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Cabryant Smarr

The night staff was very disrespectful and unprofessional, I wouldn't tell anyone to go to this hospital at all at night even if your in pain bad I would just tell you to go to spartanburg hospital if you can get there. I will never go to Mary black again I mean never and the sad part is I stay in the same town not even 10min from hospital and I will never go back again. Mary black is a very race's place to go so if your black or any color but white you will not be treated right at all someone really needs to look into this hospital fast.


Long review, but it took this much to explain how awful it was... Expected at least basic manners. I came to the ER because my throat was swelling for HOURS, after much fear and thought I decided to go ahead and go. The nurse came out to the ER registry area and didn't say a word, just stared at me. So I thought, okay, I'll explain what's happening. I did, and then she just nodded her head to the direction I need to go. We went back to the vitals room, where she asked me some questions, took vitals and kept complaining about a woman who kept coming in for narcotics. They led me to a room to wait and left the door open, so I just sat there on the bed, hearing the same nurse outside talking to another. She was murmuring something about the door being open, and then I heard her say "I could tell she was stupid, just from looking at her," and laughing. Well, I’m so “stupid” that I do know the person doing the job is supposed to be the one to do very basic parts of their job, not the patient who can’t breathe. You know... close the door, greet the patient, act like a decent person when someone is afraid for their life and they’re in your care, etc. I’m educated as well, and I know they teach you to act professional, especially in the healthcare field. Just laughable... About 2 hours later I received an allergy shot and was discharged an hour after. I expected so much better from professionals. The registrar showed more professionalism and politeness than anyone, I felt sorry for her having to put up with the other staff all day. Seeing for myself just how much they don't care about legal restrictions on information, the rudeness, and lack of pride and standards for their professions, what I normally would have said were just people angry over minimal things in the reviews are most likely not. This place should actually be investigated for quite a lot. This was my first time ever to an ER, and Gaffney’s ER is one that I will never visit again. No matter how many times they change their name, they will have the same low morale, and miserable people working there who simply do not care.

Teresa Case

I was extremely shocked and disappointed in how I was treated by the nursing staff, they where rude and very uncaring. I can't go in great detail, but at one point I was told to my face that I was lying about something that had happened. Unfortunately I have been hospitalized more times than I can count, but I have never been treated so badly before. I want be going back to Mary Black in Gaffney, it's really a shame that if anyone in Gaffney needs good hospital care they have to go all the way to Spartanburg.

OG Oreo

they are retarted they said they were going to call me the next dayy and they still havent call for all i know i might have broken or fractured foot

Cecil Clyde Houck

We we're early this morning 7:AM for our daughter. They provided coffee thank you, but no sugar, I'd ask for it and they said they are making their rounds. Now it's 11:29 yet No Sugar for Coffee. Their floors we're nasty and the chairs you sit in are nasty in waiting room, but their bathrooms were clean, uhm.

timothy spencer

they refered me to a docter who had no idea what they were doing now im screwed and i have absolutely no one to help me

Kevin Starnes

I wish a zero option was available as this place does not even deserve one star. Went into ER, no people in the waiting room at all, however, waited for 4 hours to be seen. Nurses are very rude, no empathy once so ever. The nurses go outside and smoke cigarettes on the bench in the court yard in front/side of hospital where benches are located for patient families. Gross. When I mean nurse (the girl was wearing a name badge had RN under it with a stethoscope around her neck) and I watched her smoke an entire cigarette then walk back in to take care of patients, unbelievable!! I think this place is unprofessional, needs to stick to no smoking for employees as they do for patients. Terrible ER visit with lazy staff. I said to the triage nurse wow I’ve waited a long time, 4 hours with an empty waiting room, she replied- I have been here 12 hours you can leave if you want. Really??? You work there fool, you have already charged my insurance from touching me in triage, are you kidding me??? I would drive the extra miles to go to whatever hospital around besides Gaffney Medical Center. It’s less than mediocre, the staff are not medically knowledgeable and very rude. Avoid at all costs, it’s a complete joke!

