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Alexia Holt

This place sucks! Went in for horrible leg and back pain. The doctor basically ignored my concerns saying he would give me medicine and send me home. Don't come here, your best bet is to go to Savannah!

Stephanie Lee

Shalonda Moore

Terrible....Crappy service....Longest wait time ever!!!

John C

I am a otr truck driver who sprained my ankle and tore a ligament in a truck stop walking my dog...I bobtailed there but could not walk they came to my truck with a wheelchair, let my idle my truck to keep my dog cool with a/c in the e.r lane while I was inside getting x rays, and crutches also made sure my dog was ok in the truck while I was in the e.r, waiting time was not too long and they were really good...if you have ever been to a hospital er you know this does not normally happen...their hospitality was amazing, I was in a bad predicament.

Alyssa The Tarot Kid

Didn't listen. Didn't come back and check to see if medications helped. Doctor Cacacea didn't come back after first check and sent me home in more pain than I went in. Fell trying to get from bed to wheel chair and no one offered to help or check. Unreal. Never been treated so poorly.

Carina Quiroga

My baby is only 2 years old and he is terrify when he see doctors aparentelly the members of the ER don't underestand how kids react when they are sick and in pain , so they was very very nasty and desrispetfull , even the nurse told my baby " nobody is touching you " baby's crying lady FYI !! Both nurse was a disaster but the doctor very very nice ! Bad experience we never go back there please ppl look for other places to go if they treat a baby like that what else you can expect ....

Karyn Rae

Once you’re admitted to Coastal Carolina, they’re under the impression that your bank account is now theirs. A year and a half later, and we’re still getting random bills—$15,000, $3,000, $600—it doesn’t matter that they’ve told you several times that the account is paid. The collectors keeping calling, and the made up bills keep coming. A complete accounting nightmare.

Abby V

This hospital provided, hands down, the WORST service I've ever faced. I came in because I was facing the first days of pregnancy, unable to eat or drink for two days at this point, and travel ahead of me the next day. We spent SIX Hours in the emergency room, with staff spending no more than ten minutes with us overall. I was seeing blood. The doctor came in with a laugh saying "I've never just had to tell someone if they're pregnant or not".. we corrected her, as that is not why we were there. She told she would get me fluids, and do a pelvic exam. We never saw her again. After hours of waiting, my husband asked for something for me to put in my stomach.. We recieved expired graham crackers and a Subway napkin? Filthy. In addition, we were set up in a bed with stains, and a room with blood spatter here and there. Being on vacation, I'd left my insurance card in my home. We called back to give the info. Our final charge was over $3,000 for the most neglected hospital experience we've faced in our days. They only sent 1/2 of their billing to claims for insurance, leaving $1,300 going to collections while I was awaiting an updated bill. DO NOT ATTEND COASTAL CAROLINA HOSITAL. You're better off at Hilton Head Hospital.

John Robinson

Rude,attitude, wrong laughing jokingly about my experience. I'm in the wrong Hospital. Here over an hour and know help I'm cold and cannot get blankets. Blood pressure on same arm as turnkey causing my blood to squirt out on clothes. Why am I in South Carolina??? I will not come back evrryone please avoid. Floor filthy as I gain consciousness observing. I must say the RN was professional until used same arm as blood pressure check with equipment attached causing my blood 2 add 2 all that is needed 2 cleansed. No contactfrom staff in hour I am dischargeing self walking out

Jenny Reese

I wish I could give negative stars. I arrived at this facility and was impressed by how clean and just beautiful it was. The receptionist was kind, and informed me there would be a little waiting time. I waited four and a half hours. I was triaged after two hours. When I finally got to a room, Dr. Folks came in and asked for a description of my symptoms, before I could finish he was half-way out the door. After about a half hour wait a very frustrated and hurried nurse came in, gave me and IV and medicine. I had one diagnostic test, for pelvic pain. I was told by Dr. Folks he could see no reason for my pain and would discharge me after a pelvic exam. I told him that I would like further diagnostics to determine the cause, he refused. The pelvic exam was awful, he crammed the speculum into my body and was rough with the manual exam, had it been under any other circumstance I would swear I was being assaulted. I'm still sore. I've birthed a child and am no stranger to these types of exams and have never experienced anything like it. After that he gave me some ibuprofen and sent me home. In the same condition, worse if you count the soreness after the pelvic exam/sexual assault I received, as when I arrived. The only positive was the nursing staff. They were knowledgeable and kind, but couldn't serve as much of a patient advocate because of the physician (Dr. Folks) they were working under. Sorry for the graphic description of a very personal type of problem, but I think people should know the level of "healthcare" they provide. This experience was beyond unacceptable, it was nearly abusive. When I spoke to the charge nurse after the fact she was rude and condescending. Telling me that I was given all the care they could give considering how many people were in the ER. WOW. Just, wow. If you have a problem and need emergency care, go elsewhere. Hell, ask a neighbor or some dude off the street to help you out, you'll probably get better results.

Jeff Smith

Cassandra at the front desk and Mario in MR are two outstanding employees who made my visit from Savannah very enjoyable. Those who complain about the hospital probably complain about everyone and every thing

Amelia Mike

Went to this hospital after a rollover motor vehicle accident. I c/o severe neck pain..They did a CT scan and said there were no broken bones, gave me a Toradol shot(didnt help) , declined to give me a brace or listen to my concerns about headache in the back of my head(Trained rule to listen to the client) and put an Iv line in my arm and hen i asked why they stated it as procedure in case they "needed to give me fluids". They sent me away with a prescription for a muscle relaxer and said I will be sore for a few days and nothing else was wrong. Less than 3 hours there and Im billed for $22,000. The next day i went to a specialist ..I have bulging discs, cervical and spinal injuries and my ribs on my posterior left side are dislocated. I just finished my 2nd procedure with my orthopedic doctor and still have more to go. Im still disabled and as a former caregiver and veteran Im totally outraged by the degree of neglect.The Care Team definitely needs to go through this hospital. I feel sorry for the patients that dont have a voice#Never again but I will advocate for better healthcare for the Jasper County residents when I get better ..Everyone deserves decent healthcare .

