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REVIEWS OF AnMed Health Rehabilitation Hospital IN South Carolina

Dianne Slater

Rick Holbrooks

Kristine James

I was with a relative there. I was very disappointed with most every part of her stay. My advise would be check in often & keep them responsible for what they tell you.

Toni Stephens

Worst care ever

Shannon Haynes

Kristina Hayes

They need to have a good DHEC inspection. My mom had a complete hip replacement last week and was admitted to the rehabilitation hospital today and I brought her a few things and I am beyond furious at what I saw. I had to wipe down the toilet with some sanitizing wipes, I had to help get mom into the bed properly, she was hanging off so awkwardly and was in tears because she was so uncomfortable. Not to mention the bed she was on had less support than my son's baby bed, so I brought pillows to place under the sheet, which had holes in it, for extra support. I had to request a new chair that would accommodate her incision site because the old worn wooden chair hit her hip in all the wrong spots. Her toilet seat was too narrow for her to sit down on and the shower was disgusting. The floors looked like they hadn't been cleaned in a week. And what really tops it off, I get a text from my mother saying she was 2 hours overdue for her pain medication. And she had paged the nurse several times for over 2 hours. Unacceptable. I will be signing her out taking her somewhere else in the morning.

Lisa Bates

This facility has deteriorated terribly in the last 2 years. My dad went in for 9 days and came out 18 lbs lighter and far worse than when he went in. They made him and his roommate use a urinal. They claimed the men "liked" it better since they wouldn't have to wait on a CNA to come help. Getting up and going to the bathroom should be part of therapy. All meals were in the room in bed. They no longer go to the cafeteria. He was served either a PB&J or a tuna sandwich for dinner 4 nights straight. He could hardly walk with the walker during therapy and a PT actually thought he was doing great. I had to inform her that up until he came in there he was driving, shopping, doing online banking, etc. I went down to therapy at 11am one day and my dad's therapy session was at 11 for 1 hour (what Medicare was billed) and he sat and waited until 11:22. They walked him around the gym twice and brought him back to rest a min. He actually got 19 min of actual therapy out of a 60 min session. He was discharged on a Sat morning and my husband almost had to pick him up to put him in the vehicle. I am bringing this to light because the outpatient nurse with home health told me that my dad was the 4th client of hers in the previous month where the families said their family members came out far worse than when they were admitted. This used to be a great facility. I would NOT. recommend them to anyone now

Doug Campbell

The worst place ever ...some patients get good beds,Chairs and others get old out dated beds with worn-out mattresses and one decent chair for two people. Rooms are crowded and not enough room for REAL REHABILITATION and for lunch caned rost beef instant rice caned carrots and beets white roll pudding and white lettious salad with a few chips of cucumber and 1 cherry tomatoe. Breakfast was cold and nothing, the rehabilitation staff are good as most of the staff are but this place is run for high profits and thats their biggest concern. 》Day 4 after having a lot of pain when sitting in their supplied wheelchair the one I said was the only decent seat I found that the first rivet was broken out of the seat more ore less trashing the chair but after replacement it was ok now after being here a total of 4 days things are a lot better the food is some better breakfast still bad but the other meals at times are good especially for this kind of food. The worn-out mattresses has been replaced by a real good one I'd rate it a 5 also the worn char was replaced. It took 4 days but I decided to up date my rating.... This is my last edit, thank goodness I'm going home tomorrow, like I said the rehab staff Doctors and the nurses are very good the nurse assistance were mostly ok few were lazy but most good, as for the food lunch ok dinner was fair in 12 dayes time they never got a breakfast order right. Just glad to get out.

Brenda Lark

The staff was so friendly. Bedside etiquette awesome. Stronger when discharged.

Yolanda Rodriguez


Cleatte Parks

Horrible experience,Not African American Friendly

Debra Bugg

Thank you for taking good care of my mother, everyone is very courteous and professional

Mountain Blue Bird

I'm not impressed at all! So far its day 4. My mom-in-law was husseled around even though she had been in a hospital bed over 3 weeks, the records were transferred so they should had known. Either they decided not to read them or didn't care. But the sad part comes when I said something the staff has treated us like the plague! We about lost her 4 times & asked the rep multiple times if they would work with her & not push her before we agreed to have her here. They keep pushing her & she is not one to complain but she's been put in a wheelchair & left in between sessions. Sunday was the first time she's been in a chair in 2 weeks! If I wouldn't had been there to voice concern they would have just left her in the chair after her session too! I mean things like getting her into bed & not supporting her back & the nurse lifted her legs & she fell back & barely hit her head! Changing her bed 3 times & making her stand (again, she hadn't been sitting up more than 2 times in 3 weeks) & with the transfer & all that had gone on she was so exhausted! Any time I mentioned anything: fresh water, tissues, more blankets for her, ice so I (yes, so I not them even) could get her things, etc. The 2 techs, & 2 nurses, all had a bad attitudes & were just rude! I don't want to even visit her because I'm afraid they may treat her bad because of me asking questions & voicing my concerns!! If things don't change soon, very soon, I've had enough! It's day 6 & PT has improved since day 4. But she's got a bruise on her arm from someone grabbing her... Day 8: It took a week but things have finally gotten better. Please pay attention & be proactive with your loved ones care! Stay involved & let them know you care.

Ragermike 777

Not sure about the others but my mom likes this place over Greenville memorial. The staff seems friendly enough to. Moms making good progress with the speech therapy n pt to. She likes most of the people to. I couldn't do what they do personally, so thank you too all of you here

Lizzie Lester

Never take your love one there. Friendly they were. But that's about it. If your love one is there visit often and ask questions about their meds etc.

Bruce Rollin

A pimento cheese sandwich & canned vegetable soup for Christmas supper?? Pathetic.

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