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REVIEWS OF Greenville Memorial Hospital Emergency Room IN South Carolina

Gina Marie

8 plus hour wait for them to mess up your information on your chart and say you went in for one thing but you complained about a totally different thing .

Gena Gilliam

oanh pham

I am sitting right here at the hospital for almost 5 hours and haven’t had a room for me. I have never written a review for anything but I just can’t hold for this one.

Daniel Gutierrez

Waiting is approximately 6 hours +

kay c

8 hr wait and bathroom was horrible.

Chronically_ Me

Justin Brooks

One of the worst experiences I've ever had at an emergency room. My gf was perfusely vomiting everywhere and they would not get her some help right away. There were ppl walking in there with problems no where as severe as hers. The lady who checked her in and got her vitals was veryyyy rude as well. My gf told her she feels like shes about to pass out and this sorry of an excuse nurse told her well you shouldnt breathe as hard and maybe that won't happen. I was lividdd and literally bout smacked her!!! Then they say there's no rooms available and she is 8th on the list. Idc who you have in front of you. You should have taken her in 1st. This is why I went to St Francis downtown they had her in a room within 15 mins!!!

Justin Vazquez

Great medical care but the problem is the waiting I came at 3:30 pm and they didn't attend us until 7:00 pm.

Aura Wilkinson

Alyson Gilbert

Walked in and walked right back out that wait is ridiculous

Marie Gibson

My husband has been in the ER for 9 hours so far. Had tests run but still has not even seen a Doctor. That is ridiculous.

bridgett roberson

Hank Holden

Sign with room #s inside the elevator (?) They need to be outside elevator BEFORE we get in! Especially at night! No staff available to help. Brother in law had emergency surgery and it took 4 attempts to find the correct floor and room. The person who was in charge of signs... A Clemson grad ??

Jessie Walker

I came in on a Sunday evening with a dislocated and broken ankle. I was seen within 20 minutes of arriving, taken care of by the triage nurses with respect. I was quickly moved to a bed back in the ER and was seen within a few minutes by the attending ER physician. Everyone was extremely nice and helpful. as much as I dislike having a broken ankle, they at least made the experience as best as they could.

Tonya W

Waiting time is horrible....they don't tell u anything.....wait wait wait.... Next time we will go to a different hospital...idc if it 50 miles away...better than this place

Tim Macauley

I went to the ER last night at 9:45 pm. I was immediately taken in for a EKG and blood work. Then I sat in the very crowded waiting room 5 more mins and had triage and registration done. Waited another 30/40 mins and they put me in a very cold room, hooked me up to a heart monitor, takes to a nurse and Dr. had to wait till 1:30 for more blood work. They came right in at 1:30, drew the blood and o was good to go. My heart was fine. They only thing I would say is that I left with the same symptoms as I went in with. It over all my husband and I were impressed. Everyone was knowledgeable and kind. The place could of been cleaner but with that many patients coming and going it must be hard to keep up.

Curt Ouellette

This morning my wife was brought into E. R. and while being treated and not released yet the hospital has a woman running after me with a little credit card machine wanting copays. Can you say Cheap and Cheesy! I have never seen anything like this. Makes me wonder if they would stop a procedure in order to collect there little copay. I'll know better next time then to come to a place that chases you down the hall like an ambulance chaser. Cheap, Cheap, Cheap! I guess it's all about and just about the money! I've only live here for 3 years and didn't know which hospital to go to in a emergency. Boy was I wrong in choosing this one. I just looked at the reviews and my decision was definitely wrong to come here with so many Bad reviews. I never thought I'd need an emergency room this soon. Making necessary decisions now as to avoid going to a 3rd rate dump like Greenville Memorial.

Dayna H

Lydia Lewis

This is the absolute worst ER to go to if u do not come on in an ambulance your ignored. I passed out and came in with chest pains they sat me In the waiting for 6 hours. Walk-ins are not a priority you will die waiting to be seen. I would not recommend anyone to use this emergency room.

Samatha Hittinger

Brought my husband in after he had been in severe pain for several hours we arrived at the hospital around 9 pm it is now 12:30 am still sitting. They have not called any names to been seen in 3 hours. This is ridiculous. I understand wait time. But urgant doesn't seem to matter. Just profiling. It's packed in here and we all have been so long some ordered pizza to be delivered and they got here before we did. Idk what needs to be done but something better be done about this it literally could cost someone their Life. Another hour and a half home only two ppl called then sent back to waiting. There is ABSOLUTELY NO SENSE OF URGENCY in this ER. I'll be going to St Francis from now on.

Big Phat Peter

My mother had cancer and passed away here last year. Her surgeon, Dr. Donald Wiper did everything he could to save her, but the cancer had spread, and chemotherapy would have been useless for her, so it was to late. I would like to say thank you to all of the surgeons, doctors, nurses, and therapists who took care of my mom. You all did a great job taking care of her, and me while we were there. When she died, the doctors and nurses who cared for her were very kind, sympathetic, and understanding. They even have pastors on duty 24/7 to pray with you if you want to. God bless each of you and thank you all for taking good care of her. May she rest in peace.

