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REVIEWS OF Beaufort Memorial Hospital IN South Carolina

Karen Wade

My family member is there in the ICU..Im praying that she hurry and get better.....Beaufort Memorial is a very unprofessional place.... The staff there is terrible and need to be retrain in custumer service...The medical team had a problem with me calling and checking on my family member to get updates on her progress...The sad thing is that you never will know when the tables will turn. Its best to be kind to people on your way up .You never know who you may meet on your way back down....please dont take your love ones there!!!

Jakyree Fripp

They were nice.

Jenny Reese

Even being fairly new to town I had heard of Beaufort Hospital's poor reputation. However, we do not have many options when it comes to emergency care. I went in with some severe symptoms and was taken back right away. They got diagnostics started immediately and got me medicine to make me feel better in a very timely manor. All the nurses were great, professional, and with a sense of humor. I was surprised after hearing so many horror stories. My experience was altogether great. I can't speak for all of the hospital, but the emergency department was awesome.

Reidlos Cidem

From these reviews, I was dreading coming to this hospital. But now that I've been here at the Birthing Center for a week, I can assure you that the staff here are some of the best in the business. Our plan was to have our child at the Birthing Center in Savannah, but our little one was not having that. He came early and I was scared that BMH wouldn't respect our Doula nor my wife's birthing plan. Nope. They accommodated as much as they could a respected our wishes. So if you're worried about the quality of the Birthing Center here, put your mind at ease. The rooms are great, the staff incredible, and the doctors superb. They even have a Chaplain on call 24/7. I admire him because he really is passionate about his work. Great man. The only thing that I would recommend for this section is comfy chairs for breastfeeding moms in the neonatal intensive care unit (women already go through pain giving birth, no need to make their backs feel worse) and an option to allow the mom to order food for their husbands as well during chow time. I don't know if nobody has told them, but us males feel the same way towards the child as our wives do. We don't want to leave their side and feel disconnected when they have to take them away from us for treatment. I was told they're doing renovations here to make this place even better. But if their service is like this now, I could only imagine what it would be like in a few years. Stay motivated! Hooah!

Michael McCann


dee ford

Tim Birch

sit for hrs with no explanation doc asked where it hurt then caused more pain then more waiting in the long run left with more pain then i showed up in

Cassie Proctor

The ER staff was amazing! I was visiting from Kentucky and my 4 year old became sick, the ER staff were very caring and attentive and put my mind at ease! My son was so much better that night after their care! Thank you so much for your hard work!

Tatyana Aiken

C Ellis

I went to the ER recently because I have been experiencing serious vision issues in my left eye: floaters, flashes of light, chronic painful headaches, eyeaches, and a considerable anxiety from the fear of possibly going blind. They gave me a cscan and when it came back normal, that was it. My repeated questions to three staff members about my eye went unanswered, beyond saying the scan was normal. No eye exam, no referral. Nothing. I was sent home with a prescription of Ativan. My eye issues are steadily getting worse, but they told the Patient Advocate they already addressed it.

Mary K

Terrible hospital. Do not waste your time and health going to this place.

Chris Nelson

Shameka Bryan

I wouldn't recommend anyone to this horrible hospital not unless you are ready to die. My Mother was taken by EMS on 9/13/19 for difficulties breathing, continuous coughing (that she's been experiencing over a month) and her arms sore. The ER did labs, XRAY, CAT scan, fastest CAT scan they ever did, and EKG. So they return maybe 20 mins later to discharge her says follow up with lung specialist and come back if you don't feel better. My husband says no, I want her transported to Charleston. PA Kevin wanted to discharge her and not send her anywhere but home of course, bc he didn't care. After my husband stress the issue of getting her transferred they decided ok we'll admit her. Admit her with reassuring they would have the lung specialist see her that same day. Later that day around 3:30 or so we return to the hospital. To find out they lied about the lung specialist when we asked, they responded no order was put in for a lung specialist but the heart specialist. We're asking who said anything about a heart specialist bc no-one mentioned that at all. That morning her EKG reading from them was clear clear, so Kevin was sending her home knowing she needed to see a heart specialist I'm thinking. At this point we're requesting to speak with the Patient Advocate or anyone of higher Authority. Of course, the lies of let me see if they were available which we knew no-one would be. RN from the ER Jennifer comes back to us as the messenger assuming what she think is going on. I wrote down everything that was said and who said it from the messenger. We have had terrible situations even death bc of this horrible hospital and their pathetic staff. Trust me, seek medical care from Savannah or Charleston people. BMH do not care about anyone's health they will tell you so many different things, lies, just to get a bill and send you home. I don't even want to rate them at 1.

Autumn Strawser

So beyond frustrated with Beaufort Memorial OBGYN. I just moved here from Ohio, and I'm trying to be set up as a patient. I called to ask how to be set up, and they said I needed to fill out a records release. This is standard, so I asked if they could email it to me or if it was online. NO. The only way you can get it is if they MAIL it to you or you take extra time off work to walk in there personally to sign it. So on January 24th, my doctor in Ohio receives the release and mails out my records. 2 weeks later I call to see if Beaufort OBGYNreceived the records. They didn't see them in their office, so they told me to call a different number for records. I called and that lady literally laughed and said she doesn't RECEIVE records, she send them out, that I need to call the OBGYN office again. I call them and they state they didn't receive them, to have my doctor fax it. I call my doctor, give them the fax number, and she faxes the records on 2/5/18. She received the confirmation that the fax went through. I wait a week for Beaufort OBGYN to receive the records, enter me in the system and set me up with an appointment before I called back. Guess what?? They didn't receive my records AGAIN. So I called and had my doctor re-fax them. I wait a week with no phone call and call Beaufort OBGYN to see if they received the records. NOPE. By this time it's been over a month since I started trying to get my records to them. HOW DO YOU NOT RECEIVE RECORDS SENT 2 DIFFERENT WAYS, 3 DIFFERENT TIMES?? So I decide to try just one more time. Called my doctor in Ohio, who is now just as frustrated as me knowing that 3 sets of my records are supposedly just floating out in nowhere land, so she faxed them twice, IN A ROW, on 3/1/18. I called Beaufort OBGYN and let them know they should be coming through, and to have someone call me when they were received. Well, it's 3/2, I didn't receive a call, so of course I called and sat on hold for dumb amounts of time just to be shifted to another records department that has nothing to do with my stuff, then back to the OBGYN department and told "yeah she shouldn't have told you to call them" AND THEY STILL DON'T HAVE MY RECORDS. I'm over it. I told them to delete my information out of their system, that I do NOT want to be a patient there. I will also be contacting the head of OBGYN and letting her know how her staff is unable to manage their day to day tasks. There is no way my records got lost 4 times.

