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dan card

Even with health insurance I cannot afford to pay for services at this inadequate facility. The worst healthcare I have ever experienced.

Ricky Rick

I waited over an hour to see a nurse, once she finally came in she asked if the Dr has come in and if the doesn’t ordered X-ray which they did not, the Dr finally came in she checked my back (I have a slipped disk from an accident) told me it was inflammation and to take some Tylenol and that there was nothing they could do for me here besides give me steroids and something that is like Tylenol but stronger , I asked her if there’s anything I can do for management and she said with an attitude I just told you take some Tylenol.

Christian Molnar

Absolutely terrible. The nurse did not know how to put on my ankle brace. After this failure the doctor came in and put my ankle brace on upside down. Now I have a sprained ankle and a severely bruised foot. Don't go here.

Jared Brown

This place prob should just close the doors for good.

Maria Edwards

I had needed to be seen due to an ovarian cyst rupturing and I could not walk. I believe i only saw one nurse that was kind to me. She put in my IV and left. I waited in pain for three hours and the DR wrote that he had seen me but never came into my room. I waited two more hours for pain meds and they did not work, I didnt know what they gave me and the other nurse wouldn't tell me when I asked what he was putting in my IV (he was not wearing gloves). They knew how much pain I was in and still did nothing even though i was crying and begging them to help me. My fiance tried to find me when they took me out of the room and they did not tell him where i was. I begged to go home. After 7 hours and still not being able to walk i was discharged and the nurse RIPPED THE IV OUT OF MY ARM AND SHOVED A PIECE OF GAUZE ON TOP. Taping it so tight I couldn't move my arm and my fingers went numb. This is the WORST experience I have ever had and I am honestly scared to come back and hope I never have to.

Carsha Burke

Yes the wait was long in the Er but there was a lot of sick people in the waiting rooms even more being treated in back if it wasn't for Amed staff Dr. white office for getting me there I wouldn't be here writing this review Amed Has great knowledgeable staff in Georgia and South Carolina the food could have been seasoned a little better but I'm a Southern Cook so what do expect hats of too all employees who work there

DivaCe' Music

They won't let children go back in the ER waiting area unless being seen. Well I seen another woman back there with 2 kids around the same age but definitely another complexion so the lady quickly tells me when I inquire that both of her children are being seen. She said this a very rude way not even making eye contact, I don't believe her and I'm dissatisfied with service here. My children are siblings with my stepchild being seen. Only leaving this review to help with hospital protocols in the future.

Jackie Keener


Step Steps

Tameeka Bartsch

They dont care about there patient that are mental and the food tastes nasty and waiting to been seen takes all day.

Mark Kisinger

Had a pace maker put in and found everyone was extremely professional and courteous.The cardio team was outstanding and very good at what they do.Many thanks Anmed

Tine Headen

This is the lowest place to be called a hospital. The staff must have gotten their degrees out of a Cracker Jack box and the surprise is rudeness. They have no bedside manners. My dad is 89 years old served 21 years in the army and has a bad back and his knees are bone on bone and he wears hearing aides. He went in because he was having issues breathing. They was informed he has a heart doctor, instead of reaching out to his doctor they took matters in there own hands. He wound up with a pacemaker I don’t think he should have gotten, them they shocked his heart , last thing they done to freeze or burn the part of his heart they said wasn’t working. In all due process they treated him with no respect let him lay there in pain before surgery. I’m so angry with that hospital if I could get my hands on the ones who abused him , I would put them through the same treatment if not worse. When they took x-rays they dropped part of the machine on him pulled him up and he was screaming in pain and to top it all off when he finally got out of that hell hole they ran over his foot , never said I’m sorry. If you love your loved ones I wouldn’t beg of you don’t take them to that place because it’s awful. They don’t mind taking your money or insurance, but in the meantime you get treated worse than a dog. Sueing them would give me part satisfaction closing them down would be like winning the lottery.