Ronnie Rolling In The Kitchen

Nightmare arrived here at 5:11pm it's now 9:06 pm still in waiting area,they told me just now about 7 people still ahead.Came in for severe headaches, absolutely horrific.Im sure will be here past 3am guarantee you.

Ashlee viele


Absolutely ridiculous. Arrived at 10 am. Security guard and check in persons were lovely. The nurse took blood and urine samples. Said 45 minutes for results. 3 hours later and feeling even worse we were told there were 6 people before us still. My friend told the front desk I needed to lie down. The girl at the desk said there was no room and that we could leave and a nurse practitioner would call with results and let me know next steps. No call. 8 hours later wcallede back twice and were disconnected. Finally got through and "Molly" states I can only get results thru the GHS mychart portal. No one would be calling back. I went to the results. She then said I would have to speak to her manager Chelsea because she could do nothing. Chelsea said she wasn't responsible for the incorrect information the desk gave us or what Molly said about the portal having info (even though she works for her). Had no ownership or empathy about the run around I was given. Didn't know if or when my results would be in the portal as her employee stated. Only said I could come to ER again (its now midnight) and wait my turn for results. Clearly communication between departments is poor and very little desire was expressed to change what is a travesty for patients experiencing illness. Chelsea was unsympathetic, unhelpful and uncaring. When I asked if phone calls were recorded so someone could hear this, she said no. Perhaps you should record calls and follow-up with staff on false information given out. I have to pay for YOUR mistakes and poorly executed management. If anything happens to my health as a result of your poor service and misinformation, it is on you, not me. I did my part and what I was told. Shame on you Memorial hospital. I pray no one else has to experience anything similar. Go somewhere else if you can. The attitude and mess there could kill you if you really need help.

Aaron Rose

My girlfriend was sent to the GMHS ER from an affiliate urgent care facility to be tested for a stroke and get a CT scan to check for a possible brain tumor. We have been in the waiting area for 5 hours. If you're in need of medical assistance, go to literally any other hospital.

Chey Kitty

Sitting here waiting on results to a flu test for almost 3 hours and the waiting room is empty. I just wanna get home and lay down but I have to wait on the worlds slowest ER first.

Penny Parisi

took excellent care of us in a fast manner. Very pleased

Denise Sakran

They were great to me,I had a possible GI bleed No problems what so ever In and out very thorough.I too am a retired nurse from Upstate, NY It's never a picnic,but they were great with me, TY entire staff from ER

Grace Smith

Very nasty and rude people. They don't care about patients.


Had my arm broken in 7 places. Sat in ER for over 4 hours only to later have an X-Ray technician try to raise my arm over my head because she didn't know how to rotate the equipment around. I have been repeatedly disappointed in this ER from experiences of myself, family and friends.


I've been to ER and complaining about my symptoms and doctor Anthony Pappas never do the proper test to diagnose. Doctor Anthony Pappas verbal threat me saying he will take me to physiatrist if i'm not start talking. I've been try to explain my symptoms and where hurts me bad and he didn't try to find out or do the proper test to diagnose.He refuse to do any test. Doctor Anthony J Pappas from ER how you explain few weeks later i found out BPH causing chronic pain.You don.t have to be crazy . Dr Anthony Pappas from ER need to listen the patients not treat them like idiots. Sending patients home you harm the patients and put their safety and health in danger without proper test and diagnose.Not everybody using drugs.Need to listen us and help us not treat us as idiots. To be famous need to go to America Got Talent not to Emergency Room.

LexiiJ Williams

They need to stop teaching and get real professionals to run this hospital because somewhere along the line they stop caring about their patients..... go to Bon Secours and promise you won’t be waiting 5hrs just to be seen

Evamarie Masini

This must be the most horrible Hospital. The ER is disgusting. Papers, Magazines, soda cans, used mask and many other item just all over the place. The bathroom was horrible as well. My husband and I went there because although we live in Greenwood, I do see two specialist for my condition, that only see patients there. To make the "long story short, we were the at the ER for close to 7.5 hours and when they put me in a ER room, we waited for 1.5 hours and no one ever saw us., not a Nurse and much less a Doctor. We left, because it was1am, and we figured out that they were not going to see me and if they did, it probably it would've been at 4am. Never again will I go there.

Ivry Hancock

This is the worst e.r I've ever seen in my life people having heart attacks damn near dying are left there with no help you should be ashamed of your selves playing GOD isn't part of the deal

Jeffrey Layman

If I could give it less than 1 star I promise you I would.

Cindy Jolley

Have been here almost 4 hours. Not sure what system is being used to determine order of patients. Have been told we’re behind 7 or 8 more people. This is beyond crazy.

missy bwhatuwant

In waiting room ... still waiting 2 and a half hours later ....

Nico Brown

I’m giving it a 1 because a 0 isn’t an option!! Once you get thru the metal detector u have to check in with 4 ppl!!! They don’t weigh you, nor do they listen!! I told them i was dehydrated and vomiting!! I sat in the waiting room for 4 hrs!!! They called me to try and get blood but i told them i was dehydrated and they wouldn’t be able to!! They tried anyway and got NOTHING!! Then told me to sit back in the waiting room!!! I told them i had just had surgery and they just looked at me like i was stupid so i just left!!! Your better off calling Doc Mcstuffins!!

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