CJ McGill

Vincent Kemp


This place is a joke. I think the ER Dr was napping when I came I'm at 2:00 a.m. I had recent hand surgery & went in with excruciating pain. It turned out to be stapf. He didn't know the difference between stapf & an infection. He put on a splint & sent me home. 1 hour later I went to HHI Regional & the doctor masterfully handled it. I wouldn't take my dog to Coastal for help. This is a glorified first aid station!

Kenny Mcclanahan

Tuesday evening my 2 year old Daughter's hand / arm was hurt, something popped when was picked up, took her to the ER around 9 p.m. Dr. Did x-rays said nothing was wrong, it was "nurse maid". Got home at 12 and she still couldn't move her arm. Following morning still in pain and could not move. Took her to her primary doctor. And sure enough her elbow was out of place. Soon as her Dr. Put it back she was moving her arm. This is unacceptable practice... No reason this should have been missed... Tried to call hospital and they transferred me to persons room. Total joke......

Cheetah and Zebra's Toy Reviews

This place is a joke my daughter had spinal meningitis and they refused to do a spinal tap we had to go to Beaufort Memorial they did the test and she was quarantined for 2 weeks

Greg Dawson Jr

i would rather crawl in a ditch and die than go back to this place ( i am not going to call this a hospital) the staff there is rude and doctors there will yell at you. i had to catch myself from punching his lights out. went to candler/st.joe in savannah found out i have three dislocated disc in my lower back from work. i had my lawyer to file malpractice suite aganst this so called doctor. i hope he get this paper work in the next couple of days. i can not wait to see him in court

Judith Hollander

When my husband arrived in he ER via ambulance, it took Dr. Gentle 45 minutes to enter the room ! Only one other patient was in the ER at that time. Five nurses were behind the desk but we waited 30 minutes for one of them to look at my husband who fell against a granite counter and had broken two ribs. He has only one kidney so I asked Dr. Gentle if she was going to order a soft tissues CT scan, no. Six days later my internist was worried so he ordered one at Costal. radiolodepartment failed to send it to him

Cheyenne fulcher

I had my baby delivered at coastal on October 3rd 2019 . I could not of chosen a better hospital to deliver at . EVERYONE was sweet and helped me to remain calm. Their priority was for me & the baby to have a healthy delivery & labor. They truly cared about us all the way From the front desk person to the janitors , to the people who deliver food after birth, to the nurses on duty and the nurses who helped deliver my babygirl. The staff made my first time experience the best and they deserve more then 5 stars.

amanda baker

Kristen Zimmerman

I had to go to the hospital with a severe panic and anxiety attack, the entire staff was excellent from the second I walked in the door. The lady at registration was very sweet, and comforting. While registering the nurse came over to check on me and reassured me everything would fine. Triage was quick and easy and again this nurse was very concerned and calming. The doctor I saw today was absolutely wonderful. He spent a lot of time with me and really listened and asked questions to help me figure out what caused the problem and how to fix it.

JoAnn Thaxton, Realtor

Went to the ER this morning. Woke up with terrible eye pain. I could not open my eyes at all to see. We live in Beaufort but I was not going there- When we arrived the check in lady was asking if I needed to see a doctor. They got us back right away. Sweet triage nurse turned off the light so my eyes could get relief. Got us into a room right away where Bobby- a very sweet PA with a pleasant voice and kind bedside manner eased my fears, told me exactly what was going to happen and quickly got me relief in my eye. Donna my nurse walked in quietly with an equally pleasant, nurturing voice and showed genuine concern for me. They took very good care of me and I’m happy to say I can finally open my eyes again. I commend the ER dept this morning for not only my swift loving care but also the absence of hallway noise! I heard no playing joking or laughing from the staff which made me feel like they all cared about their patients. Also upon exit, the lady who checked us in/out took the time to ask me how I was feeling now and telling me she would be thinking about me. I found my time here to be a welcome surprise and will go 30 mins away for care again as long as I am able. Thank you Bobby, Donna, Lady at the desk and the rest of Coastal staff, you are all rockstars

sarah waters

Took my grandmother to the emergency room. Very rude Nurse Practitioner.

Nicole Villalobos

My mom went to Coastal Carolina with signs of a stroke, but they quickly determined that the actual cause was encephalitis. An early treatment plan had my mom home and back to normal within a week. The nurses, doctors and therapists, and support staff were all very sincere and heartfelt.

RIchard Garneau

They are clearly uninterested in speaking with someone that wants to learn about a procedure: The info number was listed online and, 1) I called once and she said it was the training center, she gave me the hospital # AND, NO ANSWER. 2) I called again, he said he was TRANSFERRING me to the correct department, AND, NO ANSWER. 3) I called again, he said he would look into it and call me back, AND, NO CALL BACK. This hospital probably doesn't exist or they just don't give a crap!

Ernie Genone

The nursing staff was great I was operated on about 8am.was doing great at about10pm starting having problems The night shift nurses were wonderful Karin and Kate really tried to help me even calling the Dr.at2am Finally went to sleep around 4:30 awake almost 24 hrs. Also the nurse in training and the tech on duty were very good to me Thank you very much

Qian Chen


No one there will answer the phone. Unbelievable! I have a doctor's appointment and want to get my test faxed to me as the doctor requested I do. I tried to visit the website to see if I could email them, but it won't allow enough characters to be typed to even begin to explain what I need. I guess I'll have to drive out of my way to go there and see if I can get helped in person. The most unprofessional establishment I can even think of.