Emily Styer

My grandmother was admitted there after she fell. The doctor said their was nothing they could do (probably because they were treating all the drug addicts). They gave her a sling, wrote a prescription for pain killers (which we found out she can’t even take because of the medications she is on) and told us to contact an orthopedic doctor. Are you kidding me? Definitely drive to Greenville and avoid this ER at all cost. Oh and fix your door. It’s broken.

Ruthann Flati

Nurses and doctors don't care about their patients. I waited 4 hours to never to be looked at by a nurse or doctor. I was in for a rabbies shot since I was bitten by a stray cat. I'd hate to see what their like in a life endangering situation. If negative starts where an option there' get -

Madeline Hubbard

Not a very good experience. Especially nurses in the ER very harsh to patients and not caring at all.

William Moseley

I have had several experiences at the emergency room center in the past 2 years. My wife was in a critical condition when she arrived at the emergency room. Within minutes Dr. Walker had six to seven specialist at her side. She had lost 3 pints of blood and her vital signs were critical. These physicians and nurses worked non-stop for 7 to 8 hours to save her life. Unknown at this time her survival was uncertain. Her condition further was complicated when her problems was discovered as cancer. I do not want to write a book about her treatment, but Dr Doster, Dr Foster, Dr. Buice, Dr. Walker and many other Doctors whose names I can't remember combined their knowledge which gave her a chance to fight this condition and live. The nurses and nurses assistants all worked with these doctors to give Janet a chance to fight this terrible condition and live. It angers me to see people complain and give doctors and nurses and nurses aids and any employee at AnMed a poor or unsatisfactory rating. I just pray that if anyone that complains about these dedicated professionals are fortunate enough to be close enough to AnMed to be treated by them if ever needed. Life goes on for us due to the concern of AnMed's caregivers and we cherish everyday we have together.

stephanie dacosta


Mark Maness

91 year old father fell and broke his hip 4 south was very kind to him and me while we were there excellent care and a very friendly staff Sheri Denise and Lauren were extra caring would come here again but hope i dont have to

Cindy Holmes

My spouse was traveling for work over 4 hours from home and had a kidney stone attack. Anmed was the closest ER he could safely reach. He was treated quickly and placed in a room I could only describe as grossly communal. Given it was flu season it was not a containment set up, so the chances were high of coming out with the flu if you didn't have it coming in. So here he is in a middle bed sandwiched between a seizing young girl and an elderly gentleman having private medical conversations. You could hear literally everything!! This is but a small problem, it got worse. While the staff was nice enough, they were certainly not attentive enough. He was told point blank that because he was not a SC resident, or wasn't a medicare/ medicaid recipient they could only "stabilize" him but not treat him(meaning pain management not actual removal of the stone that was completely blocking his kidney function). They admitted that they didn't really have the tools to perform the surgery either, so I knew we would at least have to go to Greeneville and try to get closer to home but the blatant statement of basically "we won't treat you" was alarming!! Meanwhile, I am trying to get to him as fast as I can! What if it was something that couldn't have waited? In the 4 hours it took me to reach him they gave him a bag of IV fluids, generic pain management, a basic and comprehensive blood panel, and a kidney stone confirming CT scan. He saw the doctor ONE time. The nurse administered meds 2-3 times. The higher number of nurse visits was because as I arrived to try to drive him home to go to our local ER to have him admitted for surgery, she gave him his "go home" meds to help him deal with the pain during the drive. The problem was she didn't have everything ready for another 1.5 hours so the med would have worn off half way home. I asked her to administer a different med to get us home, which took another 45 minutes. By the time we got home, had his labs redrawn and him admitted for surgery his kidney function had decline so poorly we were concerned about permanent damage. The kidney was beginning to fail. This was literally the extent of their services. A highly communal, military triage like bed. A bag of IV fluids and pain management which included 4 shots. A CT scan with reading. 1 doctor peep in and 2 blood tests. This NOT FOR PROFIT hospital billed my insurance $14,813! Over $9000 was for the "room" for a few hours!!! Not only that but as soon as everything cleared I called to set up a payment plan because the ER visit met my families ENTIRE YEAR'S deductible in January. I was told I had 90 days to pay the full amount due, set up an over $500/ month auto draw payment plan, or be turned over to collections if even $1 wasn't paid before 4 months was up! Moral of the story is, go elsewhere if you safely can. My husband couldn't safely reach Greenville on his own. I had no problem with rude staff or anything as minor as that. This place will NOT treat you if you have standard insurance and live out of state! What they will do is stabilize you so you have to pay twice for what should have been taken care of once. It is their policy that you either set up a ridiculously high payment plan, pay in full in 90 days with collections at 120 days if even $1 is left due, and the service was like being in a military triage line. While I am sure there were far more critical patients than my husband, they could have at least not botched his check out so we could leave their flu infested communal petri dish.