Sv Eml

Two bad visits, they gave wrong meds, caused to talk out of mind!! A guy died two doors down due to being neglected.. Go to MUSC or St. Joseph's Candler...

Dominique Griffin

Elizabeth Pinkerton

This hospital is the best in the area. They do have to come into the times with My chart updates including labs, weights, BP, ect. I hope they continue to strive to be the best in the area as the area grows.

Russ Tolle

Friendly knowledgeable staff. Very professional Got us in and out of ER fast.

Arie Johnson

Shane Thompson

My wife was hit by another car going sixty five and she went to this hospital because her back was in extreme pain. They took mri and said nothing was wrong. Two weeks later still in tremendous pain, she went to her pcd and after they looked at the mri it was discovered that one off her discomfort had cracked and broken off. Plain as day and her pcd couldn't understand how anyone one could miss it it. The doctors are rude and lazy.

Joshua Lewis

You guys do what you can to help the people. Poor and all. Thank you. The world needs more people like you guys. Keep it up!!

James Thompson

Medical staff is amazing. We have always received great care. However, the billing department is horrible. After an ER visit, we received bill after bill. Quickly paying, only to find out they hadn't recorded our insurance info. The late notices kept coming and with each call, they apologized and assured us the situation was resolved and nothing was owed. Then the threats of collections. Didn't matter how many times you called, or qho you spoke with, same answer, nothing owed. Today, months later, we received a refund check for our over payment. Along with a collection notice. Is there any communication there? Does anyone put notes in the computer?

jim patterson


David Watts

I had not been feeling well for three days and decided to go to the ER. I was seen within 15 min and was checked out, on my way home within 45. Diagnosed with Strep Throat. Nurses and Staff were friendly and this was the best customer service I have had at any hospital.

sean h

They likely saved my life. I checked in and was immediately taken back for vitals then placed in the exam room. 15 total mins. Examined within 20 minutes, IV started and blood work off to the lab. CT scan within an hour after that. Diagnosis, consultation, lab work completed with results and off to the O.R. 3 hours after arrival. They did not rush me out and were very thorough with their diag. Plus....If you end up being admitted, you may get a gorgeous view of the water. Seriously.....thank you. I feel like I had a legitimate chance of not being here anymore and here I am.

Altamese Aten

Rachel Cunningham

Tye Carolina

I’m sitting here and have been sitting in this lil small room with my 16month old since 9:06...3hours later I’m told that one of the test that the nurses performed will not be available for another hour and baby is sleepy and irritated and she hasn’t even been diagnosed with anything as of yet...but told that we could go home and someone would call to provide us with the results from that one what if it’s negative

Anthony Praml

I had to stay there for about 4 or 5 days coming from parris island as a recruite. It was nothing less than great. The staff were very nice and attentive. I did have an IV bend in my arm at one point through that was very painful. Didnt get fixed for a fairly long period of time after I had complained 2 or 3 times about it. Other than that it was great. This was about 9 months ago.

Tyler Skidmore

I'm currently sitting here with my 4 year old with a double ear infection. Doctor was in here 1 hour ago and haven't seen here since. Worst for speed I would rather drive 3 hours to another hospital than come back here.

Heather Ford

The wait at emergency room was ridiculous (5 hours!). I wasn't allowed back to visit my mother, they didn't know her was awful.


Worst Customer Service ever. Got treated in a hallway for a cut that they glued shut and sent me off in probably 10 minutes. I got the bill and I was amazed about how much I was charged (I guess that's part of the whole healthcare system nowadays), but I called for clarification and was met with the most rude customer service ever. Then I called to request my itemized bill for insurance purposes and they said they would mail it. 3 weeks go by and nothing so I called back and the billing rep told me that they weren't able to get to it yet and they would when they could, meanwhile I am paying all of this out of pocket so I don't have late med bills. We are at a month now with nothing.

Amanda Hernandez

They don’t care in helping my mom. She got a broken leg and what do they do they send her home fast. Not noticing her condition she has weak legs because of her condition she can’t barely get up. Then she goes home and goes back to see if they can help her with someone either going to the house to help her or a place. I would help her but I can’t always be there to help her I am a mom with 4 kids and they pretty much use my time. They need to help their patients and get them help.

Melissa Prescott

izon hutchful

You can go there multiple times, if something is wrong with you they'll give you a few antibiotics and send you on your way, if you think there is something critically wrong with you you must go to Charleston,SC hospital

Shalona Doe

Dawn DeVito

Charged alot when we did not even have a room and was seen in the waiting area, Also was told if I paid bill write then and there that is all it would be but got a bill three weeks later for another $112.00.

james range

My wife waited on phone for over thirty minutes listening to you call is important to us, a member of our staff will be with you shortly. Called on another line to get help. Total time to call for an appointment for an x-ray exam was over forty minutes. The first call was still on hold This is what they say is great service? Wonder what they think acceptable service would be?