Lumpy Self Made

There is no way that this hospital has anything more than a one star rating!! I wish I could give 0 stars. I went there last week due to a chronic illness that they are aware of. First I waited 5 hours to only find out that i was about to be seen by an rn.. long story short. Die before you go there

jeffrey press

Miss Meme the Herbal Diva

Jerriann Thompson

I want to address some of these comments, as a healthcare provider. First of all, just because a person is a POA doesn't make them a decision maker. Power of attorney kicks in when your family member can no longer make decisions on their own. With that in mind, as long as a person is coherent they have every right to make their own decisions concerning their care and discharge, even to the point of instructing us providers not to disclose any information to anyone. So call your family member directly and discuss your concerns with them, POA doesn't make you their boss. This hospital gives excellent care, all staff are great and caring.

Shelbi Sessions

Went in at 11pm for pelvic pain, didn't get discharged till 6am because "they were waiting on the ultra sound results for 3 hours". Mean while I am the only person in the emergency room. You do not have any patient privacy as its a curtain that separates you and whoever else. The nurse went to put in my iv and says "I tend to make a mess" and boy did she do just that. Blood splattered everywhere just from putting in a single iv. And she laughed as if it was normal. Very unprofessionally ran, barely saw the dr, told me I had a cyst ruptured and that I had free fluid around my ovary but told me to go back to work after not sleeping all night there. Will never ever return. And I wish I would of listened to the other reviews.

Leslie Gomez

This is the WORSE Hospital I have been to and experienced... my wife had pain in her chest we went to the emergency at 7pm and walked out at 2am and was never seen ... and the guy at the desk had the nerve to remind me as I left that they will charge and bill us for checking her vitals...

Jason Barrientos

Went to Costal Carolina Today after being bitten by some insect, experienced and excruciating pain (abdomen pain, back pain, weakness) did not see what it was that bit me, scared it was serious I went to a few doctors where I live they sent me to Coastal Carolina. Not knowing what this hospital was about my friend took me, at first it was a good experience, lady at the desk was nice and they attended me right away. However, seeing the doctor was something totally different! He was rude, when I showed him where it was he said he didn’t see anything and probably was just an ant, and went away. NEVER did he ask how I was feeling, my symptoms or anything. He made me feel like an EXTREME IDIOT for going there, (and it wasn’t an ant) I even apologized to the nurse (she was nice) this physician did not care about my health, good thing it wasn’t serious but now if I have something else happened just go to Doctors care, or Beaufort Memorial Hospital. This physician needs to be taught the CODE OF ETHICS, respecting the patient.

Jonathan Arcos marino

ABSOLUTLY AWFUL! We sat in the waiting area for 2.5 hours and we didn't speak to anyone. They kept telling us it would be soon. This is the second time this has happened. Don't know how this place is still open even after all the awful google reviews! If you live in the Bluffton, Hardeeville area you are better off driving to Savannah, or Beaufort. You'll get seen by a doctor there a lot sooner than you would at this Place!

Vitalii Hryshko


I went for severe leg pain and they told me I had shin splints and sent me home. After going to an orthopedic and having to get an MRI and an ultrasound for the potential of a blood clot done it turned out I had torn tissue in my ankle and needed to be put in a boot and they almost put my in crutches. It's like this place seriously doesn't care about you.

Morgan Burns

If I could give less then 1 star I would. I just moved here to South Carolina from New York. One night I woke up with the WORST pain in the side of my face. I could barley open my eye. I wasnt sure if I had a bad tooth or what was wrong but it was so unbarrable I took myself to the closest hospital which happened to be Coastal Carolina Hospital. When I first got there, the woman behind the desk was chit chatting with the girl in front of me for over 15 minutes even though myself and others behind me in pain were waiting her assistance. Once she got me checked in, there were about 4 people ahead of me in the waiting room. She told me it was first come first serve. I waited in that waiting room crying for 4 hours and they took in everyone that came in after me!! I asked several times why that was happening and they just kept saying "they're cleaning a bed for you now." Then 5 minutes later they would call in someone else. I have never been treated so poorly. After 4.5 hours and everyone getting help before me - including the 5 people that came in after me - I decided to leave. I told the receptionist that I was leaving and why. After I left, still in serious pain, the receptionist had the balls to call my cell 20 minutes later asking if I was still in the parking lot because she can get me in now. REALLY!? Needless to say I had to deal with the pain all night and when I went to the doctor the next morning I ended up with a serious infection which required me to start antibiotics right away. I will NEVER go to this hospital again and don't recommend it to anyone!

Craig Fletcher

Corrupt Evil place. Would give no star if possible. This hospital holds up to it's horrible reviews! The ER here will at it's option, willingly perform illegal experimentation on it's patients with experimental drugs. They ruined my son's life as he went in for what should only have been treatment for an anxiety attack (he did NOT have his driver's licence on him at the time) - and instead they decided he was a candidate for this program the ER has that turns a person's body into living tissue that doesn't need oxygen or food to stay alive - the body goes through a complete physiological transformation (and it lives forever) - it's not science fiction - they actually do this at this hospital primarily because of it's location which is Hardeeville - they must figure you'll get lost in the hood somewhere. The big problem is that we live in BLUFFTON in Sun City. My son received multiple injections by IV on several different visits by ambulance over a period of several months as his cardiovascular and nervous system we're both going haywire on him! We went back down to this ER at the hospital a few months back to confront them about the situation and we're told to leave the grounds and never come back or set foot on the property again!! How in the world is this hospital getting away with something like this in the USA? This hospital is truly an Evil establishment and should be Shut down like other reviews have suggested - Preying on the innocent public?? They ruined an innocent man's life and turned him into a zombie - it has completely crippled him. We're currently seeking a way to legally pursue the matter. My son lost his business and had to move OUT OF SUN CITY because of what COASTAL CAROLINA did to him! This hospital should be Shut Down for illegal practices - what else are they doing to patients besides this as far as experimentation is concerned?! Any other families out there should submit a review post if this has happened to one of their family members. I hope this will be posted.