Andi Steele

My mom is being treated like royalty in the CICU. Everyone from the nurses, to the doctors; from the dietary workers to the environmental services people are friendly, kind, smiling, courteous, personable, and helpful. I am beyond impressed with the excellent level of health care and treatment she is receiving here.

Sharissa Thompson

If I could give this a zero start rating then I would service is so terrible they would let u die in here

Heather Jacques

Honestly? Go to Greenville. I wouldn't take my sick animal here, much less a human being I cared for. Staff is rude, discurteous and unprofessional. It seems as though they believe this is an episode of SCRUBS, as opposed to potentially life or death situations. Additionally, you rarely see an actual Doctor, it's usually a Nurse-Practitioner, whom often make mistakes, or simply do NOT have the knowledge and capabilities that are required for proper treatment. Anmed Health ED, you are a disgrace to the entire medical field. You, truly, ought to be ashamed by this sham you've brought forth and require a serious rehaul in your practices... Or be shut down...

Lisa B.

I was treated quite well. They took very good care of me. Was treated with dignity and much Consideration. The wait time could be shorter. Overall not a bad experience. Yes I was admitted.

Alisha Campbell

My IV had become painful and started bleeding. I asked for a nurse to take it out because my fluids had been done and we were waiting to be discharged. 45 min later the nurse comes in with an attitude saying that removing IVs are part of their discharge and she's been busy since 11am. Oh my bad.. . I thought if a patient was in pain or discomfort that should be a main concern....I don't care what your usual plan is. You always check on your pt. Some kinda stupid...I swear it's ridiculous to ever think Anderson ER will step it up..sad thing is the doctors are wonderful ... But the nurses could use some common sense training with a side of attitude adjustment. That's straight negligence.

Baylee-Ann Gaines

I took my son here who is 12 months old for falling and hitting his head. We had to wait FIVE hours to even be seen and the nursing staff was not very nice. They just say there while we were in triage and still didn’t come to us for over an hour talking about other patients. I wouldn’t recommend this place at all!

Animation Intentions

I was recently sick with the flu and had unnatural swelling of the face. My mother was told she could come back in an hours time after they gave me a strep test (it takes10-20 minutes to get results and we had already been waiting an hour). So, she left. An hour later she called and basically asked if she could get results over the phone. She was told no. After that, she ended up driving to the hospital (an hours drive, she came home with me and stayed at home for about 2 hours due to my brother) and those retards STILL didn’t give her the results and said that I needed to be present. I didn’t even have strep. I had the flu.

Lisa M. Valdez

A+ in my book! Anyway, the doctors were persistent enough to find out what caused my health issue and didn't stop till they did! Unlike GHS, known as PRISMA now. Round of applause for Anmed

John Smith

Angela Pickens

I went there 19 months ago and had an AWESOME nurse. Returned today only to be diagnosed with pneumonia AGAIN. But the RN named Jeannie took care of me in the ER LAST YEAR WAS MY NURSE TODAY AS WELL. Everyone that had a hand in taking care of me was very nice, professional and caring except for the lady that gave me my breathing treatments. She didnt seem happy to be there.They took every measure to rule out other things that were possible. Some people claim that they only take care of you IF you are insured. Not true. THEY TOOK EXCELLLENT CARE OF ME AND I'M HAPPY

Emma Knight


Horrendous! Waited 5 hours and never got help. Walked out. Would not go back even with a bullet hole in my head. This place needs to be investigated and shut down! Worst hospital in America!