Todd Sutz

We had as good as an emergency room visit as possible. We are so thankful for the kindness and care of the staff from the front desk to the medical staff. Nurses Kelly, kim and elizabeth and doctors phillips and mead were amazing. Thank you for taking such care with our son and his broken arm today.

Andrew Conlon

I had a medical emergency that kept me in this hospital for a week, recovering from an infection, then I returned a few weeks later for outpatient surgery. My son was also born at this hospital. The patient care staff are great people, the rooms very comfortable, spacious and private, and the folks who work in the billing department are also some of the nicest people you'll ever deal with who are trying to get money out of you. It's very reassuring knowing that such a solid facility exists in our little town.

Brian Giselbach

I just got off the phone from a friend who was in BMH for about two weeks due to a broken hip. He had to be moved to a rehab facility. However, he remarked that he hated to leave the hospital because the nursing staff was always "bubbling over with kindness, and they felt like family." Thank you very much for being so kind to my friend.

Lika Varn

Very slow, and disrespectful nurses. I had to draw blood and the nurse forcefully stuck the needle in my arm because it was after hours and they were ready to go home. Very prejudice, and low-class. I would prefer going to Charleston hospital than this place.

Montana Beard

Quickest visit I have ever had into the er, especially with 2 kids. They were so quick and explained and answered all of my questions.

Matthew Pittman

Terrible service. Half the nurses could care less about the patients.

Jordan Balding

This place is a joke. I'm not sure how a hospital who makes this many mistakes can function. In the short time that I've had to use them they've billed the wrong insurance, lost my bloodwork and told me it's not their responsibility to send me an updated bill, that I should just be paying. Thankfully I've never had to use them in an emergency. I'm gladly traveling to MUSC in Charleston for my medical care now

Hubert Lontz

I recently had a injury that sent me to the Emergency Room. Dr Baxley and Nurse Tony took care of my injury. It was excellent professional care. Dr Baxley, had great bed side manners and kept me informed on everything that was going on. RN Tony was great. It is nice to know we have professionals like them in our town.

Denisse Sokol

I delivered my first child here and as a first time mom being induced at 40 weeks, I had so many fears about my first delivery. Dr. Benson was beyond amazing, warm and caring as could be and all of the nurses as well. They took so much care of me and my baby girl, specially since she had a few minor breathing issues at first. Everything went so smooth and quick, they answered all my questions. Thank you for making welcoming our first little one a worry free experience.

Alexandrea Carlson

I’ve been here so many times for myself and my child. I hate it here so much, for so many reasons. Avoid at all cost. Here’s just one example: my newborn baby boy had very bad jaundice. 4 days old we were waiting to get lab work. The desk ladies told us to check the room to see if we could go in, because we had been waiting about 40 minutes and were one of two people there. The room was clearly empty but we were met with a VERY rude “ we will come get you when we’re ready go back”. Well. An hour and a half later, room still completely empty and one crying sick newborn, it took me having a complete mental breakdown to get his blood drawn. I’ve personally been misdiagnosed, over charged, it’s so crazy how terrible this place is. I’m actually suffering from a severe crohns flare up right now, and I’m so scared to go that I’ve been delaying for a week, trying to find better options.

Kevin Frisby

I am going in Thursday for a minor procedure but these reviews have me wondering. I provided a 3 rating as somewhere in the middle between what I am reading as if u r fortunate enough to have the right people available for u or u r pretty much F'd if you dont. Pray for me Ok BMH dont let me down Kevin Update. ..the staff at BMH is awesome. Wonderful experience from checking in to curb side service when leaving. Thanks to the entire BMH team

Dan Hodges

I cannot say enough good about the Beaufort Memorial Hospital Doctors & Staff! From ER to ICU where I spent 10 days these folks were on top of it and I am so thankful. If there were more stars to give them I would!

Donna Sammond

My husband was sent to BMH emergency by his doctor...possible bowel obstruction. After 7 hours, a CT scan, x-rays, ultrasound, iv antibiotics and pain meds they discharged him with only 7 days worth of the antibiotics (his wbc count was over 19,000 and they suspected bladder infection). He was given no instructions other than an Rx for Percocet and antibiotic. There was a urine sample taken for culture by his primary was left in the exam room with him at discharge & when I asked the nurse about it she said she would throw it away. In the meantime, my father passed away 2 days later so we were out of town until Thursday night. My husband saw his regular doctor because on Friday. The doctor was upset that the culture had not been done. by the ER. Now he has to wait for the new culture to come back ,and it won't be as reliable since he was on antibiotics. I feel that there needs to be a huge improvement in quality of care and communication for not only this hospital but also Lowcountry Medical Group to come up even qualify as a provider of minimal level of care. Also the doctor who did the colonoscopy 2 weeks prior was "unreachable" throughout this entire episode. I did just call the patient advocate number and the woman was very nice and was going to try to get in touch with my doctor's on call. He did return my call promptly but is unable to help because he has not seen seen my husband, which I understand.

John Smith II

Kelly Marie Brown

Went into the ER on Saturday. Had been traveling. It was the flu. Had the best ER nurse I've ever had. Mary. She was skilled and smart and efficient and wonderful. Going to Beaufort Memorial is always a good choice. Seeing Mary was a Godsend.

Brooke Lee

Worst experience I have EVER had at a hospital in my entire life. Over crowded. Under staffed. Out of the small amount of staff they do have, almost all of them are incompetent. Most of the staff don’t care about the welfare of their patients - they clearly see their patients as part of their paycheck. If you want to spend 4+ hours in a small uncomfortable room waiting to get the lowest minimal amount of care and no treatment, this is by far the best place to go!

Markus Grobikian

Rhayanna Chandler

Natasha Z



The emergency department and surgical teams are kind, responsive, and extremely competent.

DECember Co7d

The staff was rude, the wait was over 2 hours and they didn’t even allow me to go with my wife while she was being treated.