John Angie Bakewell

I am here to let people know that this IS a good facility with wonderful doctors and nurses who DO care and show compassion. My mom broke her hip and was taken to the ER. She was admitted for surgery which took place the next day. I stayed with her overnight for two nights and witnessed the staff firsthand. Now, there are times at EVERY hospital where EVERYONE is calling for a nurse and needs assistance, which makes the wait time longer than you'd like....that did happen time to time, but that's what the call button is again. My only thing I would've liked to see differently is for the bathrooms to be maintained better. For the visitors who use the restroom on the patient floor, it would be nice to have a clean facility to use. Also the air system in the room had to be adjusted by someone or it would stay on blowing very cold. If the patient didn't have someone in the room to turn it on and off, the patient would need to call the nurses constantly. Surgery was Friday and she is being discharged on Monday - a testament to the great job by the surgical staff and after care by attending doctors and nurses. Thank you!

Lu Post

My father was admitted to Mary Black Health System in Gaffney for a week and a half with a severe tonsillar abscess and I couldn't appreciate more the care they provided. Being a nurse (Clinical Nurse Specialist) from Atlanta, I was expected a rural facility with limited resources. That was as far from the truth as possible. The facility is very high tech. The safety and security of all patients is the main priority. The nurses use hand-held devices to scan each patient's bracelet to ensure they are the correct patient and the correct treatment is being given. Vital signs are scanned at the bedside directly into the patient's electronic medical record. The caregivers, from the housekeeping staff, dietary services, lab techs, nursing assistants, nurses and hospitalists were extremely knowledgeable, attentive and caring. Gaffney should be proud to have such an amazing health system within their community. We were certainly grateful!

Doug Spurlin

if you want to die go there they need to close that place down I don't recommend anybody to go there I have lived in gaffney my entire life and I will never go back to that hospital ever again and how that hospital has 3.3 stars is a joke they must pay someone to give them good reviews

Jennifer McCraw

Er visit was horrible. Will not go back. Ever.

MissKitty Quinn

I had gallbladder surgery and i was treated very good here...nurses were nice and my surgeon was nice too...had no problems....

Jendanbat 000

Took 25 mins just to check in. They have a "sit where we can see you if you want to check in" policy. Doesn't work very well. Dr. Karns treats people like they're stupid. A horrible place to go with a serious emergency. Just horrible. On the plus side, the nurse was very friendly and capable.


I had both of my children at this hospital and I've got absolutely nothing negative to say about it. After having my son there, I knew this was where I would have his sister. Our Dr., (Dr. Lewis), and all the nurses were great. They were very professional and very personable. My room, post delivery was fine too. Quiet and comfortable.

Mr D.

I recently moved down here to South Carolina about 4 years ago and had to take and I must say I had a TERRIBLE visit to your hospital...I seen a doctor by the name of karnes and he was not really sympathetic to my needs...I had a severe migraine and my blood pressure was thru the roof and I'll never return to that hospital and since I live here in Gaffney I'll return to the Spartanburg Regional where they actually cares for someone who's in there with a guys should not let a review be used to hurt anyone but he has NO bedside manners....thank you guys...

Marc Bounds

Overall my care here has been excellent! I have experienced nearly every dept since Sept 3rd of 14'. ER, inpatient, outpatient, radiology, lab, MRI, Diabetic nutrition, they even scanned my legs to see if I had good blood flow. Thank you one and all for the loving care! Just Call Me Paul (the guy that carries the cross)

Elysia B

Their outpatient and radiology department are nice, professional and expedient....Emergency and long term care not so receptionist in Emergency room...long waits before and after initial screening...emergency staff seem absolutely aloof but again the outpatient is pretty good

Jerrica Reineke

Worthless place to go!! Me and my 11 month old went to get check for the flu and they said they was positive but there's something else wrong with her, she screaming like her mouth is hurting, they never once checked her mouth or throat! They wouldnt listen to me about her not drinking or eating and all the guy dr said was give her benadryl to help sleep

Elaine Black

It's a lot better since Mary Black took it over.

Dillan Spurlin

I’ve been here for an hour and a half and not even a nurse has peaked in the room to make sure I’m okay. It’s ridiculous, you ask them why it’s taking so long and they say it’s busy they’re all just sitting at the desks.

melissa henke

They made me wait 4 and a half hours. Went back finally and they asked me a few questions then said they were giving me a morphine shot and phenagren shot. For the symptoms I had which were nausea and headache. Got home and realized the shot they gave me wasn't morphine it was diaherra medicine will not be going back. and got discharged. Worst experience and will not return seemed like they were diagnosing everyone with the same thing even if they had a pinched nerve passing blood Thru urine urine broke leg or arm.