Kevin Sheleman

I wish I could give you a zero. My daughter had the unfortunate need to go to An Med yesterday. Never again!!! I can guarantee they will travel the extra 35 miles to Greenville before going back to that place. She went in with numerous injuries and heavy bleeding. After the woman at check in worried more about the paper work then my daughter's condition, they sent her to the waiting room to sit, and sit. No one came out to help her stop the bleeding. They finally got her a wheelchair and took her to take her blood pressure then pushed her into a little room and left her there. It is now almost an hour and no one has yet to help stop the bleeding or even check on her. Her husband asked numerous times for someone to help, to no avail. Finally after 2 excruciating hrs of being in shock and dizzy from her injuries they got her out of the wheelchair and into a bed. They still had not cleaned the wounds or even looked at her almost severed finger, it was still wrapped in the wash cloth her husband had grabbed at their home to wrap it in. Finally hrs later they stitched, butchered is more like it, her finger and a couple of the wounds on her leg. But still never cleaned the other wounds. If you have an emergency of any sort, please don't go to this place. You'd receive better care at one of the local veterinary offices, then this place. This staff should be utterly ashamed of the way they treat their patients. Absolutely disgusting.

The Culbertson Family

This place is a joke! My husband comes in with signs of a possible brain bleed, and we wait for hour before we are even put in a room.

_Jenna_ _Black_

Everybody who worked there was rude and unkind wouldn’t tell us about treatments. Treated us will complete disrespect. I am disgusted.

Heather Clouse

0 stars. Forgot your oath too. You would think caring people would work there. Pretty bad when you're sick and can't even trust to go to a hospital. You must hate America. You got so many lawsuits. What's the blue "balloon", not what it was, and unused of course. Smurfs and not the good ones.

Paul Legkodukh

My son had hole in the head he was bleeding I took him to Emergency Room right away When i got there, Lady Up front said you have to wait in line Until i scream and yelled , My towel was full of blood they said you have to wait in line, I did told them you are of your mind , Call me a Supervisor, Then they start treating my son. I wish they would have professionals work in their.

Destiny Harper

Worst hospital ever. They need an entire new staff that actually shows up and sees patients.

Skip Watkins

I went at 930 p.m. for kidney stone symptoms. The pain was intense. I waited 2.5 hours without seeing a doctor or P.A. When another person said they had been there over 5 hours without a doctor consult I bailed and went to Oconee (Prisma system). Oconee had me back in an ER bed within 10 minutes, with a great RN who got me an IV pain drug started soon after. In Anmeds defense, they serve a huge non-insured population. If you have no insurance and are poor, go to Anmed because they are compelled to see everyone who comes. Otherwise, consider Prisma or Bon Secours.

Renee Johnson

i brought my daughter at 6pm for chest pains and they didnt even see her until 8. they took blood 3x because the second time they MISPLACED IT!!!. .Its 1:35 am and WE ARE STILL HERE!!!...RIDICULOUS!!! #updatecoming

Randy Taylor

This is the worst hospital I have ever been to the staff is rude and very hateful ,stay away from this place.

Jeff Knapton

They were amazing. Only complaint was that it took all day to be discharged.

Michael Hamilton

Waited 10 hrs, they do not care. Didn't help at all. Would give 0 stars.

Wendy Richardson

If I could rate this hospital a -100 O would! Their billing department obviously does not know how to process insurance payments etc properly. I continue to receive invoices for bills that have been paid in full. When you try to contact the billing office you get voicemail after voicemail and no one seems to know how to return a call. All while they are reporting bills on my credit report that have been paid! Is it not illegal to charge a patient for services that have already been paid for by the insurance...? Do not go to AnMed and if you do you better watch your invoices and insurance statements that they match up....they are DOUBLE DIPPING in my opinion!

Joseph L Jones

Had a GI bleeding episode. Took almost 5 hours to be seen.Although the waiting time was to long, the staff treated me with respect. Was treated by a GI Dr and sent home, after a couple days observation and treatment.