Shirley Poteet

Trey Veillon

Laura Sampson

Horrible... I called all three hospital Emergency Room's prior to going to Beaufort from Bluffton Both HH and Coastal were booked with a 3 hr minimum wait - Beaufort told us there was a 15 minute wait - so we immediately went there. While the check in went smoothly, nice staff, efficient, etc. - we waited in the waiting room for 2.5 hrs. - then my husband went back for X-Rays - and myself along with all other family members were not permitted in to the exam rooms because of a lockdown for another 1.5 hrs. - after going in to see my husband in the exam rm. - he was livid. - no one had come back to see him, he asked that the bed be lowered or raised because he was soo uncomfortable and no one adjusted his bed, there was no TV, the call button for the nurse was not an intercom - but a light above the door for a nurse to come and see what the problem/situation was. The MD came in and took a quick look and did not return - when I was permitted to go back 1.5 hrs. later - I had to go the nurses station and "get the ball rolling", get clarification of his condition, treatment plan etc. and finally discharged with med, prescriptions and follow up advice. The entire ordeal was about 4.5 hours - I felt like I took a step back in time - and not in the nostalgic sense. - it was NOT a pleasant experience. -

Sarah Bartlett

Where do I start... Pee sample being handed off from patient to the nurse in the waiting room to the slippers found under my bed let's just say go else where when you are your children are sick!!

someone beaufort


John Ohiemi

Birthing Center was great. But a lady in billing department wasted my 25mins for nothing. Her name she said was Ashley Kourlaboup. This lady was beyond horrible! I called them about a bill they sent to me, they directed me to inform my insurance company who said they (Beaufort Memorial) didn't send the claim to them. So I called the billing department back and this lady said she couldn't talk to me because I wasn't the one listed on the account, my son is just 3weeks old, he can't talk to you. I wasted close to 30mins just for this lady to send the claim to my insurance. Unprofessional and unacceptable... Horrible customer service in the billing department.

Olivia Holcombe

My daughter went in the first time the other day with MRSA (an infection that can turn deadly extremely fast) and the doctor refused to surgically cut it open and get the puss out. We went back because I was able to get puss out of it at home but first of all my house is not sterile like an OR (operating room) and I don't have the pain meds she needs. The night we took her to the hospital Dr. Escarza was working. He was AMAZING I am a young mother (I got pregnant at 16) I am 20 years old. Doctors don't take me seriously. He treated me with the upmost respect he is amazing.

layla b

Very poor healthcare . Short staffed .... tries to cut corners to save money while the patients suffers :-(

Marta Mason

I could have died three days before thanksgiving and only one day after my son turned 10. I am grateful to the Beaufort Memorial Hospital, staff, E.R, etc. Thank you for another day. I will live to see the age of 28 and all because of your selfless acts. My children (3) won't have to suffer losing Mommy at a young age. I thank God for putting the right people in the right place to help me. His will was done. Tearfully Sincere, MO

Kenneth Bratvogel

Could not be happier


I am an 82 year old male, living alone. I have an ongoing problem that has troubled me for months. On May 8th I awoke with dizziness, nausea, headache, a very bad taste in my mouth, and a non-stop runny nose!! I had to hold on to a door frame to keep from falling! Decided to go to Beaufort Memorial's urgent care as a walk in to find out if it was something serious! End result, doctor told me, with no explanation of what was going on, take some over-the-counter medications (I told him I had tried several with no results!), said there's nothing I can do for you!!! There was no blood work or other tests to determine the problem! This whole exam took 10-12 minutes and I was charged $309.00 !!!! Wow,, there's nothing I can do for you and now you owe us $309.00!!! To make it even worse, the way the bill was presented to Medicare caused them to reject the claim!!! I feel this is a total rip-off, $309.00 for 10-12 minutes!!!

Karen Jimenez

This local hospital is top grade. I would not hesitate to bring my own family here. Of course the scope of care is limited regarding the resources available but the staff is committed to providing the best possible care. And the views of the waterfront are second to none. This little hospital is badass


Well known that this hospital is welfare central for all the local deadbeats. If you have money or good insurance go elsewhere.

tom lund

Professional and friendly staff. Everything great except the beds are too short and couldn't find extenders.

Michelle S

Emergency department-----With new emergency department with many new rooms, your wait time is pretty good. Always remember someone with a more serious condition can come in and will be seen before you. You will get the care you need and the respect and privacy you deserve. Inpatient services----- if you happen to be admitted, the staff will take good care of you! They now answer call bells pretty fast, you order your own meals like room-service. They clean your room daily, and for the most part they are GREAT! Always remember if they don't get to you in seconds, they might be with another patient. They also have a small inpatient psychiatric unit. Outpatient services-----lab work, nuclear medicine, cardiac testing, and more GREAT PLACE IF YOU NEED IT!

John Schoolfield

I don't know about the ER or anything else, but what I can tell you is that labor and delivery have the absolute BEST staff. The team is knowledgeable, friendly, helpful, and sympathetic. My wife was in labor for a while. We were admitted around 0730 and delivered after 3am. We had continuity of care. The midwife student was in our room almost the entire time, and the other staff only left for short periods of time and came right back. They helped calm my wife down by massaging her shoulders and feet during contractions. Their level of care was INCREDIBLE. I have never seen anything like it. We were treated like family, not just another patient. Sheri, Cheryl, Doris, Jenissa, and Catherine went above and beyond during the entire process. The nursery staff and pediatrician were so helpful as our baby came a little early, they helped ensure he was in good shape. The after care in the postpartum section was great as well. They offered a little more privacy so that we could bond with the baby, but were here at the instant that we needed something. By far the best experience at any hospital, for any reason.