Obersturmbannfuhrer. SS.

This review is for the medical center next to the hospital. Very disappointed. New nurse sucks. They only want to pass the buck. Insurance i pay for is a joke. Im in pain and they didnt care. They dont care at all.

Heather Bragg

I have been to Coastal Carolina Hospital a few times over the past several years - to the emergency room and outpatient area. The facility is always clean, the nurses and other medical staff are professional. During my most recent visit, the nurses were amazingly helpful. They not only made me feel at ease, but they had me laughing. One of the nurses even playfully steered my 4-year-old around in a wheelchair while we waited for my husband to pull up the car!

Mandi Ward

I visit hospitals a lot. I am shocked that it is goning on hour four for an infection in need of antibiotics and thats it. Staff response after hearing the doctors orders - "I'm not doing anything until I get the orders in the computer." Not even a "sorry its taking so long."

Irene Jones

Awful hate to go here!


terrible doctor Fornari

Sreyas Desai

terrible hospital inexperienced doctor rude staff nurse unacknowledged sleeping pills extreme no good notes record system not keeping record straight lousy record for insulin medicine go other hospital for any other problems

bri nicci

Horrible horrible front desk check in for emergency room horrible attitude long wait time and doctors don’t know what they are doing they need to shut this place down !!!!

Barbara Douglas

In ER maybe 5 mins. and taken into room. Within under an hour saw by RN, PA, MD, ekg done, lots of labs, IV started (antibiotic), x-rays, urine done and many visits by staff. Yes it is a quiet time but excellent staff and friendly. Thorough explanation given to us and sensitive to my husbands anxiety. I couldn't be happier and I'm an RN who's picky!


We had our baby here. The staff is friendly. The hospital is very secure. The doctors and nurses are so professional and the delivery room was clean and functional. My wife had a great delivery and our son is doing fine. We highly recommend to have your children born here. We live in Lady’s Island and I think this was a great choice to have our son.

Johnna Cummings

This is a disgusting vile unethical horrible ER the nurses are rude unprofessional and disgusting people I heard them making fun of the patients and their situations they treated me with no respect and no dignity my family had to call the police to find out where I was do not go to this hospital I accidentally took too much of my medication that I’m taking for pain and the doctor told me Then I should’ve taken more if I wanted to kill myself and she thought that I had been drinking too much and she said well we get drunks in here all weekend long disgusting

Deb Powers

This hospital obviously has a racket going on. My granddaughter went into the emergency room with a UTI and I paid the hospital bill on the way out. I was told that was the total bill, with the exception of the doctor's bill, which was separate. We were there for one hour...the hospital charged us $765.49 on the spot , which I was told was the total bill for them! Then, we got the bill for the doctor and it was $1308.00 . The hospital then bills again for $746.38 for a total of $2819.00, for a UTI. This is highway robbery. No wonder people won't seek medical help when they need it....and to add insult to injury, my granddaughter had to see another doctor to finally figure out her issue. Never again!

carly falk

Having unfortunately visited multiple hospitals across the southeast , my experience here by far stands alone. The nursing staff were quite helpful and gracious but I have never been treated so poorly and without respect as I did in the coastal Carolina ER. Please avoid this hospital .

Haleigh Allen

Julie A

Fantastic care every time we go. 4 surgeries. Multiple radiology visits. Great care from Patrick, Monica, Mary, Lily, Asia and more. All medical is expensive. Know your insurance. Fewer surprises.

Deb Laiewski

After eight months of recurring illness and three hospitalizations at HH, I finally went to Coastal, seriously ill and met Dr. Taylor. She was extremely persistent in trying to find the cause, which she did. Besides a wonderful, the nurses and staff were compassionate and caring and at times very funny, which overall, made a bad illness better. Thank you all!!

Alan Sipe

My wife and I rushed to the emergency room here, literally carrying a piece of her body in a bag and the lady at the front desk was not only rude to her and I but we had to wait for 3hrs before anyone even came to check on her as she was writhing in pain in the waiting room. I wish they could be held accountable for their actions. There is absolutely ZERO empathy and ZERO courtesy and complete disregard for their patients. I'm truly appalled and disgusted by this.

Kelly Perron

I delivered my first baby at Costal in mid December and was beyond impressed with our experience. Every nurse and doctor that my husband and I came in contact with was friendly, helpful, accommodating and knowledgeable. I would without a doubt recommend the women's pavilion at Costal to anyone!

Dylan Place

We had a baby boy Maddox there and a lot of the nurses were really nice especially the one that helps me through Labor think her name was Teresa and then I had one called kara and she was great nurse for my baby. That wad only one nurse that I wasn't a big fan of but overall it was a brilliant experience and thank you to Mitchell for getting me through the pregnancy, she was wonderful!

Casey Kinn

My wife ,baby and I all had a great experience with the labor and delivery team!!

Ayshia Lee

Very rude PA Bobby Sikes and Dr.Sutherland waited 2 hours wasn’t informed of what was being done. Took my son there the PA didn’t tell me what test was ordered and someone came in and gave medicine we were not told why then when another patient came in they were seen immediately the dr came and asked our name once we told her she left and came back and took care of the patient who just came. I questioned her as to who was going to see my son she told me she takes care of the elderly then the young people and walked off. I went to the nurse station to speak with someone in charge and Bobby came out and I asked him what’s going on he stated I wasn’t paying attention we are waiting on an ultrasound two hours later but the patient who came two hours later was getting an X-ray. This is the worst hospital in the low country the night staff is very rude told me if I want to leave then leave and threatened to call security and walked off I told him call whomever you choose and left. I will never go there for care they don’t deserve my money.. I will be following up with the chief of the hospital for Mr Sikes Head.