Chris Clark

Didn't want to give them one star but it was the only way to get into the reviews. AnMed is by far the worst medical facility I've ever been into. Unfortunately ,sometimes you have to go to your closet facility, but if it's not life threatening....... please go eles where. I sat in two different waiting rooms before I just got and left! Why haven't they hired someone to straighten this place out.

Ashlea Singer

Mark Willow

Brought my elderly mom there, sat awhile in er and a nurse came out and put some type of needle in her hand and left. I looked down and the needle had fell out of her hand, laying on the floor bloody as well as her hand. A total nightmare going in there. I’m scared if I ever have to go there, will I come out alive. My dad died there, was very sick and no one discussed hospice, we weren’t properly updated of how bad his condition was and sadly he died alone there. If I could make it with a sickness or injury I would go to the Greenville hospital to assure better care.

Maryann Kimbrell

Very rude staff I use to live in Anderson and went to er as well the hospital bc of my thyroid first of all I seen by heart dr Dr. He had no clue in what to do with my thyroid he pretty much clamed I was making up my Symptoms when I moved to Spartanburg I had to get my whole Thyroid taken out and I had cancer but I was told many times I did not have cancer as far as the ER they have no clue on how to do their job they are rude Unprofessional And Illiterate why it’s called a hospital I have no clue

Alex :3

if i could give this place a zero i would. me and my son have have been here since 9 (now 11) and someone that got here BEFORE us with just a bad cough got in first as my son is having a heart attack. i cant with you people anymore

Victoria Kay

Lauren Parnell


Alhabu 'Aemaa

Worst Hospital in the United States !!!

lucy disguise

They publish a patient Bill of Rights but they are liars they claim to be overworked and covered up but the truth is they are very lazy very lazy they lie you should record all your calls record all your dealings with them cuz they will lie you will not get any of your patient rights the only thing you can hope to do is just don't pay them what you can't make sure you understand all the procedures they will ask for procedures that you do not need this medical facility is in it for the money they do not deserve even one star they're Crooks they're Liars their thieves they work on you they will smile on your face and pick your pocket they do not communicate with you they do not return calls they will not help you with any endeavor you have been warned

Elizabeth Rutland

My only regret is that I wish I had written this review earlier. I thought my experience was few and far between but after speaking with others (and after my experience at other AnMed facilities), I realize this is an issue. I was seen about three years ago for uncontrollably throwing up. I have never in my life been so sick. I threw up for over 5 hours that evening, despite being given medications while going through triage. The most frustrating part is that every single hospital staff I came in contact with, from the front desk to the PA that finally came to our room-all asked if I was pregnant and persisted with that question and told me I needed to take a blood test even after I was adamant that I was not pregnant. They wrote me off as being pregnant, and then when they finally did the test and realized I wasn't pregnant, they told me it was something I ate. I've had food poisoning, and that was not food poisoning. Plus the other people I had eaten with earlier that day never got sick. Three years later and we definitely know that I was not pregnant. It's frustrating as a woman to not have people believe you and listen to you when you are really sick. It was a scary situation for me because I could not stop myself from throwing up, and no one seemed to care. Even after I had an IV of meds and fluids, I was stilling throwing up powerade before leaving there with ZERO explanation of what was wrong with me. Two days later I ran a high fever and had to go to the urgent care across the street. They were more helpful and understanding and gave me an anti-biotic. Don't go anywhere near any AnMed Facility if you value your health. Make the drive to Greenville.

Lakeisha Williams

Rachael Karney

Unfortunately, the lowest rating I can give this "hospital" is a 1 star, but I wish I could give a 0 star rating for the way my sister was treated. She went in with severe injuries, which were very obvious without even needing to be fully evaluated, due to the blood all over her and she was simply placed in the waiting room. When she was finally taken back to triage, she was left sitting in a wheel chair for hours even when telling the staff she was feeling highly light headed and needed to lay down. She was given no pain meds and no ice to place her hand, which had a finger partially detached. My sisters wounds were not even cleaned until almost 5 hours into her visit to the ER, and when all was said and all was done, only wounds being stitched were cleaned. All other wounds covering her leg were left as is without any cleaning. My sister was sent home without being fully cleaned up and with blood still covering her. She even asked before being discharge how she was to shower or clean up and was never even given help or discharge instructions on what she needed to do once she was home. She now is heading to a 2nd ER because the job they did on the finger is absolutely terrible and to also finish the job of cleaning up her other wounds. If my sister is to loose her finger, it will be because this place is not equipped with the proper staff to actually be opened for business and to provide proper patient care.