S Merr

I had to make a visit to the ER and dreaded it due to some poor experiences at other hospitals. At Beaufort Memorial I was processed with little wait and no long forms to fill out. The entire staff from receptionists and financial people to the medical nurses and doctors,was professional ,friendly and did a great job. Thanks.

Karen Willis

Overall doctors are excellent. Nursing staff leaves a lot to be desired. The ER was not very busy. We had to wait an excessive amount of time for my husband to get stitches on his hand. The RN Amanda at the triage/check in desk was rude and condescending. As someone who has worked in the medical profession for 20+ years I was stunned by her unprofessional attitude. I understand the pressures of the job but is this really the way patients are to be treated??

Ronald Berkley

Very Good Bedside Manner thanks for your help.

Kristen Linch

A disgusting, poorly kept hospital, I wouldn't leave my enemies here, if there was an option for no stars, I would have chosen it.

Eyesof Brown

Most awful place I have ever been. Head of e.r. could not be bothered to check my medicines records, nor believe me. Wrote a script that would have caused me to stroke out--not just my opinion--my dr who had me on the med just shook his head in disgust. I have other stories, and no, I am not going to call Rita Brown. When possible, I go to Charleston or Savannah for ANY medical need, especially hospital services.

Keisha Williams

Bob O'Hara

I used the emergency room services for bad neck pain. I found Dr. Doscher and my nurse Katie to be very professional and friendly. They gave me medicine that took the edge off my pain. I finally got a good night sleep. The first n weeks. I would recommend using Memorial Hospital.

Kristen Sweeney

fantastic experience at birthing center! Dr Miller delivered both of my children there, most recently 2 weeks ago. he's amazing, L&D nurses (especially Kelly) were fantastic, and the lactation consultant was so helpful, following up with us after discharge to check up. In house peds was also great! overall a wonderful experience and thankful to all those who provided such great care!!

Brittany Carpenter

Eddie Bellamy

Underwent heart catheterization, performed by Dr. Smalheiser, on 7/12/17. He and the nursing staff were superb.

Susan DeFoe

Great staff but the billing and records services have a LOT of room for improvement. Every lab I have done at Beaufort Memorial has been miscoded and therefore denied by insurance. It's taken up to two years to get BMH to correct the coding and resubmit. Latest was at Women's Health Center. Again--good healthcare staff, terrible support staff.

Jessi Hang

Avoid this place AT ALL COST! A few months before my son's third birthday I received an invoice for his delivery. Did you see that? Three years after his birth! At the time of his delivery I had insurance that completely covered the cost of his delivery, but because of the completely unreliable and incompentant staff at BMH, the services were never submitted for payment to the insurance company. Now the debt is considered my responsibilty. I have been fighting this fraudulent charge for over three years. It has ruined my credit and caused enormous stress that I've been dealing with for more than three years now. What's worse is the staff is adiment that they are not at fault and completely resistant to righting their wrong. Unfortunatly the Better Business Burea and Joint Commission don't get involved with insurance issues, but now that my income is being threatened I have been legally adivsed to contact the State Attorney General, hopefully that will bring some resolution. If you can manage, go to Coastal Carolina! The staff at Coastal are WONDERFUL and they actually bill your insurance on time and correctly.


Went to the emergency room, immediately saw a doctor, got x-rays within 5 minutes, got the necessary treatment and prescriptions, was done in an hour. Fastest and kindest ER experience ever.

Joseph Phillips

Upon arrival to the ER with severe stomach pain; I was almost immediately taken to a room and seen within 20 mins. by the ER doctor. He quickly took care of my pain and had my problem solved. I came in Monday to have a lithotrypsy done. The entire staff, took very good care of me. Would like to thank RNs Vicki, Jane, and Karen who kept me warm and comfortable. Would like to especially thank doctors Spearman and his helpers and Dr.Howenwater who kept me pain free and at ease.Most importantly, I would like to thank Dr. Adams for the superb job he did of explaining the procedure to me and then performing a pain free operation. I felt well taken care of by all.

Pamela Galloway

I had a brief stay at this hospital a few months back and I will have to say my overall visit was ok. However, my experience on the Tower Four floor was not all great. Most of the nurses were very professional, caring and courteous. However, I must say there were a few that were not pleasant and not very helpful and perhaps need to revisit nursing school. On the second night of my stay I experienced some very unpleasant issues. The night shift unit secretary was not courteous when I had to ring the button a couple of times. I was in disbelief at such unprofessionalism . There was also a nurse who passed by my door as I was waiting to go on my nightly exercise walk and she failed to ask me if I needed anything. Then, after the nurse's assistant began walking with me down the hall, my assigned nurse, came by and told the nurse's assistant that she needed to stop walking with me and go somewhere else. I am assuming that she was told by the head nurse to do so. Again, I was in total disbelief. The next day I informed my doctor Dr. Mansker of my unpleasant experience. I also informed Mrs. Brown who is the advocate for the hospital. Hopefully, this very unpleasant experience will not ever happen to me again and I certainly hope not to another patient.

Dawn Tyler

This hospital is the worst! My mother is in hospice and they are treating my family like we don't exist! In the most critical time of my mother's care, the hospital decides to enforce an inconsistent visitor policy. After 3 weeks of allowing the family to visit without restriction the nurse administrator decides to limit visitors. How can someone be mean to enforce a policy that was never followed in the first place? How to you take precious time that should be spent with my mother to argue about your inconsistent policy? I am throughly disappointed that a place that should be about healing and care would behave like a facility that is about moving dying patients so you can have an empty bed?

CCBCC Merch50410

I'm currently sitting in the ER AN my wife has been here sense 5 pm an Me have not get in the back yet to see her yet an it 10 pm, they on lock down an no one has been shot or suicide why it's on lock down my worry experience as long as I was coming here, I'm thinking about taking my business somewhere else

Taylor Christian Carr

Garbage facility with a crappy, unethical staff. How can someone be a doctor or nurse without having bedside manner and a compassion towards people that are hurting? WORST HOSPITAL EVER.