Curtis Gorlich

Worst experience I have ever had at a hospital. I would rather flatline than be brought to this uncaring place.

Dona Riczinger

Mom in ICU - how many times can they hang up on me - I'm 785 miles and have called 9 times. They hang up. They say it's my connection really? - 4 different phones and different places. They promised to call me back 3 hours ago-I tried 3 times since -finally connected for a moment...and once again they hang up again.

Felicia Jordan

Horrible! Checked my niece in around 8:30 PM, left at 2:00 AM without seeing the doctor. My niece who is visiting from NC in because I thought she had strep throat (throat "sizzles" when she swallows, head ache, and stomach pains with a low grade fever and her sister currently has strep). While checking in, the triage nurse asked "what did her doctor say?". I didn't call him, what would have been the point. Then we sat for 4.5 hours before being called back to a room. One person took his sick elderly person home because he had already sat there for at least 3.5 hours and he elderly man and wet his pants. I watched 3 others leave because it was taking too long. One person left after being called back and stated they never saw a doctor. The nurse called a answer. She went back and came a called another answer. Did not come back. Then about an hour or more later, a man comes in, from I-don't-know-where and asked that they remove his bracelet because he has not been seen.yet. They tell him, "they're waiting on you" Really!? You hold a space for someone for more than an hour while others wait, most in visible pain. After being called back into a room, the nurse comes in and do the EXACT same thing the triage nurse did and says the doctor will be in to see us and the patient next to us in a few minutes. One hour later, with not a doctor in site, I left. The lady with the child in the next bed stated she had been there for 8 hours. Absolutely horrible.

Natalie Gregg

The CCH Women’s Pavillon staff are phenomenal! Love these folks! They got me through the hardest time of my life, major surgery, delivering our sweet baby, & 6 days straight in the hospital! So thankful for them!

Sierra Frazier

Brianna is by far one of the rudest nurses on this staff and needs to put through training on how to speak to patients or to be terminated she really made my grandmother and I feel uncomfortable. Number one we have been here since 7:30 am didn’t receive what I asked for and then got discharged just to be called to come back and continue to wait for 2 more hours as you can imagine how frustrating it could be. I promise you because of Brianna and ER staff I won’t be coming back to Coastal Carolina Hospital ever and no one else should if you’re in need of great service I would advise going to Beaufort Memorial .

raymond evensen

Jennifer Buckley

Took my young son to the ER. The staff was thoughtful and friendly. The ER doctor was thorough and explained everything to us.

Rachael DeLashmit

Dan from Earth

My little girl broke her arm and we experienced excellent service at Coastal Carolina Hospital. They took great care of her and had us in and out in no time. Not sure about the poorer reviews I've read, but do know our experience was a hundred times better than any of our visits to Memorial in Savannah (where we waited hours to be seen and the staff enjoyed a pizza party while did so). I believe if you treat people nicely, they generally treat you the same. The receptionist at the ERD, for example (and in response to an earlier post), was thorough in her job, but also very nice. We appreciated her attention to detail. The ER staff went out of their way to comfort my five year old, nailed the IV the first time, made my family and I feel comfortable during a stressful time, and informed us on how to take care of her and what we would need to do next. In addition, and because it was the weekend, they welcomed us to come back if we had any concerns. Thank you, Coastal Carolina!


This is the worst servIce ever. They did not listen to my issues they did c.t scan, blood works Iv and released me with the same symptoms I went there with.

Amy Rindone

Staff was nice enough, although experienced issues concerning daily meds being distributed. Although the staff came to ask if I wanted lunch and dinner brought, My response was yes, yet they never showed up with my first two meals. The nurses did have someone bring me a sandwich sometime after I reported that no meal delivered by 7 pm. I was only escorted to restroom the first time I needed to go after major surgery. I managed ok, thinking they must be busy. I then saw I was only patient in that hall.

Staci Fair

This hospital is by far the worst place I have ever been, and the worst I have ever been treated. They violated my rights as a patient by holding me against my will in the emergency room. I was neither suicidal or homicidal. I was lucid and non-violent, but I was experiencing side effects from a medication. I was the one who called for an ambulance as I knew I could not drive. I sought medical treatment but was treated as an incompetent. They made me put on a paper gown which I had to wear for 4 days straight. I had to lay on an ER cot for 4 days in a small room. They forced medication injections on me even when i verbally refused. The doctors were screaming insults about me throughout the entire ER. They forced me to be seen by other doctors and released my information without my consent. The medications they forced on me caused me to have convulsions and seizures, which they did not treat. They laughed at me as I had a seizure. The doctors were Dr. Cecace and Dr. Gentle. They also withheld my daily medications. After the incident I called the hospital representative and was met ubruptly with an attitude and given no apology. On another visit my daughter had injested a medication while I was at work, my husband took her to the ED. When I arrived I was terribly worried but SUR/PRISE, they would not let me in to see my daughter. They told me it was my fault because I had did this to my daughter. I was absolutely floored because I would never hurt my child. I also called the hospital and ER manager and was given a rude response that it was their right to refuse me. My patient rights were violated so badly on more than one occasion. I hope the doctors and hospital get sued and go out of business!

