room quickly but spent more than 8hrs to get NO answers. Never once saw a doctor!! Only had nurses in the room that were clearly at a loss on what to do. They would give one diagnosis and turn around and change it. Their goal was to basically give me enough pain meds so I would say I didn’t hurt anymore. Unfortunately the meds never took the pain away. They had something come back in the blood work that is serious and didn’t address it. I would recommend driving to a different hospital or possibly just going to Charlotte if you can make it there!! Worst hospital experience ever!!!

S. M.

The hospital is very clean, so that's why I give it two stars. However, the care I received was quite possibly the worst I've ever experienced. The ER doctor showed absolutely zero compassion or concern for me. He spent about three minutes talking to me, did not do any exam, did not run any tests, told me he would be right back with a prescription for prednisone and discharge papers. I waited for almost an hour, but he never came back. I ended up walking out without getting the prescription or the discharge papers because not only was I disgusted with the "care," but it was so cold in the hospital. I was absolutely freezing and shivering. No nurses checked up on me, no blankets, nothing. I was confused about why.... It was a very quiet night in the ER, there were hardly any patients. Maybe it isn't always like that, but for me it was awful. I was being seen for a flare up of my multiple sclerosis, and being brand new to Greenville, I did not yet have a doctor of my own to go to for help. And a MS flare can cause serious problems, so urgent care was necessary.

Sandra Berry

wonderful experience November 17

Lorraine Maddox

The ER department is terrible the orderlies at the check-in are rude and lazy to the point they wanted a mother to give her child ibuprofen in the lobby waiting area which I'm sure she will be billed for as a full service. The most unprofessional and lazy staff I've every experienced at this hospital on Christmas night. If you don't want to be in service then quit and empty trash and let good hard working people do the job you get paid to do. SHAMEFUL!!!! NOT TO MENTION BREAKING HIPPA LAWS.

Kocaine K

the worse hospital . Yea you get in quickly but the nurses are rude & the doctors judge you , very unprofessional. They need a reality check !

Eva Vazquez

I waited for 2 hours and never got attended, i decided to leave

Tina OSullivan

Better than Spartanburg hospital.

Noe Michael

El trato que te brindan los medicos es Excelente.


Horrible attitude from the front desk as soon as you walk in,technicians are also very rude, not recommended

Stokes Music Studios

Great staff!

Tori D

After falling down 7 wooden stairs and 2 concrete stairs, I was taken to the er because my head was gashed open and needed stitches and my shoulder hurt too badly to even move. Dr. Depp put lidocaine in my head and stitched it up. They did a head xray and hip xray but did nothing about my shoulder. I was released with a prescription for naproxen, Aleve over the counter. I informed him I couldn't take that medicine because i have stomach ulcers and so I was sent home with nothing for my pain. I couldn't sleep, move my right leg without help, move my shoulder, and bruised all over, oh and have stitches in my head. Dr. Depp was the most uncaring, incompetent, worthless doctor I have ever seen. If he is ever assigned to you...ask for another doctor.

Tyrik Hite


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