Louis T. Searles Sr.

The wait wasn't very long l guess for a Sunday morning. The service was good and the doctor didn't take long to see me. The nurse came in with the meds l needed and about 15 minutes later l was on my way. This was the fastest l have ever been seen. Over all in & out in an hour.

Ebony Washington

Betsy Arrington

At first I thought my experience was pretty good. I was sent to ER after 55 mph broadside auto collision (not my fault). I had severe chest pain, headache, backache and several other issues. I had CT scans (thought one was done on my head, later found out it wasn't), xrays, IV. Had to ask for more pain meds for my headache later. When I got copies of my records, they were very wrong. Stated no head ache, right thumb injured (left), no CT scan of head, no bruising (had bruising from seat belt, both sides of nose (nose is still crooked), no abdominal pain (had pain there, just not as severe as chest pain), not allergic to meds (highly allergic to penicillin and sulfa drugs). According to EMT I had red raised area on back where I said it hurt and my neck hurt. I was told they would correct the records and when I contacted the administrator, I never received a call back. I am having a hard time getting the insurance to pay my medical and I need more care, due to the erroneous records, plus if I were to ever be admitted unconscious, there would be no records as to my allergens. Also stated my gait was normal. It was not and still is not. May not ever be. No one asked me to walk, plus they would have nothing to compare it to. A few other errors. I am sure I was in shock at the time. I knew no one in the Beaufort area, the girl turned left right across in front of my car. I had to call a friend in Charleston to come get me (my vehicle was totaled - frame broken, front end smashed). He did say that they were taking me to do a CT scan on my neck and head (so I know I did not imagine that). I have shown symptoms of concussion, nerve damage and abdominal issues. Everyone was nice in the ER, but I feel it is imperative that medical records are correct.

Jenny Likes to read I guess??

Patricia Gibbs

Tyler Keppler

Morgan S is one of the most caring and thoughtful nurses I had the pleasure of meeting.

Catherine Hurlocker

Took my 3 year old granddaughter there late last night. sept. 3rd . She was complaining of body pain, throwing up. The Dr was in the room with her about 30 seconds. Look in her mouth, which she didn't open wide. Left and never came back. After about 1 hour a nurse came in, said she was giving her some medicine and said we could go. I asked what was wrong with the baby, she said tonsilitis gave her medicine and left. We came back home to Rock Hill today, her Mom took her to the Dr and she is currently in route to Lavine' s children's hospital by amulance. The Dr here sent her by amulance. She does not have tonsilitis? Poor excuse of a doctor. Where did you find him?

Chelsey Barker

Catibra Burns

Where do I begin.... The lack of communication never ceases to amaze me with them!! They short change you on compassion & knowledge. Yes, I understand that many of the employees may be interns or students or fresh from TCL, however, the bedside manner LACKS TREMENDOUSLY!!!! Some of the nurses will give meds & not register them into the system, they will come in your room to "chat" on their cell phones so no one else sees them, a few of the nurses have a problem w/ cleaning up after themselves (e.g. if you take tape off, don't toss on floor, throw in trash)!!! I was admitted to BMH b/c the meds that were administered caused more problems!!!! They are ALWAYS short on rooms.... There's so much to list. Not only will I be posting about BMH to my blog sites, but to other review sites as well!!!! ABSOLUTELY UNACCEPTABLE!!!!!!!

Gabriela Rodriguez

impersonal and inattentive. make patients wait a ridiculous amount of time.

Rita Bogulski

This hospital is the utter disgrace of Beaufort County. My dear Mother was admitted due to complications associated with a heart condition, A-fib. One evening Mom began to have symptoms of chest pains and arm numbness. The totally inept staff gave her Mylanta for heartburn!!!!!!!!!!! Consequently she passed away. This hospital is a poor excuse for a medical facility and should not at any level be considered a hospital and place of medical help nor healing. Incompetence is rampant here.

Ruben Montaño

(Translated by Google) very good antecion (Original) muy buena antecion

Glenn G. Gordon

Started running fever on 8/11/14 at aprox 1:30 pm, Went to ER on 8/13/14 @ 2:30 am with extreme fever and Blood was drawn the day shift came in and a indonesian Dr in the ER wanted to do a spinal tap and have the fluid sent to the CDC in Atl. Ga. He tried twice to take the fluid one laying on my side with my knees pressed into my chest and my heel's pressed into my butt . Both knee's were hyperextended the right one was 4x normal the next morning after I lay in bed for 9 hour's with nothing but two 200 mg tylenol , It seems that the indonesian Dr. { I call him Elvis } was in such a hurry to admit me that no one thought about the level of pain I was dealing with nor did they care. Another Dr in the Xray room had to draw the spinal fluid , first shot no pain after Elvis almost killed me with two unsuccessful try's . The final out come was 7 days in hell , nobody still has a clue as to what was wrong with me and I am going to report this level of treatment to my insurance company. Do yourself or your loved one a favor GO SOME WHERE ELSE . They also have a Dr. Stoddard on staff , This QUACK is a butcher , if you see this cracker coming RUN . Place should be shut down .

Dianne Davis

I was seen at BMH on Monday 9/26 for minor chest pain. As soon as I checked in to the ER I was taken to the back and placed in a room. The nurse whose name was Leigh placed me on oxygen and painlessly placed an IV catheter and hooked me up to a monitor. The Dr came in very quickly and spoke with me. An EKG was done, blood was drawn for bloodwork and an X-ray was taken. Thank goodness everything was fine. My results were back in a timely manner and the Dr came back in and explained that he wanted to wait a couple of hours and redraw blood to rerun one the blood tests and rerun the EKG. He took the time to explain that this was normal proceedure. The Dr and staff did a wonderful job and made my stay in the ER a pleasant one.