Gary Simpson

Great place to eat.,and keep you well.

Aaron Washburn

My last two experiences were bad only in that I got zero resolution to my ailments and was charged $1150 for a 5 minute talk and a prescription of creme..Terrible

Penny Parisi

Horrible, we spent 6 i/2 hours waiting to get nothing done..will never return

Samantha Edwards

rude staff. not real triage. people laughing and joking while complaining of a headach get called before bleeding people do.

OG Gamer

Showed up at the ER with unknown problem, they were kind and courteous and determined to find the problem. And when I was diagnosed with Cancer they took extremely good care of me and were very supportive.

Katie Blake Wilson

As an administrator in healthcare, I am probably more critical than most of the services provided in another healthcare facility. I was admitted Tuesday and discharged today. The level of care and professionalism I received on 2 North was outstanding. The nurses, aides and even housekeeping and maintenance were accommodating and pleasant. This is also true of the Nuclear Medicine staff, echocardiogram staff, CT staff and transporters I engaged with. All too often it’s the bad experiences that people want to share and vent about however, I want to sing the praises of the staff. Thank you for making a difficult time a manageable one.

Jessica Peay

Wouldn't recommend this place for a DOG much less a human ! The worst treatment I've ever received and I thought oconee was bad !

Tiffy D

Spent two hours in the waiting room of the ER, and eventually just walked out. Not to mention, the nursing staff is the worst staff I've ever encountered. If you have no other choice and you encounter Danielle, leave immediately. If you can, go to Greenville Health. I went to the ER because I was pregnant and spotting. I eventually miscarried at home twelve hours later. The front desk said the wait time was so long because twelve people came in at once. Which also means if a catastrophe happened somewhere in Anderson, twelve people would survive, and everyone else is dead. Go anywhere else, but here.

Griffin Blevins

Extremely long wait. Seemed like no one was in a hurry or emergency state of mind. Waiting room had numerous people in obvious pain and no staff offered any type of help. Very slow. not impressed at all. If in emergency go somewhere else.

Bihareh Hossein-Beik

I would give less than one star if it was an option.Taking my father to this hospital was by far the worst experience I have had. I have never seen so many people in the healthcare field so uncaring and completely rude. If at all possible, avoid taking anyone you care about to this hospital.

Jennifer Brown

Incase of emergency go to greenville

Nicole Carter

If I could rate lower, I would. Simple procedure at a Dr's office to have a lump of dead skin removed. The hospital charged $300 and I had nothing to do with them. Because office affiliated with hospital, they got their piece of the pie. Their stupidity lead to the same skin being biopsied twice. I've never needed a hospital group and I'm sure as hell glad to be leaving the area, so not to need this completely thieving hospital group. There are many people in this area that rely on the facilities and staff to tell them what to do and believe. Based on the ignorance, they pry upon these people, continuing to rip them off, keeping low income individuals in debt, making payments and making up excuses and total BS to keep them coming back. I feel sorry for this area having not much choice to choose a different medical group. This is one of the worst in the country.

carito Qc

Da Squad

Richard Bishop

Spent 7 hours in the we in that time they drew blood and did a CT scan of my chest, I went in for a leg injury. After raising hell with a nurse, they hooked me up to an ekg and waited 2 more hours at which time I ripped the ekg from my chest and removed the iv which sounded alarms and no one even responded. Out the door I went