Paul LoMonaco

This is a small hospital with a small staff. My first experience on Friday 1/27/17 was excellent. Arrived with extreme shortness of breath and heaviness on my chest. I was taken back to a bed immediately and was surrounded by 3 staff nurses taking vitals, drawing blood, Xray, EKG, Enzyme blood analysis and CT Scan all in a matter of 3 hours. Absolutely no complains, but it was 11:30pm on a Friday night and the waiting room was empty. My second experience on Tuesday 1/31/17 for a milder attack was a more frustrating experience. I waited from 4:30pm to 10:10pm. Had vitals taken 3 times during that wait time. Finally, after starting to feel a little better decided to leave and took a taxi home.

Bryce Loader

Thomas Gold

So I had a blood clot in my leg and went here to have it treated. It was the worst mistake every. I walk in and they took my information and then a nurse there asked me what happened. I showed her my test results and she asked, "How did this happen." Are you not taking care of yourself. They knew I had diabetes and took my blood sugar. It was high and then she started yelling out what my blood sugar was. She walked me inside to where the beds were in the ER and told a doctor very loudly what my blood sugar was and that I do not take care of myself. Wow. I have a sister who is a doctor. I called her and she was shocked at how unprofessional they were. A few hours later, I was ready to go home. As I was walking out, a person who witnessed how I was treated stated they don't like people from Ridgeland. I told the person I was not. These people don't respect their patients. Stay away and go someplace else.

Danielle Holcomb

The wait time was absolutely terrible in the emergency department, but the nurses continued to come into the waiting room to apologize for the wait. Once we were in a room they were wonderful. They were very prompt and friendly. The staff was exceptional and I couldn't be more pleased with the care that my daughter and I both received.

Dottie Pedone

Worst service ever . Driving home to Ohio from Florida for finishing up my treatments for stage 4 lung, lymp nodes, brain and bone cancer. Had swollen leg. Did lots of tests. Been here since 4 an now 10::30. Thank God I don't live here and have to come here. STAY AWAY


Jack Barwick

Polite employees, only had my blood work done.

aja springz

Do not come here if you have Children plus the customer service is not what you expect from a hospital. The nurse in the front stated that the rooms were too small to allow two parents although there were two chairs in the hospital room which once I saw told my wife to come in then the nurse came in after we were seated and made her leave and sit in the waiting room which is totally unacceptable I could semi understand the space issue in the room where the vitals were taken but in the actual room not at all, currently there is an empty seat beside me where my wife was removed. The wait for service was extremely long for no reason, and the only time you see the staff have a sense of urgency is when walking out the door. The two nurses I first interacted with seem agitated, as if I was the one who made the decision for them to be nurses.

Amber Mallory

I wouldn't give this place one star. Horrible experience my mother has been there since 11 am and it's now 4:26 pm and the doctor hasn't told her anything yet and the nurse seem not to have much experience. We will never step foot back in this hospital.


Horrible Horrible Horrible Service Words cant explain the poor service that you receive at this hospital. Wait time is for 4 hours or more and if tou ask questions then the worst service that you receive a tbe long you wait . They the triage nurse determine who goes next by her experience (really) shes poping gum . This is the closest hospital to where we live and if you go to another hospital like Hilton head or Beaufort they ask why did you by pass coastal hospital its sad and the worst of ot all in a week or less they got a bill in you name for service renderer Enough is enough of you stealing money for us for service that was not well done . Very Sad Hospital

cristin yasmine

TAKES WAY TOO LONG. HORRIBLE SERVICE. No one cares about the shitty service it gives. They need an attitude adjustment. SHUT THIS HOSPITAL DOWN!

Hannah Smith


Kenyetta Williams

The absolute worste hospital ever. Came in at 3 with my 6 yr old who slammed her hand in the door at school. Her finger was pouring blood on 3 separate occasions and all they did waa keep wrapping it. So far we have been here 6hrs. redicilous

Bryan Cloutier-Flanagan

Simply put, THEY DON'T CARE ABOUT ANYTHING EXCEPT MONEY, and will cause more problems.

Jessica Nicole

This is the WORST hospitality I've ever been to in my entire life. PA Robert Sikes is the WORST practitioner I've ever encountered. This guy claims that CT scans will rule out cancers and infections, no bloodwork necessary. I came to the ER in extreme pain and felt brushed off. I was only looking for answers. I feel as if he has NO bedside manners or compassion. This is based on his treatment towards me. ER nurse Pat behaved unprofessionally towards me. She certainly violated my HIPPA rights. She also said patients always come in with pains like back pains, but they should go to their doctor and not the ER. Well, severe back pain can be the sign of a heart attack. What if a patient has debilitating back pain at night? Should they ignore a possible heart attack or a spinal infection until their doctor comes back from a holiday vacation? I don't agree with abusing the ER at all, but I don't agree with ignoring possible dangerous situations and excruciating pain either. Please do yourself a favor and take the trip to Beaufort Memorial. BMH is a wonderful place.

Gavin Holtz

I am a man, but if I could have a baby I'd do it here. Amazing staff and facilities that were able to conduct a quick C Section on my wife who wasn't even a patient there. They also deserve donuts, bring donuts.

Landen York

What a bad joke. Went in for severe back pain and not only were they not able to diagnose me, but sent me home with no real pain meds. Been in agony at home for two days and with no answers thanks to these people.

Felicia Benson

Went to the ER with chest pain on yesterday 10/01/18. I didn't even finish check-in process and the nurse came and got me right away.Before I realized it, I had 4 nurses coming in to assist me, hooked me up to EKG, pressure evaluated and all in a matter of seconds. They were very alert and quick regarding chest pains, and the possibility of a heart attack or stroke. The doctor came in less than 5 minutes to see what was going on and very caring regarding my pain and blood pressure, which was a little too high. But for the nurses, x-Ray tech, and doctor, all were very professional, detailed and quick. I've been here many times before and this was the best service ever, everyone I came in contact with stated their names and what care they were about to issue. Overall, my issues were handled promptly and professionally. So five stars to all who were present on yesterday tending to my needs. Awesome Job!!! Time in- 9:40 or after 10a.m. Dicharged- 11:18 a.m.