Bethanie Koltes

I went to BMH for a mental health issue on 5/22 at about 11 PM. I was put in a room without any blankets and that was kept at about 60 degrees, so I was huddled up on the bed shivering. I was taken in, given the usual paper scrubs, and talked to for about 5 minutes by a nurse and a PA. I was then left alone for 4-5 hours before I was seen by ANYONE, and it happened to he the on call psychiatrist. He was rude and short, only asking "Are you suicidal? Are you going to hurt anyone else?" I then requested some information about Bipolar Disorder, and was told "Are you going multiple days without sleep but happy? No? Then you're not Bipolar." I was then practically shoved out the door. My belongings bag was given to me with papers without discharge instructions, I was not referred to an outpatient therapy center, and I was not treated for my prehypertension or even for the problem I went in for. I was hospitalized previously for Depression, and I have NEVER been stripped of my dignity or frlt like I was such a burden like I was last night at BMH. I will, from now on, be going to NHC or Hilton Head Hospital for any kind of emergency health situation.

Noah Hicks

The nurses here all have an attitude very poor service!!

Aaliyah Watson

Deborah Joy

If I could give no stars, I would. Sitting in emergency room with pain in my left shoulder, swollen abdomen and difficulty breathing. Been here for1 hour15 minutes. Desk nurse is rude and doesn't give a Damn that I can't breath.


michael pennington

I went to the ER on April 10th because I was have chest pains they took tests and X-rays and said they could not find any thing wrong and told me to go home I told them that my chest was still hurting and I was not feeling good that I wanted to find out what was wrong but the doctor that saw me her name was Meghan Cummins she saw me two times that night and told me there was nothing she could do. I found out that it is policy that if a patient complains about chest pains like I had they are suppose to keep you for 24 hours for observation but that did not happen I was sent home. On April 11th the very next day at 6:30 pm I had a Heart attack well from what I was told I was in the midst of have the heart attack when I was in the hospital ER the night before. The doctor was just in a hurry to get me out of there. I told patient advocates about it they was they are going to do an investigation and let me know what they found out. The patient advocate called me and told me that she is going on vacation and would get to it when she gets back how convinient for her that she does not have to do the investigation let it go until I forget about it no way will I forget about it that was my life on the line I will not rest until that Doctor is no longer able to practice medicine any more. I do not think it is fun to play with peoples lives just because you feel like it. And not only all that they lost my clothes that I came in with and told me that they would send me a check to cover the cost of replacement of my clothes that was last week and here it is Monday the 25th and still nothing. If you read more of the comments below you will see more of what I am talking about. They let a woman with the same symptoms I had die I feel sorry for the lady's family I hope that this never happens again. I will not stop until that doctor is no longer at BMH. As you can see they respond to other peoples post but they ignore mine I did get a letter in the mail from their patient rep her name is Rita Brown and she said that the Doctor did what they was suppose to do nothing more nothing less. I guess letting people nearly die is protocol here in sunny Beaufort Memorial Hospital. After my heart attack I came back with a blood clot in my lung to how great is that not even a week of being a week out of the hospital. You know that there has to be more wrong with this hospital than they are willing to let the people know if the ratings are just 2.7 they just keep making up excuses to make people happy. The people that give License to the hospitals need to look at BMH long and hard to see what is going on there to see why people are talking about. You want to IGNORE me I will keep posting.

Jessica Hildenbrand

The ER experience was great but the problem is with billing. I never received a bill and a couple months after the ER visit I got a call from collections. The billing department told me they only send out one bill and no warning prior to sending it to collection. I always pay my bills on time and do what I can to keep my credit score up. This company doesn't care about people's credit especially in this economy where people struggle to keep it up.

Robert Wilson

BMH is a joke! Placed in the E.R waiting room with both legs having 1st and 2nd degree burns with huge blisters and an immense amount of pain..... took them 1.5 hours to get my vitals and for over 2 hours without anything other than vitals done. Others without any signs of pain and obviously injuries just walk back. LOL!! WHAT A JOKE! I'd leave 0 stars if Google let me. Ended up taking them 4 1/2 hours just to place antibiotic ointment on it, wrap it in gauze and give me an ibuprofen and tylenol.

william marshall

My son got caught in a riptide that pushed him into oyster beds on an inlet that sliced him up pretty good. They stitched him up very nicely, took close to four hours for 9 stitches but the staff was grest, friendly. Thank's for fixing my boy!

Deloris Newton

I had a mammogram done for the past three years at this hospital’s imaging center. For the past three years I’ve had to pay additional money because billing is not properly coding(per my insurance). My insurance pays 100% for mammograms. I drove one hour to discuss the bill with the office at 990 Ribaut Rd. on the third floor in Beaufort. They assured me I would not get another bill and they would take care of it as it is between them and insurance company. The next call I received was from collections. Today I will pay that bill and never return to this hospital again. Three years! Each year! I’ll take my business elsewhere! Update: The billing department finally spoke with the insurance company and was instructed the proper code. They then resubmitted the claim and my insurance paid. Afterward, I received partial reimbursement instead of full reimbursement. It’s impossible to communicate with the billing department. I was given a number for Kaylin and have left a couple of messages. But, almost a week later, still waiting on her call. This is confirmation to take my business elsewhere.