Songbird Cloud


Tish Rochester

David Carpenter

This place is a joke just because Mary black took over doesn't mean it's better still the same useless doctors and nurses. To change the hospital they need to fire every one in there and start over. Starting first with the rude nurses

Elizabeth Dowdle

My father is in ICU because your hospital turned him away.

Denise Dawkins

My visit was terrible they dismissed my brother and he was not able to even walk. I Had to immediately take him to Spartanburg.. It's so sad

terrence Oneal


Kelvin Newman

All these post are right.lay there 3 days before I got a M r. I .keens did nothing they did not give me clot busting drug .now I am on a walker next is wheelchair. Bill my INS 35000 me asking for 4000 got breathing treatment that it,Dr warns took my ability to walk away trash bag on sign at entering hosptil no name that should. Have told me go to spartanburg

Ashley Burgess

If I could give it less than one star, I would. I was rushed there after a car accident that almost killed me. They did not do anything for me except for order x-rays. Which they couldn't even do that right. After the X-rays were ordered I never saw the doctor again. My phone was crushed in the car accident so I had no way to contact anybody to blette the know where I was so a nurse came in told me there was nothing wrong with me and told me that they would order me a taxi and that I needed to leave so she put me and I will chair and sat me in the lobby. I have been dealing with pain for a week and still I'm able to move my left hand so I went back to the doctor where they did more x-rays and found out I actually have a small fracture in my foot and my hand is broken in half. Now I have to go see in orthopedic surgeon and have surgery on my hand. My hand is very visibly broken in the x-rays and I don't know how the hospital could have overlooked this. This hospital is absolutely horrible and do not care about their patients and the quality of their life and well being.

Tonya Dee

Ridge Craft

Kelly Lewis

I love this hospital. Everyone treats me well and is attentive. I've never had a bad ecpirience. Outpatient services are fast with very low wait times compared to other facilities.

B Luv

I went due to kidney stones they gave me pain meds that didn't work so they had to shoot me up with some thing stronger then prescribed something weak that can't even stop the pain why see that the stronger pain meds dnt work and give something weaker

B Stacey

I recently left a bad review of Mary Black Health Care System. Most of my rating was based on how the physicians in doctors offices that are with Mary Black, have been treating me. All of those being in Gaffney. The rest was with hospital staff. I have been to Mary Black in Gaffney many times for tests in the past several months. The outpatient staff are and have always been wonderful to me. I immediately smile when I walk in. Even the atmosphere is calming. So this is my review on the hospital as a whole. As I said, the outpatient staff are great when walking in to the hospital. I have had several ultrasounds, XRay, and several other tests. The nurses and Tech's that did those tests were a little different. I went in for a minor procedure earlier today. I was surprised at how quickly and successfully everything went. I was pleased to see how well they all worked together for the patient. I did have a few issues as far as just rudeness, but my overall rating is 4. The anesthesiologist were both great. Dr Zubel, as always, was wonderful. I think the reason for the rudeness was because of my review before. What they don't realize is the review was not on them, it was on the Tech's and staff who "handled" my tests and were clearly not happy with me or doing the testing. I felt I was bothering them and that made it much more uncomfortable for me. These tests are much worse for the patient than for the tech or nurses or doctors who have to perform them. The rudeness and distasteful behavior and the looks that you give the patients are very clear. We don't want to be there, but you could, at the very least, smile. As for today, myself and my husband were, overall, very happy with how well the staff treated us. Their are some things that could be done to make this a little less difficult for the patients. I know everyone has bad days. Sometimes the last thing you want to do is this job. I couldn't do it and I have so much respect, gratitude, appreciation and admiration for those who do. Especially for the Nurses, technicians and staff. But please stop the looks of disgust or judgement and the hateful expressions. Mary Black is a great hospital, but Gaffney used to be terrible. People need time to see that things are changing. Give us that chance. Show us that you, as a whole, are trying to make this place feel more comfortable and safe. We can all learn from each other. It's not the performance or knowledge that bothers me. Everyone is very good at their job. It's the behavior to patients, to me, that bothers me. That made me feel like I was not wanted of welcomed there. Made me feel like I disgusted them with my presence. Please stop judging you patients. Just treat us as you would like someone else to treat you.