Sarah Slawter

Came in at 12 had to wait to be put in the system waited 4hours to go back.. I was the only one in the waiting room. While in the room I waited 2 more hours to get an xray.the nurses are mean the doctor haven't seen one.what more to say other than this place is a joke

Matthew Woznick

Katja Brunson

Nurses act like they can't help you... Doctors act like you don't know if your in pain or not.....

C wright

My husband came here due to diabetes complications while on vacation. They gave him an IV and he was discharged a few days later. At the time the IV was administered the nurse said oops thats gonna bruise. Well not only did it bruise it swelled up and was sore. He contacted the hospital and they said it would be fine. When he mentioned the pain and coming back in they told him he didnt need to come to them because of swelling. Well it wasnt just swelling which they would have caught if they hadnt brushed him off. He has a blood clot, deep vein thrombisis, an abcess and terrible infection from his wrist to almost his shoulder. Thank god hes home and at a DECENT hospital. They did surgery right away for fear the blood clot would travel to his lung. I feel by the nurses comment she knew that he was infiltrated. Needless to say we will b filing a lawsuit. If you value your life stay away from this "hospital"

Terri Bryant

Kind caring staff, small family feel hospital. Top notch medical care. Clean!

Darion Newton

Worst hospital ever. It sucks the triage and registering staff are the rudest/meanest, non caring people in the world. I wouldn't come back here if I was dying.

Jean King

I take total exception to these other reviews and personally I feel violated. I have visited Coastal Carolina Hospital on numerous occasions both in the ER and as an in-patient. I have NEVER been treated poorly, Quite to the contrary. Every time I have had to visit as an "Inpatient" or Emergency Room. They could not have done things better. I am ver pleased

Diamond Willis

Jennifer Ceja

Was waiting for three hours before a doctor even came into the room. This is ridiculous. We need better health care here in Jasper county.

Michael Daniels

I went to the hospital for an ankle injury and they took down my valid insurance information and they still marked down pay in full for my accout due to their ignorance. The hospital really should be closed.

rebecca smith

Been here 3 hours and nothing has been done to help me.

Paul Fortin

Coastal Carolina and Tenet Health Care are partners in price gouging. I went to Coastal Carolina for a scan which I found out later had an upfront cash price of $450(which by the way I was never informed of) My charges were $3,488.16 of which I had to pay $2000 after some credits. So $450 vs $3,488.16. sure looks like excessive billing. MAKE SURE YOU CHECK EVERYTHING UP FRONT WHEN DEALING WITH COASTAL CAROLINA AND TENENT HEALTHCARE BECAUSE GIVEN THE OPPORTUNITY, THEY WILL TAKE ADVANTAGE OF YOUR LACK OF DUE DILIGENCE.

Kelly Ziegler

Please NEVER take your baby or children here to the ER. They do NOT care or know how to treat a baby in any manner. They are VERY rude, and could careless about your babies health. My 12 month old son received horrible treatment here. The nurse at discharge told me to only returned when his lips turn blue. He was later admitted to the children’s hospital in savannah where he received kind and superior health care. Please save yourself the pain and time NEVER go to this hospital. I wish, I knew before we arrived here.

Sandy Sieracki

We brought my daughter two month old daughter into the ER this week after receiving horrible service at a hospital closer to where we were staying. We were really worried that we were going to be treated the same way at this hospital as well because of the ratings. Were we wrong. My daughter was congested and was having a hard time breathing. We had a 0 wait time, they were able to get my daughter in ASAP. And Dr. Fowlkes showed genuine concern for our daughter and told us that he would get her feeling better ASAP. We were in vacation and 19 hours away from our hometown, so it was a very scary situation for us. He is a great doctor. We can't say thank you enough!!!

Dennis Jacobs

Tremendous staff

Sally Mack

The hospital staff was very courteous and friendly from the folks at the registration desk to the doctors and nurses in Pre-Op and OR. They made certain that all of our questions were answered and understood. A very positive experience.

Jennessa Williams

Dr.Tolbert Is The Best... I Absolutely Love That He Took His Time And Explained Everything About My Surgury Because I'm Expecting Him & And His Wife Are The Best

Bruce Kienke

I had taken my father there 8 years ago and they did a very good job. Last night with my mother it was a disaster. Took her in by ambulance at 6:00 pm. Saw the doctor and said he wanted to do some tests. At about 11:00 he said he was waiting on results from the last one. At 12:30 pm a nurse came in to take her to do the test! I then calming asked to see the doctor and he said he was sorry. They admitted her to the hospital at 2:00 pm. I just called to see how she was doing and it was impossible to speak to her nursing station.

Damaris Diaz Perez

I'm here at this hospital, came last night with stomach pain. I been here waiting for a doctor and every nurse tells me that he will be here and nothing. Been waiting since this morning and its 5 PM. I told the that I m going home but they telling me that if I leave the insurance don't pay. I haven't eat because the doctor has to see me first. It's only 1 doctor, in this case Dr. Loader. I will never come here again.

Big Ben

Only a because can't be 1 at anything. Rudest RN with tats up. Gave IV drew blood to patient for swollen foot. Not a check for me and I'm coughing up blood. WTF..

Raina Kearney

Great Hospital Experience! I had my daughter there. The L&D staff is amazing! Caring & knowledgable. I can't say enough wonderful things. I am actually quite surprised by the reviews. I guess having a good hospital experience may be an oxymoron.

Matthew Allen

Highly professional team to deliver my baby girl.And great care from nurse kristen thank you from the Allen family

Shernice Davis

Unprofessional services. I had no idea what was going on.lack of caring.