Lovinnng This

If I could give this hospital no stars, I would. I have been going to Beaufort Memorial Hospital for 3 years now. I had gone in December as I am pregnant and was having issues while abdominal pain, and severe nausea and vomiting. I waited in the emergency room for about an hour before I was taken to the back. While waiting during that time in the waiting room, I kept being asked to give a urine sample as it would speed up my visit. The nurse or receptionist there was very rude when I told her I could not give a urine sample as I have been throwing up for 3 hours straight and could not hold anything down. Upon being taken to the back I was put in a cot in the hallway. They had mixed another patient and I up so the doctors/nurses had no idea what they were doing in regards to why I was there. I waited about an hour before the doctor even came to me and he stated that he was going to do an ultrasound to check the baby.... I then waited 30 minutes for him to come back. Once he started the ultrasound he stopped midway and left me there for about ten minutes. He then proceeded to say that the baby was fine and I needed to get an IV and zofran even though I told him I took one before I came and it was not helping. The nurse came around about 30 minutes later to give me the IV, and zofran, along with a ginger ale which I could not drink since my throat was raw from vomiting. I had asked for a blanket, and my nurse disappeared. I was in the hall waiting for about 6 hours before I could get anyone to come back around to me. I eventually got up and asked a nurse for a blanket and possibly a room and she proceeded to be snarky and treat me like I had no right to ask that by telling me there are people who are worse off than I am in the rooms right now. I had seen everyone leave around me. I was the only one left in the hallway. I then proceeded to call my husband and he waited about two hours in the waiting room as they would not let him come see me. Upon him finally getting upset and asking one of the nurses they said that I was not alone in the hallway and that I had the director himself taking care of me. That was a lie. The whole time I was there I saw my doctor three times. I could not get anyone to take the IV needle what I said was hurting my arm out of me and it now caused a bruise all around my arm as the nurses were so rough with me. I have never in my life been so upset with a hospital. I was man handled, mocked, and not given a second thought. While I was there I kept asking to speak to someone in charge as the nurses could tell I was upset, they would say lemme look, and never return. Again I am pregnant, I was there from 9:30 AM- 7:30-8:00PM deprived of food, manners, and pure human kindness. I was freezing cold and even called my husband in tears over how absurd this whole hospital was. I am so turned off by this hospital that I don’t even feel safe having my baby there and what finally pushed me to this point was my appointment on January 30, 2019 at 9AM. I went for my check up appointment. The ultrasound tech came to get my husband and I. Good thing we knew where the ultrasound room was because she walked off leaving us to find our own way. Upon getting in there she proceeded to rush me to get onto the bed as she seemed like she was in a hurry. She gave me no time to get ready, put the lubricant on my stomach and got it all over my pants. She was then being extremely rough around my pelvic area, seeing that it was causing me pain and discomfort she did not care one bit. This is by far the most atrocious hospital. They do not care for their patients, the staff is rude, insincere, and have no manners.

Xxxballer Xxx

I want to Thank the ICU unit Doctors and nurses Sabina and Merideth and Mimi all of you our mom had a bad stroke on 11/16/18 and passed away on 11/19/18 all of you took great care of momma like she was your family member and you took care of me and my sisters making sure of our needs and especially our momma all of you were AWESOME we can’t THANK you enough for all you did and making our momma comfortable as momma took her last breath we are still lost and heartbroken we lost her and miss our beautiful momma but the care you all provided we will never be forgotten May God bless all of you and the work you do such a Angels

daniel mallory

So thankful for the doctors and nurses in the birthing center. Everyone truly put the patient and families wishes first while making the best medical decisions for them. The nurses especially are so passionate about their jobs and helping patients. So happy we chose Beaufort Memorial to deliver our baby girl Alimarie. Mommy and baby were taken care of in every way. Also, for breast feeding moms, lactation consultant Geneva is extremely resourceful & a great teacher even in difficult circumstances. We can’t thank the nursing staff enough for everything!

Brianna Hunter

The doctors are so good! They won’t just listen to your lungs and say you’re okay, here’s your d/c paper work.. they will run every single test to rule out everything. Now the nurses have terrible bed side manner and not a lot of compassion. I understand working an a ER is very stressful, but you as a nurse picked this job.. so if you can’t deal with the stress, then you shouldn’t work here. And I’m a nurse as well, I know what it’s like being a patient and a nurse. And I didn’t like being a patient under these nurses on the day shift. AND a nurse Lidia I believe.. took my blood and started an IV and didn don gloves or wash her hands. & I even watched to see if she went to wash her hands and she didn’t

britt mussell

My husband and I had the absolute best experience at Beaufort Memorial when we delivered our sweet daughter via c section. Dr. Benson is so amazing and thoughtful and we couldn't of asked for a more caring person looking after us and our daughter. The nursing staff was incredible (Paige, Crystal and Meredith) and we honestly don't have a single bad thing to say. Will definitely deliver here again when the time comes back around!

Cathy Dandridge

I see a lot of negative reviews. Personally I think the staff is amazing. I went to the ER they were friendly and very comforting. I needed emergency surgery and I had a 4 day stay afterwards. My only complaint was no food for my whole stay. Which was procedure lol they made up for it with a steak dinner that could not have tasted any better. Maybe cause I was hungry lol the nurses and doctors were great. It was very scary, they made me feel at ease though.

Top Secret

I gave one star because I had to. You are only as good as your staff's support. Great Doctor's INCOMPETENT staff! I visited the ER and within 20 minutes saw the Doctor...the remaining 2 HOURS was spent waiting on staff to process labs (a urine sample) . By this time the Doctor has gotten results, consulted and leaves only for me to wait ANOTHER 40 minutes to get discharge paperwork from his sloppy staff! No one ever came so I stopped a nurse roaming thru the halls who completed the discharge..not before saying " This isn't my chart but I'm gonna help out"..geessh..Thanks for being a Team-player at the HOSPITAL!... The nightmare doesn't end! After the 3 hour er trip the request of those records for my primary care Dr. was another ordeal. Needless to say I WILL NEVER VISIT BEAUFORT MEMORIAL AGAIN! The doctor's are efficient but the staff SUCKS! Thru all the agony I encountered ONE person who knew exactly what needed to be done...did it...and actually followed-up. I can bet with the co-workers she has...she wont be there that long!! Avoid this place if at all possible!!!!!!!!!!!!

John Webber

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