Kristen Combahee

Extremely long wait and rude staff. You’re better off roughing it out even if you’re bleeding from the head till you can get to another hospital. Extremely dissatisfied

little chungus

Kim Thompson

This is by far the worst hospital ER I have ever visited, and I've been to many. I wouldn't take my dog there!! I went there complaining of chest pain extreme tiredness, dizziness and weakness. I was given an IV and made to go sit in the waiting room with the IV. Someone came and got me to take extrays, I had to walk to the x ray dept. With the IV and when done there I was led back to the waiting room. where I sat for 4 hours.with no diagnosis. During the time I was sitting in the waiting area freezing, my IV bag ran empty and it was empty for quite a while and still no one called my name finally I got up and walked over to the receptionist and asked if I could have the IV removed because I had to go. She said ok 1 sec ma'am. I went back and sat down and about 5 mins later a lady came over to me in the lobby, snatched the IV out of my arm, right out there in the lobby ,threw the IV bag in a near by trash can, pushed the IV pole up against the wall and walked away. Never apologized for the wait , never asked was I feeling any better or if I was coming back. She acted like I did something to offend her when I was the one sick and getting very little help in a facility that was designed to help sick people . SMH!!! VERY UNBELIEVABLE! Oh and in my opinion if you're sick enough to go to the ER you should be in a hospital room in a bed not sitting up in a lobby!!!


Cheri Rickheim

Spent 6 hours in the ER with my husbands severe asthma attack and bronchitis. The best ER experience of our lives. The nurse, techs, and doctor were very attentive and answered all our questions. This continued even after they were swamped with a dump truck/ bus accident! Kudos to Nurse Cameo, Respiratory Therapist Amy, Dr. Drew and X-ray tech Carol (we think it was Carol, anyhow!). Reading all the negative reviews is truly disheartening, as the experience we had yesterday was great. Thank you all!

Eddie Carter

Gene Saylors

The worst hospital in the world the floors are dirty there’s been the same trash on the ellavator for 4 days my step daughters boyfriend has a heart cond and his blood pressure was high and it took them 11 hours to get him seen the dust on a fan in a corner was so think was in called for my mom was in the er a couple of weeks ago and her sugar was 700 they got it down to 600 and said she fell out of bed on purpose and sent her home if you can avoid going there please do there’s people that have died in the waiting room then when they do see you they don’t know what they doing my mom is up there again and they still hadn’t figured out what’s wrong why she’s having seizures

Stephanie Dunlap

My son was given the best care imaginable whIle getting diagnosed with Hodgkins lymphoma. They did every test imaginable to make sure they had the right diagnosis. Took very good care of him.

diana montes

Jennifer Slosek

This is the worst hospital I have ever been to. My three year old daughter cut open her foot and lost a decent amount of blood, we waited for an hours before someone called us back then after another two hours was moved back to the waiting room because the doctor was not seeing any more patients at 1130 pm. After waiting another two hours as I'm walking out my daughter gets called so we go back into a room the nurse has me clean the cut as she walks out saying the doctor would be right in. After another hour I left. This hospital is a complete joke. Never once saw a doctor or even someone to help bandage my daughter's foot.i wouldn't come back to this hospital ever again is rather die it might happen faster than seeing a doctor at Anmed health center

Aubrianna Patterson

Worst ER in the upstate. Spent 7 hours waiting to be seen with my dad and they couldn’t even tell us what was wrong with him. There were a couple helpful nurses but besides that, this place was a zoo.

Courtney Gilbert

They are terrible. That’s all you need to know. Zero stars is more accurate. Never seen so many people in so much pain for so many hours straight and it didn’t even matter.

Branex McConnell

Horrible service go on to Greenville

Jessica Lawrence

HORRIBLE! I had my 16 year old daughter brought by law enforcement because she was attempting suicide. So, I'm asking for help... Instead, they are now accusing me of doing something to make her want to hurt herself (totally false). She has a mental health condition (well documented) and has recently changed medications. They even called DSS on me. Fortunately, they already know me because I work for a sister agency. This is the most ridiculous excuse for a medical facility I've ever heard of. Do NOT come here for help. They're likely to let you die and say it was your fault.