Devin Lavender

Beth Wilborn

Been waiting an hour with a 101.3 fever and climbing. Feeling sick to my stomach, body is hurting so bad I can barely breathe, and now have a pounding headache. Sadly got the last Dr I had who told me my Kidney pain was a pulled muscle. So, maybe I will get help but over an hour and boiling. Would have been smarter to go to Spartenburg.

Jamie Hammonds

Rudest "nurses" I've ever seen. I vowed to never come back here years ago, but after MARY Black took over I had hoped it would be more professional and at minimum more polite, it seems everyone here hates their job- why work in healthcare if you hate the public? Also, I've never been to a hospital and felt dirty- the nurses have dirty hair and missing rotted teeth...I'm not judging because I'm not perfect by far, I've just NEVER seen nurses lacking in hygiene like this. The care received was subpar and I often felt like I was the caregiver to my child, I'll elaborate soon..

Kandy Zuniga

My father was in the ICU and he wasn't treated well his doctors and nurses seemed nice, but they weren't taking care of his hygiene. I got him transferred to spartanburg for other medical reasons and 100% better. They didn't listen to me at Gaffney and at spartanburg medical center they did.

Nicold Pinto

My one year old got sent home with pneumonia WILL NEVER GO BACK AGAIN MY BABYS WORSE!!

Heather Pennington

Brooke Armstrong

I was in gaffney for a dirt bike race and got really sick and Mary Black ER was the closest thing to me! So we went and they checked me in pretty quick, helped me the best they could and sent me on my way. My nurse Jean, was very sweet and so was the Doctor! They made my pain go away and made me feel better! I know they did all they could do with the cards they were delt!

Mark Flores


If I could give this place 0 out of 5 stars I definitely would. This hospital picks and chooses when to follow hospital policy. I guess it’s “who you know” if you want adequate help. DO NOT COME HERE! It’s the worst hospital experience I ever had. Staff is very rude especially the night shift. So if you feel like you are sick or dying it’s best just to search through WebMD or take a trip to Spartanburg.

Cheyanne Lindley

My god I've never met a group of nurses so rude in my life. My friend is in ICU and his job needed a fax number for FMLA and they just rolled their eyes and cocked little attitudes when I asked them for it. Honestly. If you don't like working with people, why go to school for so long for something you hate?

Stacy Holland

Pamela Parker

Been here since 11 pm last night. It is 645am and we are still in ER. Can't move a patient at shift change they say so we have to wait another hour! Then when we get to ICU it will probably be another 2 hours! I think this last 2 hours has been spite work! The first few hours they did work diligently taking care of my step mom. When done, we wait and wait and wait. Next time Spartanburg here we come. By the time we get settled in a room, she will be better. That's all I have to say about that. I did speak my mind so that's why we are still sitting here I'm sure. So now it is 7 15 am. Instead of getting report they are laughing and goofing off! I have heard the same story from the same nurse 4 times as she tells it to all the other nurses.

Jamie Moore

Katie Lord

If I could give a lower review I would. I was not treated with good patient care at all. Doctor did not even look at my rash.

caroline Lee

My husband was having chest pains and they let him sit for 4 hours ! Ridiculous just like it's been for years! Just a place for the local crack heads to get a fix!

Gypsy Wynd

The first thing i noticed about this hospital was that out was disgustingly filthy!! You know it's bad when you don't even want to use the restroom in the hospital... There was feces on the floor of the bathroom... Looked as tho someone%tho clean it up and just smeared it on the floor... The exam room that i was put inn was not clean... Crushed Cheetos and random food all over the floor threat the nurse just stepped all over and laughed.... Which by the way was the only time she even acted as tho she had a personality... The only people that showed any real compassion were my actual doctor and the triage nurse. The rest were ride and uncaring! I will make the drive tip Spartanburg if i have to go to the er again!

Jordon Hickman

Worst hospital ever. Nurses won't get what you need for your baby (That you just delivered). Nurse dropped a barcode scanner right beside a new Born baby. Forgot to bring baby formula right after asked. Just so much they could be doing better.