Jonathon Guill

M. Robertshaw

Bad experience, called to ask a question and got put into a general mail box where you need an extension number. Called back and no one would pick up. I hung up after 4 minutes waiting.

Linda Harbert

Great care but no instructions on discharge from facility or calls from physician Had. At scan and X-ray with no report. This problem was resolv immediately with a call. The diagnosis and directions were there and given time orally. I wouldn't hesitate to reccommend this hospital to anyone. they re great and caring.

C Andrews

DO NOT GO HERE! If 0 was an option, that's what I would rate them! They have zero hospitality and they do a great job of making you feel less than human! Burn it down!

Michael Williams

We had to bring our one year old son here and this was the most friendly staff of nurses I've ever dealt with. We didn't have to wait very long to get seen and all of the nurses were absolutely wonderful. They were all very interactive with our son and they made us feel very comfortable. I can't explain how thankful we were to have dealt with such a friendly staff.

Patrick henson

Fernwood Board

I underwent a procedure in the endoscopy unit. The care I received from the pre op phone call all the way through discharge was excellent, safe, private and professional. The staff communicated well with me, and each other which is necessary to deliver the best and safest care. I would highly recommend Coastal Carolina to anyone who needs a colonoscopy or other GI related procedure.

Michael Firman

Nurse, Katie was amazing and super helpful. Had an asthma attack and they treated my symptoms very fast. Highly recommend this hospital.

Kathryn Mowery

Thank you for the awesome care and quick service!!!! The whole experience start to finish was 5 stars!

Mady oswald

Went to the ER in extreme pain, and not only was everyone kind and patient, but i left free of pain. :)

Fran Smyth

Im mother & legal guardian of a mentally injured military person & they transferred him w/o telling me to an inappropriate facility 2 hrs drive from here, putting him in extreme danger

jhene Middleton

The worst hospital on planet earth. I went there yesterday for excruciating pain in my chest and feeling very lightheaded and weak . I got there around 230pm & didn’t get discharged until around 6pm. No one ever came in the room to check on me until it was time to be discharged. The nurse poked me four times to try and place an IV in & he was really rough and nasty with me when I told him he was hurting me. I’ve never been in so much pain in my life & no one seemed to care not even the doctor they claimed they didn’t find anything in my blood work & told me I had gastroenteritis which didn’t match at all with my symptoms & sent me home. This place should definitely be shut down Immediately!


Stephanie Carl

I was scheduled for a sedated MRI February 22, 2019 at 10:00. I got there early, received very cordial check-in at front desk. Was taken back a little before my scheduled time. I have never had an MRI and am very anxious and claustrophobic. I was scared to death. I want to praise Natalie, the head nurse, and also the nurse helping her that performed my MRI. I wish I had her name. They should be commended on the outstanding job they did.. They were so very professional; however, very cheerful which put me totally at ease. They talked with me, and I knew I was okay. If I need another one, I will definitely go here and also request Natalie. Please let her supervisor know. She's a keeper..

Leesa Noydb

If you have any expectation as a family member (living outside the state from the patient), to be in communication with any physicians and most nurses charged with your relatives care, give that up. No discharge or care plan was discussed with me (having medical POA) in advance of the morning of my mother being released despite days of effort and calls. No ability to have any input in care/discharge plans. THEY decide without any regard to family members or patient.


Let me start by saying this hospital, and this staff are the worst I’ve ever been to. You would think a hospital means great care and helpful people.The labor and delivery part of the hospital are the most disrespectful people I have ever delt with. They are unprofessional and careless towards their patients. You would think a hospital cares for their patients and wants to help you out, but this hospital could care less about anything you have going on. I won’t recommend this place to anyone else, and I will make sure to tell people to not go here. No wonder the hospital is rated the way it is.

Gayle Steiner

I have had a lot of surgeries unfortunately and coming from the state of the art hospitals in CA - the nurses and staff at this hospital were THE BEST! They really care and really took exceptional care of me during my two surgeries there. VERY IMPRESSED and will be forever grateful to the care and compassion and service I received there. Thank you guys!

brian williams

Lady at the window has no personality also has an attitude that trying to get out. Aarrrggg

Ladii Dukes

If I could have given less than I would...they have no compassion what so mother was in a Car accident and in very severe pain and all they could do was pat there feet...the nurses acted as if you were doing them an injustice and getting on they nerves.I wish she would've got transport to another hospital. Oh and dont forget registration when we ask to come back and see her they was concerned about the police report.

Beverly Porter

wait in ER was long but once admitted to ICU the service was outstanding. The nurses very pleasant. I was there for 7 days and extremely pleased with the care and the service. Thanks to all in the ICU unit

Denise Gouldie

This was our 3rd trip to Coastal Carolina Hospital. The 2nd time for our youngest daughter. The woman at the check-in desk for the ERD needs a MAJOR attitude adjustment. Not only was she rude, but she didn't seem to believe me when I was describing our youngest dauhters symptoms. Seriously? It was close to 10 PM and our daughter was obviously ill. But, then a FANTASTIC nurse came over while I was finishing up checking in our daughter in and took over and thank GOD, she did. We were never treated poorly after that. Nursing student Nancy stepped in with her iPad to keep our daughter busy while we waited (less than 5 minutes upon checking-in, we had a room!), because Mommy forgot hers, in our rush to get her to the hospital. The nurses, the respiratory specialist, the student nurses and the doctor were understanding, attentive and even loving towards us and our 4yo. Amidst a hostile patient next door to our room, they remained attentive, vigilant and caring and we left with a much healthier child, prescription already called in to our local pharmacy and detailed instructions. "Hats off to the staff at Coastal! Our family thanks you 100x over!"

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