Ashton Hester

Did not have a very good experience

Michelle Neal

My daughter was treated so inhumanely by the nurses and staff at this facility. She was in a horrific automobile accident in which she was entrapped in the vehicle. She had multiple brouen bones and internal injuries. After staying in the ICU for several days they moved her to the surgical floor 6 south. The nurses there were judgmental and rude. My daughter asked for help with bathing off and the nurse told me to do it. Being that she was my daughter I could get the 2 pans and she would bring me washcloths. I am not medical educated at all and my family and I had already washed what we could. She had so many lacerations and wounds that I was scared to do it. My daughter could barely stand with assistance and they discharged her to jail. She may have committed a crime but she did not deserve to have the discharge orders totally denied by the police. The surgeon who dishared her should be aware that none of his instructions were followed. I pray that she walks again and I pray that they close this hospitals doors. I would not recommend anyone go to this uncompassionate, judgemental and unethical place! Go to GHS.

John Joe

This hospital is terrible, waited 30 min on the waiting room and another hour for a nurse Janine, once she finally came in she asked if the Dr had came in or if the from ordered xrays. My husband was in a car accident back in June and has a slipped disk that is causing a lot of pain, when the dr came in she said it was just inflammation and there was nothing she could do and to take some Tylenol. When he asked what he could do for pain management (besides taking Tylenol) she got smart and said what I just told you to do, take some Tylenol, there’s nothing we can do here for you. To add to is when the Dr was in a different nurse came in to tell her she had a phone call as if she couldn’t have waited to she walked out of the room, they where acting as if he wanted them to come in and cut him open right then and there.

Nancy Cuppett

Had to go to ER yesterday the 26th. Everyone that had a part in treating me was extremely professional. I was given info throughout my treatment as to what the staff had decided needed to be done. Thanks to all involved in my stay. Yes it took a while but I got what I needed in a timely manner.

T. Matt

Mark ster

As my parents and friends become older, I have spent many days in this hospital. Here are my experiences as an active inquiring guest and not as a patient: Infectious disease - Great people. Caring. Easy to deal with. Top notch. Critical Care Unit - Great if you need it. Hopefully you never will. They save lives without fanfare or glory. I appreciate them. Emergency room - Not so good. This is the week link in their system. This is often the only dept that the general public sees and it has a disproportionate influence on ratings. CICU - Cardiac ICU. Ive spent more time then Id like here. They are top notch though and a great group of caring, educated, and knowledgeable people. If I had heart problems, I would without hesitation want these wonderful people to care for me! ICU - They combined with CICU saved my father's life after his heart stopped while visiting another patient. Need I say any more? An 11 on a scale of 1 to 10. And lastly, I have to rate the cafeteria. Why? Well, we all have to eat. I give it a 3.5. I'm not too picky though! In summary, Ive been to quite a few local hospitals in SC and GA. I would rank Anmed 3rd only behind Emory and Greenville (GHP) with Spartanburg Regional a close 4th. That's a big compliment as I have been to many lesser hospitals where I would never want to be a patient! Thanks for reading :)

Tonya G

went for a ultra sound. this lady refused to let me see anything or tell me anything about my baby after being there waiting over 10 hours. i was excited to get to see my baby but instead im having anxiety and chest pains. i do not recommend this place to anybody.

Dawn dawn

I would never go back, after spending a week in there without any answers! The doctor that seen me was rude and he wouldn't listen to me. I asked for another doctor or for a specialist come in and I was told no! The worst experience with a doctor and hospital!

DeAnna Brackett

Absolutely horrible hospital!!!! My mother had EXTREMELY low blood pressure and while in triage the nurses were just going on about their conversation while paying no attention to my mother. Linda who I believe is the charge nurse was rude and ignored me while I stood in front of her desk for at least 5 minutes while she wasn't even doing anything productive. We've currently been here for 6 hours and only saw the "doctor" for less than 5 minutes. Still waiting for test results and I am putting in an official complaint about Linda because there was absolutely no reason for her to be so rude. Also don't bring your children with you because they will not let them go back!

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