GB Stewart

ben there

Mary black Gaffney hires people that steals peoples personnel information HIPPA VIOLATION so if you are having a operation don't go there. .also er docs karns pay nurses ms for sexual activities.all the time along with others and this needs to be investigated but they look over it .need to weed them out . fact

Somona Glasgow

John Cooper

Berlinda Foster

The nurse came telling my boyfriend that they was going to have our son do a urine sample, and draw blood and hooking my 7 year old son up to an IV because he was throwing up. I called up there because I was at home with my 1 year old who was also throwing up, but i had zofran for her that the doctor have her 2 months ago when she was sick with a stomach virus, and they wouldn't tell me anything that they were planning on doing to my son and me his legal parent.U could be dieing and they would let u die, but go because ur throwing up and they want to do all kinds of unnecessary stuff. ABSOLUTELY RIDICULOUS! DON'T WASTE YOUR TIME WITH THEM.

Amanda Smith

I will never go here again i don't care how far i got to travel. I was told by a nurse practitioner, "they don't do things for comfort" treated me like a rag doll and i shook out of pain when they did surgery. No don't go here! I will avoid this area just so i do not get in an accident god knows what they will do to me or my family. Mary black stands for Torture.

Amber Howe

I will never come to this hospital again!! Rude staff all they care about is a paycheck!! We were in a room for 2 hrs and no one even came to check on my son. We had to go find someone and a lady in check-in found the doctor. They were all in the lounge eating and having a good time. I understand they need breaks but come no one one the floor.

Gary Jones

Last year sent My Wife home with blood clots in her lungs and around legs and heart which caused a heart attack today she left by ambulance at 11pm its now 4am this place will let you die

Roberta Brackett

The two stars are me being gracious. Go to Spartanburg Regional.

Alexandra Smith

Service was way too quick and they didn't do all the testing they should have, causing me another trip to Spartanburg ER a week later for the same issue only 10x worse.

Quinton Hemphill

Liz I

Came in with trouble breathing from sickness. They put me in a room it was freezing. I asked for a blanked still have not received 1 and its been an hour. Been here for almost 3 hours and they still have yet to be seen. They should close this place down.

Robert Beattie

I've been sitting in the e.r. for 4 hours for a dang sinus infection. The e.r. seems highly understaffed. If I could post negative stars I would.

Jessica Corarrubias

a horrible hospital if it's something serious at best a low quality urgent care

Jason Sumner

Dianna Kale

Deplorable. The nursing staff seems disinterested and barely educated. Kept my daughter there 3 days and never told her plan of care or why she couldn't eat for three days. Soiled clothing left on bathroom floor for 3 days. Nothing happened until I reported to hospital administrators to intervene. AVOID THIS FACILITY . Unless you are unconscious and have the misfortune of being transported there, then no matter how sick you are , GO ELSEWHERE.

Sarah Dodd

Worst experience of my life. Pretty bad when you inform 4 people of having a chest pain associated with my pain I was in, and nobody batted an eye.

Quenitn Norris

This Is The Worst An Slowest Hospital You Will Ever Go To..... Find Another Hospital

Teresa Rogers


Joseph Mckinney

This place has really good nurses but the doctors are way to slow after asking for AMA Papers they would not give them to me

Elizabeth Snider

This hospital is currently cutting Ambulance and EMS services as well as Neonatal Child-birthing services, because we in Cherokee County aren't profitable enough. We've had a contract with the hospital since 1984 to provide these three things though we realize that other counties cover their own Ambulance/EMS. We will now have to as well. I don't understand the Childbirth thing though. If they don't want to provide basic medical services, why are they still here?

ReRe B.

They don’t even deserve a star as we speak my grandson is here admitted for a asthma attack..... I can give some ppl a ok but this night shift attitude and manners are not even rate able...... I would have went somewhere else if we had time ........ we were tryn to get him stable to airlift to Greenville it took 2 days to get stable..... no wait .....that was God!!!!! Won’t he do it?

K1LL3RGRN white

GO TO SPARTANBURG ! I broke 3 ribs on my left side, and bruised my spleen...I told the NP/PA and she argued with me up and down that "your spleen is on your right side"... Glad I didn't listen to her, right ... Biology 101 your spleen is located behind the 11th and 12th rib in you second quadrant of the left side of you torso. Just go to Spartanburg... Even if your bleeding out, you still may survive.

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